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posté December 22, 2015, 03:03:46 | #1
Well, looking on into the future, what things should i aim for in later levels? I can just transition slowly.

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posté December 22, 2015, 00:03:34 | #2
Tribrid gear level for 140-150 Hey, Im trying to go tribrid on my Xelor and i have no idea what gear i should be looking for. Can someone give me a little bit of help?

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posté November 06, 2015, 04:02:41 | #3
Thanks for the responce, I ahve another question aswell if you dont mind.
Does final damage effect doll damage? So if you have lone saddida, carnage, medicine, rock or motivator. Do they change doll damage and healing?

Also does saddida's prayer or rock effect you if you use armour on yourself?

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posté November 05, 2015, 12:45:44 | #4
Indirect damage Hey, i was just wondering what sources count as indirect damage for the Venomous ability. Because voodoll is pretty indirect, though i have no idea if its indirect enough for venomous to apply.

Also, on a side topic, is venomous useful at all?

Also i wonder if final damage effects armouring.And if not, what does?

And another thing. Why does aoe not redirect damage to the target when you hit voodoll with it, it just kills the doll?

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posté November 05, 2015, 12:32:44 | #5
Hey, i had an account on Wakfu asia that id like to migrate. Ive been waiting three days.

Ticket number: 1485639

Thank you

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posté July 02, 2015, 17:08:34 | #6
Hey, Sorry but the guild died due to lack of player retention, two whole years ago. I packed up my rp and moved to starbound serenity. It was too bad, rp here is great though, if you are interested. Its R18 though.

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posté January 26, 2014, 00:21:14 | #7
I'm not a fan of the invisibility because it seems far weaker. At the moment you get a 10% damage bonus for each enemy to offset the -50%.

Also not being revealed by area damage makes it seem far too overpowered in pvp.

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posté December 06, 2013, 21:42:20 | #8

Quote (Beezle @ 06 December 2013 00:41) *
@Haka you might need to actually use a sadida with those spec to test it out. Cause your numbers just feel wrong to me. I see you have a 116 sadi, if you've tried to reach 1k on shield i and havent then there is another factor that might affect sadidas bramble armor other than % dmg. Kinda like how enis get more heals for + healz and % water dmg.

and 1.2k isnt much. When aqua does a double crit and doesnt crit bramble she shields/ has shielded my sac for 890- 970. With a triple crit she def does above 1023 which is the highest i did with the fogger bonus, with less % dmg; and before we go again into this speed bonus talk, the speed bonus got my sadi's spells to 116-118 and her sadi is 116 with more % dmg than mine.

just to make some corrections aqua has 500 % out of fight, with lone sadida max she gets 650 %

So the question is, does heals or something effect it?

Quote (aquabeauty @ 06 December 2013 05:55) *
Sorry for the lack of information

First I am 116, I wear 500% base damage, with the sadi bonus this becomes 650%.

The main spells I use lvl 120 Bramble and lvl 120 Wild grass. My main combo 1 Bramble, 2 wildgrass

Now down to the nitty-gritty. Bee is correct in the break down.

I understand your concern that the 1000hp cog is not constant and dependent on crits. Based on my crit rate is cogging 1000 is quite rare

However, I do generally crit 1/3 of the time and this is proven true. My average shielding is 800-900 with one crit. Of course this is taking into consideration that Lone Sadi is at max level.

I still can't believe you are coging as low as 500. My lowest cog is 580, no crits [real rare, i really do generally crit 1/3 of the time], no lone sadi bonus, With an average of 680 on one crit.

What is your cog with max lone sadi?
I actually lack the earth gear to test it out, but i am considering making an earth saddida when moving servers so im trying to do it with the raw calculations.

Now lets have a look with all the numbers, i assume you use 10 ap and cast bramble and 2xwild grass coming to 93 shielding

93x6.5 = 604.5
We would expect to have one crit add about 100 to the shield normaly. 15x6.5=97.5

But i still dont know your crit damage, judging by the numbers so far to reach 800 with one crit of wild grass in the combo would need 176% crit damage.

800-61x6.5-48x6.5 = 84.5 84.5/48 = 1.76

I guess it might be possible that you have that much, but if you dont that means that either the spell descriptions are not accurate or that something else we dont know about effecting it, like heals or cmc damage.

If we find that one of these do effect it then that would be pretty huge.

