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posté Today - 09:47:50 | #1
Can riddled be changed to be a self statting state? I think its really strange that the earth branch is the only one which relies on targeting a single enemy, but has the beacon with the biggest aoe and a huge aoe potential in piercing.
It would also make it easier to balance when compared to flamboyant and reach. It would also mean it could be built up at the same rate (now that the speedy build up of beacon + piercing is gone) if it were added to eagle eye. A lot of the time - especially when you are a ranged class you might want to finish off an enemy on 300hp because its turn is next, or is locking someone etc. But riddling is useless when stacked on a dead enemy.

Also can we change how we build states in general? Right now its pretty much a static +10 on almost every spell, can we have a little variation, like +X state per ap/mp/wp spent.

I dont like the mp removal from piercing. Because it could only be cast twice a turn sacrificing 2mp for high damage wasnt a problem. Its a very underwhelming spell atm.

Whats the reasoning behind giving some spells max of 4 range and others a min of 4 range? If the aim is to use a spell with an elusive bonus (like blazing) with a spell with 4 min range (like voracious) theres a bit of a problem in terms of the cost. They dont synergise well.

Is cra going to be the competitive ranged damage dealer its meant to be? Pandawas - who dabble in a little of everything (map manipulation, healing, tanking) look like theyre going to out damage them with similar, if not preferable ranges (can cast in melee / self) with spells that dont hurt allies while doing everything else they offer. Is the only reason to pick cra the elemental coverage it may or may not provide?

I mean consider milking it vs burning. Burning has many more restrictions, will probably only hit 1 enemy if you want it do do decent damage (with a beacon) but has much lower base in a much smaller aoe. Milking it does similar damage to beacon + blazing in a huge aoe, its more flexible and will deal huge amounts of damage across a lot of targets. It can push back 2 cells, but pandas have similar ways of getting away from enemies.
Things were brighter when we considered milk fountain vs round 2 piercing, the riddling stacking could have used a nerf, but this is overkill.
Beacons themselves are pretty much 2nd rate barrels. This whole cra just feels very b class. "top ranged dd" outclassed by a support.. in damage.

Hell, even NON-REVAMPED enutrof could probably outdamage this. Purge vs Homing. Homing has higher range, but what use is that when you cant spread both arms out without touching a wall in a fight. Purge has 6 more base damage PER AP for the same cost and has no line of sight. Its damage:ap is 4 higher than that of plaguing arrow aswell with very similar range. On low cost spells this adds up.

Piercing shot vs new piercing arrow. With boombot they can have similar aoes, piercing arrow may win here as more reliable, but only just. People even complain about piercing shot being weak.

What exactly is the cras "niche" meant to be now, having high range isnt going to cut it when pandas and a few other classes can pretty much match it and at the moment damage is certainly out the window. I also find it weird the class with high range had its ranged damage stat removed while panda keeps it.

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posté Today - 07:48:20 | #2

Quote (Seguchi-sama @ 31 January 2015 07:41) *
Now it risks to die slowly because barely anyone checks other forum sections besides general. I'm personally upset, Sabi.
Should be fine - going by this thread there seem to be a lot of people who want to see their class positively revamped. It should stay very active if people are concerned for their classes future.

Im kinda disappointed that there werent individual cra / iop threads created by an official in the first place.

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posté Today - 06:45:42 | #3
I really support what you guys are saying

I kind of want to see another 2ap spell (with the 1ap / 1mp homing arrow brain suggested) as part of the cras arsenal.
Mechanic / cost wise beacons work well with burning, piercing and explosive. Now that we can swap with beacons using storm arrow aswell for the horizontal push is really cool too.
But homing, the only other 2 ap spells offers very little. It's an undesireable spell and forces a air heavy spell set.

I think we need more 2ap spells to tie the 4ap spells with the 3ap ones (2ap spells would also work well with the 5ap spells). The combos that utilise the 4ap spells are pretty underwhelming. As suggested Blinding should have a -range effect depending on the level of flamboyant, something like -1 range with 0-25 flamboyant, -2 beyond that. Or something like -1 range (100%) with a second -1 range (0+2% * level of flamboyant) with a hyper state?

