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posté December 30, 2014, 02:57:56 | #1
Click here for v3.1, ideas for just specialty spells.

The link here is the five active specialties and a couple improvements added onto the already existing effects of Artful Dodger and Carnival.

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #816069  Replies : 7  Views : 900
posté December 21, 2014, 18:34:11 | #2
Thanks for your feedback you two, I will start writing an updated document soon.

About all the WP consuming spells, I want to offer more options to people rather than only one spell per branch. What if someone wants a WP consuming spell in their water build but prefers the effects of Spitbull (heal and switch places with an ally) over Spittoon? Do they use their WP for Masked Spirit and Dance of Death instead?

On the other hand someone out there would build their Masq to only have WP consuming elemental spells which would leave them stuck if they burn out during a fight. Unless a prevention system were added with a class that has so many WP consuming options it would be an issue, but then again weapons.

I now know the dodge accumulation is insane. I made many mistakes.

I started a document with responses to your criticisms so far but that would mean an inhumane amount of reading I would be asking you to do. So instead I will start that next version.

Thanks again for the feedback. Sorry for the psychological damage this may have caused.

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posté December 20, 2014, 20:10:32 | #3
Suggested Masqueraider revamp Click here to see the document.

Click here to see a discussion about Masqueraider and ideas people have for changing the class.

Masqueraider is the only class which has not been revamped since its release; not that other classes are perfect, but there are outdated aspects to Masqueraider that desperately need to be revamped. Remember the +40% crit damage from Mask Master or any of the effects from Psychopath Mask? Me neither.

3.1, active specialties and a couple passives

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posté December 03, 2014, 21:04:04 | #4
Suggested Iop revamp Click here

This is a suggested changelog for the Iop class. Here are some themes I had in mind while writing it:
  • Final damage bonuses. Not quite as much as Sram can get from Shadow Master + Stabber + Sramulous, but has far more consistency.
  • Buffing allies. This includes giving allies elemental and final damage bonuses. This can be done without the restriction of being close to your teammates as with the current state of Bravery Standard.
  • Stunned removed. If someone wants to remove AP they would play Xelor.
  • Brokle. In this document it works differently than the Dofus version but has similar effects.
  • Building up a state similar to Weak Points, but using the state for various different uses.

Revamping Iop has been on my mind long before revamping any other class. I recently heard the developers are working on making Iop a combo class where you use spells in certain sequences. That sounds pretty good. This document was started not too long ago so I figured the developers might get some inspiration from this.

Are you still reading this? Okay I have a joke for you. What do you call a lunar priestess in a populated area? Arrested for public nudity.

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posté November 27, 2014, 22:13:10 | #5
Suggested Rogue revamp Click here

This is a suggested changelog for the Rogue class. Here are some themes I had in mind while writing it:
  • Bombs being more relevant to the entire class. Technically this version of Rogue can still be played without bombs but it would exchange most of its offense prowess for utility.
  • No more Wall of Flame, but more interesting secondary effects for bomb explosions. Also more benefits for when your bombs explode.
  • Boombot given more usefulness, more options to interact with the Boombot, and some bonuses to help your Boombot be even more useful throughout a battle.
  • Making your bombs and Boombot invisible. I believe bombs are supposed to be used as traps, not to simply throw them down on the floor and hide behind the Wall of Flame glyph or immediately explode using Remote Control.

This document is only one of multiple brainstorms, the most recent one to be specific, so I want your feedback to make it even better.

Are you still reading this? Well I heard Ankama is planning to re-revamp classes next year. I have more documents for most classes which might show up soon.

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posté October 24, 2014, 21:39:19 | #6
Fire Rogue can be very difficult to play as the bomb glyph has limited damage and enemies will usually avoid your bombs. The branch demands a lot of specialties to be ranked up to make full use of your bombs.

While Fusillade is in effect you can only use earth spells. Check your spells under the "Conditions" tab and you will see "Is not in the Fusillade state" and "Is not in the Run-Down state". These conditions are on all air, fire, and active specialty spells for Rogue.

Otherwise yes, you can make a bomb glyph with 3 control. To make it in a single turn requires at least 9AP but you can place two bombs in one turn then the third on your next turn. Enemies will probably have moved far enough away from the first two bombs to make the glyph less effective though.

