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posté July 26, 2013, 00:36:17 | #1

Quote (Brokonaut @ 25 July 2013 21:57) *
I think the game is advancing at a solid rate. I like their approach of increasing the cap with a little bit of content, and then later fill it in with more content down the line.

But if I had an opinion about the whole leveling situation, I'd say don't rush to cap. You'll run out of things to do and become bored and fall into a cycle of logging out between UBs if you're not profession savvy or not helping others.

• Mango
I agree with Mango on most of this. I'm fairly impressed with the rate Ankama is releasing new content, though it would be more impressive if it all worked properly. I'm also one of the slowest levelers you'll ever meet, definitely not rushing the level cap.

However, I want to make an observation. It's not a complaint, since I'm not sure how I feel about it. Maybe it's good, for all I know. It's this: At the rate we're going, the game will be 5 years old (from official release in February 2012) by the time we get to 200. I figure it by the fact that it's roughly 17 months old now, and the level cap is about 25% of the way from 100 to 200. That seems like a really long time to me. What do you think of that?

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posté July 08, 2013, 14:54:52 | #2
When I was still playing Dofus, they instituted the server transfer option. One of the conditions then was you could only bring the items you were carrying on your person. None of your stuff in the bank would transfer, and it would be lost forever. The goal was to limit the impact a player could have on the economy of a (smaller?) server. In Wakfu, since you essentially carry your bank around with you, this would be more difficult. I guess they could say you can bring your pockets and your bags, but not haven bag, but that would be pretty difficult to explain. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is they're trying hard to isolate each server's economy, and not without reason.

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posté July 08, 2013, 14:39:31 | #3
Very clear and thorough explanation Kiku! Thanks. I hope this thread somehow finds its way to the desk of someone who can do something about it.

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posté June 21, 2013, 14:33:34 | #4
I remember discovering some pretty basic things about the interface and wishing someone could have told me so I didn't have to stumble into them myself. It can be a speed bump that slows people down at a moment where they should be building up momentum to get into the game. Things like creating a new row of spells/emotes/usable items. How to find out what each pet eats, and how to feed it. How to find information in the politics, wakfu, ecology, weather, and other windows, and what that information means. How to use the market interface. How to use emotes. How to break the main interface apart and separate it or move it around on your screen. Stuff like that. Super simple stuff I now take for granted, at one point I didn't know.

Also it probably will help some new players to have information about how to find their own answers. A list of resources like the Encyclopedia, Wakfu-Elements (with mention of the set builder and the market tool), and the forum, with explanation of what each can do and what it can't. The forum, for example, is your last resort for finding stats on a piece of equipment, but your first resource for a question about strategy. This information might be best presented in the text description part of the video series, rather than in the videos themselves (or in addition), so you can include links.

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posté June 17, 2013, 00:11:37 | #5
The explanation I have heard is that the developers believed the late-game dependence on weapons in Dofus is a problem. They wanted players to focus on spells, so weapons are generally less useful in Wakfu, at least so far (with a few exceptions).

Also keep in mind the pattern from Dofus that weapons are less impressive, and with less selection, at earlier levels and they get better as you grow. No one is going to use a twiggy bow in either game. Since we're far from reaching the eventual 200 level cap, I'll be willing to bet that weapons will get better later on, and there will be more of them. Probably some of them will be katana-type swords.

No kwak swords in Wakfu because there are no kwaks. Yet. (future?).

I'm hoping for this expansion of weapons too. Now it seems like there are very few weapons that are worth crafting if you want to earn money by selling crafts. It would be nice to have an alternative way to get equipment. In Dofus I had a level 100 staff carver and financed most of my equipment by selling staffs/staves, rather than dropping it. In Wakfu, the demand for crafted weapons seems pretty low.

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posté June 09, 2013, 17:01:31 | #6

Quote (Spazturtle @ 09 June 2013 16:50) *
Nobody wants to have to spend 400k just to check all 4 markets. Thats why everyone stays at one market.
There's no need to spend money or time to check all four markets. Use the market tool at

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posté June 09, 2013, 03:44:14 | #7
Yes that's right. Guild bank. If you subscribe two accounts, the problem goes away.

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posté June 08, 2013, 19:10:59 | #8
That's an odd problem I haven't had before. I wonder if it's due to a bad internet connection. Sometimes if my connection is weak, I'll harvest something and have to wait for a minute so my client can tell the server I finished. Then I get the stasis whoosh sound and I have the resource.

