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posté April 13, 2016, 18:27:44 | #1
Come on guys and girls, is 3 mystery boxes not enough for one full year ?
Would you actually buy it because it has more than 3, or are you just complaining ?

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posté April 01, 2016, 11:48:59 | #2
O_O' I don't care if it might be a joke. Defeating Ogrest is one of my ONE TRUE GOALS on Wakfu.
I can't pass that up. I'll log in today.

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posté April 01, 2016, 11:44:03 | #3
I assume the reason commenters says this April Fool's prank is 'weak' might be because not many people have in interest for the VR devices.
It might have been great idea if, let' say :
- "Dofus Movie 2" would revolve around Az, Yugo's familiar.
- "Wakfu the Guardians" would be entirely rewritten because, crushing the hopes of the hardcore fans for the new generations.
- "Dofus MMORPG" will come with an update 4.0, and thus, be made in 4D...

The community could help provide great ideas.
Polls could be made to see what our interest would be centered around.

But I suppose, the VR might have been funnier when the Ankama workers thought about it.
And made more puns and jokes that this comment section could generate.

At least, it's a great idea. For a joke, or for real.

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posté July 13, 2014, 15:58:44 | #4
Island of Wakfu Official Soundtracks + Bonus Hello everyone, I've been around this place for quite a few years now.
Playing, and replaying Island of Wakfu for fun, and to fully integrate myself in this mystical world as time passes.

Some of you might already know this, but the for the record, you can no longer link your Ankama account with the XBox-gamer-tag...

In other words, you cannot gain any reward with the cross-platform link.

So while trying to find a way to bypass this problem (and foolish was I to think I could), I discovered something more wonderful and exciting that I could think of.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ladies and gentlemen, even if most fans already knew this via 4chan and other discussion platforms, I present to you, the official bandcamp account of
Guillaume Pervieux
in which you can enjoy listening, and/or buy the Official Soundtracks of Island of Wakfu and the unreleased bonus album Outtakes.
Not to forget that he also created the Soundtracks for the game Fly'N.
[Seriously, and personally, I would suggest you buy them in order to support the Artist]

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posté November 05, 2013, 12:45:36 | #5
We WANT Island of Wakfu on STEAM - just like Fly'N Hello everyone,

Before I light up the fire, please know that this isn't a hate message, or that I want to reduce the somehow reputations of any organism or company...
This is just me talking about what I think on Island of Wakfu as of today.
This might sound rude and unorganized, considering that I am still learning English as of today, but I believe that none of you will try and pour out oil and oxygen combined to condemned this thread.

Some of you might remember me from the French side of the Wakfu Forum.
Others might recognize me as the one who made the (Click here).

Well, today I wanted to let you know that I still am a hardcore fan of ANKAMA and even if I don't play to much on Dofus or Wakfu, I compensate with the graphical awesomeness of what is known as Fly'N on Steam.

So, recently, I discovered that the recent and few XBox 360 owners (and yes, people today still by that old console) from some specific regions around the world don't have access to the download of the arcade game that is the Island of Wakfu.

I was so frustrated to realize that the bonds between Microsoft and Ankama are getting old. And that there may be a day this game disappears from the knowledge of the future ANKAMA fans of today.

And please, do not get me wrong, but players (not all, just those who are concerned about the game) from all the communities have already asked the Ankama staffs if they intend to get this game on Steam just like the successful Fly'N.

And what did they answer to the Fans ?

Is Island of Wakfu on an XBox Live Arcade exclusivity contract that makes it legally impossible to export on other platforms such as PlayStation or/and PC ?

Don't they have any expiration date so that we could play the game on something different than an XBox on this year 2013 (or even 2015 if you are crazy enough to wait that long) ?

The XBox One console does not take in Indies games (except Minecraft and other popular and successful titles), according to the propaganda Microsoft has been selling before and during the E3.
This only means that Island of Wakfu might not yet(?) see the day on this new console.

So what are they waiting for ?
. . .

Oh! Well, looks like my foolish attempt for change ultimately failed...

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