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posté Yesterday - 02:53:05 | #1
You can find a fire Iop guide here.

Which fire elemental spells do you want to use? Specialties? Maybe incorporating a bit of air into your build?

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posté July 18, 2014, 03:16:17 | #2
Earth-air hybrid Rogue is pretty easy to figure out, but since you asked:

The generic build is Piercing Shot, Pulsar, Slap Shot, Boomerang Dagger, and Longsword for elemental spells.

The earth branch is basically a matter of whether you want more range flexibility or damage. The opposites of this spectrum are Machine Gun with no directional restriction but low damage versus Piercing Shot with the highest damage and a resist debuff to make the attack hit even harder but linear restriction.

The air branch is mostly melee with Roguery for a more restrictive but less punishing version of Guile (Sram) and Longsword to deal damage while escaping lock zones. Slap Shot is basically Jabs (Iop). Barbecued Ribs is basically Uppercut (Iop again). Boomerang offers strategic use but most people use it for the similar area of effect shape to spells like Wrath (Iop yet again).

In terms of specialties the most relevant ones to your build are Fusillade, Smoke, Surprise Shot, Initiator, and Rogue Master.

Fusillade is a burst damage spell which doubles your AP and removes all MP for the turn used, but doubles your MP and removes all AP for the turn after. The only spells which can be used during either turn are earth spells.

Smoke deflects damage taken if the attacker is a certain distance or further away, but may not be used in consecutive turns and applies a range debuff during the turn the spell may not be used.

Surprise Shot is a probability chance for earth spells to deal additional damage.

Initiator gives you a damage bonus to all elements based on your initiative. This spell does not remove initiative while giving the damage bonus, the damage bonus is gained simply for the Rogue having initiative.

Rogue Master gives you initiative and may cause you to gain AP for using air spells, the latter effect having a higher probability when air spells are critically cast.

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posté July 18, 2014, 03:07:05 | #3
I think Nox meant you should get bigger investments before spending characteristic points on principles: AP, MP, and maybe range.

After those going with agility, chance, intelligence, and strength should be fine. Doing so raises damage and resistance to all four elements.

Whoever told you to spec for agility probably thinks stasis spells are actually air spells because both have purple icons.

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posté July 17, 2014, 17:14:38 | #4
Well the most common things to spend characteristic points on are 1AP (150 points) and 1MP (100 points) as soon as possible. You can spend 80 points to get 1 range if you feel you need it, which for a pure fire Rogue I recommend since you can set up chain reactions and glyphs with more flexible range.

After that as a pure fire Rogue you would be better off ranking intelligence for damage. As a mono-brid using characteristic points for initiative so you get the bonus from Initiator is less potent per point use. For example if you have 30 characteristic points you could get 10 intelligence (5% fire damage and resist) or 15 initiative (4.5% damage all elements, if you have lv20 Initiator). Having more initiative is a huge advantage for fire Rogues but in terms of raw damage going with initiative may be a better choice. You could try to do both by getting 1 intelligence and 2 initiative per 5 characteristic points when you level.

For equipment you want fire damage and initiative. Even without Initiator having more initiative helps you get the upper hand with bomb placement. +CMC is also good if you can find equipment that gives both fire damage and CMC. If you want to be able to have more than three bombs in play at once you also want control but equipment that offers it can be difficult to find. A few items I recommend are Sand Helmet, Sand Breastplate, Ratty Riot Shield, and The Laughing Rat for equipment that gives +fire damage and +control.

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posté July 17, 2014, 01:29:19 | #5
As you could probably figure out the fire branch revolves around bombs.

Barbed Fire is designed to be used on enemies who are within a square area of effect around your bomb (spaces diagonal, adjacent, or on top of the bomb) to teleport them to a random space within that same area of effect. The spell also damages. The teleportation effect also applies if the targeted enemy is adjacent or diagonal to your Boombot. The teleportation effect is inteded to be used with the bomb glyph which the game names "Wall of Flame". Barbed Fire may be cast on your bombs to give +1 charge to the bomb.

The glyph is created when three bombs have at least one bomb adjacent or one space apart (while still being linear) to each other, but not all bombs connected to the glyph need to be adjacent/linear to all other bombs connected to the glyph. The glyph damages anything that starts its turn or moves within the glyph. The glyph damage is limited to three per target per turn preventing the glyph from becoming incredibly powerful when paired with pushing/pulling effects which can move enemies around in the glyph.

