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posté Yesterday - 11:16:09 | #1

Quote (Laplace93 @ 27 October 2016 11:13) *
It's impressive how many people completely ignore what the CM say.
It wasn't said in the original post...

Anyway I've done 9, I'll do the last 3 tomorrow, it's late here.

Thank you Spling for informing me.

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posté Yesterday - 09:47:51 | #2
Dungeon Rusher MAXXX still not active?

just did gobball pastures in Astrub on 27th of october after 00:01 server time and didn't get anything for it.

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posté Yesterday - 07:05:38 | #3

Quote (ValvatorezSr @ 27 October 2016 04:35) *

Quote (Tiefoone @ 27 October 2016 03:40) *
Didn't you quit the game? Good to know you're still posting on the forums of a game you don't play hehexd
Ya got me LOL BTW you made your account 10 days after mine, respect your elders hehexd
respect your elders hehexd

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posté Yesterday - 07:04:25 | #4
pretty safe to say that foggernaut busts this boss. good to know

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posté Yesterday - 05:51:45 | #5
best guide 2k16

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posté Yesterday - 03:57:39 | #6
In the video the Cybot killed the boss, by exploding. Is this what your friend's fogger did? If so then it's safe to say that this strange interaction kills him.

Also, the boss' HP stopping at 1 is a mechanic, and will happen in every single run. 

Thread : 1.48 Bug Reports  Preview message : #985106  Replies : 16  Views : 410
posté Yesterday - 00:09:26 | #7
"Monkey King Epaulettes" Blueprint cannot be removed from the inventory. Character name: Dragon Pig
Date and time: All the time?
Map: N/A
Server: Nox

Bug Description: The item "Monkey King Epaulettes" Blueprint, a quest reward from the Moon Relic questline, cannot be put into the account chest, put into the haven bag chest, or even deleted. The only way to keep it from permanently taking up 1 inventory slot forever is to get Armorer to level 100 on that character.

Reproduction: Get the "Monkey King Epaulettes" Blueprint. You will immediately begin experiencing this error.



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posté October 26, 2016, 22:47:49 | #8
Well this isn't new, but I'm glad someone posted it in Gen Disc.

like 2-3 days ago a video popped up of this happening in bug report subforums. It was amusing to say the least, because I figured if you let that happen once you could avoid it.

but before I get too ahead of myself let me ask what spell the fogger used to kill the boss

Thread : 1.48 Bug Reports  Preview message : #985067  Replies : 16  Views : 410
posté October 26, 2016, 22:40:59 | #9
Yeah this isnt news to most heroes users. I have this with rogue and cra whenever I relog in fight.

you could probably fix it with a reclient, assuming you arent looking at empty pockets, and are instead looking at a completely blank inventory

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posté October 26, 2016, 12:04:50 | #10
ANYTHING after 145 cap and before pvp revamp PLEASE.

I want to be a god again

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posté October 23, 2016, 13:11:26 | #11
The respec room is gone yes. There's a Kanojedo or something in Astrub that has an in-world mr punchy you can use at any time. But once you spec your points there is no "undo".

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posté October 23, 2016, 13:10:19 | #12

Quote (Lazy-Insight @ 23 October 2016 11:17) *
Hi i am just starting and wondering which server should I choose; Remington or Nox.

1. Are there any server statistics available anywhere? Especially interested in peak times / low times in server population over the course of day.

2. Is it better to join server if my playing time matches the time when the server has its top numbers of players playing, or is it better to play in server low activity time?

3. Language issue: as I understand Nox is US so communicating in english should not be a problem. What about Remington, are there any problems with player communication there.

4. Technical issues and server location; I live in Europe, if I join Nox server will there be any problems in relation to server location like latency problems or connection loss?

5. Which server community is more active (I read there are things like elections and politics)

6. What about forming a group to fight in dungeon; do I have to join guild, or can I group with random people using in game interface (like chat, or information board)

7. Should I chose my character class in relation to server I join, or should I just play whichever class looks best for me? I read that some classes are better in solo play than others, some are good team support, some are flexible etc. I was thinking of either Xelor or Masqueraider. Considering my quite random playing times and depending on the server choice, I may need class that at least decent in solo play.