Bomber Fan and Boombot in lower levels can be very powerful. Bomber Fan gives you elemental damage for bomb explosions, you can get AP back from bomb detonations (effectively reducing how much AP you spend over time, making the already high base damage to cost ratio even better), but doing so as a mono-build can be difficult if you need to manually remove charges without Remote Control. If you were to hybrid with air and/or earth to go with your fire build I recommend Boomerang Dagger for AoE damage and charge removal at the same time, Machine Gun as an alternative to unranked Remote Control, or Blam for AoE damage and charge removal at the same time.

Bomb glyphs can be used in lower levels. I have no idea why so few are using it, but I doubt there are people using bomb detonations in low levels either. A good fire Rogue can be very powerful in lower levels since most enemies simply walk toward you but if you feel it will be too difficult you can respec for free at levels 30 and 80.

When they were new I heard secondary damage bonuses (AoE, long range, single target, close combat) apply based on how you use it (for example, using a spell whose max range is further than 2 but casting it on something adjacent to you counts as close combat) but I recently heard they work based on the AoE and range limitations on the spell itself (for example, a spell which has an area of effect of more than 1 space being counted as AoE even if only one target is damaged). I guess the only way to find out is to log in and check, I will edit the end of this post with what happens in a little bit.

Seems like secondary damage bonuses work based on the second idea. I had a character and a sidekick take some detonations without using Remote Control or anything that would modify the damage bonuses or resistances of anyone in the fight. When the character was the only one damaged by an explosion they took the same amount of damage as when both the character and sidekick were in the area of effect of the same bomb detonating. All scenarios were done without block activating or any critically summoned bombs. I had +86 AoE damage the whole time which would have been enough to see a difference.

Since the bomb glyph is a massive area of effect I would assume +AoE damage increases the glyph damage. I can check on that too.

Yes, +AoE secondary damage affects bomb glyph damage. I tried with and without my lv50 destruction (AoE damage) dragoturkey and the glyph did less damage without it equipped; this was also done on the same target without any other changes to damage or resist stats.

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Reason for edit : spooky dooks
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posté October 24, 2014, 18:56:25 | #7
Remote Control can be used with Boombot to change its faced direction as described a couple posts up.

Have you ever been a few spaces away from things that damage you? Smoke causes damage dealt when the attacker is at least a certain distance away to deal zero damage. At max rank the minimum deflection range is 3, meaning if something standing with three or more spaces between you and them their attack will deal zero damage. Secondary effects will still apply. The turn after you use Smoke however you suffer -4 range and are unable to use Smoke, but the turn after that you can use it again.

If getting stuck in lock zones is a constant issue than Runaway may be more helpful, since it seems to have many unwritten rules (moves you toward your allies, does not move you on penalty tiles). If you can keep your distance regularly then Smoke would be more useful for flipping off long range damage dealing enemies.

Thread : Rogue  Preview message : #790038  Replies : 3  Views : 1112
posté October 22, 2014, 18:10:00 | #8
Your elemental spell build is almost all close combat single target. Have you considered using Devastate instead of Impact or Rocknoceros? Or are you usually not close enough to multiple enemies to make use of the area of effect attack? Uppercut will be using your WP which you might want to use for Jump often since you have backstab damage from chance.

Show Off is more potent for high cost spells. The highest costing spell in your build is Shaker for 4AP. Again, Devastate is 5AP1MP in an AoE with a few points more base damage than Shaker, but if you rarely/never find yourself near multiple enemies at once Devastate would be barely useful for you.

Do you usually have a healer in your party? Since Iop is constantly dealing damage you might benefit from at least a couple points into life steal if the healer in your team has other priorities at the moment.

Iop with high initiative pushes you in the turn order above teammates who may need to go before you, such as tanks to protect the vulnerable teammates or long range damage dealers to attack while enemies are distant since they will probably move towards your team during their turns.

Backstab damage is great if you use Jump and/or have high dodge to walk around enemies. Jumping over things every turn eats up your WP quickly, as a reminder that Uppercut might use up your WP too quickly.

