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posté Today - 07:19:47 | #1
I believe I said this recently in another thread, but if I were to rebuild the old Water/Air I played it would be Frostbite, Sandglass Sinistro in Water, Underhand, Punishment in Air. Aging damage is utterly mediocre for Water/AP steal and you're better off focusing on direct damage from Underhand and Punish. Because a lot of water relies on kiting/ap steal Underhand is basically a necessity to get people out of your grill while still doing respectable damage.

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Quote (Brokonaut @ 27 November 2014 04:38) *
Hey guys, collecting some and thoughts. None of these will be reflected in short term. If you do answer try to answer to your best capability. Feel free to answer as brief or as lengthy as you want. Feel free to omit any questions you don't have an opinion to weigh in on or don't feel like answering. I'll be reading all of these and looking back at them over the next few months. I will be returning to this thread early next year to collect updated responses from you guys pending changes made to the game between now and then.

1) How do you feel about the current state of solo PvP balance right now? Rate it from 1-10 (10 being content with current balance, 1 being unhappy). If possible, explain your sentiments.

2) How do you feel about the current state of team PvP balance right now? Rate it from 1-10 (10 being content with current balance, 1 being unhappy). If possible, explain your sentiments.

3) Do you think steps are being made to improve what currently is set in place? Disregard the Merit system. Strictly balance discussion.

4) Starting in September, the meta of PvP shifted from burst damage to sustain/bruisers. Do you think this shift was a positive or a negative change for the PvP scene?

5) What is the current state of PvP on your server right now? Are PvPers active? Do people ever want to team fight?

6) Are you interested in PvP in MMORPGs general? If not, is there something that's putting you off about it right now in Wakfu? If you are, what is something you want to see done to improve Wakfu's PvP scene (other than balance)?

7) If a global PvP league was created with unique non-stat prizes, would you be interested in representing your server or signing a team up for it?

Thanks everyone! I'll check up on this every now and then. Your feedback will help me and others over the next few months.

• Mango
1) I give the system in its current incarnation a 3/10:

Keep in mind I speak for what I've seen on Nox which is not a server with the booming population of a French server.

PVP is not a viable option for anyone but the MOST dedicated on Nox. When you lose as much merit as you gain for each fight (At higher merit its my understanding you actually have much more to lose than gain) it creates a system where most people will NOT fight unless they feel close to 100% confident they can win. This creates an environment where people put up wings and then instantly drama-mode if attacked. You become attached to Merit as if it were an item, an item which you can lose much more easily than you can gain as there really isn't much of a PVP community because few people are willing to deal with this.

Most of the rules surrounding PVP also outline this problem, I.E. if you attack someone three of their friends can jump in and you lose merit when you lose. Since Merit becomes increasingly more difficult to get once you have more of it and have attacked most of the VERY few people willing to fight (or unwilling to fight but with their wings raised), some of the people who have the most Merit on Nox have mostly given up altogether and no longer care to participate. The devs have created a system that is just not worth their time.

My suggestion is there should be a much easier entry point into lower PVP tiers. For example from ranks 10-8 you gain 2x as much merit (NOT orbs, JUST merit) as you can lose, from ranks 7-5 you can gain 1.5x as much as you can lose. Merit is an economy and it has to be treated as such, since the current system does not give everyone merit to start with and it creates a system so detrimental to merit gains few are willing to deal with it, the merit economy has all but tanked (or rather has never gotten off the ground to begin with.)

2) I will separate Solo and Group here as they are two WILDLY different beasts.

I will not rate solo PVP. Solo PVP is dominated by self-healers and armorers. The ability to get 50crit and 50 block along with a slow life regen makes this the OBVIOUS choice as it is impossible to survive in the current meta as pure burst damage or anything that doesn't have good options to handle fight longevity which is a significant number of classes in the game.

I don't think there is too much you can do about solo PVP. It will never be balanced and to try and balance all the classes for solo is probably a waste of time. I would instead focus on balancing roles and working out group PVP since that is where end game will be going.

Group PVP is actually not too unbalanced... but I'd rate it 5/10 because it is literally impossible to cause to happen. The balance lies in the fact that it doesn't exist... you can't offer balance for something that isn't there at all. Aside from dramatic grudge-matches or pre-planned fights group pvp is not there. I think there are definitely classes that need reworks to be viable in group PVP setting, but I think most have places on a team. The best solution I can offer in this sense is to start really thinking about what types of archetypes you want in the game and then assessing what roles and archetypes classes in game fill. Then assess possible groupings of them and viability. This will always be an ongoing balance, but it is something that has to be accepted.

