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posté January 02, 2014, 06:56:53 | #1
Wonderful group picture, Daft. ;x; Thank you for including me in a very uh.. unique way. I hope your face will be okay after that. :')

I have to guess at this!

2. Lunar
3. Athyr
4. Hatespaw
8. Mantine
9. Lu
10. Libby
11. Gobbsage ME
12. Korrok
15. tremor
17. ares
19. aqua
20. lee
21. varuru
22. xSky
23. Lex
24. Daft


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posté January 02, 2014, 04:17:28 | #2
I would like to see more fairyworks!

More specifically, the tofu fairyworks from Dofus. :')


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posté December 03, 2013, 20:29:49 | #3

And then there is this.



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posté December 03, 2013, 19:14:29 | #4



A lot has happened between us that made for quite the interesting ride, wouldnt you say? I enjoyed spending most of my game time with you(even dropping others to do so.. oops), and for me, it was worth it. Your game style was one that reminded me of "home" in the sense that you always KILLED ME FOR NO REASON. WHAT WAS YOUR PROBLEM, FIGHTING A LITTLE ENI??

God. I remember when I was just a wee little thing, fresh into the world and wouldnt you know - I WAS IN A FIGHT! What was going on? Did I start this fight? That isnt a regular monster.. oh shit! ITS A PLAYER! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Death.

My poor level 20 brain was so confused. Hatespawn, I don't forgive you for that. Then this happened.

But you also cast punishment on my butt more than once, and seemed to enjoy me having to heal myself repeatedly to withstand your blows. You're a very cruel man. I soon learned to heal YOU instead, that was always fun to see your reaction.

Our time in Epitaph is one I cherish the most, being able to watch you unleash that teenage angst onto players was pretty great. Being able to fight alongside you was even better.

Gonna miss it.




I have more. Don't make me post them.

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posté November 23, 2013, 14:10:55 | #5
Signing up!

-Axel Ex

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posté June 14, 2013, 21:32:56 | #6
I'm usually quiet, and posting on a forum so massive such as this one is a little out there for me. I just feel like I should post something.

Too bad those somethings are too vulgar to be said here.

HOOKS. You. YOU. Gee, you.

I started out being wary of you. Oh those stories I have heard. SO MANY STORIES. But in the end, I gave you a chance. I do not regret it in the slightest. You and your guild have somehow managed to pull me out of a rather dark place, and for that I am thankful. I honestly cannot imagine where I would be right now without you, Hooks. You massive turd. Such a MASSIVE turd.

You've.. managed to instill a backbone into this squishy lady. Along with the ever-improving ability to not care. Also.. several new colorful words that I now have no problem throwing around. Such a reserved and shy lady, now calling others names. Some might think of that as a bad thing I suppose, but for me it is an everlasting gift. And I'm horribly thankful for it, haha. You've given me something unimaginable : Confidence.

My favorite times have got to be teasing you in voice chat. Oh, and listening to your snoring. YES EVERYONE, HOOKS SNORES. And it is SO LOUD. We've had to abandon a chat before because we couldn't talk over his snoring. It was pretty epic. Those memories are the ones that will likely never leave me. Plus, it doesn't help that we have your snoring recorded.. AHAHAHA. Oh god he's going to kill me. I should stop.

Anyways, SIR HOOKS, it's been fun. I can't say that I'm not sad to see you go, because I am. But I trust that Sig will lead us well.. and of course I will do my part to help out.

Bye fggt.


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posté February 07, 2013, 05:05:04 | #7
Oh dear!

This is Pickles - Brakmars current Ecologist.
Always feel free to contact any one of us if you need something.

We went ahead and planted some wheat in several fields, each one marked by the green dude.


Sorry I hadn't noticed this sooner!

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posté December 29, 2012, 01:33:55 | #8

One machine down!


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posté October 14, 2012, 23:22:36 | #9
Ahah! I am now happy to say that I am the proud owner of the sit emote!

/sit did not work for me, nor was it in my emote list. It WAS however, in my quest log. I just killed five wabbits and I got it.

Thank you everyone for your help! And kudos to you, Pakonitan, for figuring out the mystery.

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posté October 14, 2012, 19:50:19 | #10
Am I the only one WITHOUT the sit emote? So, way back when everything was new, I reserved my characters name, got the bandage set, and did nothing else. I simply logged in to do those things.

Fast-forward to now. I'm looking to finally get into the game - only I can't sit! I'm seriously LACKING the sit emote, haha.

There doesn't seem to be a way to get this emote without deleting my character and starting over.
Can someone help? Is there a way to correct this for those.. rather few players who are in my situation?

Or am I completely overlooking something plainly obvious? Short of deleting my character and starting over, of course.

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