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posté Yesterday - 03:44:47 | #1
Roadmap So a few days ago, dofus released goals for the next six months.
Click here

Now Im just wondering if wakfu has any plans to release similar information..? or if people even want to be tempted by a roadmap.

Dofus described their goals as having a focus on game mechanics, so I think even a direction would be nice.

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posté April 24, 2015, 03:30:51 | #2

Quote (Aquallia @ 24 April 2015 03:05) *

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 24 April 2015 00:51) *
I want to buy more shop items with kamas

There are items in the shop that can be bought with kamas? I never looked since I thought it was just pay to play only stuff.
You cant directly buy from the boutique with kamas, but there are players who sell boutique items (such as costumes, pets and multimen) for kamas ingame. However, because some things cant be traded theyre only accessible to those who can afford them / want to buy them (such as booster packs).

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posté April 21, 2015, 03:48:16 | #3
" 2x destructive for the same cost only puts out 150+150=300 base +40 flamboyant without giving you the useful beacon.
If you stacked riddled the previous turn to 50 by giving up tons of damage you come out with a turn of 300+150=450, only 60 higher for a turn of lower damage attacks and setup."
Destructive is only really worth using if youve previously built up the riddled, it doesnt have decent static ratios because of its effect. Youd be better off using riddled arrow twice instead of a second destructive to save wp, deal another 30 base and build up another 20 riddled.

2 WP is worth 90 damage, or 45 damage per point @ 200? "
For the most part thats pretty much true. For comparison see iops uppercut, a revamped 1wp spell that deals 53 single target melee damage. 45 (about 15% weaker) for a ranged aoe wp is pretty accurate I think and holds somewhat consistent with other cra ratios which can see a 10-20% reduction in base damage compared to melee iop spells (ie. shaker v homing).

The average of the missed damage because of no wp averages at 43.75 aswell.

I think its interesting milking it has come up again, because last time it was only really compared to explosive arrow.
But now when I look at milking it and piercing side by side I really see how far behind piercing is. Its average damage to three targets is 114 (no beacon) whereas milking it gets a straight up minimum of 125. Milking it doesnt need to be cast in a line and it can hit many more targets / does not require multiple targets to bring up its minimum damage.

I think as the conversation goes on I am more in favour of buffing piercing, but still not backing the bounce back.

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posté April 17, 2015, 03:59:48 | #4
" I'm certainly not saying that piercing arrow should do as much single target damage as the spells that are designed for that"

But with your proposal piercing arrow would be able to do 46 damage per ap to the one monster (230 / 5) + some additional damage to a second enemy.
Thats substantially higher than 30 dmg/ap on a spell like riddled which can only hit a single enemy. (just realised enu pointed this out already!)

You could also argue the riddled build up is the same on both spells as riddled is a linear progressive state and it builds on two targets (20 on 2 targets for 10 ap v 40 on 1 target for 12ap).

I also think youre underestimating the wakfu cost on explosive / poisoned.

I think your comparison to poison arrow is a bit unfair because it is damage over time and this damage does not stack - meaning you cant spam poison arrow like you could piercing. It also requires a build up before it can be used effectively, whereas the piercing bounce back could be utilised immediately.

In your other damage comparison to explosive, you have to assume a beacon is already within both enemies aoes, still have a space for another beacon to hit both without blocking aoe / breaking the beacons restrictions and then spend 2 more wakfu points than the piercing combo. Or if you want to assume a direct 10ap comparison, then you have to assume youve somehow managed to perfectly place 2 beacons (which I find unbelieveable). This means I'd assume atleast one beacon cast would have to be part of your combo, which means the piercing route would give the cra 2ap to spend on blazing.

The explosive combo already costs an additional 2wp, could hit enemies and doesnt get the added benefit of the mp steal.

Piercing's damage is comparable to other aoe spells in the cras arsenal. With an average 22.8 damage per ap across its three bounces it's similar to blinding which has 23dmg per ap. Piercing does have a very safe aoe, it doesnt hurt enemies and can be manipulated.