Answering even one of the above points will help me greatly. Thanks in advance.
1. only testimony from players.
2. high activity is ideal. If you're from the US I'd recommend nox for timezone reasons, and if you're in Europe I'd recommend remington for timezone reasons.
3. Remington has more people, factually, but less of the population speaks english, I think.
4. Log on nox, type "/ping" and check the game logs box in your chat. You'll see "ping: XXX ms". Do the same on remington. Less ping = faster reaction time from the server. I have about 100 ping on Nox, and about the same ping on remington. Won't matter probably, but go ahead and check them both out.
5. On forums, Nox is more active. In terms of politics, I can't really say. Politics is dead on Nox, every nation has it's own cycle of governors, except for Bonta which is a wreck right now.
6. You don't need to join a guild, but the player base is pretty small so getting dungeon groups early game is difficult, you'll probably just get powerlevelled by some level 200 with some free time on their hands.
7. Don't pick melee classes and everyone will love you.

Sorry for being inspecific, it's 7 AM here in noxville USA so I'm kinda dead.

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posté October 23, 2016, 01:49:15 | #13

Quote (HunterRabbitt @ 23 October 2016 00:58) *

Quote (RaderElcaroman @ 22 October 2016 19:44) *
why would a sadi cage self in pvp,though
There's a lot of strategic value when caging yourself.

As for you mister Tiefoone, I'd like you to perhaps take into consideration how many times in a single turn you can cause collision damage. So perhaps you'd like to stop... you know... crying?
You mean, 5?

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posté October 22, 2016, 11:22:22 | #14
If pandas can stabilize enemies every turn then so can I!

make punch trigger on targets I've cast focus on too, instead of making me wait a turn. Why should I have to deal with losing mechanics I used to have? Or even put up with other classes having access to tools I don't have?

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posté October 22, 2016, 06:37:56 | #15

Quote (EarthMinion @ 20 October 2016 01:43) *
Except killing shamoon and evading shamoon are pretty different things
But evading sham moon is way more related to killing sham moon than being a Boy-Thing.

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posté October 21, 2016, 23:30:29 | #16

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 21 October 2016 23:27) *
Literally nobody is gonna top this
Close the thread now.

You'll never be able to beat this.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #984402  Replies : 847  Views : 67549
posté October 21, 2016, 22:44:30 | #17
Then remove the cooldown of focus along with the application of destabilized.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #984395  Replies : 51  Views : 1179
posté October 21, 2016, 01:38:38 | #18

Quote (ylalive @ 20 October 2016 16:05) *
hi flatops, just down sham moon after hotfix. In phase 2. the mp of sham moon cannot be stolen, and mp up to 5. This change will limit the class who can fight in the battle. Each class have to has a long leg to escape from the death hammer. Have eliotrop is an important thing in phase 2. In my opinion, keep the moon 4mp or can stolen mp is enough, let more class can enjoy this battle not for a bystander.
No this just makes rogue op in fight

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posté October 21, 2016, 01:36:19 | #19

Quote (Tob9i @ 20 October 2016 14:11) *
I dont really get why you have to spread false information about sham. It just toxic. And whole fight is on youtube so please stop @hatespawn you only make yourself look like a mean/toxic person
I literally said the words "banana phase" and now I'm toxic?

learn to have a sense of humor

Quote (ylalive @ 20 October 2016 15:41) *
The hotfix up the sham moon mp to 5 and cannot steal its mp now in phase 2......its quite diffcult than before...good

Nah, rogue elio and osa trivialize the phase still.

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posté October 20, 2016, 10:36:29 | #20

Quote (Yunru @ 20 October 2016 09:25) *
Elio portals are usefull in phase 2. Not all classes have it easy running away from monkey.
stop dropping specifics, the contest isn't over yet

jesus dude

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