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posté Today - 09:40:17 | #1
I'd be significantly more enthusiastic if 1. both this and the fact he has Orgonax's corpse didn't feel like trying to squeeze as many random characters into the ovas as possible 2. the design and chaeacterization of ova Harebourg weren't an atrocity. Kinda makes it hard to focus on anything else. :/ (at the same time, nobody feel obliged to remember that cawwot dofus and Captain Amakna's shield should be there, because continuity is for weaklings I guess. Noboy feel obliged to remember that Sylargh exists, either)

As for collecting in general - yeha, I've brought it up on tumblr a month ago or so, right after we got the screenshots of Xelorium's museum, iirc. I don't see a single reason to assume otherwise, really, considering that out of, uh... a grand total of 4 Xelors with plot relevance (Harebourg, Many. Nox, Freezz) two have a collecting obsession, one isn't a "full" Xelor and other's arc is centered about doing less Xelor stuff than usual in favor of smithmagic. So for me canon until proven otherwise. : P

Oh, speaking of ova Harebourg who-still-feels-like-a-totally-different-character - fresh spoiler from the French forums:

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
Harebourg's Power Rangers-worthy ova scheme is apparently (luckily) not to marry Amalia, but to use her to lure Yugo into Frigost because only Eliatrope can use Eliatrope dofus for anything and according to Harebourg's research this would allow to get rid of the curse. Ova Harebourg's "ingenious" method of persuasion is apparently threatening them both with burning down the Sadida forests as an alternative. Oh geez, it was so simple all the time, wow, burning forests somewhere else breaks demon curses. Wow. Amazing. Good job, ova writers, totally not farfetched. Yugo doesn't want to do that, Harebourg goes down within, like, 3 minutes and - wow, a novelty! - gets frozen to not show up again in the ovas. So basically there was no reason to use him in the first place, they could've used some random villain of the week instead. But apparently no part of the franchise can exist if Yugo can't defeat it, preferably with tons of MANPAIN and ignoring other characters from the show's core cast (let alone other parts of the franchise) going on.Also Harebourg has ICE BLADES for some reason even though he was never shown with any hand weapons. And is tall, as I already whined about like a 15 times in this thread alone.
tl;dr the entire first episode is a writing atrocity

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posté Today - 01:39:49 | #2
This is a goddamn metal plate

Also Dofus has harvesting meat from pretty much any mob as a feature, so you can harvest "meat" from Harebourg himself as well. Or from the Bworker, or bosses that are floating stone mushrooms or ghosts. Gameplay feature. Not much more. Just like the goddamn bow meow candy. Edit: if you really insist of taking this "meat" into account, the finished product's descriptions states it's clockwork... Ooops.

I think we need less edgy headcanons and attempts at proving them and more actually interesting and significant stuff. There's a need for new background of actual quality (so polar opposite of the ovas), hopefully Xelorium will be released soon, because I'm not looking forward to more similar petty discussions and questions about consumption of candy.

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posté Yesterday - 21:01:08 | #3
Sorry to disappoint you, but we know how Sinistros are made. There's a Sinistro assembly line shown in Dofus, even. No crobaks were harmed. Just cogs. It's just a figure of speech. They're made in the image of birds, but not out of actual birds, end of topic before someone will start suggesting that Cybots are made out of babies or something.

Also, there's a difference between "darker nature" and "generic edginess", you know? It's canon that Xelors are more likely to suffer from mental problems than any other class, and strongly implied that it's a norm among them to go paranoid over the course of decades simply because they live much longer than most other mortals (sooo a Xelor basically knows they're going to outlive most of their friends). Time magic extends their life, but also messes up their minds, basically (the body is also harmed, to some degree). Here you go, enough darkness for you, or do you need some human sacrifices and armor made out of skulls?

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posté Yesterday - 20:02:21 | #4
You lost me at Doctor Who. Take Doctor Who out of my precious thread.