Burning Bomb, Blinding Bomb, and Megabomb are all summoning spells. Burning and Blinding create a bomb with a 3x3 square area of effect while Megabomb has a 2 space radius area of effect. Bombs automatically detonate when their charges are depleted to zero. Bombs lose one charge per attack received (excludes attacks which apply secondary effects such as Barbed Fire), per use of Remote Control from the Rogue, per use of Detonator from the Boombot, per collision (spells which attempt to push/pull the bomb to a space where the floor is elevated, is a wall, or already has a bomb on it), and at the start of your turn (all bombs lose 1 charge at the start of your turn simultaneously).

When a bomb detonates any of your other bombs in its area of effect will automatically detonate regardless of how many charges they have remaining. This effect is called chain reacting. Placing multiple bombs close together and only detonating one can set off a massive chain reaction dealing a lot of damage in a large area of effect.

Bombs may not be cast directly on enemies. The only ways to use bombs to deal damage is through detonations or the bomb glyph. Keep in mind the glyph has limited damage per turn while bombs have no restriction to how many explosions can damage at a time. If you want to compare damage rates between the glyph and bomb detonations look at the 'Wall of Flame' effect from the Bomber Fan passive and the three bomb spells.

Flaming Claw can be used on any of your bombs, your Boombot, allies, and ally summons to cause the Rogue to move 2 spaces toward the targeted ally. If this spell is used on an enemy it inflicts damage. This spell can be used to escape lock zones without having to dodge roll.

Remote Control allows you to remove 1 charge from the targeted bomb manually. Increasing the rank of this specialty increases the maximum range, decreases how much the spell costs, and in later ranks allows this spell to be used without line of sight restriction.

Magnetic Claw allows you to pick up a targeted bomb, place the held bomb on the targeted space (may not place the held bomb on an occupied space), pull a targeted ally 1 space, or push a targeted enemy with an additional 2AP cost on top of whatever your current rank of the specialty costs. This spell can only be used twice per turn so you can pick up then throw a bomb. This spell is great for grabbing a lone bomb sitting in some ignored corner of the map then tossing it into a cluster of bombs to set it off.

Boombot is a support summon for manipulating your bombs: adding charges, removing charges, pushing, pulling, picking up, and throwing. Each of these actions is a 2AP spell and the Boombot only has 4AP. The total health of the Boombot is based on that of the Rogue. The description has been bugged for a while about how much MP the Boombot has; it has 1MP in low ranks and 4MP at max rank. The Boombot is not damaged by your bomb glyphs, detonations, or detonation secondary effects.

Bomber Fan is the most important specialty for fire Rogue. It gives +control, +CMC, +bomb resist for you, +bomb resist for your allies, and AP gain when your bombs detonate. Control is the characteristic which limits the amount of bombs you can have in play: 1 control = increases max amount of bombs you can have in use at a time by 1. CMC stands for controlled mechanisms and creatures, basically summons damage bonus (bombs are considered summons). The bomb resistance effects helps protect you and your allies in case any of your bombs damage your team. The AP gain effect when this passive is maxed out is +1AP per detonation, so if you detonate nine bombs in a big chain reaction you get +9AP. If the detonation(s) occur during your turn the AP gain occurs during the same turn. If the detonation(s) occur during the battle outside your turn the AP gain applies to your upcoming turn. For example if you set up a cluster, end your turn, then have your Boombot set them off you can get AP for your upcoming turn so you can make more bombs than you had in use in your previous turn.

Initiator gives you an all element damage bonus based on your initiative. If your Rogue is low level this passive will hardly give anything worth spending the characteristic points on but in medium to higher levels the bonus becomes very noticeable.

Runaway gives you a chance to teleport a couple spaces away from your position when attacked. The rules for how this specialty can screw you up have been vague for a while but from what I read this passive is supposed to move you away from penalty tiles and toward allies. This passive activates after the attack occurs so all damage and secondary effects still take effect.

That was a pretty basic overview of the fire branch and the most relevant specialties for a pure fire Rogue. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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posté July 10, 2014, 22:38:21 | #6
I play a tribrid Rogue and an air-fire Masqueraider.

With my Rogue my main strategy is using bombs and chain reactions. I would explain what I do but that would go on long enough to make a book out of it. Basically I use area of effect spells from earth and air branches (Blam and Boomerang usually) to remove charges from bombs while dealing damage, then have my Boombot set off any bombs not yet detonated to deal even more damage. Most people playing this class prefer to keep things simple which may be fine for them but it feels very similar to playing Iop.

