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Quote (MiniMikeh @ 30 July 2014 21:39) *

Quote (androgyous @ 30 July 2014 21:35) *

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 30 July 2014 21:32) *
Everyone has been shipping us since the dawn of time literally nothing has changed
I thought it was a three way ship. You are missing the third and final piece that shares your names.

know exactly what you're talking about

and i'm blushing hes my senpai 4 lyfe
we are the hydra of 5th

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jfc now everyones gonna make hackxhate jokes and think I'm a sweetheart all cuz you ended the post in kisses


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Quote (Intrade @ 30 July 2014 12:26) *

Quote (kurokat @ 30 July 2014 12:10) *
Well, the numbers I posted for the Snoofle, Pick and Perfect Mine Helmet I've tested relatively thoroughly. Range is 1-6 with those three.

I know a couple people with the ring and the above and I don't believe any of them have ever gotten 10 with those 4 items. So a range of 1-9. I am at level 78 fisher and 100 for the other gathering, so I don't have the ring yet to give numbers tested by myself.

I've only known one person with all the items (3 bum sacks, the ring and rest) and they were getting 1-11 ore. At least I believe so. It may have been 1-12 ore. It has been over a year since that person has been online and I didn't make a note of it. Not sure I'll ever have even one Bum Sack to test with unless someone sells me one (or more).

- Kat

If I was subbed, I'd go mine right now and take a screenshot of my harvests.

I can't justify subbing just for verification of this on the forums. I'm very frugal after spending a bunch of money on hardware and software for work-related stuff o.o

It's really too bad that no matter how much +harvests you have, I don't think astrub ore is affected by it at all XD

Last time I checked it wasn't, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try again now o.o

Edit: Just tried. And yeah, Astrub veins aren't affected at all by +harvests X_X

Edit2: Well actually, they might be. I'm assuming that Astrub veins are a base of 1 at all times and I'm only hitting for 2-3.

Since I have 165% increased harvests, that would make sense.

Click here if you want to view the full-size image
why did you right click 3 bum sacks instead of just one...

it's not like you can rune bum sacks with more.. ore harvests..

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Is it like, Fungo - pole or like, fungop - oly I've always been reading it in a greek sort of way, the latter, The Fungopoly, but a lot of people say Fungopole, like a literal pole.

it bothers me and I correct them just instinctively but I don't know if I'm right even so ?? ?

dy7 do me a solid and ask like tot what to call the spores place

k thanks :3

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Quote (thisishooks @ 28 July 2014 05:55) *
Why don't we see more of this? Enis could give the party a boost to heals received, Enus could give the party a boost to PP, Rogues could give an initiative boost, Sadidas could reduce the party's WP by 3, and Iops could give a flat damage boost.

This was so funny I forgot to laugh.

Then remembered and told everyone I know.

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Quote (BrainInAJar @ 27 July 2014 19:23) *
whys that, mini?

I mean he isn't skipping turns. he hits his locker every turn.
We lock him and he skips, gg

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Quote (Nymra- @ 28 July 2014 07:50) *
Hello HateSpawn, first of all thanks for this post. I found it incredibly hard to find anything that wasn't sorely outdated. Reading your answers for other people has answered most of my doubts.
Second, I come from a spanish speaking server so I'm sorry if I mess up any skill names or whatever.

I started playing the game a few days ago so if I make a very noob question just... please be patient lol.
These questions regarding a full fire build, I'm level 31 atm just about to respec.
1. I plan to put 1mp just as you recommended. For the rest of my skill points and for the future, which one is more convenient? Int, initiative, crit? A mix of those? Any other that I forgot?
2. When you mentioned the most useful fire skills, you talked about Blood Rush, Bloodthirsty Fury and Punishment. The last two I completely agree (Punishment crits when I'm in low hp... *moans*). I was wondering, what is your reasoning for choosing Blood Rush over Burning Blood? Reading from the wiki, unless I'm badly mistaken if you take into account the damage from scalded then BB does more damage, and it's an AoE so yay! So I wanted to know that.
3. Again, regarding a full fire build you recommended Blood Pact >> Transposition >> Attraction >> Angrrr, right? In that order? and what about Clinging to Life? Is it useful enough to give some points?

Thanks a lot for taking your time to do this! Helps clarify a lot for the newbies like me.
Firstly, I only noticed 4 errors in this, none of them were spell related. Awesome job.

1 - MP, AP if and ONLY if you intend to restat end game. Afterward, Init only under circumstances I can't bother to explain.

importantly, crits and intelligence are both viable. I prefer intelligence, but crits are fine. You'll notice crit statting more than int stating though.

2 - burning blood, man, I can write a book about this. I tried it out, it's nice honestly. If you plan on staying pure fire at end game, and not going hybrid, level Burning Blood. It's too good to not spend the spell XP on.

Hybrid can't afford 4 spells in one branch, so that's an issue. Blood rush is better because of its cost and the lack of flaming/scalded. You never know if your scalding damage will be good enough, or if the mob will live. By the time you learn it's too late.

that's arguably the biggest reason, but that's certainly not the only one. Only go for it if you're going 12 AP imo.

3 - pact attract angrrr transposition cling to life moribund.

