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Stasified is sorted.  

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Riding into Arms Way about an hour later was both a relief and new set of problems for Lazarus.
He'd not escaped and would now be handed over to the commander of the garrison, where he'd be expected to aid in their investigation.
He had no intention of doing this, of course, but would at least need to pretend to until he could make his escape. This escape was properly planned, unlike his attempt to run when the boowolves attacked. In a way though, it was even more high risk.

On the plus side, Bauwmann would be gone soon. The cra was a score Lazarus would have to settle another time. For now though, he had to face the return to a populated area... in chains, a shushu collar and wearing a prison armband. His cheeks burned behind his mask as people pointed and whispered as his drago was lead through the streets, but he forced himself to sit up straight. He didn't care what any of them thought of him, he told himself. Believing it was a little more difficult.

Well, he'd work on that. Lazarus traded his blush for a scowl, narrowed eyes behind his mask challenging anyone who dared point him out. He considered getting his cloak again, but that would require some undignified twisting in the saddle, which he doubted his cantankerous drago would have much patience for. That's assuming he didn't fall off.
He didn't want to give the crowd a reason to laugh at him as well as point.

They were nearing the bridge Arms Way was famous for- it marked the start of Arms Way proper. According to a sign, beyond the bridge everyone would need to dismount their dragos and lead the creatures, Arms Way being too densely populated to safely ride through. Lazarus was looking forward to that- his back was sore, even with Darci's advice. Despite the opportunity the dense crowds presented for escape, he wouldn't try to slip away- now that he was at Arms Way, it'd serve him better to have his new keepers think he was going to cooperate.

Besides the humilating stares people fixed him with, Lazarus was enjoying looking at Arms Way. He hadn't actually seen much of anything in Bonta, just worked in a lab in a remote area until his capture. For that matter, Laz had barely seen outside the slums he grew up in, so for him, Arms Way was fascinating. A stab of resentment went through him that he'd be in another prison instead of being able to see this new place- he was sure Bonta would happily lock him up one way or another, even if he did help them.
Trust no one you didn't have leverage over.

"You know, there was a plot to blow up the governor at a big political event on that bridge, about fifty years ago?" A voice from his collar- Maurice.
" that so." Lazarus muttered in return, wondering if he could believe Maurice. "Why's that then?"
"Politics, isn't it?" Maurice huffed. Lazarus looked curiously at a stall as they slowly rode past, dissatisfied by this answer and subsequently losing interest in what Maurice had to say. Sensing this, the shushu amended its reply. "Fine. He wanted to introduce a tax on imported goods that would have put a few big business players out of the game. Happy now, gutter rat?"
Lazarus sniffed in distaste at this monicker, but nodded thoughtfully, always hungry for information.

"Since the bridge is still here, I guess the plot failed then?" Lazarus remarked neutrally, still wondering at the reasons for this newly emerged helpful side of Maurice. He was waiting for a trap.
"Pffft- obviously. They caught the plotters before they could blow it." Maurice said dismissively.
"Didn't peg you for the sort of... thing... to be interested in history." Lazarus wanted to know how Maurice knew all this and if it was even true. "And it's not like you to offer information up- what's to say you're not making it all up?"
"Yeah, well, you wouldn't know would you? You don't know hardly bloody anything, do you Lazarus?" Maurice sneered, ego hurt at not being believed. He regretted it as soon as he said it though. He could feel how angry Lazarus was- the xelor was on the brink of exploding at him. His education was an extremely sore topic. Just as he drew a breath to no doubt shout at Maurice, Maurice cut him off. "Carthac- wait. I didn't mean that... I just saw you looking around like a curious little kid or something and I figured you'd want to know something about the place." Maurice rushed to get his words out before the xelor cut him off in turn. "I know you like learning about things and I hear guards talking a lot, so I know stuff about Arms Way and that, and figured I'd share is all..."
'Innocent' is not a word anyone would use to describe Lazarus, but there was something about the bare fascination with which Lazarus looked at the city, something that normally would not be seen in someone Lazarus's age, that made Maurice want to help him out a little.

Lazarus paused, his anger cooling, being replaced with interest. Eventually, he said coolly, still a little angry with the shushu: "I would have liked to have gone to school, you know."
"I know." Maurice admitted. He was feeling a little bad for Laz, truth be told- riding into Arms Way in chains was the beginning of the end of the road for Lazarus, Maurice knew. The kid hadn't gotten away and would probably spend a long time in prison now. He'd earned it, Maurice supposed, but still... "Let me tell you about what happened at the court house in 765, ok?" Maurice offered. Lazarus nodded, accepting.

