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posté August 09, 2016, 02:21:27 | #1
Srambad Quest: The Mission bugged? Someone might have already answered this but I can't find any posts in regards to the topic.

So my toons got lv140 enough to ignite the Pandora quest but when she states to go through the portal, there is no portal? At first I thought it was because Heroes bug so I let my Heroes sub expire and had high hopes. I was wrong because there is still no portal. Anyone have some hints as to why this is?

Or does it require all previous quests to be done before you can go through the portal? I've done the Ohymi quest with no problem, and have also done the Wabbits quest.

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posté July 04, 2016, 02:45:09 | #2
Changing Nations (Nvrmind) Delete Post Please. So I was trying to change nations on an alt but the Guard in the particular nation no longer gives the option to surrender your passport or pay the fee. Did they change this? Any help would be appreciated. 

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posté June 11, 2016, 03:35:39 | #3

Quote (Emandemms @ 10 June 2016 20:14) *
Thank you Madd. You now have a sram that can soon give the collective lvl 100 legendary weapons

My log in times may be a bit sporadic, but please add me anytime you see me online.
Might want to give us some time ranges just in case. ~Tulish 

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posté June 10, 2016, 17:20:05 | #4

Quote (AvaTheOrange @ 26 May 2016 21:44) *
Believe me Jed I too am finding this all too amusing.

You made a thread with the express purpose of attempting to publicly humiliate a guildy. Well now you've made an ass of yourself. Calling yourself a legend? Please.

And don't consider yourself so special to be attacked by him wingless. I understand you're behind the times but he gives everyone the same treatment. In fact, many of us in BBC do. So get off your high horse, and get with the program.

One fight doesn't prove anything and making a thread is pretty childish. Good luck for when you will inevitably fight him again, you'll probably need it.
Sadly I'd hate to tell you darling but Jed is one of those legends you speak of. He is one of the top Sacs in the server. And there is irony in your words though, not so different from what you are expressing. Stay classy.


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posté June 08, 2016, 16:56:23 | #5

Quote (ChadyBoy @ 08 June 2016 08:02) *
was this your big plan you were talking about..."all part of the plan", to come onto the forums and whine like a little baby because you lost.
Still not using brain cells I see. The plan is not this. You'll just have to wait and see what the actual plan is. Also it was not Bari that said "all part of the plan" it was me. The intention was not to win. Like I said before be on the lookout to see how everything worked out in our favor.
Stay classy loves. BBC were my biggest fans yesterday but there was only one #1 fan and she knows who she is.

What can I say my milkshake brings all the ladies to the yard. ~Tulz 

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posté May 27, 2016, 14:06:23 | #6

Quote (xCATZILAx @ 27 May 2016 13:35) *
What's the development there?


there's like 6 people playing lol
6 people playing? What time are you normally logged in? I didn't even know you still played cause I don't see you in game. lol..


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posté May 27, 2016, 04:55:38 | #7

Quote (moneyshumoney @ 27 May 2016 02:40) *
I would like to join on my iop his Level is 119 and im interested in knowing everything wanting to be the best there is and i really dont like drama either and if i could tell you anything about me and i have no problem answering questions i've been in epitath for 5 months ive been in shu shu for 1 year and no chest access please accept my application.
The Borg shall review your application. —Tulish

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posté May 26, 2016, 03:24:30 | #8
The Borg A memory, a legend from the days old, a monster that almost cracked the world in half. A swarm, coordinated, acting towards one goal, as if they had one mind. No one will forget the Borg’s invasion. The dimensions, nay the Krozmoz itself was powerless to resist. Our strongest defenses melted like paper, just when we thought all was lost…. They disappeared, as suddenly as they appeared, as if conquering was no longer important to them.

We lived peacefully those days, squabbling amongst ourselves, warring over petty differences, each of us thinking themselves greater than the next. We lived, we loved, we acted as if we owned the world itself.

