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Meier's guide to the political system. Since I've been in government, I've noticed that many players (even older ones) are still pretty unsure about what the government members do, how citizenship points work, and who to ask for help, so I'm making this guide to hopefully answer these questions and more.

The guide covers information for both new and old players.

(in order)
+What are citizenship points/how do I get them?
+What are the Nation Bonuses?
+War and Calamar Island
+Positions in government and their roles
+The politics tab
+How do I contact a government member?
+How do I vote?
+Government popularity, removing the Governor, and messages from the government
+The HQ

What are citizenship points/how do I get them?
Citzenship points (CP) are points players can earn (or lose) by carrying out certain actions in the nation. Killing an outlaw or rebalancing the ecosystem in places where plants/mobs are outside of the limits set by the clan member will allow players to earn CP. You can lose it by breaking the ecosystem or attacking players when they are protected by law (the Governor controls whether this law is in place).

10 citizenship points lets you take part in the nation challanges, which give experience points.
100 citizenship points will let you vote in the election (if you have a subscription), be appointed to a government position by the governor, or become a guard (if you do the corresponding quest).
1000 citizenship points and you can run for governor.

Lose over 50 CP and you become an Outlaw... Click here

What are the Nation Bonuses?
If a clan member for an area is satisfied with the levels of mobs/plants in the area, they will grant players allied to their nation (and who have over 10 CP) a bonus. What that bonus is will depend on the clan member, but it includes damage, resistance, prospecting and even some profession bonuses.

Because these bonuses can have a significant impact on the outcome of fights, it's important to try and keep the areas balanced, so players can have these bonuses. This is a job for everyone, but a good government will usually take charge of its maintenance.

To find out what a clan member's wishes are and what bonuses their area gives, press W when in their zone.

War and Calamar Island:
When a nation goes to war, they can fight for the control of Calamar island, which gives several bonuses (including prospecting). To capture it, they must go to war with the nation that currently controls the island and defeat Calamar's clan member to win the island (and its bonuses) for their nation. Nations at war will not have access to each other's drago-turkeys and players from enemy nations are considered outlaws. See Army General for more information.

Positions in government and their roles:

Governor: The person in charge. Players can vote for a Governor/run for election through the Jonk or any clan member in their nation. Once elected, the Governor can appoint players to the other government positions to form a cabinet. The Governor controls the laws of the nation (which can drastically alter life for the other players in their nation, in some cases), can declare war on other nations, and has access to all the powers of the other members of the government (eg, like the Treasurer, the governor can set the tax rate).
A good Governor must be a good diplomat and negotiator, and may be called to mediate in disputes between guilds in some cases. They will also hear the questions/comments/complaints/suggestions from players.

Wears a gold and red crown with a fur lined cape.

Vice Governor: The Vice has all of the powers of the governor (can change laws, go to war, etc) and if the Governor should leave government for some reason, it will be the Vice who takes over the position. Their job is to advise the Governor and help them manage the nation. A good Vice will also be skilled in diplomacy and negoitation. Like the Governor, they may be called to help settle problems disputes between guilds, etc.
They will also hear the questions/comments/complaints/suggestions from players.

Wears a silver crown.

Treasurer: The Treasurer has control of the nations funds. They cannot use it for themselves, but can control how the nation spends it and the tax rate, which can be set between 5% and 70%. Taxes are the fee charged to put an item on the market and this money is used to buy better challenges for the nation (so players can earn xp), to pay for changes to the weather (so that plants will grow better for crafters), or to reintroduce extinct plants/mobs into an area if the ecosystem is ever broken beyond fixing (this is bugged though).

Wears a golden pig helmet.

Ecologist: It's the job of the Ecologist to monitor the ecosystem, help fix it, and with the other government members, create a plan for its management. As the ecosystem affects the nation bonuses, the Ecologist has a very important job.
If players notice an area is broken and only if they are unable to fix it themselves, they can PM the Ecologist for help or ask their guild. If they are unable to contact anyone else, they can tell the Vice or the Governor.
If a player sees an eco-terrorist (usually an outlaw, but anyone deliberately ruining the ecosystem), they should tell a government member and attempt to stop the player.

Wears a head band with a paw print on it.