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posté December 05, 2013, 23:24:44 | #9

Quote (aquabeauty @ 05 December 2013 22:55) *

Quote (HakazabaJub @ 05 December 2013 22:42) *

Quote (BamBaMs @ 03 December 2013 21:47) *
My sadi can coag 1000+ every turn and about 1.2k with crits.

Idk about the other classes. So feel free to compare. Also, Fogger has that "flux" thing which is a pretty op form of cogging.

Hey what are your stats? This is confusing me since at level 100 you have 84 base shielding, and even with 600damage% it would only come to 504.

Well currently with 500% dmg [I had to downgrade on my gear]

I do an average 804~850~900 shields. I can show you on my sadi if you are on Nox.
But with no crits they can be as low as 700

I can't see you doing less than 750 with 600% dmg though =/

Maybe 1.2 is a bit much, I might have been combining cogs, but with 550% dmg 1000 is doable on crits. With 500% three crits could get you there aswell but I wouldn't count on that too much.
What is the base amount of shielding you do? Like the combo you use+spell levels.

I still feel like im missing something, a 300 damage difference between my caculations and what you are doing is a lot.

Would it be 650% with lone saddida and about 100 base from spell levels? in which case its still only 650, not 800. What am i missing?
Im not on nox.

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posté December 05, 2013, 22:42:51 | #10

Quote (BamBaMs @ 03 December 2013 21:47) *
My sadi can coag 1000+ every turn and about 1.2k with crits.

Idk about the other classes. So feel free to compare. Also, Fogger has that "flux" thing which is a pretty op form of cogging.

Hey what are your stats? This is confusing me since at level 100 you have 84 base shielding, and even with 600damage% it would only come to 504.

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posté December 04, 2013, 21:30:13 | #11
Hey Aragnus, go to saddida kingdom, there are often people there.

But yeah everything everyone is saying is valid, Ankama never fails to surprise me.

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posté December 04, 2013, 09:09:38 | #12
I think the secret to stasis fogger is in mixing it with other elements, for instance using flame fervour to get backstabs, and using stomp to tank a little bit of damage, adding in that 2ap1mp fire attack for great damage. Mixing in the other element spell levels doesn't lower our damage at all.

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posté December 04, 2013, 03:36:28 | #13
I was just using that as an example really, point is no one will disagree with you if you simply give the logical reasons something should be stronger without giving exact numbers and hope you convince grou.

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posté December 04, 2013, 00:32:26 | #14
Hmm, makes me want to make an omni dragonXD

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posté December 04, 2013, 00:08:23 | #15
Yay, a discussion being resolved nicely on the internet  

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posté December 04, 2013, 00:02:57 | #16
Wow, you're right, guess it always feels like less hp because they cost so much and are much more important.

Lets be honest, the sudden chill poison is the only real important one, intoxicated damage was never increased with the level 200 spells, so it will be less effective as we go, and the other one resets each turn anyway, its more like a damage spell based on how much ap/mp they have, its damage would be quite good if it wasn't the ultrapowerful damage they use. All three have issues

Id settle for that earthquake, its not that interesting but its better than the current.

Btw i have a bit of advice to get more people supporting the changes rather than shoot them down. Let the raw numbers be decided by grou, but say what he should consider.

Like instead of the tree thing which lots of people have a problem with:

Consider that the 50% resistance on tree is negligible in high level content, Try to modify it to help make saddida tanks more viable, as at the moment other tank classes vastly outperform them. Perhaps it also has some kind of interaction with bramble armor, like the sacriers active ability that doubles its coagulation.

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posté December 03, 2013, 23:35:05 | #17

Quote (Karakedi @ 03 December 2013 21:47) *
To your 1st post, yes Ankama listened to everybody till now as long as it is about nerfs. You can see it at your sucky Sadida and my almost useless summoner Osa... Do I have to tell more??
You do have a point about that, though i dont remember anyone easking for nerfs to saddidas, and the removal of all of the special effects of osa summons (i was amazed about this). I think they did all that on they're own accord.

