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posté Today - 10:13:07 | #1
Unless you can guarantee your health is always low, which can be pretty dangerous for end-game content, I wouldn't really recommend statting berserk dmg. Full crit is standard for most classes (in late game gear you're looking at about 50-55 crit), and the rest can go wherever you like. Evenly split between crit dmg + backstab or crit dmg + block is pretty common.

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posté March 21, 2015, 21:22:37 | #2
I guess what is being implied here is that 2 max characters per client would make 3 players per party the norm as opposed to 2. For the most part it just makes people feel less bad about having to choose between dropping an alt or not, because let's face it if you already have the option of bringing all your highest level toons, you're probably a bit reluctant to drop (I know I am). Plus for people who like more interaction within a party I imagine having 2 other people to talk to is better than just 1

I'm personally less concerned about how it will affect the social aspect of the game; I'm more concerned about what sort of game it will become. Most people will just duobox dungeons, get all their gear, and then what? There's honestly not much to do anyway; the current grind (as tedious as it is) keeps people occupied at the very least, but all i see Heroes doing is putting everyone on an express road to level cap o.o

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posté March 18, 2015, 10:27:10 | #3
Badosaurus bugged Ran Enurado today twice. Both runs, every room, Badosaurus did absolutely nothing, just waited out their turns.

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posté March 14, 2015, 21:56:54 | #4
Nawww. Too radical

That being said though, it would be interesting to have a dungeon or something built around your suggested rules (or some variation of them). Could be a once a day thing, with unique and fun drops (i.e. high level consumables), would certainly help break the monotony of doing the same thing over and over. It'd be like a minigame, but on a larger scale

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posté March 14, 2015, 19:01:02 | #5

Quote (Skyshooter1 @ 13 March 2015 13:35) *
People don't pk for merit, people pk because they're narcissists with big numbers.

The irony is that PKing someone not for merit (i.e. for reasons Tommy listed) often gets one accused of PKing for merit 8)

Woo, more ways to up the community's toxicity level

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posté March 14, 2015, 18:51:49 | #6
"fresh lv 10 guild"


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posté March 14, 2015, 18:45:18 | #7
As far as class rebalancing goes I've heard from Hack that they'll be reworking class passives and stuff so they're more up to date, kind of like what they're doing with fire Masq. A bandaid of sorts I guess while we wait for class revamps. But no official word about it on forums yet... that 4 updates a year thing makes me wonder if they're also going to drag out the releasing of the rebalanced passives...

I'm also wondering about that spell system. Guess they were just overambitious >_>

These guys really need to keep people better updated.

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posté March 14, 2015, 18:40:07 | #8
It's funny because it still takes 23278937198 runs to get Cloudy Cotton.


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posté March 13, 2015, 16:26:09 | #9
It hasn't happened to me but it is a known bug on Remington and a couple of my friends on Nox randomly gained CP in the 100,000s.

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posté March 12, 2015, 18:23:51 | #10
Heroes fosho

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posté March 08, 2015, 18:08:41 | #11
Just adding to possible spell choices

My Eni runs a build with Sadist / Hammle / Refund / Infected / Psykosis

I've never really cared much for Lethargy, but since as fire/air your WP consumption generally is low anyway there isn't much reason -not- to take it. Just personal preference.

Refund mainly for self heals, or for the occasional round of insane burst damage. Hammle is my bae, can't live without it. The damage is kinda meh but it's fantastic for plays if your team knows how to work with marks.

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posté March 04, 2015, 02:33:36 | #12
"at least one should automatically be AP" that sounds like less freedom to me o.o

I mean I don't know, the fact that we have relics/epics (a) with exotic AP, (b) without exotic AP, (c) with 2 AP, (c) with 2 MP... that does give you quite a number of build choices. You're right in that players naturally gravitate towards wanting more AP, but that doesn't change the fact that there are viable builds that aren't 12 AP/6 MP, and gear to support this variety, so players are at liberty to experiment with alternative builds.

Not that it wouldn't be nice to automatically get AP and MP without spending any points, but I'm not really sure how that changes anything xD Either we'll all just end up investing the points in the same things (final damage/range), or 13 AP will become a thing... so essentially the same as now, except everyone starts with more base AP.

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posté March 04, 2015, 02:09:21 | #13

Quote (kurausu @ 03 March 2015 19:48) *
I believe it probably was a case of a governor changing nation to riktus. Or a bug.

Pretty sure none of the nation governors is a level 38 Eni...

In any case, there was (and still is) a rank 1 Riktus who had a crown, even though for whatever reason the name isn't on the interface. Of course the only way to determine if he still has the crown now is to get him to log, although that's probably not so easy since no one seems to know whose alt it is.

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posté March 03, 2015, 16:58:43 | #14

Quote (Ekuriku @ 03 March 2015 04:54) *

Quote (kurausu @ 03 March 2015 04:44) *

Quote (Ekuriku @ 03 March 2015 03:13) *

Quote (kurausu @ 03 March 2015 02:24) *

Oh, and the rank 1 Riktus becomes the governor. They make the laws of that nation. That also affects players, even those that don't even PvP in Riktus.

Is that really true? Because we all see only no governor as always.

Edit: I beg to differ, Riktus only true leader is our great Baddoboss =D

He had the golden crown icon and was using policy chat last night. I guess he stopped being gov for whatever reason.
Well maybe he changed to riktus while being a governor for another nation. But i've been playing a long while and i can tell Riktus have no governor.

If it indeed worked like you said, then nation interface would have the name of the new governor, and it doesn't, also policies are the same since forever.

He also showed up on the nation interface. I checked on my riktus and there were all sorts of weird laws last night. Of course, it's gone now and I sound crazy since no one else is saying they saw it too.

