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Quote (Sepfinaroshka @ 09 October 2015 09:26) *
Xelor still one of the best attacking classes with fewer restrictions. Only Gel mechanics was nerfed hard. And that's fine because it builds the same type of tire
The mechanics are convoluted and no longer support build diversity. There is a set of master builds and everything else is barely worth the time of day from where I see it. It was a set of very poorly implemented nerfs that added complexity by removing a broken mechanic, only to simplify the class by once again making a single set of optimal turns in scenarios, nothing like the days of old when you could pull off complicated and impressive things.

The fixes were poorly thought out and obviously rushed.

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Every AP lost = +20 hyperaction, each point of hyperaction = 1% less chance to steal another AP, so everytime you steal one AP mob gets 20% chance to resist your next AP steal.

Even with stats and the spell its only possible to get 180% chance to steal AP.

Add to that the fact that the hyperaction loss formula was nerfed to 10+5/maxAP @ start of players turn, meaning a 12 AP character would only lose 70 hyperaction per turn and you'll quickly find that this is a waste of time.

You'll be lucky to take 6-7AP turn one, and will have significantly less AP steal on subsequent turns.

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Madd's guide to surviving the Xelor Apocalypse 2015 Madd’s Guide to Surviving the Xelor Apocalypse of 2015

Last Updated: 10/8/15

Disclaimer – PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: We all know that there were major nerfs, and many of us are very opinionated about them. This thread, however, is not the place to discuss those. This thread exists for my personal guide to and the subsequent discussion of how to survive the post deck Xelor nerfs of 2015. Please respect the open discussion of how to play Xelor moving forward and make it easier for people who are looking for guidance.

- Madd

1. Short Overview of Spell Deck for Xelor
2. Post Deck September Nerfs
----a. Dial Changes
----b. Sandglass Changes
----c. Rollback Changes
3. What does it mean?
----a. How do the new mechanics actually work?
----b. Do I still need Rollback?
----c. How do I build?
4. How to survive as a duo build
----a. Water/Fire
--------i. Builds
--------ii. Example turns
----b. Air/Fire
--------i. Builds
--------ii. Example turns
----c. Air/Water
--------i. I don’t recommend it.
5. How to survive as a tri build
--------i. Builds
--------ii. Example turns
6. Conclusions
----a. Why you shouldn’t give up on Xelor!
----b. Suggestions and Notes

1. Short Overview of Spell Deck for Xelor
In the interest of not spending all day on this, spell decks brought: New bonus damage mechanic for water called Temporal Freezing, can be triggered for massive bonus damage, new bonus damage for Hydrant which includes virtually double damage for gathering 10 charges for using Hydrant (+1/unit +2/enemy hit).

Up to 60% final damage, Minor healing mechanics, New limitations to AP gains (Max +3 from water, water now gains at 100%, no longer hops from targets automatically from Time Control). Now capable of trigerring rollback and getting start of turn rollback for up to +6AP. Minor secondary damage for Air branch. Stronger distortion, cast limited 3/target.

Devotion was changed to 2MP, 1WP, 4turn cooldown, +2AP for all chars on Dial @ start of Xelor’s turn occupying a Dial tile. I’m not fond of this incarnation, but it has it’s places.

2. Post Deck September Nerfs

----a. Dial Changes: Dial HP lowered from 50% Xelor’s max HP to 32% Xelor’s max HP. Dial resistances tinkered with. “Fix for a bug where the dial’s resistance was doubled”, which apparently resulted in bugged resistance, making Dial very fragile. More so than any past iteration has ever been.

----b. Sandglass Changes: Sandglass was cast gated to 2/target, most important thing to note about this is it means you can no longer trigger +3AP from Sandglass on a single target. This is a major hit to water/fire damage which will be talked about later.

----c. Rollback Changes: Rollback had a “bug” fixed that was allowing 30% chance to roll back AP/AP used, instead of per spell cast. Of all the changes, this is the most major, and will most effect Xelor’s play style. I will cover this in depth, but it does create a scenario where you may not want to take Rollback at all, which has two major repercussions

3. What does it mean?
It means that you will need to rethink much if not all you know about Xelor. While I intend to use this guide to try and aid those of you who wish to continue using this class, it’s important to note that I am not the end all be all of Xelor play, there will be more possibilities than what I recommend and I highly recommend the most devoted experiment on their own and find what works for them.

