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I wish there was a captcha kitty for Trapper, too. Would make Chef more pleasant, as well as the other crafting professions.

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Quote (TheMMOR @ 22 October 2014 22:32) *

Quote (Addetayo @ 22 October 2014 22:19) *
It seems Nox is kinda popular. Now I know where i'll make next char. Thanks for everything
Nox has 2-3x less players than remmington.
But it has me.

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posté Yesterday - 21:10:08 | #3
If growing faster than anyone on Nox can keep up with = dying, then baby, we're the biggest dying thing you've ever seen.

Little new dead bits running around in dead tofu and gobbal sets, little declining things running Frigost dungeons. Shambling hordes of those at death's door crafting keys for dungeon doors, running dungeons and killing mobs even deader than they were before.

Moribund, played out guilds seeking to expand their ranks of near and newly-dead. Decadent expansion of Haven World building, creating spaces and buffs for those about to shuffle off the mortal coil.

Recruiting and Sales channels, filled continuously with the gleeful cries of the withered, ebbing influx of Steam players. Haven bags, littered about the planet, stuffed with sales items like offerings to a vicious and uncaring God, waiting with jagged tombstone teeth for the promised death of Wakfu, always just beyond sight, past the dim and ash blasted horizon.

Embrace the imminent but always postponed doom of Wakfu! Surely, oblivion must be at most a month or two away! let not the false vitality of the happy players distract you from the rot at the core, as you scent out the signs of ruination hinted at by the positive reviews and expanding playerbase.

Soon the curtains must fall, silence must descend, most likely after even more people populate the game and spend even more money, and more markets are reached, and more content is added. Indeed, isn't any successful thing merely playing at life? Is it not the rictus grin of a corpse that Ankama greets us with each week? Are the shiny new updates not actually the diseased sloughing off of accursed flesh from haunted and hollow eyed Devs?

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posté Yesterday - 20:57:35 | #4
Fogger, but a bunch of it is linear unless in Motherfogger highchair.

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posté October 21, 2014, 19:38:33 | #5
Turning on your max graphics helps, the gate you need to go through should have gas leaking out of it visibly. That aside, it's right next to the temporary throne room, it's a door, and there's a pretty obvious dead body next to it, and you've already learned it is a poison gas, and have already had to make an antidote for it.

Up until that point, the quest pretty much guides itself. Good luck with the dark room beyond, though.

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posté October 21, 2014, 19:35:50 | #6
Incarnate is easiest. Just stay in Incarnam until you feel comfortable making a class.

In my personal experience, a Water/Fire Ecaflip works easily. You can kinda tank solo in PVM with Fleahopper and do decent damage even at low levels with your Fire branch.

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posté October 21, 2014, 19:32:59 | #7

Quote (PrillinBomb @ 21 October 2014 19:00) *
I've found PvP guides, but they're more like how to PvP, where I'm just curious as to how world PvP works in general. If anyone could give a brief overview, that would be helpful. Some questions I have are:

Can someone attack you at any time if you are in your own country?
If you go into another country that is not yours, will people attack on sight, are there bad repercussions?
How do politics affect world PvP? Like, if your country is allied to another country, is it a crime to attack that country's citizens? If you are at war, do you get rewards for attacking citizens of the other country?
Is it possible to attack citizens of your own country? Is so, is that a crime?


Yes. If your wings are up, or you violate a law and make a fat target of yourself. You lose pvp rank if your wings are up, and you get Dedarm for 3 minutes.

Impossible. Allied countries cannot attack for PvP reasons. Tho I dunno about crimes. It's a little clunky.


No. But theoretically yes.

(please note that people who violate laws, and thus become criminals, are different than people automatically rendered enemy by being from an enemy nation with wings up, and different rules may apply to aggro them.)

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posté October 21, 2014, 19:28:29 | #8
The differences no longer exist. There used to be a range of stats for some items, and as far as I've seen, they've all been equalized.

Report any errors between crafted items and the recipe in the bug report section.

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posté October 21, 2014, 11:40:36 | #9
Where does our body's mass go when we eat a bow meow candy or tofu potion?

How do we not sink into loam, or sand, or mud, or jelly bricks, when under these transformations?

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posté October 20, 2014, 21:52:06 | #10
You don't use them at the same time. What you do is use them in different situations. In that sense, they're perfectly compatible. At Wa, I use Motherfogger to snipe stuff and keep up rails (along with Cybot being made before I hop on the Highchair). Once I need to do burst dmg to Wa, I do the following:

  1. Disassemble
  2. Fogginator
  3. Slide on Rails to get Sidestab/Backstab or just LOS to Wa
  4. Blast him a new cawwot hole

It works pretty well, and in Motherfogger you can do some nice ally -support, and toss out a fat AOE earth shield for allies who didn't stat their Resists very well (or perhaps just haven't got the best equips yet)

At low levels like you're at now, I just suggest Fogginator, to squeeze out some wakfu-burn burst dmg. If you want to keep burning Wakfu each turn, I suggest a limited use of the placement spell under the Fire branch, to get backstab. But what I went for is Aynaloxide. my turns look like this:

If enemy is close, and in aoe of others:

  1. Fogginator
  2. Run up and spam a few 1mp cost Ray of Stasis
  3. Spam out 2x 5ap Aynaloxide
  4. If there's MP left over, and anything in range, then toss off a Stomp

If enemy is far:

  1. Fogginator
  2. 2x Ray of Stasis on the target
  3. Bunch of Stasis Shot (good for hitting behind stuff, as it's no-los)
  4. Assuming enough AP-MP, continue left, right or forward relative to your position, and strafe enemies
  5. On following turn, try to use an Aynaloxide to keep up your Critical Turbo

This is just a general touch of my build. I prefer to stay at a distance and snipe, but I keep a heavy AOE spell in reserve for CC issues, and of course I can spam Ray Of Stasis pretty often beforehand. (I do Ray of Stasis first, usually, to add on power to my Aynaloxide hit)

Keep in mind that the more you can spam an attack, the more useful your crits will be to you; you'll have that many more opportunities each turn for a crit to proc.