You're not going mad, I was there too when everyone was clamoring at the temple trying to figure out whose alt it was.

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posté February 26, 2015, 23:53:06 | #15

Quote (Aquascaper @ 21 January 2015 10:56) *

That being said, which sidekick do you think is the most useful to invest in and will likely remain useful? Excluding Lumino as I tend to already play characters that can heal.


I'm a little late in responding but I regularly run with Treacherose and Shadow. The monoelement part of Shadow is a bit restrictive I guess but if he's a part of your regular team it's easy to work around it (i.e. if he's fire simply make him the main fire DD and everyone else goes for the stuff that's weak against other elems).

But I like them both together since, they make a nice tank + DD combo, and you can use both to MP steal. And Shadow has his 4AP skill for getting out of lock easily. I love them. They make boss fights so much faster imo.

Aside from them Trank is also immensely popular and will likely remain so for a while. Just give him a bunch of hp runes for an insane hp pool. 8D

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posté February 26, 2015, 23:29:08 | #16

Quote (MuriCat @ 26 February 2015 22:17) *
I think the main problem with this is that people can report missing items that may not even be missing, especially with multiboxing. Pass the item to another character, then report it as missing to dupe items.

I don't know. I hope (if it's a legitimate issue and not a scam) you get your items back.

Hence me bringing up the issue of mods checking a player's action history to see what actually transpired. I mean this isn't uncommon in other games, but I assume Ankama is extremely understaffed and therefore unable to do this. But who knows.

I just want this, as well as the myriad of other bugs in the game, to be fixed. This should have been made top priority ages ago, but for whatever reason it wasn't, which imho seems kind of disrespectful to players, esp back when the game WASN'T f2p.

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posté February 25, 2015, 19:21:16 | #17
Countless missing items Good grief Ankama. When when when when when WHEN will you fix this dumb bug that's been around FOREVER

I'm fortunate to not have been hit by it but it's really tiresome and depressing reading about the number of times it's happened to other people. My guildie mysteriously lost 97 frags last month and was told by Ankama that her case was hopeless because she relogged before submitting a ticket??? What kind of bs response is this, isn't relogging like the instinctive thing to do? Another guildie lost 4 pieces of gear today right after she withdrew them from the guild bank.

They're obv not the only ones; countless missing item reports on the forum, nearly all of which have NOT been resolved. The team doesn't seem to have found the source of the bug (are they even looking???) and players are offered pretty much no compensation... which sucks. Honestly how difficult is it for a mod to check a player's action history to find out if they're telling the truth or not.

Probably fighting a losing battle here but please Ankama. Getting really sick of hearing about all this stuff going wrong, and no help being offered to affected players. You force them to wait forever to get their tickets answered, and when they do get an answer it's either some bs reason for the ticket not being valid, or "oh sorry we can't get your items back", what on earth is support for then? Clearly the page is just there for show.



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posté February 19, 2015, 18:58:44 | #18
Might differ from server to server.

On Nox, very few Foggers. Also honestly don't see that many Enus, Rogues or Xelors these days (they used to be more common before); after the Sram revamp everyone just flocked to Sram.

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posté February 19, 2015, 18:53:51 | #19

Quote (Aquascaper @ 01 February 2015 15:40) *

Quote (E-J-U @ 30 January 2015 14:59) *
In the case of water or water/fire Ecaflips; you can have a very defensive, tanky play-style. It's mostly because heals from water skills and some defensive skills here and there. Self-heals can mitigate enough to tank some content. You will have little-to-no map manupulation and enemy placement ability which is what tanks are mostly wanted for.

If you really a fan of Ecaflips and their luck based play-style go for it...but know this; most of the classes (Feca, Pandawa, Sacrier, Fogger, Sram, hell even sidekick Trank) can tank better then Eca.

Yeah, I guessed that was the case. Thanks for the input - can eca's act as lockers instead? I enjoy water or earth (which is disliked in grouping sadly) but i prefer supporting roles not just dpt and just ecaflip's. Hopefully ecaflip's get more diversity in their revamp.

I mean if you really wanted to you probably could gear an Eca for lots of lock, but the class wasn't made to be a tank so apart from being able to self heal you don't really have any tanking abilities. It's a great support role though, you can heal others and boost their crit. Kind of surprised to hear people don't like grouping with water/earth though. I play a tri Eca and it's never been a problem o.o

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posté February 19, 2015, 18:48:41 | #20

Quote (Neneko88 @ 19 February 2015 16:33) *

Quote (ennieeee @ 19 February 2015 16:24) *

Quote (Seguchi-sama @ 19 February 2015 12:45) *
So, panda revamp was half awesome half meh. I'm content as far as water stays the same, honestly have been always enjoying strong mono-element classes. But every panda must agree that Ankama overlooked earth and fire branches, hell knows what's the purpose of these, they don't excite, they just don't do the thing.

This. Water is nice. Fire is easy to use but so, so boring. Earth, idk... that base dmg nerf to 6 Roses just to compensate for scalding just made me so so sad.

I still love my Panda but looking at Sram/Iop/Cra is slightly depressing, those are revamps that generated so much excitement, and then Panda revamp was just... decent, meh.
Forcing earth (6 roses) to use scalding doesn't make sense o.o It's not a fire branch. They should nerf the fire branch more if they love scalding so much.

Wish Dy7 would do this small change and make 6 roses how they first had it.

Most likely the motivation behind the 6 Roses nerf was to push players in the direction of running a high lock + tanky build, so you could lock stuff, stack res, AND proc scald. So, not totally illogical, still makes me sad though v_v

Pls don't nerf fire though

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