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posté May 22, 2015, 16:14:47 | #1

Quote (Malekour @ 22 May 2015 13:18) *
The profession revamp is only for Dofus i thought might got games mixed up man
Hey! Maybe I got a little confused, but I'm pretty sure some months ago they mentioned plans on altering Wakfu's profession system. Something involving gathering way less resources to level crafting professions; instead, you would get one recipe which you would have a certain time to complete. By finishing it you would jump from a certain level to another. Also, if I'm correct, they planned on developing some kind of "contract" system which would work by people with a determined profession allowing other people to contract their services by some kind of automatic contract market or something.
Anyway, I just wanted to know if someone had heard any news on this, but, apparently, it's already been forgotten, judging by the replies here. Thanks to those who replied so far!

P.S.: very funny gif.  

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posté May 22, 2015, 05:26:17 | #2
Any news on professions revamp? Hi, I would like to know if anyone knows if there is any chance of profession revamp coming out before the next +50% craft bonus event. I'm trying to gather resources to level professions and wouldn't like to see them wasted. xD

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posté February 07, 2015, 15:00:04 | #3
Does anyone know about numbers? How much it will cost and if it will be something that we will have to buy once or every month?

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posté December 19, 2014, 01:50:43 | #4

Quote (GalloY @ 18 December 2014 14:30) *
Any guides for this support Panda?
Of course! I call it the "Don't do it" guide.
You just grab your Pandawa by the ears, make him read a class change scroll, change to a real support class. Done, you can be happy playing support.

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posté December 18, 2014, 03:19:06 | #5
I just want to pay for my own mistakes, not anybody else's. Accordingly, I like the ideia of more free respecs at some given levels (like 30, 80, 120, 160 and so on) and I would also like to be given a free respec everytime ANY change in damage, mechanic or AP/MP coast is made to ANY spell.

Also, I think that the respec quest should have more than basic/low level of difficulty. I find it excruciatingly boring to find myself in a position in which I have to run noob (no offense) dungeons or kill low level monsters only for the sake of getting the respec mats.

I have one ideia that could make the respec quest less of a sea of boredom that wastes our time: I would really like to see the difficulty of the mats necessary for the quest being increased accordingly to the level frame of the character which needs the respec. A good ideia, in my opinion, would be to make mentioned mats be droped by mobs from the area corresponding to the level of the character, and also from monsters from the former area (of course, the quantities would have to be balanced as well).

For instance: a guy level 105 needs a respec. The quest would demand drops from Bilbiza but also Chillberg Island. There, while doing the quest, he could also meet people from the same level as he to play with (maybe?) and also gain a little bit of a decent XP for his level.

In this way, as I see it, some drops would have their prices increased, for they would be useful not only for common craft, thus making economy better (I guess? Not a professional economist). In addition, the "fictional" guy wouldn't be restrained from character progression while he strived to get his respec, thus making the game feel more exciting and dynamic for him.

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posté December 17, 2014, 19:40:05 | #6

Quote (Blaze-4ever @ 17 December 2014 14:18) *

Quote (kookiemonsta @ 13 December 2014 23:03) *

Quote (buong @ 11 December 2014 01:01) *
please explain to me how its better? i've been in the testing room for a while now and cant seem to see a good build for it that would make it anything better than before.

1. WP return
2. Range barrel cast
4. Bamboozle shield is amazeballs. Try it.
5. No more stressing out over trying to maintain Merry and crying when you get worn-out
6. No more falling asleep

... and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I know a few people who were initially unhappy with the panda revamp, who later on changed their minds because they just needed some time to adjust to the new play style. It's certainly less straightforward than before. Everything has effects now and the spell descriptions are long as heck so it seems complicated... but it's really not so bad, you'll get a feel for it in time. Don't give up yet, I promise the payoff for mastering the new panda is very rewarding.
1:1 b-hop per turn "MORE FLEXIABILITY " yeah
2:Barrel can be nuked for two shots and you have to wait for new for couple of rounds
3:New dumb mechanic Its either (Attack) or (Deff) Merry/Worn out witch gives shaming dmg bonus , and all above you cant have Deffense state at first you'll have to wait to get to it , aswell as you cant instantly have Great damage buff if you're worn out.
4: Shield are such waste : its only logical to :corner opponent and have a shield , but most classes can get away even from corner ,so its really puff
5: Pandas cant be cruit builded like they were before ( yes could reach 100chs in a single turn with magic spell flaming burp) Not crit builds are ruined
6: id better fall asleep because i wasnt dumb enough to control old merry/worn out state.
...and that's just a tip of the iceberg.Nobody asked to "completely change pandas gameplay" some people just wanted changes indeed , but they are huge and they ruined pandas so much , its all about now 1 spell spamming move over or corner style.
Ps: I'd better stay with 1 barrel with relfects and endless b-hop than 2 barrels and convenient "comfortable" new movement.
Exactly... as I've been saying in every Pandawa related thread created since the joke *cough* revamp was released: every John Nobody can play Pandawa at a high level now. It's just ridiculous.

