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posté May 25, 2016, 10:58:13 | #1
I'm sorry, I use translator.I have long considered using formula, which Assembly is best for my style of play. In terms of what to take up arms and armor. I replaced the elements of the armor, and the table believed me damage. The armor was selected for to the change of blow from behind, critical damage, single target, long range goals and so on.End result, that Osa is now dressed to the maximum for my play style things, I have a total of 7 control.No, I haven't got all these things, and only considered which of them I need. I thought, in what case and with what stuff I'll take more damage control with or without him.

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posté May 25, 2016, 10:43:41 | #2
I was in the same situation, but have not played for a couple of years. It took me about two weeks to learn to play a new Osa. But I'm sure some of the ability I still do not understand.

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posté May 25, 2016, 10:27:01 | #3
+ Control = final damage. 1 Control = 4% final damage. Control(10)*4%=40% final damage for form Dragon.

Single range damage = 1993, If 7 control: 1993+28%(final) = 2551.
And when you consider a critical hit, cotnrol and rear, the damage can be multiplied by 2. Of course depends on the characteristics.

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posté May 15, 2014, 06:48:12 | #4
Tommy, yes, I have things on control, preferentially with a bias on an initiative.
The rabbit of the 140th level as I understood, will give healing. Where damage?
I don't like it due to the lack of monitoring, dual summ - can't at game the high levels.

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posté May 14, 2014, 16:46:34 | #5
I considered this assembly, but nevertheless I speak about dual summ...

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posté May 12, 2014, 19:30:57 | #6
The first post is updated.

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posté May 07, 2014, 22:15:15 | #7

Quote (Sabi @ 07 May 2014 16:44) *

Quote (Metalhero02 @ 07 May 2014 13:23) *
Ankama, Where is plausible answer?? this insult and pay for it? you need time a long? last bug, you have closed the server and resolve in hours ..

All the current available information and our progress in the investigation has been shared and easily found by using the Ankatracker.

What we are doing:

  • Continuing to look into the information the community has provided on either the forums or tickets and trying to look for common information and testing everything.
  • Looking into the disconnection issues.

Now it is important as our support service is looking into the tickets, that anyone who has lost any items file one: here with a complete list as much as possible of lost items and information to share.

All bugs are different, first we must confirm it and find the origins, this requires a lot of testing, especially in this case when it seems to have happened not to everyone and not in the same way and so far it wouldn't be correct to close the server for everyone to be locked out of their account and not be able to play at all.

I will continue to update the community on any new information regarding the investigation progression and resolution, so you are not alone, the team is truly working hard on this.

You want to tell, what if I won't write in this subject what was lost, to me it won't be restored? How you suggest me to describe and remember, over 30 positions? With an animal it is simple, level Tamed Abomination 50 in connection with which loss, I any more don't play 4 days. And here all the rest...

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posté May 02, 2014, 06:41:44 | #8

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posté May 01, 2014, 09:18:08 | #9
I'm sorry. I will try to correct the text so that it is easily readable.

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posté April 30, 2014, 20:20:10 | #10
Osamodas dual summon - about sore points. Introduction.

I play Osa Dual Summ. Currently I am lvl 134.

There are various Osa builds, including Dual Summoner. I personally think, that it is quite uneasy to play with this character class. Everything was fine, until I’ve reached lvl 100. I’ve started to receive suggestions from other players: go symbiosia, play with one summon, start using Gobgob etc. And its keep getting worse and worse. When my team players started to get their 145’s, I felt that I am stuck at lvl 100.

My Dual Summon build is almost unplayable at high levels. And other people agree with that. I saw how osas were nerfed as summoners, read offers on how this could be fixed. In other topics you all could see my opinion about lvl 122 black wabbits.

Generally, most people play Dual Summ build before lvl 100, then they spec into Dragon.

After lvl 100, Dual Summ build loses practically to every class in damage dealing and its resists. I’ve tried different Osa builds (DD, Block), but they all come off as losers to other character classes.

