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posté Today - 19:29:23 | #1
Also, could anyone translate that first page of the book, which is still in French?

(Also, in b4 children of gods are all Eliotropes)

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posté Yesterday - 21:24:28 | #2
I'm looking forward to the Hero System. It helps patch up holes in almost-full groups. What's not to love about that?

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posté Yesterday - 03:49:59 | #3
No snow storm down here in Los Angeles, and I logged in just fine. It might be a local issue for you, though. Best wishes.

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posté January 26, 2015, 23:17:46 | #4
Welcome to Wakfu I run a Guild on Nox, and I've been playing Dofus since 2005, and Wakfu since 2012. If you need some questions answered and maybe some new friends ingame, let me know. Maybe you'll find a nice fit

Best wishes to you, and have tons of fun!

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posté January 26, 2015, 15:44:26 | #5
Sabi siad, a while back, that American credit cards aren't being accepted at Ankama. You'll need to use PayPal or other Gift Cards and such.

Apparently, stuff like CVS Pharmacy and even Subway gift cards all use this common standard called O bucks. It looks like an orange pokemon ball. Apparently, Ankama decided to still accept money that way, though only up to $20.00 at a time.

So yeah, we can basically count out the "buy-ogrines, get-promo-items", for the most part. But on the other hand, nearly everyone lives near a business with a big gift card kiosk.

Good luck.

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posté January 26, 2015, 15:37:41 | #6
It's still only about $6.00 to play Dofus or Wakfu each month. Dunno what you're spending that last 2-3 dollars on, but I'm sure Ankama appreciates it!

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posté January 26, 2015, 09:01:45 | #7
Unfortunately, the real backgrounds for the haven bags are so dim and "distant" that you can't really see what they're supposed to be, unless you're really lucky.

The tofu one, if I recall, actually has a tofu patch on it, but you'd almost never know it, due to how dim it is, and how it's usually blocked off by the haven gems you place.

Thanks for showing these backgrounds. Maybe they could add some to storyline achievements: you get different backgrounds to go with winning certain titles in-game. Something nice and visible, to commemorate your favorite moments ingame.

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posté January 26, 2015, 03:39:08 | #8

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 26 January 2015 03:34) *

Quote (Duzy-Sadysta @ 26 January 2015 03:18) *
Or else add more items into "blessing" loot table, and let them scale with enu level.
Or better yet revamp whole water branch to do something else then applying Broke, AND make this passive give Enutrof a (higher then now) chance to apply Broke with any spell it use to hit enemy (including earth and fire, i don't like to break challanges "do not use water element" when i want to make target drop Pouch).
Even if it capped out at 10% Broke/Pouch chance on non-water spells, that'd be more than enough of a buff for me. It'd allow me to be in Zerker mode and still hunt treasures. That would be AWESOME!

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posté January 25, 2015, 23:06:42 | #9
I actually really enjoy Enutrof's Blessing.

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posté January 25, 2015, 20:35:36 | #10

Quote (AlcoholicBeaver @ 25 January 2015 14:23) *
Nox is full of people, and thriving!

Make sure you're playing during the hours America and Canada are usually awake, though- this is the North American Server, after all  

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posté January 24, 2015, 21:35:24 | #11
It seems to me that it's more about making friends and having fun than achieving maximum bonuses.

If I'm having fun and enjoying my time in a Guild, that eventually leads to earning bonuses and making progress. It's a wonderful system: the more you interact and help, the stronger the Guild itself becomes.

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posté January 24, 2015, 01:26:27 | #12
My Fogger Isn't Getting Spell XP past lv 165 Here is a template you can use for your bug reports:

Character name: Ermahgerd Rerberts
Date and time: 23 Javian 972 (23/01/15) 17:22 Server Time (1-23-2015, 4:22PM Pacific Standard Time)
Map: Enurado areas
Server: Nox

Bug description: My Foggernaut is not gaining any spell XP for using spells in combat. Character XP still earned, however.
Reproducibility process:
Log my fogger. Try to get spell XP. It probably won't work. I don't have any idea how, or why, this is happening. Hence the bug report.


