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posté Yesterday - 20:55:35 | #1

Quote (Neneko88 @ 25 November 2015 17:30) *
So if it's not the leveling why do new players quit then? (I know it's the leveling but many here say that new players get to level 100 in 2 hours)
It's not 'leveling' it's LEVEL range and population vs expanse area. At level 175 you have let's say 95% of the game who you can run content with you and maybe 80% you can run appropriate level ranged content with in only a couple of end game areas, at level 150 maybe 80% of the game and 50-60% at meaningful content level in a couple of areas, at level 100 maybe 30% of the game and 20% at meaningful level of content, over an expanse of a growingly large number of locations...

at level 30 you've probably only got the brand newbie Astrub players you start with or meet and maybe a few other people you find lying around, and the amount of level appropriate areas in the game are staggering, trying to explore them will make the game feel absolutely empty. The only place where new and old players meet is Astrub temple, nation markets are dead. There are no mixed leveling areas like there were with Wilds or Poulters, so there is no place for new players to gather and find lots of people... The game has gotten to big for it's own population.

I spent a long time thinking that low level content would help, it didn't. I do think that scaling drop rates at low lvls would help. You should be able to finish a full set for a lvl 30 dungeon in 5runs or less. All in all, I think there are more core gameplay problems at work than just levels 1-100. Even if you removed all the post level 100 content there's still a half dozen islands, 4 nations each containing 7+ areas and the mines and there's just not enough players to flesh out so much land space and not enough draw in any one area to bring players together to find meaningful content for all levels.

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posté Yesterday - 10:19:17 | #2
I was simply responding to "I'd like to see you do it from scratch", by pointing out it's hella easy. I have a group of new players I recently picked up that hit 130ish in two weeks playing pretty casually... completely on their own.

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posté Yesterday - 10:09:45 | #3
If you're trying to PVP Reduction is all but mandatory.... unless you play all out damage Glasscannon, which only really works on some classes.

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posté Yesterday - 01:57:00 | #4
If the player is knowledgeable, they will follow the smartest XP path, astrub to 15, nation all the way to 40-50, Sadida Kingdom, Whispers.

Whispers is enough to grind 120 with no problem whatsoever. So, please explain to me what your point is about leveling 1-100, I could do it in less than a week, and I play pretty casually.

The duo gear there is enough to carry a team all the way to 120 as well.

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posté November 24, 2015, 23:48:27 | #5

Quote (shankissimo @ 24 November 2015 19:34) *
It's an old change though, announced still in the beta times.

hhhh didnt see post above
Sure, but there are VERY few instances where it matters or is even noticeable, unless you're a damage math wizard or obsessed with your consistent damage variables.

The average 'by ear' style of player like myself would never notice it on regular play until they hit an instance like Dragon Pig where backstab is important to the fight.

I happen to know about this change because I was told, otherwise I probably never would have realized until it stopped working on DP or something similar.

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posté November 24, 2015, 23:32:32 | #6
Good mix of melee/ranged damage potential if that's what you're aiming for and some of the highest DPT characters. As you'd expect, Feca plays very nicely with melee fighters because of how armor buffs work, and all of Osa's fire buffs also do damage if the enemy is melee to your buff-buddy. Biggest downside is that unless Osa is your top DD and you use mask as a buffer you'll find that Feca has a harder time buffing things that move because AP glyphs are stationary and cannot be re-positioned. Alternatively, unless you use Mask as primary DD you will not be able to take full advantage of Osa's buffs. Hence why I like to have options, but you could argue that this setup gives you lots of options.

Long story short, it will work just fine. You won't be able to take advantage of the 'all in one' strategy of buffing a single character into space and then decimating everything, but you can play quite effectively without it. I think you'll have a better time and be more successful if you enjoy the team composition, rather than looking for what's most effective. So that's something else to consider. One of the big reasons why I dropped Sadida from my team, post spell deck Sadida makes me really unhappy and I hate playing it.

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posté November 24, 2015, 18:01:21 | #7

Quote (Alexluu @ 24 November 2015 11:48) *
4.Nox(NorthAmerica)+Amara(german)+Remington(International)=International server
Good luck with that, everyone I know on Nox would quit.

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posté November 24, 2015, 05:32:33 | #8
They also changed the backstab rules.


Used to be backstab, where _ = mobs back and X = backstab tiles

Now I think it's more like this.


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posté November 24, 2015, 05:29:21 | #9
I'm not sure how you think she's supposed to know about player run events. Is she supposed to be psychic?

I love Nox because it was where I was born and where I will die. One way or the other. Despite all the drama and terrible things, it's still got some of the greatest people and I just don't think the game would be as fun without it.

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posté November 23, 2015, 20:13:14 | #10

Quote (ReiYano @ 23 November 2015 17:32) *

Quote (runeflydino @ 23 November 2015 17:02) *
I like how this thread went from "Is Wakfu slowly dying or not" to "Lets criticize Wakfu"
Drama-Baiting Alert.

thats how all of these types of threads end up.

