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posté May 18, 2014, 12:37:46 | #1
Sentimental Eva I sketch I made featuring Eva from the official wakfu series. Pencil work and lines settled with ink. Small, quick portait.

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posté March 17, 2014, 09:54:46 | #2
I've got right one in my mind right now.

-You were hostile,
You left me behind,
Only if you ever knew,
what in my heart you would find.

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posté March 16, 2014, 11:10:56 | #3
Yea, every idea has it's pros and cons individually. I've tried this concept you have in mind inthe past. It went pretty good, but the game master will has to present solid facts happening or else the interest will fade pretty soon.

Anyway, the thing isthat since we have people here willing to join, we should just start something. Personally I took the initiative and directed us to a solid plot. Will also be thinking newer ones.

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posté March 15, 2014, 11:17:33 | #4
Well truth is I alsotend to have periods when being completely occupied, but I believe I could help up in running this roleplay. Even as a mod if someone else cannot, or does not wan't todoit. I can see people having the intention to give this a try.

About a couple of months ago I've made this story entry in another thread which slipped unnoticed. It's called "Nox's Return." If the theme does sound interesting to you, go ahead and check that thread. There I've posted a detailed starter about it. We can start with that plot, or something someone else figures.

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posté March 09, 2014, 12:14:06 | #5
Of course. You can also ask for my help as well.

I don't think there is someone who won't share advices or make a helpful decision if you go ahead and share about what could be troubling you.

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posté March 08, 2014, 18:25:31 | #6
That sounds pretty fitting then. We could get a new one running. And as well as the idea is good and the roleplay detailed then I am interested.

About your concern wondering if you could maintain it well, let's give it a try. It's not a hard task once you have the right people, and some fair rules. If the issue is about something else, you can also always ask from some advice from someone else too.

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posté March 08, 2014, 11:34:25 | #7
Any roleplays I've been parting or starting in the past have in time failed. Alternatively also do finally start to look out for a certain one that will hold in time. As for a story's submission that could serve as a plot, that's not a big problem.

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posté January 11, 2014, 12:11:46 | #8
RP: Nox's return. Story:

The forbidden room. A dark room. Forgotten by all. Memory, fate, even time. The mechanical clinging would faintly repeat once and then in the usual, defined tempo. Small lights on the board would go on and out. Gears would slowly spin in their once per day usage to keep the interior temperatures to the determined level.

The giant clock, stranded. Destroyed by both time and despair would remain still for decades from the war with the Sadida race. Dead and lifeless after the initial death of it's owner's plans. Yet unlike what it seemed on the outside, inside was different. This is what a little sadida girl realized on her little exploration trip inside it's chaoticly build areas.

She hadn't tell anyone about this. Perhaps that was something she had already regretted already. This place, even now was so creepy and scary, with it's dark aura, and those undefinable beeps she would hear once and then that would make her jump. She decided to take a turn and leave this scary place to be devoured alone by time. But suddenly a powerful "clang" was heard.

She was surrounded by strong mechanical noises. Steam would be blown out out of the engines as the gears started to spin. In alert she tried to locate an exit. She looked to her left. She noticed a room with a casket lied towards the wall. The iron restraining clasps withdrew and the cover opened. Hidden as she was she peeped around the corner.

She heard the loud laugh of a maniac distorted behind the metallic mask. She was not alone. Terrified she started to ran. She made it to a corridor she could recognize from before. This one would lead to the main bridge, and from there she could descend downwards where she could escape.

But with a certain formation performed by his fingers, he teleported before her, cutting her way to freedom. "Well, well, what do we have here?" He said. The little girl looked at him in terror as she squeezed herself in the corner. He was so thin, like a skeleton. The Xelor walked towards her.

She gasped and started to cry, asking for help.

"Don't worry little girl. You just acquired yourself a new home." He said. "You will be my link to the outside world. And in return, I will offer you lessons you never imagined that applied on wakfu."

The Sadida girl looked at him and nestled in her corner helplessly crying. "No!!!"


