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posté May 03, 2014, 09:27:57 | #1

Quote (Graveraider @ 03 May 2014 09:08) *
Pity to see that sram reflex not mentioning anything about evading dmg. In this case I really don't see much in this passive and its basically copy of rouge's Runaway. but sram's evasion with bonus MP, wooh, that was surely waiting for revamp.

Dodging ranged attacks would be kinda OP

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posté April 08, 2014, 20:04:43 | #2
Psh. Getting pked by hatespawn can be actually fun, I don't even know what you're talking about, the unfairness of the situation is completely unrelevant, I think that pvp in itself is kinda bad but it shouldn't affect you that much, I barely decide to take part in it because most of my characters base themselves in cheesy/silly tactics that only work in pve, and that I generally dislike how people react to losing, even through I don't mind losing myself

anyways, I am gailtine, a level 124 sacrier that spends most time in wakfu thinking of ways to improve or or optimize already existent strategies, or merely alternative ways to execute them, I'm currently working on the meridia insignia, the otomai bp (as I'm sure many people are, considering they're basically free relics, and apparently can be traded for something else later) and generally leveling and gearing my many level 110-ish alts, my current goal is downing dp and the starting dungeons of wabbit island, I am a casul that mostly plays for the community even if I'm not that big of a social hit or a known name, I write stories/fanfiction of basically any genre and they are mostly wakfu-related requests by friends or guildmates, lastly i just play the game with a very uh... You could say carefree attitude, I don't really harbor hate or prejudice (other than Sufo being the absolute worst nation and that is totally a fact)

I am very intrigued by this thread and what might come, considering how nice (despite the one guy that complained about hatespawn) the introductions have been

PS: hatspoon QWQ you pk me often, does that mean we aren't friends?

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posté April 24, 2013, 17:43:07 | #3
I love every single idea in this thread, most could be implemented without making earth sacs too op or less viable compared to other classes, like taking someone's else role
I play "dedicated" earth sac, dedicated as in literally no damage focus, I have a couple ideas that could work
-angrr currently gives no bonus to earth sacs, usually, fire and air sacriers max it for damage, but the points that should go in there are usually put in tattooed blood, for tanking and lock
So my suggestion is, make the 50/50-70/30-100/0 damage be based on angrr, how? At 0 angrr, or full health, make angrr block only 50% of the damage, and at 100 angrr or low health, make angrr block 100% of it, why? To make the tanking, angrr progression and general damage dampening a bit more logical, this is both a nerf and a buff, another possibility would be adding more coag depending on the angrr you have

-secondary effects on spells
I love the "wall" idea with colonnades, but I would also suggest that earth spells stack a state on the enemy, perhaps "bruise" that state would stack on the target at the same speed that you would stack coag, it would be increased by tattooed blood too, like, baseline rocky foot gives you 1 coag and stacks 1 bruise on the enemy, with max tattooed blood, it would be 3 coag and 3 bruise

What would bruise do? Basically, a general combat debuff, much like satisfied or the sadida poison, or riddled, it would reduce the amount of lock and dodge per stack, at 7 stacks, it would add 1 incurable and one more per stack after that, that way, in 2-3 turns you could have stacked 14-20 bruise on the enemy, which would be something like "-30 dodge/lock, -10 damage/res, +9 levels of incurable"Of course the effects and numbers are all theory and could be bigger or smaller, until balanced, spells like smasher, colonnades and crack rock blow are the ones that could apply this, not all of the earth spells? Through

Why? So things have another reason to get away, so the "bruised" enemies are easier to handle, and I feel that it would make a "LOL I HUG U" strategy be better for earth sacs, very much like the current ones
-sanguine armor is not proper
Perhaps it could reinforce coag? Add some res and double it? Make you stabilised? My personal suggestion would be reinforce it, make it a solid and constant armor that stays next turn, so each time you use it your baseline coag increases, if you have 10 stacks and use it, it would give you 20 for that turn, but the next one you would start with 2, and then would end the turn with 12.. Then 4 and 14 and so forth, make it a skill that makes the tank really tankier each time it's used, or perhaps give us res/heal/coag based on the level and angrr

