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posté January 25, 2015, 22:13:51 | #1
Trading AoE or Distance weapon seal for Shu emblem Looking for a Shu emblem, preferably an earth one, but will take fire as well. Let me know which weapon you are looking for. Can leave msg here or pm me in game at Maddness

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posté January 06, 2015, 01:50:03 | #2
Name: Maddness
Class: Sacrier
Level: 163
Elements: Tri

Nearing the end of gear collection before I start to rune

Runs needed:
HC Enurado

Hit me up if I'm on and you need a filler

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posté January 03, 2015, 07:46:38 | #3
Short WTS list The Apothecloakery- 900kk
Dpig helmet runed 7/7/5- 900kk
Silver Dynast- 350kk
Sage Hat- 400kk
Level 50 Clawbot- 500kk

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posté December 07, 2014, 22:07:12 | #4
WTB Initiate BP or Eternal Ice So I just want to finish my BP and I have a bunch of extra stuff that can be resold or w/e I am not using. Basically I am offering 300kk a Sage BP,Bloodthirsty and 6 tormented Outgrowth

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posté November 12, 2014, 13:43:42 | #5
I don't have skype and don't care to sign up for it, but if you happen to hop on forum send me an ankabox or something. Interested in Torm helmet (or Tormented fragments if you have them) and a Grou (don't need runed, can get the mats if you have seal to use) send me a line or if you are ever in game try to catch me on Maddness.

Thanks ^^

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posté November 05, 2014, 02:35:26 | #6
Okay, yes. My comp had crashed and Juni and I hadn't been on so much, but the guild has at no point died off. We had a huge amount of updating, and I may still need to patch up the rank/prize system. We didn't even have 2nd kit, last tier of dmg/resist, costumes, and all sorts of buffs on the list here. We are happy to welcome new recruits. So if you are interested just send us a line ^^

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posté July 07, 2014, 17:02:20 | #7
Ashen Lepus has reached Guild Level 10!
We've updated the main post with all our recent changes.

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posté June 13, 2014, 17:13:27 | #8
I haven't been waiting as long, but here is my timeline. I have been feeling the same way.So here is my story:

My quest/achieves reset and I was on the final step of Otomai. This happened around May 20th and when I went to turn in the final step materials for the Breastplate is when I found out all my quest/achieves reset as if I never did them. I have lvl 100 profs with no profession achievements ticked off sort of thing.

I got a response back to my ticket as I had my character getting stuck, I fixed this by reinstalling the game, no thanks to support for any help on that. The mods helped me more when my character kept getting stuck than anything I have seen from support. I got a response later from support that my character was moved to astrub and that this bug was a known bug and would be fixed in a couple of weeks.

They asked me for some information and I had asked if this was to deal with my getting stuck since I had fixed that or the quest/achieve reset. So they then tagged my ticket as resolved, so I started a new ticket, posted on my old thread and put a new post on sabi's ticket thread to let them know hey this isn't fixed yet.

I have gotten no response to the no ticket, have been ignored. It's been around 2 weeks since we have last heard anything from them after they said it would be fixed in a couple weeks.

6/13/2014 still no news on my quest/achieve reset bug, I would've thought this would get more attention due to the fact that if this happens to someone and they are not doing a multiple step quest. They would probably say nothing and just get the free xp, ability points and tons of other stuff that could be obtained if you didn't report this. I just want to be able to get my otomai quest done so that my GF can have her Breastplate and we can focus on something else.

We have now started to refarm this nightmarish quest since we have had no information. Ankama please hire more workers to handle support if people are waiting months to get bugs fixed when they pay to play your game that is just bad business.


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posté June 11, 2014, 15:23:49 | #9
Ticket# 1092859
My quest/achievement reset bug has still not been addressed. My previous ticket I got an email that said resolved, but this issue has still not been resolved. Simply let us trade last step mats or borrow an otomai until you guys fix this because it is really getting in our way at this point. That BP makes a lot more things we can do plausible. We've started to farm for it again since I do still have all the drops from the last step, but we shouldn't have to be doing this. A month has gone by and still no information when they said it would be fixed in a couple weeks...

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posté June 09, 2014, 15:16:23 | #10
Still no news on this, made a new ticket #1092859, had an email from automated support saying resolved, but this is still not resolved. This is why I made a new ticket.

