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posté Today - 00:35:01 | #1
Female Srams in their Dofus form have no background support, as far as the lore goes, believing in Sram = gradually turning into a skeleton and eventually growing extra limbs. So Srams are skeletons to the same degree as Enutrofs are old people. It's just pointless sexist fanservice.

I didn't say that imagining Frigost as Scandinavian is racist, I did say it's not exactly close to which events in European history the island's background resembles though, what I called racist is assuming that when a character has no set canon race, they're white no matter what any other evidence says, which is what Ankama did with Xelors in the ova despite basing the class imagery largely on non-white cultures (and, especially in Dofus, stock wizard archetype) and having no classes apart from Sadidas and Rogues set as non-white) by default.

For all we knew before the ovas, which are something everyone shall ignore if they are capable of critical analysis of a given piece of media, it'd probably make more sense to assume Harebourg is a glowing blue sphere holding clothes in humanoid shape with sheer willpower than to think he's a tall (who the fuck did this, even his WAKFU sprite is short, not just the Dofus one: linky) white dude showing no trace of any Xelor practises at all. Sure, you can change this with some pointless deus ex machina for the sake of HTE EPKZ that Tot seems to be constantly babbling about, but what's the point? Retcons aren't bad, as long as you get rid of awful ideas and bad writing and replace them with good ones (thus Bworker manga and Wild Estate quest were a great advancement, giving Bworks something like actual culture and personality rather than portraying them as mindless exandable evil grunts), not the other way around.

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posté Today - 00:09:48 | #2
What's the deal with people in this thread acting like I'm incapacitated? Like, dude, I know I sometimes tend to word things poorly (loan translations, for the most part, natural aftermath of not being a native speaker) but I can guarantee I can check myself what "devil's adocate" means

Skeletons are dead by definition too unless treated as a part of the body in which case they're underneath skin, nerves et cetera, yet Srams and Chafers are also living, breating characters in the World of 12, with visible skulls and all. Not quite seeing how Xelors can't be mummies to the full extent and living characters at once in a fictional universe where undead clearly exist and at least one other widely accepted religion changes you into one.

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posté Yesterday - 23:54:32 | #3
If we could just say "it's a fictional world" there would never be a point in critisizing a piece of media for its racism or sexism... (Ankama has a problem with both)

It's not a cardinal sin to have a different opinions from me, no. But don't expect me to look joyful when I hear something that's painfully unrelated to the info we have and is entirely based on the fact that "Frigost is cold lel". Which is more or less the vibe your posts on the topic are giving me as of late.

Fishing industry isn't as big as agriculture on Frigost, the volcano you think of is on Iceland, and Russia has a plenty of them too. We're supposed to uphold some standards in this thread to tell it apart from tumblr and /co/ where everything goes, so if we're going to start debating which irl place Frigost represents, don't expect me to be any less critical of this than I'd be of any other theories that make no sense (hey, who remembers "cawwot dofus multimen"? Or Doctor Who edgy Xelor bullshit? Or BIG TREE? Those were my faves. I think).

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posté Yesterday - 23:37:19 | #4
Frigost's history reflects imperial Russia under Peter the Great's rule more than Scandinavia, if anything... Agricultural reform + technological progress orchestered by a single ruler to surpass estabilished powers? Sounds familiar?

At the same time the indigenous people of Frigost aren't even humans in the first place - it's clearly stated those are the whale-worshipping Inuits (who for some reason are their own species in the Ankama world rather than a human ethnicity as far as the few facts about them seem to suggest...) and goblins on Sakai. Dunno how the Scandinavian factor impacts this, I guess you could see the goblins as Scandinavian if you really want. Though they're grey-ish and blue, not pale.

Also, are we going to follow this trail to the full extent? So why not Inuit Harebourg? Or Ainu Harebourg? Or Sami Harebourg? All of those also live in cold places which is your reasoning behind the Scandinavian headcanon.

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posté Yesterday - 23:18:14 | #5
Dreadlocks =/= black/brown, but at the same time CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE of dreadlocks is closely tied only to non-white cultures, as far as I know, unless you really want to count a theory about Spartans for some reason.

Also, Xelors do become mummies under the bandages, as far as we know. Time magic is the salt substitue here...

In addition to this: not really enthusiastic about the "devil's advocate" in this context. Oh no, must find proof that non-white people actually can't exist in this setting! Must defend dumbass redesign!

