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posté Today - 10:11:03 | #1

Quote (Gelgy @ 04 March 2015 09:30) *
Post-revamp Cra has a lot more damage bonuses to work with than a Foggernaut does.
But cras spend their passives on boosting damage while other classes boost hp / resists / etc. Isnt that like saying a sacriers base hp should be lower because it has more hp bonuses, or a fecas resist should be calculated at a lower ratio because they have resist boosting passives?
I'd really like to know if anyone could answer your question though :x

the problem I see is that every other damage dealing class will also have some sort of damage boosting passive while also having multiple mp cost spells (see sram and panda already for that). As damage dealers theyre able to consume as much of their 'renewable' resources (ap and mp) every turn to get as much damage out. Cras only have 1 mp spell but not even that has an amazing effect and so were left to run around like headless chickens before we even attack.
Going on what you said about rogue / eca, it does seem likely theyll get 5+ range, comparable AP/dmg ratio, +final dmg bonuses and be able to use their mp much more effectively than we can.

Btw would you mind sharing the dmg combo the cra is using? I cant seem to get close to x2 heart of steam + x2 ray of stasis (458 base on lowest resist @200) without using excessive amounts of wp or some sort of consumption spell.

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posté Today - 08:00:47 | #2
Some damage ratios I simply dont understand. Maybe foggernauts are too high and they will be lowered when theyre revamped, who knows?

But take heart of steam vs stasis strike for a difference in single target vs aoe of cast in line spells.

Heart of Steam: Single target // 1-4 range, modifiable // 32.2 damage per ap
Stasis Strike: Aoe // 2-4 range, modifiable // 28 damage per ap

Would that mean, that going from single target to aoe reduces the base damage by approx 10%-15% and vice versa?

That certainly doesnt seem the case for a spell like Piercing, which has and average of 46 less base damage compared to heart of steam (or about 25% less damage), even though both spells share very similar restrictions (although heart of steam cant be cast diagonally, but can be at 1 range). Right now piercing only manages an average 23 damage / ap almost 10 less than heart of steam even though stasis strike only has 4.2 less base. I'd have thought piercing should at least be able to muster 26 / an average of 130.

(ignoring voracious for the this paragraph)
One thing I really dont like is instead of having MP to spend on attacks (each mp in attacks can strengthen your overall final base damage by about 10% PER MP- see the huge damage gap between drip and ray of stasis) it boosts our crits by a small crit / crit damage boost. Using ALL our mp gives us 5% final damage from 20% crits, and a tiny bit more from the crit damage boost.
We must be the only damage dealing class (is that still our role) that doesnt utilise mp well at all.

From what Ive seen, I fear cra doesnt have the damage potential to serve the team as a damage dealer, nor has the support / other skill set to make it desirable in group play.

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posté March 01, 2015, 06:48:57 | #3
I'd get it every single time I reconnected during combat, all passives and actives went down to lvl 0, altering the spell costs and functions. Mind you I havent been playing too much recently so cant comment much more on it :s Hadn't encountered it outside of this but I wouldnt be surprised if it had multiple triggers.
It is real and incredibly frustrating when it does hit.

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posté February 28, 2015, 07:30:41 | #4
maybe they have some sort of partnership...??? :s Theyve got naruto and bleach costumes there aswell

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posté February 27, 2015, 12:15:18 | #5

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 27 February 2015 09:53) *
Wasn't totem Sadida's class thing?
I dont think there'd be a huge problem with it sharing the name as thats the only real similarity I see between them . A lot of the suggestions illustrate the totem as a beacon / glyph cross over rather than something that redirects spells.

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posté February 27, 2015, 12:09:49 | #6

Quote (Zadistforlife @ 27 February 2015 05:33) *
There is a name change option available under services in the shop.. But I think a scroll would be handy.
I think he's referring to the wapac server, which doesnt offer the name change or appearance change services.

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posté February 25, 2015, 23:16:06 | #7

Quote (kurausu @ 25 February 2015 22:17) *
At the end Reach and Flamboyant stacks' duration, reduce them by half instead of removing them.
I think thats what brain meant :p good suggestions though
I think the turn by turn decay of the states is good because going tri just seems really difficult atm. Keeping the states up would be a bit of a pain if you just want to take out an enemy with 20% fire res, and 70% to earth and air. Yes the states apply bonuses to the cra, but unlike something like sram we have to reapply the states every turn, sometimes breaking desired combos to do so. Eagle eye used to be better at this, but then the wp was added (;_ and could never offer any riddled. If you play well and time eagle eye you should be able to keep all three 3 states until consumption - I dont see much wrong with that : l

Just on eagle eye / riddled..
I thought of something like +10-20 riddled per target already afflicted. But I can see a lot of problems from using it with something like piercing.
What if it gave a +10-20 riddled on next target hurt by cra? Riddled isnt exactly built faster than the other states but is just as important, so I think eagle eye should work with it too.

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posté February 25, 2015, 09:05:23 | #8
Yeah, I dont think cra would be nerfed too badly or at all, id be more concerned about other classes overtaking their role as its still pretty much damage focused.