Rocknoceros is still a medium range attack with decent damage and no line of sight restriction. Even without stun it still has usability if getting right next to enemies is out of reach or if your team is in the way.

Locking Pro pairs well with Bravery Standard and if you have high lock for preventing an enemy from flinging itself around the map unless it dodges you. Bravery Standard stabilizes you to prevent them from simply pushing you away and high lock makes them lose more AP and MP trying to dodge you.

Three targets is pretty good. Think of it this way: at level 100 Devastate does 75 for 5AP1MP while Shaker does 69 for 4AP. If Devastate hits two targets that means you did a total of 150 base damage, three targets is 225 base damage. 225 base damage in total compared to 69 damage. Impact is okay if you keep your distance and is a reasonable alternative to Rocknoceros (same damage rate, about as much range, but has AoE and a chance for -MP) but Devastate is for attacking enemies surrounding you.

Preparation stacks. If you go to Show Off and click the blue highlighted Preparation it shows the description of the state. Right beneath the name are three circles: white, gray, and black from left to right. This icon means the state stacks. Preparation before Iop was revamped did not stack, but that was quite a while ago.

Thread : Iop  Preview message : #789418  Replies : 2  Views : 1564
posté October 13, 2014, 17:05:10 | #9
What elemental spells are in your build? For example if you use Blam to damage enemies who are near your bombs to remove some charges then Surprise Shot might prematurely detonate, but if your earth spells are single target then that would rarely be an issue. For fire spells do you use the glyph or prefer having your bombs explode?

Ranking Bomber Fan first or second is more for explosive fire Rogues since the extra control allows you to chain react multiple bombs at once between your turns (courtesy of Boombot or teammates removing charges) while glyphs are usually avoided unless you lay it down during one single turn.

Magnetic Claw and Remote Control are also more for explosive play styles, taking a bomb from some distant corner and tossing it into a cluster of bombs for a massive chain reaction and picking a few charges off the bomb you want to set off the chain reaction with.

Initiator has lost some of its potency with the recent update for higher levels, but gives slightly more than what little it used to for lower levels. Even if you put all your agility points into initiative it would only be +0.15% damage per character level (you get 1 agility every four levels, 1 agility can be spent on +2 initiative, max level Initiator makes 30% of your initiative as general damage bonus) from stats. The update also scaled up damage bonuses so Initiator would look even less useful.

If you prefer using the glyph:
  • Boombot
  • Bomber Fan
  • Fusillade
  • Remote Control
  • Surprise Shot/Initiator (rank either in whichever order you want)

If you prefer explosions:
  • Bomber Fan
  • Boombot
  • Magnetic Claw
  • Remote Control
  • Fusillade
  • Initiator

Thread : Rogue  Preview message : #787070  Replies : 3  Views : 1295
posté October 03, 2014, 20:23:49 | #10
Our current elemental spell experience system allows for two element hybrids to have three spells in one element and two spells in another element to be maxed out, the maximum spell level being your character level. It seems like your Foggernaut is level 24 since that is the highest level of your elemental spells. You could have three fire or stasis spells at max level and two stasis or fire spells at max level. In lower levels having six spells seems fine since the lower damage is hardly noticeable but in higher levels the numbers add up.

Blazing Fire and Ray of Stasis have similar costs. I recommend choosing one and leaving the other behind in usage so your elemental spells can stay maxed out. Stasis Shot is fine since Flambe is not in your build, though Flambe is a very nice spell. Fire Thrower and Steampalm are great ranged area of effect spells. Aynaloxide is a great close range area of effect spell.

For intelligence stats I recommend maxing resistance first, then getting about 3 life steal, then getting a few points into % HP, then going back later to rank up life steal and % HP. Regen seems less useful since you would be constantly on the offensive, regaining health from dealing damage rather than waiting for regen to slowly trickle life back into you. Health regen is more for characters built to be more supportive (healing, tanking) than damaging like earth and/or Sacriers who use the majority of their points to build up Coagulation or Transposition things around the map.

Evenly distrubuting for +damage and the four resistances for strength is good, especially for stasis spells. Dodge is good for your mostly ranged character. Critical hit is double-good for the chances to increase levels of Stasified inflicted as well as High Pressure received. For major it depends on what kind of combinations you want to do. For your build I recommend getting AP first, then either MP or range, then if at level 125 you changed your mind about rails you can get control but otherwise final damage.