So this is an idea I had. Of Nox's return. There were times I thought I could make something out of it, but instead it turned out better as a roleplay idea. This presents a world of twelve where Noximilien the Xelor, forgotten and erased in the past returns back into living. With a thirst for revenge. Or just intention of putting himself back on into the string of history. The once powerful Xelor is now without the aid of Eliacube for his actions, but consists out of a wisdom of almost three centuries of experiences. The powerful cube has certainly marked his route in life from the very first moment he retrieved it. Will it's influence from the past still mark this Xelor's behavior and intentions? Apply on this roleplay hypothesis and find out with the rest of your partners.

I will not make any disturbing restrictions. Everyone is free to enter this roleplay, but only with one character please. Applying for this roleplay can be done with the following form:

Name: Terstan Terran

Nickname: Territas.

Race: Iop's Heart.

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Six feet tall, hazel, spiky haired Iop, with light brown eyes. Built built body to an athletic state even if his general structure remains to the volume of an average man. He wears medium weighted, red Iop armor. A metallic handmade belt circles around his waist where he attaches any belongings.

Territas used once to be trained under the council of a great martial master in Bonta as an Iop of fire. After his sister's death he left the palace in search of his own purpose. In such a quiet time of peace though, it was pretty clear he wouldn't participate in anything according to what he was taught. Soon he made a home where he survived the life of a lumberjack and a farmer in Bonta's borders.

Strengths: (post this if you want to make any particular statement of your character's main or important abilities) High durability drive against exhaustion, physical damage or abuse. Strong and quick in close range combat. Persistant. Can berserk charge.

Weaknesses: (post this if you want to note any major, or notable weaknesses your character encounters) Low understanding of strategic steps and outcomes. Even if realizes some importance of strategy, he cannot realize a plan more complicated that two or three steps. Incompetent in long range and hardly adequate in control styled fighting. Poor response in anything beyond.

I can be the game master of this roleplay, most likely posting once and then about certain facts concerning Nox's return, that may be taking place in the world of twelve. Yet I am not doing this alone. Any participants that have any ideas, you can PM me and we arrange additional facts that you have in mind, or believe it would be cool to encounter.

Any rules I might be setting on this will be, no insulting towards other players or rude behavior. No OP characters bios like you can, if you want, own everything and anyone without any logic. No character or roleplayer is above or below the others (except if you have agreed on this).

Besides those, everything else is allowed to your hearts content. This is a roleplay made for all players to enjoyably participate. The final rule I might note is: Have fun.

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posté November 11, 2013, 21:20:53 | #9
Having read all you wrote, I believe it is all about of how a classic structure of roleplaying should be. We pick a character and use him/her in this story. It might not be us (even if someone preferers to roleplay in 1st person) but the character who is experiencing everything in 1st person. I don't think we should act like we are playing on our computers, nor our characters should. They are there, in ground zero, fighters or not, trying to survive. Like, I believe, any other roleplay we see performed on this forum.

Now concerning what said about "realism" the game master mentioned an example of the foggernaut rusting or malfunctioning while exposed to the water. Concerning that I do not really think anything more is meant besides that point of certain little things that could have been ignored in any cartoon series, while they do apply in reality. So a Foggernaut having their cirquits exposed to water should malfunction (except they have certain "mechanics" knowledge to device plates making themselves water resistant), as well as any other race personal should drown if they stay below the surface for much long. Besides that, supposedly the reality of the wakfu world bounds any rules. Our characters have their superpowers according to their race and skills, and can act accordingly.

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posté November 01, 2013, 14:39:57 | #10
Hello. XD

Yeah it has been. I had to keep some distance for a while. I hope you are doing well.

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posté November 01, 2013, 12:35:40 | #11
Pretty nice idea. I always liked Hunger games.

Name: Territas
Class: Iop (yeah, we need an Iop in this certainly XD)
Age: 20
Nation: Bonta
Speciality: Go get.
Strenghts: Resistant and durable. Reaches great speeds (into the humanly possible limits of course). Can berserk charge. Strong damage.
Weaknesses: Learned the importance of strategy, yet himself cannot plan more than just a couple or three steps forward. Moral can enter it's downs rendering him weak, or alter his tactics. He is familiar with mere proffessions, but not advanced them to a useful level.