Masqueraider is similar to Rogue but its spells are more suited for the player staying close to the enemy rather than running circles around the map. The fire branch and its suiting mask are considered less useful because as a Masqueraider you would be close enough to attack, but none of your spells or specialties give you defense or enough survivability to maintain that playstyle for very long before being killed within one or two turns (in higher level content).

Overall I would say Masqueraider is better if you have a well organized team where people are helping each other, but not everyone can handle that sort of strategic combat. Rogue can also benefit from competent teammates but is less necessary for your survival in battles.

Sidekicks are basically filler characters if your party needs a little more than it currently has. For example if your party is trying to do a dungeon but needs some extra members to deal more damage, offer support (if your team lacks support characters), etc. For a more specific example if you have a team of four pure offense characters like Rogue, Iop, etc. and you need someone to help the team survive you could bring Trank for tanking or Lumino for healing without needing to find another player somewhere in the world willing to join.

The fire branch for Rogue is very difficult to use at lower levels. It needs a lot of specialties to be effective. If you attempt fire Rogue at lower levels and find it lackluster that is because most Rogue specialties are designed specifically or primarily for the fire branch.

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posté July 10, 2014, 22:22:30 | #7
I recommend trying any class you think you might even slightly enjoy since you can always delete the character and use the newly available character slot to make a new character of a different class. At levels 10 and 30 you can respec so if you start a new character with a branch you may not enjoy you can still try a different branch, especially since at lower levels you can afford having your spell experience spread out.

For area of effect attacks I recommend Rogue, Foggernaut, and Iop. Rogue and Foggernaut both have area of effect spells for close and medium range while Iop has more powerful close combat spells.

Feca is primarily a defensive class designed for taking hits so your allies can go unscathed, having high defense to survive all the punishment you take, creating glyphs which can buff your allies or debuff enemies, creating armors which buff allies or debuff/harm enemies, and since its latest revamp having high lock to keep melee-oriented enemies from chasing your allies. The fire branch seems to offer more offense than the earth and water branches. Hopefully an experienced Feca user will show up in this thread to help you.

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posté July 04, 2014, 20:20:20 | #8
Every time you level you get five characteristic points used to improve your base stats and five specialty points to level your specialty spells. These two types of points are separate and may be spent how you want.

Characteristic points can be saved or spent immediately for many different stats but the most common method of spending them is to use them on principle characteristics (intelligence for fire, agility for air, chance for water, strength for earth) until lv30 when you get a free respec which allows you to reallocate your elemental spell experience, specialty points, and characteristic points. At lv31 you would have 150 characteristic points which most use to get 1AP. Then at lv51 you would have 100 characteristic points to get 1MP. Usually after this point people go back to spending characteristic points on principle stats to improve their elemental damage and resistance. Principle characteristics have a unique set of rules for how they can be increased: the highest of the four costs 3 characteristic points while the rest will only cost 1 characteristic point to increase it by 1. For example if you want to be a fire-water hybrid character you could spend 3 characteristic points to gain 1 intelligence then only 1 characteristic point to gain 1 chance while your agility and strength are left at 0. Since your intelligence and chance are both equal and the highest they would both ask for 3 characteristic points to increase either to 2, but if you increase one at a time you can alternate to end up with +1 intelligence and +1 chance for only 4 characteristic points.

Specialty points can be used to rank active and passive specialty spells. Passive spells require 5 specialty points to gain one level all the way until lv20, which is their maximum. Active spells require 5 specialty points per level to attain levels 1 to 3. For levels 4-6 they require 10 specialty points which equates to two character levels. For levels 7 to 9 they require 15 specialty points which equates to three character levels.

At lv31 you can use your 150 characteristic points to get 1AP. Starting with Gobball set (lv15) some sets will offer 1AP by equipping the entire set. Lower level sets which give 1AP for wearing all of the set at once tend to occupy more equipment slots while higher level sets require less slots filled to get the +1AP full set effect. Around lv60 some necklaces will offer 1AP from the item by itself. Around lv80 some weapons will give +1AP, usually two handed weapons but later one handed weapons which give +1AP will be available. Around lv100 sets will no longer give +1AP and instead capes will give +1AP on their own.