Maybe Blazing could be something like 2ap 1mp +10 flamboyant, if elusive -extra dmg. (the mp cost on voracious would probably have to go but could have double the life steal and consume flamboyant)

It would bring the damage ratio up, making it a more competitive spell outside of 1v1. It would then give direct spell synergy with blazing, voracious and blinding. Allowing for a solid -mp / -range debuff combo. It would then also work with incisive + rain of arrows in 10 / 12ap sets.

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posté Today - 03:42:49 | #4
Duo-Boxing will turn into the new mono-boxing if they spread a 9 group system too far.
Makes me think if theyre going to release this in tandem with the hero system. It would effectively be a very subtle way of increasing the cost of subscription :0

not to mention my poor line of sight

although I just checked this on the french beta notes, the thing about grouping with 9 players has been ruled out.
Click here 

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posté Today - 02:48:37 | #5
Theyll have to do the active / passive update pretty soon. They should have done the elemental spell revamp prior to any revamps. All the revamped classes are likely to have a disadvantage because they would have been built with the existing system in place.

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posté Today - 02:20:23 | #6

Quote (Gelgy @ 31 January 2015 02:08) *
For Cra, I do consistently find that in a group fight context they need MP less than most, so a 1ap/1mp Homing would actually be perfect, and would give Cra a perfect spell for rounding out all their combos. It wouldn't be as useful for a 1v1 scenario where Cra needs to work harder for kiting, though. But Homing arrow's always most useful when Cra's already at extreme range anyway.
Yeah I really liked this suggestion as well, I like using mp spells in group play as youve usually got some sort of buffer between you and the enemy and you'd like to provide as much damage as possible. And yeah, youre already at the range where you dont really need to run much more (especially with the powerful shooting nerf).
Having some good mp spells would be a nice alternative to walking back and forth on 2 cells to build stats.

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posté Today - 02:00:56 | #7
urgh, so disengage and the useless +50 dodge bonuses are here to stay?

damage is going down.. a lot..
I honestly didnt think powerful shooting was even that strong before considering it gave us almost alternative back and side stabs as most attacks will hit the enemy from the front. I thought cras were meant to be the ranged damage dealers?

beacon sneaking still has a very non-cohesive 4ap cost. Homing fits in well to a lot of builds, but its pretty shit. Now that powerful shooting is pretty much dead the only reason to pick it up is because its literally the only spell (oh.. or.. beacon..) that fits into heaps of awkward combos.

why is storm a 5ap spell. I cant use that with beacon + burning effectively. The only combo I see is with piercing (but oh hey lets nerf that down to a glammed up pebble throw. it actually does less damage than now? awesome.) Brain said it before, but this REALLY is just a pandawa with shit cut outs of barrels (beacons), with shit karmachak (air beacon), without team support.

This is like.. a caterpillar coming out of its cocoon as.. a caterpillar.

is this cra even going to be an improvement from live? I mean, holy shit. Please take brains suggestions, round 2 was pretty good imo.. but urgh.

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posté January 28, 2015, 06:18:19 | #8

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 27 January 2015 14:19) *
On the other hand Lashing Arrow should have minimal range 1, to remove MP from cc enemy before we use beacon sneaking.
Why? Can't you can just hit them after you sneak?

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posté January 27, 2015, 14:00:01 | #9

Quote (Sting-Shotter @ 27 January 2015 13:41) *
it says code already used.... whut?
they might have run out, it could have only been redeemed 1000 times.

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posté January 26, 2015, 22:27:56 | #10

Quote (GrimackReapum @ 26 January 2015 22:01) *
What was that first silhouette? Didn't recognize that one
Lenald Empelol  

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posté January 25, 2015, 17:29:12 | #11

Quote (Neneko88 @ 25 January 2015 17:25) *
they could finish iop/cra revamp by the end of january but they will instead wait until late january because the "marketing team" wants them to wait.
(I assume you mean late feb?)
Erm.. do you have a source for this? Have you been following the thread on general discussion? Theres lots of things cra and iop players still want to have changed before the revamps go live.
They could finish it, but plenty of people would be unhappy.