I think piercing should go back to hitting more targets (like before the revamp) to make it a more competitive spell, but not with the bounce back effect.

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posté April 14, 2015, 17:16:21 | #5
#1 complaint = too few players
#2 complaint = new players

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posté April 14, 2015, 11:17:51 | #6

Quote (Pilz-e @ 14 April 2015 09:52) *

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 14 April 2015 09:11) *

Quote (Pilz-e @ 14 April 2015 08:49) *
i am not sure why people think piercing arrow rebound is bug
Because a dev said it was bugged and said they were going to change it back
Click here
nothing about it in patchnotes tho.
Theyve still identified it as a bug and it is likely to be fixed either this patch (even if its not in the notes) or one of the coming patches.

My response was in regards to what I quoted. People believe its a bug because they have been told by an official that it's a bug. Whether its going to be fixed can be disputed, but based on the information we've been given we can believe it will be fixed.

All aoe spells are going to be pretty weak against a single target. The bounce potential with a beacon and diagonal cast option means its easier than ever to hit multiple enemies with it. If there is no way you can hit multiple enemies with it then use a different spell.

@ Fruitybat
I agree, I think it would have been cool if cras had some way of stacking scalded on allies. Whether it was allies hit by a fire spell or even the fire beacon it certainly would have helped make them reliable scalded/flaming supporters.

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posté April 14, 2015, 09:11:37 | #7

Quote (Pilz-e @ 14 April 2015 08:49) *
i am not sure why people think piercing arrow rebound is bug
Because a dev said it was bugged and said they were going to change it back
Click here

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posté April 11, 2015, 15:04:58 | #8

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 10 April 2015 00:05) *
What flag will be on the top right of the screen? Right now it's NA and International. I assume it'll have to change for Asia as well?
wapac has an En flag (the US / UK flag) aswell as a vietnamese flag option, just like there is a german option etc. So theyll probably just add the vietnamese option and leave it at that.

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posté April 11, 2015, 12:07:52 | #9
yep, just found this on the merge topic

Steam DLC packs for the APAC community can no longer be purchased and will be available again on April the 15
, 2015 after the migration."

so we'll be able to see / buy the packs after that

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posté April 11, 2015, 10:55:55 | #10
Where do you live?

Im in australia and cant see any packs either - I can search up "wakfu" and only have the game appear without any dlc packs showing up - which I assume is in preparation for the community merge.

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posté April 09, 2015, 14:11:25 | #11
Sometimes gameplay takes preference over lore or what makes sense in the real world.

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posté April 09, 2015, 06:48:13 | #12
If you want to hybridise your build Srams and Masq come to mind.
Im sure Enis and Sadidas will also be very capable after their revamps.

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posté April 08, 2015, 16:51:38 | #13

Quote (-Celio- @ 08 April 2015 16:24) *
Wait a moment...

Click here

is that a reliq... from astrub? or anutropia?

obviusly is not Steel Claw reliq.
" The N.I.O. is a committee which meets every Sunday evening in the depths of the Astrub Sewers. "


Theres also some other cool looking new items under the general armour tab. The cute corset looks kind of like an ultimate dp item, also lvl 175 puddly boots

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posté April 07, 2015, 13:39:42 | #14
Just a suggestion, wapac have a few items not available on the international side, maybe they should also make the jump?

Pretty happy with the community merge - any news on what will happen to phaeris moderators / support etc?

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posté March 31, 2015, 15:17:57 | #15

Quote (WildWulf @ 31 March 2015 15:01) *
Friend told me it nerfed biting+raining combo, still waiting for a full list of changes, that line is rather vague
I think whats happened to biting related spells is that their power is now based on the number of biting you have (from 1 to 3).
So unless you have 3 biting from incisive strike it will be a nerf - otherwise it should be the same.