Also, this question was answered in the meanwhile, it's a cultural and religious norm among Xelors to cover their faces. Also, the masks and bandages are, you know, PROTECTIVE GEAR. There are faces underneath. Mummy faces. I can kinda see where you are coming from, because after seeing Slo-Mo in season 2 before learning anything about the background I was also pretty sure I'm looking at something mechanical, but this theory is plain wrong.

While we know there's quite a lot of mechanical augumentation going on in the World of 12 - there are prosthetic mechanical limbs and eyes, at least (heck, there's an entire mob decoted to this very concept, the cybwork) - I think your theory doesn't make sense in the light of stuff we've learned over the course of... uh, last 13 months? The lore stream was in September, right? Though there were confirmations that it's all just ARMOR before.

Xelors don't live because they consume Wakfu. That was Nox's own raison d'etre, not an universal Xelor thing.

There might be Xelors with individual augumentation, yeah. But that's not the norm, and, as I said above, we know there are faces underneath (and those faces can be damaged, because scars are mentioned a few times. So is eye loss, at least once). Sometimes even hair. And the masks aren't attached permanently. There's a difference between Xelors and Foggernauts, you know.

Oh, and sinistros aren't made of real crobaks. They're purely mechanical. Little machine servants, not little cyborg servants.

Overall... Less Doctor Who, more actual background, ok? c: I won't be as harsh as I would be otherwise, since it's your first post here. Don't worry, though, everyone has to begin somewhere, I can try to point you at canon info if you need help.

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posté Yesterday - 11:51:52 | #5
Consider this: some stuff is just a gameplay feature with no meaning story-wise

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posté Yesterday - 11:05:56 | #6

Quote (GrimackReapum @ 21 October 2014 08:59) *
I wish someone could explain me why the wakfu fanbase is so divided over the Eliatropes. I personally have no qualm with them in the cartoon and wouldn't mind them appearing here in the game too, but this very idea makes an entire crowd rear.
And that's why you don't run the lore thread.

Putting mockery aside - read Schemdrick's reply, it's the most reasonable one in this thread (though personally I don't mind losing Les Gardiens) and lacks the irritating tone of my posts.  

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posté Yesterday - 10:42:20 | #7
Yeah, it really does. The first leak I've heard was "Darkness Knight is working for Harebourg and there's Orgonax's corpse encased in the ice in the same scene", and as we know now, the entirity of the ovas makes about as much sense. It's a bit as if someone without prior knowledge of the franchise got a catalog showing all characters from the franchise - some represented only by pictures, some just by incomplete descriptions and had to make a story using as many of them as possible. Sadly said person also can't write female characters too well, and has some problems with not making everyone's family life miserable (one could say that it's a natural extension of the fact that there's an unusually high number of single parents in older media from the same franchise, but personally I disagree - showing a large number of single parents, usually in very positive light, was a great nod to the fact that the number of children raised by only one parent is pretty high today, and it does no harm, so it'd be good to give them a way to identify with characters. But that's another matter, I guess). It seriously look like someone from outside Ankama's writing staff, can't really think of anything equally bad, even the retconed N drama wasn't so horrible (maybe because it didn't involve any estabilished characters). I hope it's just a single oddity and not what Tot has in mind for the future of Wakfu/Dofus/whatever might be added. D; Also, yeah, it does feel like a huge red flag that RyF said twice that he's not very fond of the ovas.

But hey, as long as it's, as I said, a single oddity, we might just point at the issues, maybe wait for an official reply, and then move on to different parts of Wakfu that are still enjoyable (and don't have the problem with female characters either being nonexistent or serving as a background decoration). There wasn't a single major questline in Wakfu since early 2013 that would be a letdown, Ogrest manga looks promising (though I wish Sadida's dolls had more diverse designs), and there's bound to be more Dofus Monster/Maskemane/Remington/wchiever ongoing series I forgot about at some point, so the ovas aren't the end of the world as long as they're not a sign of things to come.

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posté October 20, 2014, 12:44:21 | #8
There's an npc in Xelorium in Dofus who apparently maintays the network, she's simply called "Zaap Mistress" iirc. I'll check later if any quest goes into detail.