Below, I will try to address various unclear things about Osa Summ, not touching any other builds.

Please notice that I will talk about Osa Dual Summ ONLY.


I understand why 'control' runes were removed from the game, but this led to extinction of Osa’s Dual Summ Build.

I would like to stress out, that if you play dual summ build; all equipment should have control stat in it. Therefore, Osa loses dmg, life, etc. It is logically clear, that our pets should fight for us, but because gear is bad, it is almost impossible staying alive for more than 2-3 turns at high levels of game content. Giving Osa’s only 9 Control from items ( 10 Control with Osas own Stat) left evolution of this character on level 100. Why we need items with Control, if they prevent our build to go higher than level 100?

To defeat 2 enemies of the same level, Osa dual summ must use sidekicks, otherwise it is impossible. It is insane, comparing to other classes. And thats only because summoning of the second mobe is caped at level 100. Mobs 130 lvl just smash summons, which are lvl 100.


As stated before items with Control should ne better. It is clear why almost all items give fire dmg, but why other give water dmg stays unclear.

Some of the items give initiative, some give Block, which wont meet parameter «pets fight for us». Not all items, which give Control give CMC dmg, though I understand that not only osa needs Control.

Best item with the Control is Seawater Neckpiece:

+1 AP
+1 Control
+3 Wisdom
+16% Damage water.

Please notice that this is the only Necklace wich gives AP and Control. But why it gives water gmg stays unclear. Its great for Sadidas, but what about Osas?

Second best thing is Celestial Tofu cloak. Its the only cloak in game which gives Control. But its for 47 level, wich looks quite funny when you are level 100+.

Relics: Dazzling Belt started to give CMC dmg, but why not the other relics? Coz they give dmg to all other classes, but CMC gives only one.


All our spells must be directed to increase our summons abilities, instead of us attacking ourselves.

Air Branch: its Whip, which gives dmg.

Fire branch, one skills which gives dmg.

Usually, people use Crobak and Scaraleaf Wing. Both spells are used when summons are out of our reach. Everything is good, except of damage. Damage won’t go higher than 100 and it is quite funny when you are level 100+.

Fire Brach is a joke from the developer team. Nobody will ever cast their summons with resistance, block, CH etc. Why should we give them CH bonus, when we can give them +150% dmg with cost of only extra one AP? Crit could work or not, but +dmg will work definitely.


Got some questions here as well.

Critical Synergy

  • Summons in play = 1
  • or In the state "Dragon"
Should work when there is one summon in the game OR osa in Dragon state. But in fact, works only when GobGob is present.

Animal Guard.

Quite inefective spell. Summons does not do what they supposed to do. They do not guard you at all.

Prespic Hair.

20% Dmg return – is quite good thing. Exept one issue: The higher our level is, the higher our summon level. The higher summon level, the more resist they have. As a result, summons return approximately from 10 to 70 dmg to their enemies, does not matter which level summon is, 80 or 130. Skill is based on damage received, thats why it is not being used by players.


Great ability, which restricts Osa in controlling one summon only.

In general locations, where the main objective is to deal max dmg to the enemy it does not matter. But everything changes in dungeons, when you need to think before making a move – deal damage or not to. Controlling one summon at a time, makes Osa use only one summon in a battle.


To start with, I am against a system offered in other forum thread, that summons must be divided into categories and gain exp with their owners.

Wakfu world is big and interesting, lots of creatures live there.

Osas have abilities to make every battle individual, because they could catch pets according to different criterias such as elements or pet levels.

Capturing pets is a quite time consuming action: but time spent worth it, coz it gives us opportunity to show different qualifications in battles.

Thing that makes me sad, is that some pets have their skills cut, and some of them just could not be captured. That affects gameplay after level 100+. There are quite useless pets, and there pets wich do not match their level and element.

One issue that was recenetly foud by me:

Black Wabbit lvl 120 is quite good. ( Earth, Fire )

Black Wabbit lvl 122 is even better. ( Earth, Air )

But both have earth as a main element.

