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posté September 15, 2014, 21:56:28 | #1
I'm highly disappointed in the community as a whole with the reaction to this change. It's staggering how little perspective some outspoken members of the community have.

Let me outline a few points I think you should all consider.

- I can farm any relic in 18-23hours, now I'm bored and grumpy.
Good, farm all the end game gear in a day. Then sit back and contemplate if, maybe, you should be doing more productive things in your life than sitting on Wakfu for 18hrs a day all the time. I think Ankama is actually doing you a favor in this instance. Let me point this out, 20hrs a week constitutes a pretty notable part time job, 40 hours a week constitutes a full time job. If you NEED to spend 40 hours a week playing the game to progress, Wakfu is now your job, that is a problem.

- I don't care about PVP because I want to farm more and because of reasons!
This is mind boggling to me. The only way PVP will work is if people are involved in it. Currently, people covet their merit, clinging to it like it was a child... this is ludicrous. People should be challenging every meritable PVP they can, figuring out strategies, gaining experience and working to become the best. If a class is IMBA right now, so what? The IMBA hammer sways all directions sooner or later, wait your turn and you'll get to enjoy it as well. If you don't know how to play your class at a disadvantage, even IMBA you will not be good at your class when it's time to shine comes.

- Everyone is going to get bored and leave.
The number one quitting reason for over a year has been "This game is too grindy, and the constant changes ruin my work making me have to grind all over again." This game has turned away and alienated all but the most hardcore for a long time. It is my opinion that those people outnumber those of you who are displeased or think they will become bored. Additionally, if you can pull off multimax gather and multimax craft, max gear, max runes, become the top PVP, buy all the PVP gear and then max that anytime in the near future... I really think you need to reconsider your life priorities.

As someone whose been here since early launch, watched the entire game progress through live, been through the nerfs, poor revamps, re-revamps, removal of functional content and removal of any ability for players to progress, I can say without a shadow of a doubt in my mind that this was the right way to go for Ankama and this game. They are aiming to attract a larger playerbase and those of you who are deadset on playing this game to death are a vast minority. It is the best decision for them, as a company and is the only way they will ever achieve mainstream success with the game.

Those of you who are unhappy or can't handle that fact and leave, are unfortunately a necessary casualty in the quest to create a better and more profitable game. Now it's up to you to decide how you'll handle it.


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posté September 15, 2014, 05:34:40 | #2

Quote (Heartyace @ 15 September 2014 03:52) *

Quote (Jade1 @ 15 September 2014 03:21) *
pve was exclusive

just because a few of you could run it doesn't mean every level 140+ could.
Ankama has the numbers and they know that before this patch only maybe 20-30 people cleared sram

A lot of level 140+ would skip these dungeons that took 2 hours

No other mmorpg makes you run dungeons for 2 hours (wakfu should not be a job, it just shouldn't be
Oh really? So the problem is the 2 hour dungeons and not the drop rate?
Only dungeon that takes 2 hours is Hagen daz.

Few of you must be the few that did anything in wakfu. Because I've done sram tons of times, as well as Enurado. But I didn't have a relic(not even otomais or did I have epic), I had Emiw gear when I ran it. Only thing that I had a problem with was things like HC sram, and HC spore which are known for being really ridiculous.

If you call getting otomais, elite. You need to stop playing mmorpgs, because I know someone who hunted it in 2 days and the other 2 weeks max (plays on 2 hours because life).Once you had otomais. Before if you were fully deeped out you could easily 2 man dungeons, as Brokonaut has done in his videos. Why would you need to be fully deeped out to do sram if you have a full 6 man team?
Give me the timeline you expect a non-hardcore player to do this in? I don't care about 6hrs+
a day people, I care about 30min-1hr a day peeps. They make up a _LOT_ more money than the no-lifers and they should get a LOT more attention than they have in the past (like they are now.) I've spent a good amount of time duoboxing Otemai's quest on 2 Enu's, in maybe 2 weeks of semi-hardcore play and I'm only on part three... I'm sure if I spammed it nolife I could do it in a week, maybe less.... that doesn't make it a reasonable gauge for what players should and should not be able to do.

It was a HUGE flaw in Ankama's business model to cater to the small %age of hardcore players, It's been a flaw for years, now they've fixed it. If the super-hardcores get bored and leave, good riddance... If that's how it is they were NEVER going to be happy. PVP is an enormous timesink... To get rank 4 to wear the 160 dagger requires 12000 Merrit if my understanding is correct. 12000. And that has to be maintained, if you want to be #1, you have to maintain, there is actually a lot to do now that we HAVE to focus on nations and HAVE to fight for territories.