Then one day, rumblings of outposts destroyed, and entire villages disappearing…. The next, they were at our door…. They had returned. The Borg was back. The legends didn’t even begin to describe the experience, utter destruction, desolation, there is no way to survive, I’ll make my time. I can hear them now, they’re right outside… Every single survivor speaks the same words, as if they are the only words still able to be spoken.

“Greetings Biological Life Forms.
Prepare to be assimilated, we will eliminate your flaws and add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.
Resistance is Futile.”

The Borg of Wakfu is not a guild, it is a force of nature. Immovable, unbreakable, everlasting. The Borg will exist with one, it will exist with the majority. One will, moving forward. End-game content, PVP, save the drama for the kids, and play to win.

This guild has the longest and most decorated history of any active Brakmar guild (Debatably of any currently active guild). Dominant in 2012, Dominant in 2014, Returning to power now.

Those that have realized resistance is futile can leave their information for assimilation. The Borg will only take those that benefit the masses. Such applications should be proposed as follows:

Name of Main (Applicant): Madd The Lost Soul
Level: 187
Class: Xelor
What you add to the collective: Max’d guild level to 20 alone. Max’d guild level with two other players after revamp. Ran top guild on server. Has been top Xelor on Nox, is possibly current most knowledgeable Xelor on Nox. Has no interest in drama, just in being the best.


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posté May 26, 2016, 00:34:46 | #9
Brakmar News 5 – Revival There always comes that time when a flame dies out but let us never forget that from its ashes it is reborn. In the days of Wakfu past I wrote stories that lingered in the darkness of Brakmar.

Tales of ‘Epi-c Horrors’ and ‘Somber Ends’ that revealed the heart of our nation. Yet even in the darkness the fire cast its light amongst some of us, giving way to ‘Fresh Beginnings’ and bonds with kind beasts like “X’em—My Pet & Friend’.

I never feared a battle as I journeyed to find a story. Not even the mighty Hooks could stop me from getting my new reports for I endured in the name of Brakmar.

Do you remember those words we once whispered in the dark? “Blessed be thy king, blessed be thy Brakmar.”

In those ages of fire when such a small flame burnt bright, we found the broken shards of a sword and from it the foundation of our great nation reawakened.

A voice called out to us then. It calls out to me now, reawakening the flames of Brakmar inside, and so today a new flame burns, a new age of BN5. New stories will come forth, it is just a matter of time.

Blessed be they Brakmar. Reporting for Brakmar News 5

PS: The links to the past posts have missing images due to the hosting site no longer being free so I will update the images soon as I find the corresponding matching images. Until then enjoy.

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posté May 24, 2016, 20:54:15 | #10
Did you have wings on? Having wings on means you are food for PvP if not then it is abuse. Also I am pretty sure BBC is a PvP guild so provoking them in any way will involve PK's. I have heard of instances of a member, not the leader, randomly PKing people for no reason which is unethical but otherwise if provoked is justified, assuming it does not involve camping. The game is still evolving so the chances of the game being proper is a long time away.

As far as quitting, I wouldn't listen to anyone that is berating you to quit especially if you are a paid subscriber. If they continue PK'ing you then it needs to be looked into for sure but I don't believe a ban is necessary. Maybe come to some agreement between each other if not thing else works. We can possibly start here? Make a verbal agreement on this post and see where it goes. I've always believed things can be resolved if both parties agree to it. But once more I don't think you should quit over such an incident, but I can empathize with the situation.

~Tulish: Currently running for Brakmar government.  

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posté May 01, 2016, 14:50:47 | #11
I nominate myself as the best Noob sacrier since Wakfu beta, still a noob, forever a noob. One day I will learn how to properly play a sac. One day... One... .... ~Tulish (Noob Sac 4-Life) 

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posté November 01, 2015, 19:07:09 | #12
You mean a message like the one he sent me?

< removed image >

All I can say is that this individual has been watching one too many movies. He has literally been telling this to everyone in NOX. And when I mean everyone, I mean everyone. Looks like he sure does have a lot of time to waste being as this is all he does.

