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posté Today - 09:47:22 | #1
I've noticed they tend to drop to the bottom of inventory instead of the top when being withdrawn. It's an odd thing, check your whole inventory.

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posté Today - 09:29:15 | #2
I honestly thought the +6AP thing was a bug when I first realized you could do it in beta...

I just expected they were going to correct the bug... welp... here we are now.

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posté October 02, 2015, 20:13:56 | #3
I'm hopeful to finish my survival guide for the Xelor Apocalypse 2015. Will link when done.

- Madd

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posté October 02, 2015, 00:56:28 | #4

Quote (shankissimo @ 01 October 2015 19:59) *

Quote (shankissimo @ 01 October 2015 19:30) *

  • Xelor goes first and places dial where the allies benefit from Devotion the most.

Devotion has bigger cooldown than the Dial, so if you reposition your dial every time Devotion is available you will buff as many allies as possible every time.

If you are bad with Devotion doesn't mean that the spell is bad, it's more efficient than it ever was.
You think this is more efficient than 1WP cost Circle 2 Devotion with no cooldown? You make it very hard for me to take your commentary seriously.

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posté October 01, 2015, 18:55:39 | #5

Quote (shankissimo @ 01 October 2015 18:26) *
You can give 2AP for 2 turns to *reasonably saying* ~3 Players(including self) at the cost of 2MP1WP, that is so much better than what most classes can offer... This might be seen as garbage, but it is what puts Xelor above other classes in AP support - I see Xelors using it and using it well.

I am not against changing limits and stuff... I still find the current Rollback fun and will use it anyway - you need to think how to play best in order to make it work well, I enjoy that.

When I said "I remember how everybody was all over their heads about it because it would make the *at the time* unlimited Sandglass even more OP" I meant OP in comparison with Fire and Air branches and all other spells in general, not more OP than it was already; My bad anyway, memory's shady and didn't feel like reading that 30 page thread again.
Cool, let's all start 6boxing and only running premade teams. All drop in groups should be removed from game. Remove all ability to play in any non premade environment from game.

- Ankama's directive 2015

Only way to make 'good use' of Devotion outside of fast fights or 1v1 PVP.

Rollback needs to be state based, let's stop all the 'Xelor is another Ecaflip' BS. I'm tired of getting faceroll nerfs because Xelor acts like Ecaflip and can possibly get outrageous turns with too much luck. Let Ecaflips eat Ecaflip nerfs. Xelors are too smart and too tactical for stupid crap mechanics like this.

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posté October 01, 2015, 18:01:57 | #6

Quote (shankissimo @ 01 October 2015 16:21) *

Quote (khackt @ 01 October 2015 16:17) *

Quote (xXxMathsdebatorxXx @ 30 September 2015 13:46) *
Rollback's a piece of shit now, who ever in charge of this nerf must be brain dead
Rollback have always been "% per ap used up", someone made a mistake in description a while ago and wrote "per spell cast", now they've acted as if it's the spell that was incorrect, not the description.

#ankama logic.
or rather usual bipolar ankama? one year they continuously buff a class up, the next year they nerf it down, then the cycle repeats itself.
Except this change has been announced by developers during beta stage of the Spell Decks. Can't find it but I remember how everybody was all over their heads about it because it would make the *at the time* unlimited Sandglass even more OP.

Yes, sure, "typo"...
You are referring to me, and I didn't say it would make Sandglass OP, I said it would screw over all other possibilities, because Sandglass at the time, was the only unlimited low AP spell cast. I have been against this change since the very start because it ruins high AP spells. Why bother to use them now? Why bother to use rollback at all? Taking a passive from one of the best to one of the worst unless you run a preorganized set of spells just for that single passive was a poor decision by Ankama. There's no getting around it.

Why do we have this? Because you can store 6AP now? Who wanted this? I'll take the old system back with a hard max of 3AP (Honestly, I can produce avg 3-4 rollback now which is much higher than it was under the old system where I averaged +2, but it's on ONE possible turn, and all other turns are royally boned.)

I will not pretend to be happy with this unless restrictions on Clock, Punishment and Hand are raised to 3.