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posté December 16, 2014, 20:31:24 | #7
That's exactly the way I feel. And it pains me more than it should that I'm considering deleting my Ankama accounts after having supported their games for more than 1/3 of my life. But all this neglect is just getting more to my nerves recently. I think I always found Ankama kind of irresponsible in the way they make and implement decisions, but so far I'd always been "lucky" since they had never affected me so much directly, so I kind of ignored it all. But all this mess about Pandawas is just affecting me too much, and it seems no one cares, so... D: I don't know, I'm just super sad, I guess... more than I'd ever felt about a game.

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posté December 16, 2014, 12:23:48 | #8

Quote (Lukinerx @ 16 December 2014 12:22) *
tbh osamodas (and prob also pandawas) should get free class change scrolls instead of restat :^) changing from one meh build into another meh one won't do anything...

it's like offering for someone to eat rotten apple or let him stay with rotten banana
So fucking true!

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posté December 16, 2014, 12:07:06 | #9

Quote (MODMasama @ 16 December 2014 11:46) *
For Osamodas only? Seriously?!
Like, for fucks sake, not only you turn my only and favorite character into complete shit by nerfs after nerfs, but you also want me to get permanently stuck in the dumps loaded with shit forever because of a decision to change scalded that was made by yourselves, not me? Is it April's fool or something? I just don't get it. This level of business stupidity is too much for me.
I am actualy considering just deleting my accounts, even with one of them having sub time lasting until late 2016. I refuse to contribute with this company if it's gonna be like this, "We make a bad decision, notice it too late, you idiot player base pay for it".
Patience ran out and I'm out. OUT.

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Reason for edit : you hurt my feelings ;~;
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posté December 16, 2014, 03:20:11 | #10

Quote (vayuxiii @ 15 December 2014 22:49) *
It's easier as in there is no point to play it, it has become so easy it what i would recommend to anyone who had no idea how to play this game or how to spec their character.
Before if you couldn't handle merry there were other ways to play. Or you had to actually get good with the character when they were merry, now there is no point to drinking anything so why have a character based off this "drunken" fighting style if it doesn't reflect in the game play anymore
The thing that gets me is that yes there was risk but also REWARD you could hit harder and it mattered how you hit and how you used that character , now nothing maters. Its like if they took the eca and said "you know what more bad luck" yes the character would be easier to use but whats the point .
Yep, Pandawa is just as shit as it gets atm. Every John Nobody can play it now, AND it's bei g constantly nerfed.

Thread : Pandawa  Preview message : #809819  Replies : 22  Views : 2479
posté December 15, 2014, 20:55:08 | #11

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 15 December 2014 20:18) *

Quote (Heartyace @ 15 December 2014 10:53) *

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 15 December 2014 10:46) *

Quote (crushington @ 15 December 2014 10:36) *
my friend respected his panda based on the scalding mechanic (much like the guide that mango posted about the revamp) it's a shame they have made it so useless now. I'm guessing the chance of another free respec for those panda players is out of the question?
i think it's safe to assume that we'll be getting a respec on tuesday (the classes that get nerfed that is like osa and panda. MAYBE eliotrope because of the portal changes but elios changes don't seem drastic enough and I know how stingy ankama is)
We didn't get for the actual change of Scalded, why would we get a Respec for them changing it back this time.

And I don't think Scalded nerf has anything to do with the 1 turn build up of one person. It was Scalded focused teams that could build up 300-500 in one turn and explode it(next turn/ when it had 700+). It was basically orb armor but stronger, I'm sure you know how powerful that is in PVP.
Wait you guys seriously didn't get a respec for the panda revamp?
That's some bullshit why didn't you guys complain about that? I would have
Of course people received a free respec when Pandawa revamp came out. The thing is that when it happened scalded mechanic was (kind of?) useful and relevant, despite the whole revamp being a piece of crap imho. As a result, a bunch of people used the respec to change their build to a scalded oriented one. Unfortunately, the situation is about to change and the scalded mechanic is going to be useless as the majority of other features added with the original revamp. Therefore, the least the company should do is to give people a free respec so they can change again to some build which might be less self-mocking than being a fire Pandawa in the current situation.