These threads are always for complaining. That's why I tore up the concept of pondering if a game is dying pages ago and was completely ignored by most so that they could continue complaining.

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posté November 23, 2015, 18:59:34 | #11
Feca is way more than a tank right now, it's probably the best support buff/debuff in the game as well as nearly indestructible.

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posté November 23, 2015, 18:52:04 | #12
Actually, in terms of raw base damage Xelor ispretty much the same. Air/Fire and Water/Fire had about the same damage values, the differences are I can't reliably produce 6AP every turn, I can't do huge damage while also stripping AP (Which is meaningless in PVM anyway), and my dial fragility is literally stupid. (At decent res of 65-69 final with 33 block and over 8000HP, most end game mobs can two turn my dial, some can even one turn it if targeting it directly)

Xel works freaking AMAZING with a two buff team. I've been running Xelor/Feca/Osa. Osa's wabbit can handle the heals and I'm loving it. I feel stronger than ever.

My second team is Mask, Enu (A necessary evil :\), Sac for now. With Feca/Osa/Mask buffs I can break an additional 100% final damage, or +30% crit, tons of fun stuff that just makes mobs melt.

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posté November 23, 2015, 09:18:48 | #13
It is absolutely stupid. What was originally supposed to be a Relic Mount and we were supposed to be able to trade in 360 Relic Meridia for got turned into a normal mount that required +6months to get.

#1, They lied and changed what we got without any prior notice.

#2, Even if you got Almaniac, unless you were OBSESSED you'd stop collecting tokens. Collecting a years worth of tokens on 30 characters was a nightmare, I COULD have continued to get another half a years tokens and sold off all my Meridia for a small fortune, if I was informed, but there was zero transparency from the company and it leaves a VERY bad taste in my mouth.

This is an impossible point to defend for Ankama, they goofed and it left a lot of people feeling rightfully cheated.

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posté November 23, 2015, 09:13:19 | #14
Check this.

It's my knowledge compendium for not just post deck, but post deck post nerfs, including some build ideas. I prefer Tri in the current meta, but duo is still viable for Air/Fire and Water/Fire, Air/Water is doable, but I wouldn't recommend it. Any duo build is going to rely on Desynch a lot since you will lose out on your secondary damage a lot without it.

I would like to add one thing, I talk a lot about distortion, I've come to realize that I don't feel like distortion is optimal anymore, unless you're 100% dedicated PVM, in which case Fugit can be dropped for distortion. If you have any intent to PVP or play front line Xelor you'll want Fugit for a few reasons.

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posté November 20, 2015, 22:32:21 | #15

Quote (deadcafe @ 20 November 2015 21:18) *

Quote (CloudyMind @ 20 November 2015 18:59) *
Wow... that's dumb. So i have to buy a useless item just to buy some cosmetic items... What a cheap copout. Bad. Quote

I'm weary of things that are hard being labeled as "unfair" or "dumb" just because they are hard to get. It doesn't feel dumb to me. It just sounds like the speaker is lazy.

If everything was easy to get, what is the fun in that?

I have five of those mounts. It took a long time to earn the tokens for them and I earned them having no idea whether they'd ever be worth anything.
A more accurate account would be that you blindly invested in something and were fortunate enough to have it reward you with something you were interested in.

Nothing about the way Almanokens has been handled should be acceptable within the company. Nothing. It represents flat out lies to the community, and a complete lack of transparency about the developers future plans, and how players can work towards them now.

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posté November 20, 2015, 19:41:10 | #16

Quote (CloudyMind @ 20 November 2015 19:12) *
The insignia is garbage. I don't know why ankama has even considered these restrictions. Gimmicky daily quests like almanax are meant to keep you playing regularly, but this is done badly. Fuck almanax. I wasted 180 days logging just to do that.
No, it gets even BETTER. Alma quests were originally small time wasting fetch quests, many were impossible to complete or bugged, the system had so many problems that the quests were removed and you simply have to pray now. (Over the course of one year I collected almost 70 compensation almanokens for broken features)

The Ferox mount was originally supposed to be the first mount included in the game, a relic, and when they replaced it with Merridia due to technical constraints the devs said you could TRADE your Merridia in for Ferox later (This was explicitly promised on the forums).

I collected 30 characters with full Merridia tokens and had been saving them specifically for this purpose, instead of selling them to make 25 million Kamas which would have been a small fortune at the time, especially for a relatively poor player like myself.

Slightly prior to Ferox release it was suddenly, not a relic, an ugly boowolf in an ugly Merridia mount insignia, and required an extra 180 tokens (You can NOT trade in existing Merridias, you have to actually get the achievement for cashing in tokens for a Merridia, THEN save an additional 180 tokens), without any offer to be able to trade Merridia in for anything.

My advice to you is raise a company to lvl 8 and get the boowolf mount. It's the same thing and 1/1000th as ugly.

This is one of the companies misteps in transparency with players, and one of several incidents that has left me feeling very cheated by the companies direction of the game.