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posté October 02, 2015, 05:02:56 | #13
The future of Wakfu, a French Perspective. [Translated-ish] I normally don't find many posts quite interesting but I managed to copy and paste the thread by Pinkflamingo titled "Français, venez vous exprimez ici sur l'avenir de wakfu" and there was some truth to what it said—despite the crude Google translate. I know most of us tend to ignore such threads but at times perhaps they deserve a read even if most of us won't agree with it. If someone has a better translation I'd welcome it as it would prove to be informative in some way. Aren't we all, regardless of Server, one in the same voicing our concerns to Ankama?

Find below the crude Google translation:

Ankama, we support you without return, but for how long? Hello,
this message is for CM, the dev if they have the right to speak freely and the God Hector team.

SHIFT 2, new CM for some months, time to talk about now, especially Wakfu problems.

First: Thanks for SHIFT output a correcting some bugs and is more of a certain quality (there is still some bug, but the heroes work relatively well anyway I think.

The island of moon is quite "difficult" which is pleasant.

So thank you for that.

However the points are very very dark and negative (the point or the latest PC duck making a list of 100 pages game has not even mentioned the two big plays Ankama).

You tested in a country other than France a system of "real F2P" you have judged unprofitable. So, you release us a "false F2P" - like many other MMOs do not worry pas- but is very abusive manner.

It was therefore good access to discover the game, but then we must quickly go to the checkout and pay a subscription / boost to really play. I want to say why not, we play, we love the game, you pay. - I'm such subscriber permanently, 5-6 euros per month to support the game and have fun, that's fine.

BUT as the game is F2P, we are left with a shop increasingly result, and drawing. Personally, I refuse to pay a subscription + services. Either I pay a subscription and have access to all, or the game is F2P and I spend my money in services (just like that, it may not have the market in one country, but I would spend more and shop that subscription ...).
It might be good with the subscription, rather than having a mystery box, you can choose sth in the shop. This is the same system except that the player chooses. Leaves accumulate a "shopping point" for a frame, a familiar with a reasonable wait times and in 1 or 2 years.

Second problem on your model output Tuesday: gifts from companies. We can not be accessed without even checkout. I find it lamentable. I pay my subscription, you leave companies with gifts to the key, and I'm told, it's nice to pay a subscription, but it still wants to strip you a bit more. I do not think it's respectful but downright Conversely, I find it abused. A message on the fact that in the current state let the level of companies or for a substitution would be more than good by our CM. See a little the mindset of the team. Players or silver.

The same hero, it was developed for players (thank you the customer that makes us prune in 30 minutes instead of 2 hours, which must restart (that is since the beginning of Wakfu memory leaks, you pay Why, one wonders), why not offer a hero? why not offer them to non-ticket (it does not concern me, but I find it logical, non abo can launch several lunchers to play two personal non abo free , so tell them there is a good dev, can you do it in one window). And the price. Frankly, pay 15 euros for a full bug game to qualify as a cash cow (cf gifts of the company or the price difference of servers). 15 euros you spend in the most expensive game subscription there either? you think at this point that Wakfu is quality and you know not but you just want us to milk up to the bone? Frankly, I do not know about the other players, but in my guild it made some people think, unfortunately, not just on what is going to buy a hero or two but that is it we will continue to pay for this game (for them it is to play, out of the question to play without subscription).

We can also talk about the price difference of the two French waiters, totally unjustified. I do not know if much remains subscriber aerafal on, but I think it's a lack of respect and loyalty to your customer (ho like lack of loyalty is not what holds the judges sanctioned the another contractor in case of price difference that? if ha).
It might be time to announce the color: it remains on two systems with the same prices currently, we remain on the systems but the prices are changed, or better, you assume your mistakes and finally announced the merger of servers.

The last "Event", placed in general discussion forum as evidence that have been abandoned by the CM itself. Frankly, I hesitated between cry or laugh. It was a community, we reward that loyalty than 10 people. A little common sense, it will not create competition for the farmer as soon as possible so that there is no content to get to lvl 200 that has been said about the beta topics, said everywhere, and as everyone had expected, creating the subject, said on the subject of the mini event. By cons, reward the community, it would have been meaningless. In addition to the 10 people why not, but a reward for each lvl 200 is really worth considering. We prove that we love our clients, our players, we consider them all the same despite everything that was said.