----a. How do the new mechanics actually work?
Rollback is 35% chance to regain 1AP per spell cast, regardless of if that spell costs AP (Dial and Desynch can both generate rollback) or not, meaning the strongest rollback turns will be the turns you cast the most number of spells. You can save rollback up to 6AP, and it will not trigger unless you use Timekeeper to trigger it.

Dial now has a two turn cooldown, significantly lower (and I hear bugged) resistances, and less than 2/3rds HP. Dial’s have become much more fragile, and are now something you need to think heavily about protecting.

Sandglass is limited to 2casts/target. This does exactly what it sounds like, not much to talk about here. The one major noteworthy change is that it has now gone from difficult, to impractical, to take more than 2-3 AP from a single target. Meaning Time Theft has taken a noticeable indirect nerf in non-AoE and in single target situations.

----b. Do I still need rollback?
The answer to this question, frankly, depends. Due to my playstyle, I find rollback to still be useful, and I find myself dividing turns into ‘rollback production’, ‘fast damage’ or ‘burst damage’. What this means is, I either cast as many spells as possible to try and generate rollback (On a good one of these turns I can pull in 3-5 AP average). ‘Fast damage’, where I focus on the maximum output as quickly as possible (trigger rollback sometime during turn, can produce 2-4AP depending on combo of choice). Or lastly ‘Burst Damage’ where I burn all 5-6 AP I’ve saved from rollback turns for the maximum damage possible.

It is also possible, to forego Rollback in favor of passives like Temporal Waves, or Time Theft in variable high AP combo decks, however I’ve yet to find myself actually doing this.

Save may also be an option, but will probably only work if you chose a build that doesn’t use Temporal Burn, as Burn negates most of the usefulness of Save. (Save only transfers AP, it doesn’t get you more AP like Time Theft, or more damage like Temporal Waves). Again, I’ve yet to find a scenario that I would choose to do this in.

----c. How do I build?
As always, this question depends on how you want to play. I like to play a primary DPT, with mobility and support options. Heavy support Xelor saw significant damaged from Spell Decks. It’s hard for me to recommend trying to focus on this style of play anymore.

The most efficient ways to play, in my opinion, is to focus on variable damage types, and variable turns, giving decks much more meaning, but also making turns feel very convoluted. I prefer to play a mixed single target/aoe Tri deck, or a heavy AoE Hydrust deck with Aging/Hand/Burn to support single target damage needs. In order to achieve either of these decks, I’ve had to sacrifice support and escape skills, often dropping Fugit, Devotion or Mummy in place of other spells, unless required by the instance I’m playing. I find myself using much less static deck assignments, and much more fluid and situational individual spell swaps.

4. How to survive as a duo build
Duo was hit much harder than Tri, mostly because it is impossible to take advantage of any of the most beneficial secondary effects of any combination but Hydrust, which comes out of this with only the rollback nerf as a major point of concern. The major benefit of duo build is you can easily take 4 spells from each branch, making it very easy to choose your spells as each branch has at least one useless spell.

----a. Water/Fire
Water/Fire has taken the most severe set of nerfs from this round in my opinion. Time Control, Sandglass and Burn are your only easily usable rollback stacking spells. Two of the three are cast gated.

--------i. Potential Builds:
Spell wise, I’d take Time Control, Sandglass, Clock, Sinistro, Hand, Temporal Burn, Temporal Dust and Hydrant. Line of Fire is a mediocre spell, and none of it’s secondary effects are even useful without Air (Even with Air they’re mediocre at best). Frostbite is weak AND cast gated. This spell is mediocre.

Passives haven’t changed much in my opinion, Clock Master, Temporal Prism, Dial Master, Rollback, Carnage or Time Theft or Temporal Waves. Mechanics Specialist is hard to recommend before level 180, even then, if you can get enough control from gear (which is easy as a duo build) It’s hard to recommend, unless you play a premade setup group for Hydrust.