Weather Engineer: The Weather Engineer is the best friend to players with professions, because they can change the weather to help plants grow at the optimal speed. They do this by buying bonuses with money from the treasury.
Players can PM the Weather Engineer to change the weather in an area. However, the weather bonuses have a chance of not working, so the Weather Engineer can't guarentee success.

Wears a gold fan-like hat.

Challenger: With money allocated by the Treasurer, the Challenger can buy challenges from clan members for players to earn extra experience points with.

Wears a horned helmet.

Head Guard: The Head Guard is in charge of security within the nation- hunting outlaws, player-killers, etc.
To be the Head Guard, a player needs to hold the Guard rank first.

Used to wear a fancy helmet, but it's bugged.

Army General: The Army General works with the Governor and Vice when war is declared to defend/capture Calamar Island and defend the nation/attack other nations.
To be Army General, a player must hold the rank of Soldier, which is won by helping to capture Calamar Island (but this is currently bugged, or so I'm told).

Used to wear a fancy hat, but it's bugged.

NOTE: The government is there to help the nation, so if you have a question or need help, ask them! They are not there to help you level, so bear that in mind. If you're not sure who to ask, ask your guild first. If they can't help, then ask a governemnt member. Remember that the government members are very busy, so try and solve the problem yourself first.

The Politics Tab:
Press N in-game to bring up the politics tab for your nation. The first page has information on the government (more about that in the next topic). The second page will show you the laws of the nation that the current government have set. The third page shows the tax rate, funds available, and the state of the nation bonuses.
The fourth page shows the international policy: who's allied/at war.

How do I contact a government member?
Press N in-game and it will bring up the politics tab for your nation. On the first page, it should show the Governor and their speech. Below that is "Governor popularity" and below that is the list of government members. Click the arrow next to it to see their names and PM the one you need to talk to. If you're not sure who to ask for help, read the above list of government positions.
Don't be shy.

How do I vote?
Elections happen every two weeks and you can vote at the Jonk or any clan member in you nation. You must be subscribed and have over 100 CP to vote.

Government popularity, removing the Governor, and messages from the government:
On the first page of the politics tab (press N to access it), you'll see any messages from the governor as well as a popularity tab.
People who voted in the election can reward a good governor by giving them positive votes. Over 50% popularity will give that governor a statue in front of the nation's outpost (it used to be the HQ, but that's been made separate until it gets revamped).
Voters can punish a bad governor by down-voting them. Over 50% negative votes will remove that governor from power.

The HQ:
The Council chambers, prison, and Governor's throne all used to be found in the main parts of the nation and were where players could easily meet with government members. It's still accessible, but inconvenient to get to, so until it's put back into the main nation, don't expect to find government members there very often.

That's all for now!
This page will be updated after the politics revamp with more information. Until then, hope it was helpful and feel free to ask any further questions.

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Quote (RyF @ 31 August 2014 23:38) *
Long story short :
Shameless level design reuse =^__^=
Nooooo ;A;
Ahahha, thanks for telling us before we got too deep into looking for clues.
I thought since Sylargh seemed to know who they were/the shared motive, there might be a link.

Back to the conspiracy board! ;D

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Quote (KiwiTang @ 30 August 2014 22:43) *
Not too long ago, Aacher got a screenshot of a piece of Pandora's house bearing Harebourg's emblem:

Curious. But we thought it was just a matter of resources being reused. But then Major happened across another instance of the emblem:

Now we're pretty certain there has to be something going on here. So is it indeed a simple reuse of resources? Or is there something a little more to the emblem being there?


Theory: since Harebourg is the biggest name in magical technology and Sylargh knows about the Voyagers, Harebourg has either worked with the Voyagers in the past or they have just bought equipment from him.

Given the nature of "the Others", as shown in the Dofus comic and hints in Harebourg's journal about wanting to reach the gods, I reckon this is something that's been on the boil for a while.

I'll look everything over later and see if there's something we've missed, but I think the pieces are slowly coming together.

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Regarding the classes thing, from what I've read and heard from interviews, just about everyone has a class, but how devoted you are will affect how much you typify your class/how much power you have.
A non-devout follower of xelor, such as Nox, may simply have an affinty for invention and such. A very devoted follower hides their face with a mask and might not even be "human" under their bandages anymore.