Also, please stop referencing devotion as if it's not a flaming pile of monkey turd. The fact that you use it does not make it any less of a POS bastardization of a spell.

Xelor has taken a lot of steps forward in damage, but leaps and bounds back in all other categories. You can give +5AP to multiple targets now? The hell you can....
1AP TC, 3AP Sandglass, 5AP Sandglass, 8AP Frostbite, 9 AP TC, 12AP Frostbite, 2AP Burn? That's all the AP you get INCLUDING garbagevotion. You'd have to prep a 4AP rollback just to do it and would have no Freeze trigger. Wasting burst turn damage to give +5AP to other classes.

Feca can +4 for 2 turns for 4AP. Osa can +2 for 3 turns off low AP as well.

Support Xelor is dead bro....

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posté September 30, 2015, 23:58:36 | #7
I don't agree with that. If so nerf 70% of the passives in the game....

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posté September 30, 2015, 21:32:43 | #8
I'm working on my how to survive the Xelor Apocalypse 2015 guide, but I'm going to give you all a quick hint.

Be prepared to drop Rollback from some of your decks, it is no longer a mandatory use passive. I will not have it included in some of my decks, Hydrust for example, which when used will take approximately 8 turns to produce the 6 AP necessary for a third dust will see little to no usefulness.

Honestly speaking, there are only a few specific turn structures that will ever see any usefulness from this iteration of rollback. If you aren't casting at least 6spells/turn (including desynch, devote, dial, ect which will trigger, I tested) then I'd highly recommend dropping the passive, as you won't see more than 2AP/turn with any level of consistency

- Madd

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posté September 30, 2015, 00:52:48 | #9
Ideal rollback turn is as follows:

2AP Distort, 4AP Distort, 6AP Distort, 7 AP TC Enemy, 8AP TC Self, 10AP Sandglass Enemy, 12AP Sandglass enemy (note you will get +2AP from Time Control), [trigger Rollback if desired] Burn or Hand depending on what is available.

This offers you 8 or 9 chances for rollback (possibly 9/10 if its a dial cast turn and dial counts, I haven't tested) @ 35% chance each and will be the only way to consistently yeild 2+AP/turn.

Yes, this means you need to play Tri, yes this means you need to use 5 individual spells (hand/burn as alternative finishers) in only ONE possible configuration for an optimal rollback turn, yes, this blows fat sucky chunks. No properly revamped class has anywhere near as bull**** a set of mechanics as this.

Sorry guys, I fought hard for a better Xelor in feedback, I fear that legitimate requests were either lost in the constant arguments about base damage, or that French servers is all Ankama cares about when it comes to class balance.

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posté September 29, 2015, 21:31:30 | #10
Regarding the state of Xelor:

I don't know how popular of a Xelor I am or how respected my opinions are, but I do know that I've been hit up in game a lot about my advice and requesting a guide.

This is the first time I feel a guide is warranted.

I will start work on my "How to survive the Xelor changes" guide, I would have started it earlier, but didn't expect the changes to go live this patch :\

Regarding Xelor changes feedback. I am not happy. This was a poorly implemented quick-fix, and the fact that it was turned around and released in half the time it took Xelor buffs to go live really screams of a poorly done rush job. I'm just really disappointed all around.

These are my class recommendations for what they're worth.