Quote (Karakedi @ 03 December 2013 21:47) *
2nd part: It is already the case that people are not picking my Sadida, in which part of the game are you playing? It seems like you are half aware of how this game went into since Multi accounting has been number 1 rule on this game already. I have many friends who use 6 accounts to run a dungeon on their own. Also some people who I don't like in the game prefer to go with as much accounts of their own as possible. I am speaking from my own experience. If you got so much to complain stick your energy to those who multi-account too then instead of mongering your way to this feature. At least this way a lot of people like me who only use 1 or 2 account don't need to wait forever for a party. You are afraid that this new feature will only courage people to play alone which is already the case. But instead you keep mongering and mongering about this Multimen and nothing else.
And also, even with having a Multimen, I for sure would prefer another player most of the time above a Multimen, even if it just for the sake of chatting...
Even to this day, i still manage to find a group kind enough to take me in snowbound village etc, and i still manage to make a lot of friends that way, its still very easy to find people wanting to do lunar dungeon in saddida kingdom and people in ice floe, sometimes even in wabbit island even though I'm underleveled i can keep up.

Maybe its a different server environment (im on Remington) but i can still manage to get groups if i ask nicely. At the moment we dont have to compete with anything else for those slots though and im worried everyone will segrigate themselves even more, Multi accounting is a problem as you say, this is like giving everyone 3 accounts and expecting us to play together.

To me multiaccounting and multimen are almost the same thing, the only difference is its a little bit cheaper in the long term, while also being fun, new and more user friendly(so more people will do it)

Quote (Karakedi @ 03 December 2013 21:47) *
3rd part: An mmo is called mmo so people can make contact with others but this game is not a normal mmo, it is a sandbox game and it is turn based. As long as the game stays like this Multi accounting is inevitable and Ankama will never do anything about it because it will mean money loss for them. Every mmo game is player based, whether a player wants to play the game on it's own or play it with others, that is up to players themselves. Who are you to force people to make them play with others only because this is an mmo?? :/ That's ridiculous. Some people are only interested in pvp aspect of this game, and some are only interested in leveling on their own pace, and some just love to farm and farm only. So who are you to stop them to do so?
The phrase "normal mmo" gets on my goat, an mmo simply means "massively multiplayer online". I really dont like that the label as become synonymous with what the majority of mmos have; that being a rpg with terrible pacing, ui and a large amount of other people wandering around with no real reason to interact with eachother for most of the game.

Thats my favorate thing about wakfu, it actualy give people reasons to interact with eachother, the other people in the game actually form the world, its not just everyone in a box interacting with the toys, we all interact with eachother, this gives us the chance to make great friends and enemies and these bonds draw us into the game further. Its a wonderful dynamic that i think everyone should sample, and it is a pity when people choose to remove themselfs from that (multiaccounting).

So this multiman thing comes along, Its like a if you cant beat them then join them approach with mulit accounters, its quite easy to see how that threatens that beautiful dynamic i am talking about, its only natural for me to object.

Quote (Karakedi @ 03 December 2013 21:47) *
4rd part: I am definitely not an Ankama "worshipper" as you describe it, till now I have made a lot of negative comments about almost every new feature they bring out, or on almost every new revamp I made negative comment because in the end it turns out to be a failure. Same goes for the Sadida revamp, I am still mad at Ankama about it. Go to Sadida topic's you will see my comments there. So your comment is invalid here and I am not going to write more details about it, my comments on the Sadida thread is more than enough to show my displease. But at least I leave it on 1 topic about the matter and I only make 1 or 2 negative comments. But you make more than 3 negative comments on almost every thread about this Multimen. Bringing criticism is good, I have nothing against it. But mongering about a topic on every thread is something way beyond criticism which you are doing atm.
Hmmm, i tend to write in all of the topics where it is relevant (like this topic about multimen) as unfortunatly i know that in live it is not the one who is right, or most convincing that people listen to, but the loudest.

I apologize about that worshipper accusation, i ask that you let me have the right to make my case then, even if you dont agree and its 'negative mongering" (this term makes no sense to me).
Feel free to make your case too, but dont tell anyone to sit in silence.

Quote (Karakedi @ 03 December 2013 21:47) *
So leave people what they are doing best to themselves, even though this is an mmo, it is a big variety of mmo...
I think that leaving people to themselves is anthetical to the whole idea of what an mmo is, more spacifically, what wakfu has been before now in spite of multi accounters.

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posté December 03, 2013, 22:07:21 | #18

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 03 December 2013 21:13) *

I have few questions about this.

