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posté Yesterday - 10:56:31 | #1

Quote (BlackMagus @ 24 November 2014 06:29) *
maybe it'll make a comeback once specialties get revamped o3o

I really hope so!
I mean, the new one is fine, but the old one was perfect. lol xD

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posté November 23, 2014, 09:40:44 | #2
It's not the form that's the problem, rather the fact that someone with a human mind has been reduced to the status of family dog.
No love for Adamai from Ankama, lel.

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posté November 23, 2014, 09:11:32 | #3
Wow, the awkward moment when Adamai, a sentient being and allegedy main cast member of the tv show... is made into a pet. xD

It's like if you made Amalia or Yugo into pets.
This is so surreal. xD

and kind of fugly 

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posté November 23, 2014, 08:47:32 | #4

Quote (Troutmask @ 22 November 2014 15:24) *
I am totally for all these changes and I also think the citizen points is he most imperative part to be reformed. If this is fixed caring for a nation instantly becomes more worthwhile. Otherwise you are just collecting loads of meaningless points that say "hey I do a lot of donkey work for little reward"...
The only people who actually need to use CP are the governor and vice governor, to change laws.
It's nearly meaningless for everyone else.

Another thing that might help, in regards to adding more diversity to the different nations, is having more nation-unique crafts. Useful crafts, that is.

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posté November 23, 2014, 08:44:31 | #5
Well, here's a sped up version of the old one (it doesn't sound as good or look as good like this, but it will give you an idea...)

Click here

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posté November 23, 2014, 08:17:13 | #6

Quote (Major-Caligari @ 22 November 2014 22:07) *
Forgot to post this yesterday, Ntamak - who, as it turns out, designed Harebourg's in-game incarnation (funny to know, he designed some of my faves among the Hour Demons as well) - on the issue of Harebourg's skin color; copy-paste from Izmar's tumblr:

"At this time, I made his fingers and skin blue more because I thought he had skin that was damaged by cold rather than that he was black.So personally, I’ve never thought of him as black, initially I wanted to give him worn (damaged), blue skin.

It’s true that after I designed the version with the hat that we no longer saw his skin.

But I never thought of him as black"

Basically the tcg card showing Harebourg's skin as pitch black is invalid, but at the same time the same goes for the ova.

I quite like that this is how it supposed to look like - one of the two cultures mostly responsible for the mummification methods which inspired Xelors, Incas, managed to (partially unwilingly) preserve dead bodies thanks to cold, and the mummies they left do have cracked skin - and iirc tend to show signs of frostbites. All makes sense this way.

At the same time, imo the hints about Xelors having dark - even pitch black - skin also make a lot of sense: many mummification methods resulted in the very dark coloration of mummified bodies; more natural dark skin pgimentation also would make sense, considering how the basic bandaged mummies all come from Africa. Also, all Xelor hairdos in Wakfu look like bandage dreadlocks. Basically out of all possibilites, ova went with the one that makes the least sense for some reason.

If his skin is blue from the cold, it means he is not mummified.

Skin (especially pale skin) turns "blue" when it's cold due to the blood vessels constricting to reduce blood flow to the surface of the skin (to avoid heat loss). So, reduced blood flow also means reduced colouration, leaving only the deoxygenated blood, which is blue, to show through the skin (it's only red when in the presence of oxygen, because the oxygen binds to isotopes of iron in the cell- basically, you get "rust" red).
For there to be blood flow, would require him to not be mummified.

So, I'd say this news actually supports my theory that he is pale skinned and not mummifed.

(Disclaimer: not endorsing OVA Harebourg. We don't talk about OVA Harebourg. But, being pale/not mummified seems to be canon for a long time, based on this information)

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posté November 23, 2014, 08:05:31 | #7
Mummification animation So, what has got to be the absolute coolest animation in Wakfu, is the animation for Xelor's Mummification spell...
It looked good, the sound was awesome, and it was so very xelor.
I found myself wishing death upon my teammates for an opportunity to use it.

