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posté July 20, 2014, 17:10:48 | #1

Quote (Hudski @ 20 July 2014 16:55) *
One of the worst changes so far. Seriously hope this isn't done. Takes all the challenge out of the game if it forces you to overlevel before you can do anything.

I think it's the best thing Anakma have ever thought of, and this is my reasoning;

There's actually quite a lot of content in this game, most people these days just get leeched in the usual 3~5 dungeons and haven't even heard of a puddly before. This would make new players more inspired to discover and seek out new challenges. "Oh, It says here I'm the right level for this 'The Hill Hazize' dungeon, I should search the map and try to find it and try i out." I wish I had that years ago. (They would also think 'That is the most terrible pun I've ever seen' I'm sure)

This also removes the 'What do I do' aspect of low levels since you can set mini goals to get for the level requirement for a new dungeon.

On a more personal level I dislike leeching in any MMO, so this also means people will have to play the game to get a high level, rather than have their high level guildie take them to lunar. Sure people can still leech you by coming along to the dungeons you can do but at least then you're doing a variety of dungeons and have the time to be useful and do things in these dungeons around you level so you can to some degree learn the class you're being leeched to a high level of.

Also did I mention it'll make more people aware of puddlies? They're so damn cute yo, we need more puddly awareness.

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posté July 11, 2014, 16:34:14 | #2
Why not think of new inventive ways to describe your sexuality?

Let's get creative in here.

Using 'Gay' or 'Lesbian' seems all very boring, why not make it like a riddle to people? Spice it up. 'I prefer what starts with a C, and ends in what sounds like a C, but isn't a C, what is it?'

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posté May 23, 2014, 11:23:20 | #3

Quote (Karakedi @ 23 May 2014 10:00) *
Why do we never get a proper cmc dmg relic (without control) for a change? Why do you hate/neglect summoners so much??
Sure, let's make a relic that appeals to just one build type of one of the many classes rather than the majority of the game.

Because that's a good idea.

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posté May 20, 2014, 22:23:34 | #4
Usa, Fairy, Queen, Ama, DD and as of most recently, Bunny.

Although on super rare occasions people call me by my actual name, Yaiyan.

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posté May 20, 2014, 19:25:29 | #5
Everyone who gives you a number are randomly guessing, no one can tell you how much unless someone from Ankaman tells you themselves.

Even if everyone said the same number, baseless guessing is baseless guessing.

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posté May 08, 2014, 05:13:20 | #6

Quote (arthuriko1 @ 04 May 2014 22:34) *

Quote (ForCanea @ 04 May 2014 22:11) *
Do you share lgos with other people?
My girlfriend owns my accounts too, but she didn't touch anything.
What's the point of having a girlfriend if she doesn't touch anything?  

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posté April 28, 2014, 03:47:35 | #7

Quote (lolzaroalza @ 27 April 2014 22:05) *
Any more opinions? I really need help with this.
To meet people you need to be where people are, people are in guilds.

I recommend Cluster or The Fire Academy as great guilds for new players. Clania or Virgo The Maiden can help you with joining Cluster, or Starger, Soldat and Burning-hands can help you with joining The Fire Academy.

Cluster have a lot lower levels on average so maybe it'll be easier to find groups with them, they're both equally as pleasant to be part of. If you want you can just tell them that Usatei told you to try them out.

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posté April 27, 2014, 20:48:34 | #8
It's healthy, once you get into an active guild and start meeting people there shouldn't be an issue, the low level areas are a little quiet, but later on it only gets more and more busy.

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posté April 22, 2014, 19:23:24 | #9
WTB ZwomBwork Cloak, Pompom belt, waw pompoms WTB
Zwombwork Cloak -
Pompom belt -
Waw pompoms -

Pm Usatei ingame or leave a comment, Thank you.  

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posté April 22, 2014, 02:04:37 | #10
When everyone else in the group is afk

Water Pandas

When being asked if the new costumes look good on someone

Anime; D-Frag

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posté April 22, 2014, 01:47:36 | #11

Quote (Gynrei @ 21 April 2014 18:05) *

Quote (IYesWayI @ 19 April 2014 04:40) *
The wakfu in beta joke is getting a little old.

