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posté August 23, 2015, 16:34:07 | #1
Think of it this way: One out of a possible six toons have a chance of getting a free commando costume.

Speaking of which, is there a possible chance a commando costume (with say, for example, leaves covering those naughty bits) will be made and/or released?

It's obviously the perfect costume for Iops when they use Jump to join the fray. Go Bold, in more ways than one.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #900985  Replies : 31  Views : 1579
posté August 12, 2015, 14:44:53 | #2
It's a fixed amount that's based on 10% HP of the target, meaning +heals or +/-% extra heals will not affect it.

The only way for it to "heal more" or "heal less" depends on the target's max HP.

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posté August 08, 2015, 22:00:58 | #3
I'd laugh and cry if they brought the Moon Hammer that Moon uses in Dofus back.  

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posté July 23, 2015, 18:56:48 | #4
In that case, they fixed it. 

Thread : Feca  Preview message : #890406  Replies : 35  Views : 2519
posté July 23, 2015, 17:58:46 | #5

Quote (piromasta @ 19 July 2015 02:53) *
Shame that magmatic's damage bonus can't stack with itself like fecastaff's damage debuff.
I want to mention this for those who have not noticed it yet when restating, but Feca Staff's debuff now has a limit. It can stack, but it is capped at -20%. been fixed.

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posté July 19, 2015, 18:29:35 | #6
Saltier if they manage to get that same legendary again from the second pouch, and if they get another one as a drop at the end of the fight.

Reason I say this is that someone in my guild managed to pouch 2 pairs of Woboots.

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posté July 19, 2015, 15:17:30 | #7
1. Take a Feca with the Leather Plating passive, buff allies (through Magma/Meteorite Shower) on any (or all if you reach them) ally, and end your turn near the enemy.

2. Have a Pandawa (with damage passives) consume Dizzy (preferably all 15 levels) with Flaming Burp.

3. Have fun.

-Blisskrieg (with dmg passives, and a backstab crit). Target's Resistance reduced to 30%, and under the effects of Templarmor.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #888531  Replies : 44  Views : 2608
posté July 19, 2015, 14:46:39 | #8
Enutrofs are definitely tier A or better. The potential of pouching 2 Epics, or 2 good Legendary items like Breath of Life.  

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #888524  Replies : 249  Views : 11496
posté July 13, 2015, 04:31:15 | #9
Milk Wave has always (since its revamp) become an AoE when used on the Barrel, if I remember correctly.

Thread : Pandawa  Preview message : #886286  Replies : 3  Views : 576
posté July 12, 2015, 02:36:16 | #10
I have at least enough Eternal Ice to make one initiate set piece sitting around from when I was making my Celestial Bearbarian Amulet that I'd be happy to donate.

The boss himself is not hard. It's just a hassle to to push it into the wall (or a summon) so many times till it cracks, along with the mobs with Ice Armor and their effects that come with it (I'm looking at you, Cracktite).

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #885943  Replies : 8  Views : 352
posté July 10, 2015, 16:53:47 | #11
Sureberry Fields Bug Server: Nox

Time: 10:44 AM EST (7:44 Server Time)

Location: Sureberry Fields Dungeon

Evil Dandelions have been practicing some manner of sorcery, as they can conjure up Downy Dandelions onto cells that normally can't be walked on or targeted. The summon is stuck there for the duration of the fight.


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Thread : 1.43 Bug Reports  Preview message : #885367  Replies : 0  Views : 88
posté July 08, 2015, 18:10:28 | #12
On my Water/Fire Feca I went:

Defense Crusher/Glyph User/Team Buff:

You can alternatively replace Flaming Carpet with Inversion to buff your allies' Final Damage or lower your enemy's resist even more when paired with Volcano(preferably the latter), Tonic Glyph, or (if you're tri) Orb.

Also noting that I personally left Fecablades is at 100 because that's when it can remove the most MP. Also Bubble at 151, that's when it reaches its max effect.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #884246  Replies : 9  Views : 1577
posté July 08, 2015, 00:17:35 | #13
Fire/Earth Panda and (Future) Tank Panda Guide (WIP) This is a WIP brain dump for the Fire/Earth build, using different Spell Decks, depending on the situation. I will update with a tank version of Pandawas. Note that is for PvM, not PvP (this means the guaranteed answer to your question on how they fare in PvP will be "I don't know"). The second half (Tank/Locker) is still under construction.