And Ankama has taken it away!
[pause for gross sobbing]

The new animation simply can't compete with the old, so Ankama, I do so humbly request that the old animation be returned.
It was so awesome, please do me a solid and bring it back.

Thaaaaaaaanks ;D

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posté November 22, 2014, 23:28:33 | #8
The system is supposed to work like this:
for each area of a nation that Riktus "break", Riktus players get to have that bonus. So Riktus "steal" the bonuses from other nations.

Not sure if it's working or bugged, though.

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posté November 22, 2014, 23:22:14 | #9
Actually, this would be great.  

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posté November 22, 2014, 13:17:28 | #10
Thanks guys, I really hope the CP changes are at least made, as I think that'd really help to give the laws actual power again.

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posté November 21, 2014, 19:32:13 | #11

Quote (NELSON-MAGNO @ 21 November 2014 17:37) *
Ain't nobody got time for this

I love that when weird science is happening, there is always a xelor involved.

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posté November 21, 2014, 02:06:50 | #12
Politics Revamp Right, we all know the politics system needs changes, so here's some of the issues (some minor, some major) I've identifed with possible solutions.
These recommendations and suggestions are based off of my own experiences in government and interviews with other government members from various nations.

Each topic deals with a separate issue. At the end, bugs are listed as well.


Citizenship points

Issue: The current government powers are almost entirely based on the gain/loss of citizenship points.
Breaking laws/altering the ecosystem is a CP based system. And this is where the problem lies: no one cares about CP.
If you have enough to get the nation bonus, most people don't care about getting more/losing CP, therefore losing/gaining it provides no incentive.

Solution: Make CP a valuable resource.
If CP becomes useful, then people will have incentive to gather it- this makes the laws current CP based model effective.
Like the PvP merit system, perhaps CP may be used to acquire bonuses (armour, costumes, emotes, bounses, power-up food, etc). This would also give greater incentive to members of a nation to fix the ecosystem when it's broken.

I think the CP issue is one of the most important ones, given how much it could improve the systems in the game.

Roles of nations

Under the current system, there are few real incentives to form/dissolve alliances. In fact, there's no real difference between the antions at all. There's little in other nations that can't be acquired from your own nation. Ultimately, being allied with another nation only impacts the PvP at present.

Solution: Either remove the feature of alliances or improve them.
To do this, give proper incentives/downsides to forming an alliance. In real life, there are many considerations to make. Here's some that might be translateable to Wakfu:
Positives to forming an alliance: military aid, trade agreements, immigration agreements.
Negatives to forming an alliance: requirement to give military aid, angering other nations with the alliance, possible loss of territory/autonomy.

Possible ways to implement: allied nations may need to send soldiers to aid their ally, it might be cheaper to zaap to an allied nation/change nations, taxes on items originating from the allied nation may be reduced.
For the last one to work, there'd need to be a tax on "imported goods". That is, anything that is found only in a specific nation. This tax may be controlled by the government, like the normal sales tax.
This will create more diversity among the nations, giving them each their own identity.

As for the loss of territory, if more islands are made capturable, they could be traded as part of alliance agreements. The islands will be discussed further in their own topic.

This would return the need for careful diplomacy to Wakfu, making the role of a good government much more valuable.

Role of capturable islands

Issue: At present, only one island may be captured and it may be recaptured each day. The fleeting time it's owned, combined with the trouble of acquiring it make it less valuable at present.

Solution: Make more islands able to be captured and the holding period last longer (a week instead of a day, perhaps?). If many can be owned and held for a significant length of time, they become much more valuable and may also be used as part of alliance deals between nations: incentive to ally (if the nations change hands every day, they are useless to trade with though).

Role of Army General and soldiers

At present, Army General is another empty position, with little impact on the game. Few soldiers exist, also.

Solution: If more islands became capturable, the Army General would have a greater role. Allow the Army General to coordinate attacks on islands and call up soldiers if the nation is a war.
Maybe make it so that only soldiers can win new territory, but anyone can enlist to be a soldier- if they consistently fail to answer the Army General's summons when a war is on though, they lose the rank...