If it's not that, you might try just quitting the wakfu client and restarting. That solves all kinds of weird problems.

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posté May 30, 2013, 03:08:35 | #9
I think the key is never to take haggling personally. If the offer is too low, the right thing to do is courteously to make a counteroffer. You don't want to scare away a potential sale. For example, for item X:

Seller: I'm selling an item X!
Buyer: I'll give you 2000 k for it.
Seller: No thanks. How about 4000?
Buyer: I can't do 4000, but I'll do 3000.
Seller: Ok, that works. Sold.
Everybody goes away happy. Maybe not elated, but good enough. And they might do business again.

Too often it goes like this:
Seller: I'm selling an item X!
Buyer: I'll give you 2000 k for it.
Seller: 2000? That's ridiculous, jerk. It's worth every bit of 3000.
Buyer: See ya.

There's no such thing as a standard price, either. Desperation is a real thing, and it affects prices dramatically. If a buyer is willing to wait around for a low price, they get to take advantage of a seller who needs cash. Same thing in reverse. Don't get bent out of shape if somebody makes an offer you don't like. And if you're selling out loud at 5th Bond, chances are you're at least slightly desperate. An offer of cash money right now is worth a little flexibility in the seller's ideal price for the item.

I've heard several professional negotiators recommend always to be the first to make an offer. That way, the other party has to bend to meet you. The offer should be somewhat realistic, but if you're buying it should be lower than what you're really willing to spend. If selling, it should be slightly higher than you're willing to accept. If the other party accepts it, good for you. If not, the other party will either have to compromise or walk away. Whether you're buying or selling, any advertised price should look attractive to people around.

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posté May 25, 2013, 15:16:24 | #10
While this new feature looks super good overall, very exciting, I have another concern I didn't find in other comments so far. Already the world of twelve is pretty sparsely populated. For new players its hard to find friends. If more players disappear into haven worlds, it could exacerbate the problem.

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posté May 24, 2013, 16:09:08 | #11
How about if they just implement robots for harvesting resources from all over the game world? That would be super, and not at all contrary to virtually every game design decision they made so far.

Bots kill games.

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posté May 21, 2013, 02:07:42 | #12
Alternatively, on Nox you can go to Amakna. Several weeks ago (maybe two months), Governor Snugglicious worked her tail off (and inspired many others to help her, using contests, bake sales, and just asking for help) to fix all the crafting stations in Amakna. And all the lamps. And everything else that can break in the Chaos. Nothing is broken now.

Yeah it was a lot of effort, but the cooperation made me and a lot of others feel good about our nation. I'm pretty sure this is the point of this particular mechanic in the game.

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posté May 20, 2013, 21:50:06 | #13
Yeah growing pains. It's a young game, and they're changing things a lot. In terms of content, it's not as extensive as Ankama's older game, Dofus (which is still going strong by the way). However, it's sophisticated, beautiful, and a lot of fun. They're adding new stuff all the time, at a pretty impressive rate if you ask me. The game is well worth a try. By "try" I mean subscribe for a month or so, not the free trial, which won't tell you anything.

You must make friends in the game for it to be fun. Without friends you will find it grindy and dull. With that in mind, I'll suggest that you travel outside of Brakmar, the least populated nation, at least for a while. Maybe even make another character in Amakna or Bonta, which have more people. There are not a lot of fresh new players, so hang in there if you want to play with someone your own level. As TommyTrouble said, Monday mid-day is going to be a hard time to find people, so try again in the evening or a weekend. Keep in mind that, when you do find someone you like, they'll be as happy to know you as you are to know them, and that's a great way to start a strong friendship. That's just my two cents.

The best place in the game to be sure to find some action is the 5th Bond Avenue market in Bonta. You'll find people there of all levels, some just hanging out, others trading resources and gear, and others there to duel.

Don't be afraid to wander around and explore. There's almost no monster in the game that will attack you, and there's nothing you can't go back to later if you miss something.

Welcome to Wakfu.

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posté May 18, 2013, 14:54:47 | #14
Moongrove Wins PvP Tournament Congratulations to Moongrove, 113 water sadi, for winning last night's Hunger-Games style PvP tournament on Nox!

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posté April 30, 2013, 00:45:49 | #15

Quote (HakazabaJub @ 29 April 2013 06:35) *
I just want to add that the game gets a lot more fun when playing as a guild. it gives endless reward at high level if you care about your guild mates.

