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Quote (Ultramon @ 04 July 2015 16:19) *
i'm sorry to ask it here. Anyone know any MMO that have almost same attribute as Wakfu?
If u know some, please message me..
I really want to rest from Wakfu for a moment. I'm losing my fuel

or Wakfu.

Those are your choices.

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posté Today - 01:30:16 | #2

Quote (Lynn-Reiginleif @ 03 July 2015 00:32) *
Here is the thing, though: if it's integrated into a sub, heroes system will only make the game more pay to win, and harder on those who can't pay every month or multibox.

People who already sub will only get more bonuses. And they already get a lot, considering the newest areas can't be accessed by free players. This will only further drag mono accounters (which most likely are mono BECAUSE they don't have money for a better PC, much less to something they won't really own, just rent). Multi accounters will keep their ways and laugh at the system, because they can do the same for free. "Oh, heroes will be less of a hassle". I assure you they won't. Paying money for them EVERY month, being subject to ankama's paying systems (I know plenty of people who bought something, and didn't get that, because of flaws in the system), and possible bugs will be an issue. No smart multi accounter will use the system. And the people who can't pay for this every month (but WERE WILLING to pay if it was a single buy thing) will either keep playing as they already did, but with less people to party with, or get mad and quit. This won't be used for most people, and won't even get ankama more cash, because those who didn't pay for boosters won't pay for this either way. Almost no one wins here.
Here's the thing- paying to play isn't "pay to win". It's keeping the game funded and afloat. We don't get any bonuses. Rather, the game used to be P2P only (small free to play area in Incarnam, Zinit and Astrub aside), and we established the baseline with that. We don't have any bonuses above what is the baseline, normal gameplay for Wakfu.

What is different now is that free to play accounts can go beyond just Astrub, Zinit and Incarnam. They have access to nearly everything that a paying, normal player has. There are just some slight debuffs in XP, Kamas, Drop Rates, Tokens, and the speed at which you can eat piles of bread.

The game isn't "pay to win" it's "pay for normalcy" and "play for free for the tradeoff of slightly slower progression and some end-game limitations".

And you know what? If they make Hero Slots a paid up booster/subscription only? That'd be awesome. Ankama has every right to make a profit and a living off it's game, and it'd be a great way for them to show thanks to people who support the game on a regular basis. It would be the new normal, and you could still play for free- with the tradeoff of missing out on a few really nice things. And that's O.K.!

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posté Yesterday - 23:20:08 | #3

Quote (Major-Caligari @ 04 July 2015 16:04) *
Oh gee, new posts.

Oh wait, it's just ToomyTrouble being a delusional manchild as usual and Celio being Celio. Damn.
LOL If seeing a really cool presentation by Ankama is delusional, then I guess you must be right! I wish I could have more delusions like that, honestly. Maybe if they're in the area next year, eh? We can hope!

Quote (-Celio- @ 04 July 2015 15:19) *

Quote (Neuroid @ 03 July 2015 01:51) *
she's sram's daughter but she's a rogue.

Really, did you just said that.

Do you understand that Rogue in lore is not something you born with because literally all they do is not with power but with weapons and tecnology.

A damm Eliotrope can be a rogue if he gets a gun.

She is a Sram WHO is a Rogue.
Rogues use magic too, silly goose. Much of that power still comes from their ties to the Gods, especially Sram. Yeah, a lot of it is channeled through and augmented by their gear and weapons, but it doesn't stop them from being a sub-class of Sram, and tied to that God.

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posté Yesterday - 23:09:41 | #4

Quote (Major-Caligari @ 04 July 2015 21:26) *
Guys, I have a question to you all gathered here in this thread.

an important question, based on observing a certain prominent sadida player on the forums.

Why is bolding your own words so damn pointless and obnoxious, especially after typing the message in a manner similar to the above?
When people use it to emphasize words or sentences that they want emphasized, it's ok with me, especially if it helps to clarify their overall ideas.

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posté Yesterday - 08:44:38 | #5
Alliance guild chat channel sounds totally awesome. Great idea!

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posté Yesterday - 08:43:18 | #6

Quote (lealr @ 03 July 2015 18:17) *
Anyone headed to the LA Anime Expo: Wakfu section to drill Ankama with questions? $75 for 1 day on site pass. :/
Mouse and I just got back from visiting Ankama there. We bought it all well ahead of time, came out to about $84.00 for two people for one day. Pretty reasonable, when you consider how much fun we had.