Role of Weather Engineer

Currently, the system for changing the weather is apparently luck based. The Weather Engineer has limited impact on the environment.

Solution: Make the bonuses bought actually take effect, or at least show the percentage of likelyhood that they will work, so the Weather Engineer isn't just throwing the nation's funds into the void.

Role of Challenger

At present, the Challenger position in government is considered to be one of the most "useless" of the positions. The challenges they can buy for the nation aren't significantly different or more rewarding than the standard challenges on offer. As for the challenges themselves, it seems most players don't consider the rewards worth the effort.

Solution: Make challenges more interesting or rewarding, and give the Challenger more control over them. That is, challenges won't exist for the nation unless purchased by the government- make no default ones. To put less starin on the Challenger in terms of time, make the challenges they buy last more than a day if the Challenger chooses.

Roles of Head Guard and Guards

At present, Head Guard is also a mostly useless position. They have no real powers in the game. The Head Guard is supposed to be able to coordinate the nation's guards, but has no powers to do this.

Solution: Give them the power to alert the nation's guards to attacks/outlaws. So, for instance, some sort of area chat that will be seen by guards, or an icon that appears for guards on the map where patrolling is required.
Guards should perhaps have their own chat to communicate on.

Communication- within the government

Unless all players are online at the same time, there's no way to pass information between members of the government.

Solution: Have a small message board for the government members, where the governor's orders, names of players on the "watch list" and things to be done, may be recorded and read by members of the government. Perhaps it could be placed in the politics interface or in the HQ- but it's presence would be very helpful.
Note: if it was located within the HQ, this would make an opportunity for spies to break in (you can drop a skeleton key from some mobs to get in) and read what's on the government's private message.

Communication- to the public

There's no in-game platform to explain to citizens what the government is doing on their behalf or what citizens can do to help, except for the very small governor's speech on the politcs tab. There is also no way to reach all the citizens.

Solution: An area-wide or nation wide chat channel for the government would allow them to reach citizens in situations where they must speak directly (for instance, declaring war). Also, having a larger space than the governor's speech to leave citizens messages would be helpful.
The vice governor should be able to leave a "message to the people" as well. Currently the army general and head guard can, but the vice generally has more useful information to pass on.


Very few people in the game seem to know how the ecosystem works, what the nation bonuses are, how CP works, what the government does, and how to contact a government member. This makes it very difficult to maintain the ecosystem and for the government to properly do their jobs- or for players to take full advantage of these systems.

Solution: Somewhere in the game, either have it explained to players how the ecosystem works, how citizenship points work and what nation bonuses are. Also, tell them to check the message from the governor, how to up/down vote the governor and what the government is for.
This will save us all so much suffering in-game.


Guards not alerted to outlaws in the area.

Solution: Make guards alerted to outlaws in the area (and make outlaws alerted to guards in the area).

Side note: Outlaws should have their own chat to communicate on (perhaps restricted to their current area) so that they can coordinate with other outlaws when in enemy terriotry without needing to form groups.


Bugs and minor issues

When an outlaw is killed by a guard or government member, that outlaw is supposed to be subject to a 10 minute ban from the nation. This does not work.

BUG: Hats for Army General and Head Guard do not display.

Return the HQ to the middle of the nation. It'd be nice to have the government situated actually in its nation again...

Suggestion: Make outlaw symbol the old one again- it stood out much better, making them easier to see.

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posté November 19, 2014, 18:19:52 | #13

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posté November 19, 2014, 17:53:22 | #14
This is actually ridiculous.

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posté November 19, 2014, 16:27:52 | #15
Lazarus seethed, sitting on his bedroll, wrists still chained... though the fish was a balm to his mood.
Nothing like a free breakfast.