If you get +1AP from characteristic points, +1AP from an a set (past lv100 this AP comes from the cape), +1AP from an amulet, +1AP from a weapon, and your base 6AP you have a total of 10AP. There are also items beyond lv100 such as helmets and boots which also give AP.

In lower levels (~60 and lower) support classes may seem lackluster but they become vital later on, especially classes that can support while being able to attack during the same turn. Xelor is a great example of this by being able to use Devotion twice on an ally costing at least 2MP to the Xelor to give the target ally +2AP for their upcoming turn, while still having all their AP to either attack (fire and air spells) or modify AP pools (removing AP from enemies or giving even more AP to allies).

What kind of off-support do you have in mind? General kinds of support are buffing allies, debuffing enemies, healing allies, mobility/moving combatants around, and tanking.

What kind of attack ability do you want (in addition to the off-support above)? General kinds of attack are close combat, medium range, and long range.

This was a bit long winded. There are plenty of guides here if you want to read more. Apparently no one has made a guide for the simplest basics of this game so I might do that if you or anyone needs it.

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posté July 02, 2014, 17:58:53 | #9
Glad I can help.

Authority and Compulsion are pretty good around your level. Brakmar Riktus makes for great filler but does not replace having an AP set if you need it for your current spell rotations. Royal Tofu is also a great fire-air hybrid set when you have the whole thing to get +1MP.

Makabras boost your health more than most equipment available at the moment. Wodent is an odd pet choice considering its only benefit for an Iop is health, which pretty much all pets give in addition to other bonuses which can help you more.

I would replace your Wodent with a Scarafly (+25% fire damage, +20 initiative, +60 HP at lv50) or Baby Schnek (+60 HP, +13% all damage, +10 wisdom at lv50). Your current equipment loadout can work for the next few levels until you can work toward Imperial Blibli and Ebony Scara (both imperial sets for Blibli and Scara dungeons respectively) to greatly improve your stats all over the place but can be difficult to obtain.

Do you use Judgement or Punch often? Judgement is good for hitting something a couple spaces away or on the off chance two enemies are lined up. Punch is good for closing the gap while dealing damage in place of Jump but lacks the rest of what makes Jump great for mobility.

Your specialties are pretty well set up for your level. Virility is great for all the big blobs of health equipment will give (excluding Ebony Scara in our case which gives no HP, but later equipment) and Authority is a staple for Iop. Compulsion is less useful when you could have Jump instead, but you will likely rank Compulsion at some point. If you get the chance to respec use the points currently in Compulsion to rank Jump so you can better position yourself to use Wrath or Celestial while surrounded by enemies and escape lock zones.

I almost forgot, principle characteristics can be ranked differently now. You may have already read it in my guide but only the highest of the four costs 3 characteristic points while the rest only cost 1 so you can get 1 intelligence and 1 agility for only 4 characteristic points.

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Reason for edit : Principle characteristics
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posté July 02, 2014, 07:01:04 | #10

Quote (Banorus @ 01 July 2014 02:09) *
Looking for some advice on what to be looking for as far as gear goes and for good spots for me to be solo grinding atm with current gear setup and spell usage.I generally start a fight with a flurry, two gutting gusts, and then either thunderbolt x2, thunderbolt + celestial sword, or an iop's wrath if there are three or more targets in it's range.

I'm trying to find out if my build/rotation are viable, if i spent points i shouldn't have in ap, and if there is anywhere i can solo grind. currently doing spiders in thicket. I have two followers plus the free one (fire and earth).

Grinding isn't great at my current location but idk if i can do anything better yet. I can do solo level 45-50 mobs and get about 30-100k per fight depending on challenge and whether i'm using followers at the time.

is it viable to hybrid air/fire focusing on gutting gust x2 + flurry followed by thunderbolt+celestial sword or Iop's wrath? or should i invest in a scroll and reset to a better build? i know pure air' is pretty good later but right now it seems the aoe helps me more when solo.

Your build link seems to be broken. It seems like you only have 7AP (1AP spell + 6AP spell, 1AP spell + two 3AP spells). If you could correct your link whether it be a screenshot or using this tool (when using links be sure there is no space between the URL and equals sign) so we can have a better idea of your setup.

You seem to know enough about your build to not this but I made a guide for fire-air Iop here which I plan on updating soon™. It was written a while ago and my build has since changed so some of my commentary on elemental spells may be outdated.