Tl;dr: characteristics are determined by faith, or so it was implied.

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RP: Balaclava New RP with six open places.
This post will be updated as those places are filled. To apply, put your name down in the OOC thread here: Click here
Applicants must have good spelling and grammar, and read posts properly- we don't want skim readers. It's annoying. ;p


Story background
People are going missing.
In fact, they have been for a while now and Bonta's police are under increasing pressure to do something about it.
Finally, a breakthrough in the case came when some of the abductees escaped their captors, returning with horrific stories of a shadowy organisation of almost cult status that conducted experiments on unwilling victims...

As arrests of minor members of this grim organisation were carried out, the police realised this went far deeper than they first thought. The organisation seemed impenetrable- the people arrested knew nothing of its inner workings and it seemed the case had reached a dead end again.

That was until the shock arrest of one of the sinister scientists conducting these human trials... the capture of this scientist, the xelor Lazarus Carthac, had given the police a new opportunity.
Carthac was given a choice: aid the police in bringing down the organisation (his cooperation earning him a reduced sentence)... or rot in the worst jail they could find to put him in.
For Lazarus, it was an easy choice and so he has been put in the hands of the detective leading the investigation, Lazarus's job being to help lead the task force to the heads of his organisation. Be the "inside man".

Can he be trusted though? Probably not.
And there may yet be more to this organisation than even Lazarus knows...

Goal/plot development

The goal of the story is to attempt to uncover what the organisation is planning and stop them. Personal back stories of other charcaters may be incorporated into the main plot in some cases. The plot is made to be quite open, so we can build it as the story progresses.
I'll be responsible for controlling the direction of the story, but everyone is welcome to make suggestions and have their say.

How to apply
Post your application to our OOC thread (Click here) with character information and an example of one of your posts. Acceptance will be notified via Ankabox.

Rules/things to remember
+Use proper spelling/grammar when posting.
+Don't speak for other characters/make them perform an action (unless it can be reasonably inferred) without permission of the writer of that character.
+No god-modding!
+Don't skim read. Seems obvious, I know (why join if you don't want to read?) but we've had problems with that in the past (a person missed a series of important details because they weren't reading the posts properly and it nearly broke the story xD ).
+Don't forget that if someone's character hates your character, it doesn't mean they hate you. In-story drama is fun, but don't take it to heart.

Hope everyone has fun and feel free to put any questions in the OOC thread.

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RP: Balaclava OOC thread OOC Thread for Balaclava

This thread is for members and non-members of the RP: submit your applications here, talk about the story, ask questions, or just chill.
All are welcome on this thread.

Info for applicants:

Applications need to include the name of the character, their personality, and any information about their appearance/background you wish to include.
Try to keep it fairly brief- it's fun to discover things about the character through the story.

Also, give us an example of your first post or some example of your writing.

One main character per person is allowed in the rp, except with prior permission.

Good luck!

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Bah, OVA Harebourg seems to be totally removed from his in-game and manga (franga? ;p ) incarnations. All he shares is the name: appearance, personality, skill set, associates, and ability are all significantly altered.


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With regards to the marriage thing, I'm assuming it's a purely political marriage, which is common enough amongst the aristocracy.

The reason for which relates to a criminally stupid plot on Harebourg's part which is so out of character and seems to have been chosen to show how Super Evil he is now or whatever. Forget any past complexity or ambiguity...

I'm just annoyed that they seem to have totally changed his character and like Nox16, Major and others have mentioned, have seemingly ignored the game/comics/show material.

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Oh lord. So this is seriously what they're doing with the OVA's? The summary is true?

...and *that* is supposed to be Harebourg, not a fake or something, but actually Harebourg?

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
So, according to the OVA spoilers, the "Harebourg" character is suddenly way taller, doesn't hide his face (like every xelor ever), no-longer uses any of the tech he's famous for, is suddenly an idiot (his "plan"? Iop standard, not something you'd expect from a guy who's supposed to be a genius), and is also a push-over now (Harebourg as we know can put up a real fight... not OVA Harebourg). So basically it's a different character with his name. Why? :/

If it's all true, it means most of the game, comics, and show are being ignored.
Like, why?



