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posté January 30, 2016, 20:36:40 | #1
While the number of Support slots is less than Attack and Defense (Support with 5 slots, and Defense and Attack with 10 each or, if you are using a shield, 9 attack and 11 defense slots.), the amount of total points is the same.

What I mean is:

Attack: up to 100 Points in damage, 10 max points per slot.

Defense: up to 100 in Resists, 10 max points per slot

Support: up to 100 in Lock, Dodge, or Initiative. 20 max points per slot.

I wouldn't mind more support slots though.

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posté January 18, 2016, 23:51:34 | #2
Having the Pandawa throw the boss away every turn works wonders as well, since the boss does not become stabilized/gain MP when you throw him away, as opposed to pushing or pulling.

You can, with some MP reduction (in moderation) included, effectively keep Sugnuf on the complete other side for the entire fight, while your other teammates blow everything else up.

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posté January 08, 2016, 15:20:45 | #3

The option for 11,000 Ogrines obviously doesn't have the Frida Costume promotion at the bottom right in this image, nor does it add the costume to the basket, despite the promotion having the words "packs of 11,000 Ogrines or over".

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posté December 21, 2015, 21:56:39 | #4
Fear Fizz is still in game.

I did a couple rounds of the Gravedigger game this month on my Eni, and I got some Fear Fizz.

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posté December 21, 2015, 21:53:27 | #5
Unofficial Successor to the Black Crow. I will seriously cry if they fix this.

This is the only reason why I can have nice things (both were pouched):

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posté December 20, 2015, 16:19:48 | #6
Tokened Cawwottote's Linked Status Character Name: Flaming Gold

Server: Nox

Time: 12/20/15 at 10:04 AM EST (07:04 Server Time)

Description: Equipping a Cawwottote purchased from the Token Machine into the bag slot removes the Linked status of it.

Process: Purchase a Cawwottote from the Wabbit Dungeon's token machine. Equip the linked Cawwottote. Click on the newly equipped Cawwottote, and see that the "Linked" status is removed.

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posté December 20, 2015, 15:45:38 | #7
It's working properly.

The effect says that it no longer costs more than 1 WP, which means the most you'll spend is 1 WP instead of 2 AP 1 WP.

2 AP 1 WP > 1 WP, the AP cost is removed.
1 WP > 1 WP, the WP cost stays.

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posté December 16, 2015, 18:18:35 | #8
Character: Flaming Gold
Guild: Weegee
Server: Nox
lvl 100:
  • Every Harvesting
  • Handyman
  • Tailor
  • Leather Dealer
  • Close Combat Weapon
lvl 40 Baker
lvl 33 Armorer and Jeweller
lvl 3 Chef
lvl 0 in Long Distance and AoE Weapons

Junichi Tsukino
Guild: N/A
Server: Nox
lvl 100:
  • Armorer*
  • Jeweller*
  • Long Distance Weapons*
Lvl 0 in the rest
*Only reason these are at 100 is because I couldn't trade the Mea Culpa potion between toons. ;L;

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posté December 16, 2015, 17:18:27 | #9
Our top story tonight: Sidekicks Revealed to be Part Huppermage! Details at 11. Character: Mister Sparkles and Flaming Gold

Server: Nox

Date/Time it Occured: 12/15/2015 (can't remember the time)

Description: Huppermage symbol will light up next to the Health Gauge on the bottom on a Sidekick's turn.

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posté December 16, 2015, 16:45:21 | #10
I hope that the encyclopedia on their site is a typo, as it says the base drop rate for these new keys from the Hoodlum mobs is .5%, which is a tenth of the normal base drop rate for keys. The base rate from Hoodfella is 5%.

Now if the rate was 5% from mobs and 25% from the boss, I wouldn't mind as much.

A Recipe for the keys would also be appreciated.

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posté December 08, 2015, 17:05:31 | #11
The armor is based on 10% of your max health, which means that the max amount for a Pandawa varies.

A Pandawa with 6,000 HP would have a max shield of 600, while another with 7,000 HP would receive a shield of 700.

Asides from shielding yourself up, this is a handy tool on certain bosses or dangerous mobs, as using Bamboozle on the Barrel pushes anything directly next to the Barrel away by 3 cells.

An example would be HC Castuc. The Pandawa can lift and throw Ponktius, the boss, with Karchamrak. Then she or he can summon a Barrel in front of the boss, followed by a cast of Bamboozle on the Barrel to push him back further, making him waste a turn trying to get into attack range.

It could be used to heal an injured ally over a span of 3 turns (10% of their max HP a turn), but the biggest downside is the fact that it's a delayed heal, which means that it doesn't heal right away when used on an ally. The heal only happens on the start of the turn of the ally affected by Bamboozle. Not really recommended as a heal, in my opinion.

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posté December 06, 2015, 18:09:37 | #12
I think it's supposed to be a bot, which is why they call them "a cheat that is not welcome at any time of the year".

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posté December 02, 2015, 02:40:58 | #13

Quote (Zygarde @ 01 December 2015 23:23) *

Quote (demonfoxassassin @ 01 December 2015 16:52) *
To either Sabi or Flatops: The conditions to try and solve the puzzles from the Calendar are not in place. My alt, who has never subbed this year nor has been used to purchase Ogrines or things from the Boutique, is able to solve the puzzles from the Calendar even though he should be locked out from even attempting to solve them.
You can access the calendar as long as your account had booster days, regardless of the source! Did your alt use any of the booster codes that were given out earlier this year? Or did your alt get any of those "we miss you" booster days that are given out for inactivity?
I rechecked the Transaction History under Account Management, and I guess I must have.