I don't know about the past, but if Ankama keeps up this kind of community interaction at events, it's going to be a pretty good bet that it will be worth the price of admission to get in and meet with them. There were quite a few folks from Nox there today, as well as some Phaeris and Remington players, and some Dofus players as well. Certainly a neat way to make new friends and contacts ingame, if you can make it next time!

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posté Yesterday - 08:38:08 | #7

Quote (Viglis @ 03 July 2015 10:46) *
Please unlock xel present for f2ps.. We literally have nothing else to do besides steelbeak now... :c
Support the game, yo. Otherwise, just kick back and enjoy the slightly slower free ride. Either way, you win.

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posté Yesterday - 08:36:32 | #8
I may be mistaken, but it looks like the new class potentially comes from the moon. They threw out a LOT of stuff during the previews and screening, and it went by really fast. The folks from Ankama wouldn't discuss details about the new class, but for anyone who really knows their Lore, there were some very interesting teases screened today.

I think there's a lot for us to look forward to, this year. Dofus book 1 looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

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posté Yesterday - 08:32:35 | #9
Oooh good news! I know what I'll be doing over the weekend- insane tons of mapping out builds, sets, testing and theorycrafting. Thanks for the heads-up on the character update!

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posté Yesterday - 08:30:09 | #10
My first cosplay attempt & my first contest, and I had so much fun- I wasn't sure I'd enjoy cosplay, but after the day we just had with Ankama at Anime Expo, I know I'll definitely be doing it again. The entire way home, MouseOfShadows and I were smiling and discussing ideas for the next time we show up. You all really went out of your way to make us feel welcome, and we'll always remember that.

Hope to see you in Los Angeles, California again soon, Sabi, Kuri, Elise, Ova, and all the rest. Thank you so much for making this experience so fun for so many of us dedicated fans.

Mouse and I will share some photos soon (assuming we took any that turned out halfway decent)

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posté Yesterday - 08:23:10 | #11
Friday was so much fun! Those hints and video clips about the new upcoming class were very interesting! And Abraca and Mutafukaz look like really awesome new movies/series. We got goosebumps watching some of that- it was that good! Getting to meet some of the wonderful artists of Ankama, and hanging around the Ankama areas with the other cosplayers and fans was the highlight of the day.

Thank you so much for being at Anime Expo, and spending so much time with your fans, Ankama. You really made a lot of people happy today.

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posté July 03, 2015, 06:05:44 | #12

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 03 July 2015 05:11) *
I do not know if Osas not reviving when summon is here would be worse than Osa becoming incurable when they revive, also I think they should get a big debuff for when they revive if they can revive with summons still there (and summons surviving death of their master for some unknown reason).


Osa can predict his death and unsummon his summon quite easily, but what really bothers me is Osa having healing summons+instant revive without any debuff. I think it doesn't need any buffs if they nerf it.

Not a single class has such death-preventing powers. Heck enu has lesser everything than osa but his revive is much worse! how come?

That said, I think Osa should get a debuff after his revival, instead of making it harder for him to revive.

And reviving summons should get a debuff too i think :@
They're clearly removing the debuffs for resurrection spells. No reason why Osamodas should be an exception. Considering that Osa is stuck in Dragonform at 20% health after revive, and thus will not be able to immediately or easily heal itself above that 20% HP, that should be "debuff" enough.

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posté July 02, 2015, 05:47:50 | #13
Mostly excited. Some trepidation. But it shakes things up, gives us all a revamp at once, and opens a ton of new possibilities.

Mostly excited.

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posté July 02, 2015, 03:34:37 | #14

Quote (Major-Caligari @ 01 July 2015 21:45) *

Quote (KerolniX @ 01 July 2015 16:23) *
4chan Wakfu thread:

Stopped reading here
Not everything on 4chan is a lie. Not everything on Reddit is a lie, etc... Much of it is a lie, but even then, sometimes, true things are posted.

Now, that said, I'm really worried about Wakfu losing people with so many years of experience. I hope they bring in talented, passionate people to develop the game. I don't know that much about Zerous, but I can't help feeling worried that a name so long associated with Wakfu is leaving.