That doesn't make it less relevant. One of the main features of a Beta test is to debug a game. Wakfu has yet to be debugged to any meaningful degree. So imo, the beta test hasn't finished yet.
Edit Nevermind. I made a mistake here.

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posté April 20, 2014, 17:08:44 | #12
Remington is still active. It has a good selection of guild ranging from low to high, solo to multi players that's always brimming with life and activity. I'd say the difference between Remi and Wakfu Asia, is Remi has a lot more endgame players right now, so most of them are off doing things or in end game areas. Where as Wakfu Asia has a lot more lower level characters, since they probably don't feel as pressured to be productive with their time since they're not paying for it.

From what I hear, Remington is a ton more active and alive that Nox, at least. Just roll into a cheerful guild and you'll be making friends and meeting new people in no time.

Edit; I'd recommend either Cluster or The Fire Academy. They're both quite cheerful guilds who have all range of levels, low to high. They both have experienced players too who can answer your questions and help you out. For Cluster you want to contact Clani (I forgot the other people's names who can invite in Cluster ;~; ), or for The Fire Academy you can pm Soldat, Starger, or Burning-Hands.

If you have any questions while ingame, you're welcome to contact me on Usatei or Transcendent Ice Fairy about anything.  

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posté April 19, 2014, 18:49:33 | #13
I just want to go fast.

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posté April 19, 2014, 02:30:19 | #14
I love this thread.

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posté April 17, 2014, 21:55:21 | #15

Quote (Gynrei @ 17 April 2014 20:21) *

If you're not lucky, that's not the games fault.

It's not like it's impossible to drop something,

I know from experience, those who continue to work and understand it's never impossible, always get what they want in time.

People willing to work are people who understand and accept that you will always drop it eventually,


How much would you enjoy Wakfu if you were 'unlucky' with item drops needed to progress further? This is the situation some players are faced with.

It sounds like you invest enough time online to drop most things you want/need. Not everyone has that much free time to drop their level appropriate set. Once you've out-leveled that set (that didn't drop) and move on to the next dungeon... you have a problem. Skill can only take you so far. Your character becomes weaker for the it's level appropriate dungeon because you've failed to drop the set you NEED to complete this next tier. The longer this goes on the tougher it is to PLAY THE GAME FOR FUN. Because at some point, you need to GRIND past content to complete future content. So no, not everyone who works hard gets that drop eventually.

If you have poor gear and an unorthodox build you could be facing a tough time being invited to that level appropriate content. A good team can only carry so many players.

I think it's unrealistic to expect elite players to carry others through content. If that was Ankama's intent it was poor game design. If they intended players to gear and build themselves adequately as they level, that's not working either. i know plenty of players who are above the recommended level for content and are nothing but a hindrance to the rest of the team.

I think it's reasonable to expect a game to give you the tools needed to progress. Making progression based on luck is ridiculous. Maybe Ankama intended the game to be a gear grind, not an experience one. And the challenge is completing content in poor gear until you 'get lucky'. If that's the case I can't really complain. But Ankama has said very little on the matter. I think others on these forums are justified when criticizing the balance of progression in this game (drop rates).

Comparing Wakfu to the Lottery is interesting. They have the same drop rate^^

An online game is typically used for entertainment. People don't really play the lotto for entertainment, they're gambling. If Wakfu is intended to be a gamble to the degree you compare it to the LOTTERY... i think Ankama needs to look harder at how much enjoyment players receive in relation to the amount of work/grind they put in. I understand the balance here is very debatable and their will be differing opinions but I'd rather stand up and fight to have drop rates better. As opposed to leaving because the game isn't for me with such a low ratio of drops/fun:time/work.

Quote (EskimoF @ 17 April 2014 19:54) *
Anything that has a chance to drop, is possible.

Nothing in this game is impossible if you have the time.

Mathematically yes. Realistically no. The world isn't some Utopia where everyone has an equal chance to drop these items. Should everyone expect to have an equal shot compared to everyone else? No. It's a balance like most things in life. This goes for MMO's too.

Wakfu's balance has been Grou'd. Every dungeon run with no drop is another brick.