Once the archetypes are set in stone, you can work on smaller tweaks instead of larger revamps to game mechanics, which takes a lot of work off the dev teams. Especially if you have a dedicated balance team.

3) Yes. I believe the team is working to improve balance. The way it is being done is so slow, though, that by the time the last revamp is finished, all the principles, goals, and mechanics that the original revamps addressed are no longer valid. Ankama are creating a vicious revamp cycle for themselves where by the time the final revamp is finished you need to re-revamp all the things you did at the beginning. We're already in the second round of this cycle. The only way to address this topic is to stabilize and finalize to some degree the way in game mechanics work. Significant gameplay revamps will always invalidate previous work, so you should create a 2 or 3 year in-game revamp strategy and stick to it. That way you don't have to double your work, or worse.

4) I wouldn't call it a 'shift' I would call it a change in viability/popularity. There are still bursts that can survive well in the meta if they can create tactical advantages, but the general direction most people took was towards sustainable fighters. This is because they were given all the tools to succeed. Realistically, if you want to aim for a balance you should try to even out the tools both of these archetypes have access to.

As an easy example, 19 or 20 block will be significantly more valuable to a defensive player than 76 or 80% crit damage/Backstab damage/Berserk damage. 40% total HP is significantly more useful than stealing 10% HP as a super high damage burst class. You gave the sustainers a huge advantage, to the point where even burst players really SHOULD be going that HP/block route and focusing on tactical play and bursts. If this was your intention, then it succeeded. If this was not your intention, you should revisit the values associated to burst options in the leveling system, as the easier accessibility of heals, high HP and final damage reduction than access to overall damage abilities and leech is what has caused the shift.

5) For the most hardcore, rowdy or virulant only. I addressed this in topic one, Merit is an economy, and you haven't given Nox the tools to get that economy off the ground. I outlined the lack of all but the most hardcore players desire to do this in the first response. If you want people who are not hardcore about PVP to participate, you have to give them incentive. A good way to approach the design mechanics that would work is to look at how mobile gaming works. You get a lot out of the game up-front, fast levels or quick bonuses and buildings, but as you invest more and more into the game (or PVP system) it becomes increasingly difficult, to the point where the final portions (I.E. to get ranks 1-3 which are based on rank, not Merit) will start to feel like a grind.

That grind to get ranked is okay. The current state of PVP is that grind exists just to get past rank 10. That is not acceptable if you want average players to take part in this system.

6) I wish I had a resume to show you, instead I'll do my best to write my history in the hopes that it outlines the kind of end-game player I am (TL;DR WARNING, skip the italics if you dgaf about me and just want to know my final response to the question). I am the definition of a PVP oriented player. In high school I played 2 solid years of Diablo 2 Classic on US West solely to PVP. I was part of a very exclusive non-guild group/channel called Of The Crypt which was entirely filled with the rowdiest and most PVP oriented players that existed in Diablo 2. We were highly competetive and regardless of what my other Necromancer friends (Loviaroth/True Phil/Vainn) I maintain that I retired from D2 Classic as the #1 PVP Necromancer on US West, playing on a windowed client on a laptop touchpad using Netzero.

After this I very briefly played an MMO called Shadowbane. This was a PVP only, player created world MMO that never really succeeded and was the last of the 'point and click' MMOs. It was IMHO, the last true PVP MMO ever released and I wish it would have done better. I remember being in 50 v 50 player + server wide wars. It was a really epic concept that just never realized its full potential.

After D2 I was in college and didn't have the same kind of time to devote to full client games, I did however study, work and live on a computer almost 24/7, during this time I got into a briefly popular webpage based PVP only MMO game called "Kings of Chaos" our original group of friends called ourselves the Wolf Pack as we terrorized the mostly defensive players of the game using bugs we found to demolish anything we could find. Loviaroth, with the support of a webcomic and previously rank1 player named Inktank was able to finish the first reset of the game as #1. By the second reset we had stabilized ourselves as a large powerful group called "Relentless" and through our combined efforts, managed to destroy a break off group (and the previously rank 1 player) to allow orc00/Balrog to finish the second reset of the game at rank 1 and win an Xbox (Original, I'm an old man here XD).

