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posté Today - 04:18:38 | #1
You wont be able to fight anything / do dungeons / level professions in nations if you dont have one yourself (you can do a bonta dungeon if your sufokian or w/e for example). Im not sure about adventure islands, so I dont know if you could skip nations all together.
Overall there are a lot of repercussions and youre better off joining a nation. If you arent interested in pvp, join one you like the look of.
Don't worry about making the wrong choice because you can pay 25,000 to change later  

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posté Today - 04:07:41 | #2
I think lock outs would be pretty bad. I dont like UB tokens for the same reason - while it is a reward for time invested you cant go 'above and beyond' and theres a minimum time required until you can get what you need. Not being able to access the dungeon / get tokens from the run would do the same thing - deter the player away from the dungeon. If you wanted a relic, but lost access to the dungeon / tokens, you'd probably want to spend your time somewhere else.

Other dungeons need to be made more appealing - but really. There will always be a preference towards certain dungeons and I dont think there'll ever be an even spread of interest.

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posté Yesterday - 19:35:09 | #3

Quote (Cabran @ 30 September 2014 19:27) *
Maybe if the other dungeons weren't so retarded I would run them more...

Death tiles, mobs with 100% of hp shields/healing/positional-invulnerability, etc..

Also, I don't think there is enough (non-ridiculous)content past level 100 to provide us with enough variety.
Pretty much this. Why Ive never been to hagen daz and probably never will :0

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posté Yesterday - 18:49:03 | #4

Quote (Calamar-Chan @ 30 September 2014 17:58) *

Anyway do classes have different hp pool after this update? Or does everyone have the same hp growth and starting hp now?
The biggest decider imo is how players distribute their stats.
If they go for health steal and or health regen they'll have noticeably lower hp pools than people who just went resistance + hp. Ofcourse there'll be people who dont take the resist either and just max out hp.

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posté Yesterday - 18:46:51 | #5
Hopefully they'll do a big general change to damage passives in the next update. +40% dmg / heals etc is pretty eh.

I can see why osas / enutrofs would need a revamp, but only to make branches less restrictive rather than changing the entire classes gameplay.

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posté Yesterday - 15:44:54 | #6

Quote (Azzurri15 @ 30 September 2014 15:33) *
So which classes have had their revamps?
All classes have had revamps over the years. However, in the past they were done in batches.
Nowadays I would say,,
Feca and Sram are definite and would be at the bottom of the list in terms of needing a revamp.
I'd probably also include xelor, whereas most other classes need either pretty big changes or smaller touch ups to the class. I cant speak on behalf of all classes though x_x

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posté Yesterday - 13:29:48 | #7
Air and fire can be picked up immediately, however if you like the idea of dealing mass damage after build up, then earth would be a good route to go down.
Most cras I do see are fire / air because of the consistent aoe damage, but piercing arrow probably has one of the best aoes in the game.

I like air / fire because of the freedom it gives me over earth. I dont have to focus my attacks on a target or cast in a line and I have an array of area of effects I can use in multiple elements.

For specialities, I'd start by leveling passives. As you would know, don't worry about making mistakes as you'll get your first free respec at lvl 30

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posté Yesterday - 13:24:22 | #8

Quote (Onaven @ 30 September 2014 12:52) *
I know a lot of people say just run dungeons
Love that when I'd have to get enough runes to identify more than one piece of gear. By the time I got all the runes I may as well have bought the item with tokens anyway :l

I have a feeling a lot of people dont identify so they save space when selling on the market... So the only logical solution is to give everyone more slots  

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posté Yesterday - 10:43:42 | #9

Quote (Kaginekos @ 30 September 2014 10:37) *
Speaking of revamps. Any info on when Pandawa revamp will happen? I noticed a lot of dissatisfaction with their current abilities
This was from mango 5 days ago, he also (re?)confirmed that pandawa will be getting their revamp next.
" Class revamps should also be rolling out at a pace far greater than that of when Grou was working on them. Expect information on awesome class alteration(s) within the coming weeks."


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posté Yesterday - 10:40:22 | #10
Can confirm that these are pretty much the only dungeons I see people recruit for on wapac unless theyre going for otomai.

I kind of like seeing a dozen or so people outside castuc all the time Reminds me of when people lined up for mosquito haha

update: more people at castuc entrance than at most popular outpost / almanax!

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posté Yesterday - 10:28:55 | #11
They knew they were going to build wakfu for lvl 200.
But as Afoxi said, they just didnt have the content to make this the reality. What they did have was enough to make lvl100-ish end game. So what asthis is saying isnt wrong either, as they said " That is what I mean by them having to revamp stuff because they put level 100 stuff in place before level 200." Asthis also mentioned that specialities can be maxed out before lvl 200. So were probably going to have more revamps / additions to this in the future because there'll be no separation at cap.

We can immediately see this 'lvl100 = endgame' mentality in crafting and gathering professions.