Edit: sooo I've read everything I could find regarding the ovas. For once, criticism that doesn't boil down to "character x from a semi-obscure part of the franchise is ooc": was it so hard to give either Evangeline or Amalia a significant role (and not reduce Amalia's character to "damsel in distress who falls for literally everyone"), or, if Ankama was already ignoring continuity, at least feature another female character with own agenda? Like, I dunno, even Farow from the Maskemane comics. This treatment of the issue isn't exactly what I'd expect from Ankama...

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posté October 20, 2014, 11:37:13 | #9
Otomai's disciples aren't a class, they're a society to which members of different classes belong... And Otomai himself was supposed do not follow any god in particular, accorfing to RyF's early from a few pages ago, though he was a follower of Feca initially (I guess this makes him some sort of scientific ecumenist?). Either way, it has nothing to do with being a separate class. It'd make more sense to assume that Ouginaks might be worshipping an aspect of Ecaflip focused on misfortune (though it's equally likely that they follow a minor god for some reason associated with Ecaflip to such a degree that he appears in Ecaflip's Tarot).

Pandora isn't an Otomai disciple herself, she's, as the very quest in which she's introduced states, a DIMENSIONAL VOYAGER. Not Eliatrope, not Foggernaut, not Otomai's Disciple. Voyagers have own portal technology, unrelated to the Eliatrope one (zaaps), that's why the divine dimensions have completely different kind of portal as a zaap equivalent.

Otomai's disciples don't have much to do with Eliatrope technology either, as far as I know, they're biologists, not archeologists, and it's hard to find Eliatropes to dissect. Archeology is the domain of bwork explorers, first and foremost - or at least they're the only organization introduced so far focused on it. Quite amazing considering how dull stock orcs tend to be. I assume you're basing this on the npc from Shusnitch Reef? She's a nod to the Dofus Manga and the Feca brothers who openeded the first portal to the shushu realm, as such she's not really a good example of what the disciples work on.

If we'd assume that being consdiered an idol of some organization makes you a god, Hyrkul should be a god for centuries, being the idol of Brakmarian military (same goes for Oto Mustam). Or the Explorancient, being the Voyagers' spiritual guru. Or Merkator, for reforging Foggernauts into what they're now. It simply makes no sense. Besides, as I said, as far as we know Otomai himself doesn't seem to be too much of a pious person, which'd make his ascension sort of hard... It's not even the sphere of speculatory fanfiction, it's just impossible.

EDIT: unless Masqs would start worshipping Cornu Mollu instead of believing in the power of the masks alone, I'd say they're purely an offshot of Sadida rather than something between them and Iops, since Iop wasn't involved in creation of the masks. Cornu Mollu IS closely tied to their origin, as we already discussed once, iirc, but I think it's a bit too little to say that they're an offshot of anything but Sadidas.

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posté October 19, 2014, 22:07:15 | #10
Yeah, those really do look like Joris's pet.

Don't see a reason why to feature estabilished characters in the ovas if they serve no purpose apart from being mind-controlled puppets, to be honest. But hey, at elast they didn't give either of them carrot heads.

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posté October 19, 2014, 12:08:51 | #11
Something that's almost like a story but still only counts a character profile supplement, I guess

Thanks for all the kind words, didn't notice the latest reply (I blame law school). ;v

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posté October 19, 2014, 00:36:58 | #12

Quote (Jade1 @ 19 October 2014 00:29) *
Xelorium is the last dimension this year........voyager. All makes sense
xelor sub class
There's Osamodas dimension planned for December, at least in Dofus. ;v

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posté October 18, 2014, 23:32:39 | #13

Quote (samrux2 @ 18 October 2014 23:24) *
Why are they making a class that does pretty much the same or more than Eliatropes do? They even control Wakfu (¿?!)
Because it'd ruin the continuity if they were Eliatropes. Also all classes control wakfu, magic IS a refiend form of wakfu manipulation...

