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We need new Avatars! It's just more pleasing when we can customize our own Avatars instead of seeing others share the same avatars. Hopefully some day soon. —Tulish 

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Quote (Nox16 @ 01 August 2014 17:37) *
I said it before and ill say it again when steam is brought up i really dont think steam is the answer your all looking for. Oh but the publicity... boop gone when it gets washed away by all the other games drowning in steam that come out on a daily basis... i hope they releases on a week without anything big coming out. Also can i just say using beta for everything is really starting to make the word meaningless. Also you do know that this isnt going to solve the issues with support right? why do you think steam would care at all. They let early access games run rampant with people giving tons of money to games that are just taking it then running, god steam itself doesnt even have a good refund policy. *sigh* I always get so angry when people try to mark steam as the best thing that has every happened and will solve all of wakfus problem. It most likely wont.
Are you ever optimistic?

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Sounds like something I would do.

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posté July 24, 2014, 21:15:48 | #4

Quote (-xKohta- @ 24 July 2014 20:40) *
They need to fix this soon. Too many people have this problem and they don't seem to care much. Simply ridiculous.
Why should they care? The game is free to play now which more than likely they hope makes all the players stop complaining and gives them more reason to not care about returning lost items/bugs etc. I am assuming they can't handle the international community so they gave us the F2P model.

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posté July 19, 2014, 19:36:53 | #5

Quote (AndersonMenezes @ 10 June 2014 20:04) *
We not have our official comunity team. We don't have someone to help us, so I come by this ask u guys to help us. I'm trying to represent our comunity thoughs, we feel abandoned and we play wakfu cause we love this game, even with the darksides, we enjoy it, so please don't let us down, fix it asap, or our comunity will be smaller soon.

P.S.: I'm trying to represent my comunity, i'm not careing about myself, cause i have 10 months on my acc. But please, look for my beloved ones. I beg u.

*Dsite = Dofus site
*Wsite = Wakfu site
This goes to show you how the ideology Ankama follows. "Hey lets build a Portuguese Server but we lets not worry about the Community Manager," or "Hey lets make a German Server and Include a Community Manager but not really put any effort to see them succeed."

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posté July 16, 2014, 16:30:11 | #6

Quote (aquabeauty @ 16 July 2014 16:06) *
Well then,

make sure you pack your hater armor before coming nox.

I am much too familiar with le hate. Either way all is well!!! And welcome.
The only Armor I know is Monte who is a Feca God. Too OP. Also hi Aqua.

And welcome to NOX JerryDB. NOX is a bit scary some times.


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posté July 15, 2014, 18:53:15 | #7

Quote (Israfael @ 15 July 2014 17:07) *
@Troyle, thx you for let our Forum be open.^^
I saw what you write at our Forum. Thx for the information, i translate it for our people as far as i could.

Only 1 short question. Is it possible for me and seafarius as the last members of the german-com.-team to get the full forum-mod rights at the german forum, so we can handle it ourself?
For someone as dedicated as you, who fights for their community, I believe you deserve some form of compensation my friend. Ankama should compensate you in some form for trying to keep their presence alive in Germany even though it appeared as though you were fighting a loosing battle. David vs Goliath.

The effort demonstrated by you and other German players in keeping your server alive is unmatched and I applaud you for that.


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posté July 11, 2014, 14:29:23 | #8

Quote (Troyle @ 11 July 2014 14:08) *
Deals take time. Once again, I can’t give you details as to what our plans are, but once they’ll start, it should all make sense to you. Let’s just say we’re not alone in making this happen, and there are many things that still need to be confirmed and prepared before we can proceed.

The change of model is a first step in making the game more popular worldwide, but we won’t be targeting Germany right now.

It’s taking longer than anticipated, and had we known how long it would take back when Mascha left, we might have decided to close the website right away.

I agree that this is making the situation worse for all our current German players, and I’m sorry for that. But what we want is to make sure that when we do start to put efforts in acquiring new German players, they arrive in the best conditions possible.
You still didn't answer [Israfaels] question if they will get a Sub-Forum on this International Website?