Why? So earth sacriers have a way to "buckle up" when shit gets serious, when you have the team sacced and moowolf is going to do frenzy, or when it's time to survive the shitfit that vampyro throws, or when the enemy sac is about to punishment on your squishy cra teammate

-more coag
I personally don't want more stacks, if anything give us more hp, sacriers move in big numbers, they deal big numbers and take big numbers, small numbers are the thing that fogger and feca tanks do, so, my suggestion is, make coag add other effects that are also based on hp
If it's based on hp then other branchess can't benefit from so effectively, I think
The idea is give earth sacs uniqueness by giving their spells uniqueness, not by stats or Passives/actives
Maybe at 10 coag we get extra res or more chances to trigger EVEN more coag or bruise, that would complement with the changes I posted above, I think that the other tanks in this game can do a lot more, as so can other sacrier branches, so my suggestion is make earth sacrier the "slow start, great finish" kind of tank, fecas can get a Crapton of res, foggers have a damage type that ignores enemy res, AND can control the battlefield with brushfires/blockades
(Maybe I'm wrong and foggers don't even do that but that's what I understood from when I tried them)
I hope my dumb ideas aren't too unbalanced or hard to implement, however I think that the element and class aren't the issue with endgame content rather the content itself, UBs should be different if only cookie-cutter builds can do them, or should be more options if only certain classes with certain gear with certain builds can do them, I don't want them to be easy or something that any stupid can do, but I want to be able to do them, maybe fail? Maybe win? This isn't a UB discussion either

Also, motion sickness and movement helps other classes, buttblasting a boss also does that, being a beefcake tank doesn't always help, the sacrifice mechanic helps but maybe give us a passive that draws aggro?


Thread : Sacrier  Preview message : #531903  Replies : 20  Views : 3905
posté April 19, 2013, 02:50:23 | #4
wakfu theatre well hello there, forum people, this is a bit of advertising for a friends livestream channel, namely, samuraijaku/smallz117, who is currently hosting a live stream where he will play the seasons of the wakfu animated series, as well as other classic/nostalgic/funny shows and cartoons, anyone is invited, the more the merrier!

here is the link (never posted one before, hope it works):Click here

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posté December 16, 2012, 01:28:07 | #5

Quote (DragnFyre @ 15 December 2012 18:22) *
The only incident that sticks out to me is someone stole Bonta's treasury before, which doesn't really hurt the nation. Infact I can only think of a few governors who actually used the money to give us different challenges to do.

Other then that the governor's position is basically the only in game message board. Which most of the time is used to set up events to fix stuff (much appreciated). People have just been complaining that only certain people or guilds have been elected.
I take it you haven't been to Bonta this week yet? Every law is in effect. You lose CP for trading with other characters. You lose CP for joining fights. You lose CP for everything but gathering seeds and mining ore. It makes the game in its current state unplayable for said nation when such an incident occurs, unless you have a few thousand CP then you might be able to continue your daily stuff for another day or two.

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #450268  Replies : 4  Views : 512
posté November 27, 2012, 22:11:59 | #6
hmm, id like to report what seems like a glitch or just general lag in the game after this update, it seems that the buttons and displays are a bit off, when i try to use resources or fight mobs, the interact/harvest/fight button appears far away from it, also, in combat the spells get stuck in a single cell, and can only be cast in that cell, tooltips seem to be glitches too, I'm using mac osx, and i don't know if this issue is exclusive to macs or windows too

Thread : The Old Dusty Corner  Preview message : #446213  Replies : 89  Views : 5885
posté August 25, 2012, 18:34:28 | #7
testing for the post pop-up

also this whole thing seems interesting, i bet we are getting new enemies/areas/islands along with the foggers

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #429644  Replies : 15  Views : 1539