"Morning Darci!" Viper called. Oh, back was she? Meh...
Lazarus would have ignored her and returned to his fish, but something in the way she was powering towards Bauwmann made him keep watching.
Lazarus jolted with shock- Darci had just slapped the old cra right across his face. "Oh shhhi-" Lazarus exclaimed, but cut himself off to hear Darci's next words:
“How… fucking… dare you…” She nearly shook with fury. “How dare you call a captive man an animal! Even animals should not be mocked or treated that way! You have no fucking right to do or say those things to another human being!” She yelled, hissing.
Lazarus watched all this from beneath his hood, frozen in shock.
“You call him an animal again… I can’t be held responsible for what I will do to you” That was Darci's finishing line.
'What is even going on?' Lazarus thought, looking from Neill to Darci. Maurice was gaping, still lost for words.
This is when Viper stepped up: "She has a point, he's a human being, and he deserves to be treated right, as do all people." Viper motioned to Laz. "Yes, he may have done some bad things in his life, but that does not give you a right to treat him like that."

This was all very unexpected for Lazarus- their support had taken him by surprise. He knew Darci's actions had been fueled more by something internal rather than him- the reaction had just been too crazy, so much emotion in it. That was the past coming to bite her, there.
Viper had been calm- Lazarus found himself unwillingly appreciative of his words.
Lazarus really wasn't used to not being treated as a criminal. It was hard to get his head around it. He stayed silent, turning it all over in his mind.

Maurice didn't.
"Wooooooaaaaaahhhh, there! Lady, you are wild!" The shushu called out, cackling. "Knock that loony's block off, Bauwmann!"
"Maurice! Shut up!" Lazarus hurriedly put his fish down, chains clanking as he reached up to his throat to smother Maurice. "Sorry, sorry!", he called. "I'll shut it up."
Maurice's muffled rage could be heard, now furious that Lazarus had tried to silence him.

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posté November 13, 2014, 19:09:30 | #16
This was so much fun.
Nice event.  

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posté November 10, 2014, 21:38:19 | #17
"Really now, barely up an' able, and already startin with that dere threats of violence? Bad way ta start a day, pardner." Bauwmann mocked him from the tree. Lazarus didn't care, until the cra said the next part though:
“Much as I like ta feed ya meself, momma always told me not ta feed animals with one’s bare hands. They bite, ‘fterall...”
Lazarus gaped at Bauwmann, his experession hidden behind his mask. 'He just called me an animal!' Lazarus thought to himself with silent rage. That piece of shit, who did he think he was?
"Ooooh." Maurice murmured, sensing Lazarus's anger.

"Morning, here's some breakfast if you want it, careful though, it's a bit hot." The chipper voice of the other bounty hunter cut through Lazarus's building hate and the xelor turned his attention to Viper. He was shocked when Viper handed him a skewered fish, freshly cooked and rubbed with herbs. He was much less shocked when Bauwmann added his two kamas worth:
“Thankin ya much, stranger. Best be careful of feeding the animal."
Lazarus glowered, but ignored him.
“Don't know if Xelor's bite, but ya know the old sayin: First TIME for everythin...” Bauwmann continued his mockery of his prisoner.
Lazarus said nothing- typical bounty hunter: no brains, enjoying the misery of a captive.
"Geddit boy, I say ya geddit? Time? First TIME for everythin? Xelor? Hahaha, I's a joke, son! A joke! I crack myself up sometimes..."

Thinking of every humiliation he'd ever had had to swallow in the slums, Lazarus decided this was nothing compared to them. He squared his shoulders, standing with as much dignity as he could muster. 'Bauwmann is beneath me and not worth my attention.' Lazarus thought to himself. Instead he turned to Viper, trying hard to remember all the manners Rook had tried to teach him and the ones his parents had passed on before their deaths. "Thank you very much for the fish." Lazarus said to Viper. He did appreciate it- though he wasn't sure if he liked fish or not. He'd only eaten it once before, when Rook had had him tag along to some society dinner. He'd not expected any kindness from Viper, but this gave him hope that Viper might be convinced to aid him...

