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posté August 08, 2015, 12:13:22 | #1
I find bow meows adorable, therefore I would definitely like one for my own.

Next one likes to keep him/herself fit. By fit I do not mean just thin by the way...  

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posté August 08, 2015, 12:09:03 | #2
I like the perceptive of making our characters first, and then build the plot instead.

I'll be off for a couple of days. In the meantime I'll be thinking of a character and a bio. Posting it most likely on Monday or Tuesday.

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posté August 05, 2015, 11:27:42 | #3
Okay, I will sit put and try to manufacture some roleplay plots, and then present. Anyone is welcome to join, or help at any manner.

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posté August 04, 2015, 20:17:19 | #4
There is a lot of quality coming out of this thread, even if sketching is all that we see.

But inspirations never end..

And I guess this is how face an Iop just before a battle starts and he jumps on you..

Venguard. A three elemented Iop. Profficient as a fighter, durable but as well close minded as a paladin. Aims to one day become a famous knight.

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posté August 04, 2015, 10:43:45 | #5
Someone here seems to be talented...

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posté August 04, 2015, 10:14:37 | #6
But Aacher has. I can remember him/her in old, long time going Rps in this forums in the past. I also got some experience in multi person roleplay.

Beginning one here with many people would be fun. Are we interested?

And we could find some storylines and the pick best out of it.. That's not the really hard thing.

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posté August 01, 2015, 11:42:28 | #7
I am gonna say false. Some people you can find on the net, are lovely, and well behaved. You adore to spend time along, also treat a sense of love, but loving someone is in more than what the internet can offer and show.

The next person believes wakfu has some of the best behaving gamers in it's community.

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posté August 01, 2015, 11:35:45 | #8
Welcome. I hope you got a nice time in the game. If you are on Remi, get me a message. We can play along. ^^

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posté August 01, 2015, 11:33:15 | #9
I can see ^^ Well it does not matter to me. I roleplay every style so I believe it is possible to arrange between us.

No need to thank at all. After all, we will be both playing along We can start if you would like via PM, or through here, if more people show up. I do not mind either.

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posté July 30, 2015, 13:18:10 | #10
I do not think wakfu is that full of roleplayers, but it certainly contains some in it's community.

I am available for roleplay events. We can arrange the details if you would like, with me and more people that may appear. I am certainly up for it.

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posté July 19, 2015, 13:10:00 | #11
Thank you for your review. ^^

Yes, I do vector drawings... They are more time demanding to be made, since vector tech is not actually intended for such a use, but I do like the style that comes out and enjoy the proccess of making.

I do realize your meaning about the volumes. However, what was done, was done on purpose... Before drawing Alecia, I took several considerations in thought. I stood back and imagined her past. And then after the past, her life in this wild world in the last years up to now. Her habits in her current life, and her actions besides her offering to her god.

Living in a wild environment and surviving, requires an extended use of your physical effort to do so, therefore her body would have shaped up in the years.

But Ecaflips do, come out of a general idea of a cat, joined together with the designing idea of anthropomorphic creatures. Ankama presented the final result of this idea as their ecaflip class.

Now, we all know that cats have the greatest reflexes, and are one of the most dexterous animals in the wild, even from the bigger felines. If we ever would come to consider where the cats base to be so fast, I think we would all agree, they base on their legs. Their legs are strong to help them run faster than us, attack, jump above fences, or even land from several meters of a fall, without experiencing any damage.

Therefore I did add to her leg muscles to the thought that a man, or woman, with such catlike traits, would have developed strong legs to support them, leaving her hands simply athletic, according to her current life manner, but not built up, as all anthropomorphic forms, do walk only in their back limbs.

I hope my above statements about anatomy made everything clear for you. Thanks again for the time offered to view this character, and my post. ^^

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posté February 10, 2015, 11:34:02 | #12
My name along with the picture of an Iop below. Shouldn't you see the irony from the very first moment? Anyway, you could be making a whole plot up, picturing your place in amakna as a hypothesis. How could I know for sure if I did not ask?

Well, I am not an active player in the time being. After all I am a remigton player, so I guess it wouldn't be possible anyway.

But, I am sticking here in the forums. If you are feeling like it, you can post here concerning your roleplay.

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posté February 09, 2015, 10:59:36 | #13
As long as fans and art exist out there, I do not think it will be.

There will always be someone who has something to post, and someone else who will see.

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posté February 08, 2015, 14:08:00 | #14
Nice art and style. Awesome above the waist anatomy, and blood effects.