Beelzebug and Trank are decent sidekicks (assuming those are the two you meant by 'fire and earth') but as a fire Iop who wants to be surrounded by enemies to unleash a Wrath on all of them at once you could use some positioning. For more information on sidekicks see here.

From what I have read and personally experienced (Flurry having been part of my fire-air Iop build in the past) Jabs is often more useful in higher levels when you have access to more than just 7AP. Thunderbolt + Celestial can be a very powerful combination but can be situationally viable in more complex battles, especially if someone is moving things around the map to prevent the enemy you stacked levels of Flaming on from being activated because your Iop is no longer adjacent to the afflicted foe. Wrath and Gust are staples for a fire-air build. If you post your specialties maybe we can help you with that too.

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posté May 28, 2014, 02:26:08 | #11
You mean like giving the ability to manually activate Runaway to an elemental or active specialty spell? Flaming Claw sort of fills that role by moving you two spaces toward a friendly character or summon but has linear restriction and eats up 3AP. They could change its range restriction to linear and diagonal to be more flexible since you would need an ally or to make a bomb/Boombot to grapple towards to use the spell.

What about giving the switch effect to Roguery? Use it on a bomb two spaces away and linear to you, switch places with it. Could be great for ditching an enemy trying to keep you locked while plopping out bombs to blow them away.

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posté May 28, 2014, 01:21:43 | #12

Quote (Niddhoggy @ 27 May 2014 20:26) *
The air branch still got some sort of strategy since the spells don't cost too much and you have a wide diversity of moves that can be done in a fight. Sadly most rogues just spam slapshot or longsword. The branch, however, could be a lot better than that.

The fire branch strategy of setting bombs in the battlefield and waiting for the right time to detonate them is diminished by the use of firewalls. I would completely remove them from the game and boost the tactical aspect around the bombs. That can be done by forcing a synergy with the other branches:

- Machine Gun: increases bomb damage if cast on a bomb.
- Crossfire: moves the bomb 1 cell away in the diagonal
- Slapshot: kicks the bomb 2 cells
- Boomerang Daggers: switches place with a bomb
- Passive that increases bomb damage the more bombs you trigger together.
- Detonator: detonates a bomb, simply like that.
- Bombs are weak, but they become stronger the longer they stay in the fight.
- And so on...
For example, they would add the piercing ability to every spell in the earth branch through a state, named Piercing Damage, the more an enemy receives damage from gun spells, more resistance is ignored. Of course in a less overpowered than Piercing Shot.

Edit: Piercing would be decent if it had low base damage plus one effect that ignores a % of the TOTAL resistance of the target. The fact it's weak would make it only good against targets that have too high resistance. The current Piercing simply has a +% buff on it and deals damage mostly on targets that have low resist.

With that list of changes we would be like Fecas where elemental spells can be used for utility for a spell in another branch, but without needing a specialty like Teleportation Flux to switch between normal spell effects and moving glyphs around.

For a few examples:

Machine Gun- Inflicts a resist debuff (~10% per use) to all elements which lasts less than 1turn (wears off when your turn ends). With its low cost you can fit this spell into a spell rotation with most builds. If cast on a bomb causes it to inflict resist loss to targets damaged by the bomb when it detonates.

Cross Fire- Range restriction changed from diagonal only to any direction except linear and diagonal. Moves the target 1 space towards being linear to you based on their position, moving towards the closest direction of alignment. Damage scaled down (~14.67 base damage per AP scaled down to around 12, both values at lv100). Can be used to position enemies during Fusillade turns so you can use Blam/Piercing. Can also be used slide enemies close to your bombs.

Boomerang- If your Boombot is in the AOE, teleports it to your back/next to you instead of damaging it. Bombs in the AOE are pulled 1 space towards the center of the AOE (the AOE is a semicircle, the center is the space between the targeted space and the two spaces to the furthest right and left), does not remove charges from the bombs moved. Can be used to move your Boombot to safety and/or pulling bombs that are surrounding an enemy to close in on them. On crit pulls bombs towards the center then removes 1 charge from them.

Runaway- I had this idea a few months ago of turning this spell into a passive form of Roguery from Dofus. Basically you would switch places with a bomb or your Boombot within about a three space radius of your Rogue after being damaged by a crit but you could only switch three times per turn cycle. But I just had another idea: +dodge which stays in effect for the rest of the battle which accumulates per bomb detonated, air spell critically cast, and doing something for the earth branch. Uses of Fusillade? Surprise Shot activating, though that would require leveling another specialty whereas the fire and earth effects do not?

