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Quote (-Synapse @ 04 March 2015 08:26) *
But this isn't ONLY ankama's fault. The players who exploit the level gap for merit game and endgame gear and dungeon camping have caused this too. You think we haven't lost players to that sort of griefing? You think we haven't lost PvPers to that sort of disheartening loss when they put any effort towards getting merit? Part of the blame is with the players, by sucking up every last drop of merit they can camping others they made it so that the people at rank 4+ are solely themselves and close friends. Now that there's all of 9 people at that merit at endgame there's no merit to be gained and they have only themselves to blame.
This will never sound like anything other than justification of "I believe what I'm doing is less wrong."

It follows the theory of 'Eye for an eye'. I believe you have wronged the system 'this' way so I will wrong the system 'that' way.

Of course, the saying goes, 'An eye for an eye will make everyone go blind.' If your only solution you can find to something you find destructive is to take another destructive path, you aren't helping the cause at all, and you can't try and take a community helping high road out of that fact. It's not helping anyone save for a few people who are cheating the system.

The difference to me will always be ToS, regardless of if Ankama sucks at enforcing it, the ToS is the difference on what is right and wrong in a game space that is not owned by any of us, but a team of developers under the parent company, Ankama. If they wanted merit camping to be an illicit activity, they could make it a violation of the ToS, or put rules into the game to prevent it. Or better yet, just make a system that doesn't promote it.

Alternatively, if they didn't want merit collection to be such a godawful task that people have to resort to becoming dubious they could do things like, create an alt+f4 delay so scummy players can't just quit the server when they see you. Create better incentives for entry level pvp so that more people are willing to take part in it in the first place and merit wasn't so scarce. Create better incentives for team play, which drives out the 1v1 meta which will never be anything worth having.

You can argue about how you're saving the community, but it's not yours to save. It's Ankama's game and it's really up to their development team what they want to do with it. I can guarantee you the game has lost 1,000 times the players camping ever cost to any of the thousands of other issues the game has. So if Ankama is breaking their own game and driving players away, does that mean you should troll Ankama because it's fun and makes a few players you like stick around?

I can prove this point by turning Wakfu into a microcasm of the MMOspace as a whole. Of that huge MMO space there's a VERRRRRY tiny % of players crazy enough to play this practically indie, very much still in development game in the first place, so few in fact that in a short period of time everyone is essentially modestly aware of everyone else and the game itself is nothing but cliques. Ankama is the merit camping, constantly giving us unpleasant experiences through unwanted or poorly implemented changes, not handling problems in a timely fashion and often lacking the capacity or the ability to punish people who step outside the rules. So does that mean the best way to solve this problem is to then ruin the fun of the small % of players who do enjoy Wakfu by completely breaking the game? Ruin the economy, ruin nations, ruin the community built spaces, care to the wind. Is it the way to go?

This is a perfect microcasm because it really happened. A small % of the player base significantly abused a duping exploit to essentially ruin the server economy, entire spaces of the game, entire nations and in a very large way the game itself for Nox population. I don't see any difference in supporting merit farmers than supporting those dupers. You are hiding behind the guise of community support and shaming a sanctioned, but unsavory activity in one hand, while simultaneously saying it's perfectly fine to perform an unsactioned and equally unsavory activity in the other.

There is no justice in that,

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posté Today - 04:04:57 | #2

Quote (visitor888 @ 05 March 2015 23:27) *
Xelors are also late bloomers for a couple of reasons. First is that they are arguably the most complex class in the game with some mechanics (like Tick/Tock) that you really don't see in other classes. Damage Xelors need a ton of AP to really maximize on aging and temporal prism but can put out some frightening numbers in the hands of a skilled player. Also a xelor's ability to manipulate the ap of himself and his allies doesn't really cap until you have 10 or 12 ap. The fact that the xelor can give himself ap, store it in his dial for next and then has a chance to start out with 3 extra just for pressing buttons the turn before means that he is meant to have turns where he has all the ap in the world, as such some of the things that he can do (like teleport an enemy to his dial) aremore complex and requires more ap than it would for other classes to do something similar. Low level xelors can seem underpowered because they have low range compared to other ranges classes and maximizing their damage is largely dependent on passives they may not have yet and combos they don't have the ap to utilize.
I think Xelor starts to shine when you can get 8AP/4MP and have maxed Devote to guarantee 10AP 2MP turns.