Kings of Chaos ended up causing a rift between those of us who were old players and lead through secret councils and back-door meetings and new players who had no idea that old players were still working the politics behind the scenes and we were eventually ousted. While we won the third reset of the game with another one of our high ranking council officers, the old players were worn out on the game itself and the drama associated.

After KoC we moved to another page based MMO called The-Reincarnation (which still exists today). This is my favorite page based I've ever played as it let you permanently kill other players. We quickly set up a name for our new guild, Dissention, as a guild devoted to murder and destruction. We were able to seal the rank 1 spot for Balrog (orc00) our first reset and quickly seated ourself deeply in the political circles due to our huge, active and coordinated group of players that easily outmatched most other guilds in activity and ability to run successful and coordinated attacks on other guilds.

I believe you can still find posts from myself there under the name Madd from the early 2000s purposely provoking guild leaders, simply so I could wipe them off the map, by the time I left that game I was in a position similar to Mangos, working along with other respected players on behind-the-scenes balance of the game mechanics. Myself and the leader of a similar guild on server, our sister guild which we later merged with S&M, represented the 'warmage' or PVP players perspective on balance changes and tweaks.

After leaving KoC I left the general "MMO" scene in favor of real life person vs person exploits when I got into dance. I originally picked up Wakfu in 2012 after having been aware of and playing the demo of Dofus in 2005 when a coworker showed it to me. I only intended to play the game briefly waiting for Diablo 3 to come out. Unfortunately, Diablo 3 had 0 PVP and nothing but end-game grind which is what I absolutely DISDAIN. I left Diablo 3 after a month and returned to Wakfu. Since then I have survived the servers near-death and stuck with The Borg, despite every other player leaving the guild. After leadership was passed to me I hooked up with a few PVP oriented players that I had long standing relationships. Since then the guild has grown to contain a significant number, if not the majority of top ranked PVP players on the server. I will admit, I do not know how this happened as I have never actively tried to achieve this goal.

TL;DR: I consider myself the definition of a PVP oriented player, the only reason I still play this game is you can hostile anyone, almost anywhere, at almost any time. While I don't have the time to play this game that I once had for games, promise of End Game PVP has led PVP to be my only final goal in this game, I tolerate the grind only to reach that goal. Long ago, before the first rune-revamp. I was able to reach the status of top (IMHO) Xelor on server, and while I no longer care about being the top individual on server anymore, reaching a status of top-competing PVP guild is always high on my interests.

7) Yes, I can guarantee Borg can probably send at minimum 2 or 3 highly competitive teams to a cross server competition. If we pooled all our resources, I would wager we could put together a top tier team capable of competing with the best on other servers.

Sorry for getting ranty, it's just how I am.

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posté Today - 00:23:16 | #3
+100% drop rate on Troyle's GG Shield. (jk I wish, XD)

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posté Today - 00:22:24 | #4
I like how the community complains about lack of transparency from the devs, then completely ignores Dy7's clarifications.

I will reserve any judgements I have on the class until I can see final values, I've been looking to replace my Enu for anything besides drops anyway, so maybe this will be the way to go.

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posté Yesterday - 22:26:47 | #5
I do ^^

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posté Yesterday - 08:44:14 | #6

Quote (ValiunDovale @ 26 November 2014 11:31) *
I'm running a try elemental now. In water I've leveled Time Control and Hourglass, in air I've leveled Aging And Punishment and in Fire I've leveled hand and line of fire.
In turns that i can't deal Damage i usually give some AP for my team, but i think this build is very straight line dependent
You have Aging+Hand which means you can deal 12AP of pure damage on Tick turns and 10 on Tock turns. You can also lure enemies onto your dial and you can deal 20-22 AP of pure damage in any direction during all of your turns.

What you'll find out quickly is the most important aspect of playing a Xelor is dial placement. It's what separates good and bad more than anything else, IMHO. This is because the dial is a huge commitment for us, it's a great power, but it limits us as much as it benefits us, meaning relying on it too heavily or using it improperly will severely hurt the way you play.

My recommendation to you is drop control and pick up Frostbite. Time Control is probably the most useless of our spells to level with a 1/unit cast and 2/turn limit considering we are a class capable of giving ourselves 20AP with no outside interference and 90% of the spells benefits work without any levels.