This does it for my own partification into this too I hope~

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posté September 22, 2013, 11:53:27 | #12
Another drawing.

Territas le Iop~ Done combining both traditional and CG graphic techniques. Open in original image url for full resolution.

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posté September 22, 2013, 11:15:52 | #13
Nicely done pics. Well done. ^^

Good to be giving to your characters more life than just in-game renders and endeavors.

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posté September 21, 2013, 11:31:13 | #14
Sorrah softly stepped away from Aron's hold. He turned his gaze to the Xelorette.

"He could be anywhere now. If he's still alive."

"Wow.... you are stacked! I can only hope to have a bust like that someday."

Sorrah raised his eyebrow with embarrasement. How could this momment of alertness importance and danger turn into a gossip dialogue between two girls' "quantity?". The words of the Xelorette prompted him to observe. Warmth gathered into his body, and most noticably upon his cheeks.

He closed his eyes momentarily sending away such thoughts. This was not the time.

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posté September 18, 2013, 12:53:47 | #15
("Toothpaste?" XD.)

Sorrah the Sarier's grip upon his shoulder and then the pull back.

"...that's asure way to get yourself hurt kid... and I don't really want that."

He turned his gaze up to the older man and nestled in his hold. He re-evaluated his aspect. Perhaps he made a bad move previously. Things can progress pretty funny with Xelors, and maybe Aron knew something more than just the general idea Sorrah had.

"Still who is the safest to bare a hit other than a Feca?"

The Xelorrete reacted pretty negatively. Sorrah rose his eyebrow when she said he smelled like toothpaste. She teleported behind them and snatched Kurupal from Aron's hold. His hand tacidly reached down to his shield as he observed out of the corner of his eye. She answered the question they wanted to know that calmed a little the storm inside him.

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posté September 17, 2013, 14:38:50 | #16
(Nice char. You said you've drawn him. Wanna post a pic of him here too?)

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posté September 16, 2013, 19:38:24 | #17
"You pulled.... a big red lever...... and didn't think about the concequences?"

"Of course I thought about the concequences!"

The feca quickly shook his head to the hearing of this. He blinked as he looked to that metalic, cold mask all Xelors used, hiding their faces. Aron drew his sword and pointed it over her in a blink of an eye and then drew kupural towards their side.

The Sacrier's goals by attempting these actions were two: First to keep him and thewhole group safe by keeping her in distance. Secondly to enforce her to speak helding her captive by the presence of his weapon. That would be enough with any normal like person, but not with a Xelor. Those can teleport. And nothing really kept her lead here, and not teleport away, taking with her any clues they might have for the salvation of the world of the twelve.

"No! No violence!" Sorrah shouted and brought himself between the Aron and Xykla, bumping the first one's sword out of the way with his shield strapped on his wrist. He starred at her seriously re-examinating her once again. His breath remained smooth and slick. Anger was deeply boiling inside him but he maintained control.

"Can you tell us about that person Xykla?" He asked calmly.

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posté September 16, 2013, 19:00:34 | #18
Name: Kassandra Terran
Nickname: Kassandra-Chan
Age: 18
Race: Iop's heart

- Light, worked out body in average height.
- Ginger hair.
- Ginger eyes.
- Female Iop typical gear upon her consisted mostly out of leather. Metal additional plates of armor used only in key spots of the body, keeping her fast as a tofu and light as a feather.

View a pic of her here: link

- Quick witted and smart.
- Definitely chalenge-full and edgy.
- Kindly a short, exploding fuse? Yes!
- An Iop which places strategy, then power in her fightset. But how can that be possible??
- Womanly? Enough. Smutty? Perhaps... Tough? Indeed.
- Lively and optimistic, even playful.
- Possibly obsessive and spiteful when bugged far.
- Life is simple as a road in the field. It progresses up forward unless we turn our back or make a turn.