Moving along... RyF, thank you once again for your time and help with our questions. It's greatly appreciated.

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Since the beta, aye. Can't remember exactly when, though.

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Quote (SeriousBelly @ 11 July 2014 03:45) *

Quote (RyF @ 09 July 2014 11:57) *
Yay boys and girls !
A quick reply about Zinit (I'm preparing a big post for later about all your past weeks' discussions):

We're planning a rework of Zinit. What I can tell you is that it will keep the first two chapter's theme and then develop further on, with a full revamp, first chapter starting at lvl 20-30, story driven with specific rules and gameplay, independant of player level (yes, doing the first chapter at lvl 100 or 200 will still offer some challenge, you will also be able to group with level 20 players if they fill out the requirements without imbalancing to much the gameplay).
It will be the "main" quest for players from level 20 to 200, and will be a parallel story to the islands/nations storylines.
We have already designed the first chapter rework, but will not bring it into production until the nations have their own overhaul, as the storyline becomes parallel after zones 10-30 of the nations and adventures storylines.

And yes, you'll see more of Ullu, but maybe not in the Divine Dimensions ;-) A great mystery will be unveiled...

Enjoy !!

So will their be multiple Schnek Sets for different levels?

Let's try and keep the questions on this thread lore-related.  

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Quote (LightningChaser @ 06 July 2014 04:09) *
I would love to do a roleplay, honestly. And I think that idea is GREAT.
I happen to be a new player and would like to get a rp going. I just need a few things answered, is all.

When you say "Run the RP" would you mean to be the overseer or to be the main aspect?
And another thing? What kind of rps do people do on here? I mean, there are SO many types, Id like to know the ranges.

When I say "run" the rp, I mean direct the story. A lot of people I've spoken to about rp ideas have great ideas... but aren't confident enough to be the one directing the story. So if someone has a cool idea to rp, but would prefer not to run the story themselves, I wouldn't mind directing the story.

As for type of rp, I'm personally up for anything- just make the rules clear before you start and the people that are keen will come.

I'm doing an rp with some friends at the moment, we may post it to the forums. Also in the process of arranging a new one with another friend, which may be open to join, eventually.


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posté June 28, 2014, 17:44:27 | #14
I have lost my pet Macawker. I logged on at 1:35am (GMT+10) on 29/6 and found it missing.
Submitting a ticket now too.

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posté June 25, 2014, 11:07:11 | #15
Why would you want any govenor to just sit at the almanax? :/

If you need to talk to them, message the govenor or one of the other government members. No-one's just going to sit around and wait for you to walk by and see them.

Also, don't forget about the timezones.

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posté June 25, 2014, 11:00:44 | #16
This is ridculous.

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posté June 25, 2014, 06:35:09 | #17
Things may be chaotic to begin with, when the change is released, but everything stabilises over time.

Wakfu is dying as it is currently, so this new system may create opportunities within the game that make it more attractive to players.
People will need to adapt: everything comes with good and bad, but there are many f2p games that are successful. Much will depend on Ankama's managament of the change.

Edit: Though the 'pay to get loot' thing irks me.

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posté June 24, 2014, 20:13:36 | #18
Ah, poor Zoeduhu.
You didn't even bother to spell his name properly...

For the record, Zo is regularly available in game. Though as others have said, it is not the duty of the govenor to level people, but rather to manage the nation. Helping out is just something extra most govenors like to do.

If you have concerns you wish to address with any govenor and they are not online, message another member of the government and they will help you or pass the message along.

One last thing: the efforts of all the government members may not be readily apparent to those who haven't seen behind the scenes, but Zo and the other members work extremely hard on maintaining the ecosystem, for example. The ecosystem is the responsibility of all, but it is mostly the government and a few dedicated individuals who maintain it.


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posté June 10, 2014, 00:10:50 | #19
I may be wrong, but in the original plan for the game, it was to follow the events of the tv series, at least, loosely (or so I heard).

Hence, baby Yugo, and things like Nox's minions/Noxine drops (both in Thicket of Yurbut) being present in the game.

This concept was scrapped, but elements remain.

That's the story I heard...

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Signature is active. :3

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