In the last updates new creatures were added: Cactuses and Shrooms.

In my opinion cactuses just run across the map really spontaneously and leave Osa without of any defense.

Shroom lvl 128 is useless. 1 hit per turn! Is that even normal?

All my hopes were for White Wabbit lvl 132. And when I captured him, I was really dissapointed. His aggregated dmg is lower compared to Black Wabbit lvl 122. And that dissapoints me. Funniest part is, that I think situation will be the same with Zwobmo Wabbit lvl 135. Sad. Really Sad.

If there were no limits in pet skills and no restrictions on capturing the pets, Osa would have become a really unic character class.

Intellegence AI.

Summonned creatures behaviour is completely unpredictable.

They do not try to destroy single target, but instead they try to hit everybody atleast once. There is no logic in the system of movement of summons.

Summons do not use all their potential, for example:

Jelly lvl 99 can hit enemy 4 times, - 2 AOEs and 2 Single Hits. Jelly itself could hit 2 times in one target or could hit 1 AOE and once Single target. If there are 2 mobs near, Jelly will hit with AOE, but only Single target, not both.

Shushu 100 lvl. When it is not controlled, generally does not use its AOE. In fact, it becomes useless in damage dealing.

Most pets do not deal damage diagonally, they like be « head to head» with the enemy.


If you play Osa dual Summ, its quite impossible to make challenges. For example: If summon stands close to enemy and kills him in close combat, we lose the challenge « kill in close combat ». If Osa stands near enemy, and summon kills it in range combat, we lose challenge «kill in range combat». That dissapoints me.


Class needs revamp in different aspects.

There should be more Control. There should be more items for High Levels of gameplay for Osa which will give AP, Control and CMC dmg.

Fire spell branch should be fixed, for example:

Spell that gives AP to the summonned creature. ( AOE skill that devides AP between summons in AOE radius)

Spell that gives MP to the summonned creatures. ( If summon could not reach enemy )

Lock should be increased.

Widen the range of pets that could be captured.

Change of Summon Al.

Challenges should be fixed.

CMC damage should be connected to the character dmg. Same as Eni's Heal.

"Right Here, Right Now!"

To make this interesting class more playable, I will suggest some fixes, which could be made really easily:

1)Osamodas Blessing (O – 20 lvl spell, should be calculated using this formula:

lvl character – LC
Osamodas Blessing – OB
Control – C
If LC > 100 and OB=20, then (LC-100)/10=+C

That means, if character level is higher than 100 and Osamodas Blessing is level 20, we get +1 control for every 10 levels of character.

Character level is 110, so we get: (110-100)/10=1
LC 125: (125-100)/10=2.5 (rounded to the nearest downwards)
LC 145: (145-100)/10=4 (rounded)

So on 145 level we get +4 Control.

2)Possession – should be cast on Osa itself.

Use of this skill gives control of all summoned creatures in the area.

3) Radius of Whip should be expanded from 4 to 5( base).

4)Correction of Critical Synergy.

5)Widen the list of pets that could be captured.

6)Fixing the summons AI.

Everything stated here is my own opinion, which was formed from 3 month play for Osa dual summ.

Some of you wont be agree with me, some will support me.

I did not consider 1 way of build: when Osa is being rushed with the help of high lvl character, and all items are given to him. But ALONE Osa could not do that. It means that people start to play other classes or use different builds.

Thank you for the attention.

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posté April 30, 2014, 16:20:01 | #11
I apologize, I will try to use other translator. I hope through its translation, my words will be clearer.I wanted to tell that Osa of double summ loses in damage in comparison with to other classes.Loses as on time of fight and speed of increase of level.

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posté April 29, 2014, 20:57:16 | #12
You scoff? What to hell mad loss? I have a total loss at Osa of 132 lvl, about 1000-1200 while my members of the same party cause losses for a course, beginning from 2000. Yes, I still have no 144 levels for 2 rabbits, but nevertheless I now have enough of that the mask with a clone is capable to make for a course 4000 + a loss. Osa, forgive me, in an ass.The thief 142 levels, at the beginning of a course does the AoE through bumbot'a, putting on the average to everyone мобу 1500 losses. The thief, most often, goes the first, here and removes 3-4 opponents for the first course.I can somewhere not the rights, but I am extremely upset with these circumstances.