You will see significant gains in power at base 10AP and base 12AP stopgaps. You will see much more utility at 5MP or 6MP if you choose to go the 6MP route.

The interesting thing about the class isn't how 'hard it is' cuz as far as playing the class goes, iI think it's quite easy. The hard part is deeply understanding the extremely complex mechanics at work and knowing when and how to use them. The class is probably one of the latest bloomers simply because it takes a long time to learn to play well.

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posté Today - 03:59:56 | #3

Quote (CandyDoll @ 06 March 2015 02:32) *

Quote (Chompers @ 05 March 2015 05:53) *
I am more concerned 2 sadi's are there even if they are alt farming.
This made me Lol and Awww at the same time.
Don't know why, Sadi's strong in 1v1 and team PVP Meta. Given their worst matchup IS one of the most popular PVP classes.

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posté Today - 03:53:26 | #4
As many have said, it's a relic of the games past now. Something that has very little relevance in the current state of the game. Probably still decent for melee parties of mid 50s-60s to level from, but otherwise completely unnoteworthy.

In the old days it was THE spot. It was the source of drama, levels and one of the most populated areas in the game since it was essentially a primary source of levels.

Nowadays its just as much of a ghost-town as the rest of the nation.

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posté Today - 03:41:32 | #5
Single target damage is exactly what it sounds like, damage for a single target spell (I.E. Hand on Tick turn, on Tock its an AoE). Close Combat is 1-2 cells from you, Distance is 3+ cells. Crit/backstab damage is self explanatory.

Hope that helps.

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posté Today - 03:39:53 | #6
Water needs love more than air. That's my personal opinion, it's not the worst thing in the game, but out of the three branches it needs the most attention by a noticeable amount. Air as a standalone isn't bad, it's just lackluster since it's relatively restrictive. There's no straight forward spell in the kit, meaning you need to dance around just to use your own damage.

Tri can still work IMHO, if I were to tri I'd probably take Age/Underhand only because Underhand's utility is too strong to ignore in the current meta, even though Punishment is definitely the better 'spell'. The thing is once you go water kit in a turn you're throwing your DPT out the window and accepting that you are now a support class. Throwing AP on other classes or trying against all desires of the developers to steal the AP off something else.

Fire/Air builds are popular because they are the most flexible, effective and have the least 'wasted space' in Xelor builds. This is especially noticeable since you can gain many of the best effects of the water branch without ever bothering to level a spell.

Though, honestly, there aren't a lot of good Xelor's left (at end game at least) on Nox, so maybe someone else can come up and fill that tri gap and prove me wrong.


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posté March 04, 2015, 06:09:26 | #7

Quote (Micestorff @ 03 March 2015 14:45) *

Quote (Nox16 @ 03 March 2015 06:42) *
If I could do it I'd probably try to cheat the pvp system only for that sweet tri gear. Madds right though pvp is really broken. I don't think they should have released it until more classes were revamped or did a coliseum. I'd also make arguments about how pvp gear should only work in pvp and nowhere else. I do hope they also genre working on fixing pvp because I would like to enjoy doing it at high level.

Uhhh its need rank 3 to use it, getting it will be a pain becouse everyone will be merit farming to stay at rank 3.
45 players per nation per server can retain rank 3 or above. Almost the entire active individual end game player population on Nox would have to start cheating to push anyone out of rank 3.

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posté March 03, 2015, 05:07:21 | #8
As I've already said in other threads on this topic, the flood gates have been opened. There is now a clock ticking down before cheaters gain significant advantage over legitimate players in terms of available gear as well as rank, at which point doing legitimate PVP won't even be worth it anymore, at least at the end game.


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posté February 26, 2015, 07:49:48 | #9
Best of luck in all your future adventures, you will be greatly missed here.


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posté February 25, 2015, 05:14:00 | #10

Quote (13Stars @ 24 February 2015 22:36) *
Nice guide for the people that didn’t know!

But I have a pretty good feeling that this post will lead to Ankama blocking this method since you can in theory gains million of Kamas buy selling products and having relics within a week (Market bought) which **IMO** defeats the WHOLE purpose of the game, even if you played Ankamas other games.

Never the less, it’s a witty method.
I actually think that using this method would be slower than 6 box farming end game content. The setup to 6box end game content, though is pretty harsh, but I've seen most people who fully devote to it pull it off in about 2-3 months.