And how about Extender? Maybe that should be replaced with AP storage (using earth spells on Boombot causing it to store half the AP spent, Boombot can get a spell that lets it use the stored AP itself). Then we have the problem of Boombot with air Rogues not happening.

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posté May 27, 2014, 20:15:54 | #13
What about the spells people ignore? Machine Gun, Cross Fire, and Barbecued Ribs? Machine Gun is usable in that it happens to be the only earth spell with 1 minimum range and has no linear/diagonal restriction but Cross Fire is restricted to diagonal casting for a mere 1.67 base damage per AP at lv100 tradeoff. Barbecued Ribs eats up WP that could be used for Fusillade, Smoke, or Boombot which are all better suited for each of the three elements (Fusillade can only be used by earth, the range debuff from Smoke has no effect on air, Boombot manipulates bombs) while Barbecued Ribs is just a WP dump in early levels when no one has those specialties leveled yet.

Roguery seems like it could be better without being grossly overpowered but for its current effects it has very limited use. I certainly would not expect it to become the next Gutting Gust but I would like to see a mobility effect added on top of its current effect of hopping over something.

The bomb glyph was only a problem because of AI and battle shapes: enemies walking back and forth like idiots as described in the above post and funnel shaped maps allowing the idiotic AI to derp around until their legs are melted down to stubs by the bomb glyph.

Setting up chain reactions with bombs is not easy. Boombot makes it easier to set them off but enemies are always killing it as soon as they can, probably because the AI knows what it does or just wants to attack anything conveniently close.

Fusillade and bomb chain reactions can look overpowered to someone who runs out of the room immediately after seeing that double AP turn or 6+ bombs detonating at once, but happens to not be looking during the double MP turn or the couple turns of making more bombs while dealing zero damage.

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posté May 19, 2014, 17:14:15 | #14

Quote (ValiunDovale @ 19 May 2014 15:10) *
Imperial Shin Larva -> Infernal set (and start to lvl in group)
Divine Tofu pairs well with Infernal by filling almost all the equipment slots not occupied by Infernal.

Some levels later you can pick up Kraken for +crits, +crit damage, +range from the helmet, +MP from the set, and a whole bunch of general damage and resist. But if you want AP from your set you would either need a set that takes your cape and three other slots (rings, boots, necklace; hopefully the necklace gives 1AP by itself as well).

Even more levels later you can get Vampyro for a whole lot of stats. It leaves the breastplate slot open for something that gives MP but has a helmet without giving 1 range.

You can search for items yourself here.

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posté May 15, 2014, 02:52:21 | #15
This thread is probably going to be moved without getting a moderator/developer/janitor walking by a desk to answer but I might be able to help you.

If you were banned you would be unable to log into the game to begin with. At the login screen after entering your information you would get a message saying your account is banned.

Where is this happening? This sometimes happens to me in crowded areas like outposts and around Almanax (it also would happen around fifth but I never go there anymore). It could just be the game lagging from too many people sitting around in one place or a bunch of things moving around in the same area.

If you can see the UI try opening the mini map and clicking away from where you are. If the game is lagging and you can move away from whatever is causing the lag you might be able to see clearly now that the rain is gone.

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posté May 13, 2014, 02:57:22 | #16

Quote (MidoElder @ 13 May 2014 02:26) *
Or i just C no reason why my fire masq does near 250 damage on mob without crit and 650-750 with crits (155 CHD now)

Assuming those numbers are on the same mob (same resists) that seems about right for your +crit damage bonus.

In this scenario 250 is your 'normal' damage, how much you hit without a crit. This damage comes from your base damage being multiplied by your static damage bonus (whatever your +% for the element of whatever spell you are using in this scenario, which is also assumed to be the same spell for both those bolded numbers).

That crit damage which we will call averagely 700 comes from the base damage of the spell being multiplied by 1.5 for the crit and receiving that +155% elemental damage bonus from your +crit damage bonus.

Take the normal damage, 250, and multiply it by 1.5 for critically hitting to get 375 damage just for the crit using your normal elemental damage bonus. Since this includes the base spell damage the crit damage part is multiplied by the normal damage to create how much more damage the attack deals with your +crit damage bonus counted, which is 387.5. Add these together and you get 762.5 (we can call it 763 to keep whole numbers).

Unless I did something wrong in which case someone will hopefully correct me.