To this we can add the unpatched bugs for years, much deeper than visual, non BG class or island etc. I would add, moreover, that the last great quests had set myself a slap. You were good. Is the reason why there was no moon out. Too much fun against money, not good for business?

In short, I pay the subscription of a F2P game and finally this is still not enough. You notice the irony of the situation I hope. We play a F2P game, but you must pay a subscription. And even with a subscription to this F2P game, we still have no access to the whole of the game.
Just to tell you that last month, 90% of my guild was connecting only on Sunday for the BU and logged out. Or are they past (and money because only now you're interested)? I give you in the mile, on a real F2P game, yeah, on LoL (ok moba against MMORPG, this may be a game type of problem). The worst part is that they have spent more money than 6 euros subscription. May be thinking.

Frankly, the turn that takes Wakfu, with this desire to always want more money for a service far from the quality of the asking price, coupled with the tiny size of the team and from the dev lead (the lead Generally, those sections dev), plus non-responses to the above questions and the increasingly important role of D'Hector service really makes me think about the future of Wakfu. Will I have the means to play Wakfu when it asks me 300 euros a month to enjoy the entire game? Do I want to participate and support ankama in their vision of the players and their overall vision? Do wakfu not going out of business, reducing to neans my investment - so suddenly, should we all stoper now? we view the lack of loyalty to the players aerafal which made it the question arises: lack of loyalty, they know that the development of the game will stop, the lvl 200 has been released for this and that alone servers without the dev behind will still survive for 2-3 years. Pocketing the euro while spending the minimum for server maintenance.

Here, in conclusion, I love the world and I still support this game a bit. But the answers (see stock changes) are more than necessary for the whole community I think.

Good game to all.

Update: I would add, for the good of the community, a change in the instructions given to the moderators. How many French are forced to go on the English speaking forum for not to close them? Why this shift: for the subject of a guild, wanting to live and wanting wakfu the good of the community, which aimed to provide the resources that some have looted to enjoy entirely (making the impossible of the débloquement archmonsters . To say: nuisance for the game (thus share excluding CGU possible) short, without freedom of expression on the forum, players of the initiatives would not have been not closed the subject CM.. for the event, telling him to do that directly IG. The sharing event for the community should be unlock.
I would add that this blatant disregard for freedom of expression, freedom dear to the country of the head office of the company, I have also increasingly difficult to recognize me in his values. We know the new generation of worker and consumer. We do not recognize the values ​​of a company, it resigns and we do sustains more. Small thing can change a great deal.

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posté August 22, 2015, 02:28:48 | #14
In NOX it will be triggered at 12AM PST/2AM EST which is 6.5 hours from now.

I am assuming Ankama will trigger Remington/Phaeris/Amara at the same time. So you would have to calculate that according to the PST time. If not Ankama truly forgot about the other servers.

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posté August 13, 2015, 16:06:34 | #15
It's unfortunate that the game is in such a state but not much else one can do. A possible solution would be for everyone who is in a low level server to migrate to another server. Or better yet for all the empty servers to simply migrate to NOX.
*Migrate: To make a new account in the NOX server and start from scratch.
Think about it for a second. If everyone simply started anew on NOX we would have a large population with a multi-language population that would make NOX a true world. So go ahead and sign up folks. Tell your friends and make your accounts.

NOX welcomes you!

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posté August 13, 2015, 15:54:12 | #16
This sounds like a Nation/Guild vs Guild/PvP revamp but interesting idea. BUT if Ankama does decide to tackle this it will break down to a timeline and commitment that would be something like:
  • Ankama: Coming Soon.
  • 1 Year later: Coming Very Soon
  • 2 Years later: Really Coming Soon

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posté August 07, 2015, 20:56:08 | #17
The raising of the taxes is to push away those wanting to abuse the current state of the market. It's a smart move in my opinion. If you want to abuse the current state of things best you not do it in Brakmar.