Also, maybe it's good time to bring back a CANON (it's in the anniversary artbook now, though no longer labeled as Harebourg - apparently it was an inpromptu decision solely for the tcg) illustration showing a Xelor with pitch black skin showing up underneath the bandages...

there's literally not even a single reason to not be critical towards the ova design and it's definitely no time for your devil's advocate fun. Unless you for some reason think we should assume every fictional character with no face shown is white for some reason, in which case please continue to make me able to just decide your opinion shouldn't matter at all.

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posté Yesterday - 22:24:18 | #6
The ice hat is merely a minor offense in comparision to that face

Xelors wear their bandages in DREADLOCKS in Wakfu. They use the EGYPTIAN method of mummification (with a slightly hint of the Incas if we go by what Ntamak said about Harebourg's in-game design). Suddenly... WHITE DUDE. And, like, the most whitebread white dude one could think of.

Since I'm 99% sure you'll say "but this is a religion, not ethnicity", Acher: faith in this setting can change people into cats and skeletons or make them blue. I don't see a single reason why it theoretically couldn't make their skin darker to reflect the cultures the design of the class in mention references. Because no culture which dabbled in what we think of when we say "mummification" was white.

Even if anyone would bring up the bog bodies argument: the process changed the corpse's skin to a dark shade of green or black. Even this way it makes no sense for Harebourg to be white unless he was an albino. As far as I know, albinism is sort of out of picture when the eyes are blue.

The rest is just bland (like, what is this, did they forgot fo draw the details or something?) and collides with the game. Grand failure on Ankama's side. Probably a punishment of all instances of Eliatrope ocs and people calling the classes "races".

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posté Yesterday - 15:51:41 | #7
The only person who can stop those spambots is master Zhao. We need him back, as only his nonsensical threads asking for "milionaire-servern" and such can half the Baba Ji flood.

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posté December 20, 2014, 22:20:45 | #8

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 20 December 2014 22:13) *

I'm not going to show a single trace of enthusiasm for the upcoming Frigost thing now

They fucked up beyond comprehension and not even pretend they'll fix it up at this point, there's no hope anymore, Ankama can not be trusted no matter who speaks on their behalf

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posté December 19, 2014, 23:03:51 | #9
Is the first mob family called Xelots as a nod to the helot population of ancient Greece or is this some reference I'm not getting? In theory it'd make sense considering how helots were de facto second class citizens doing most of the menial work, I guess...

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posté December 18, 2014, 23:04:24 | #10

Quote (GrimackReapum @ 17 December 2014 22:38) *
As for the things Ankama has planned for the Eliotropes... a part of me hopes they will be intertwined in the larger story they are developing at the moment
It's all getting extraordinary crappy already and what you want them to do is make it even worse by inclusion of those juggalo knockoffs? Are you serious?

And then you wonder why I usually dismiss all you say in the lore thread. No wonder, when half of it is pointless like this and the other half proves you didn't even check the sources (cawwot dofus says hi).

Also, stop comparing everything to Multimen. It's irritating.

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posté December 10, 2014, 23:48:05 | #11
Sooo Jiva has some sort of mirror/crystal/whatever communication device in her realm in the manga as well, and she uses it to talk to something shadowy

We're approaching that point when you can't do a single bad thing in this setting without getting reptillians involved and it's pretty stupid as it slowly kills individual motivation of characters involved and seemingly leads to characters who don't fit in getting written off regardless of older development (vide introducing a brand new character who literally does all that Merkator did but isn't Merkator for some reason in one of the Echo quests in Dofus... someone at Ankama must hate Merky a lot, he never gets his chance)

Maybe let's assume everything is just internal struggle between the reptillians as we anticipate very evil faction being either written off, mischaracterized and/or revealed as reptillians agents in ~~le epic transmedia arc~~

On a positive note I guess there's no way the Sram villain with-no-proper-name-apart-from-"the advisor" will be revealed as a reptillian agent too so there'll always be this left to cling to (whether he actually gets something like a backstory or decent development is another matter now that the dimensions will get less time than expected, though it's a minor issue as far as this part of Wakfu goes in comparision to the first non-objectified - and genuinyl well written and sympathetic, unlike certain other lead characters- female lead in thie franchise's history losing half of the content she was supposed to appear in)

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posté December 10, 2014, 16:16:32 | #12
Once upon a time Tot was incapable of realizing he isn't really that much of a good writer, the 90s are over, Xerioxly Force was a joke, and Yugo isn't really all tha tmuch of a good character, especially when he goes full Sonic and gets evil clones. The end.

