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posté November 26, 2015, 07:10:44 | #1
Are those hairstyles finalised? Cuz they look pretty nifty. Definitely better than the existing ones for the other classes

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posté November 23, 2015, 08:26:03 | #2

Quote (Seguchi-sama @ 18 November 2015 20:57) *
I can only imagine that this artist charges for minutes (what's fairly rare tbh) and Ankama wasn't able to afford paying for a better look. The lines themselves carry next to no information, and the style/anatomy overall isn't very wakfuish. Therefore I asked who's the artist. I'm confused and upset. Where's our Xa and other cool guys.

We can all argue as much as we want about whether or not they should have used a more refined sketch, but it won't matter since the sketch has already been uploaded, and rather than criticise the sketch (or the posting of it) we should be throwing out more useful input re: character design. Maybe they're working with a new artist, maybe they decided to use an extremely early draft.

I work in the game industry (not in the art department; I do audio) and on a number of occasions devs have chosen to use complete nonsense mockups I did in less than an hour just to give audiences an idea of where they were heading sound-wise.

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posté October 27, 2015, 19:56:42 | #3

Quote (caicomics @ 27 October 2015 12:35) *
Fire/water tends to be more range oriented so GKC would be good since pandas are a mix of aoe and single target dmg. Lucloak is good if you're more mid range fighter and want to be tankier.

I second this, GKC and Lucloak are both good (hence the most common) choices for Panda. SE is unorthodox but doable, probably not for water/fire though.

I typically DON'T recommend giving up MP as a Panda. Even though Dairy Springer no longer costs MP you can only spring twice, and Barrelhop once, so try to stick to 6 min.

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posté October 25, 2015, 14:45:46 | #4

Quote (Aquallia @ 24 October 2015 23:16) *
It a big game to manage, it international, Ankama is under staffed (and probably needing people with better technical skills), they got a lot of work to do. Sure their priorities might be off, but at least they trying.

I think if players keep dissing Ankama and being negative they may one day just give up. You know lack of appreciation for what they been able to do as is can be demoralizing for them just as the flaws in game and poor handling of certain problems is demoralizing for players.

Um, what I'm saying is let's cheer Ankama on and show appreciation for what they have given us.

People do appreciate what's there, which is why they still play. It's hard to play a game you totally dislike. Ankama develops Wakfu; it's their responsibility to keep the game playable. Developers don't make games as favours to people so we shouldn't have to applaud them for trying.

I'm not a business savvy person but it looks to me like they're not thinking far ahead when they make decisions; returns are short-term (hence the flash sales). They definitely seem understaffed and it's about time they invested more money in getting more able hands on deck. Maybe they're not doing it because they don't have enough money (I'm speculating), and if that's true they should have tackled it a long time ago. It's like that Thatcher saying: "the medicine is harsh, but the patient requires it to live". I wouldn't be surprised if it were true since they seem to have the same approach to dealing with duping incidents...

Anyway. Lots of people have offered helpful suggestions and constructive criticism; problem is these generally get ignored. It seems like Ankama only cares when people are rioting (and even then, only half the time) because they're so set in their ways. Players have even offered QT services and code proofreading. There is no shortage of helpful people who genuinely want to see the game thrive. Ankama would do well to take some of them up on their offers...

oh and the cake analogy is spot on.

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posté October 24, 2015, 15:59:19 | #5

Quote (Seguchi-sama @ 24 October 2015 15:19) *
Vital energy cocktail is still broken.
6+ months ago, I reported this item not working in shushu dungeons, well, to be precise, working as a healing spell therefore being cancelled by the dungeon mechanics. It's still the case. Even if you drink it outside the combat, it doesn't restore your hp.
The coctail will very likely kill you in zwombit dungeon, didn't bother going back to this content and testing though.

Yup it kills you in Zwombbit dungeon, although the last time I was there was monthssssss ago, doubt anything has changed though ~_~

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posté October 20, 2015, 11:04:25 | #6
I partly blame the switch to rollable gear for the dearth of variety in dungeons being run - gone are the days when we HAD to run specific dungeons for specific elements; now it's just "ok where's the most OP gear for my level, ok let's go there". You have the "gear" dungeons, and all the ones in between are just stepping stones for you to get exp to enter the gear areas.

Honestly I just wish there was a better sense of continuity; something to link everything together. Atm it's just dungeons, dungeons, and a few raw questlines nobody cares about. There's no immersion, and that's why the grind feels so friggin mechanical. /sadface

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posté October 19, 2015, 15:23:37 | #7

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 19 October 2015 15:12) *

Quote (shankissimo @ 19 October 2015 14:06) *
Yeah revealing your weapon means becoming more vulnerable. Element of surprise, bruh.
No it doesn't. o_o

Unless you mean in a role-playing kind of way...?