Maurice had just begun to relay the story he'd heard from the guards when Lazarus was nearly knocked from his saddle by a well-aimed api hurled from the crowd.
"SCUM!" The api-thrower roared. The over-ripe fruit had exploded across Lazarus's mask, the force of the hit turning his head. Lazarus snarled, cursingly savagely and loudly enough that mothers covered their children's ears, but otherwise he didn't react, settling for clenching his fists tightly around the pommel of the saddle and setting a murderous glare at the back of his drago's head.
Maurice said nothing.

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posté December 15, 2014, 23:44:00 | #3
“… what’d you even do to get this guy on your back, anyway?”
A raised voice from near his elbow. Lazarus looked down from his drago to see the excitable iop woman walking next to him.
Lazarus hunched over slightly more at the question, not liking to think on the reasons for his imprisonment.
He decided to answer the question in relation to Neill:
"Nothing," Lazarus answered her sullenly. "I don't know what his problem is." The cra was just a sour old man, that's all, Laz thought with ill-will.
With a sigh, he looked down at her, chains about his wrists clinking gently with the movement of the drago. "My name's Lazarus Carthac. Who're you?" He slurred the 'who' and 'are', a habit of speech from the slums. Rook would correct him for it, if he was here.
Lazarus looked at the iop, taking in her appearnce. She knew Viper and Darci, hmmm? He'd have to ask about that...
It was during this observation that he noticed what was in her hair- his skewer! But how to get it back, without Maurice noticing he didn't have it? The shushu would give him no peace as soon as it realised...

He didn't have time to make an attempt, because it was then that Darci (who'd made an obvious point of packing up slowly) finally caught up.
"Celci, come up here with me. I'll give you a ride." Darci offered the iop- Celci- a hand onto her drago. Lazarus didn't acknowledge Darci, looking ahead instead in a bored fashion, but watching her out of the corner of his eye. Darci was a peculiarity... if he wasn't going to be rid of her and the rest in about an hour, he'd have liked to have studied her more.

Though it seems she was studying him too: "If you don't want a sore back by the end of the day, I suggest straightening up. When you ride, you sit tall. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Don't put your boots too far into the stirrups. Also grip with your legs." Darci advised him.
After a moment's quiet consideration, battling with his ego and weighing the validity of her advice, Lazarus decided he had nothing to lose by trying it (surely he couldn't be more uncomfortable on the drago than he currently was...) and tried to sit up as she directed.

He wasn't sure if he was getting it right and looked over to Darci, the words "Is this right?" on his lips, only to discover she'd trotted ahead. Judging by the proud cant of her head and deliberate avoidance of acknowledgement of the old cra, Lazarus figured this was another attempt to spite the bounty hunter.

How annoying. Not only had she left him with half baked advice, she'd taken Celci away too- the iop had been his only hope for a sympathetic ear.
Now he was stuck with bloody Maurice and the sour old cra...
And still no skewer!

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posté December 14, 2014, 18:38:43 | #4

Quote (Tetzzzz @ 14 December 2014 14:34) *
Soooo I recently have transferred to Remington and was wondering if the guild invitation was still available? IGN is still Tetzer. Thanks!
Sure is! We'll try to add you.

Also, try and PM any of these people if you're on too:

Nils Lund

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Thread : Guilds  Preview message : #809168  Replies : 100  Views : 5774
posté December 13, 2014, 06:16:54 | #5

Fellow criminals, mercenaries, thieves and Riktus; good news:

Haven Worlds are going up for auction once again (starting Monday) and it's my intent to get one for the Gallery. (see here: Click here)

As this is a significant investment, I ask that all guildmembers donate funds towards it. Please donate as much as you can: a Haven World will be a huge help to our guild and of great benefit to us all.

How to donate:
Go to a guild bank (easiest place for Riktus is to go to one of the trade bridges) and deposite the money directly in.

Donations must be in by Friday morning at the latest- we can only bid with what's in the guild bank.

What if we don't get a haven world?
If you have photo evidence (ie, full-screen screenshots of you depositing the money before and after), the sum you donated will be returned to you if we not successful.
So you've got nothing to lose.