Also, keeping their momentum is the last thing we need, I hope we'll manage to sweep them under a rug within the next month or so because the entire thing is an abomination unto Nuggan on every level possible.

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posté December 08, 2014, 02:20:04 | #13
Yeah, the ova was in development at least a year before the kickstarter - that's when we got the first leak (namely some mismatched lines, half of it didn't even make it into the actual thing, because hey, who needs giving Grufon development anyway).

Doesn't make them any better. :V

Also, yeah, we need to worry about this episode more. And the Dofus movie because Tot said it follows the ova direction which doesn't bode too well.

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posté December 07, 2014, 13:08:21 | #14
Soooo I've read the entire thing because hey, c'mon Major, stop that constant flow of negativity, apparently Gein does a thing finally

Sadly, the 1uest that literally adds nothing new apart from giving the pointless demigod plot further momentum

nice to see that the only demigod with vaguely interesting premise doesn't get any development whatsoever, too; neither does Echo, really. It's proooobably not ova level of bad, but not something exciting or well-written either. Feels a bit... rushed?

Can we go back to believing that the ~~others~~ were Hour Demons? This was significantly better

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posté December 07, 2014, 02:05:34 | #15
My wild guess is that Forfut is next, can't really think at what else the mention of a shushu would hint.

Unless it's Monk Island because one of the random monk lines references that burning shushu sword which shows up in season 2 for a brief moment. ;V

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posté December 05, 2014, 18:05:39 | #16
Thanks for the reply, RyF!

Hard to be positive about the higher powers when literally all they've provided us with is utter crap, to be honest - but on the other hand, since your stuff is the polar opposite, I guess this is a good omen.

As for the positive things: really glad to hear about the potential March/Febuary stuff (as long as it's following the older game story, not the ova...) - hopefully the wrap-up will involve all the loose ends, especially those with large vials on their backs. Or those with two-handed swords. And no cawwots.

Do I understand correctly that we can simply expect more stuff like the Wild Estate revamp? That'd actually be... almost like a reason to come back, as long as it'd keep a similar level.

Shame to hear about the dimensions, but the Xelorium npcs shown so far look promising, so I'm looking forward to it consideirng what you've said.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #805150  Replies : 1528  Views : 54667
posté December 05, 2014, 14:40:32 | #17
Just realized that the Osamodas dimension which was supposed to be released in Dofus essentially got cancelled - offiical announcement states there'll be no dimension content at all anymore unless something will change and the Osa dimension is no longer a part of the December Dofus update like it was supposed to be according to the vague roadmap hint and iirc a more direct statement from Izmar. Shame, really.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #805099  Replies : 1528  Views : 54667
posté December 05, 2014, 12:46:09 | #18
So the higher powers hijacked the development of Bworde/the underwater area/nation questlines/other stuff that was supposed to be finished to put focus on the dimension to then hijack the dimensions to put even more ova bullshit into the game (and attract even more obnoxious Eliatrope fans with EliOtropes)?

I'm absolutely speechless, I guess that's the punishment for all the questions ignoring continuity in this thread

So much stuff gets pushed aside because someone at Ankama can't keep their poorly written mary sues for the show and needs to make the entire franchise revolve around them

First Alkatrool, then Frigost, then the Foggernaut underwater thing and nations (and probably the Bworde assuming it'd actually make it into the game), now dimensions, but hey, we'll get more HOT YUGO ACTION and ELIOTROPZ

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posté December 01, 2014, 00:28:22 | #19

Quote (SeriousBelly @ 01 December 2014 00:11) *

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 30 November 2014 20:13) *

Quote (SeriousBelly @ 30 November 2014 17:45) *
I hope we get a dragon sidekick thst isn't that horrible Adamai/Dragoone fusion.

* Kicks of statue and replaces it with a Yugo Krosmaster figurine*

*asks why you type like this and add the signature*

~~some stuff~~ Major ~~some stuff~~

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posté November 30, 2014, 20:15:17 | #20
Most important question of them all: do EliOtropes listen to Insane Clown Posse? Also, if they do, do they prefer Shaggy 2 Dope or Violent J?

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