Ive been pretty lucky as far as bugs go - only a small handful have managed to thoroughly piss me off but none have been bad enough to lose money, kamas, items or excessive amounts of time.
As for core features like crafting and politics, afaik these still have revamps coming so I think theyre aware of the issues - just stretched. People complain when mid-level islands are released so itll be hard if they revamp all these core features (which lots of people dont really care about and would mean a few months without level cap increase or new islands to raid) while keeping the player base content.

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posté January 25, 2015, 14:05:33 | #12

Quote (Exelenore @ 25 January 2015 12:26) *
Not gonna lie, you sorta walked into dat one Soundtrack8. *pats*
Woops - guess the moon looking state was eagle eye mybad

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posté January 25, 2015, 12:06:21 | #13

Quote (Agosta @ 25 January 2015 11:42) *
This is basically with NO final damage modifiers either. Beta cra is missing about 150% damage too.
No final damage? Backstab is a final damage boost cras almost never get to use. Youre also up against a mob with 0 final resist. Youve also got 40% from sharpened arrowhead. Thats a few more than none.

Spending 4ap / 1wp + mp to move into line for a backstab isnt exactly free either.

Although I did expect that combo to be pretty devastating based on the base damages.
Now I have to pray they dont overnerf it  

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posté January 24, 2015, 14:20:09 | #14

Quote (Niddhoggy @ 24 January 2015 13:07) *
By the way, have you guys seen the new Bubble Gun from Cras? lol
Rain of arrows?
I didnt mind it - but I so wish cra would point its bow upwards when casting it x_x

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posté January 24, 2015, 11:11:31 | #15
Hey Molie
Sorry - I havent been on wakfu too much recently and am actually saving the respec until I can spare more time (always time for forums though ;D) Ill probably be looking into the build Coyox posted, I love forceful blow and with lots of invulnerable states and other restrictions on bosses it was hard to keep hemo up in a pvm setting - which is where I spend 99% of my time.
Weak points should be stacking a lot faster aswell, so I dont see too much of an issue going with execution either.

Thread : Sram  Preview message : #823468  Replies : 17  Views : 2385
posté January 24, 2015, 08:15:04 | #16

with the utility of beacons it makes more sense to reduce the cost of sneak rather than beacon

Ahh yeah, the 3/turn cast limit makes it a lot more appealing as a somewhat reliable air damager, and takes away some of my qualms with plagues damage. Aoe is invaluable - especially because I dont plan on using incisive + rain of arrows and with piercing as a riddled builder I wont really need riddling / lashing. (I dont play solo enough to benefit enough from the latter, unless im undervaluing it against bosses) so I might pick it up - ideally I'd like to test it all out some time soon haha

But piercing and destructive have got to be staple - the bounce off beacon and new diagonal cast line gives piercing all the coverage you'll need while building up for a wild ride of destructive + double 3ap spell.

Ive already gone through the trouble of picking up one tri build set, but hate how limited / expensive the gear is. Fire doesnt seem to offer too much more other than elemental coverage atm. I'll miss out on the life steal, but with 8% max hp regen + 10% missing hp regen I should have enough sustain to survive.

Now if only I could reroll my gear to the desired elements for free :'D

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posté January 24, 2015, 05:52:53 | #17

Quote (Anotherenuacc @ 24 January 2015 05:10) *
A first glance it appears the entire air line mechanic has been balanced around poisoned arrow which I find a bit distressing.
I agree with this. I think they dont want to make plague / storm too strong because of how well their spell costs work. 3 Plague + eagle eye sets up for poison. Then next turn you can alternate between plague and storm before doing it all again.

But using storm on its own looks more like
plague base + storm base = 174

whereas a riddling combo looks like
x2 riddling base + (40% destructive base from added riddled) = 186 + potential extra 70 base damage if you cast destructive next

The air combo is an extra mp to cast, but you get the aoe of storm.
However I think its really outclassed by earth.

Ill probably not pick up storm arrow at this rate, as much as I love it I see plague + eagle eye + poison as a better combo. I dont really think storm is worth the reach consumption (base damage is only 12 higher than riddling / blazing and it costs mp (even though existing storm is 20 base higher than riddling). Those also stack a state, storm consumes), and leaves me open for 2 spells in the other branches or most likely 3 earth spells.

