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posté March 02, 2015, 04:22:51 | #1
As for allowing access to non guild or not, that is something that should be a choice. Personally mine is locked, dont need all the crops etc taken, which may or may not happen but its more likely if it isnt locked. To each their own on this but since its something we purchase i dont see the need to have it public, ppl can let ppl in anyway, but at least it will be guild letting them in

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posté February 28, 2015, 20:12:02 | #2
You can play on both, Nox has access to Remington because its the English International server, so can use the same account for both, completely seperate characters slots and inventory but same account. Remington population is slightly higher, but there arent as many ppl that speak English, which may or may not be an issue obv

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posté February 24, 2015, 08:50:53 | #3
Also each nation has mercenary contract quests, and can do dungeon achievements they give extra xp and usually a statue. And lvl trapper along the way so you can plant mobs and turn in trapper matts once a day in many areas of the game for extra xp.

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posté February 23, 2015, 12:33:07 | #4
Sometimes i find that its better to underpower a few spells than not have others lvld at all. Ecspecially if you find yourself using those spells regardless. And get more lvls in more spells that way. So at say lvl 100, theyd be around lvl 90 instead, but youd have a few more spells lvld and availble, but not maxed out....i think you see what i mean

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posté February 21, 2015, 18:55:35 | #5
It can be annoying / frustrating , panda or sac is ideal for this, for sidekicks, krobak

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posté February 21, 2015, 06:04:35 | #6
Eca, Eni, to me are low priority of the non revamped classes they are still quite effective. Typical issues for the non revamped classes are..synergy issues, and every class needs a way to regain wp or not have thier main mechanic if they have one, cost wp to begin with

In order, imo, rogue, masq, enu, xelor, sadi, osa, sac, fogger, eni, eca

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posté February 21, 2015, 03:40:02 | #7
Everything that was not recently revamped needs it....but id say the classes that are the most functional as they are, are Eni, Eca, Feca, Sac, Elio, Fogger.....Rogue, Masq, Sadi, Xelor, Enu, Osa, imo should get revamps before the first group i listed

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posté February 19, 2015, 20:36:06 | #8
Some classes are better suited for first char than others. Iop, Cra, Eca, Eni, wouldnt be bad options, but i would skip Feca ande Xelor as id say they are the most complex.

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posté February 18, 2015, 20:01:53 | #9
Quests are periodic, and not constant. After the joining a nation and becoming a guard the beginer quests basically....the next bunch is Wild Estate at lvl 50, Bilibiza at 85ish, Chillbergh at 100, then Wabbit, Cactus....and so on. On average they come about every 20 lvls. Inbetween its lvling grinding mobs or dungeons.

But you can do dungeon acheivements, theres one for each dungeon, most of the time its extra xp and a statue, or you can kill TONS of certain mobs to get a animated statue, emotes drop from mobs as well can aim to get all the emotes in game as something to do, and you can get started on the Otamai breastplate relic which is done in stages of getting matts from most of the dungeons in game and handing it to a NPC in Astrub. Also there are mercenary contract quests, in most areas of the game for xp and when each areas done you get a costume. And even if you dont craft lvl trapper, so you can plant mobs, but also you can hand matts from fights both dropped and by usuing trapper skill once a day in most areas for some extra xp.

You will only have so long to use the respec btw. I think its 48 hours if i remember right, you will only get 1 other free respec at lvl 80, after that there is a matt quest to respec or the cash shop option and thats it.

I do have a mask but i dont really want to give advice on it simply because i like to say what skills do and not what to lvl first, but i would say lvling youre double is a must.

As for an alt when it comes to battlefield movement, nothing beats a Panda, Sac or an Earth Enu, in either case moving across the whole map is very easy. Sac is very useful to parties as well, but ive never liked it much. However panda is the better pick imo as its most useful to parties. Panda imo is one of the classes that is the most fun, you can toss enemies or monsters use barrels for AOE attacks, or use barrels to trasnport yourself across the map. And you can have 2 barrels in play at once

And the lower lvl dungeons for lvling some have a easier dungeon setting on them or you can run stuff below youre lvl for xp too, dungeons tyically are more worth youre time that mobs. Theres a few lvl 15 or so lvl dungeons in Astrub and Pistes in nation, plus Gobbal and Tofu lvl 25 which you can run on easy mode. Then there are a few lvl 35's after that. You might want to get all the dragos in all the nations so its easy to get to all the lower lvl dungeons

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posté February 18, 2015, 19:18:04 | #10
While i agree that adding Heroes will not change the dynamic of the game much, and that people should be able
to play they way they want...i also think the easier it is to multibox the less people will play with each other.