For specialties getting Fire and Oil first was a good call. Armor Plating is more for earth builds for the blockade damage absorption and lock gain. I recommend ranking Fogginator or Critical Turbo instead of Armor Plating, both of which I recommend ranking eventually. Since Aynaloxide is in your build you can rank whichever of the two you want to have first: Critical Turbo can be activated using Aynaloxide but Fogginator can be activated whenever you want.

In my experience rails are better suited for battles where your teammates are either fortified in a corner of the map or against enemies that constantly teleport/run around the map and your team lacks the mobility to keep up. They can be very useful when revisiting areas of the battlefield multiple times and to offer your teammates a way to ride out of the fray or into it.

If you plan on keeping Stasis Shot and Ray of Stasis I recommend trying Motherfogger. It needs rails to use the turret but it lets you cast stasis spells without linear restriction.

Aside from having both Blazing Fire and Ray of Stasis in your build, the rest of your elemental spells make a fine build. Fire Thrower and Steampalm may be similar but they have different AoE shapes and advantages; Steampalm has no line of sight restriction but Fire Thrower has modifiable range and can potentially be cast further. Stasis Shot is good for picking off enemies with low health, which would be redundant if you had Flambe in your build since those two spells are very similar.

Thread : Foggernaut  Preview message : #784020  Replies : 6  Views : 2271
posté September 27, 2014, 17:04:16 | #11
You get Foggy state by casting Tricky Blow on yourself. You get Laceration state by casting Bled Dry on yourself. You get Silent state by casting Swindlesram on yourself. By casting any of those three spells on yourself you get the respective state and the cost of the spell refunded. The states lasts indefinitely for the duration of the battle but you can only have one state in effect at a time, giving yourself a different state will replace the one you currently have. You have to have one of these states to use Shadow Trap

The fire and water traps are small cross areas of effect and invisible to enemies. They activate when something moves in the glyph AoE, whether friend or foe, applying their effects to all targets within the glyph (fire glyph deals damage and levels of Hemorrhage, water glyph deals slightly more direct damage and -2AP).

The air trap is only 1x1 area of effect and visible to enemies. It activates when a target stands on it. There can only be two of these traps on the map at once. Upon entering the trap enemies will be damaged for the same amount the water trap deals at the same level, and if the second air trap is within six spaces teleport the target to that trap. Within six spaces mean if the target is standing on the glyph and has 6MP they would be able to walk over to the other trap. If the second trap is further away then the teleportation will not occur. If an enemy is teleported they will be damaged by both the entry and exit traps. Allies are not damaged by the air trap at all.

Traps require one control per trap to be used in battle. Many breastplates, epaulettes, and belts give +1 control after the update. Sram Reflex also gives control when leveled. One of the major stats you can get is +2 control +40% elemental damage.

Is this brief enough for you?

Thread : Sram  Preview message : #781543  Replies : 5  Views : 1555
posté September 25, 2014, 19:47:18 | #12
Both of those guides were created a lot earlier than this recent revamp to characteristics. I will do my best to answer your questions.

Stating for WP increases your WP count by two, adding onto your base amount of six. WP is used by Iop for Jump, Wrath, Increase, and Uppercut. If more than one of these spells is part of your build I recommend getting this at some point.

Stating for MP increases your movement point count by one and gives a +20% elemental damage bonus to all elements. Iop has several spells which offer some mobility so this attribute is not the highest priority for most builds.

Stating for AP increases your action point count by one with no additional bonuses. Stating for AP is typically done for a 10AP build: 6AP from base stats, 1AP from cape, 1AP from necklace, and 1AP from a right handed or two handed weapon. An additional AP can be obtained from a relic but those can take a lot of time and effort to get.

The only change to elemental spells in the revamp was Stunned state, changing its effects from completely denying the afflicted target their turn to -4AP. Charge and Devastate have had their chances to inflict Stunned state increased from 10% to 20%. The rest of the elemental spells are described in the linked guides.