I have to admit I quite enjoyed the thrill of pulling/being pulled and seeing a hushed scepter xD Always an "oh crap" moment, but pretty exciting nonetheless

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posté October 19, 2015, 10:32:19 | #8
Yeah I miss having weapons show. No idea why they did away with it, could be PvP related or maybe they just found it troublesome to integrate with the new animations...

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posté October 16, 2015, 08:04:38 | #9
It's really hard to say. I typically get a response within the week regardless of the type/severity of the issue but rarely do the issues actually get solved  

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posté October 16, 2015, 07:34:27 | #10
Heyo Mario, I'm usually really unlucky but I'll see if I can't help you at least get back that one emblem the pesky update ate!

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posté October 15, 2015, 12:57:30 | #11

Quote (HunterRengar @ 15 October 2015 12:48) *
It seems like waiting for the hotfix to finish before buying the hero system was a mistake since there is another hotfix .__.

Really praying for this hot fix to actually fixing bugs.

I admit my mistake v_v

Hoping that the bugs get fixed as well. That would make me feel a lot less frustrated about losing paid time.

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posté October 15, 2015, 12:52:17 | #12

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 15 October 2015 12:08) *

Those are some really harsh conditions the chinese players are facing though x_x Not even linked gear? Or even just a small amount of kamas to help them get around

Hoping Ankama lets them at least keep equipped gear, although that would probably result in a huge mountain of alts bringing gear over ^^;

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posté October 14, 2015, 06:49:36 | #13
Like Angel said, people will be upset regardless. Since either way a large portion of people will feel wronged by having lost a week, giving or not giving a week probably doesn't make a huge difference in Ankama's eyes. However I do think that it merits an extension due to how buggy the update was and how many people lost stuff even without the rollback. Players on every server suffered item losses and we really deserve compensation for those as well.

*cries over lost Wise Fortunes*

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posté October 14, 2015, 06:44:53 | #14

Quote (MelaooO @ 13 October 2015 19:02) *

Quote (Madd1 @ 13 October 2015 17:50) *
A couple pieces of duo gear explains the stats. My curiosity is satisfied.
Yep, i'll try to improve these stats using the new itens xD

Good luck and congrats!

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posté October 13, 2015, 14:52:10 | #15
You probably want a proper tank. The last time I did Yech with level appropriate party was like a year ago before the stat revamp, so it -should- be easier now. Before, he'd constantly take huge chunks of hp off my Sac (who had to side lock to prevent Yech from running away when he did his swap move), and it was a nightmare for the Eni having to constantly heal while keeping out of Yech's range. But it was doable.

So yeah, definitely get a tank. Presumably you know all the other stuff, like kill Boohemoons first etc.

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posté October 12, 2015, 11:01:13 | #16
God bless Ankama v_v

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posté October 08, 2015, 10:41:43 | #17

Quote (Madd1 @ 05 October 2015 21:48) *
The only thing that's relevant is how happy you are in the guild. Plenty of horrible guilds with great bonuses, and plenty of great guilds with horrible bonuses.


If you like your guild, no reason to leave really. Why not work together to grow the guild and its bonuses? All guilds have to start somewhere, it'd be a shame to jump ship just because you don't have max bonuses.

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posté October 08, 2015, 10:37:00 | #18
It's disappointing, yet at the same time it's not that surprising. There was a random wave of bans last year and I still have no idea what triggered it. There were rumours of Hushed set dupes but nothing was proven, and iirc there were only 2 Hushed sets on the Nox market at the time (I was considering buying one but couldn't make up my mind so I kept checking the market religiously for a price drop). 2 of my guildmates got hit by the banhammer and very confused as to why. Tons of people made new accounts just to complain/beg to be unbanned, and as far as I know most of them were ignored.

tl;dr who the heck knows how Ankama deals with stuff, none of it makes sense to me.

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posté October 08, 2015, 05:57:26 | #19
It's a combination of factors. People stop playing over time, so naturally your influence dwindles as your friends leave, unless you have the energy to keep up with all the new players trickling in.

Oddly, after the PvP revamp that was supposed to make players more "patriotic" (the whole fighting for your nation idea), people began caring less about their nation. This may have something to do with the fact that guild members were forced to switch nations in order to PvP, so there's a large handful of players who have little connection with their current nation.

Re: powers, there weren't really any. Since in the past we were able to have more than 1 ally per nation, it wasn't uncommon to have have all 4 nations allied and multiple governors be friends with each other. So that probably compounded the image of influence.

It's all superficial.

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posté October 08, 2015, 04:04:57 | #20
Hotkeys don't work with some summons, gotta manually click the spells :x

Osa goes invisible after casting first spell, stays invisible for the rest of the fight

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