1. How would it work if you would not have summoned dolls?
2. Would it hurt Sadida?
If yes, then it would turn to a Sacrier-like spell that make Sadida always hurt self when using it.
If not, then it will turn to basic aoe around self, wich would have high cost for very little damage.
3. Would it hurt dolls?
If not then it would lead problem to being easily spammed with several dolls near enemy.
If yes, then it will lead to problem with Explodoll being easily triggered afterall dolls get hit and killed near enemy.
4. And yes: what exactly damage this spell should have, knowing it will multiply by the number of dolls?
5. What would be the cost of this spell? I like the ability to use 1 spare MP to cast it, especially that i need to position myself properly in pvp.
6. Consider the change that would allow Sadida to summon as many dolls as it have control (instead of limiting dolls to max 6 due to WP cost). Wouldn't that spell had potentially overpowered damage?

I was looking at all pros and cons that Grou was suggesting for such mechanic with Earthquake and my final conclusion is that i don't like it.

The Earthquake without risk to hurt myself is not going to be the same. And if i stay away from dolls the Earthquake will never hurt me or else it will always hurt me. Either way is bad. The randomness of epicenter of earthquake is what makes this spell awsome. The change to aoe only around dolls and sadida will make it a spell never-to-be used in team, where dolls are usually near allies: be it close to melee characters or near someone who need heal. The cost higher then 1MP will make me never use it as in pvp i need position myself properly and i don't stand in place. I'd rather make it possible for Sadida to shield itself (and allies) with brambly armor so that in case Earthquake hit them they wouldn't loose HP. The fact that it will always aoe around myself will make me in need to stay away from my allies, wich is opposite to what i should do as support class. It will be simply not handy to stay away and try to control/summon dolls in proper cells and push things properly.

To sum up i'd rather have the Earthquake spell just less random, more predictable, but not completly guaranteed to hit certain area. What i mean is that surrounding enemy with dolls would increase the propability that Earthquake will actually hit there. If enemies will stay close while my allies will be spread out it will be more likely for me to hit those several enemies and in case i fail i would just hurt 1 ally. I also would like to be able to strike enemies far away from me with Earthquake even if i don't have dolls summoned or simply when dolls are not close to that enemy (wich is common at start of my turn, because enemy simply keep moving).

The suggestion of Grou was to make it cost 3MP and has base of 15 dmg at level 100 and to work just as you suggested here: with multiple center zones from dolls and Sadida. People didn't liked it wich is why it didn't got implemented. Instead we got the Earthquake that "potentially won't hurt allies". The thing is that in order to not hurt allies Sadida would need to be in front line - tanking and to do that it need more protection then the Brambly Armor can currently give + it will waste MP when it will move forward. Its not handy in use at all, especially that your allies are usually in front of you or around you, as you support them. Making Earthquake with increased chance to hit targets that are close to each other would give it a mechanic that will still give you some better control of this spell: if you allies won't be next to each other and other enemis will or if dolls will be next to one of the enemy - the Earthquake will have high propability (or maybe guarantee?) that it will hit with center in one of these targets. Remember the Black Crow aoe? It always land on those who are hugging each other. How about implementing something similar to the Earthquake spell?
What I'm thinking is a 2mp for 20 damage 2 per turn, since iop has a spell that works in a similar way, only you are paying twice as much as for the possibility of extra damage though aoe overlapping, also the mp cost will mean that you would be unable to kite opponents at the same time, which i think is worth the damage possibilities of this spell.

1) It would make a wrath size aoe around the saddida, the damage would be the same as gutting gust but the cost would be 2mp.

2) Only the aoe from the dolls would have the possibility of hurting the sadida, i think that adding a potetial 40 base damage to earth saddidas through just this would be worth it, it would also be the perfect thing to supplement a tank who is locking multiple monsters and using ap to shield itself.

3) Dolls would be hit by other dolls aoe and the saddidas aoe but not its own, there is a small amount of synergy with explodoll, though i would argue that since a dolls normal attack is stronger than explodoll, killing them is actually a loss of damage. This would only be an issue if dolls have charges i think, what do you think?

4) I'm thinking 20, the aoe effect makes it risky to use when surrounding enemies, as you will use all your mp to do so, so you will likely be in the blast radius as well, it will take a lot of skill to use it effectively without hurting teammates and yourself, but i prefer it over being a random chance of both.

5) 2 mp, i think the loss of that mobility from the higher cost is worth the damage possibility of the spell. (so you wouldn't want to use it when running from an iop, but if they stop chasing you and stupidly get surronded by dolls then Bam!)

6) really i think that if you manage to surround someone with that many dolls without you getting hit too then you deserve that damage output.