Can we please get some information on the status of this :/


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Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #742963  Replies : 11  Views : 667
posté June 05, 2014, 15:41:32 | #11

Should I rant about losing my Otomai BP again from quests resetting? How greatly it disrupted my and my girlfriend's gameplay, how every bug we encounter now is 10x more frustrating, how we encounter bugs and d/c's everyday, how much more we hate the grind because after working our asses off (and friend's) for over 6 months she doesn't have a crucial part of her set?

Please fix the bugs. Patience is thin, enjoyment is dissipating.

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posté June 04, 2014, 16:13:09 | #12
Ticket #1083315, Otomai BP Quest reset. (I'm trying to keep all information up to date).

Being stuck has been repaired twice by a mod moving my character, and resolved finally by a full reinstall. Sticking may not be related to my quest resets, just very bad timing/coincidence.
Support responded about being stuck, asking for more information, which I gave them (but they didn't specify what it was for and they haven't responded since). The issue of being stuck has been SOLVED, but I still need the BP quest reset repaired. Is there an ETA on the quest bug repair?

I know it is pegged as a known bug, but this whole experience has been very frustrating and draining on top of an extremely frustrating and draining quest. My gf is extremely bummed out, unable run the level content she needs efficiently. Her set was built around Otomai.

If it is known that this bug can not be repaired by the end of the month, we would really like to know. We could, but really don't want to, do the quest over on her account, but then at least she will be able to play her level content and progress further in the game. We could also start looking at an alternative set. But right now it's sit and wait, and we aren't really having fun.

If we were told it is fixed by x date, the anxiety would decrease and we could wait it out or redo the quest without so much worry and second guessing. It's the unknown if this is going to take all summer, we would be kicking ourselves so hard if we could have "simply" redone the quest. She's basically stuck at the moment.

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Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #740927  Replies : 11  Views : 667
posté June 02, 2014, 01:07:24 | #13
Madd's follow-up on how to get unstuck So, my main Maddness started having a bug where if I tried to go to bonta it would get stuck this was shortly after a bug wiped out my quest/achievement log. Something from the previous bug or wherever must have corrupted the file that stores the maps for bonta as all I had to do was simply reinstall and it was fixed. A friend in game said they saw something similar on the forums and it was due to something with their game files, so doing this fixed that. My quest and achievements are still wiped out though, so if any info is out on that my ticket is #1083315. Would really like to be able to finish my Otomai BP, but anyways if anyone else has an issue like this just try to reinstall. For me it would show a black screen, but GUI was still displaying, so I figured out how to get myself unstuck by using alma teleport before logging and that I just had to stay out of bonta. Was going to make a new post earlier to ask for help after triple checking that it was bonta glitching out. Anyways hopefully this helps anyone else who ends up having map display issues, when you are stuck it sticks on the clock hands/gears loading screen.


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posté May 30, 2014, 19:13:24 | #14
Thanks Sabi! Sorry wasn't meaning to be rude, just having my account get stuck like that twice in one week right after getting denied the completion of otomai is a bit frustrating. I just had hoped that posting this before I went to bed last night would've meant when I got back today the character should've been unstuck since, as you said, they did it previously and it's a like 1minute thing to have my character unstuck. The loss of being able to complete my Otomai then this has just been more stress and frustration than I would've liked for one week. Play the game to relax and have fun after work, so not being able to enjoy the completion of a quest that we spent months on as well as these issues with my main getting stuck doesn't really put me in the best of moods :/ I don't care about the experience reward if there is anyway to just fix my "The Life of a Hunter" quest at least or even just trade the last step material to someone from the team in game to get the breastplate. We invested a lot of time in farming that and had a lot of guild members from the guild that Cbunny and I run helping us that it has been a big let down to not just us, but all of those who helped along the way to see that we finished and were not able to get our relic.

Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #738901  Replies : 11  Views : 667
posté May 30, 2014, 04:05:29 | #15
Sticking Resolved, BP Quest Still Pending (updated) You can find my information ticket #1083315 from my quest/achievement reset report.