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posté February 24, 2015, 10:06:31 | #11

Quote (Mr-buddy2u @ 23 February 2015 15:35) *
How did you get that out of players don"t want to be killed when entering a dungeon ?
Your combination of statements implied that you were saying people started farming low level alts for merit because the system promoted dungeon camping and pushed away higher level PVP. That is how I came to that conclusion.

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posté February 24, 2015, 09:59:59 | #12

Quote (baiyujin @ 20 February 2015 08:18) *
encourage more Sadi's this is why people hate these Sadi forums XD

I like the work to inform those who are looking to start the class up, my only criticism is when you are putting that much information into a wall of text it may work to your benefit to create a table of contents and chapter it.


Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #833299  Replies : 9  Views : 648
posté February 24, 2015, 07:41:34 | #13

Quote (Nox16 @ 24 February 2015 02:55) *
Id be ok with ap removal and such being a state if it was a state that was permanent unless we didnt apply it like i dont want it to go down really. Similar to frozen from chafers i suppose but with ap so you can just be like oh you have - 3ap and we just reapply it... it has to be easy enough to maintain but not force us to use it massively just for small returns like i think it should cap out at lie 8 or 9 ap and you know tough luck for them. I dont want it to be like oh you can just take 4 ap now if you spend your whole turn on it and it only lasts a turn then you have to do it all over again maybe have it so you can do it one turn then do damage the next and it persists for a second turn then goes away or can be reapplied to be worse idk maybe have it go down a level or two every turn so its not op... i just see going into the state system as a way to really nerf waters ap drain possibilities.
What I was kind of saying was this...

"50 state removes 1AP, at 75 1MP at 100 1AP, at 150 1AP, at 200 1AP 1MP"

At 200 state the state would reset. Assuming that 200 state requires a full turn to pull off that's -4AP -2MP. It's pretty respectable and more importantly, it's 100% reliable since it's a state, not a debuff. This also allows us to get rid of the extremely redundant +AP steal % states and free up passive space for more interesting mechanics.

Additionally, doing it this way means that Water should be able to get a relatively sizeable buff to either damage output or additional secondary effects, since it will no longer have to compete with the 'Almighty AP steal a character into the ground and be OP' issue. AP steal becomes very reliable and predictable and no longer gets mostly mediocre buffs from passives, meaning the branch should be allowed much more freedom and damage potential.

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posté February 23, 2015, 14:47:25 | #14
I would love a display like this, especially during the period when I spent tons of time pruning inactive members and because I just can't be on enough to always see who is still playing.


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posté February 23, 2015, 14:46:10 | #15
Short version: Any flower that has it's seeds eaten by a quest mob becomes bugged. It's on every server. It's annoying. It's never been fixed on any server unless the eco was fully reset.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #832925  Replies : 2  Views : 659
posté February 23, 2015, 14:40:40 | #16

Quote (Mr-buddy2u @ 23 February 2015 13:00) *
it comes down to players camping dungeons for pvp people get sick of it and are like i want to run sram. wings off
There's a difference between farming within the restrictions of legitimate use of the game space and farming through illegitimate means. If you think that player camping violates the rules, report it. Whatever form of alt farming is going on obviously violates the rules. While if this instance is some spite issue that is only about that and nothing else, I still don't agree with it but it doesn't bother me as much as if it's a move to gear.

Regardless, the flood gates have been opened. If Ankama chooses not to handle this situation, it will be between 56 and ??? days from now until PVP in the game is broken even more than it is now, beyond the point of repair or redemption and may as well be removed and replaced with the previous benefitless openworld PVP of the old days. Infantry gear, the gear in question is not only the best PVP gear in the game, but it is also the best trigear slots available for any character in any situation for 2-3 slots on any given character. Allowing it to be farmable through illicit means is essentially just as bad as allowing people to use duped gear to run around wrecking everyone else who chooses to play legitimately.

As Gynrei said, in all situations, the company is the one most at fault. It is their responsibility to determine and fix flawed or exploitable systems, it is their responsibility to incentivize PVP in a way that doesn't interfere with PVM and it is their responsibility to determine abuse and respond to it appropriately. I'm sure there is an argument of 'We're trying to show them it's broken by making it a big issue' in here somewhere, that's what Hooks always used to try and justify his actions. Hooks is also 'permanently banned' according to the most awesome community manager ever. So that's another thought to keep in mind.