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posté May 12, 2014, 18:59:17 | #17
You can find a lot of information about sidekicks in this thread but it lacks Lumino and Protoflex (so far at least).

I would replace Beelzebug with Protoflex or Trank for sure. Your team lacks a tank. Trank is all about tanking (locking enemies, high max HP, high resists) while Protoflex is more flexible (debuff enemy resist, give AP, teleport an ally without LOS restriction, give armor HP to itself or allies, also has high resists, etc.). Since you have two healers you could use either sidekick since they both gain the same resists passively unless you use the earth passive effect Protoflex has which steals resists from allies to buff its own defense. Protoflex also gets fire and earth resists from characteristic points so I guess Protoflex has better resists passively. Trank still has a lot more lock.

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There is a guide to fire-air Iop (mostly fire) here. It has information on all the air, fire, and specialty spells.

Increase eats all your Power for +stun chance. Unless you plan on using that bonus while sacrificing a big damage buff I would say to avoid that spell. If you plan on not ranking Authority the +damage from Increase with no Power to trigger may seem appealing but you would be giving up +100% damage after two turns of play at no cost for +25% damage from spending 1WP. If Wrath, Uppercut, Jump, and Authority are not in your build you could rank it just for something to do but you would be missing out on a lot.

Are you sure you want to be pure air for a while then go hybrid? A dual element hybrid can have three spells in one element and two in the other to have all five spells maxed while a single element build can have four spells in one element maxed.

If you plan on going air-fire you may as well start now. By being single element you get slightly more damage and defense from spell levels (about +80% damage and resist for one element at lv100) but as a dual element hybrid you get more total mastery (about 70% damage and resist for the branch with 3 spells maxed, about 65% damage and resist for the branch with 2 spells maxed at lv100). If you use four or all air spells consistently feel free to stick to that for as long as you want.

But if you were to use three air spells and two fire spells right now (for example: Jabs, Flurry, Gust, Judgement, Wrath) you would have area of effect and single targeting spells to choose from.

Iop is a close combat class. You will be standing near enemies most/all of the time. If you spec for crits instead of principle (intelligence, agility) you would still need +40% crit damage for the crits to be better averagely than principle stats. Since getting that bonus is not very likely until higher level equipment and getting hit by things hurts you, I say to stat for agility and intelligence over critical hit so you get more damage (until you get that +40% crit damage) and some resistances. Check that guide link for more information on how principle characteristics work.

Right now the max level is 145 as far as I know but they plan on raising it to 200 eventually to match Dofus.

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What about giving Cybot more blockade related spells? Healing blockades is all well and fine if they get hurt immediately after the end of your turn (since it has its turn right after yours) but what would it be able to do when the enemy whose turn goes after your Cybot destroys your blockades anyway?

I like the idea of blockades lasting longer than one turn from the post above. But what happens when you try to make a bunch of blockades that stick around? Blockades have placement restrictions that stop them from being placed within a square radius of one another so you would have to run around dropping blockades everywhere. So instead of that pain in the everything, what if you could make blockades on top of old blockades to extend their duration by an extra turn and give them more health? You could stack HP for a single blockade and keep it alive for a while so it can absorb damage for you and be healed by allies to avoid stacking heal resistance on your Foggernaut.

As for Cybot I had two things in mind which probably are from older posts in other threads somewhere: moving and consuming blockades. With the above paragraph that no one bothered reading the Cybot could move your blockades to stack or move a blockade to an ally too far away for you to have placed the blockade near them to begin with. Cybot could also consume your blockades to turn the blockade HP into armor HP, then move the armor HP to an ally; if used on your Foggernaut it would give reduced HP to match how much it would absorb as a blockade. Since armor HP may not be replenished through healing while blockades can be healed it might be somewhat balanced to compare the two.

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Iop is a good beginner choice. If you want to solo as an Iop you definitely need at least a little area of effect in your build so I recommend going earth-air or fire-air hybrid. Both the fire and earth branches satisfy similar needs but have things that make them unique. You can find an earth-air guide here and a fire-air guide here.

In terms of mobility Iop has two main tactics: moving towards enemies and positioning yourself around an enemy to reach its back or set yourself up to attack in areas of effect. Iop is not the sort of class to push, pull, and teleport things around the map but can stay in the fray to punch things in their faces. Iop is much more about damage dealing than mobility but if you plan on soloing most of the time Iop is a pretty solid class.

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