Once haven worlds come out there will be tonnes more for guilds to do as well.
^this. It's a social game. If you're only interested in getting your character to max level, it won't be a lot of fun. There's a lot to do along the way though, if you want to be creative, help others, and hang out with people you like.

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posté April 29, 2013, 02:48:34 | #16
I have a question. It might be an idiot question, since I've been away from the game with computer issues and lots of work since just a couple days after the rune revamp.

Why not just trade items with someone who wants what you got? Or sell? Obviously it won't always work, since no one's going to want a Black Widow Set with fire damage runes, for example. Or will they? Who knows?

But really, let's say I have a Stone Cold Set (mainly earth and fire damage). I want earth damage runes in the pieces, but I got a fire damage rune in something. It's not what I wanted, but there's a good chance somebody will want it. Same goes for other stats, like resists. Rather than spending money or time on hammers (or god forbid sacrificing an identical item to remove the rune), why not just sell the item? It's got to be worth more than a bare one with no rune at all. And if other players are thinking the same way, I'll probably get my perfect set with less time than doing all the runes myself, and I won't spend 500 euros.

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posté April 28, 2013, 03:19:03 | #17
I love you Tommy.

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posté April 27, 2013, 13:22:36 | #18

Quote (TaoZen @ 26 April 2013 16:24) *

Quote (Avocadro @ 26 April 2013 14:47) *
The PvP system is explicitly designed to increase drama. And drama comes in flavors. Sometimes it's delicious, and sometimes it makes you want to spit. No drama at all would make the game dull.

It used to be that you couldn't attack anyone less than level 15. Is this still true? It's been a while since I had a character that level.

There are plenty of games online, Tera for example, where there is a PvP server and a PvE server. The PvP server is largely populated by children and teenagers, the PvE server largely by the more mature audience. Tera's PvE server does not miss drama and the game is more popular than ever, WoW is nothing compared to it. Thus, your reasoning that "we need the drama" is just your attempt at trying to popularize and normalise the idea that such is important for the game, where in all honesty it really isn't important at all.

I never said "we need the drama." I'm sure I could enjoy a game without any PvP system or related drama. By your description, I'd probably play Tera on the PvE server. I only said Wakfu is designed with PvP at its core. Wakfu without PvP wouldn't be interesting or complete.

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posté April 26, 2013, 14:47:43 | #19
I'm not even a little bit interested in PvP in Wakfu. I've fought maybe 10 fights in my time in this game, and most of them have been attacks. I haven't been attacked since around level 40. I'm what you might consider a carebear player.

However, I would stand 100% against preventing attacks with something like this, even if the "pvp not allowed" state carried a cost. One of the central ideas in the setting of the game is chaos. Nations wage war, players steal crops and fight over ores, and Ogrest [ostensibly] crushes stuff. This is the most sandboxy part of the game right now, and it's what sets it apart from Dofus.

I do some harvesting in Wakfu. If I've planted a bunch of, say, chilis, I want to be able to harvest them. Usually if someone starts cutting my chilis, I can ask nicely and they'll stop. But if they don't, I want to be able to attack them. I want them to be able to attack me and steal my chilis. I would hate that of course, but the possibility makes the game interesting. I want a handful of Sufokian players, for example, to be able to band together and ransack Bonta. I want Bonta to be able to retaliate. I want wars to have a justification, rather than just the occasional inconvenience.

The PvP system is explicitly designed to increase drama. And drama comes in flavors. Sometimes it's delicious, and sometimes it makes you want to spit. No drama at all would make the game dull.

It used to be that you couldn't attack anyone less than level 15. Is this still true? It's been a while since I had a character that level.

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posté April 19, 2013, 01:22:32 | #20
It could be what Bulbasheep said. It could also be you're using it wrong, as I did at first. I misunderstood how it was supposed to work. Here's how it works:

1. (optional) Cast voodoll on an ally or an enemy.
2. Cast Tear on that enemy or another enemy.
3. Damage will be done to the target of Tear. If voodoll is linked to an ally, that ally will be healed some. If voodoll is linked to an enemy, that enemy will be damaged some.

I thought I could link voodoll to an ally and cast tear on the voodoll for a big heal. Not so. It damaged my ally and then healed him almost the same. Maybe this is where you're getting 0.

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