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posté Yesterday - 13:20:17 | #1
Thanks for clarification, RyF!

Soooo basically someone made a really unfortunate design decision relatively late (though preasumbly after all the equally unfortunate wirting decisions were made)? Sounds... pretty bizarre indeed. Personally I think it's a shame that Ankama didn't simply decide to close Harebourg's story entirely though the (cancelled?) quest, as I already said a few times, I liked the direction from your Harebourg-related quests much more than the ova one. It was simply much more interesting than "Harebourg is some random handsome dude who is in cahoots with Amalia and it's hard to tell him apart from Adale or Shak-Shaka". :c

Looking forward to Xelorium - do I understand correctly that it's the only remaining dimension we'll get in Wakfu this year, though?

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posté October 27, 2014, 19:53:47 | #2

Eyeless face? Check.
Single eyeball floating around? Check.

Sadly two remaining Graeae got lost somewhere on the way, probably looking for that single tooth they have to share. :C

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posté October 27, 2014, 18:56:21 | #3

Quote (AntxOne @ 27 October 2014 18:49) *

(besides about xelor and ice, even ingame they use ice spells so again I don't understand the hate lore wise).
In-game Count Harebourg was never a tall pedophile with conventionally attractive white guy face (would be neato to check the names of characters you're talking about if you come here to prove us wrong btw). He's a character with 3 years worth of development and it was all thrown away in the ovas. In the game he uses technomagic, not generic ice blades, too, dunno where you are gtting your info from. Maybe you're confusing him with Missiz Freezz...?

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posté October 27, 2014, 11:59:05 | #4

Quote (NELSON-MAGNO @ 27 October 2014 02:27) *
PD: I've seen the three OVAs, hope to read your opinions soon
Mine's on the prievous page. At least in a more or less coherent form, because a more messy one is plasterd around the 3 or 4 prievous pages. ;v

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posté October 26, 2014, 23:44:30 | #5
99% sure it's a machine, though I can't find a source right now.

I'm not sure if the drinker is a good example - that thing is shown as part of the crow monster family, but mostly because it shows up in the same dungeon, not because it's a kind of crow, sam goes for the basic trool mob in Dofus which is listed as part of the boowolf family, if my memory serves me well. It's convenient for gameplay reasons because they exist in the same area, show up in the same dungeons and have the same level range. Good point with the Sinistros, though - I think in this case it simply means they're birds since we've seen a variety of sinistro designs out of which only some look like crows, most is owl-like. Unless it simply means that the owl sinistro designs are a newer idea than the spell's description - bear in mind that it was probably decided shortly before the release, as the Frigost artbook shows mechanical mushrooms and insects instead of the owl sinistros as denizens of the tower.

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posté October 26, 2014, 23:07:43 | #6
Either way, it seriously didn't seem imaginative. Srambad, Xelorium and to a smaller degree Enurado simply look cool conceptually, even without their denizens, the Ecaflip dimension - or hopefully just its uninteresting part which won't impact the in-game version too much - definitely was a bit lacking in regards to that. Cat-shaped clouds were a neat touch, that's about it, sadly. I guess we simply need to wait, which might take some time since apparently after December Dofus will be getting new dimensions at much slower pace, so unless the Ecaflip one is among the last two parts of Pandora arc, chances of seeing it next year are slim.

I've just noticed they've used Iop's goofy Popeye The Sailor-inspired design from the Dofus Manga in the ova. This makes me question the need to redesigning Harebourg even more. :/

Also, something I forgot to mention - the scene in the beginning with a snapshot of season 1/2 Amalia was unnecessary and makes me question the morals of ova writers. This stuff's creepy in the wrong way. Though a plenty of stuff in the ovas is, as I said already, straightforward problematic, so should I be surprised?

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posté October 25, 2014, 21:12:27 | #7
The dust settled, I guess. Time for something akin to calm and collected ova feedback from me.

To begin with, I'm really dissatisfied with them as a whole. I knew they'll be bad after the first leaks and then RyF's statements from August, but... still, wow. That was absolutely wasted time.

That ice helmet is nothing in comparision to the change of body type and the idiotic face underneath (it'd be hard to find a more generic anime-ish white dude), in my opinion, which, in turn, are nothing in comparision to showing a Xelor with not even a single trace of bandages. Also some confused grey morality with trying to make two conflicting perceptions of someone into one.

After rewatching the ovas I still don't see a single good thing apart from the redesigned dragons - each of them is absolutely stunning and unique, well done, if only they weren't mindless beasts who seemingly exist just to bite off a certain arm...

The ~~others~~ subplot is a huge letdown for something that took almost 2 years to reveal, really - as I said in this thread already, reptile lady has a cool design and the voice acting makes her pretty damn terrifying, but... reptillian conspiracy isn't really a particularly exciting plot twist, and she gets little to no development (because, oh no, it'd mean taking screen time away from Yugo's and Tristepin's MANPAIN). And it really doesn't feel like something that's worth sacrificing the estabilished personalities of both Harebourg and Ush Galesh. Not really digging the sudden reveal of huge amounts of demigods, either, really.

As I already mentioned once, I think that the treatment of all female characters in the ova is horrible, too. No development, and pushing both Evangelyne and Amalia into roles which make them nothing but love interests. Huge letdown, Ankama.

Yugo is still as horribly written as he always was, so this deserves no separate commentary, though it's sad to see that Tristepin is now an equally bland character, I genuinely enjoyed arcs involving him pretty much all the way up to the pointless love triangle drama in season 2.

Oh, last but not least: I hope the in-game Ecaflip dimension will look more interesting, because all 3 dimensions released for either Dofus or Wakfu so far simply look more like actual inhabited places rather than a cloud of random vaguely cat-shaped objects.

Overall I think we've simply reached that point where the game has much better writing than the show. I think the franchise would benefit greatly if RyF was in charge of the background as a whole, and not just the portion we recieve through mmo questlines, as he simply seems to have a much better idea for everything than what we've seen in the ovas.

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posté October 25, 2014, 02:26:01 | #8
All variants of the Sadida bag (white, red and black) are tradable, so yes, you can swap that one from the steam packs around your characters or sell it, even.

The costume box is indeed a different thing from the normal mystery box supplied with 30 and 90 day subs, which contains different consumables.

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posté October 24, 2014, 14:03:51 | #9
Ice magic totally distinct from Xelor magic that for some reason involves teleportation, illusions, sinistros and a hourglass, yeeeeah.

There are no logical conclusions here other that "ovas are a mess and shall not be taken seriously", and it's not just a matter of Harebourg.

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posté October 24, 2014, 00:31:51 | #10
Update, guys: Darkness Knight has the worst death scene I've seen since the Transformers movies.

You know... you shouldn't show the good guys laughing and hugging right after they've pushed someone into lava, especially when the audience can still hear the screams in the background. It's pointless edginess.

DK is the last character I would mourn, but since this scene was just plain disgusting...

Oh, there's another one in which Yugo throws random villagers around, too.

RyF, I really appreciate your work, but watching the ovas makes it really hard to like the bacgkround anymore. I'm sorry. :c

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