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posté August 07, 2015, 05:33:53 | #18

Quote (KING-war @ 01 August 2015 03:34) *
This is starting to get really boring, been 175 for a months now. Nothing else to do. If we could get a date could look forward to it.

Not everyone is lv175 and no it is not boring yet. Sabi tell the team to take their time since I have about 15 more levels to go before cap. If I had time to play everyday and was cap, fully geared and runed, etc then, and only then "do you have my permission to update." *Bane voice.

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posté July 03, 2015, 18:17:17 | #19
Anime Expo: Wakfu Anyone headed to the LA Anime Expo: Wakfu section to drill Ankama with questions? $75 for 1 day on site pass. :/

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posté June 04, 2015, 07:55:58 | #20
Morbid: You were not the only one to attack a Sufokian. Hypiron also attacked Sufokians. He should know the name of the one he ganked. And I don't deny that I did have fun seeing Brakmar with all the attention for once. Braks were complaining the minute I allied with Sufokia but I stood by the alliance because I am very fond of Sufokia, so their complaints about them standing there were directed to me not to the Sufokians or you.

Nur: When Hyp attacked the other Sufokian you were no there yet. You arrived when the other Sufokian got aggroed by Morbid. In the case of the Sufokians in Shuduku it was Bontans that aggroed them. I can't remember the name of all the ones aggroed. And I don't blame you if you think I am lying.
  • Regarding the law I later realized that it did not come into play because I didn't click the accept check mark—Noob mistake on my part. I believe you weren't pulled because you are the friend Morbid is referring to—I could be wrong though.
  • Regarding lack of discipline I try to be fair in government and have as much Guilds represent despite their past actions. I mentioned in my post above that the situation with you was an isolated incident and nothing I could do about, but I did talk to them, your welcome to ask them if I spoke to them. I don't control guilds they have their own right to do as they wish. I don't believe I can tell your guild what to do since I have no right in controlling another persons guild. I came to you last time when you PMed me about the Kelba incident. If I didn't care I would not have showed up, but I did and believe me I did my best to bring some closure to the isolated incident but failed.
  • Regarding being a hypocrite, if other people's actions reflect on me as a Governor then it has to be as such, at times it is the Governor that must take the blame for what others do, and if you believe I am a hypocrite then that is what I am. But I thank you for showing up when I called for assistance, for that I am grateful.
  • In regards to ganking, I don't see how it is justice for them to gank me and it being spiteful of me to do the same to them? There was an incident where they ganked each of my toons 6v1 and I guess if that makes them honest I cannot argue with your opinion. If I do the same I'll have to accept to be the foul player in these moments where I am Governor.
  • Regrading pointing fingers, mistakes, and heroes, I never pointed fingers at anyone but myself. I am unsure of how you read the post above, but perhaps I failed to bring out the message I intended, and for that I apologize to you. I never said I was Sufokia's hero, but Brakmar's failed hero, one that did what he could. And I don't understand the anger in the way you respond but if I did make a mistake, it is as you said "human error" and for that I apologize. I don't hold grudges and as I have said I appreciate you for coming. Your government helped immensely with the Eco, and I will forever be indebted to the kindness and support.
  • Regarding being mad, I am not mad at any of you. And it wasn't my "self-induced butt-brigade" because it was Nereid who ganked me, when all I wanted was to fix my nations bonuses so I simply retaliated, and everything else you saw was what unfolded when Amakna and Bonta showed up.
But I am glad you are able to get more support from Amakna. If anyone deserves support it is Sufokia the one nation that I believe deserves the kindness of every nation. I wish Sufokia the best in everything they do. And I apologize to you once again for not being able to find a resolution to the isolated incident. It does pain me I confess to know you don't believe I would have supported you in anything because I would have, but there is only so much one person can do. Despite all this I don't expect you to forgive me for any mistake I may have made, but I forgive you for not believe I would have supported you. Sufokia is alway a nation I keep close to my heart and shall never abandon or bring trouble to. I wish you and your nation the very best, and should the need ever arise I'll be glad to help in any way I can.


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