Can you consider crafting? For most players low/mid level they can simply craft what they need, sure you still need to drop items, but dropping one to two 5% drops is much easier than dropping a bunch of imperial items. (Well, unless it's cloudy cotton, that item's drop rate feels like it's a lie.)

The crafting system isn't perfect, far from it, it's actually super disappointing, but it's better than nothing. A lot of players seem to be too focused on 'The only way to progress is to drop x set or x item.'

What about buying? Any level can do low level dungeons and sell Oto mats or whatever they'd want to earn the money to buy their items if they don't have the time to invest countless runs in hour long dungeons.

As far as I'm concerned, there's plenty of options to use to progress.

The world isn't some Utopia where everyone has an equal chance to drop these items.

Last time I checked, if you and I both did a boss together, we have an equal chance to drop it's loot. (PP requirement met of course.) I'm going to assume you mean in the sense not everyone can grind the dungeons they want, but then; why not grind the dungeons they can do to sell items / mats to acquire their set pieces other ways to progress? It's not like you're limited to only doing dungeons of your level.

Does it take a lot of time? Yes. Is this game for everyone? No. I don't walk into another person's house expecting them to change their furniture because my butt isn't comfortable, if I want to enjoy my time there, I adapt to how it works there.

Wakfu without the grind would be a shallow and boring mess, we've not got enough content to merit the playtime we do. There's no proper questing system, there's not enough things here and there to do. The only thing that keeps us playing on Wakfu is the drop rates. I don't think you realize that, if they increase all the drop rates and everyone gets their perfect sets, everyone will leave because they have nothing left to work for once they're got their set and a team of max level characters with perfect sets.

And yes, this game is made for entertainment. People enjoy the difficult slow grind, if you change it into a baby walk where everyone gets their sets after 20 runs, a lot more people will leave. This game already has a community of players who're working in the current system and have learnt to live with it, if the game was easy a lot of players would just walk all over it and quit because there's nothing to keep them there.

So here's the issue. I enjoy the grind, I know many, many people who also enjoy the grind. When you take away what we enjoy why should we all stay? New players will play, breeze through the game, get all their power easily and gear up, get to end game, wait, where is everyone at end game? Oh they all quit because there's nothing left to do? What about ubs? Oh, well I guess I can just sell all this gear I'm dropping easy in wabbit and buy ub gear, so, why would I need to do ubs for 6 weeks in a row for one piece? Okay well now I have my perfect set, why would I need more kamas? Oh well seeya guys, I'm going to play a game with something to do at endgame.

I speak from years of experiance in MMO's, I adore this genre from the browser based tactics games like Travian all the way to the "new age" of active battle MMO's like Tera and Guild wars 2 (To some extent) all of those games have problems with; it's so simple to drop everything, at the end, everyone has nothing to do. For example Tera; With a group of 4 of us, we breezed to endgame and got perfect sets in 2~3 months for all of us. Where's the fun in that?

On the other hand, I play Wakfu with a handful of good friends, we're still enjoying and progressing at a pace we feel is fair, this keeps us playing wakfu, this keeps us paying for wakfu, this keeps wakfu from shutting down entirely since we need that extra month sub to continue grinding for gears.

Imagine if everyone was done with Wakfu after 3 months? It'd drive it down.

The only way I'd think raising the drop rates would be acceptable, is if they increase the sub cost to ensure they have a server tomorrow. But imagine the uproar that'd make, hm?

Most people enjoy the game as it is, if you make it easier it'll die much faster. Not everyone will be happy with the drop rate increased, and less people will play in the long run since they can complete it so quickly with the raised drop. Meaning Wakfu will get less money, making it more likely that it'll go under. (No one wants that, I'm sure.) We need something to do endgame, and with how slowly content releases, without the drops there'd be nothing keeping us here.

Although, I'm just speaking my opinion, I don't really care who's right or wrong, I enjoy the game in my way as you would yours. If you can't enjoy the game for whatever reasons, don't think it needs to change because a few of you take the time of day to say something about it on the forums. It may seem like an overwhelming majority want the drop rates increased, but most of the people who play don't use the forums, most of the people happy with the game are playing right now, not in here demanding a change.

This tl'dr isn't very short, but it's okay, it's shorter than the original version so it still counts.

Edit: Let me add a picture too, I don't see what they add to the post but it looks like fun.

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