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posté Today - 15:59:23 | #1
Here's a good occasion to revive this thread.

I want to ask about the spell levelling and status redistribution (or respec) systems.
Now that I have tried quite a few of the characters I can't help but be very frustrated with the skill levelling and the possibility to easily fix my wrong stats.
Since this is a game with diverse and quite interesting classes which require some experience, knowledge and generally getting the hang of one's own playstyle as well as discovering the limits and possibilities of one's class, I ask why are players punished for trying to learn about their class? Punished with an incredibly time-consuming quest of being able to change stats. Let's even overlook the rule where that quest can be done only once a month. But adventuring in game, playing with friends and hunting for new equipment suddenly has to stop so that players can spend a few weeks of getting the materials to be able to re-optimize or fix their characters.
How could resetting stats possibly hurt the game or other players?
In my opinion this is a very bad design decision that is hurting the experience of your game. A game is a safe environment where learning is incentivized and instead players are only punished for not knowing how to distribute their stats from the beginning.
Yes, you'd tell me about the free reset quest at levels 10 and 30, but those don't cover it. One keeps learning throughout the game, even at max level one could discover a combination with equipment, an optimization that would improve the character.

Let's get to my other question.
In what way is experience-based skill improvement better than manually putting points in skills? Since combat in this game is focused around resources management (AP and MP) one naturally often spends their remaining last AP to use low-cost spells which don't do much but that's better than wasting AP, right? What that leads to, though, is those low-cost spare spells to level up quite a bit more than one's main spells.
In other cases, such as with Sacriers, in order to use one's strongest spells a condition needs to be met (in this case 25 Angrrr which is generated from taking damage), or simple range doesn't allow for the use of the spell. Meeting that condition usually means that that spell will be used much more rarely in a fight in the cases when the fight is quick or there are other teammates taking the damage or blocking the line of sight. As a result those spells which are the main damage source are left behind in levels.

I have no idea if these questions have been asked before, but if they have been, why are you not thinking about improving those points?

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posté September 12, 2014, 15:05:46 | #2

Quote (Mariallium @ 11 September 2014 09:32) *
nice work Ankama, 10/10 for vision 2/10 for execution. as usual you attempt WAY more than you can handle. while elimination the prospecting caps was nice and adding the machines back was a great way to even things out. changing nearly all equipment and adding this randomization of elements is a terrible thing. you took a good thing too far. adding the transmutation is pointless when you give out gear left and right. Eliminating the classic beginner dungeons as well as Mount Zinit? i thought we were supposed to be growing strong enough to take down Ogrest, not fighting over who gets to destroy the world. you add a half way decent PvP only to make the 'Opt out' count for nothing. you neuter half the classes in a heartbeat and then tell us revamps are on the back burner? if you were any other game company you'd have been out of business with this sort of development. even (dare i speak its name) WoW isn't this awful in terms of development and listening to their players. I've stayed on when all but 1 other person in my guild quit the last time you updated Astrub. but now i can see why they couldn't take it. À la prochaine! *adds a good ol' universal gesture of ill will*

I completely agree with you. The game has lost all of its charm for building gears and sets, and completely stomped all the classes into a flat plane. People's inventories are fuller than ever with all that bullshit unstackable equipment now with no set boxes....
If I weren't so attached to my character I'd uninstall and never look back..

Great design team you've got there, send them somewhere to educate them about balancing...

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posté July 23, 2014, 22:27:20 | #3
Please fix the citizenship point system!!! When the ecosystem is close to being out of balance and people are active on a map cutting and planting it often goes in dips of lack and then quickly normalizes. In those situation having started a cutting action, which was allowed before the character started, ends up in losing -22CP, which later can never be regained because the maximum one can plant back receiving CP is 3 times which gives 5CP per plant for a total of 15CP. So even an undeserved punishment like this cannot be recovered.

It instead should punish with CP reduction at the start of the action while already showing a warning icon.
However, most times when planting on a tile indicating gain of CP it does not really give CP when the planting is completed. This is misleading, inconsistent and infuriating.

Edit: wrong subforum, needs to be in Bugs, I can't delete the topic

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posté November 28, 2012, 10:03:47 | #4
Sorry if this is not the place for the reply, but due to the rollback I lost a botique item that i had bought and the Ogrines for it haven't been rolled back.

I submitted a ticket, but nobody has given it attention yet.

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posté November 13, 2012, 14:41:28 | #5
Must have been an old description I pasted, sorry

I think I'm quite positive it's not a fire damage recoil. It happened also in a team fight where a team mate would kill a mob and I would get damage for it.
I've been trying to recreate it but it doesn't always happen. Although I think it's always exactly 6 dmg, no matter my level or the creature level.

I see it's different from the damage recoil of my own skills because i take about 6 damage at the end of my turn after the creature dies (if i'm dealing the killing blow), or not even when it's my turn, when somebody else kills it.

I'll keep trying to get a screenshot.

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posté November 12, 2012, 02:57:06 | #6
Dying mobs trigger Blood Pact on Sacrier Hey, I'm a lvl 27 Sacrier and for a while now i've been noticing that i take damage after a monster dies in a fight when there are more than 1 in the fight. (Otherwise the death screen appears too fast to notice any damage if i kill a single mob.)

I think the passive "Blood Pact" is triggering it wrongly, because it should trigger only on allies dying.

"The goddess Sacrier grants extra HP to the Sacrier to help him protect his allies. However, if one of these allies dies, the Sacrier will take damage as punishment for having broken the pact."

+0%(+30%) max HP
  • Combat start:
    • per Ally: +0%(+6%) max HP
  • if Ally KOed : -0%(-12%) max HP

Please look into it  

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posté November 08, 2012, 12:20:28 | #7
I saw your post and waited for the quest to appear, (for the record, you dont need to stand close to her. The quest about her and the Gemlin appear if you stand doing nothing wherever in the map.)

I got the quest and defeated her, but the achievements list still shows it as uncompleted i dunnoooo
Most likely bugged, last night the secret chests wouldn't appear either when we stepped on the tiles.

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