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posté February 23, 2015, 14:22:19 | #17
Int I'd go Regen, Res, HP in that order.
Strength I'd spread evenly between resistance and all damage.
I'd take Init if you want to PVP or Dodge if you want to purely PVM and don't care about going first.
I'd take even spread between crit and block until both are maxed.
For major I'd take AP, Range, Final Resists (in that order) unless you want to max team utility or damage at cost of sustainability in which case I'd take MP or Final Damage.

Thread : Xelor  Preview message : #832914  Replies : 7  Views : 415
posté February 23, 2015, 14:13:55 | #18

Quote (Niddhoggy @ 05 February 2015 13:53) *
Hello, I'd like to discuss some ideas to improve the class

The Xelor Dial

The current Xelor Dial is way too difficult to handle in a fight, cells often get blocked by obstructions and it kinda restricts the movement of the Xelor, despite of allowing him to jump from square to square. The Xelor is restricted to this area only, this aspect makes it quite difficult to cast the linear spells for example.

I am not sure if my idea would work though, the idea I have is to add a Dial that's similar to Syclick's. The central structure is still present, but the squares the Xelor can move are changed into the area of effect covered by a circle of size 2. like in the picture below:

It looks restricted, but I want to make Dial easier to be placed and also to allow the Xelors to summon up to two Dials in the map and extend their reach in fights.

Spell characteristics:

  • 2 AP, 1 WP cost at level 9
  • 1 to 3 Range, fixed and not linear. Needs line of sight.
  • Cooldown of two turns.
  • Has 6 charges

Conditions and Efects:

  • 2 dials out in battle limitation.
  • Each dial center must be within 6 cells maximum from the other center.
  • Moving from Dial to Dial costs 2 MP.
  • Moving from Cell to Cell inside a Dial costs 1 MP.
  • 40% Damage bonus from standing on Dial.

Water Branch

The current Water Branch is way too weak compared to the other two branches and it lacks AP drain capacity. However, AP drain is something that we have to be really cautions when changing it, as the current AP drain can be considered balanced in PvP, but unbalanced in PvE. Because of that I had an idea to increase the potential of the Xelor draining AP per enemy present in the fight. I have also changed the damage and effects of the water skills.


-1 AP (90%)
-63 HP

-75 HP
Counter +30 (ally only)
Counter: water based shield that reflects 100% of the reduced damage back to the attacker. Frostbite can be cast from 0 Range now.

Xelor's Hourglass

-1 AP (80%)
-36 HP

-50 HP
Accelerator +1 (80%)


-1 AP (90%) cross of size 1
-95 HP cross of size 1
If cast on Dial: effects spread to Dial area of effect (Xelor doesn't take damage)

-116 HP cross of size 1
Accelerator +1 (80%)
If cast on Dial: effects spread to Dial area of effect (Xelor doesn't take damage)


This is a great summon but currently it lasts not enough, I suggest to increase it's charges to 4 instead of 3 and make it possible to restore one charge by casting Time Keeper on it. Ah, since I changed Frostbite, Sinistro is also influenced by Tick and Tock turns too. On Tick turns it will cast counter shield on an ally if there's no enemy in range.

Support Abilities

Some of the support abilities could be changed to improve the gameplay of the water and air branch. Initiative loss has became obsolete since they changed initiative bonuses, that's why I removed them from the fire branch and added MP loss. The air branch I suggest to be turned into mobility one.

Temporal Waves
This skill now increases the chance of the Xelor draining AP from enemies during Tock turns based on the number of enemies present in the fight. MP removal boost on Tick turns.

Tock: +15% chance of removing AP per enemy present in fight.
Tick: +15% chance of removing MP per enemy present in fight.

Time Theft
+20% chane of applying Accelerator
+30% Area of Effect Damage
If AP is removed: +1 AP (20%)
If MP is removed: +1 MP (20%)

Timekeeper: now restores Sinistro and Hydrand charges. AP can be stored on them.

Master of Time: MP removal bonus added

Fire Branch

Many players are going to be against my idea of MP removal on this branch because since Dofus, Xelors are AP specialists and not MP. On the other hand I think that controlling the movement of the target has everything to do with time control too, because you are simply slowing the movement of the target, you are freezing him and hindering him. My idea is to replace the initiative loss on fire spells by MP loss and thus make it impossible to remove AP and MP during the same turn because of Tick and Tock states.