Your right on your point about homing, the damage ratio is too low to really consider using it. You really have to use it at almost its highest range for it to be a better option.

Rain of arrows is pretty decent, builds 20 sharpening, no los, but it doesnt combo well with storm : /

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posté January 24, 2015, 02:56:27 | #18
Thankyou for the changes to damage and states, which were the two major focus points of the change to cra.

I do still have a handful of issues I'd like to compile though - do note, if its not on the list I'm probably pretty happy with where its at


Problem: Offers a slight alternative to beacon sneaking, although it can only be cast in a straight line and only when you are in direct contact with an enemy. The distance it covers is an approximately equal ratio to that of what beacon sneaking costs (3ap1wp for 4 cells vs 4ap 1wp for 6 cells), but we dont need two spells to do almost exactly the same thing.

Solution: a.) Add a passive effect to cunning archer "when beacon sneakin' is cast at 1-2 range +2mp" and remove disengage. b.) rework disengage so it operates substantially differently to beacon sneakin'. Either through cost reduction (as you can only use it in contact with an enemy) or effect.

Beacon Sneakin'

Problem: When the cost is added to casting the beacon itself it becomes 4ap 1wp. This leaves undesireable combos when most of cras spells work in 3's.

Reduce the cost of beacon sneakin' by 1 ap (preferably in conjunction with the first suggested change to disengage)

Blinding Arrow

Problem: Mobs tend to have so much mp and movement spells that -range wont effect them

Solution: Give it range steal to make it useful in pub play

Incisive Strike

High cost for low output. Bad synergy with lashing arrow and rain of arrows.

Solution: Reduce the cost, and effects (possibly of rain of arrows aswell) respectively so its easier to combo with other spells.

Retreat Arrow

Problem: The wrong kind of spell for cra. The collision damage has good potential, but will be incredibly hard to utilise. It could only be used in a few select scenarios, especially now that 2 of the only spells that synergise with it have minimum 4 range. Considering the low range of retreat arrow it seems unlikely you'd ever use it for damage rather than pushing.
Again, I have issues with spells that cost 4ap.

Revert back to the old retreat arrow. 2 cell push, 2 cell aoe, but leave the wp cost off. Alternatively remove the pushback on hit and give it a "refund ap if cast on beacon, destroy beacon" sort of effect.

Side notes

I think plague arrow's damage could be brought up to match the ap ratio of rain of arrows / riddling / blazing without elusive. 25/ap at lvl 200.

Burning arrow could also have slightly higher dmg/ap. Right now its the same as blinding, but is much more limited.

Beacons should be removed if you recast beacon on one

Thats all for now, heres to a happy, healthy cra :'D

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posté January 23, 2015, 16:49:12 | #19

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 23 January 2015 16:41) *
biting is - resistance to mp loss (20% per level) so its basically heaven for people using treachrose i guess?

also i should note piercing says linear but its both linear and diagonal. (like a star)
Seems like they want you to incisive strike + lashing for a simulation lead legs effect. Shame the two spells have no synergy at 12 ap : l
Cant combo incisive, lashing and rain of arrows either.

That piercing change is really cool, thanks for sharing

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #823161  Replies : 1024  Views : 36097
posté January 23, 2015, 16:27:38 | #20
Thanks so muhc for that brain Ive been checking back every half hour or so checking for a beta update on the french side but looks like you beat them! Could you also link precision and biting please?

Precision seems cool.. its almost like LDC turned into a worthwhile passive

States will surely be easier to swap between and manage with the removal of biting.
I can see some good openers. Eagle eye + plague x3 + poisoned arrow for instant ap removal and poison
Double piercing on a beacon appears to stack a substantially higher amount riddling so preparing for a high burst destructive wont be too hard (seismic is dependent on the cras level now,, so I hope it deals damage like burning) I hope sharpened arrowhead keeps the final damage boost for destructive too haha

Incisive strike seems like it could be handy as using it with rain of arrows almost refunds the cost. I still wonder if it warrants an active slot though : l

Archery changes are pretty nice, high health regen and nice boost to sharpening stacking

was hoping not to see range steal on blinding and disengage gone though haha (giving it lead legs like kikui / flatatlas said would be a good reason to have it though)

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