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Reason for edit : corrected my comments on Time Control
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posté Yesterday - 08:32:40 | #7

Quote (xCATZILAx @ 26 November 2014 15:28) *
So back then, I made a thread that received much attention that spoke about the consequences of making the game "too easy" (ie. getting drops, relics, leveling, etc...). I was deemed and mocked because most people enjoyed the game more playing in the "super easy" game mode.

After a few months I'm sure you understand. The game is just too easy. It's boring.

The consequence of making it easier is that we cruise through the content faster which means we need more constant updates with new content.

We all know Ankama cannot do that.

Bottom line, it is still a great and fun game to play and I'm happy newbs can enjoy it more and get equipped but, we gonna cruise through new content in a couple of weeks and have to wait months of doing nothing to get new content. Double edged sword.
Then quit (Make 6 threads about it so people know you're super cereal). You and everyone like you are the minority. All the money you guys put into this game can't match the amount of money they can make by expanding the games appeal to a larger audience. Ankama has FINALLY come to understand that. This game, the tone of its players, and it's population are better for it. Unlike the hardcores who constantly whine about this topic, I don't have 24/7 to play, I still haven't finished all my item upgrades (Lacking Souleater and Shock Absorber and I suppose I could use a ring upgrade) and I don't have anything even remotely near full runes.

I'm significantly happier with the game, feeling like I'm not left in the gear stone-age since I only have two major upgrades left. Unlike I was when guild revamp came out and I spent a few months grinding out a max level guild and was LITERALLY in the gear stone-age because I was devoting 0 time to personal progression in favor of guild progression. In the current system, I could devote similarly to guild progression and STILL have enough time to manage character progression. I wouldn't be the best but I wouldn't feel like I was wasting my life playing Wakfu either.

If you're so DEATHLY devoted to the game, why don't you do the other things that the game offers you? Max your own guild instead of cycling through every one on the server, raise that guild to be the top guild on server, finish the slots on a haven world, buy and upgrade all the buildings, become top 6 PVP in a nation. Multimax all gathering and crafting professions on a character, finish all achievements in game (that aren't bugged) and on Steam (which includes creating all relics from fragments). Become the best and most loved governor in history, bettering the nation for all. Throw popular and fruitful in-game events.

You haven't finished this game, so if you're bored it's time for you to make a personal decision about how you want to spend your time.

I'll repeat my sweeping opinion on this topic. If this game bores you or any other hardcore who doesn't have the capacity to find time for other activities in your life then Ankama did you a HUGE favor. There is more to life than Wakfu.


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posté November 26, 2014, 02:41:32 | #8
Classic gun jumping going on here. I think if any of us should have learned anything about Ankama it's that they're painfully slow and generally do not communicate well with the international community (I can't speak for the French community, for obvious reasons.)

That said, at least wait for their December deadline to pass before pulling out the pitch forks. Being vets of this game you have no one to blame but yourselves if you expected delivery in a timely fashion.


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posté November 23, 2014, 11:37:26 | #9

Quote (Devgru @ 18 November 2014 20:22) *
I can't really see the shine on Final Damage % .. it only multiplies 1.1 to the real damage (which is decent) but that's about it. Range gives range AND 40% dmg, Mp gives mp AND 20% dmg also a lot more room for devotion and mobility.

What do you guys think?
My Xelor has 1200% damage with max buffs in fight.
MP+20% makes that 1220% damage. 10% final damage modifies the final damage of the spell by +10%, e.g. if I do 2000 damage on Hand, it becomes 2200 damage.

It's a pretty noticeable difference, the higher damage %s get, the more noticeable the difference will be, so by level 200 it may completely outshine the other options.

The one instance I've seen that I would opt out of it is if you can build a gearspec that uses a non-MP item and has huge stat boosts, EG Mangos DV+Kimono combo, but realistically, I don't think many combos are worth doing this for, in fact, unless you want to go with a crazy block defensive Xelor, I don't agree with it under any current gear combinations I can find.

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posté November 23, 2014, 11:30:06 | #10
Welp, depends on preference. Whatever fits your personal playstyle. I never really liked statting MP so I went AP/Range/Final Damage. Under some circumstances, I would consider modifying that, but as it is now, I am perfectly happy with how my character plays.

All depends how you play the class.

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posté November 16, 2014, 05:14:29 | #11
My build is actually pretty bad for true end game PVP. If you want to PVP you should take HP% over Leech.