  • AP Loss changed to state based: No more luck, no more convoluted stats (Unless the stats buff the state generation) 100% predictable. Reason: There's too many complaints about how classes can take '8AP', problem is this is 99% of the time not possible and 100% of the time not useably viable. It's time to stop allowing luck based removal to make unpredictable and therefore misinterperetable AP loss.
  • Rollback changed to state based: Original rollback was 20% to refund 100% of spell AP, this became too strong and was changed to 20% to rollback 1AP up to 3AP. One of the biggest problems with the original system is it favored large AP spell use as that gave you the best chance to get more AP back. Now we have 35%/spell cast. This is literally going to far in the other direction. State based means each spell can have rollback values assigned and rollback becomes 100% predictable and balanceable. Reason: This is by far the worst change that was made. Nerfing something that was only broken because YOU changed it and making it worse than it originally was is an awful choice. You would have been better off going back to the original system, or something closer. My proposed change allows for something that can be predicted 100% meaning you can even micromanage the balance per spell or per spell branch. Quite frankly, I have a much better change option than was implemented, and I don't know why no one chose to do this prior, I assume no one wants to devote the time to code this, but if that's the case, rollback should have just been changed back to what it was before spell decks. The new rollback is poorly thought out and poorly implemented.
  • Sandglass limit 3/target, freeze generation reduced 33%: This is self explanatory, 2/target Sandglass is extremely illogical. The spell cannot even finish procing Time Control's +3 AP to a single target. My changes keep the overall damage balance the same, but allows for +3 from single target.
  • Air buff options, secondary damages or in the case of state based rollback, higher rollback generation: Reasoning: Air as a branch is really bad right now, being the only branch without any viable secondary damage options. Providing it a reliable secondary damage would give it the legs to fight for a desireable duo branch as right now Air exists only to make other branches more usable or for situational tri-build usability. Allowing for it to produce higher rollback generation would allow it to create higher AP and higher damage for its own turns, or higher AP for burst turn combos. It would provide much more functional options.
The most critical thing that needs to happen from the development team regarding this class and all classes and class changes in the game. The classes role(s) and roll options need to be outlined, followed by the reasoning behind all changes. Ankama as a company really needs to work on better transparency to the community as this helps us understand and try to properly assess the proposed changes and what they are intended to do to the game.

This prevents us from getting trapped in arguments over base damage numbers or variable convoluted combos or sub-roles. The class' roles should be clearly outlined by the development team and the goals of all changes, patches, ect should be equally well outlined by dev team. This is common practice for any game that has major sweeping changes.

I have lots of other ideas, but IMHO these are the most critical to convey to the development team. I'll comment on the patch itself more when I have some seat time with it.

- Madd

This post has been edited by Madd1 - September 29, 2015, 21:35:15.
Reason for edit : added blurb about proper design, revamp, changes, ect.
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posté September 29, 2015, 02:10:39 | #11

Quote (Drueric @ 22 September 2015 16:51) *
Bring back item sets and their bonuses and get rid of the random element feature and the token machines and lower back down the loot drop rates. Those changes have single handedly sucked alot of the challenge fun out of the game. Who were these changes aimed at? Casual gamers? In case you havent noticed, it didnt work. When are game developers in general gonna realize pandering to the casual gamer isnt a good thing. Making a game less challenging and more tedius is the way you kill your game.

Wakfu is a great game, but I am sadly disappointed with many of the changes made to wakfu over the last year or so.
Hahahaha, hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I don't care to read 20 pages based on drivel like this.

Changes like these are the only reason this game is still alive. If this game was still as bad as the dark period after Vampyro, there wouldn't be a population left (The period before Castuc came out was the least populated the game ever was), everyone would basically be playing on their own private Amara. Save for maybe Arafael and/or Dathura, which allow French players.

Let's just bring back World Bosses, nothing was less tedius than sitting in one location for 48 hours waiting for a boss to spawn to MAYBE get drops if you were lucky. Let's make it so you have to run the boring UB fetch quests just to spawn those bosses. Oh I know, let's bring back fetch quests for Almanax, Ogrest Chaos, Let's bring back Hagen Daz/Lenald style designs! Overly complicated invulnerability mechanics that literally double the amount of time a boss takes, if not more, just to cope with making the stupid boss vulnerable, by the way YOU STILL WON'T GET ANY DROPS BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL 1% or less. THAT'S SUPER FUN AND NOT AT ALL TEDIOUS. gl hf.

People who have this mentality are flat out the worst consumers of any product, IMHO. The kind of people who will never be happy no matter what is put in front of them, and will blame everything they believe they are entitled to on the 'casuals'. Bro, the 'casuals' pay the bills. You and your 5 hardcore friends WILL quit. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday. Playing this game like a second job WILL make you quit. (You're probably already on your second or third run with the game after taking long hiatus because you weren't happy with it.)