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That one teamspeak hatespawn shenanigans ensued

yea and then this is the logs of me and pariah

"Pariah": something going on on nox atm or whats with the ts explosion?
"Hatspoon": oh
"Hatspoon": hi
"Hatspoon": uhm
"Hatspoon": long version or short version
"Pariah": start with short?
"Hatspoon": I invited all 400 of my skype contacts to 1 conversation
"Hatspoon": and we couldn't call
"Hatspoon": so someone said "Jerry's teamspeak!"
"Pariah":'s jerry's ts...
"Hatspoon": we're not doing much just having a fun time
"Pariah": they get opened, get noone, and die within 3 months
"Hatspoon": I'll talk to jerry about it asap
"Hatspoon": wekk
"Hatspoon": well
"Hatspoon": maybe itll be a thing now
"Hatspoon": :3 "Pariah": he'll probably kiss you
"Pariah": or do worse things to you i don't really want to imagine
"Pariah": also.. TEAMSPEAK IS BETTER
"Pariah": sorry, had to
"Hatspoon": I cant make a big clusterfuck on ts
"Hatspoon": people need
"Hatspoon": to be awake
Hatspoon": to use ts
"Hatspoon": get in this btw :3
"Pariah": sec
"Pariah": having a cup of coffee the size of my head first
"Pariah": on vacation, its 8.51 here

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1 - Focus on getting to the target and surviving. Angrrr and Moribund aren't top tier priority, for example. Blood pact should come first, then attraction, and don't do moribund until cling is finished.

2 - Stay pure fire. Hybrid gear is too few in number early game for fire/air, so just stick to fire until like 120+.

3 - MP. AP if you plan on respeccing late game. Crit or intelligence.

4 - Stated above. I suggest pact / attract / angrrr / transposition / moribund / cling / sacrifice / life transfer.

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posté July 27, 2014, 12:18:46 | #10
Pretty accurate statements above.

A few things though. Blood pact, then attraction, always. You can't hurt anything if you can't get next to it, so you NEED attraction as soon as possible. From there, angrrr, then transposition. Next, Cling should come first. Having 1 extra turn will immediately pay off a lot more than Moribund's damage will, since, as soon as you max cling you can start benefitting from moribund to it's fullest, but you can't get the best out of moribund without cling. Like the above stated, you'll end up with both so it doesn't matter TOO much, but I go for optimization.

Speaking of optimization, as fire while you don't need an AP statted end game, having 7 8 and 9 AP earlier on is a lot better than just rolling the 6. Thus, I think stat MP first, then AP if you plan to get a respec scroll to fix the build.

don't stat HP, a fire sacrier build can't support it.


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Quote (Kahyne @ 24 July 2014 07:22) *
Good evening. Since there hasn't been much asked about a full-out tank build, I suppose I'll be the one to introduce the subject. I'm currently sitting at 107 and am pondering what to do for an earth build in the future. Let me also point out that some of my statements and questions will likely sound naive as I've yet to actually have any experience in UB fights. Please humor me on that.

That said, my questions are as follows:

1. I'm planning to max block, as that seems like a rather obvious tank decision. Before writing that into the final build, I was wondering if there's a hard cap on block that may decrease the number of stat points to allocate to it due to +block on gear.

2. AP and MP stats. What should I be looking at in terms of optimal numbers with regards to these? I'm mostly leaning towards 10 points for Colonnades x2 or Smasher & Crackrock. Are these viable combinations or should I consider something else?

3. Is statting lock a thing or should I avoid it and just rely on +lock on gear?

4. With regards to specialties; I'm planning to max Tattooed Blood, Blood Pact, Sanguine Armor, Attraction and Transposition as the obvious first choices. Beyond that, I'm looking at Clinging to Life, but wondering how much of a difference one turn would make in a non-PVP setting. Also, while I really like Life Transfer, the Sacrifice buff sounds like it could be incredibly problematic. Is that the case?

Thank you for your time.
1 - no, but you can only have 25 statted block.

2 - 10, for crack rock + 2 rockies. This removes the most dodge, and is ideal for a tanking build.

3 - always stat 100 if you want to be a lock tank.

4 - right there those first five look pretty solid, but you pretty much need Sacrifice or Life Transfer to take advantage of the build. You asked if they were problematic, but in fact it's quite the opposite. You effectively absorb damage for your allies and then life is a lot simpler.

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I heard dofus site works, buy ogrines there, spend them here.

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Quote (picklesaregood @ 25 July 2014 08:50) *
oh boy hs flexing his epeen that he got through repeatedly begging and QQ to his friends

poor guy must have a small penis in real life to constantly need attention on general forums

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Quote (Fadedscourge @ 25 July 2014 05:23) *
Flaxhid bug? I've done this at least 15 times already, I've yet to notice the bug. He enters P2, and P3 successfully.
You're a liar. We ran it. I know that's not what happened. You wanted to see if we could make him skip more turns. Don't deny it, don't hide it, it happened Faded.

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Quote (lusaaa @ 24 July 2014 16:15) *
this is how the entrance to the shushu2 dungeon looks like on Amara...

can someone from Ankama explain me where the blue tile is, so that we can enter the dungeon on Amara?
it seems kinda unfair, that everyone exept people on Amara can enter the dungeon...
I'm laughing so hard right now oh my god

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Quote (SeriousBelly @ 25 July 2014 03:25) *

Quote (HateSpawn @ 24 July 2014 22:46) *
Here's mine.

OMG!!! Multi-Arm is visible!!!!

I'm surprised other people can't see sacrier arms. kinda bothers me.

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Quote (SeriousBelly @ 24 July 2014 23:59) *
Have the shushu weapons stats remained the same or have they changed? (This will be the ultimate fact on deciding whether I should upgrade Fryou's Staff or not.)

some are different. frappus is the same I think.

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Quote (Pakonitan @ 24 July 2014 23:37) *

Quote (Reime @ 24 July 2014 23:31) *

Quote (ntall1 @ 24 July 2014 23:03) *
Your pic is broken btw.
I think that's actually his favorite thing about the game. Must be blank for a reason.
Well it leads to a sac inflicting over 4000 damage to a eca, so maybe not. XD

My favorite thing is costumes... I wish they had more...
its broken for some people, not sure why...

but uh, yeah its a gif of me critting on Punishment on cling.

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