I believe these two may be tied now. If they are not it's still something seriously wrong. Last weekend my quest/achievements reset, monday my character got stuck in the scenery somewhere (no idea how/where) and they didn't fix it until tuesday. Now it is Thursday evening and for the second time this week my character must have gotten stuck in the scenery again because it is stuck on the same loading screen that it was on monday. I probably won't be fixed for a few hours at least until they are back into work in the morning, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. This bug needs fixed as it has caused enough damage to me at this point. First it wipes my quest right before I finish collecting the final step mats for Otomai breastplate, THEN it starts to kill my sub time by getting my character glitched twice in a week. You guys told me it's a known bug and would be fixed in a couple weeks,but if I'm going to be glitched every other day then how am I suppose to play at all for the next couple weeks then? I know with the bag wipe bug and everything going on you guys probably have your hands full, but this seems like a bug that should be focused on now and not in a couple weeks. It's progressively gotten worse and, in my opinion, that should warrant some focus on this bug.



*Updates posted in thread

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Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #738517  Replies : 11  Views : 667
posté May 27, 2014, 16:45:19 | #16
Please fix this before another work day goes by EDIT!!: Sorry for any harshness below, but it seems I at least got someone's attention. Thanks you guys for working on this. I just tried to log and it says that my account is currently being moderated, so hopefully this should be all fixed shortly. ^^ I have no been talked to via ticket reply or ankabox yet, but it is nice to know someone is working on it.

First off Ticket #1083315.

I originally made the ticket due to my achieves/quest resetting and burning me on completing Otomai BP quest, well I added to it and even after sabi's response to my thread last night I have still had no reply on my ticket, no ankabox and no info whatsoever. I am losing sub time, unable to do my UB's and have a guild my Gf and I co-lead that could really use the help of my main.

Issue: I can login to my account, I can play any character and even make new characters except my main, "Maddness" For Maddness it loads up, I even had a group invite I accepted, and it shows me online, but it does not load past the screen with the spinning clock gears/hands. At first I figured hey maybe they are fixing the achievement/quest bug on my character, but no I watched as I was unable to play past close of business yesterday, maint didn't fix it and now still no response. This seems like a pretty critical technical bug that should be dealt with. I'm not trying to be mean, but at this point it's wearing on my patience when my guild is suffering due to shoddy support. Do I need to create a new ticket for this issue? Sabi you told me to add it as a reply on my old ticket which I have, but still no information has been given to me about any progress made or if they are even lifting a finger to look into it. They seem like two different bugs and even if the glitched unable to log into main is just me that's a serious issue and if it can happen to other people that's multiple people missing out on sub time. As for the achieve/quest reset I would have expected more concern from the technical team on this. Do you not realize if someone who isn't working on a multiple step quest/doesn't care about it they can go around and get specialty/ability points, gems, etc etc... all over again and have double what the normal person could achieve. That seems pretty serious in my opinion.

-Maddness SiC of Ashen Lepus-
-Server Nox-

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Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #737019  Replies : 2  Views : 299
posté May 27, 2014, 06:17:48 | #17
Ticket # 1083315, I posted on there about the character, have still received no reply on my ticket. My other characters on account work, it even allowed me to create a new character, but my main cannot be accessed. That is the character which had it's quest/achievements reset, so it made me think maybe they were doing something to fix him, but I have no been contacted at all, so I have no idea what is going on at this point. Thanks for the reply

Thread : Bug Archives  Preview message : #736745  Replies : 3  Views : 311
posté May 27, 2014, 01:16:07 | #18
sabi or support team I could use an answer please So I have a ticket out on a glitch which reset all my quest/achievements, Walkure said they relayed my issue to sabi/support team. Now I can log my account on any char which isn't my main which is who had this glitch happen to him. I have received no ankabox, no reply on my ticket, I just want some information on what the eff is going on. If my account is being repaired that is awesome, but giving me some notification would be nice.



Thread : Bug Archives  Preview message : #736631  Replies : 3  Views : 311
posté May 25, 2014, 15:07:14 | #19
[Known] Anyone else have their achieves/quest reset? So last night we finished the last of the farming for final step of "The Life of a Hunter" for Otomai BP. I went to turn it in and bam quest is on step 1, it appears my quest/achieves were all reset, also appears the same way on the BETA, so I am wondering if anyone else may have experienced this issue with the latest update to BETA they did? I believe that may have been what caused this reset for myself.

Sent in a ticket and hope this coming week they can do something, I have no idea what could've caused this reset. I've had quest pop up randomly I had already done before, so I hadn't paid it any mind, but now it's a crippling defeat to have put in all that work for the BP to have this happen x.x

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