1. Offensive Spell Deck (Basic Information)
1.1 Preferred Actives
1.2 Earth DPT Spells
1.3 Fire DPT Spells
1.4 Passives
1.5 Stats
2. Locker/Tanker Pandawa
2.1 Intro
2.2 The Basic Spells
2.3 Passives
2.4 Stats
2.5 Variations
2.5.1 Mobile Rodeo Clown Tank Tools You (May or May Not) Want My Thoughts (You don't have to read this bit if you don't want to)
2.5.2 Offensive Tank Passive Options Spell Options Earth/Fire Earth/Water
2.5.3 Tank: With a Dash of Love Passive Option Spell Options


1. Offensive Spell Deck: Basically this spell deck is for fights where you want (or if it's required) to damage. I neither guarantee "hax" numbers compared to other DPT classes nor do I promise that your DPT will be the best compared to the other branches of the same class. Overall, I, personally, find Earth/Fire Pandas to be fun, compared to Water/Fire and Water/Earth. They're a horse (or in this case, a bear) of a different color.

1.1 Preferred Actives:
  • Karchamrak: One of the two bread and butter spells of Pandawa. It allows you to place things on the map.
  • Barrel: The second bread and butter Spell. This is required for Earth Spells and some fire spells, both of which I'll go into later.
  • Bamboozle: When used on yourself, it creates an armor that both Ranged and Melee Damage have to go through. You take 20% less melee damage. When used on the Barrel, it pushes anything around it (friend or foe) back 3 cells. Despite the fact that the push was changed from 4 cells to 3, it's a nice spell overall.
  • Barrelhop: A nice, cheap escape spell that allows you to teleport to the Barrel. You don't have to take it if you don't want to, though it's pretty handy to have.
  • Ether: You can choose this instead of Bamboozle, Barrelhop, or one of your elementary spells. I personally haven't needed this spell, but I'm sure others felt the need to have this. I'd recommend getting rid of the element spells if you choose to take it, though. The wonderful thing about the spell deck is that you can have an alternate version and switch depending on the situation.

1.2 DPT Earth Spells:
  • Six Roses: This is used for two reasons. Number one is damage and Flaming to keep the enemy off of you. The second is to, while carrying the Barrel, consume Dizzy to generate Armor based how much Dizzy is consumed. It also stacks. Helps when using the Poisoned Chalice passive (see Passives.
  • Barrel Bash: AoE spell/melee spell that no longer requires the consumption of Dizzy to boost Lock, with extra benefit of increasing resists (one bonus per turn). The Resist and Lock bonus only happens when you're carrying your Barrel.
  • Lactic Acid: It's still a good spell, despite the AoE and the change to the AoE when using it to reduce MP on enemies (which requires you to carry an ally or enemy before using Lactic Acid for MP reduction). It no longer hurts allies. Damage is boosted when carrying the Barrel.
  • Blisskrieg: The increase to its cost was probably a shocker to some, if not all, but it still does respectable damage. Does 10% more when carrying the Barrel, as well as teleporting you to the targeted cell (if it's empty and if you're not stabilized).

1.3 DPT Fire Spells:
  • Dairy Springer: Another AoE spell that has no Los and can teleport you to the targeted cell (allowing you to perform a backstab), provided it's not occupied or if you're not stabilized. Fair damage which does not hurt allies. Generates 2 levels of Dizzy.
  • Explosive Flask: It does fair damage when used normally. The beauty of this spell lies in the fact that, with the right, passives, you can do 6 AP's worth of damage with just 4 or 5 AP. It does apply Dizzy, +4 levels when used normally, and +6 levels when you're carrying. So you could potentially raise the levels of Dizzy on enemies in the AoE by 6 for the price of 4 or 5 AP. Allies do not suffer damage in the AoE if something was being carried when this spell is used, but the spell hurts allies when using it normally.
  • Milking It: This spell has a nice AoE size while doing fair damage. Can also have great range with +range gear, and it generates Dizzy. Does a little more damage when the Barrel is in the AoE. And, despite the the spell effects says, it's all one hit. Not two separate hits with the Barrel in the AoE. Generates 5 levels of Dizzy.
  • You have two options:
    • Light My Fire: The damage has been bumped up to make it more attractive. The only downside is the AoE, which requires constant Barrel movement to pull off AoEs, and the fact it does not generate Dizzy. It synergizes well with Explosive Flask though, due to AoE sizes. It's either this or.....
    • Flaming Burp: Lowers the target's (or targets') Resists per lvl of Dizzy consumed. The benefit is that, with the right passive, it can be used to regenerate WP while doing fair damage at the same time. The only downside is that it can hurt allies and it's linear. I personally took this because it would mean that I have a vast majority of AoE spells.