Its odd, we talked about this on another topic and you seemed to like it, my goal for the spell is to remove the random aspect entirely and replace it with something that rewards skilled doll positioning I can see why no one liked grous idea, 3 mp is just way too much, 15 is meh.

The issue with the random stuff is that it always nets 0 base damage difference between you and the enemy, 50% chance to damage you and 50% chance to damage me for the same amount makes it not worth using ever, not even eca abilities are that random.

What you seem to be suggesting here still has that issue when in one on one, and im not that happy with the spell being controlled by the ai of the game.

Though it did gave me another couple of ideas, what if it was a wrath-like aoe, and you can target yourself or any doll on the field for where it happens.
Or what if it simply targeted a random enemy?
(id still prefer my main suggestion though, also not that the values are suggestions, feel free to say what you think is reasonable. Heck we could make it 1 mp, 2 use per turn and 15 damage or something?)

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 03 December 2013 21:13) *

Quote (HakazabaJub @ 02 December 2013 21:18) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 02 December 2013 20:07) *
Say, what? D:
Water Sadida is currently the weakest branch of Sadida that can't do anything outside of low base dmg heal to self or summoning greedy dolls. The dmg of Rust is pathetic and the bonus dmg to dolls is not high anyway while its difficulty to target 4 dolls and the enemy in same time in order to reach "full potential of this spell"! Sadida's tear is the only usable spell but is limited to cast in line and need Voodoll to be effective (read: 1 less doll to deal dmg).
I would actually say water is the strongest, yes rust sucks but saddidas tear is stronger than xelor punishment.
Its true that Sadida's Tear has high base dmg but ONLY with Voodoll summoned. And Voodoll can be killed by enemy easily without even making them waste much AP nor the WP and Sadida permanently loose WP once the Voodoll is dead. The change to Voodoll is needed, that would help for sure. Still 1 Voodoll out = 1 less Greedy summoned. Meanwhile poison effects has greated damage potential then Sadida's Tear. The ultrapowerful dolls are doing similar if not more dmg then the Greedy dolls + they apply poisons that can act as another "dolls" as they posion is dealing dmg too. The air Sadida is very powerful as it is if it uses dolls. The only cons it have is very high cost to summon dolls. Water Sadida doesn't have such luxury. If you compare greedy dolls + sadida's tear and ultrapowerful dolls + poison effects then you will realise that the air branch is way stronger. What bothers me is that Sudden Chill has pretty nice base dmg while it allow not just dolls but all allies to hit hard, meanwhile Rust increase dmg only to water dolls and only to those targeted ones, wich is not much with the low base dmg of the water dolls and Rust itself deal pathetic damage, wich is not even useful as aoe spell.

The earth is not strong either, but Manifold Bramble is doing decent damage, similar to Pandawa's Milkin It (and with similar zone). However the Wild Grass has high dmg potential when cast on Voodoll - the issue again the voodoll looose HP when Sadida use it, wich is bad design and should be changed. Now i don't think we need 2 spells (Sadida's Tear and Wild Grass) that just deal more dmg to target of Voodoll. Therefore wild grass effect should be different. But back to the potential of each branch - the earth is pretty good at protecting 1 selected ally from harm. It is commonly used in fight vs UBs unlike Sadida with inflatables (not only they are not guaranteed heal, the Sadida need to waste AP contoling them or they might bug out and heal the enemy, but they also might position themself in bad place if Sadida don't control them + they increase heal resistance unlike pure earth Sadida build that doesn't even need to use dolls). Earth is cool at protection (the numbers of bambly armor applied need to be higher though) air is cool at dealing dmg (the cost to summon ultrapowerful need to be lowered though) and water is cool at ... uhg well its not best in anything. Water can just summon cheap dolls, but i'd like to see each doll with the same cost to be summoned wich will just make it no longer the utility of water branch. The greedy dolls are too weak, have just 4base MP and are attacking only at melee distance - they are not even able to attack multiiple times as they used to during beta when they were nettled or buffed by Sadida with Rust. Sadida itself can't support them much. The best thing it can do is cast air spells via them - wich lead to multi element build, but water spells itself are not really useful. The only direct heal Sadida have (mudoll) is very weak and not gonna help you more then Wild Grass's brambly armor.

Yeah, voodoll definitely does need some changes, though i disagree that it is easy for enemies to kill when you are using saddidas tear since you dont need to target the voodoll.