Jump is great for positioning yourself against an adjacent target. You can teleport through an enemy from its face to its back to take advantage of backstab damage. If you are blocking line of sight for your non-melee allies you can teleport yourself out of the way while staying adjacent to the target. Jump can also help you avoid penalty tiles, glyphs, traps, lock zones, and move a couple spaces without spending any MP. At max rank Jump only costs 2AP1WP and may be cast without line of sight restriction.

Defensive Stance only costs 2AP at max rank. It helps the Iop protect themself a bit.

Flatten is a longer range, higher cost, risky version of Jump. At max rank it costs 4AP1MP.

Bravery Standard costs 3AP at max rank. It causes the user to become stabilized, preventing any means of moving the Iop. This spell gives a damage bonus to allies standing in the glyph which adds onto their elemental damage bonuses. The Iop gains levels of Preparation which affects the next damaging attack done. This spell is great for standing between enemies trying to map manipulate and your allies, since while this spell is in effect you are completely immune to being moved. The damage bonus for allies in the glyph can be used while in close combat to buff allies to gang up on an enemy.

Increase was originally about giving a damage bonus to allies like Bravery Standard but has since changed to be primarily used to convert your levels of Power into a bonus to your chance to inflict Stunned state. With the changes to Stunned and how small the elemental damage bonus is this specialty could use a revamp.

Virility has been changed to give health based on the level of your Iop. This passive has always given the health bonus when battle starts with no visible effect outside battle. At max rank this passive applies a health bonus equal to your level multiplied by four. So if your level is 21 and you spent all your specialty points on Virility you would get 84 health when battle starts. Check the health of your two Iops while before and during battle.

Compulsion adds onto your damage bonuses. With the revamp static damage bonuses have become less potent but this is still a useful passive for leftover specialty points.

Authority is a probability to gain levels of Power, a state which gives an elemental damage bonus, when inflicting damage. This includes area of effect attacks per target damaged. Jump also gives levels of Power. This passive is great for any Iop build.

Show Off is similar to Authority in that you get a state that gives elemental damage bonuses. However the state is Preparation instead of Power, which only applies for the next time you damage something rather than the whole turn, and only when your allies critically hit (includes healing spells and weapon use) or kill things. Preparation state favors big attacks like Wrath and Devastate with high costs and dealing a bunch of damage at once.

Locking Pro gives more than just lock. It creates a 1x1 glyph on the space right in front of the Iop (adjacent and in the faced direction) which prevents any enemy on that space from moving unless they dodge roll or cause the Iop to no longer be adjacent and facing them. However since Bravery Standard stabilizes the Iop you can use it to lock down an enemy to prevent them from escaping unless they dodge roll. If an enemy ends their turn in the glyph they gain an immunity state which prevents them from being affected by the glyph during their upcoming turn.

Thread : Iop  Preview message : #780673  Replies : 3  Views : 1381
posté September 16, 2014, 17:15:44 | #13
Overall I like this but there are a few things I would change.

Most of the earth spells would become Riddling Arrow and Piercing Shot would become Destructive Arrow. If all the earth spells have their own unique effects independent of other earth spells people could pick whichever effects they prefer when building their Rogue. For example Machine Gun building levels of a state which inflicts a resist penalty on the target from the end of their upcoming turn to when their next turn starts (allowing your entire team to beat down on them), Piercing Shot ignoring protective states (Sacrifice, etc.), Cross Fire doing rebound damage, Blam ignoring armor HP, and Pulsar increasing the chain reaction damage bonus.

Your idea for bombs is similar to a brainstorm I had some months ago for a version of Rogue based almost entirely on bombs, but instead of using elemental spells on yourself to decide what bomb is created the elemental spell would be cast on an empty bomb vessel to decide its element and effects. Both systems allow the elemental spells to be usable for directly targeting things and creating bombs, allowing more utility to the class overall.

I like the chain reaction bonus on Bomber Fan and removal of bomb glyphs. Great way to encourage people to use bombs to blow things up instead of laying down a carpet.

For the air bombs Vacuum might have issues pulling more than one target adjacent to the bomb. Also it would be great if they push/pull before causing other bombs in their areas of effect to chain react.