1.4 Passive Options:
  • Aggressive Barrel: Lets you throw things one cell farther with Karchamrak (and ONLY Karchamrak. Lactic Acid and Explosive Flask remain the same throwing range). Reduces the AP cost of Karchamrak by 1 when targeting your Barrel. The extra damage comes in from the fact that it boosts damages made by 10% when carrying the Barrel (i.e Earth spells).
  • Milky Instinct: Allows you regenerate 1 more WP when going from Worn-Out to Sober state. You will also gain 3 levels of Preparation per level of Dizzy consumed. Preparation increases the Final Damage of the next offensive spell you use (which means when consuming 15 levels on one target, you will have a buff that will allow you to do 45% more damage on the next spell you use). Consuming Dizzy on multiple enemies in an AoE will increase Preparation's effect more (but the limit is 60%).
  • Master of Merriment: Bonus AP or MP when going Merry or Worn-Out for the first time of each Merriment cycle. Not much of a deal, but you're really in it for the regaining of that WP point you regret wasting a couple turns ago. By consuming 15 levels per target, you will regain 1 WP, and be healed by 5% of your health.
  • Poisoned Chalice: A poison that scales by level, and gets stronger per level of Dizzy. Dizzy must be reapplied to the target to keep the poison going. You also get a boost to damages made by 10% (15% at 170) with the price of reducing your resistance score by 50. Six Roses, and the Resists bonus from Barrel Bash are there to help offset it.
  • Bottomless Barrel: This heals you based off a percentage (%) of missing HP. It also allows you to automatically pick up your Barrel if you're facing it at the end of your turn, which allows you to do 6 AP worth of damage while only spending 4 AP once for Explosive Flask. Recommend if you do not want Poisoned Chalice or Carnage.
  • Refreshment: This is another alternative if you don't want the Poisoned Chalice or Carnage passive. 15% (20% at max rank) Final Damage buff to you or your allies when close to the Barrel. The downsides include the fact that Fire/Earth needs the Barrel to do more damage with the Earth spells and Milking It/Explosive Flask or to create an Armor when consuming Dizzy via Six Roses; and that the positions of the Barrel and you (or your allies) could be moved around before the start of your next turn.
  • Carnage: Boosts damages done by a percentage. Can be used as a substitute if Resistances are a problem because of Poisoned Chalice. I have two decks. One with this Passive and Poisoned Chalice, the other with Bottomless Barrel and Carnage.

1.5 Stats:

  • Intelligence:
    • 10 Points into Resistances. Rest into HP.
    • 10 into Resistances, a few points (1-3) into %HP as an armor, rest in HP.
  • Strength Options:
    • 20 Points into AoE Damage - the majority of your spells are going to be AoE. Rest into General Damage, as the spells have a variety of ranges.
    • All in General Damages.
    • HP is also an option to consider.
  • Agility Options:
    • 20 Points into Initiative, rest into either Dodge/Lock, Dodge, or Lock. I'm going to recommend Lock because we have a couple tools to get out of Lock, making Dodge seem unnecessary.
    • All Points into Lock or Dodge/Lock.
  • Chance Options:
    • 20 into Block, then 20 into Critical Hits, then the rest into Critical Hit Damage.
    • 20 into Critical Hits, rest into Critical Hit Damage.
  • Major Points to Consider Looking At:
    • AP: (Which is valuable on a Panda to perform many actions. Either take this first or second.)
    • MP: (Mobility is also important on the Pandawa. Either first or second depending when you choose AP).
    • Range: Only 5 of the 10 spells from both branches (Milking It, Light my Fire, Explosive Flask, Flaming Burp, and Lactic Acid) has range that can be boosted. Take it if you want it, but I don't recommend it.
    • Reduction: Resistance to truly offset Poisoned Chalice's resistance score reduction. Makes you less squishy. Recommend at 125.
    • Final Damage: You'll be doing a little more damage. Nothing else to say. Recommend at 175.