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 01 July 2015 23:12) *
Of all people why azael over tot?

Id throw a party if tot left
Yes, 100%

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #881468  Replies : 32  Views : 1261
posté July 02, 2015, 00:57:09 | #15
Sabi only has one arm? Must be hard to lift that Ban Hammer in the picture.

Also: we need more Sabi fan art!

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posté July 01, 2015, 19:24:55 | #16

Quote (Lukinerx @ 01 July 2015 17:39) *

Quote (Hudski @ 01 July 2015 17:35) *
Just take a look at the Eni, Sadida or Ecaflip spell deck threads to see what healing you're competing with. You'll find that even though Osa healing looks tremendously slashed, it's the same for everybody else that can heal. Pandas have yet to be updated but they will be.


R.I.P. healing classes?
I'm pretty sure Ankama has made clear that there will be new passives and such for healer spells that bring the drastically slashed spells up to par with what we currently have. Seeing the reduced base heals is only a part of the picture.

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posté July 01, 2015, 04:38:40 | #17
Treechnids will fill in any available biomass space. It's terrifying.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #881217  Replies : 21  Views : 714
posté July 01, 2015, 02:21:39 | #18

Quote (YoOpinoenelforo @ 01 July 2015 00:22) *
Salutations cordialesbueno je fais un contact avec un modérateur du serveur Français, c'est l'affaire principale est que, sur le serveur elbor (hispanique) il y avait un problème avec l'achat d'Ogrines, personne n'a donné une réponse et après une semaine ils nouvellement validé donc perdu la promotion de 19 jours jusqu'au 22 juin. Personne ne donne pas une réponse, et beaucoup sont touchés. seulement nous exigeons nos droits en tant que client à nouveau de mettre cette promotion sur notre serveur afin de culpabilité n'était pas la nôtre sinon d'ankama et l'achat d'Ogrines unique ont été par la promotion. J'espère une solution selon moi, l'inconfort. mais dans notre serveur ne donnent pas de réponse sur le sujet.

utiliser un traducteur ressentir de l'inconfort, mais pas me ne donné aucune réponse sur mon serveur et sont plusieurs Ankama touchés peut entrer en contact avec les modérateurs du serveur espagnol pour n'importe quelle solution ? Je ne veux pas perdre mon argent pour une erreur d'ankama. Je veux juste ma promotion que les forfaits de l'été déjà sont ici du 19 au 22 juin. Merci

Texto Original. bueno me comunico con un moderador de servidor francés ya que es el principal el caso es que en el servidor elbor(hispano)hubo un problema con la compra de Ogrines nadie dio una respuesta y después de una semana recién la validaron por ende perdimos la promoción de los días 19 hasta 22 de junio. nadie no dar una respuesta y somos varios los afectados. solo exigimos nuestro derechos como cliente vuelvan a ponen dicha promoción en nuestro servidor por que la culpa no fue nuestra si no de ankama y la compra de Ogrines solo fueron por la promoción. espero alguna solución siento la molestias. pero en nuestro servidor no dan ninguna respuesta sobre el tema.
Sounds like a delicious recipe in an unknown language. Mind translating it so we can read it, please? Thanks!

Thread : Other Languages  Preview message : #881193  Replies : 8  Views : 322
posté June 30, 2015, 19:07:54 | #19
Yeah, one was a wall of text/images, and the other mentioned it but didn't copy it. So now we have all 3 ways to post it  

Also, dang. We really need that 6th Passive way earlier than lv 200. As Osas, we need so many class passives, it'll be ages before we can fit in even one of the new global passives.


Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #881140  Replies : 296  Views : 6656
posté June 30, 2015, 18:34:18 | #20


Added two liabilities:

Spirit of the Phoenix: Rank 1> The invocation returns once again to life with 50% health, shaped dragon, the Osa back to life with 10% health Rank 2> The invocation returns once to life with 75% health, dragon form, the Osa back to life with 20% health

Art Dressage: Rank 1> Level 15. Basic Dressage Rank 2> Level 30. Basic Obedience A balance to the mind of the Phoenix invoc level (tjr a job to do on deep invoc)

For the Dressage Art, I would add a bonus to him, surely recover mods of spell effects in other liabilities to better fit the current liabilities.
Google Translation, but there you go: We get Phoenix Spirit!

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