I think that it should work under all the same rules as a normal doll(so it gives back wp or whatever doll will do) I also think we should be able to summon multiple ones.

Imagine summoning voodolls on all your allies and then using saddidas tear to damage enemies while healing the whole team, i think that would be very fun .

Really i think the other water spells (mainly drain and rust) deserve a buff but its not so important. The thing about the saddidas elements is the grass is always greener on the other side.

While you cry about water, the earth saddidas cry about bramble shield not being useful in normal fights and manifold costing 6 ap (where the panda one only costs 5) and stare at saddidas tear and drain in jealousy as they hate that wildgrass damages the voodoll and that you can use your best spell twice in a 10 ap build, also that you can support in aoe.

While air crys that its dolls are too easily killed, they have less hp than greedy while costing much more, and that the poisons are worthless when they require dolls to stay alive and use doll stats, which means they cant break resists where a greedy can, also that damage dealing dolls cost 9 ap to summon.

Out of all the builds i think pure water is the best and most versatile even though it has its own issues that you already know, in direct pvp you will probably lose to the others but you are still the most desired in a normal pve group, which holds the majority of game content.

Really, i think we should focus on the things that we all really want changed for now, talking about something as specific as earthquake was a mistake, lets all push for one small thing, like the lone saddida change to see if we can actually get anything at all done.

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #645745  Replies : 23  Views : 2581
posté December 03, 2013, 21:23:26 | #19
I agree with TheMightyShell, Infact i think they will be more effective than some of the weaker classes at they're specialty.

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Thread : Devblogs  Preview message : #645727  Replies : 195  Views : 30252
posté December 03, 2013, 21:16:33 | #20

Quote (Karakedi @ 03 December 2013 02:56) *
Stop your mongering about Multimen already, we know you are against him. Thanks to people like you who keep arguing that the feature "is lame" they got nerfed. You happy now??!!
That makes no sense, do you really think that ankamas logic is "Oh some players think that sidekicks might reduce player interaction, so lets nerf them" that makes no sense.

Also i dont see what people are saying when they claim that they are weak, they seem quite strong to me.

Quote (Karakedi @ 03 December 2013 02:56) *
Geez stop it already, think about other people for once instead of making peoples in game live miserable will you. We know already that you are against it, and we also know that your sadida sucks and they need a huge buff. But please stop making negative comments about it already, I am a sadida player too, it is my favorite class. Also your opinion about the Multimen is negative, we know that by now, ok so stop mongering about it.
Why dont you start thinking about other people? Other people will be using these too, and you really think they will pick your saddida over leveling they're own multiman?

Do you really think that negative opinions about anything are not worth saying? I pity any art you produce, criticism is the greatest tool for polishing any craft.

Quote (Karakedi @ 03 December 2013 02:56) *
I for example love this feature because unlike you, my Osa is stuck at lvl 114 for ages and I can't find any group to level up with. So Multimen were a good feature for me but because of your mongering and a few others they got nerfed big time. I hope that you are very happy now, especially when there is nobody left to play this game but yourself and a few others that can't stand other people having fun with Multimen...
As you can see on the left, my saddida is firmly in the 110-120 wall of pain, i also have a xelor that uses the exact same gear as my saddida but has over 4 times the damage output.

And i know i will enjoy using this to get out of this ditch, but only considering that would be self centered, just think about all of the new players trying to get into groups when they have to contend with multimen who give the people already there extra loot and require constant xp or they will fall behind the levels of those people. Its just like using maka weapons over weapons that are better because maka weapons need xp.

I dont deny multimen will be very fun to use, and also be very effective. But is it really a good idea to make solo play so attractive and in an mmo?

Quote (Karakedi @ 03 December 2013 02:56) *
I am fed up with people like you and I am really tired to read your comments. Seriously I feel like quitting this game once again, thank you for that :/
And i am fed up with people like you, who assume ankama cant stand up to critisim and worship everything they do as perfection. No, perfection can only gained through collaboration! I'm qute sure they are not children who will tantrum just because someone is critical of the direction they are taking the game.

I want this game to be live up to its potential, which is boundless. How do you think it will get there without people giving feedback?

Quote (sockstoyourdoor @ 03 December 2013 19:59) *
I don't want to group with real players unless it's an ultimate boss, or PVP
See, this is exactly what I'm talking about.

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