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posté December 14, 2016, 00:32:48 | #1

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posté December 14, 2016, 00:18:13 | #2
What was the 13th reward? I missed that one

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #991486  Replies : 123  Views : 7141
posté January 12, 2015, 16:24:21 | #3
it's still not 100% protected because in the timeframe that you enable the login through the authenticator, someone with your password can log in your place.

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posté January 10, 2015, 17:18:11 | #4
Looks like there's still bugs in the hero system cause some skills from my fogger were under the skills of my elio. Even after disbanding the party i still had the fogger skills and could equip them on the skillbar- couldn't use them though.

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posté January 09, 2015, 03:42:12 | #5

Quote (Pakonitan @ 09 January 2015 03:14) *
When it comes to mats like this, I feel they should make a bundle pack feature that people could contribute to and get paid individually for their efforts. One could create this bundle in a separate tab on the market that other people could put the required mats in, then sell it on the market. This could apply to all crafts too. The community would then therefore be able to help out other players a lot easier without requiring guilds or long hours of gathering/ harvesting, and also benefit with being payed back in kamas. Tasks would be split up easily, and therefore take off the "work in a game" feel, and make it more fun. That's just my opinion though, I know nobody cares.
That's a really interesting idea. So it would work like:

  1. A player starts a work order listing
  2. There he specifies the items needed and the price for each item
  3. Players can browse through a list of all active work orders and contribute on completing them
  4. All participants get paid once the order is completed(to make incentive on actually completing player orders)
  5. If order is canceled or expired the items are returned to the players

Maybe this system would also work(if changed a bit) for ordering craft of items from craftsmen, so craftsmen who spent a lot of time leveling their profession are rewarded with kamas, while other players may get crafted items if they provide the materials needed + the kama fee for the craft service.

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posté January 04, 2015, 17:41:40 | #6
I don't know if this is intended as it differs from the spell desc, so i'll post it here in the bug thread.

Crack Chaining: If you have 2 targets cracked, they both take damage at the end of turn. The strategy is to cast incandescence once a turn on different targets, to make this happen.

turn1: Cast Incandescence on enemy1, cast spells on enemy1 to stack the pierced de-buff, [end turn]

turn2: Cast Incandescence on enemy2, cast spells on enemy2 to stack the pierced de-buff, [end turn] enemy1 and enemy2 take pierced damage

turn3: do whatever [end turn] enemy2 takes pierced damage

I believe given the opportunity the chain could continue even longer, the point is that enemy2 takes double the damage this way

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posté December 27, 2014, 23:06:06 | #7
Don't shushu transformations only happen when things get though? I'd make more sense to have a transformation occur at the %HP when you go in berserk mode instead of leaving it to chance.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #815475  Replies : 9  Views : 1135
posté December 23, 2014, 17:31:16 | #8
Now we just need the hero sytem in the game and it will be perfect.

Thread : News  Preview message : #814139  Replies : 23  Views : 2873
posté December 19, 2014, 02:34:16 | #9
Everyone should get a free respec for christmas  

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posté December 13, 2014, 12:47:39 | #10

Quote (kurokat @ 13 December 2014 03:54) *
While I'll agree they're not dark and broody other than maybe their standard color theme, I would hardly say they are zen mystics with control over their emotions.

More so they seem like they are very unstable people as a normal person generally doesn't snap from being calm to angry to calm again each minute. More so they seem to revel in their power gained from being angry expending their energy quickly without regard (kind of like a child throwing a tantrum thrashing about) and then even when they are call, they take an almost masochistic approach in enjoying being hurt to gain energy (WP) back.

More of a Sadist Masochist class then, no?

Other ways to look at it is either they just have a terrible case of Mood Swings or quite possibly Borderline (Emotionally Unstable) Personality Disorder.

Do love the class though.

- Kat

They're the Hulk.

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #808585  Replies : 9  Views : 1936
posté December 05, 2014, 09:44:14 | #11
My IGN is Eyferann. I'll be on today for sure.