2. Tank/Locker Pandawa

2.1 Intro:
Tank Pandawas have a couple options to play. The thing they have in common is that they're going to be using spells that reside in the Earth Branch. The Worn Out state is required, which boosts our resistance score by 100, and gives us 20 Block (and we'll need to maintain this state for as long as we're tanking. All you need to do is hold on to your Barrel at the end of your turn while Worn Out to retain the Worn Out state. Otherwise, we end up Sober).

2.2 The Basic Spells:
Spells you will primarily be using throughout the time you're tanking.
  • Karchamrak: This, like all the other Pandawa builds, is one of the bread and butter spells from the Active list. It allows Map Manipulation and generates Lock based on your Level.
  • Barrel: The second bread and butter spell. It allows the Pandawa to cause extra effects with his or her Earth spells while they are carrying it. You will be needing to carry this during your Worn-Out phase.
  • Bamboozle: Provides a shield for you that helps mitigate damage.
  • Six Roses: Generates Armor based per level of Dizzy consumed (Barrel needs to be in your hands in order to consume Dizzy to get Armor). Stacks.
  • Bash Barrel: Another spell from the Earth branch. Used to boost Lock and Resists (once a turn bonus, not cumulative).
  • Blisskrieg: Used to teleport you to an empty cell (provided you're not stabilized), and damage those along the way.
  • Lactic Acid: Yet another from the Earth Branch. AoE hits the target directly in your face, and directly to your side. Also used to reduce enemy MP to keep them from escaping.
  • Triple Whammy: Generally not mandatory, but it still provides a way to pull things in while carrying the Barrel.

2.3 Passive Options:

  • Pandemic: ~20% of damage you take will be redirected towards the Barrel, provided you are carrying it. A little once/turn Resistance bonus is granted when you pick something up.
  • Bottomless Barrel: As mentioned in the Fire/Earth portion, this allows you to regain a percentage of missing HP when you end your turn carrying it. Also allows you to automatically pick up the Barrel. The increase to the Barrel's Liters is important, which means the Barrel has more life, which means more damage can be redirected at the Barrel with the Pandemic passive.
  • Master of Merriment: The extra MP from going Worn-Out for the first time per Merriment Cycle is nice. The other gem of this is the consumption of the max levels of Dizzy to regain WP.
  • Bambottle: Provides a Lock bonus when Worn-Out. Ether is reduced to a 1 WP cost. Pre-160, the lock bonus is not that impressive, but it's still nice.
  • Aggressive Barrel: Only used for the throwing things one cell farther, or to spend only 1 AP on the Barrel.
  • Rock: Increase your Health pool, and increases Armor and heals received from allies.
  • Interception: Lock, and more lock after locking a target.
  • Milky Instinct: To regain an extra WP point when entering Sober.

2.4 Stats:
A Disclaimer before I start this: These are suggestions, which means it might or might not be beneficial, depending on the person. These are not set in stone "You must follow", but more or less routes you can choose to take. That said:

Intelligence Options:
  • 10 into Resists. Couple/few of points into %HP as an Armor and then %HP.
  • 10 into Resists, all HP.
  • 10 into Resists, couple points into Barrier, rest HP
Strength Options:
  • 20 into CC damage, rest in general damage - offensive melee.
  • 20 into CC, rest in HP - melee with a slightly higher HP pool.
  • 20 into general damages, rest in HP - damage for all spells no matter if its range/melee or ST/AoE. More HP.
  • All HP. - slightly higher HP pool (for you and your Barrel) , at the price of lower damage.
  • 20 into AoE, rest in general damages - For those with a plethora of AoE spells. Offensive
  • 20 into AoE, rest HP - A mix of damage and survivability
Agility Options:
  • All in Lock
  • Few points in Initiative and Lock.
  • All Initiative, rest into Lock
Chance Options:
  • All in Block. Rest is either in the other defensive stats, or Critical Hits and then Critical Hits damage.
  • MP
  • AP
  • Reduction
  • Your lvl 175 options are either Range, Final Damage, or WP.

2.5 Variations of the Tank Pandawa:

There are a couple variations of a tank Panda. Examples include an Experimental Mobile Rodeo Clown Tank, an Offensive Tank, and a Tank: With a Dash of Love (also called From Locker with Love).