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posté December 15, 2014, 02:10:49 | #12

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 14 December 2014 23:42) *

Quote (Intrade @ 14 December 2014 23:05) *
I'm actually getting a bit worried about how Ankama will buff, then stealth nerf Cra's once their revamp comes around o.o
It's honestly not even a nerf people wouldn't have even cared or noticed if mango never posted his build
Yeah sure, as if mango was the first guy to notice scalded potential and as if he's the only guy that has ever played Pandawa at a high level on the planet. I (yes, me, a mear casual player) can bet that I have spent more time playing frigging Pandawa than he has in this last 2~3 years.

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posté December 14, 2014, 22:43:36 | #13
As I've been saying for days: Panda is shit atm.
And Ankama only makes it worse at every living breath of its foul existence.
I just hope they'll have the decency of giving people a free restat.

Thread : General  Preview message : #809245  Replies : 71  Views : 3822
posté December 13, 2014, 18:42:32 | #14
If you get a free class change and Pandas don't, I will get my revenge at Anakma. ¬¬

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Thread : Osamodas  Preview message : #808686  Replies : 113  Views : 9963
posté December 13, 2014, 13:33:57 | #15

Quote (Exelenore @ 13 December 2014 12:40) *
This is a typical Ankama move that makes the company look like a complete contradicting joke. First, they say they aren't going to balance the game around 1 on 1 PvP, AND THEN, they make a mechanic that was somewhat useful COMPLETELY USELESS because of what? 1 on 1 PVP. Why does Ankama even bother talking to us or planning anything when they have absolutely no merit on their word? Thy funny thing is that they think this is overpowered but not anything in Sram's or Feca's kit? They are bias as all hell and this is proof that they do balance around 1 on 1 PvP but only if its for classes they don't want to be good at 1 on 1 PvP. Face it all, Ankama is a disgusting joke. Please just remove scalding because it's a joke that is completely useless after this change.

Oh and Ankama, good job closing the Pandawa thread from before, it's a nice way of saying you don't care at all about what the community wants and that you are going to do whatever the hell you want even if it's blatant class favoritism and goes back on the very things you said. Why don't you buff Feca and Sram while you're at it, you don't want anyone to come close to being good as them in 1 on 1 PvP as that's clearly all you care about as you are making a mechanic utterly terrible in every aspect of the game for the sole purpose of 1 on 1 PvP. You're a hypocrite and a company who plays favorites, thanks for making that obvious.
Ankama is shit, Pandas are shit, Wakfu is cool. Live with that.

Thread : Pandawa  Preview message : #808608  Replies : 21  Views : 2155
posté December 12, 2014, 01:19:47 | #16
The more I read/play, the more disgusted I become at the whole Pandawa "revamp". I was just laughing at how handicapped Pandawa has become as a class before I got to know about this masked nerf in Dairy Springer. Now I'm psychologically laughing and vomiting at the same time. Thank's God they made class change possible. Can't wait to be a real class again.

Thread : Pandawa  Preview message : #807782  Replies : 630  Views : 23990
posté December 11, 2014, 16:48:47 | #17

Quote (Heartyace @ 11 December 2014 16:47) *
That is one scumbag way to make the game P2W holy.
What? Being consumable or bound to booster pack?

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #807613  Replies : 52  Views : 2516
posté December 11, 2014, 16:45:06 | #18

Quote (AdmiralWhiskey @ 11 December 2014 16:33) *

Quote (Heartyace @ 11 December 2014 16:11) *
No, you can't run the dungeon regardless if they're not geared as well. Your not making anyone weaker. Your just making one character progress faster. IT's just way faster and way more efficient to hunt anything token related on heroes.

So im assuming you're stating someone will use the hero system just to gear up one char? If someone is willing to dump that much money to gear one character up, i would say sure go ahead do it.

Dump that much money? What are you talking about? So far nobody from Ankama has said anything about how Heroes will work regarding payment. For all I know it could actually be free to all booster pack users. For what you're saying it seems that you're implying that it will be some kind of slot/consumable thing that we'll have to pay monthly for.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #807611  Replies : 52  Views : 2516
posté December 11, 2014, 01:14:32 | #19

Quote (buong @ 10 December 2014 23:54) *
so im in the testing room and i fail to see how the damage can be any good so far in terms of what it did before compared to now...
Exactly. This revamp was more a nerf than anything else imho. They can give Pandawas as much utility as they want, but what matters in the end of the day is significant damage/resistance/healing consistency. You can't kill a mob/boss just by removing his MP/AP/Resistances/reducing the damage taken in close combat for 1 turn. It would be ok if they at least had kept our damage as it was or at least given us a little more in all branches. Now we're pure garbage.

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