For Boombot it could regain charges per bomb detonated, further encouraging people to use detonations to keep the utility summon alive.

Molten Shot seems too straightforward. How about making the damage bonus apply per bomb that detonated since your previous turn, encouraging people to set up massive clusters and follow it up with building another cluster which will have a big permanent damage boost? Because how it is now would make people want to drop a couple bombs for the AoE, permanently buff their damage, then blow up those two bombs immediately without setting up clusters.

Powder might work better as a powder trail rather than spending tons of AP to create an area of effect of it (2AP per space for Powder compared to 3AP to create a bomb with a circular 2 space radius or 3x3 square): if Powder is adjacent and connecting the AoE of a bomb, the Powder space(s) can cause bombs whose areas of effect are connecting to it to chain react as if they were overlapping with the AoE of the bomb which detonates. Once the Powder is used to chain react bombs it is consumed.

The damage bonus for bombs over time is good for encouraging people to set up clusters over time rather than throw down one or two bombs and immediately setting them off. Does the damage penalty apply if bombs are detonated before your next turn starts (if your Boombot or allies blow up a bomb you placed during your last turn)?

Overload (Boombot spell for +charges) could have its cost reduced to 1AP. From what I can tell it costs 2AP to prevent the Boombot from maintaining a bomb glyph indefinitely, but with your changelog bomb glyphs will no longer exist.

Barbed Fire seems a lot more powerful with your changes. Its damage is more than doubled, the secondary effect when cast on a bomb might be problematic if something is standing on the targeted bomb, and losing its modifiable range aspect might not be enough to counterbalance the buffs. Without bomb glyphs having the +1 charge effect removed is a good start.

Bazooka is Remote Control with AoE damage. I thought you wanted to discourage people from immediately detonating bombs.

For the bomb damage bonus on Remote control I think you mean (permanent), not (infinite). If you mean it can add up without a maximum restriction you could also say (unrestricted).

Critical Sight is weird since Rogue has no means of gaining critical hit chance from its spells. The idea of air Rogue being themed around crits has always been strange to me. If the air branch were themed around gaining crit chance that would be great for hybridizing with bombs since crit bombs have higher base damage.

Thank you for posting this.

Thread : Rogue  Preview message : #776648  Replies : 15  Views : 3822
posté September 05, 2014, 00:10:54 | #14
You could make one Blinding and one Mega for 8AP1MP. Start of your next turn both would lose one charge and you can make another Blinding and Mega. Third turn the first Blinding only has one charge to use Remote Control or Machine Gun to chip the last charge off or Boomerang/Blam for AoE damage and removing that last charge.

I used to use Burning a while ago but after the Rogue revamp that brought us Megabomb I found I only really needed Blinding and Mega, one for low cost and one for high damage.

When using bombs remember that chain reactions are your best friend for setting off detonations. Would you rather wait for four bombs to count down to zero or just one which can set off as many bombs as you place within the areas of effect of each other?

Making three Blindings in one turn with 9AP is the typical bomb glyph setup. Remember that bombs which form bomb glyphs still lose charges, detonate when their charges are depleted, and can be chain reacted.

To answer your question in brief in case you skipped my entire post, do you prefer detonating bombs or making the bomb glyph?

Thread : Rogue  Preview message : #770451  Replies : 1  Views : 1602
posté August 31, 2014, 17:56:30 | #15
You can get a bunch of health from Virility. For example if you have 1000 health and maxed Virility you would have 1200 health in battle.

Elemental stats also give resistance to their respective element to help you take hits. If you decide to go hybrid it only costs three points for the highest stat while the other three only cost one point so you get more stats for less points spent.

Thread : Iop  Preview message : #768234  Replies : 3  Views : 1007
posté August 29, 2014, 17:24:53 | #16
Did the detonation occur during the turn you used Remote Control, or did you have your Boombot blow it up immediately following the turn you used Remote Control?

The damage bonus may only apply for 1turn similar to other buffs so as soon as your next turn starts the damage buff is removed.

If your bombs normally deal very low damage the problem could be the damage bonus being too low if Remote Control is not especially high leveled or if the normal damage for your bombs is too low to notice the damage bonus.