2.5.1 Experimental Mobile Rodeo Clown Tank (EMRCT, a WIP):

Dofus players, remember that old rodeo clown build for Pandawa? This idea is somewhat similar. This Pandawa is an experimental build, which focuses on making him or her an extremely durable and mobile Karchamrak/Map placement bot with tanking options (which will obviously require spells from the Earth branch). With many movement tools at his disposal, the Pandawa uses them to freely move around as well as moving things around the field to his or her desire. You might have a problem with damage output (which really isn't the point in this build, but the option for an offensive oriented mobile tank is still plausible). Team oriented Pandawa. Additional tools you (may or may not) want:

  • Dairy Springer: To teleport to the targeted cell.
  • Milk Fountain: To pull thing toward the Barrel, which you can decide on what to do with them after.
  • Ether: With the Bambottle passive, you will only spend 1 WP on this Active spell to be walk out of the Lock zone, allowing you to move you, your allies, or your enemies to a more desirable location. The 2 MP bonus is a nice boost.
  • Flaming Burp: A cheaper way to consume Dizzy to get back a WP as opposed to Six Roses. Can also be used farther back, unlike Six Roses.
  • Splash of Milk: For self healing reasons (not really recommended if you choose the Rock Passive). My thoughts about it:

  • MP is a must at 25, AP at 75, then Reduction at 125, and most likely 2 WP at 175 because you might be burning through Wakfu Points quickly.
  • If you don't care too much about the Lock bonus/cost reduction on Ether from the Bambottle passive, I'd recommend the Rock passive to have a bigger HP pool (making your Barrel have more HP, which means more damage that can be redirected at the Barrel until it breaks with the Pandemic passive).
  • Mobility is important for Pandawas in general, and this build is no exception. Finding the balance between durable tanky and more MP is one option, or being durable while requiring mobility assistance from your allies is another.

2.5.2 The Offensive Tank:

This is for an offensive built tank. You will be doing more damage than a non-offensive built EMRCT. You can safely roll at least 2 elements (Earth is definitely recommended. Your other element is either Water or Fire. Water/Fire could be an option, but nothing in both of those branches except Milk Fountain, Dairy Springer, Splash of Milk, and (possibly) Flaming Burp help with your ability to tank. Additional Passive Options:

Three of these passives are options, which allows us to do little more damage.
  • Carnage: Generic passive that ups our damage.
  • Poisoned Chalice: Increases the damages made, and applies a poison with its damage increasing per lvl of the character and gets stronger per lvl of Dizzy (needs to be reapplied to keep the effects going). Not really recommended due to the 50 resistance score penalty, but if you have teammates that can protect you, go for it.
  • Refreshment: Allies (and you) around your Barrel at the start of your turn will receive a boost in Final Damage. I, personally, think it's nice. The only drawback is that anything can happen from the end of your turn to the start of your next turn. One spell from the Water branch, however, helps remedy this problem. Offensive Tank Spell Options: Earth/Fire:
I've already touched on the Earth Spells, so here's what I'd most likely recommend from the Fire branch.
  • Milking It: This is, generally, better than using Explosive Flask in melee situations.
  • Flaming Burp: A ranged way of consuming Dizzy (potentially on multiple foes).
  • Dairy Springer: To move around the field or do melee damage (or maybe both, because, why not both?). The lack of the MP cost to the spell is one of the better changes about it.
  • You can choose Light My Fire or Explosive Flask, if you so wish. Milk Fountain (just for utility), Ether, or Barrelhop are alternatives. Barrelhop would probably be the better option. Earth/Water: Water Spells options:
  • Splash of Milk: Self or team heal purposes, but healing is not really recommended when taking the Carnage passive. Stabilizes the Barrel, which helps the Refreshment passive. The downside is that you can be pushed/pulled/swapped off.
  • Milk Wave: Once a upon a turn nuke. Can heal allies (except when you take the Poisoned Chalice Passive). The Milky Instinct passive allows the Barrel to give everything around it levels of Dizzy. At the max rank, it can give 8 stacks (meaning it'll rake 2 turns to get an ally's Dizzy to 15 and pull off a big emergency heal). Also not recommended with Carnage passive if you want to heal.
  • Milk Fountain: On the Barrel, it pulls everything in the AoE in by 2 cells. Can be around yourself to generate Dizzy stacks on enemies, and can generate Dizzy on allies without hurting them.
  • You can choose Bubble Trouble or Milky Breath, if you wish. Dairy Springer (like Milk Fountain is for a Fire/Earth tank: utility purposes), Ether, and Barrelhop are also options to consider.