- Madd

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posté November 20, 2015, 04:14:33 | #17

Quote (Rrae @ 20 November 2015 03:27) *
Am i reading this line here

'This class will be given away at advanced screenings of the DOFUS film (in France only), and will be accessible to all the players some months afterward. '

As saying people who see the movie get to play the class on official servers on jan 9th, and everyone else has to wait for some yet undisclosed date that is most likely based upon how many people pretty much buy the class early? can you just release the film on steam and let me buy it there to get this code?

Why does ankama have such a hard time accepting my money?
First world problems  

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posté November 20, 2015, 01:18:27 | #18
I greatly appreciate the attempts at transparency moving forward and I will especially appreciate if the players can have a clear and maintained understanding of the vision of the developers accompanied by the reasoning behind changes. I think some parts of the development have gone very smoothly with this (Sadida sub-revamp, for example while not the most well received, was very well communicated and I appreciate that greatly). Other content and changes have not received the same treatment or receptiveness to constructive criticism.

While I understand that it is impossible to accept all criticism, I think there should be a clear community outlet to combine and get verification of at least delivery of community desires for something, and maybe some explanations about key topics among the community for why something can/can not happen and why it does or does not fit into the developers visions.

I think you will find that most people, even if they are unhappy with changes, will be much more receptive if there is a clear and definitive communication and understanding of the vision behind them. Transparency and collaboration are the key moving forward.

This is especially true for some of the strange, and often sudden or unexpected migrations. I feel that it is important for the community to understand things like a threshold that is considered 'playable' per the reason Amara is being shut down. I come from a populated, but not extremely populated server, and I have no desire, interest or want for any kind of server merge (which will cost me most of what really ties me to this game as I expect it did for much of Phaeris, the Chinese server and Amara when they experienced migration/migration pains). If the company expects to retain a decent amount of legacy players in these instances, there needs to be clear cut guidelines and better explanation as to the cause of these issues.

I also believe one of the most important things is to outline where things that are 'in development' lie in their dev cycle. PVP/GVG/NVN/Prims have been up in the air for 2-3 years, the craft revamp has been up in the air for almost 2 years, mobile arenas have been closed for over 3 years without explanation, alkatrool content has been all but merkator abandoned for 2 years, we were told to still expect class revamps for remaining classes which have no status update, nor is there any status on UBs such as big Sandhill (UB gap is 125-175, a huge jump compared to 80-90-105-115-125).

I'm very excited at the prospect of better transparency from the company, as it should put most of the at least somewhat rational naysayers at least somewhat at ease. Most of the community hostility, I feel, comes from feeling blindfolded in a cage, unaware of what's coming until it hits us in the face.

Special shout out to the CM's who have to be the most patient people on earth for dealing with us on a regular basis. I'd have probably flipped a table on a good half of the community over the last few years and peaced out.

Best regards in future development,
- Madd

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posté November 19, 2015, 23:07:16 | #19

Quote (Gunnerwolfang @ 19 November 2015 19:01) *

Quote (Madd1 @ 19 November 2015 18:51) *

Quote (Gunnerwolfang @ 19 November 2015 17:14) *

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 19 November 2015 17:09) *
It is also a possibility that there is some other secret killer out there, I suppose.

If we are to talk about the OP, then his scenario would indeed point out to what I was talking about... a PK abuse making low level stop playing.

This is not about your acquaintance who only randomly attack 4-5 low level. That can be tolerated, but if one player intend to annoy and stop low level from playing, then they deserved to be reported and sanctioned.
There used to be an entire guild who did this on Nox and went unsanctioned and unchallenged for essentially a year while they used this tactic to absorb a vast majority of Brakmar's population. I would find it highly unlikely that the rules regarding this have changed or that Ankama is more willing to enforce it now than before.
No, they have a legit reason which is to absorb brakmar population,,, It is not the same as the scenario in the OP which is just to annoy and stop low level from playing.
So if this player's intent is to show force in a low level area to provoke high level PVP, that's acceptable? There are multiple people who have done exactly this act on Nox for years, often even engaging in hostile text chat. As I stated, if the player repeatedly attacks the lower level but does not engage in any text-harassment it will be considered within the guidelines of the game.

The only question is weather or not harassment is occurring. A player wanting to be a carebear does not constitute harassment on the part of someone who attacks them. Just because another players activities interrupted something you were doing does not put them outside the ToS guidelines. The only thing outside of the acceptable ToS is harassment. A term completely up to individual interpretation, as all PVP could be considered 'harassment' based on the actual physical definition.

  1. aggressive pressure or intimidation.
At the end of the day. Forum posts are not acceptable recourse and use of them to attempt to single out a player constitutes a violation of the ToS, as does attempting to slander a player who attacks you. The player in question who feels they have been wronged against the ToS needs to follow the correct avenues just like every other player. Submit a ticket if you feel wronged, contact community managers or moderators with all physical proof you have and ticket information. At that point it is entirely up to the team at Ankama to doll out what they see fit and any further discussion is moot.

You or I cannot interpret the ToS, we can not doll out punishment and we are not any form of reliable source. The Ankama team will handle things as they see fit and they are, at the end of the day, the overseers of their own game and the only people whose opinions on the topic matter.

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