Thread : Trade  Preview message : #805013  Replies : 6  Views : 655
posté December 04, 2014, 02:03:21 | #12
Got the Comixology mangas but...they're in french. I mean the art is nice but i'd be good if they added an english option as well since the kickstarted was targeting the english speaking userbase.


Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #804454  Replies : 45  Views : 4397
posté December 03, 2014, 20:32:36 | #13
For Dark Hurl, 200kk.

Thread : Trade  Preview message : #804386  Replies : 6  Views : 655
posté December 03, 2014, 14:55:39 | #14
WTS and WTT: Costumes WTS:

- Hoodfella Hood Costume
- Justice League Costume
- Adal Costume
- Al Howlin Monster Hunter Costume
- Dark Hurl Costume
- Whisperer costume

or WTT(some of the above) for a Passenthru costume or a Shak Shaka Costume

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posté November 29, 2014, 18:00:58 | #15

Quote (Dy7 @ 29 November 2014 16:44) *

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 29 November 2014 04:05) *
They have a team for class balancing. A TEAM. Its not like they pull away the people developing xelorium and ask them to balance classes. They do it ALONGSIDE the rest of development.

For the Game Design / Integration side, we are a whole team of 2 persons. And we are also in charge of the end game PvM contents (families, dungeons, items) and on some features (PvP, craft, etc..).
Seems like a lot of work for just 2 people.

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #802663  Replies : 205  Views : 19945
posté November 27, 2014, 11:36:47 | #16
Why all the mystery, they will be released in 2 weeks. I want to see what they're capable of in dettail(in english).

Thread : News  Preview message : #801610  Replies : 417  Views : 32200
posté November 20, 2014, 21:06:17 | #17
So Yugo became a god for an instant. Did the event only affect the wakfu and dofus times?
It would actually make sense if we can explain that while the portals were opening all over the timeline, Yugo had influnce over the world like a god. So he was god for an instant, every instant past, present or future.

it's not much of a stretch since nox managed to go back in time 20min with eliatrope tech but it sure makes a big mess. I bet Xelor is furious right now.

Thread : News  Preview message : #799009  Replies : 417  Views : 32200
posté July 30, 2013, 12:18:10 | #18
Last minute fixes or some other thing happened on their side to delay the patch. I'd rather have to wait 4 more hours than things breaking all the time, having to rollback etc. Some would argue that bugs always happen anyways but thats the nature of patching software. Every update brings more bugs, the wait is there to minimise the number.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #581943  Replies : 130  Views : 6272
posté July 30, 2013, 03:06:17 | #19

Quote (AlejandroVent @ 30 July 2013 02:14) *
Oh! So let me see if I got it right this time:

On Tick, you cast Temporal Focus on an ally

On that same tick (since Temporal Focus ends when the Xelor's turn end) I cast Xelor Sandglass on an enemy which receives damage but maintains it's ap BUT my ally might get one ap, same if I cast Clock on an enemy, it'll receive damage but maintain it's ap and my ally might get one ap...


Yep that's exactly right.

Thread : Devblogs  Preview message : #581607  Replies : 165  Views : 18524
posté July 29, 2013, 17:23:38 | #20

Quote (AlejandroVent @ 29 July 2013 16:00) *
Not quite, quoting Troyle:

Xelor Sandglass can either give an AP (tick) or remove an AP (tock), not both. On a tock turn, it can remove an AP to the targeted enemy, this AP is lost and not transferred to anyone.

Also, it seems Xelor Sandglass needs to be cast on the ally

If you use if on a tick turn, it can give an AP to the ally under "temporal focus" (additionally to the AP this ally may have received when you cast Temporal Control).

So I still have the doubt on which spells can be used on another target and will give an AP to my Temporal Focus-ed ally.

No no you understood him wrong:

the whole point of Temporal Focus is to allow you to chose which ally will receive an AP, without having to actually target him with your spells (except Temporal Control).
temporal focus is a magnet for AP's when your spells give them. So you can cast hourglass on an enemy and if the spell would give an AP, it will go to the temporal focused ally.

Thread : Devblogs  Preview message : #581329  Replies : 165  Views : 18524