Water/Earth has another option besides being an Offensive Tank. They play the Healing Tank role, another option to tanking.

2.5.3 Tank: with a dash of Love:

Your main job is tanking, but you can heal allies on the side. Passive Option:

Carnage is not recommended, nor is Rock if you don't want reduced heals. You (may or may not) have to forgo one of your passives to fit this one in (if you want it).
  • Cocktail: At the price of reduced damage, you will be healing a little more. Bubble Trouble (when used on the Barrel), can heal allies based on 50% of the spell's base damage damage (meaning it no longer hurts them). Flaming Burp can as well. Spell Options:
The entire Water branch are candidates (so I'll just explain the two I have yet to talk about, and one more from an off branch) and so is Ether.
  • Bubble Trouble: On the Barrel, heals allies around the Barrel. Only drawback is the cast limit.
  • Milky Breath: Heals an ally when you're carrying them (requires Karchamrak). Downside is that to pull the heal off, resources must be spent to reach the ally to heal successfully.
  • Flaming Burp: If you have a good amount of Fire damage from tri gear, Flaming Burp can be a decent, straightforward heal (with the Cocktail Passive) for allies. Unlike Bubble Trouble, Milky Breath, and Splash of Milk, this only has two big restrictions: Linear cast and having the Cocktail Passive in your deck (range depending on how much). Two spells require a Barrel (one of which is useless if everybody is getting moved around), one requires you (or the ally) to spend resources (AP/MP/WP) just to be next to each other.

Feedback is welcome. Or if I make any typos (I'm a typophobic, if that's even a thing ) or mistakes.

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Thread : Pandawa  Preview message : #883572  Replies : 0  Views : 1554
posté July 07, 2015, 00:53:16 | #14
I feel sorry for the Fecas that took the Precision mounts.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #882742  Replies : 43  Views : 2622
posté July 04, 2015, 02:55:03 | #15
I liked what they did with Milk Wave, damage wise.

As a damage dealer, have a tank keep the enemies close while the Panda builds up Dizzy on them, then nuke them hard with Milk Wave, with the potential of regaining more WP than you spent.

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Reason for edit : nvm. i might be reading the spell effects wrong
Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #882043  Replies : 326  Views : 9110
posté July 03, 2015, 17:49:52 | #16
Some changes that I've noticed:

  • Peace Armor brought back to a 4 turn cooldown (hooray). The Peaceful State, however, still lasts 5 turns.
  • Steam, when the Feca has Bubble Armor on, pushes the target back 2 cells (this is nice).
  • Crashing Wave now gives the targets hit a debuff, which makes them suffer more Area damage for 1 turn (does this mean until the start of the Feca's next turn?).

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Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #881862  Replies : 138  Views : 6973
posté July 03, 2015, 02:02:32 | #17
I forgot to mention this, but:

Aggressive Barrel:

  • has an extra effect of increasing damages made by 10% when carrying the Barrel, which is really nice for the Earth Branch.

I'll just give my feedback on the Earth/Fire branch, since I've been playing it the most.

Overall, the tanking/locking option is there with the spell deck system. It has, to a degree, improved:
  • Passives:
    • Bambottle provides a strong lock bonus (when Worn-Out), which makes the enemy choose between: suffering a failed Dodge Roll penalty or spending resources (AP, MP, WP) to get out. It's a fair passive.
    • Pandemic, when picking something up (preferably the Barrel), gives a resistance bonus (probably to somewhat make up for the consumption of Dizzy stacks via Six Roses, which I'll eventually get to). Also comes with the benefit of 20% damage being redirected at the Barrel (when carrying it). It's a nice passive overall. My only grief is that you're stuck with the +20 res when picking something up until lvl 190.
    • Bottomless Barrel can make your Barrel last longer, which means this can pair nicely with the Pandemic passive. Also comes with a form of healing yourself based on missing HP.
  • Actives:
    • Bamboozle, despite the fact that the armor is cut in half, it can now protect you from ranged damage, which is nice. Melee attackers deal 20% less damage to you until the start of your next turn, which means that ranged attackers still have an advantage. Still nice, overall.
    • Karchamrak is a nice one-time/turn boost to generate lock, which makes up for the loss of potential lock we could have with the current Barrel Bash (which I'll get to).
  • Battle Spells:
    • Barrel Bash: now loses the MP cost, which is nice because mobility on a Pandawa is important. It now no longer requires Dizzy to boost lock, which is nice. Yes, we lose potential lock that the live server version has, but I (personally) like this new version because the lock generation is instant instead of the ~2 turn wait to get 150 or more lock. The resistance is a nice bonus as well.
    • Six Roses: now applies a shield per level consumed, which means that the enemy has to go through it in order to hurt the Panda. I'll miss the resistance bonus, but I'm okay with this change. This a valuable spell, even when I choose to go on the offensive. Also worth noting that this stacks.
    • Dairy Springer: with the MP cost removed, we can jump to another cell while retaining our MP. Same positive as Bash Barrel.