Criminals need to stick together, so support our guild!
El Presidente.

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posté December 09, 2014, 20:29:27 | #6

Ankama has heard us and returned the Greatest of Animations to us.
Old mummification is back! We have succeeded.
Rejoice in this victory. ;D

THANKS ANKAMA. *high five*


Thread : Xelor  Preview message : #806630  Replies : 21  Views : 1165
posté December 09, 2014, 15:55:40 | #7

Quote (CaseySquirrel @ 09 December 2014 12:29) *
Lastly, I think if they gov could announce stuff to citizens other then the political chat, that'd be neat. Kinda like the guild announcements in the chat box when you sign on. I'd like to see what the gov had planned or wanted to do.
That's a good idea!  

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posté December 07, 2014, 20:42:47 | #8

Quote (Asthis @ 07 December 2014 18:21) *
I just realized.. If we hadn't overfunded that kickstarter, then those OVAs wouldn't have been made and we might have still had more divine dimensions and no Eliotropes.
We did this.
We did this.

brb, laughing/crying hysterically.

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posté December 05, 2014, 07:41:02 | #9
Lazarus heard footsteps behind him. He twisted his body to see Neill striding over- the cra seemed to have noticed the ecaflip, too.
Lazarus gulped down the rest of his fish and hurriedly slid his mask back on under his hood.
Maurice piped up just then, emboldened by Neill's proximity. "Bauwmann! Carthac threatened to skewer me in the eye!" The shushu meant to sound annoyed, but it came out more as a wail.
Neill, however, wasn't listening, too busy with the drago. "Good girl" he hummed to it, stroking its head and arranging its saddle. The cra then busied himself with the rope at Laz's ankle.

A feral grin spread slowly under Lazarus's mask. He could practically taste Maurice's dismay. "Oh dear, Maurice. You tattled to mum. Guess who's getting skewered in the eye now?" Lazarus whispered to the shushu with hateful glee, holding up the fish skewer. Marice's eye widened in horror. "Lazarus! Y-"
"Hurk!" Lazarus made a choked sound as Bauwmann seized him suddenly by the back of his collar, hauling Lazarus from where he sat to throw the xelor over the drago's back like a sack of potatoes.
“You can make friends later, in whatever prison or gods know what the Guards will place you in at Arms Way!” Bauwmann told Lazarus as he tossed him. Momentarily winded by this, Lazarus didn't have any breath to reply. He slid back off the drago, clutching his stomach.
"What the fuck, old man?!" Lazarus wheezed, hopping along, one foot caught in the stirrups. He was able to haul himself on the drago properly as Neill dumped Lazarus's bedding into a saddle bag. Neill ignored him, taking hold of the drago's reins and tying them to the saddle of his own drago.

“Alrightty folks, let’s MOVE out! Arms Way is literally right over there, an’ I reckon daylight’s burnin… So get a move on! That includes ya too, Ecaflip!” The cra hollered over his shoulder. Lazarus hunched his shoulders, stuck next to the cra and missing out on meeting the new people.
Plus he'd dropped his skewer. As soon as Maurice realised this fact too, there'd be no peace.
With a sigh, Lazarus attempted to get comfortable on the drago, his terrible riding posture making this difficult, as well as being hampered by his chains. The day was warming up enough that even Lazarus felt warm, so he took his cloak off with some difficulty (chained hands in the way again), showing his dark blue coat and the prison armband tied to it. Huffing with general irritation, Lazarus consoled himself with the knowledge that he'd be rid of Bauwmann soon enough.

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posté December 02, 2014, 01:29:42 | #10
You've got a full day to do it guys, don't panic.  

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posté November 30, 2014, 13:11:05 | #11

Quote (lyricalglitchen @ 27 November 2014 00:42) *
True it needs work, suggestions look good, i do want to point out that nation revamp / political revamp / War revamp / GvG/ we are supposed to get..."soon". It was said this year sometime but its been delayed again from the looks of it. The craft revamp seems to of been put first to be added
Ah yes. They talk about it, but no timeframe yet. Which I really hope means they'll take some player suggestions on board.

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posté November 30, 2014, 12:47:53 | #12
I actually prefer that there will be more uneven resists again- it reintroduces an element of strategy in PvP again and against mobs.
Otherwise, it's just "who has most dmg/res", which is a little boring.
Though as June noted, this will only work if the strength stat is altered (otherwise, once again the wealthier/hardcore players have an advantage over everyone else).