Thread : 1.39 Bug Reports  Preview message : #823365  Replies : 0  Views : 50
posté January 23, 2015, 22:06:34 | #13
Still, it's really nice to see them touching up spells on classes that aren't due for the immediate revamp.

Here's hoping that they'll do some interim touching-up for all the classes, to tide us over until the official revamps.

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posté January 23, 2015, 22:00:50 | #14

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 23 January 2015 21:52) *

Quote (SacridTaco @ 23 January 2015 21:13) *
Sorry to kill the fun, but that's not exactly what I meant. What I tried to say was the number of Osa summons able to be on the field at any given time (per person) , is limited to how many enemies at the start of the fight. So if you're fighting 1 person, you won't be able to have 2 summons in play at the same time.
I still would not consider this detrimental to Osa gameplay.
So in 6 vs 6 pvp if your team has 6 osas then your team will have basically 36 sramvas running around and owning enemy team? Pretty crazy. Especially that osa is meant to play with 1 strong summon. Leave multiple summons to Sadida.
Funny, that. I was a +15 Summon Osamodas, back on Dofus. Both Osamodas and Sadida are supposed to spam stuff, as far as my experience has shown me.

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posté January 23, 2015, 20:16:36 | #15

Quote (osaoanimal @ 23 January 2015 14:33) *
Osa is fking op
God, I wish it was OP. Maybe someday, probably after the revamp, whenever that happens. As for now, it's pretty weak, especially after the nerfs to the GobGob branch, the change in the Stat System and Heal Resist, the low Resist% on Summons, the limiting of 1 Summon placed per turn.

Osamodas, currently, is very hard to play in a way that is welcome in a battle, or that can survive a battle at endgame content. That's kind of the opposite of OP.

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posté January 23, 2015, 06:43:38 | #16
Eternal Close Protection In BW Dungeon Character name: Oops All Biscuits
Date and time: 01-22-2015 9:43PM Pacific Standard Time
Map: Black Wabbit Dungeon, Room 2
Server: Nox

Bug description: A Black Wo Wabbit had "Close Protection" on it, even after all other mobs were killed. This rendered it un-killable, and as a result, we had to leave the battle.
Reproducibility process:
Possibly affected by Rogue Bomb Firewalls, not sure


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posté January 22, 2015, 20:46:29 | #17
I can tell you right now, that just knowing a strategy isn't the same thing as making it easy. All it lets you know, is that there is actually a path of some sort forward.

Reaching that goal of victory is still really hard, and getting harder all the time.

Thank you so much for your help, both to Mango and all the other wonderful players who help figure this stuff out.

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posté January 21, 2015, 03:55:29 | #18
I can certainly say that Osamodas needs a revamp for all 3 of it's play-styles.

I'm willing to wait a while, if it means they'll do a good job of it.

I just want them to fix all the glitches in the meantime.

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posté January 20, 2015, 08:24:42 | #19

Quote (Xander-is-Kander @ 19 January 2015 23:47) *
I could have sworn they've said somewhere that the gods aren't really alive right now after ogrest's chaos. Which is the reason why the classes have split up into factions. They had to rationalize why the gods aren't doing anything about it, and how they've failed them.

I guess there's apparently no hard confirmation all of them are dead or reincarnated (and not aware). But if some are not I have to wonder what happened to them, and why there's more focus on demi-gods like Goultard and Ush instead of the gods themselves.
The God Osamodas is at least around, he's the one who made the princesses in the Miss Ugly Tower turn ugly in the first place.

Enutrof is still obviously around, as he talks to Ruel briefly during a battle.

Probably several other examples, but those are the ones that pop to mind.

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posté January 20, 2015, 08:21:42 | #20
We can already access the past. Part two is in the present.
Quote (Ringa @ 19 January 2015 19:53) *
Xelorium part two? Also is Xelorium past going to be unlocked?

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