People like me who play heavily for periods of time, then basically play super casually for periods of time, but maintain subscription cost are keeping bills paid, meanwhile ultra-hardcores who want everything F2P, everything the way it was 4 years ago, and no one but second-jobers to succeed in the game are a huge cash sink for the company. You are allowed to exist to spread the word of the game to people who will actually pay for it.

If I were to compare it to cell-phone carriers, you are the 2% of users that tries to consume 10gigs on their unlimited data, throttling data for everyone else, consumers like this are the reason why "Unlimited does not mean unreasonable" clauses got created.

You are the minority, if you are unhappy, find greener pastures. I hear Dofus still exists.

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posté September 29, 2015, 01:37:29 | #12

Quote (Tambo @ 28 September 2015 19:32) *
Thanks Madd, ya i get that to a degree. My issue is from June however. I've done everything I can on the Steam side, securing the account to unlimited status etc. I should be able to buy ogrines in shop via steam client. But its a bug on the server side i think. I'm not the only one with this issue. I didn't post 5 threads, i only commented on them. They were all about this same topic. We all have support tickets, we've been told to complain to Steam but thats a dead end too. It's just wave goodbye to your cash or pick a new game. so idk goodbye wakfu?
Sometimes, I think as long as Arafael is functioning they don't care about anything else. I've had to jump through hoops to pay the company for years... I've been without payment options for multiple periods of time in the games life-cycle... Iunno what their plan is if they can't even get paid  

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posté September 28, 2015, 18:41:37 | #13
There's a difference between Moderators/Community Managers and Support. The reason CM's occasionally ask to be contacted (With the ticket #) is so they can try to elevate the status of your ticket with Support if they feel it is an especially deserving cause or crippling issue (that support may be able to resolve).

As someone who works in a helpdesk environment with a small userbase of maybe 1500 or so, I can tell you, tickets get out of hand REAL FAST. It is NOT easy to work behind a helpdesk. If the CM's are able to elevate the status of your ticket (which requires them to have free time, they do it of their own accord as a service to the commmunity, they are not required and it is not their job title to do this), then take that as a sign of good faith by the company... not some service the company is required to provide you.

Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #910569  Replies : 15  Views : 904
posté September 28, 2015, 17:58:41 | #14

Quote (shankissimo @ 28 September 2015 13:17) *
Adjusting amount of freeze accordingly with the cast limit doesn't sound like a bad idea, +1

Only problem with that is that it makes the spell not as effective if used below cast limit, which is bad if there are alternatives to this spell (like Frostbite, Clock).

Single-target Xelor build actually requires you to be 3-element, in order to be most effective.
As I've already outlined the ideal build for both rollback and damage, I'm aware of this. Like I said, these fixes are haphazard quick-fixes that are utterly poor designs. I do not understand the thought process behind them.

Another point I forgot to mention is I think rollback should become state-based as well, so that it can become predictable and we can get rid of this 'Ecaflip' style Xelor. That's the main reason why Xelor's rollback was changed from 20% to rollback an entire spell to 20% to rollback per AP and limited to 3AP begin with. Why on Earth Ankama would up that to 6AP and then damage the ability of all high AP spells to properly generate rollback is beyond me. Again, if this is the direction the company wants to take they should outline how they choose to change the class, and then release the changes with the logic behind them included.

State based rollback honestly is a long-term fix, since obviously they're trying to accomplish something new, but didn't put enough time in to the balance aspect. By creating a rollback state, rollback becomes 100% predictable and therefore 100% easily balanced, since the #s per spell can be changed on the fly by developers if the spell proves to be too strong or too weak.

That also creates an opportunity to buff air indirectly by making it produce above average rollback rates which will make it stronger by allowing it to generate more AP.

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posté September 28, 2015, 09:39:02 | #15

Quote (shankissimo @ 15 September 2015 12:41) *

Quote (Madd1 @ 15 September 2015 04:16) *
I don't give a damn if the spell needs base modifications. Sandglass should be 3/target. It just doesn't make any sense on a 2 limit. Might as well go back to dial costing 3AP, making turn one combos utterly irrelevant and impossible.
But if it was 3/target wouldn't it be the same as Frostbite, just linear and without line of sight, with worse damage and cheaper? Sounds like a boring, not unique spell to me. Potentially-abnormal damage ratio in return for the strict limit on casting/target gives this spell a unique aftertaste.