If anyone deserves a server transfer with all their items it's them, and it needs to be done immediately before they all leave for good and you have no choice but to close down the server for good—which might already be the next step Ankama is preparing to do.

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posté July 10, 2014, 19:06:38 | #9

Quote (Elithril @ 10 July 2014 18:23) *
1. It's almost impossible to find the german forum, now.
  • You are right my friend. When I type "" it redirects me to EN website and makes it a bit difficult to locate the German Forum. The only work around is to have the user go to the EN Forum then click on the language icon on the top right to finally get to the German Forum. Too many clicks is not a good option for users—especially if English might not be their first language.

Quote (Elithril @ 10 July 2014 18:23) *
2. Will we get a subforum here, since our old forum was hidden?
  • This would be a nice option. An alternative would be for them to redirect the "" to the "" so the users are not confused. If they could also add a message on the top saying "to download the game click here," "for news [English] click here", etc.

Quote (Elithril @ 10 July 2014 18:23) *
3. Boy, am i a masochist or why do i stick to this game/company..
  • I ask myself why I stick to this game as well.

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posté July 10, 2014, 16:34:48 | #10
It could be a sign of the NOX Watch choosing you as their messenger. On a serious matter I need to check my Eni to see if it looks the same.

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posté July 10, 2014, 16:31:40 | #11
Just so you all know this new updated website still has bugs. Keep going through the pages and if you have a keen eye you will see the bugs. More like a 7/10 over all ranking. But a good presentation.

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posté July 10, 2014, 16:22:14 | #12
It's an Open Beta of Wakfu Beta. We were in Beta all this time. I lost count what beta this is. Wakfu maybe?

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posté July 10, 2014, 16:20:19 | #13
Oh Forum Titles. Can mine have a greenish glow so I stand out more? —Tulish 

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posté July 09, 2014, 16:09:07 | #14
Save your money for something more worthwhile. In case you haven't read the news this game will officially be Free to Play. Yes my friend that was not a typo the game will be FREE. Spread the word and invite your friends to play in the NOX server.

The official F2P starts June 24th but the Open Beta starts tomorrow. Happy gaming and start saving your money for College or something.


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posté July 09, 2014, 16:04:12 | #15

7 Days – at the price of 1.200 OGR
30 Days - at the price of 3.000 OGR
90 Days - at the price of 8.100 OGR

7 Days – 1200 OGR
30 Days - 3000 OGR
90 Days - 8100 OGR

Those "." give the impression they cost 1 OGR, 3 OGR, or 8 OGR. Cheap right?

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posté July 01, 2014, 16:10:11 | #16

Quote (AvaTheOrange @ 01 July 2014 08:43) *

The latter I agree with, the former I do not.

This organization is creating unnecessary barriers, and they are over zealous.

I was just informed they put my entire lowbie-guild who have nothing to do with this thing on KOS. This is the kind of over-zealous behaviour I want nothing to do with. If they want answers, they should talk to me.
They have you on KOS?

I don't support cheating but PKing lowbees is a no no in my book. In addition I believe if I have 6 accounts I am allowed to vote 6 times as I am paying 6 times. Or am I wrong?


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posté June 26, 2014, 15:26:28 | #17
Somehow I believe that the players still subscribed during the implementation of the F2P model will all receive a 'specially designed mount' and special boutique pricing similar to FF:ARR.—Tulish 

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posté June 20, 2014, 20:46:46 | #18
It's Aerafal. That's all there is to it. The French help the French. And give the scrap to the rest of us.

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posté June 20, 2014, 20:42:52 | #19

Quote (Mr-buddy2u @ 20 June 2014 19:19) *
This is a new season of Boowolf nation.In this house facts spelling and sanity are pushed the [to] the limit. We will try to give you all the information and things we want you hear. Even if they are not true. Unlike the other news guys we don't pass of[f] propaganda and lies as fact. That wold take credibility.
I am glad you're back at it again. You forgot the preposition 'to' above and some other stuff, but meh this is not an English class. Despite the sarcasm I look forward to your future posts up until I get some free time to contribute once more. Use pictures. It makes things look classy. —Tulish 

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