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posté Yesterday - 07:18:45 | #12
I think I'd probably use traps more if they gave weak points. 10 to 15 (with sramystic) would be nice considering what they already do

I'd definitely prefer ap loot generation on silent traps aswell. -1 or 2 ap on a mob rarely does anything. But a few extra ap for myself would be awesome ^^ I wouldnt mind a buff to the ap removal at the cost of lower damage either

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posté September 29, 2014, 18:08:14 | #13
yeah I know, but he said it should have a 1-5% chance to activate.

Although, I wouldnt mind seeing it back, crit cra was fun ^^

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posté September 29, 2014, 17:58:54 | #14
1 to 5% activation...

Whats even the point? 1:

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posté September 29, 2014, 12:08:17 | #15
Best way to find gear is through wakfu elements, I usually start by looking for sets with the stats I need. I'll generally take whatever has dual elements, distance and / or area and dodge. Items of higher rarities are also much more desireable because of the stat boost on them.

Apparently there are no distance damage dealers under lvl 100, and youre in a zone where finding distance gear could be a bit of a challenge (just by looking on wakfu elements) But you should be able to settle for some other gear

Sets you should be able to pick up pretty easily are the Ratical / Black widow Set - the only problem will be getting the correct elements. You can do this by using transmutation runes, getting lucky identifying it, or buying it with the elements already rolled for you.
I find it easiest to buy with the elements you need.

I'd also go and do the Wild Estate quest line which will give you access to lots of chests around the world - I cant remember the kama total you'll get from them, but from memory its close to 50,000.
(treasure location reference Click here)

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posté September 28, 2014, 17:14:42 | #16
Welcome back!

Wakfu has indeed gone through a lot of changes since it opened. The former air cras were nerfed, but are still somewhat similar. Storm arrow is still the main attack spell and well... not much else has changed tbh. There are a few limitations on spells but everything else should be pretty familiar.
(Riddling is also pretty useless if youre not earth)

I'd probably lower air beacon / homing arrow / retreat arrow to lvl 1 so you have more exp for your other spells.

There was a recent change to gear. Drop rates are higher and tokens mean you can get gear even faster. Gear can be just about any element now, so much more is open to you.
Spell exp has also changed, and if you go dual ele you can get close to 2 spells max in one branch and 3 spells max in another.

Because of these I think you'd be missing an opportunity if you didnt multi-element your cra.
Storm arrow / Plaguing arrow will probably be the only air spells you level, so that leaves you open to going for 3 spells from fire, or 3 spells from earth.

Not only does this give you elemental advantages, but it means you can open yourself to new aoes, spell effects and combos.

Personally I went air / fire. This let me focus on getting distance / area of effect damage as I'll be using storm arrow a lot and all of earth's spells (except piercing) are single target whereas fire has a lot of aoe.

* * * *

Characteristics were also changes as youve noticed.

Intelligence: 10 resist is a must. From there I put 10 points into life steal because it works with area of effect, and the rest into hp.
I dont think the other two are worth looking into from a cras perspective.

Strength: Equal spread between the "all dmg and X resistance" so I could have an equal resist to all elements.
15 hp vs 5% dmg. I'd take the latter as a cra.

Agility: I like going first, so I put 10 points into initiative and the rest into dodge.
As a cra I dont think I need to explain why I dont want lock and Beserk lock is too situational.

Chance: As most damage dealers will do, I put 20 into crits and the rest into critical damage. This is the most direct route to boost the damage output.

Major: I went Ap -> Mp -> Range
Fire and air are quite mp heavy so I went with mp second for added mobility. Extra range is always amazing to have. But kit skill / final damage shouldnt be overlooked either.

* * * *

Black crows sword should be pretty useful if you get the elements you need on it, distance + crit + ap ;D
I'd also recommend the mecha-cane if you go air / fire.

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posté September 28, 2014, 16:49:01 | #17

Quote (Stormquake @ 28 September 2014 15:52) *
I personally don't see what's wrong with the current spell system, but from what I've seen, Ankama loves doing revamps of everything, even if it's not necessarily needed.
One issue is that you need a respec to refine your spell levels. Utility spells often get leveled but could happily stay at lvl 1 and be just as useful.

A lot of people would also like more spells available to them and the revamp is likely to do that

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posté September 28, 2014, 11:38:04 | #18
Astrub Larva Seeds Can only get 1 seed per larva, makes it a pain to repopulate the sewers. Almost always unbalanced because of it.
They should also naturally repopulate

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posté September 28, 2014, 03:29:22 | #19
Ive gone with Kleptosram because you dont need to have theft leveled for it as its a +- 1mp no matter the level.
I wanted to go pure water, but as you said the air branch offers so much. An extra element on any character is extremely useful and wily has such high base damage now as well as sending you behind the target, its hard to pass up. Forceful blow also has a very useful aoe.

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posté September 27, 2014, 19:13:17 | #20

Quote (Merriden @ 27 September 2014 18:29) *
Despite the ridiculous QQing going on in this thread, I think we can all agree that the AP/MP loss should be a percentage rather than a flat rate, since as stated, many monsters have tons of AP and MP and do not suffer as much from the loss as others and as players.
Or they could lower the amount of ap / mp mobs have (and adjust their damage appropriately) so spells that remove those have more value on top of locking :x

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