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posté February 24, 2015, 22:50:10 | #9
I hate the entire trool island : l
Almost all of it is sneakily disguised as a slot machine, so I think it should go one step further and make things easier (rock paper scissors) or more consistent (cupe em all)

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posté February 24, 2015, 13:59:07 | #10
Water Fecas can reach really high ranges while fulfilling the tank role very well

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posté February 23, 2015, 13:13:18 | #11

23 FebruaryPuzzle“The party’s more fun without a drink!„
Spoiler: (highlight to show)

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Green box in the bottom left corner.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #832894  Replies : 6  Views : 398
posté February 23, 2015, 06:41:26 | #12
Even though it would be a terrible way to handle it. I'd be fine with unbeacon replacing disengage. For a no-cost removal spell. Actually I'd just rather plague refunded the 3ap cost for no bonus.

Were not arguing that plague isnt worth it. Removing a beacon with plague is a fair tradeoff. But we wont always want the bonus it gives. Most of the time we just want a beacon gone.

Its not like we're pandas who can manipulate their mechanics. We do it very awkwardly, moving beacons is very cumbersome and cannot be done with the accuracy of a panda. Often after 1 turn the beacon becomes useless so we do need ways to remove them, otherwise they become a pain for us and our team that outweigh the benefits they provided for 1 combo of attacks.

Its even more important that we have a no-cost unbeacon now that there are caps on the amount of beacons we can have in play. (whats with the new system of needing control + leveling passives for a max)

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posté February 22, 2015, 13:41:05 | #13

Quote (LadyRinsun @ 22 February 2015 13:00) *
Is it still possible this year to get the Spring Has Sprung Costume with the event? ;3; I can't find it anywhere muuu :C
should be able to buy it from here Click here

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posté February 22, 2015, 12:58:03 | #14

Quote (Lukinerx @ 22 February 2015 12:31) *

is this craftable BC plushie or reward from achiev?
iirc its from the plushie machine on trool island

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #832680  Replies : 27  Views : 1360
posté February 22, 2015, 03:09:20 | #15
I think the novice pack would already break in new members and introduce them to costumes for a pretty low cost. The pack is also always available compared to a quick weekend deal.

Btw, it seems like the sale is only on the lowest selling costumes (I very rarely see people in the farmer / rising sun / etc costumes) rather than appealing to new customers its trying to appeal to people who wouldn't normally buy these costumes.

Thread : News  Preview message : #832636  Replies : 9  Views : 371
posté February 21, 2015, 06:49:54 | #16
Was going to write a reply, then saw Thannas' reply, pretty much summed up my thoughts on the next pair.

If a class is going to focus on being dpt only, it needs something to separate it from others. Bombs, boombots, mines and drhellers (Enu also struggles a bit from elemental synergy) arent developed enough to make these two unique dds so they could definitely use a revamp.

After that I would think Osa + Sadida, Sacrier + Masq.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #832392  Replies : 72  Views : 1571
posté February 21, 2015, 03:51:42 | #17
Still no unbeacon on the new cras?
I know we have plague, but I dont want that as the only way of removing beacons when we can only have so many out.

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posté February 19, 2015, 22:24:07 | #18
Yeah, I'd really like to see some sort of damage comparison (brain? ) to see whether the actives / passives and added utility make up for the low base damage.

Why does a spell like piercing need to have really low starting damage anyway? :S
Its got almost the same (but more limited) range when compared to hand, except hand will just do the flat 135 against 2 targets. Whereas piercing does (after casting on beacon) 115 on one and 138 on another.

steam has 1 less range compared to riddled, except has a base of 87. You have to be elusive to compete.

avalanche has 4 more base damage than our 4 ap spells, bubble trouble has 8 more.

So idk, I guess damage values arent as consistent as I'd probably like them to be. But who knows,, maybe the damage is better than what Im expecting : l

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posté February 19, 2015, 06:54:38 | #19
I think it would be best to leave the boombot mechanic to rogues, not because its bad, but because its their thing

Maybe the damage (not effect) of a single target spell could bounce off the beacon to the lowest hp enemy in its aoe + activating the beacon??? :S:S

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #831694  Replies : 1530  Views : 55966
posté February 19, 2015, 06:48:46 | #20
Thanks brain, I was going to say. If it was 2ap it would be really nice though

I was a bit excited about it earlier, but I think the +1 range to air spells with biting is kind of.. useless. I cant see a single air spell that would properly benefit from it.
The base range of all air spells (except retreat) is x-6. That means the base max range is the same as incisive strike. So if you can hit it with incisive and thus boost your range, you can already hit the enemy. Making the range buff useless.
Retreat arrows range is increased, but for what? Potentially almost half of its damage is going to be lost if the enemy is stabilised and because theyre stabilised you wont be able to use it to push them back.

Using incisive strike before retreat will ruin it (damage and utility wise) and wont benefit other spells either. Also means you wont be able to use the air beacon as effectively.

As for solutions
Quite simply the air bonus could be changed to something else (like +10 xxx for every air spell cast or something like +10% air dmg) or
air spells / air beacon could do some damage on stabilised enemies to make up for the loss in pushback and because the current +1 range bonus doesnt seem to handy.

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