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posté October 18, 2014, 22:52:12 | #14
Personally I think it's possible they're not an aspect at all - Dofus shows them as an inter-species organization, after all; in Wakfu all Voyagers shown so far have similar physical traits, though (albinism...).

I don't think the portrait is a good indicator - there are portraits of Goultard, Djaul and the dragons as well in the Xelorium musem, among other things.

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posté October 18, 2014, 22:21:53 | #15 Sometimes I seriously wonder where some of you get those ideas, is this one of those wikias run by people from 4chan?

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posté October 18, 2014, 22:15:44 | #16
Wastly superior design to Eliatropes, tbh. Nice to see the lack of fire branch as it makes the amount of classes with specific branches a tiny bit more balanced.

Can we start a petition to erease Eliatropes from the background, though? Now we know that Voyagers can do all Eliatropes do, but their background and designs are superior, and they blend naturally with the setting, unlike Eliatropes. A retcon would make everything perfect. c: Also a show about Pandora instead of a show about that Eliatrope kid, as I suggested elsewhere already. c:

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posté October 18, 2014, 22:12:11 | #17
Still can't get over this

Eliatropes are some bullshit cliche race of elves, just ~~in space~~ and Yugo is essentially a guide to how not to write a child protagonist (Aang from Avatar is the opposite), with little to no interesting background and it's hard to see how are they even linked to the setting. Basically a pointless, poorly written deus ex machina which attracted some of the worst people in this fandom I've ever met, including genuine pedophiles.

Now we learn that Voyagers are essentially an expy. Made to get rid of the PLZ ADD PLAYABEL ELIATROPZ threads made by 12-year-olds. Voyagers have pretty neat designs, most of those we know are well-rounded, interesting characters, their niche in the setting feels natural, as there's a plenty of societies or trade unions working with different kinds of magic/technology blending, and instead of introducing us to some poorly written peudo-scifi garbage like the Eliatropes did, they allow the writers to explore something that was there from the beginning, the domains of the gods. As I already said once: expy better than the original. Can we make Pandora the face of the franchise instead of Yugo? And then get a show about Pandora's and Chad's travels? Because it'd be 10 times as interesting as anything faturing Yugo and 46 times as interesting as the upcoming ovas.

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posté October 18, 2014, 21:25:41 | #18
Saw that coming.

You know what's hilarious? Voyagers are ten times more interesting than Eliatropes. Expy becomes better than the original.

@Grimack: I don't think those two are so strictly related. We have 4 chapters to go, and the hint from Dofus that Pandora is probably the Explorancient, I think it's something else than just "Voyagers will be playable".

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posté October 17, 2014, 22:37:36 | #19
Would be great if this was possible.

You see, TT, the problem is that there's apparently a plan to make the game - and all other media published currently - link to the ovas in as many ways as possible. Ogrest manga has hints regarding the ovas. A low level stupid f2p area in Dofus features a ton of ova stupidity. It's stimply too hard to treat it this way and apparently Ankama wants to essentially make it impossible. :/

Personally I'm going to ignore the ovas, though. We can pretend that it's the paralell unverse where Rushu send Oto Mustam, because otherwise it makes no sense.

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posté October 17, 2014, 18:54:48 | #20
Update: Ruel gets no character development in the ovas! Who's surprised?

Also Amalia recieves character regression.

Grufon's not even mentioned anywhere, but I guess it's time to get used to it, it's definitely too much to expect a de facto main character to get some focus, right?

I'm wondering why Ankama decided that they need any main characters besides Yugo and Tristepin if the rest of the BoT serves as background in the ovas at best, seemingly. Heck, why does even the franchise exist, if the entire ova is apparently those two doing stuff and simultaneously ravaging all the existing background, what's the point of devoting time and money to development of anything else?

Tl;dr I'm fairly certain you shouldn't expect too muchin regards to Maskemane and Otomai, pray that they at least will preserve their key character traits unlike they did with Harebourg.

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