5 AP, 3 to 4 Range
Tick: -115 Damage, -1 MP (90%)
Tock: -135 Damage, 1 rebound of 2 cells.

Line of Fire
4 AP, 1-2 Range, Linear
Tick: -80 HP, -1 MP (80%)
Tock: -100 HP, 3 cells line area

Temporal Burn
Consumes all AP, 2 to 3 Range, Max consumption: 3
Tick: -20 damage per AP, -1 MP (25% chance per AP)
Tock: -25 damage per AP, cross of size 1 area

Temporal Dust
6 AP, 1-4 Range
Tick: -115 HP, -1 MP (90%) cross of size 1
Tock: -135 HP, circle of size 2
If cast on Dial Center: effects spread to Dial Area, Xelor doesn't take damage.

Hydrand now casts Temporal Burn on targets. It has 3 AP and 4 charges. It costs 4 AP to summon it.

Air Branch

The air branch remains as the utility branch, I have only changed Punishment because of Dial modification and increased the damage of Tempus Fugit.

  • Aging: -30 HP per AP or MP removed. Activates Clocking Off and Distortion.
  • Tempus Fugit: damage increased to 90 at 200. Applies Clocking Off +1 to all targets before teleporting.

Xelor's Punishment
5 AP, 1-3 Range, can be increased. No dial restriction.
2 turns cooldown.

-170 HP cross of size 1, Clocking Off +3
If cast on Dial Center: effects spread to Dial area.

That is basically this, what do you guys think about that?

Hey mang, I moved your ideas from your thread over to this one

I don't like the idea of making dial space MORE restricted. Even if you can cast more than one dial (especially since it will take two turns to be able to do this). It's already something that makes kiting nearly impossible since we exist in a fixed point unless we forcibly remove ourselves from that point. Additionally, it's super easy for many sustain classes to just break our dials in two turns meaning we'd be locked in a perpetual single dial situation hating life.

I do think it would be cool if we could add those patterns as dial extensions though, similarly to how I suggested adding external tiles. Maybe as a place we could move to temporarily but not stay on without breaking dial? Or maybe as a place with a full tile somewhere and the remaining area as single movement points. The second option sounds a bit strong on paper.

About spells, I don't think focusing on AP steal as the primary function of water makes sense unless Ankama goes the same route they are with Cra where we get an easy way to remove Hyperaction. This is why I'm more in favor of the Iop style AP/MP losses where spells incur a state and at level 100 that state removes 1AP. This takes away the 100% utility on 0 lvl effect and also makes it VERY easy for the devs to buff the spells so they are usable again.

Regarding Sinistro I think the biggest issue is it gains 0 benefit from the player. No crit, no % gains to AP steal, no passive damages. All in all it is a very mediocre summon.

You are correct, I am super against your plans for fire. I'd like to see fire given more burst mechanics and possibly for the entire aging system to be reworked or removed. While you could argue MP makes sense with time control abilities, if that was the case I'd instead argue that it be part of the water state. Let's say at 50 state removes 1AP, at 75 1MP at 100 1AP, at 150 1AP, at 200 1AP 1MP. This makes it both very predictable and easy to plan turns around what you can and cannot take, as well as impossible to be used to break the game by bursting off too much AP/MP. It also helps solve the problem of Xelor NEVER being able to escape an enemy due to the restrictions dial imposes.

The punishment change is interest, but I'd honestly rather have Aging removed (and its burst effects reworked) or moved to an active spell and that would leave a spell slot for an idea like yours.

Something else I've been thinking of a lot lately (Thought it up while spending a while duo-fighting against a friends double Panda team with our servers top Feca), Xelor has 0 options to recover to dial (or move around dial) with no MP or if just thrown across the map. This is even more noticeable if whatever moves you can then trap you or worse yet lock you meaning you'd need to double fugit to return. I'd really like to see an active spell that teleports Xelor to any dial tile with a 2turn cooldown. This also greatly aids in the problem of Xelors being forced into lock every single turn. I would propose doing this by moving Timekeeper and Devotion into the same slot. If cast on dial, timekeeper effect occurs, if cast anywhere else devotion effect occurs. I realize this doesn't leave a slot for Aging to be moved, but honestly I'd rather that mechanic just be made to not require a single catalyst spell (1cast/turn at that) to be used before the combo is started. Ankama has essentially used Aging to pigeonhole our burst into a single target or small AoE... this is even more of an issue since Aging is also used to trigger Underhand, and often means that to escape lock you also have to mark that target as your burst target... I don't like that kind of restriction.