Build 1: Time Control, Sandglass, Clock, Hand, Burn or Sinistro, Hydrant or Burn, Dust, Underhand or Fugit (For escape/mobility though you could just take all 8 Elemental spells), Timekeeper, Dial, Devotion or Mummy, Desynch.

--------ii. Example 12 AP Tick Turn, Rollback Generation: Time Control Enemy, Time Control Self, Sandglass, Sandglass, Desynch, Hand (Although you could also do Clock here, depending on your enemies elemental weakness), Burn

Example 12 AP tock turn, burst (assuming 6AP rollback prep): Rollback (trigger first so you can start generating immediately) Time Control Enemy, Sandglass, Sandglass, Clock, Hand, Burn

----b. Air/Fire
Xelor’s old gimmick, it can still work, but I think it’s taken a lot of indirect nerfs from the spell deck patch, such as losing secondary effects of Fire on Tock turns, or Line of Fire. There have been minor ‘buffs’ in exchange.

--------i. Potential Builds:
Air/Fire is pretty much a one trick pony right now when it comes to maximizing damage, there are still only a few logical options. Focusing on Age/Hand/Hand/Burn~ will produce the best damage outside of heavily charged Dust.
While there are a few ‘theorycrafting’ options available. I’d stick with what I know. Underhand, Aging, Temporal Distortion, Punishment, Hand, Burn, Dust, Hydrant.

Passives don’t change much here, you’ll see the most bang out of the huge damage passives, Prism, Dial Master, Rollback, Carnage, Clock Master or I suppose you could argue for Temporal Waves or Mech. I’d take Clock Master for the ranged damage. Air Fire is a combination that you could consider dropping Rollback in favor of another passive like Temporal Waves. Really up to you.

Build 1: Hand, Burn, Hydrant, Dust, Underhand, Aging, Distortion, Fugit or Punishment, Dial, Timekeeper, Desynch, Devotion or Mummy.

--------ii. Example 12 AP Tick Turn, rollback generation: Distortion, Distortion, Distortion, Desynch, Aging, Burn

Example 12 AP Tick Turn, Burst: Timekeeper (+6) Aging, Hand, Hand, Burn, Burn. Like I said, one trick pony.

Example 12 AP Hydrust setup turn: Hydrant, Hydrant, Distortion, Distortion

Example 12AP Dust Use: Dust, Dust, (Dust again if 6 rollback, if you even took it)

----c. Air/Water
You will have a hard time running this combination. Air has no strong damage and no strong damage synergy with water, water has mediocre damage and mediocre damage synergy with Air. If you’re determined, I’m sure you can make it work. I have no interest in it personally. I played it before when Xelor support was still viable, it was a lost cause even before spell decks.

--------i. I don’t recommend it.
Seriously, I can’t give you any recommendations, you will have a hard life taking this duo.

5. How to Survive as a Tri Build
Tri is the bread and butter build right now, the gear is expensive and you need an extensive knowledge of Xelor to optimize turns in any possible situation, but it also yields the greatest rewards. This is what I run and what I recommend.

----a. Potential Builds:
You can go a few ways, I’ll outline my preferred build, which focuses on maximum possible Single Target and AoE tri damage as well as maximum rollback, while also keeping Hydrust as a deck slotted option. Additionally, tri build will build the fastest possible prism, which will maximize your damage at 60% final damage faster than any other possible build.

Again, passives don’t change much from before, I run damage passives because I treat Xelor as a damage dealer.
Clock Master, Prism, Carnage, Dial Master and Rollback.

Build 1 (My primary build, PVM): Sandglass, Clock, Hand, Burn, Timekeeper, Dial, Time Control, Aging, Underhand, Distortion, Devotion or Mummy or Fugit (PVP)

Build 2 (My fast premade team dungeon Hydrust build): Dust, Clock, Hand, Burn, Timekeeper, Dial, Hydrant, Aging, Underhand, Distortion, Devotion, Time Control

----b. Example 12 AP tick turn optimal rollback generation: Distortion, Distortion, Distortion, Time Control Enemy, Time Control Self, Sandglass, Sandglass, Desynch, Burn (or Aging, Burn if you want the maximum number of rollback attempts)

Example 12AP Tock Burst (6AP on deck): Rollback, Time Control Enemy, Sandglass, Sandglass, Hand, Desynch, Aging, Hand, Burn

6. Conclusions

----a. Why you shouldn’t give up on Xelor!
Yes, the changes were rough, yes damage potential is down, turns are convoluted and everything is hard right now, but Xelor is, as it always has been, a class that rewards thoughtful play and careful planning. Xelor is still a huge damage dealer, although you may need more support oriented characters to help you out. (I’m playing my heroes team Xelor/Feca/Osa and it’s absolutely sweet!)