And I do see the restriction in place on another alt.


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posté December 01, 2015, 16:52:18 | #14

Quote (Aigees @ 01 December 2015 16:01) *
Also anyone minds telling me how this 'advent calendar' works? for example, what happens if i miss a day?
If you miss a day, you won't be able to claim the prize for the day you missed.

It technically should block a person from the big surprise at the end, as the announcement says to solve all the puzzles before the last one to get it. The problem is that people will most likely, based on last year's Calendar, still get it even though they missed days (this is not including the days they gave people due to the confusion with what timezone the Calendar was based off of).

For people in the U.S, I recommend doing it before 6 PM EST (5 PM CST, 4 PM MST, 3 PM PST), because that's when it's 12 AM in France (which is the next day). They are, nine times out of ten, going off of France time.

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posté November 23, 2015, 21:08:41 | #15
Character Name: Lady Stardust

Why are you interested in joining us? I mostly kept to one guild while playing with another account and Sidekicks. I'm trying to break the habit and desire to meet and play with others. It also gets lonely when the other guild members aren't on. Looking for fun.

Why should we pick you? I can't think of a genuinely good reason to pick me (especially when I'm not on this character a lot). I can craft/gather for others if they ask (just that I don't do mass amounts of gathering), I can follow rules, add my two cents into topics I know about, throw in a joke, but that's about it.

Tell me about yourself: Gin-Tama would be my favorite cartoon/anime.

Estimated time spent playing Daily/Weekly: 2 Hours daily if I'm feeling rather torpid while playing. More if I'm feeling okay/good/great.

Do you have a Subscription/Booster? Every now and then I have one.

Heroes System? Like ordering takeout, it's a pretty huge gamble. I don't use this at this time.

Other Characters: Yes
If yes, list their names:
  • Flaming Gold [174 Enutrof - Gathering professions, Tailor, Leather Dealer, and Close Combat Weapons Master at 100]
  • Captain Milkybottoms [173 Pandawa]
  • Junichi Tsukino [140 Pandawa - Jeweler, Armorer, Long Distance Weapons Master at 100]
  • Wildbeary [121 Pandawa]
  • Mister Sparkles [179 Feca - alt account]
  • Mysterious Mustachioed [lvl 1 Sacrier - alt account - placeholder name until a class with a crazy mustache is ever released]
  • Corporal Clegg [lvl 7 Cra - alt account]
  • Fishy Joe [lvl 1 Iop - alt account]

Favorite Song (Choose one):
Starman by David Bowie

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posté November 10, 2015, 22:40:14 | #16

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
4 is grim preacher. I've tried the other monks, and it said that the code is invalid.

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posté November 06, 2015, 16:23:20 | #17

Quote (crimson--cowboy @ 06 November 2015 14:06) *
what are pen administrators? how does that work?
Pen Administrators is what the OP referred the Contrabandit's Lair as.

When fighting in the HW, an extra tab will be shown at the end of the fight, labeled "Loot Taxed" (boxed in red in the image above). With a Contrabandit's Lair in the HW, there is a chance (5%-15% iirc, depending on the level of the building) that loot will be taken* from a person as tax and stored into the Guild's Contrabandit Lair. You are also taxed Kamas, which the Rotcere icon in the Kamas tab shows how much you were taxed.

*Taken might not be the right word, as there are people split on beliefs on what really goes on. Some say that it is extra loot that is being generated and that it isn't really stealing anything. Others believe that it does indeed steal drops. I, myself, have no idea on what really goes on, but I have seen stuff that is picked up from Pouches ending up in the Loot Taxed tab at the end of the fight.

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posté November 03, 2015, 21:46:25 | #18
[Pandawa's Pint] | Drunken Martial Arts, Map Manipulation, Movement, Drinking, Secondary Damage Dealer, Secondary Tank, Secondary Healer

Specializes in: Moving things on the field around to suit his/her and the team's needs. Various side roles. Drinking, getting a Hangover, and Sobering up for the next time he decides to drink again.

Capabilities: Map manipulation. Cycles through the Drunk, Hangover, and Sober states depending on the situation (each state has benefits). Makes enemies Dizzy, which can be consumed to weaken enemies or help the Pandawa. Other/extra effects of spells when targeting or carrying the Barrel. Tanking. Damage dealing. Healing.

Strengths: High mobility. Great manipulation abilities. Good amount of ways to escape the lock zone. Builds with different ways to play (e.g. a build that can be used for damage dealing, healing, or a mix of both).

Stabilization and Heavy states will impede the Pandawa's ability to move things (or himself) around the field. For some, WP burns quickly. Heals are generally not reliable. Cannot go to the desired state from the Drunk cycle right away (i.e from Sober to Worn-Out). Majority of spells are AoEs, which some can hurt allies. The occasional feeling of being a Karchamrak/map manipulating bot.

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posté November 02, 2015, 17:29:19 | #19
-Closed- -

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Thread : Trade  Preview message : #923695  Replies : 0  Views : 106
posté October 14, 2015, 02:39:47 | #20
Add Bags from Mobs to Their Respective Dungeon Token Machines Add the bags that can be dropped by monsters to their respective dungeon's token machine:
  • Boowolf Sack
  • Nun Sack
  • The Charity
  • Cactasack

Cawwotote has this option (and it's linked), why can't the others?

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