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posté April 18, 2014, 15:54:33 | #13
Good day. Sorry for my English, I use a translator.
I play Osa dual summ that I was not told my friends. And while that is not going to become a Dragon.
Yes, when you are at the 50 level that is closest to you to seek crakler'u 50 or 55 level, don't remember, to be honest. By now you should have as much control to control 2 such creatures. This is more than enough to clear the dungeon its own level or below.
For example, 61 level, I went solo puddly dungeon with two crakler.
By this time I was dressed completely in celestial tofu set, and wore a helmet Imperial blibli. This gave a number of control.
The idea is that the next step, it was necessary to put Imperial blibli shoulders, but in my opinion, at this level, it would be a severe loss of CMC damage.
In part Alpha I'm not dressed for a very long time, and perhaps not actually wore them, except amulet at a certain time.
At that time, when I was at these levels have not been able to get WarChiefs, but in my opinion, 64 level, the best option is exotic crab. The best performance for the damage + range. Further, in my opinion, go rats 74 level. With them I went for a very long time. 2 shot at good damage. 80 level I dressed, wearing a Rat shield and Kings staff, receiving additional control.
Only then, I allowed myself 9 control, because 2 creatures 90 level, inflicted more damage on the loss CMC than 2 rats 74 level with good CMC.
Hmm... Think I remember that he used "the fish" 87 level in some fights.

Celestial tofu ring and shoulders, are rare and expensive.
Two rings to wear.
Now, at the level of 100, I still wear your ring and of course cloak. Although I think that as soon as enough level, I will change the ring.

In game: Ivan Petrov

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posté March 28, 2014, 15:13:27 | #14
+ 1 Cat 40 lvl, + 1 macaw LVL 28.
Farewell, my friend, goodbye! (C)

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posté March 28, 2014, 15:10:13 | #15
Not best in my life.

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posté March 24, 2014, 14:22:46 | #16
I apologize for my English.

The Russian community has over 300 people for sure, and it is only those with whom I met. And I think that they are more numerous.

Language support is already half done. Enter Cyrillic would facilitate communication of the Russian-speaking community. Now, most of all, communication in the game is replaced by Skype or TS. Only because writing in Latin, difficult and long.

Original launcher really existed, but without the support of Ankama he has no place to be. Having the original texts, could be adapted translations, without changing Gump, saving washed away and RP part. Moreover, it had a wish, not demanding additional payment for their work. Because the Russian language is not only the Russians are Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and other Russian-speaking countries.

I hope I don't offend Ankama, saying the following:
A few years ago, I was invited to the game EVE online. When I learned that among the languages, support of Russian, I immediately agreed. I haven't had to worry about where and what is written, what they want from me in the quest or when studying the characteristics of the vessel. Only the names of the objects bearing total, English name, have been abandoned by the developers for trade, combat and those things that require insight into the different languages of the world.
My plus one EVE for the fact that the Russian language there is maintained, as the saying goes, "from the manufacturer".
I think they made the right decision. Because the "native" language = increase online, and that means more profit.

Imagine Wakfu, where opening a quest you are reading does not necessarily English and my native one. And when you open the characteristics of the subject, you read his name, as it should be in English (if it is an international server), such as "Celestial tofu ring", and further, there is a description of the subject in your language.
The same market, and will remain English, because the names of items will remain the same....

I'm sorry, I got carried away. A little more and I will ask to join the project at work. I think that having a 6 year experience in administration, trapping and identify bugs and violators, I will. It is a pity that swaps the knowledge of English language...

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posté March 19, 2014, 17:54:14 | #17
Communicate in Russian community. There's a topic about this.
Рас, рас. Одын, одын. (с)

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