----b. Suggestions and Notes
Current format of this guide is very much brain-dump. Hopefully I’ll have more time to clean it up and work it into a proper guide in the future. Stay tuned.

A side note, I never used devotion in my build setups, I hate the spell and only use it because I play with players who can end everything but boss fights in two turns max, if you can’t end a fight in two turns, I wouldn’t plan to use it. It’s mediocre.

Any and all feedback is welcome and I'd love to add any thoughts from other Xelor players. Hapy time control!

- Madd

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Quote (Ichiechiechie @ 08 October 2015 19:22) *

Quote (Madd1 @ 08 October 2015 19:18) *
It should be noted these are not cosmetic costumes, they eat your stats costume slot and are essentially completely useless for anything other than looks. (30% damage bonus vs outlaws for Guard, 30% damage bonus for conquests for Soldier.
They were recently converted to costumes, once you use them, they get sent to your costume window.
I can verify that my Soldier Insignia still has stats and is still an insignia, not a costume.

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posté Today - 04:25:47 | #5
Multiple complaints the original poster brings up are incorrect. You can exchange inventory easily by dragging out the characters tab on the inventory screen, which will open a whole second inventory and you can exchange freely.

Secondly, you can change leader with just a button press outside of fight, so while it may be true that the change leader button doesn't appear to do anything, it's also OP not really necessary.

The 'permanently logged in heroes' bug is ultra easy to fix. Just add both your heroes and then 'Change Character' 'Log Out' or 'Quit' and all will be logged off. If you subtract them from the group they stay logged in until fixed the way mentioned above.

Lastly, I wouldn't call it free QA, I'd call it open beta. You're getting to try a service for free AND beta it for the devs, this is a symbiotic relationship.

- Madd

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posté Yesterday - 20:09:20 | #6
I'll let you know if I can equip my Soldier (Been Brak since day1) later today when I'm home.

I can verify that Soldier is still an insignia, with 20% damage and res vs clan member of an enemy territory. AKA Calamar Island... lol.

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posté Yesterday - 20:04:41 | #7
Way to post from three accounts that are obviously the same person. Your credibility is sky high right now.

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posté Yesterday - 20:01:48 | #8
Proof that these kinds of matters have no 'correct' answer.

You want a solution, be prepared to accept the consequences of said solution.

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Quote (Wishie @ 08 October 2015 18:21) *

Quote (9Nectum9 @ 08 October 2015 18:19) *
I think this costume U get to win the island calmar...(it is achievement nations)

Nope... I'm not sure what costume you're referring to. There has never been a costume reward when you take over Calamar.
The soldier title and costume used to require you to take over Calamar (or Lords) back in the day. Nations used to have planned 'wars' solely for the purpose of getting Soldier title (and insig).

Didn't notice these have been changed to costumes, I'll have to test that out. Would be nice if I can trade them as I have lots of these costumes on abandoned characters.

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posté Yesterday - 19:18:25 | #10
Guard costume was part of the old 'role' questline that allowed you to become a Guard or Soldier (and get a minor bonus costume to go along with it).

These items can no longer be obtained, only characters who had them prior to their removal have the ability to equip them.

It should be noted these are not cosmetic costumes, they eat your stats costume slot and are essentially completely useless for anything other than looks. (30% damage bonus vs outlaws for Guard, 30% damage bonus for conquests for Soldier. There is only one conquest available. Calamar Island, which any character of level 100 or so can solo in about 3 turns.)

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posté Yesterday - 17:06:59 | #11
Welcome to 2013 and the worst year for content release in the game.

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posté Yesterday - 17:04:40 | #12
Feca has significant final damage buffs to team and debuffs to enemies, the highest damage reduction potential in the game, as well as armors (including multiple damage immunity), AP manipulation, mp manipulation, direct and indirect damage.