No one should really piss this guy off. Actually, wait, this is what he wants..

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posté February 08, 2015, 14:03:22 | #15
Thanks for your kind words and appreciation of my efforts. That offers me exactly what I aimed for and wanted to hear.

Okay. I am kindly familiar with the mythology in wakfu (not dofus). I know the basic hypothesis of how the wold of twelve evolved, and how the divine forces behind the every day life helped it to do so. But I was quitely intrigued by the very start. How could some things have started? No rules directing me, I asked myself how could the ecaflip species evolve? I mean, they and the osamodas are so different from other races. So I made up the character and the story you kindly read above.

Answering your question, no Alecia is not a daughter of a god. But she won her place in the divine story among them. She was human. All like everyone else. But she decided to isolate herself and believe in this rather old entity she obviously thought it was the best to. The god ecaflip was not known up to that point to the world.

As the years passed, her goddess rewarded her for her faith, and entitled to her, parts of her own power, as miracles to be cast upon earth. This is when her body started to change into a feline one. Fur started to grow on her skin. Her eyes sharpened up. Her body became more agile. Her nails and claws became pointed. And finally she grew a tail completing her transformation.

Continuing on,yes, I do kindly picture the goddess of luck and fortune (fortune by the meaning of "good chance") as a woman. I would never picture the god Iop or others as a female, but this one I think it could have this fair hypothesis. Every day, we cherish and treasure the women around us for the luck that seems to support them. It is something, a gift, that it is given to them more than us. It's in them, and that only makes them even more beautiful. But I would not ignore the mythology of wakfu considering the ecaflip race either.

The man that Alecia did fell in love was the one the people in the world of twelve know as the god ecaflip. Their child was the first pure ecaflip in the world. One both parents helped and supported. But Alecia was more of a calm, serene being. She did not have the need to further on present herself to people, nor cast miracles to gain faith and recognition particularly to her own name. She had done her own part in this, and would stay to her role, and respect her man's authority in the family. Therefore, it was mostly the God Ecaflip who was kept well known in the world, and her own name was forgotten.

Now how did the god ecaflip did emerge himself to divinity, that I think Ankama must have covered in the back stories of wakfu. But if they have not, then who knows. Perhaps, he also did come from the same old goddess. Similarly, as Alecia did.

I hope there is no more confusion residing in your head right now concerning this issue. Thanks for reading.

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posté February 04, 2015, 11:49:41 | #16
How much I do respect designers who can draw. And by "draw" I mean actually, like the way you do.

Adding and defining volumes by strokes is sketching. Strokeless realistic painting, (or semirealistic in your case) is drawing.

Lovely chars!...

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posté February 04, 2015, 11:40:21 | #17
Obviously. It is fan art after all.

Even if you did not say that, I would see the love you keep dear for it, only by your way of talking. Nice effort and lovely results.

Perhaps we get to see more?

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posté February 03, 2015, 15:15:28 | #18
See it as you would desire.

Glad you like the result of my effort.

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posté February 03, 2015, 15:10:32 | #19
Lovely picture and a cool character. I guess srams can go even better.

This artwork and the fanfic all yours?

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posté February 03, 2015, 11:42:02 | #20
Alecia the gambler So, I made a vector image with later small adjustmets and effects in Photoshop. I rarely do fan art in general, but I guess this was a result of unexpected inspiration. Well, Alecia the gambler. All wakfu fans obviously do know what she could be already. What you do not really know is her story...

**Warning. Small image size. The image can be viewed in greater resolution through it's actual source**

--- STORY PLOT ---

You finaly made it to the seaside. Oh this day... Bless the god your journey is finally over through this whole continent. This continent whose sun is way too harsh, or just like to make his presence clear. You've gave thought to this dileema inside your head countless times. But you are not in state to come and think of it either. You quickly reach to your water pouch and quenched your thirst which would never leave you alone for more than five minutes.

But you were here now. To the crosbowily seashore. You recognize that the shore is quite rocky and not trespasable, however you do feel the cool sea breeze on your cheek caressing you. And it's refreshing, unique smell... Well you are a strong man. You've gone through this whole terra. What do some more little rocks stand to stop you? It is rather obvious ain't it?

Once upon the rising formed by thick stone, you can finally see the sea. The tropical vegetation steps back here. You can hear the sea flapping upon this remote earth. Wave by wave. And the seagulls marking their presence in the skies. The lonely islands up ahead, settig the horizon on this summer like, clear sky. You stand a little to watch and catch what nature offers to you. That little part of it you are a being of, and personally entitled to. To catch your breath, and observe with a clearer view.