If you or other people choose not to take part in this, get bored of the game and leave, chances are you were going to do this even without PVP.

Not trying to be harsh or mean, just being honest. I don't much like it when people fight against the game finally progressing in the right direction just because they fear a world where people actually have access to gear. Almost everything since Vamp until this has basically been in the wrong direction. Ankama finally figured out how to go in the right direction.


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posté September 14, 2014, 21:58:26 | #3

Quote (Brokonaut @ 14 September 2014 21:11) *
There isn't a place that the casual player can't reach anymore.

• Mango
Good. This is EXACTLY how PVM _SHOULD_ be.

There is a NEW endgame, PVP and it requires significantly more time than the old PVM did since not only do you need to farm glory orbs AND still farm your runes, you need to farm enough merit to actually wear half the gear and taking time off will put you at risk of losing the ranking that allows you to wear gear.

Welcome to the new Wakfu, I couldn't be happier with these changes. PVM was far too exclusive, previously, and it's staggering difficulty and time investment requirements drove a lot of people away from the game. Finally, we will have a real chance for a server filled with people.

It's about time Ankama got it right.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that endgame PVP requires a healthy number of endgame players WILLING to PVP which means they need to have some decent level of gear and not have to spend their entire lives grinding it out. Not allowing easy access to at least decent gear to the masses will make endgame ranked PVP an atrocity and a highly unfun grind that no one will want to take part in.

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posté September 14, 2014, 11:08:47 | #4
[Brakmar] Nation Meeting - September 14th, 2014 I will be hosting the first nation meeting of the term today, September 14th 2014 at 5PM Pacific Standard Time.

Agenda for this will be fairly simplified for efficient timing.

Nominations for Cabinet and my expectations of Cabinet members.
Domestic Policy:
My recommendations and desired changes from the people.
Foreign Policy:
Who (if anyone) should we take as an ally. War plans, organization, ect.
I've got a good multinational one in mind that coincides perfectly with the recent PVP release. Also taking suggestions from the citizens.
Climate requests for Brakmar.
I invite all those interested in the future of Brakmar to attend.

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posté September 14, 2014, 10:52:52 | #5
Naso, please contact me through Ankamabox or in game, I watched how hard you worked and campaigned and I'd be happy to have you on my cabinet.


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posté September 12, 2014, 02:15:31 | #6
Wtb Ogrines to buy subs on my alternate accounts... Ankama, y u no lik my money? :\

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posté September 11, 2014, 00:33:30 | #7
Odd, I was attacked earlier today and a friend of the person accidentally joined and then killed themselves, but neither of them got rewards for the win. We were all lvl 159+. Maybe it only works for defenders. Next time let him attack you.

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posté September 11, 2014, 00:21:15 | #8
I personally think air/fire is much easier for a beginner. Air/Water is complicated and difficult to make work well solo, but has excellent utility and is sometimes even more dangerous in PVP if you can badly interrupt enemy combos.

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posté September 11, 2014, 00:17:59 | #9
Dial limitations are significantly less noticeable with the ability to use range 1 spells like punish, lof and underhand. Smart players can almost completely negate the issue altogether with dial placement and our reliance on dial in General is significantly less than it was in earlier stages if the game.

mind you this is late game where 50% damage means little to me with my 1000%+ damage, lol.

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posté September 11, 2014, 00:13:53 | #10
The hydrant change is intentional. It was part of the major Xelor revamp. Hydrant is no longer limited to the dial, but now loses charges and has charges.

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posté September 08, 2014, 01:35:47 | #11
Where are you getting 1000-1500%? Including ranged type bonuses? In full runes with guild and nation I barely break 800% without counting character buffs.

You're also not counting the fact that anyone in final gear will have 500% all res+ compared to the current 200% or so res for non-fecas.

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posté September 07, 2014, 08:42:13 | #12

Quote (arthuriko1 @ 04 September 2014 02:20) *
From a savage super grindy game to one of the most casual things i've ever seen... that escalated quickly. I hope the challenge is somewhere I don't see it, because the way it is now, it won't keep the players around for too long. I mean, it's awesome to have a relic when it's something so special. But when everyone and their mothers have 3 relics hanging in their inventories, it kinda loses its shine. What will be there now? Mango, you were a pretty hardcore player, how do you think the game will be for people who play like you used to before?
Makes sense to me. With PVP coming out, something like this had to happen. The game being overly elitist as it is now would completely ruin PVP to the point that it would only exist for the enjoyment of the 1%.