Yes you can multibox now without heroes, with 2 char and multimen or acct char and no multimen and many other combinations .
However right now it is a pain to alt tab and its hard to run many clients at once unless you have a powerful computer.

Heroes will make it easier to multibox with less tabs and it will be less taxing on your
computer system as well. Which means its more likely that people will use it even moreso than multimen
because player characters are stronger than multimen, but the amount of characters you can play at once on the
same account will be the same as with multimen, however the amount of people using a system any system
multimen or hereos will likely go up a lot, due to everyone using one or the other and more competition to keep up
with everyone else.

That being said everyone has the right to play the game however they want to, but i do think a MMO should be
based around playing with others. Mind you there are games on the market that are more like a single player
game but with some social interaction, but ideally i dont think a set up like that is a good thing. When it comes to
Heroes yes it will be a nice feature, but i dont think adding it was necessary either. Had they of added a usable
group finder and periodically added new mutimen, and to me i think thats enough.

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posté February 18, 2015, 09:37:52 | #11
NO HUMPING IN THE DUNGEON.....does this apply only to the mobs?cause um........xD

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posté February 18, 2015, 09:24:22 | #12
On the Elio part of it....its the only class i tend to beat in pvp, and water Xelors dont win at pvp....EVER.....So yes its weak. Sadi is weak as well,its a much more support and versatility oriented class, and not as much for damage. But sadi is a class that needs to be played smartly, yes it needs to be improved on various lvls but i also do not think its as bad as ppl say. But then again few ppl like to play support anyway

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posté February 17, 2015, 01:03:29 | #13
How in the hell is a black bow meow a better ranked pet than the pets you can ONLY get from quests,

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posté February 16, 2015, 23:58:28 | #14
A month to lvl a pet is in all honesty long enough. However unlike the mounts which i think are fine with what they give at max lvl, pet bonuses pretty much suck. Anyway how about make them go to lvl 100, doubling what they give in stats but in the same amount of time, so +2 lvls every day / feeding. So if the pet gives 25% damage it wil be 50% at max, if it gives 20 prospecting it will be 40, if it gives 20 resits it will be 40 and so on. Which is significant and scales better considering max lvl.

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posté February 14, 2015, 21:28:49 | #15
They usually dont have set dates for revamps or anything really. And they are often later than the projected date even if it announced. So yes "soon" applies

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posté February 14, 2015, 11:47:18 | #16
Is Brandishing your weapon the same and brandishing a flaming sword? the first one is a common found emote...offhand i forget from where though

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posté February 13, 2015, 05:13:56 | #17
If you meant the maxed 6 spells part of it, which btw is not how the original post reads it reads more along the lines of did you know you can lock spells. While 5 spells is usually recommended i tend to go with 6 and they are always close to max lvl not really sure tbh on that part

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posté February 13, 2015, 04:58:40 | #18
Or simply do what someon who camped the boats tended to do state its either roleplay or for merit, thats it not personal and thats about it. The problem does not lie in ppl that do things along these lines, it has instead to do with how its done, those that hunt vs those that pvp. By hunt i mean those that follow players around repeatedly killing them or KOS them, but for an unjustified reason, or kill ppl to the extent that it infringes on their gameplay. However if the person is not being hounded and its random or simply for merit and occasional disputes , this type of thing is not a big deal.

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posté February 13, 2015, 04:48:02 | #19
When max lvl you can lock spells but i wish we could do it sooner

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posté February 13, 2015, 01:23:28 | #20
Feca and Sadi are the two main buff classes however, and for utility Sadida, underpowered yes, but so is Elio, its a tradeoff for the utility, speaking of which Sadi and Elio are the only two classes that do not even have a fire branch. But played in a team he should be fine, it is not a main damage class however but i do not think its meant to be

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