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Quote (Major-Caligari @ 12 April 2014 21:48) *
Category: game design
Question: will Wakfu ever get a server transfer service, similar to that from Dofus?
I want to second this, I'm curious to know this as well.

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posté May 06, 2014, 19:04:50 | #2
WTB Little Tofu Hands I'm in dire need of Little Tofu Hands right now for a Kam's Hand. I have 86 at the moment, so I need 13 more of these things. They're dropped only by Tofoones, and aren't all that common on the market.

I'll cough up 500 kamas for each hand I get, so go scrap some fluffy yellow bird ladies until you drop one of these to make a quick buck. Every single hand I get helps.

PM either Esrym, Teima or Vivaire

Hate to bump, but only 13 more left to go.

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Quote (Hudski @ 10 April 2014 06:01) *

Quote (Major-Caligari @ 07 April 2014 00:54) *

Quote (Hudski @ 06 April 2014 19:11) *
Really tired of one set per mob per zone. What's the issue with giving a singular monster family two, or even three sets of equipment? None. There is not an issue with giving a singular monster family two or three sets of equipment.
It's almost like they have to spend a lot of time designing sets... Oh my, that's probably the answer, there's a lot to do before a set can be introduced. Damn, that was unexpected. Games require work of the employes of the company developing a particular game. Such an important discovery. Someone has to design the thing and it takes time. Interesting.

Oh man, expecting Ankama to work on their game a little more is suddenly asking too much of them.

Maybe they should release the formula for equipment as a little web app, let us create our own items and submit them for review and crowdsource stats on gear? And then, and then! They could just stick these stats on amulets, belts, rings - stuff that doesn't require any visual graphics, just a singular item. And then! They could also crowdsource THAT, because - get this - there's many many artists in this community!

Defending laziness with lazy rhetoric is lazy. Go away.
All I can see is the same cookie-cutter gear getting rehashed by everyone, causing this outsourcing idea to stagnate very quickly for the sake of "muh damages".

Also I don't even want to imagine the shitty fetish-fueled designs said gear will have. What a recipe for disaster.

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Quote (Major-Caligari @ 10 April 2014 20:38) *

Quote (HateSpawn @ 10 April 2014 20:36) *
Wow [Removed], we need that on all the enis

Yes, we definitely need the female version of this costume on the BEST eni. Once in a while even Hatespawn makes a valid point.
Yessss it comes pretty close to Herr Peece in a speedo

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posté March 25, 2014, 21:51:29 | #5
Class temples = rad

The rest of OP's suggestion = a complete embarrassment

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posté March 22, 2014, 09:24:20 | #6

Quote (kurokat @ 22 March 2014 08:29) *

In the Wakfu animation, Sufokia itself used to be a great nation that fell and sunk into the sea, did it not? Yet in our game, Sufokia is alive and thriving, only 10 years before the show.

That being said, since the game and show do not completely follow each other, doesn't that mean we could have human fogger's in the future?

- Kat

Ahem. I think this may help explain the Sufokia situation better.

In the WAKFU Series, Sufokia wasn’t a Nation whereas in the game Sufokia is already there. How come?
Actually in the series Sufokia is the Sufokian Empire. They are the second half of the Foggernauts. Before the Dofus era, Foggernauts were all the same people but then they split in two. Some went all mechanical, the foggernauts we know, while others kept their human form. And these are the Sufokian Empire, which has still not been discovered in the time of the game.
Troyle: So at the time of the game, they have never been seen?
Yes, but they have the same technology as the robots.

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Quote (MiniMikeh @ 18 March 2014 23:27) *
Yet it still can relate them to the fountain
No one said anything about them not being related to the fountain.

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posté March 18, 2014, 22:04:38 | #8

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 18 March 2014 21:59) *
Cacti are a source of water though having an outer shell doesn't mean you have zero water what so ever nor does being in a desert so your attempt at debunking them while ignoring this fact is wrong.
Yet it still doesn't relate them to puddlies or greedoblops at all. That would be like saying humans in the game are puddlies because humans are about 70% water.

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posté March 18, 2014, 16:37:13 | #9

Quote (Neneko88 @ 18 March 2014 13:43) *
maybe they're desert puddlies
Or you know

They're a completely different species unrelated to both Puddlies and Greedoblops.

Golly gee, imagine that.

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Quote (Wareen-Peace @ 14 March 2014 19:47) *
Thirdly, my french is... well... nonexistent, so playing through Guardians of Wakfu was never really plausible for me. What I can fathom is N somehow got transported to the land of 12 and was trapped by harebourg and subsequently gone insane and returned after some time? I also gather that Kouett, Lune, Lou, Lock, and Boa fell to the Land of 12 after having half of Emrub blown to bits by N? I may be completely wrong on that bit but, where are they in all of this if I'm correct in my assumptions?
Just a heads up, after a copyright dispute with the artist responsible for N (and seemingly the other Les Gardiens Eliatropes), N is pretty much removed from the lore now and he as well as the events surrounding him and Les Gardiens is considered non-canonical, I believe.

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posté February 15, 2014, 23:15:56 | #12

Quote (Heartbank @ 15 February 2014 21:17) *
Sorry to diverge from the topic at hand, but I had a question about Ogrest- Has anyone tried going up there and cheering him up so he wouldn't cry anymore? From the sounds of his backstory he's suffering from a broken heart. As corny as it sounds, I wish there was an option to face him in battle but instead of fighting him we try to help him get over his pain.

Then we can ask him to swallow up all the water he created and return the world to normal.
I like the way you think, really. It makes me think of how I wish we could have a choice in which direction we take a quest instead of being forced into the role of a hero that only cares about defeating the villain for glory and fame.

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posté January 19, 2014, 20:59:55 | #13
Actual contribution time.

Recently, Nelson-Magno posted some info on tumblr regarding the incident where Ulgrude played hero in order to save Jiva from Djaul. Now, in his post, he stated that Hecate saved Ulgrude's life through the use of a gem from Sumens (he did, however, keep the demonic wounds inflicted by Djaul, and it's hinted at they played a role in blackmailing Jiva). However, this same incident plays out in the Wakfu Manga, but instead of involvement from Hecate, Ulgrude seems to have been preserved by Jiva.

This leaves me wondering if the incident in the manga is history repeating itself, or a retcon of the legend removing Hecate (which would be terribly saddening, as she's a pretty rad guardian who needs more love. And her Almanax costume rocks). Would love if RyF could answer this one day, as there's a lot of confusion surrounding that incident right now.

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posté January 14, 2014, 15:39:04 | #14
My former guild is completely dead, and I'm in need of a new guild to call home. However, there's a few small concerns I'd like to discuss with whoever will be willing to contact me.

IGN: Esrym

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