- Kassandra San is dead for the last few months. She was murdered by a powerful Sram who outran her in a fight that grew personal setting her as a victim with a stab in the back. Kassandra was grown somewhere in Amakna. Her true parents were never discovered. She was found in a very young age abandoned by the trunk of a Hazel Tree, and was finally reised by a fine man of Bonta, along with another, male Iop, one who she dearly referred to as "brother" as the years passed by. By her master's protection, she has been to many places and have learned about a ton of things. In a matter of a couple of years she would be another proud guardian of a shushu.
- A skilled and recognized lumberjane.
- Experienced user of the one handed sword specially for self defence.
- Is mostly an Eath/Air Iopette. Has worked on moving speed and so is very quick, agile and an efficient dodger of even the strongest locks. Her range surpasses the ones of normal Iops and her ranged spells are very powerful. Has a general and greater mastery to her wakfu making her able to plan and follow different routes every time and never burn her powers out before the end, leaving most of her natural counterparts with a headache not because of the beating, but because of their wondering of how did they lose without being even able to even catch her.

How about some music that could be fitting her? Here. 

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posté September 11, 2013, 19:47:24 | #19
( I knew Xykla had something to do with Nox! )

Name: Terstan Terran
Nickname: Territas
Race: Iop's heart
Age: 20

- Newly adult, little taller that average height.
- Hazel hair
- Brown eyes
- Worked out,but still with thin generally thin body structure. (typical Iop appearance)
- Wears medium weighted red and black armor, and a self made metalic belt where he hangs his belongings.
- Comes with no current weapon.

- Lively and optimistic
- Expressive, but down to Earth.
- Can be challenging as any Iop can be when he has his moments.
- He evaluates wisdom and Strategy as a virtue.
- Is serious.
- Is not that innocent concerning everything.
- Any challenge will interest him. It's a world that one never stops learning.
- Does not get angry. One will seriously have to try a lot to make him mad. He would rather land you a fist maintaining his calm to make you shut up before things get out of control.
- Does not go that far to make promises.
- Feelings are another story than reality.

- Bio:
- Territas is an orphan that comes from Bonta. While he was in liitle age, as fine man, master of martial arts, and locally, person of high place, took the task to raise him and learn him the secrets of life. While under that master's protection, he took his name. Some years later on, that man decided to raise another orphan too. A female Iop. She was a little younger in age. Her name was Kassandra. The two went along rather well in soon shared a bond like "brother and sister" between them. Their master went them to many places, to open their horizons. But one night, a highly trained assasin did try to kill the master while he was asleep. But was detected from the two Iops who decided not to lie on their beds. The assasin was stopped as the pupils gave their best against him. However this assasin woould not leave without taking a life. Leaving a personal note towards Terstan, the Sram killed his sister and fled. Territas then changed course. While very soon he would become a proud guardian of a shushu, he gave up on this role and left his master's palace. His aim, and a promise he made contraring to what Kassandra asked as a last favor, was now to locate this Sram, and finish this the day he would find him.
- He has once met Tristepin and Eva. And that was the day he let out "How Craish" as a comment to her thinks.

Here is some music I thought would match him. Listen to this

Name: Sorranoh Blue
Nickname: Sorrah
Race: Feca's shield
Age: 17

- Average height.
- Brown hair
- Blue eyes
- Body structure of an average boy of his age.
- Wears no armor besides the White/ Blue feca gear.
- Besides his shield, a dagger is also attached to his belt.

He fits the serene, down to world mindset.
- Can be a rather good and flexible planner.
- Is nice and welcoming.
- He is observant and does not easily forget.
- Can be innocent and naive at moments.
- He believes into calm thinking and proceduring of events.
- Conciders the others' limits and respects their choices.
- Every problem has a logical reason and a possible solution.
- Believes that the world of Twelve is good and can possibly become better when all disturbances of it's peace halt.

- Is a boy coming from Sufokia on his quest to learn every aspect of the world. But the world he once left back is now no more. Now on a quest to discover what has happened and for what reason, Sorrah revisits the lost lands to retreive a trace and a possible solution.
- He is a rather horrible user of fire. Water and Earth are the elements he experts.

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posté September 11, 2013, 09:37:45 | #20

Παιζω στον Remington.

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