Still tied to the thrice-cursed drago, Lazarus sat back down on his bed roll, flipping up the hood of his cloak before sliding his mask off, which he kept tucked under his arm. This done, he stared at the fish, unsure how to proceed...
"Uh..." He turned it over. It smelled pretty good... finally, in true slum-kid style, Lazarus just took a decisive bite of the thing. He grinned. It was good.

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posté November 09, 2014, 22:09:13 | #18
Tried to add you too, Monster, but no luck. We'll keep trying, but don't forget to PM us too.

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posté November 07, 2014, 15:22:09 | #19
So, there's been lots of discussion about Harebourg, but I can see that you guys are missing a few key bits of information (it's hard to get, because the story of Frigost is spread across Dofus, Wakfu and several comics).

I've spent ages digging it up, since Frigost, the lore surrounding the island, and Count Harebourg are my primary interests in Wakfu. I have researched these to death, so here's the situation, as I understand it:
(Bear in mind, info is still to be revealed about somethings, but this is what I know so far)

Frigost lore is SO BIG, so this is going to be long, but it'll explain the often complex motivation of Harebourg and those connected to him and make his actions in Wakfu and the OVA clearer.


I haven't played Dofus, but with the help of friends who do, I was able to discover the details of the Dofus questline:

This is where Count Harebourg is first introduced and so is Frigost. The backstory goes that Frigost was an agricultural power that even rivalled Amakna, but its cold winters always stopped Frigost from taking the lead. So a competition was devised- the citizens of Frigost all submitted ideas for how to boost productivity on Frigost. Of all the entries (including an entry by Bonnie Barrow, another xelor, who suggested using time magic too, but in a different way), Count Harebourg's was the winning entry.

He proposed that a machine be built that would allow them to moderate the climate on Frigost. Everyone on Frigost got onboard with the project and to assist him, Harebourg hired five of the most brilliant craftspeople in their fields: Nileza the alchemist, Freezz the smithmagus, Klime the tailor, Hazieff the geologist, and Sylargh the mechanic.

Harebourg had the plan, but used the skills of these people to carry out the actual execution of it and the labour of the Frigostians. Now, the Clepsydra (water clock) Harebourg intended to build would require massive amounts of energy to run; so Hazieff was in charge of that: he discovered the ore Tauridium (or however it's spelled), which along with geothermal power from the volcano on Frigost, would be used to run the machine.

So far, so good: the construction of the Clepsydra is going well, the building project has been a huge economic boost to Frigost, and Harebourg himself is hailed as the hero of Frigost- a kind and brilliant man, known for his alturism and philanthropy.

Of course, this doesn't last. xD Jiva shows up late in the Clepsydra's construction and offers Harebourg the Ice Dofus to power it with. This pisses of Hazieff, whose knowledge is no longer needed to power the device. Harebourg thanks him sincerely for his efforts and tells Hazieff that he is welcome to keep working in his lab- as the Tauridium is still a valuable project, but it's never the same in Hazieff's eyes.

Anyway, the Clepsydra eventually is finished... and it works exactly as it should. The people are so pleased, they even build a statue in Harebourg's honour. Good stuff, right? Well behind the scenes, Jiva has had her yearly fight with Djaul... and totally shredded the dude. Why? Because the Ice Dofus she gave Harebourg is stealing time from Djaul's month, making him weaker. The demon, after a bit of bullying of other guardians, finds out the source of his problems: Frigost.
So, come the second anniversary of the Clepsydra's activation, Djaul comes to Frigost and gets his revenge. The whole island is placed under his curse and Harebourg himself is punished- Djaul freezes him in ice (unless they redacted that video). Jiva does not aid them and Harebourg also makes a plea to Xelor to help the island before Djaul gets him... but gets no answer (now that we know Harebourg is Xelor's son, that makes it even worse).

Anyway, the people of Frigost turn against each other- they want to know who to blame. Mayor Cantile (and once a great supporter of Harebourg), who'd arranged the competition (though it's strongly implied Harebourg manipulated her into doing it), makes Harebourg the scapegoat, pinning all the blame on Harebourg and his five craftspeople. The statue of Harebourg is toppled and he and the other five have bounties put on their heads.