I have a char in entirely endgame gear and only have 2 wishlist item replacements left and there's still a huge gap between me and my 50% damage in runes and the highest top tier of geared/runed players with all final items.

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posté September 05, 2014, 07:49:32 | #13

Quote (Mikutza @ 04 September 2014 09:25) *

Quote (LowWide @ 04 September 2014 09:06) *
They wont change Makabra weapons, because people paid money for them, and if for example, they nerf a stat a player bought the weapon for, it is not allowed and theoretically you CAN sue Ankama for it. It was also in some thread where they answered it.
cough* they nerfed maka rings cough*

wish they could add a refound machine where you refound your maka weapons....
They didn't nerf the ring, they nerfed the mechanics.

Old Makafire was 10% final res and reflect, worked on UBs could be stacked with itself and the now defunct fire-reflect from Magmog set/Magmotic as well as the now defunct Feca reflect.

It was possible to get something like 39% total reflect as a Feca in final gear that also reduced final damage 39% I'm sure someone on French servers was running around with that breaking the game...

The changes definitely needed to happen, lol.

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posté September 05, 2014, 07:41:09 | #14
I would leave this game instantly if they wiped the two years I invested into it.

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posté September 01, 2014, 12:17:24 | #15
I admittedly inherited someone elses guild solely due to my refusal to give up on it when everyone else had left. I've several times considered restarting simply due to my dislike of some aspects of the guild and would gladly pay a premium to recolor/rename/relogo.

So I'd love any of these options.

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posté September 01, 2014, 09:52:09 | #16

Quote (IDCAA @ 31 August 2014 18:24) *
I'm sure at some point you all had an issue you were concerned about. Because it may have been fixed, doesn't mean you should forget and belittle someone else who doesn't have the insite you do. He now has learned (I hope) that the mods on the forums have limited power. As a player, or person rather, it's very common for you to associate any form of authority connected to the game, as being a means of assistance. He thought they could help, they can not—he now knows.

Also, Not everyone on these forums are English as a first language. Making fun of that based on your own selfish judgements, regardling whether or not it prevented them getting the help they need, isn't welcome.

—Away with that.

Helping also does not mean being a condesending smart arse. If you had an issue that was important to you, and it saw no reply within months, you too would be frustrated. Learn to be sympathetic, and yet also gentle with your words of correction.
There is a basic level of maturity that you are expected to show on the forums. Being disgruntled about in game problems does not give him the right to reach out to the community with hostility. While the tone of responses may be harsh, he is reaping the rewards of the attitude he brought to the forums with his post and replies.

I've had my ragequit moments too, but being ragequit state doesn't put any of us above the rules.

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posté September 01, 2014, 09:44:21 | #17
Anyone who wants to place IP restrictions and expects that to stop anyone from doing anything needs to take a few classes on networking. The _ONLY_ people you will block are legitimate users (Roommates, family members, ect.) who aren't trying to circumvent the system. Anyone who wants to abuse the system will be able to with little effort.

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posté September 01, 2014, 09:37:48 | #18
Learn to patience.

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posté August 27, 2014, 07:15:56 | #19
Stryve, you run the best damn fan site I've ever seen. I use it regularly and suggest it to everyone I cross paths with. I have to give big props to you for all the work you do!

Features I'd like a lot:

1) Item comparison: An easy way to compare either how an existing item compares to a new one, or just an easy way to side by side a few items to debate the benefits.

2) The ability to 'rune' gear in the set builder as well as add guild/nation bonuses. I usually end up doing the math for this, but I've always wanted to just be able to rune the build.

3) While item search changes would be AWESOME, the item revamp will completely change how items work so I'd wait until after that. What I want the most is an easy to search through all weapons. I think it's the biggest flaw in the set builder.

4) Spell stats in the set builder. I have always wanted this because I determine the spell levels based on the break points for the next point of damage.

Honestly, I almost exclusively use the new patch items, item-search and set-builder. I would use an encyclopedia of drop tables if you had one over encyclopedia as you update your information INFINITELY faster than Ankama.

Thanks again for all your work! You're a beast.