You move across the shore and to lower ground jumping from rock to rock. You observe forward. This place is really endless. You hope burns deep inside you, brighter than ever before. This is your destination. Once, you landed upon a big, wide sheet of stone directly adressing the water, even from this height. And then your keen eye notices. As her own insticts become vastly aware of you. You witness her seating right across the edge. She is resting along with this forgotten land. Her mother nature.

She turns to adress you. She stands up. "Welcome there traveler." She is saying in a calm, gentle manner. A smile of warmth forms in her strange face which seems a lot more different that you were told and personally expected. You adress her back with an empty stare, yet you are bewitched. By this exotic beauty. By the way she is looking at you, comprehending you. Dealing with you.

"Are you a visitor to his land?" She asks softly and tilts her head. Her language is fluent. You wonder how can someone like so can hold such a lexical convenience... She seems to totally ignore your sword hanging below your leather belt. On the other hand, her wild, almond shapped eyes are caugth by the large piece of fabric carefully enclose in your fingers. She lets out a measured giggle. "You are a cartographer are you not? You have come here to explore." She grinned brightly inspecting you whole, from your dirty boots to your ruffled by the wind hair. "Well ifit is like so, then you are having a lot of work to do."

Perhaps if it was different, you would think about it. About making this island known detailingly to the rest of the world. If you were lucky. It would also gain you some more golden coins in your pocket as well. But you are a man that likes to keep yourself dedicated until something is finished. And now your urge grows every second. To achieve yor goal. To finish what you have started. You destination has claimed itself clear.

You draw your sword decisively. It's metalic echo disturbs the air. Disturbs the birds. Disturbs the sea. Shocks her. Shocks you. Like a cat, her own urges step her back. Her smile vanishes. Her stare meets your determined one. Then a pause. Then her smile comes up again. Differently this time.

"Oh, now I can see... You are another one. One more of the quite many." She states and laughs softly. She reaches down to her own unique belt. You perceptive eye notices a full deck of cards, and a small wheel, but she picks a pair of dices instead. She turns to adress you as what you were. Holding the two dices up to the height of her and spinning them quite swiftly in her fingers.

She looks at you with those exotic eyes. Which have shaped up into the ones of a snake or a cat. As have her claws silently pointed out under her toetips' fur . "And to think I haven't earned my tail yet." She declared openly. She opposes you, stepping forward and leaning to the side to bear her smile. You cannot escape the feeling you are being continuously analyzed from inside out. "Now soldier... what do you think the odds will accredit to you. What will the dice show?."

You close your eyes and hold your shiny sword stiffly into both of your hands. You pray to your god. Now in your mind jump many figures that this was all wrong. It could all go into a million different ways. Peaceful and acquiescent ways. Ways that all could gain from. But from this spot and on there is no turn back. You have been warned for this.

May goultard keep you safe.

--- Story ends here. ---

So this is the story of Alecia the gambler. A sole being, living on her own in an uncharted territory, and the mystery around her name. She is a paladin to a goddess worsiping the cat species. Alas, due to her insistence and true faith Alecia has been acquiring her goddess's awards and miracles upon her, changing her body, and being, in the passing of time.

It is nearly impossible such a nature to go unnoticed, even in the isolation she resides. Soon, many rumors arose from the legend of the cat worsiping god. And there where also many, who would insist any way to see that miracle before their eyes, and therefore have it for themselves only.

Many soldiers, legendary or not were sent to capture her, but no one ever managed. No matter how skilled one is, everything in their effort was based upon the odds. Well, their opponent had the power to control odds. There was no time when Alecia would not achieve the sixth face of the dice, or pick the ace from a whole deck of cards. As a result Alecia was never captured.

Achieving lifespan a lot longer than the ordinary, Alecia was forgotten by people through the centuries. She strengthened and nourished her faith and grew a worthy representive of her goddess, taking her full form on earth. Wherever she would go, every life being would prosper out of good luck and chance.

Unavoidably, she once fell in love, and gave birth to a daughter. The child was named "Amanda" and her species was determined after the calling of her mother's goddess.

Amanda was the very first. An ecaflip.


Thanks for your time offered to see and read this. This picture took it's time on me to be made. But it was only a pleasure to deal with through the whole process.

You can view, favortie and download this picture more conveniently though my deviant art page: Click here

All comments appreciated. Thanks again.

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