Just some more ideas to bounce around. I'll respond to the other posts since my last post later


Thread : Xelor  Preview message : #832909  Replies : 17  Views : 1149
posté February 23, 2015, 13:55:22 | #19
Hey mang, why didn't you put all this in the Xel probs thread?

I'm literally gonna quote you and reply there since I have it on good word that larger multipage threads get more attention from the people that matter. (I'll admit I've abandoned it a little cuz I'm scared to start writing essays that take up all my time limited play Q_Q)


Thread : Xelor  Preview message : #832904  Replies : 10  Views : 538
posté February 23, 2015, 13:49:14 | #20
You can argue any build you want to. Really, what will matter most in that regard is accessibility to gear. If someone can pull together a 9-10AP/4MP setup early on, then you get more options, however... by the level you could do this (late 60s early70s) you can already have 3 skills maxed (and maybe half of a fourth).

The four most important skills in my opinion are Dial, Prism, Devote, Rollback
Meaning at 70 you can have 9/20/9/10. Most of the other spells except for Timekeeper are just not needed in the early stages.

I don't most expect new Xelor players to have that option though. I expect one of two things to happen, 1: They are taken to 100 in a week or less by leveling groups. This is almost guaranteed for any non-first time player with an existing high level character who chooses this route. In which case they have access to 5 max spells. In this instance I would go devote first because it's the only use you can provide to the party, but it is rare that someone in this situation would bother to stop by these forums.

2: They take the slow regular route, and this is where I would suggest dial, yes it takes an extra 18 points. Meaning it will be maxed at level 19. At level 19 the most you're going to have is 7/3, meaning if you don't have a 2AP dial cost, you're missing out on the biggest DD spells the class has access too, Hand and Punishment. Turn 2 you will have a couple of spare AP unless you underhand/lof, but that's probably what I'd do. Turn three you can Age/Hand. I doubt many fights would last longer than this at that stage of the game. This will remain true for most players until they are nearly level 100 at which point they can have the full 'necessary' set of spells maxed for AP optimization.

The first reason I'd argue Dial in favor of your listed setup is exactly because of how fast fights proceed. Level 9 dial is 50% damage instantly on turn one. Level 20 Prism which costs two extra points can only provide 45%(50% if you choose to also dial) max on turn one, and only if you use all three branches. In a 7/3 setup, this means you only have two possible paths for an optimal turn, Time Control self (pray for 1AP) if AP successful, no dial, Underhand, LoF, if AP fails cast aging, line of fire. These are the options if you DONT cast dial, which makes for a pretty weak damage output on turn 1. If you choose to dial you are down to 4AP to cast spells from all three branches. Spoiler alert, it's not going to go well. Turn 2 you can produce more damage, but it still requires you to use three branches which drops damage optimization, probably more than you realize. As you put it your fights never take more than 3 turns... so turn 2 is almost irrelevant if you can produce a stronger turn 1 and turn 2 on base damage alone. If you choose to take Devote first instead, you're only running 3MP, which basically makes you stationary if you use it for 2AP.

Therefore you essentially have three possible paths if you wish for optimal damage output in the early stages of the game.

1: Go tribrid, take Prism, don't dial and do decent damage.
2: Take devote, don't dial and be a turret and do decent damage.
3: Take Dial, and use Dial do decent damage.

On paper, none of these options is necessarily better than the others. Xelor's don't need dial to play. We just need them to maximize our efficiency. That leads me into my second and most important reason to take dial. It is a gift and a curse and no Xelor player will ever be good at the class until they deeply and intimately understand that trait. In my humble opinion, the most important reason to focus on dial isn't statistics or numbers, min/max optimization, while super cool on paper, doesn't mean a damn thing if you can't play your class. It's so you understand from start to finish exactly what Dial is and how to use it the best way, when it counts. Every day I play, I feel like I learn a little bit more about how to better use my dial. Every new instance I play in, every new fight (PVM or PVP) I experience and every time the games play-styles are forcibly changed on me. Xelor is a super easy class to 'play' and an absurdly difficult class to understand. The more time players have to try and understand the class at an easy pace (not trying to min-max through exceptionally complicated mechanics) the easier it is and the higher I believe class retention will be.


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