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posté August 27, 2014, 06:56:09 | #20
Honestly... You should do some searching on the forums they're packed with info you just have to look for it.

Here's some posts I've written.

Greetings, I am a relatively high level Xelor main who has played from March of 2012 and have always Mained my Xelor.

Wow... I spent about a half an hour making a well drawn out corrections post and the forum completely FAILED to post it and dumped it all out. Cool, I sure do love rewriting my work.

Here's some important corrections to previous posts I saw as well as some additional information.

  • Fire spells take 5 Initiative from the target per AP used (Ex: -20Initiative for Hand) on Tick turns only this is a set number and can only be modified by Temporal Waves or a Critical Hit. On Tock turns Fire spells turn into AoEs (Larger AoEs in the case of Dust): Hand will bounce to one other target at 100% damage within Two Cells of the original target, this requires Line of Sight. Line of Fire turns into a 3square line. Burn turns into Cross1. Dust changes from Cross1 to Cross2.
  • Negative Initiative also slows down the speed that players get their Speed Bonus.
  • Aging is a Cross1 AoE which means you can use it in combination with Dust to damage up to 5 enemies at a time.
  • Aging only counts for the Xelor that used it. It does not disappear from the target, but other Xelors and Sinistro's will not do extra damage from a Xelor's Aging.
  • Temporal Waves gives +20% increased initiative stolen on Tick turns and +40% chance to steal an AP on Tock turns.
  • Time Control, Sandglass and Clock are the three water spells that will change from +AP to -AP on Tick and Tock. Sinistro and Frostbite will always steal AP.
  • Hyperaction is a buff that units get when AP is stolen from them. They will gain 20 Hyperaction per AP stolen. This will be reduced by 10 Hyperaction per AP times Max AP the unit has at the start of the unit's turn. If you steal 2AP from a character he will have 40 Hyperaction. If he has 10AP at the start of his turn he will lose 100 Hyperaction and return to 0 Hyperaction. This is mostly to prevent abuse in which a character can be repeatedly crippled completely by AP steal.
  • Temporal Punishment is the Xelor's strongest single spell attack. It can be cast with no Line of Site and no range restrictions to any dial cell as long as you stand on a dial cell (This means you cannot be prevented from casting it by Blindness or other Range reducing spells). It cannot be cast while you are off of a dial cell. It can be cast at 2-6 range off of a Dial Cell, but it will permanently break the dial cell you are standing on and will suffer approximately a 5% base damage debuff.
  • Aging can also be used to trigger two important air abilities. Distortion, from the spell Temporal Distortion, which is a poison and Clocking Off, a status effect that is inflicted by the spell Underhand. Each charge of Clocking Off, up to three charges, will push the enemy back 1 cell from the direction the Xelor is facing at the time it triggers. If you do not trigger these effects they will trigger themselves at the start of your next turn.
  • Using Underhand to create a Time Rift next to a Dial Cell costs 1 Wakfu Point. This should always be taken into consideration when using the spell.
  • The spell Tempus Fugit creates Temporal Twists at the start and end point of the teleport. If you or an Ally step on one of the cells you will instantly be transported to the other. There can only be one set of two Temporal Twists at a time (so if you use the spell twice the first set disappears) and they will disappear at the start of your next turn. Keep these in mind, they can be used for or against you...
  • Temporal Prism gives +15% damage to each element per spell cast from an element, once per element. (So you can gain 15% elemental damage per elemental branch you use up to a maximum of 100%, meaning if you forcibly raise it you will max it in three turns). You must attack a cell on the map with a spell to maintain this ability.
  • Your Dial will break at the end of your turn if you are off a dial cell. This allows you to attempt to get back on your dial if you are removed without it breaking.
  • You can only give a maximum of +5AP to a single target, after a target reaches this limit your Temporal Focus will jump to another friendly target at random. You can change this target with the Time Control spell.
General build tips...

Start with Dial and Temporal Prism or Devotion (Whichever you don't level first level next). Regardless of if you are support or damage oriented, these spells will be critical to your progression in the early game. The exception is if you are being leeched, in which case nobody cares what spells you take other than Devotion, because you are being leeched, so level that first then the other spells.

After these spells your build will vary dependent on what branch or hybrid you choose to go with. I highly recommend going Hybrid because of the power of Temporal Prism. You will find yourself constantly using an extra Time Control or distortion in turns just to get your Prism up faster.