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #802998  Replies : 68  Views : 1885
posté November 28, 2014, 05:59:34 | #13
In theory, the areas that Riktus unbalance in the other nations (so that the Clan member is affected), will give that Nation's eco bonus to Riktus players.

This seems to work fine on my Riktus character, but I've heard others report that it doesn't work well for them.
I think this is an issue Ankama itself must clarify.

Thread : Guides  Preview message : #801930  Replies : 5  Views : 1493
posté November 28, 2014, 05:16:46 | #14
Right on, Troyle.  

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #801907  Replies : 17  Views : 860
posté November 28, 2014, 04:53:24 | #15

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #801892  Replies : 33  Views : 1481
posté November 28, 2014, 01:52:23 | #16

Quote (RaZept @ 25 November 2014 00:10) *
Yeah, I dislike Aging's sound. Mummi is not as epic as old one anymore. the other are a lot cooler.

Yeah, definitely.

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posté November 28, 2014, 01:41:15 | #17
Suddenly, a iop came barreling out of the woods.
“HEY! You let them go RIGHT now OR ELSE!” She brandished a sword at Bauwmann, confident.
From beneath Lazarus's hands, Maurice snickered. "Look Laz, she's come to rescue you..." The shushu laughed cruelly. Lazarus made a better job of smothering the creature.
"Shut up so I can eat my fish." Lazarus replied sourly, eyes locked on the scene before him.

That's when Viper stepped in again. Taking Darci by the hand and the iop by the... ear... he lead them both away from Bauwmann.
...Viper knew this woman?
Lazarus wished he could hear what was being said. He got up, intending to walk as far as the rope around his ankle would allow, but at his first step the drago turkey fluffed its scalely feathers up, hissing. Lazarus froze. Then very carefully took another step...
The creature lashed out with a savage peck at his legs, quick as lightning. Lazarus yelped and hurriedly jumped back to his original spot, chains clanking and nearly tripping in his haste. Flustered and frustrated, he sat back down slowly under the drago's watchful eye with a scowl.
Great. He was going to miss everything interesting.

Rubbing his leg where the peck had hit its mark (that'd hurt!), he cast his gaze over to Bauwmann. The old cra had a closed expression- whatever was going on in his head was staying in there.
Lazarus wondered how what had just happened with Darci might affect himself...
Before today, he would have assumed the cra wouldn't take it out on him. He'd actually had, almost, a bit of respect for Bauwmann and his "nothing personal, just doing the job" attitude.
But, he'd been wrong- Bauwmann was in fact the type who got his kicks at the expense of his captives and Lazarus had only contempt and bitterness towards the cra now.

In a bad mood now, Lazaurs uncovered Maurice and picked up his fish. "Another word out of you and this-" he brandished the fish skewer "-is going in your eye. Got it?"
Maurice's eye widened and the shushu mumbled a meek "yes".
About to eat his fish, Lazarus noticed another person, an ecaflip, standing quietly off to the side.
"Oh..." Lazarus murmured, surprise shifting him out of his foul mood somewhat. He wondered if this one knew the iop too. Lazarus raised a hand in quiet greeting to the ecaflip, as much as his chains would allow, anyway.

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posté November 26, 2014, 03:07:32 | #18
I totally understand that the actual, physical copies of the rewards will take time to be released... but the digital? Seriously, this is just ridiculous the wait we're having for something that exists only online.

On that note, aside from the Kickstarter, my friends and I are still waiting on the rewards of the Gobbstock competition... that was months ago. The rewards were supposed to come out within two weeks of the competition finishing. Ha.
We've sent emails, made threads, reported it... still nothing, no answer. Just ignored.

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posté November 24, 2014, 10:56:31 | #19

Quote (BlackMagus @ 24 November 2014 06:29) *
maybe it'll make a comeback once specialties get revamped o3o

I really hope so!
I mean, the new one is fine, but the old one was perfect. lol xD

Thread : Xelor  Preview message : #800377  Replies : 21  Views : 1165
posté November 23, 2014, 09:40:44 | #20
It's not the form that's the problem, rather the fact that someone with a human mind has been reduced to the status of family dog.
No love for Adamai from Ankama, lel.

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