Yes, I am assuming if Sandglass would be limited at more than 2 Temporal Freeze would just dissappear from the spell - you have to think about base damage too.

If you want for Sandglass to be another Frostbite just use Frostbite instead.
Everything is different between the two. 2AP vs 3AP, Line vs Any, No LoS vs LoS, 2-4 range vs 1-3 range, Freeze Generation vs No Freeze Generation.

Personally, I'd just reduce Freeze Generation on Sandglass by 33% which means 3 casts of Sandglass produces the exact same Freeze as 2 casts currently. Three casts is flat out critical to the class. I'd also provide identical Freeze generation on Frostbite as Sandglass. Why? So single target ranged water is still a functional option. It's much less effective on Frostbite since it's 3AP instead of 2AP and not usable without LoS. All AP steal should be state based to normalize it, and end this whole crying fest about how much AP can be stolen.

I'd also as I said before, recommend you reduce LoF from 4AP to 2AP, cut the damage in half, and then either buff the base damage slightly, or give it Fire's secondary damage, via init loss or w/e else.

I'd move aging to an ability slot and make it rainbow damage. Using air as the 'glue' branch makes it a cripple branch with gimmicky and mediocre secondary damage potential. It's basically always been this way, with the exception of the period of time when it was comically buffed (Which was quickly followed by major branch nerfs, much like we're seeing now.)

Air needs it's own secondary damage potential. It should be possible for each branch to function on it's own, which is not how anything but Hydrust works right now. Moving Aging to an Active Ability makes this possible. Leaving more convoluted secondary damage mechanics and then constantly nerfing them is not cohesive to a functional class.

A Cra doesn't need 2 elements to maximize it's damage. Nor does a Sram or an Iop. While I don't mind Xelor functioning slightly better with multiple elements than one, it makes no sense for it to be mandatory for the class to function at all (unless you go the Hydrust Route, in which case all elements but Fire be damned).

Honestly, the class is a big mess and it's mostly because the developers clearly don't know what the hell they want to do with it.

So all this speculative number crunching BS is really all a moot point until the developers come out and say "We want Xelor to be a primary DPT with secondary support/map manipulation."

Or "We want Xelor to be an evenly mixed DPT/Support with minor map manipulation" ect.

If they wanna split the possiblities with Decks (Like Panda), fine, but someone at Ankama development needs to make a clearcut decision about what they want to do with the class, what they want the class to function as in the game and then we can start theorycrafting about the best way to achieve that goal.

Until then, we're all just wasting our time.

- Madd

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posté September 28, 2015, 08:56:45 | #16
I didn't do anything, but you're welcome.

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posté September 28, 2015, 08:55:11 | #17

Quote (NotAnotherFlibble @ 24 September 2015 20:17) *
It appears that temporary addition to the leader's guild is only for guildless characters – the restriction regarding guild membership is still present, and that's going to kill off alts being in other guilds (which makes it a misfeature).

That didn't stop me from testing, since I arranged for troupes to be set up before setting up guild membership – which allows for mixed guilds in the troupe. However, that would be a pain to set up and maintain – lots of swapping between guilds, and it may not even be possible to handle depending on permissions and/or who else is around.

As things stand, either this restriction has to go or guild membership has to be on the account level. But if there are plans for guild alliances, that could change things somewhat…

Anyway, temporary guild membership doesn't count for guild points.
Or you could actually, you know... devote yourself to a single guild and a single nation. Just a thought.

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posté September 25, 2015, 04:39:53 | #18

Quote (Hardcorew @ 21 September 2015 03:20) *
A good xel, can easy drain 8 ap at frist turn with nice dmg and deal INSANE dmg at second turn + 5 ap drain.

Exemple: An Iop. Xel start, drain 8ap, and go away with dial. The poor Iop have 60% hp(If have nice res) and 4ap to play the frist and last turn.