Anyway- in Dofus, your character's role is to find out what the deal with Frigost is: you talk to different people who have vastly different opinions of Harebourg. The Mayor's team blames him, the people in the village still consider him a great man. When you do finally meet Harebourg, you find out the man is free of the ice... but his imprisonment has made him insane (though Major hypothesised this may also be in part due to his proximity to the Ice Dofus. I think it's a combination of things: Ice Dofus, being frozen and also, the fate of Frigost/lack of help from Xelor).
Your character can decide if Harebourg is good, bad, or just a victim, based off the evidence you find.

Questions: Did Harebourg know that using the Ice Dofus would steal time from Djaul? Or was he unaware of the risks? Still don't know.
also, did Harebourg's prayer every reach Xelor? Or did Jiva, a servant of Xelor, fear retribution and hide the incident from him? Is that possible? Dunno

Ok. So, during this period, Freezz gets crazier... and without the influence of Harebourg to hold her back, starts attacking the villagers, using them in her experiments. The other four of Harebourg's craftsmen are either picked off by Freezz or escape (their fates are mostly undetermined). Except Sylargh, who seems to fly under Freezz's radar.
Anyway, Ogrest's Chaos floods the place and Frigost gets buried for ages... and the world forgets about it until it's found again in the Wakfu game.
At some point during all this, Harebourg pulls himself together mentally and starts making plans again... then ends up in ice. Why? Not sure, but his words in the Wakfu game suggest it was deliberate.

(for the benefit of those still to do the quest/who haven't dropped all the books)
In the Wakfu game, Frigost has been rediscovered and is starting to be resettled. Your character must rediscover some of the key events surrounding Frigost- the fate of the village, and possible fate of some of the five craftspeople. The Chafers that lurk outside the manor are creations of Freezz (now totally insane) made out of the bodies of the villagers.

Sylargh is still around and has been working closely with Harebourg, it seems. Harebourg himself, is frozen at the top of his tower- when you arrive, he breaks free, weakened and disorientated, but quickly gets back on his feet.
Harebourg says things like "It's too early!" or "Did Jiva send you?!" The first one suggests this was planned. The second suggests he doesn't trust Jiva.

In wakfu, you find a *very* important book, explaining a few of Harebourg's motivations for all of this: the Clepsydra was likely part of an experiment of his. He makes reference to the Brotherhood of the Forgotten, so has been working and planning with them for many years, and also reveals how fond he grows of Frigost.

The OVA's take place at least twenty years after the game (in the Wakfu game, Yugo is a baby, for instance. In the OVAs, Amalia is in her 20's, judging by the ages of Eva's and Tristepan's kids).
So, between the game and the OVA's, we can assume that the small settlement that started on Frigost has now grown and Harebourg remains a key figure there, as he was in the Dofus era.
In the info you get from books in the Dofus and Wakfu games, Harebourg is seen to come to slowly care more about Frigost. I think he feels deeply responsible for its condition and the curse weighs heavily on his mind. Also, he has always been alturistic (the people on Frigost are devoted to him for good reason), but is still almost ruthless in the pursuit of what he thinks must be done.
I would call Harebourg a well-intentioned extremist.

Finally, I think he is still deeply affected by the events of the curse- when he fights Yugo, he seems a bit crazy- the cracks begin to show when Harebourg is under stress.
So, he does care deeply about Frigost now- and Lady Echo reminds him that his obsession with trying to free the island has risked the Brotherhood of the Forgotten in the past (most likely in the unfinished questline in the Wakfu game?). Harebourg realises he's acted rashly and seems to get another icey "time-out".

I could talk soooooo much more (that's just a skeleton of the plot) and there are many more details, but this thing is getting way too long. xD
If you have any questions, I'd love to help, because Frigost is my fave.

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posté November 05, 2014, 18:19:14 | #20
Ah, lol. No problem and good luck.  

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