Dial - +50% damage (75% on the light cell which is current server time), allows transportation to any other dial cell for 1MP, starts with 8 charges and loses a charge when attacked and at the start of each of your turns. Costs 2AP, 1WP, must be cast in a line with line of sight 3 cells in front of you.

Devotion - Converts 1MP to 1AP (at level 9) up to 2 AP per target and 4uses total.

Desynchronization - I use this spell a LOT. It allows for some truly tricky Xelor play and is a core component of my Air/Fire build. It allows you to change from Tick to Tock or visa versa for the cost of 1 Wakfu Point (at level 9). You cannot cast the spell if you do not have at least 3AP. If you use it two spells in a row, you will lose 3 AP.

Mummification - Applies a %age of the Xelor's level and the debuff 'In Recovery' based on the level of the spell. If the Xelor that Mummifies a character dies, the character also dies. The character that is revived loses 33% of the HP that was given to him by the Xelor (Rounded up). This damage CAN be lethal (Regardless of Ankama's claims). No character can be revived by another character more than once. This includes Xelor's Mummification, Eniripsa's Eniraiser and the Sidekick Lumino's Final Hope.

Timekeeper - Another almost Must Have spell. I use it anytime I have extra AP amounts that I don't think I can effectively utilize or to attempt to charge the dial in longer fights. It allows you to add charges to your dial (50% per AP stored at lvl 9) as well as store 1AP for the following turn for the cost of 1AP (at level nine).

Rollback - Gives you a 20% chance to gain an AP on your next turn per AP spent, up to 3AP. You will see a buff telling you how many AP you will get on the next turn allowing you to really plan your next turn's AP usage (Timekeeper, Desynchronization, ect). This spell is a must have for all Xelor's.

Time Theft and Master of Time give straight forward bonuses and are totally self explanatory.

It's easier for me to explain the general roles branches fill the spell branches fill than to try and explain each spell, so here goes.

Air: High damage, low flexibility. You will find yourself very restricted to the Dial because of Punishment. While Distortion is still respectably powerful, it can often be a double edge when you need damage ASAP. One of the strongest spells in this branch, Aging, only works with the other elements.

Fire: Moderately high damage, high flexibility. All the fire spells give you options to deal damage and more importantly deal damage at weird angles or with no line of site. Fire gets very tricky at times because of how Tick and Tock effect the Initiative loss and AoE's but played well (in combination with Aging) you can put out more damage than just about any other class in the game.

Water: Support and Debuff branch. Your damage is low, but you can steal AP and give AP to your entire team. This is not to be underestimated.

Air/Fire: Highest damage potential, Lowest Support Potential. This is Nuke style of gameplay, you have options to deal damage in literally all possible situations depending on how you choose to build. You will want your dial out, but you will not always need it to be effective if you are unable to use it.

Air/Water: A good combination of support and high damage, Water keeps you from being completely restricted to your dial, but your bigger damage spells are still very restricted.

Water/Fire: A combination I am honestly not particularly familiar with, so I tend to avoid trying to comment on it too much. You combine flexible damage with flexible support, but the cost is you do not get to utilize Aging which is one of the Xelor's most powerful combination abilities.

That plus the previous information you've received is a basic breakdown of all there is to Xelor. It is absolutely one of if not the most complicated class in the game, and one of the hardest to play well. A good Xelor is an amazing thing to have on your team, though and can change the tide of battles in ways that no other class can.



Water: AP Steal/AP Gains. Great support, below average damage.

Air: High low flexibility damage, the "hybrid" element as it has good synergy with the other two.

Fire: Flexible damage and alternating AoEs.

Air/Fire: All out damage, one of the best in the game.

Air/Water: Mixed support/damage.

These are super barebones explanations. I play Air/Fire and have for basically two and a half years. It's probably the most popular Xelor Build in the game atm.

My build order in current game for Air/Fire would be Max Dial, Max Prism, Max Devotion, Max Rollback, Max Timekeeper, Max Desynch, Max Temporal Waves, Max Mumification, remaining points in Master of Time.

Air Spells: I'd focus on Aging+Punishment and possibly Underhand or Temporal Distortion.

Fire Spells: I'd focus on Hand+Line of Fire and possibly Dust.

Level other spells just enough to get passive bonus damage.

I personally like Age+Punish and Hand+LoF+Dust but I can tell you there's definite benefits to high Underhand or Distortion.

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