Sacrier has the highest HP pool ever, huge personal armors, good damage output and much more flexible and usable mobility and map manipulation.

So the question becomes, of those things, what do you need?

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Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 06 October 2015 23:04) *

Quote (Braylar @ 06 October 2015 04:43) *
Simple fix, everyone who values 1v1 pvp all make Sadi's and only do that, for the rest of the game, choose another class for some different flavor. Sorry, but thats what it is right now.
Sorry but all should rather make xelors. They got crazy cheap map jumping, teleports, AP RIP skills, AP gain passives , crazy high dmg AND they beat sadi in 1 vs 1 pvp (i am not talking about random noob xelor who never fought sadi before, i am talking about experienced players who know what to do). That or osa. Heck even rogue, despite recent "nerf" wich was actually a buff against sadi in pvp if you ask me (bombs do more dmg if they stay longer, so its anti-build up mechanic that sadida is using). Those 3 classes are new balance, others just fall behind. Oh and lets talk about group pvp with feca in team - vs any sadi - you can 1 turn sadi before it set up, before it get resist of a feca after 12+turns. GG. All just go make fecas and some high DD like rogue/xel/osa and you got a dream team. Guess who is spamming torm fast? Yeah feca+DD's team, not sadi. Your QQ should be directed towards the class you play, not towards the ones that win vs you.

This happened on Arafael according to what I've heard. Xelor nerfs came out the following month. The only thing that has probably kept Sadida from getting wrecked is the class isn't fun enough for everyone on Arafael to make one.

Arafael has a problem, devs take a tank to it the next day. Every other server has a problem, no shts given.

Same thing since 2012. Some things never change.

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posté October 06, 2015, 20:58:02 | #14
It's taking a bit longer than anticipated, I'm on page 5 of my word doc and about 2/3rds done. Trying to finish it up after work today. It will be a V1, very brain-dump compared to how I'd like to structure it for easy reference, then I'll clean it up over time.

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posté October 06, 2015, 04:10:40 | #15
Lol, I appear to have lost a random sentence at the end of that first paragraph. Bad habit of starting to edit a post, but not proof reading it before posting.


Moral, hope Sadida's get better balance changes than Xel. Best of luck to you all, you may need it.

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posté October 06, 2015, 03:16:53 | #16
Honestly, I hope Sadida can be saved from the complete IDIOCY of the Xelor changes. There have been literally dozens of good suggestions for both classes. All Xelor suggestions, ideas, input, literally ignored. The devs instead favor solutions

If Sadida gets changes anywhere near the caliber of horribly chosen and implemented as Xelor's, I expect Sadidas to have a really, really bad day.

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posté October 05, 2015, 22:12:27 | #17
Hey mang,

I've had enough play time that I feel somewhat confident writing my survival guide, I will be including air fire and potential playstyles section in it. I'm hopeful to release a bare bones (no images) version by the end of today, or tomorrow.

- Madd

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posté October 05, 2015, 21:51:09 | #18
Rollback works under exactly one circumstance. A swift fix and a very short term rollback solution.

The fact that it's been days since the initial issue occurred guarantees you a 0% chance this will happen. You will be much happier if you accept that it won't happen and move on.

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posté October 05, 2015, 21:48:30 | #19
The only thing that's relevant is how happy you are in the guild. Plenty of horrible guilds with great bonuses, and plenty of great guilds with horrible bonuses.

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posté October 05, 2015, 21:46:33 | #20

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 04 October 2015 21:27) *
That's how it's been from the very beginning though. Most guilds just stick to themselves, and they take a chunk of the population with them.
I think this is an unfair assertion to make.

Most guilds stick to themselves because it's convenient. I can pop guild chat and say "Anyone for HC Xel past?" and get immediate feedback.

If I choose to go outside of the guild I have to go to Alma temple, the dungeon, or try to use the abandoned and ultra buggy party finder.

It's not that guilds are jerks like that, it's that pubs are REALLY hard to get going. I've run into this problem a lot ever since I stopped 6boxing. Even easier content that I can carry groups of noobs through has been hard to get parties for... if the content is not popular, or you try to find a party at the wrong time of day it's going to be a rough ride.

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