I built it when the revamp first came out as a semi-hybrid 1v1. It never worked how I expected it too. Also, I have 200 dodge from items alone, if I need more than that, I probably have bigger problems.

The build works fine PVM, I actually prefer to go first or near first in PVM as a Xelor, an extra MP would help with teamplay over the 10% final damage, but it's kind of a half and half build... decent at both, master of neither.

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posté November 06, 2014, 08:59:58 | #12

Quote (Brokonaut @ 02 November 2014 21:51) *
The choice to use the Happy Sram Kimono was due to the fact that it provided good tribrid damage but moreso for the immense HP and resists (90 resist score runed).

• Mango
I was gonna disagree, then I looked at how much block it has, which I had never noticed before. It is a better combination of HP/Block than I'd thought, but... you don't really take much advantage of that and opted for crit damage instead, so... I still don't know if I fully agree with the choices  

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posté November 02, 2014, 21:42:17 | #13
I'd do Dial, Prism, Devotion, Rollback to max, In that order.
Air Aging/Punish (Core)
Fire Hand (Core)

Optional spells, LoF, Underhand, Distortion, Burn, Dust.

You can go 3 in one element and 2 in the other. The choices depend on what you want to do.


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posté November 02, 2014, 20:44:31 | #14
If you play as water, you have to accept that there is no point in stealing more than 1-3AP and that in PVM AP steal is all but useless, it's just how the game has become.

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posté November 02, 2014, 20:32:40 | #15
I've considered similar as I think most experienced Xelors know the ideal PVP AP burn is 1-3 and that taking the AP steal only spells is the only way to PVP.

I also agree that Underhand is absolutely crucial if you want to deal with anything that has a tiny bit of lock. I'm jelly of your gear options, but I probably still wouldn't have taken Srambad+MP from stats over a different combination +final damage (or final res) from stats. I can't take Burn, even though I know at this point its D/AP Matches LoF. I just hate it too much, it stands as the shining example of Ankama's dbaggery to the class. Maybe if I could take 3 from Fire.

If I had the time to gear and rune, I'd probably try a tankier block/HP runed build as a Tri. I had been considering it heavily, but can't justify it unless I have another Water/Air/Fire tri to use the gear, and the only thing in my final 6 that currently has those options besides Xelor is Eni.


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posté October 28, 2014, 06:02:27 | #16
They probably received AP from a Non-Xelor source and didn't realize it, as those are not effected.

I also don't recommend Aging. The bonus damage is mediocre, you'll have a much easier time mixing 2-3 AP steal with pure Air damage. That's what I did with my 140 Hybrid.

Unlike Mango I did use Sinistro, but I used it mostly to create obstacles, Teleport points or other tactical reasons than for damage/AP steal. If I had to redo the build now it would probably be Frostbite, Sandglass, Sinistro, Underhand, Punishment. The Distortion build I used to use relied on the Water/Air going first and procing heavy distortion which my Air/Fire would then trigger at his much higher damage. Underhand has a better possible secondary effect and at lvl 200 is only 6base damage less than Distortion assuming 6AP (150 vs 156) use which is pretty good considering you can use it at Melee and it is one of the strongest map manipulation spells.

If you realllllllly want to use aging you should stay Tri.

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posté October 28, 2014, 05:32:07 | #17
I slapped my sac in full Moowolf, hit moo into max Frenzy for 6-7 turns and then he disemboweled the sac for 7.7k and walked off... :\

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #790984  Replies : 3  Views : 390
posté October 27, 2014, 08:25:05 | #18
Moowolf's Revenge I've been trying to work with a guildie to get this achievement... and it occurred to me, the state that allowed Moowolf to cast Revenge was a set bonus... has this been removed with the item revamp? I parked my sac in front of Moo for 7 or so turns before he disemboweled for 7790 damage making me think he had cast revenge only to be disappointed.

Can anyone with access to the game data confirm or deny that this is the case? I'd like to know if I'm wasting my time trying to help him with yet another bugged quest :\


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posté October 18, 2014, 11:35:35 | #19
It's currently a damage buff. They could change the stat to say "X stacks of this do Y if aging is applied", but I'm never opposed to Xelor buffs. I'd love to be OP again.

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posté October 18, 2014, 11:33:05 | #20
No, in fact no other Xelor (or summon in the case of Sinistro) can benefit from your cast of aging.

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