With an offensive-based spell deck, I feel as if my damage has slightly improved:
  • Passives:
    • Milky Instinct: Up to 45% Final Damage on the next offensive spell cast (3% FD per Dizzy consumed). Pairs nicely with Flaming Burp, which reduces 7 resists for every level of Dizzy consumed. The Dizzy stack generation from the Barrel also helps in building more on enemies (provided the enemies leave it alone). I like it.
    • Poisoned Chalice: Damage made buff which also includes extra "poison" damage. Trading your own resists for more damage, which is a fair trade. The amount, however, is probably debatable, though I'll probably be keeping Six Roses on my spellbar to consume Dizzy and try and offset this debuff. Barrel Bash also helps mitigates a good portion of the resistance penalty.
    • Aggressive Barrel: +10% damage made when carrying the Barrel, which is nice for attacking with Earth spells.
    • Carnage: Despite this being a generic passive for all classes, I like to use this. When you compare it to Poisoned Chalice, Carnage looks more attractive because there is no reduction in resistances. Nice substitute to Poisoned Chalice if Resistances are a concern in fights.
I also see that they fixed the problem with consuming Dizzy stacks with the Cyanose/Poisoned Chalice passive on.


New Post (7/3/2015)

I did some testing with Pandemic and the application of Armors (before the new changes today) and here's what I think happens:
  • 20% of damage is redirected to the Barrel first
  • Armor is then attacked.
Example: Panda has 8k HP and uses Bamboozle on him/herself, which generates a shield of 800. An enemy attacks at range and will do 1000 damage.

20% of that 1000 will be redirected to the Panda's Barrel. The other 80% will be attacking the Panda, in which the 800 shield will protect you from it.

The test server swallowed up my Pandawa, so I can't confirm if it's still the case, or if I was wrong.
Confirmed that the Barrel takes the hit first before the attack goes through the armor.

As for today's update:
  • Milking It's spell effects were changed. It now does two sets of damages. The base damage (110 at lvl 200, 137 on a crit), and then a couple extra points of damage (11 extra at 200, 14 on a crit) when the Barrel is in the AoE. It still does one hit, not two separate hits with the Barrel in the AoE like I first thought when I saw the effects.
  • Explosive Flask lost its ability to generate Dizzy (don't know if it's permanent or not).

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The Barrel remains the same right now.

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Milk Fountain still hurts enemies and not allies. He 's trying to say that it's the only way to apply Dizzy to an ally without hurting them, in which I can say that I disagree.

  • If you want to get technical, the Barrel (with the Milky Instinct passive) can also apply Dizzy (up to 8 levels at the max rank) to allies at the start of the Panda's turn, provided that the allies are near the Barrel.
  • Looking at how Explosive Flask only damages enemies when you're holding something, I want to say that you can also use that to increase Dizzy stacks on allies.
  • Lactic Acid will probably increase allies' stacks of Dizzy since it only damages enemies while carrying someone.
  • Then there's Dairy Springer, which only hurts enemies, but can still increase the levels of Dizzy on allies.
  • Triple Whammy could possibly work as well since that does not hurt allies.

Now if he were to say that it's the only ranged spell (possibly referring to the water branch as well) that's straightforward to use in terms of increasing Dizzy stacks, I would agree.

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Challenge Maniac: Considers doing challenges, as if it's a matter of life or death. Tend to get real antsy (by going "dude! we got these easy challenges! GG") when the challenges appear at the beginning of the fight. Then salty when failed (even with a harder challenge).

The Q_Qbaby: Almost every sentence ends with QQ. Also for people that constantly type QQ after every little thing. Entering in QQ should end up like a person entering in the word "spoon" in the game chat.

The Indecisive: Always spams the Be Indecisive emote to the point that the green chat fills up with "x does y".

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