The only real weakness of my Build is that in CC, one spell has a cast/turn limitation, and the other has a high AP+Wakfu cost. I've countered this by a pure investment in Dodge, and by having 6MP. This lets me step off a square or two and use Stasis Shot for 3ap, which has an unfortunate minimum range of 2. At lower levels, or if you have a very understanding team that always preserves your Linear LOS, you might find that Heart Of Steam is more practical, as it's easy to combo with Stomp at 10AP in CC, and with 11ap or more, combos really well with Ray Of Stasis (even moreso under Fogginator) A good CC damage combo under Motherfogger at 12ap is HOS HOS HOS, RAY RAY, STOMP.

Though to be honest, I've tested this, and the firepower is so high that you'll kill things pretty fast, and then have to deal with the issues of not being able to shoot through walls or allies, and being stuck thereafter with the task of running around, trying to get both Linear AND LOS on an enemy, just to attack. Using Stasis Shot for 3ap, and NO-LOS really eliminates this worry. Besides, I can easily get mine to 10 range, which almost makes me like a Cra.

EDIT: My lv 160 Fire spell is Steampalm, as it's very nice to have a mid-range Fire AOE, as well as a spell that can't have it's range reduced to minimum by Blindness. It also lets me invest in AOE gear, and that allows my Beam-AOE with a Cybot to really shine.

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posté October 20, 2014, 12:01:43 | #11

Quote (AduroT @ 20 October 2014 10:57) *
I got one from a monster drop and I was able to put it up on the market. No one purchased it because it was a CMC hammer and it turns out that stat was removed from the game though...
That's different, those are used to rotate bonuses on Attack runes, which no longer is necessary.

The only shifter ones that have value are the ones for Support slots, though I'm keeping my Damage and CMC hammers just for nostalgia.

The actual Smithmagic Hammers, that act as a proxy for a Rune of any rarity and level, is the one that is a bit too rare ingame, and sadly forces many of us to buy them in the Boutique.

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posté October 20, 2014, 11:58:13 | #12
It's good for trying out different spell ratios at lvl cap while you're levelling Sidekicks at Enurado mobs.

That's what I use it for, on my Fogger. Tryin' out various distributions of spells is fun!

(tho it's kinda easy to overshoot it a bit, and end up with a spell drained to lv 0. Le Sigh.)

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posté October 20, 2014, 06:14:55 | #13

Quote (BrainOnAJar @ 20 October 2014 04:32) *
so from what i can tell kameha air + epee + your choice of 3 ap spell is the highest burst damage then switch to an earth or water 4 ap while epee is down, for 48 less base damage per turn.

kinda love the berserk ap/mp buff.
What makes you even bother adding up damage on spells? It's just a placeholder.

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posté October 19, 2014, 11:41:37 | #14
The final stats are always the same.

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posté October 19, 2014, 08:17:29 | #15

Quote (rororoororor @ 19 October 2014 04:45) *
finally i leveled to 100 and want to capture it
but there's are only weird long arm creatures in shusnitch reef
i want ocushu so bad! where can i find that?
go in the pit, collect seeds, plant the seeds outside, fight the occushu, then capture it.

100% most important thing to level in this game is your Trapper.

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posté October 18, 2014, 22:58:09 | #16
I agree, much easier to balance a Summon if it's always under the control of the Summoner. I think that's about as far as we can get now with this conversation. Once we all have control of our Summons, then Ankama can start collecting meaningful data from PvM and PvP, and start planning for balancing.

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posté October 18, 2014, 22:49:14 | #17
My guess would be on a Xelor sub-class. Seeing as Xelor has a portrait of her (Pandora) in his collection. Or (hahaha) an Eliatrope sub class! It'd be funny to only get the sub class to Eliatropes, and never the real deal. TBH I'm happier with never getting Eliatropes in Wakfu, even if that means technically cheating around the corners like this might be. I'd rather keep some consistency.

Really waiting for Ouginaks, Crocodyls, Koalaks and the humanoid Sharkies though!

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posté October 18, 2014, 22:32:27 | #18
Ok, I'm cool with them adding in Dimensional Voyagers (hope they have a decent heals branch, like Pandora!)

As long as it isn't Eliatropes! I know some Voyager theory and technomagic is based off of Eliatrope breakthroughs, which would explain the use of the names in spells, without actually requiring the presence of that still-years-off class.

My only real concern then, is that they add in more character slots per account, so we can all buy up expansions to try out this new class (and others, besides!)

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posté October 18, 2014, 08:44:36 | #19
Looking to run Wa Castle a LOT 160 Fogger, good DPT at range and in CC, some mobility assist and such, mostly Stasis build. I need to run Wa Castle soooooooooooo many times! You're in luck if you need someone to fill your party. Just ask me!

Usually on Snausages or Ermahgerd Rerberts, both on this account. Message me ingame or here, or Ankabox! Thanks!

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posté October 18, 2014, 08:31:11 | #20

Quote (third-strongest-bunny @ 16 October 2014 01:50) *
Where exactly is the Frigost area for environmental quests? I've done the questline itself, but the areas are designated are Snowbound and the Hare Castle.

Can someone help me specifically narrow this area down?
If you're asking about the heals pet, you'll need to do the quests on the Glacier, also known as Chilliberg, after the entrepreneur clan member who, for some reason, seems to feel he "discovered" the island.

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