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posté March 29, 2015, 01:27:21 | #16

Quote (HealingHotness @ 29 March 2015 01:05) *
Add a WP cost? Freaking Iop has a non-LoS NO WP COST teleport now that increases damage and doesnt even require you to be on randomly placed mines.
But it does require you to tp next to an enemy, is more expensive than this and has almost half the range (max 4 after the changes). Although mine tunnel requires a mine with mine mover and geology leveled there should be plenty of choice.

I would compare this cost to that of beacon sneaking.
Beacon sneaking swaps with the beacon for a benefit to the cra: 2ap 1 wp + 2ap beacon cost
Mine tunnel teleports the enu and sets up a gold mine to benefit the enu: 2ap + 1mp +1mp mine mover cost

Because of that I would probably see it having a minimum 3ap cost with some sort of wp cost on top of that and probably a few less range because its no-los.

Enutrofs dont have a bunch of states but maybe something like "+x% chance to apply broke", certainly some sort of general damage, resist, shield buff could be applied (increase the strength by the level of the spell) to incentivise leveling it.

Maybe toy around with the idea of using this in drhellzerker mode vs human mode aswell
Escape is something enutrofs are definitely lacking so Im sure a teleport would be warmly welcomed

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posté March 28, 2015, 14:32:50 | #17

Quote (deandip @ 28 March 2015 00:14) *
Such short notice. I don't get why you're removing looting krosmaster blind boxes from the game though. Oh wait, it's to make us pay for them instead isn't it? Or will you have some other way to obtain krosmasters for free>
Mod on the krosmaster forums said

" A different system for acquiring figurines will arise in the 3D version. You won't be limited to real-life codes only. "

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posté March 22, 2015, 09:49:10 | #18

Quote (Musicist @ 22 March 2015 05:33) *
Got it, but as I previously asked: is there any specific reason why it might be better to switch to europe instead of staying in asia servers?
Its cheaper (slightly outdated graphic - can ignore 2800og costume and dragos are now 4500og on wapac - though that does mean theyre still more expensive. The Obsidian trapping is actually now slightly cheaper than the int counterpart)
Less risk of releasing p2w items.
You'd also have access to a beta server if you subbed.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #842247  Replies : 6  Views : 413
posté March 21, 2015, 02:11:08 | #19

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 21 March 2015 01:35) *
You're comparing an item that just got released to costumes that have been out and are getting upgrades
There were only a few costumes released in about the span of a month late last year. Since then no more have been released. Things like reinforced lotus and the sumens stuff have been in the database for months but never released. Which of course I am grateful for.

Ofcourse the items are still on the shop. Theres no point removing an item from the shop after its been released and requires no upkeep. Even if only 1 in every 10.000 people buy it thats still more profit than removing it.

The main thing I'm trying to get across is that these costumes arent wanted anywhere (+1 sacrid taco). Its incredible that its been confirmed that it wont come here.
Again, seriously, go ingame on wapac and ask people what they think of statted costumes. Or for a faster analysis have a look at this forum thread for the release of the vigilante justice costume. Click here
I dont understand why some people who dont / havent ever played on phaeris are so intent on telling them what they buy.

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posté March 21, 2015, 01:13:04 | #20

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 21 March 2015 00:18) *
People who think apac designated items are ever going to come to INT are delusional
I wouldnt say so.

A survey I hosted a while ago with responses from multiple servers showed that quite a fair few international server players supported the release of the costumes / wouldnt have a problem if they were released.

If you were to go to the wapac forums you would see time and time again the costumes get shot down - the wapac market is a huge mess. The players are aware of that and hate it. While the voices on those forums are usually the same they represent everyone Ive ever had a conversation with ingame.

" Clearly the community over there is buying them if they are making more otherwise they wouldn't waste the effort"

Thats like saying the international community is happy with the mimisymbiocs because theyre on the market and unlikely to go down in price when that so clearly isnt the case.

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