Thread : Rogue  Preview message : #767440  Replies : 1  Views : 975
posté August 29, 2014, 17:16:16 | #17

Quote (-Belis- @ 29 August 2014 13:32) *
the problem i have seen with my earth/air cra is the absolute necessity to bring with me someone that take the enemy away from me, and this is bad because other class haven't so much skill shutted down simply for being in close combat with an enemy...

What if the air branch were changed a bit to have more map manipulation? Taking into account the three beacon spells are changed into a single active specialty to open up a fifth spell for each element:

Homing Arrow- Stays mostly the same. If cast on a beacon causes enemies linear to it from 2 to 5 spaces to be pulled by 1 space. This spell becomes a suction utility when paired with a beacon (which would have varying effects depending on the spell cast on them). Deals lower damage than when directly targeting foes.

Plaguing Arrow- If cast on a beacon causes enemies linear to it from 2 to 3 spaces to teleport to be adjacent to the beacon. The movement effect is teleport because pulling can be interrupted by penalty tiles and terrain height between the target(s) and the beacon. Deals lower damage than when directly targeting foes.

Retreat Arrow- If cast on the beacon causes enemies within a 2 space radius of the targeted beacon to be pushed 1 space away. Area of effect knockback. Deals lower damage than when directly targeting foes.

Storm Arrow- If cast on a beacon, causes enemies adjacent to the beacon to lose some levels of Hypermovement. When paired with Riddled state allows the Cra to decelerate enemies, remove their resistance to deceleration more quickly than they would naturally lose it, then decelerate them even more. Deals lesser damage to affected targets. Amount of levels of Hypermovement state removed increases with spell level.

I like the idea of Lashing being like Flaming Claw (Rogue), grappling toward one of your beacons without spending WP or destroying the beacon.

I also really like the idea of Riddling becoming an ammunition-like state where spell secondary effects become more potent by consuming some levels of Riddling. Would that be always open or would there be an active specialty spell that toggles whether you will use Riddling state for additional effects? Would people always be using up their levels of Riddling?

If beacons were revamped to be a specialty, what do you guys think the secondary effects for elemental spells should be? Should each spell have its own unique effects or do you think that would be too complicated?

Thread : Cra  Preview message : #767435  Replies : 15  Views : 1904
posté August 29, 2014, 16:51:16 | #18
What if Possession was a passive specialty that caused all of your summons within a radius of the Osamodas to be controlled? Summon AI would still wonk out for summons far away but based on what Ankama has justified recent changes with I would say they want Osamodas to be near their summons in battle rather than hiding somewhere in a distant corner of the map.

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
Before anyone complains about Sadida, yes I would like a similar change for them too. No one should have to deal with horrible summon AI which discourages using summons.

Thread : Osamodas  Preview message : #767420  Replies : 15  Views : 2015
posté August 29, 2014, 16:49:49 | #19
Earth might be less overused for Iop after this.

Do other means of AP removal affect bosses? I thought that was part of boss resistances. If not then earth Iops might replace water Xelors for bosses in terms of AP removal, though water Xelors can still give AP to allies.

You know what I would like to see? A little bit of synergy between Locking Pro and one of the close combat earth spells. Like if Charge removed the Locking Pro immunity state instead of stunning. Rocknocerous could have the -4AP change while Charge becomes more of a support spell by allowing you to continue using the Locking Pro passive on a mob at the expense of some damage per points spent.

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For classes that get up close and personal I prefer going with principle characteristics (strength, intelligence, agility, chance) because they also give you resistance. Crits may have a lot of damage to offer but Iops are easy targets for enemy attacks.

Super Iop Punch is part of my build for my Iop but my Iop is a fire-air hybrid, mostly fire. If your Iop is a tribrid or not primarily fire in a two element hybrid you would be better off with other spells. Sure Judgement can hit things from the same distance but Punch closes the gap, if you need to be adjacent to that target to lock it or whatever else is going on in the battle. You could use the 2MP you saved by using Punch instead of walking toward the target to do a couple Gusts.

Uppercut seems pretty dumb. Most Iops have Jump, Wrath, or Increase in their build already so the offer to have something that burns your WP out even faster is usually refused. A pure air Iop might like it until they have to use Jump to reposition themself.

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