I just dont lose for Xel's cuz i know the class, but if i create and xel i can defeat any other Sadida.
Honestly, I respect you as a PVP player, but you're so off base it hurts.

The best AP humanly possible for turn1 Xelor is 17 (This does not include time theft, but we'll get back to that), that assumes you take devotion which is an essentially useless tool in 99% of all situations except for 1v1 PVP and fast solo PVM. Additionally to have higher initiative than any other PVP character the Xelor needs to devote itself to Initiative which eats a passive slot meaning lost final damage (and most likely the passive slot you'd drop is 40% AP steal)

So in a realistic top tier PVP situation, you're going in with 140% chance to steal AP, max.

It is literally impossible to steal 8AP with 140% to steal, why? Hyperaction, which you clearly don't understand.
1AP stolen, 140%
2AP stolen, 120%
3AP stolen, 100%
4AP stolen, 80%
5AP stolen, 60%
6AP stolen, 40%
7AP stolen, 20%
8AP stolen, 0%

It is possible to boost to 180% with the 40% passive, which if you took it, and initiative, and time theft drops your final damage down to 20%+5% off Prism or 15% off dial, because Rollback is flat out mandatory.

So even if you took that, you'd only have a 40% chance to steal the 8th AP, what does that look like in real actual math?

1AP 100% (@180)
2AP 100% (@160)
3AP 100% (@140)
4AP 100% (@120)
5AP 100% (@100)
6AP 80% (@80)
7AP 48% (.8*.6, @60)
8AP 19.2% (.48*.4, @40)
This also assumes you commit 16AP to stealing AP, which will not allow you to pull off the fabled Sandglass, Hand combo on turn one, even if you get +2AP from Time Theft and the best possible +3 Rollback to make 19 possible max AP. Best you could do is Time Control, 8Sandglass, Burn, and that's IF you can make the 19% odds to go the whole way AND if you wasted 25% permanent final damage in passives to get there and will only have 11% damage FROM your passives active when you trigger Freeze(+10% from passive stats)! You will not be taking any Iop worth his weight in poop to 60% and stripping 8AP, this is not possible.

Looking at a more realistic turn 1 with more realistic passives, you go in @ 140% to steal AP, 17AP base, With Time Theft.

3AP Age
5AP Sandglass (-1AP @ 140%)
7AP Sandglass (-1AP @ 120%)
9AP Sandglass (-1AP @ 100%, +1AP Time Theft)
11AP Sandglass (-1AP? @ 80%)
13AP Sandglass (-1AP? @ 60%)
18AP Hand

This is the best possible combination of final damage, allowing for 15% from carnage, 15% from Dial+Dial Master, 9%/20 from Prism and 10% from passive stats for 49%, compared to the wimpy 21% on your absolutely ideal situation build. This ALSO relies on +3 rollback, which is all luck, and wasting an active slot on devotion.

As for turn 2, the hyperaction loss formula is -10+5/maxAP Hyperaction per turn. Meaning a 12AP Iop only loses 70 hyperaction per turn. So you'd start turn 2 with only 90% chance to steal AP @180% base. You will _NOT_ be stealing 5AP on turn 2 after 8 on turn 1, unless your damage is crap and you are the kind of lucky person who got double or quits 100% of the time as the old style of Eca.

I'm sure you know Sadida inside and out, but you clearly don't know as much about Xelor.

All pointless pandering aside, every decent Xelor knows Sandglass is too strong, everyone always knew it was too strong. The proposed changes are poorly thought out quick fixes that will just make more problems than solutions. Like I've said before, this will mark a hiatus for me, Ankama has made one too many poor decisions for my taste. I'll be smelling the fresh air for a while.

- Madd

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Reason for edit : clarification.
Thread : Xelor  Preview message : #909606  Replies : 53  Views : 2250
posté September 19, 2015, 21:05:34 | #19
I expect their plan for this round of changes is to introduce no buffs and just nerf every class til they're on par with the 'weakest' tier classes. Either that or to just piss people off in hopes of class changes, who knows anymore.

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #908167  Replies : 26  Views : 995