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posté Today - 10:25:47 | #1
Be level 140. And do the traveler quests (starts in astrub I believe with Pandora)

- Kat

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posté Today - 05:07:21 | #2
The point has always been the damage they deal through Aging. As the more Ini you remove with a Fire spell, the insane damage they deal. This has always been the reason for Xelor's to remove Ini.

- Kat

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posté Today - 03:09:56 | #3
They are not. Spell levels only give damage because of all the buffed gear and new attribute system giving so much resistance now.

- Kat

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posté Today - 00:43:46 | #4
Well, everything you said seems to have been misinformed or someone playing a joke on you.

Srams do not die often because of the new Invisibility mechanic, the ability of a controlled push, and a tanky double that can also push, to keep the Sram out of harms way.

There has never been anything wrong with the weakness system that was implemented. You build it up and then on off 3 spells (one in each element) can use it to trigger a bigger effect.

Many also believe the new Sram to be overpowered, but that is just because it is one of the newer classes and all classes are getting a similar revamp to make their elements meld together better.

They are not suuuper advanced, but they do take a bit of know how (such as knowing the enemy AI and how they will move around while you're invisible).

All classes are pretty viable. Though Cra's seem to be the furthest behind at the moment because of some of the games mechanics and small maps. Sadida's are weak in terms of damage, but have super support. It really depends, but all classes can be used in end game things depending on how well you play. Though of course some classes are easier to play then others (Iop and Cra being simplest to start out on).

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 12:15:58 | #5
Cannot buy unless it is up for auction. If it is up for auction, the auction lasts 1 week and you would see a timer on it listing how much time is left on said auction.

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 12:13:08 | #6
Enu's have the ability Prime of Life. Allows for non locking when they cast it in human form (zerker I believe it just gives more MP).

- Kat

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posté September 21, 2014, 22:15:37 | #7

- Kat

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posté September 21, 2014, 22:14:20 | #8
New system is loads better as it is no longer left to chance. If your dodge is twice as high as the enemies lock, you can effectively move with no cost/penalty. The worse the cost/penalty gets is -5ap -5mp.

- Kat

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posté September 21, 2014, 14:40:14 | #9
I waste my time with lots of crazy people. It's just something I do when the mood strikes.

- Kat

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posté September 21, 2014, 13:55:59 | #10
So you're biased toward the Rogue with no explanation. You now say you think they are overpowered, but you never even mentioned that, just saying Rogue for all 6 and a smile face. That is quite the troll post and anyone would tell you the same.

Also, if you're going to claim the Rogue is overpowered, you'd best try to explain why as anyone else would tell you you're crazy. Yes, they have high damage, but offer nothing else to the group. The OP asked for an endgame group and your suggestion offers nothing toward that. Thus, crazy.

I argue because that is my personality and I find it rude not to respond to someone who has said something back. So pretty much as long as you respond to me, I will most likely respond in kind, unless I forget the thread exists.

There is nothing to apologize about. You were not helpful, thus called out. I then made detailed suggestions in place.

- Kat

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posté September 21, 2014, 13:36:46 | #11
Ha, you thought I was being aggressive? I'd love to hear your definition of what being aggressive is.

All I'm trying to do is help, without giving trolly answers that do nothing but confuse new players. They are not ones that you want to confuse as MMO's need new players to not only keep the game alive, but by helping others out they are not only more educated (asking less simple questions and moving on to the harder ones) but then they are also able to help out other newer players.

Trolling other players may amuse yourself but it does no one any good, nor does it make new people want to stick around.

Also, you might want to learn to speak properly if you want anyone to take you seriously. "why r u said" doesn't mean anything.

- Kat

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posté September 21, 2014, 12:47:21 | #12
Not sure if they ever changed it (as I don't normally play an osa), but in the past if a creature you had died, it was dead for good (removed from the slot). Not sure if they changed that, but that was how it worked before. So when people wanted a new pet, they would purposely get it killed to free up a slot.

- Kat

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posté September 21, 2014, 12:44:23 | #13
Yes, +heals work on the little healies.

Best water spells are Mudoll and Drain.

[Numbered 1 (high priority) to 5 (low priority)]

Vaporize (5) - Lowest priority spell in terms of leveling as its damage output is abysmal. Use it for controlling dolls at level 1.

Tear (3) - Water's nicest damage spell. While it does require a line cast, it has no Line of Sight making it useful in many situations. Range on it is 1 shorter than all the other Water spells with modifiable range and it's damage is only really great if you have a voodoll linked to your target for the extra damage.

Mudoll (1) - Heals and Damages. One of your best spells. Great thing is like with Earth spells that grant shields, if this is reflected at you, you don't take damage, but a heal. A must water spell.

Rust (4) - Used to be great for double summoning dolls when things costed more, but now you can just seed twice and vaporize both to greedies. The damage boost on it isn't worth getting and Rust has the lowest damage per AP ratio in the game. Only AoE water spell, but it's just too sad to use.

Drain (2) - Your second best water spell and one of the highest damaging ones. While it's range cannot be boosted, nor cast next to yourself, it has decent range for 2-4 and no line of sight. Unlike Tear, it can be cast at an angel. Reason for Drain is not only the high damage output, but it has an even greater heal than Mudoll if an ally is standing next to the target. This includes when casting on a Seed. Place a Seed next to an ally and cast Drain on it. Drain will heal your ally and create an inflatable for more healing goodness.

- Kat

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posté September 21, 2014, 12:26:36 | #14
One, don't listen to the crazy person above as they just posted two incoherent threads about how disappointed in Ankama they are and that they're quitting (again).

Two, it really depends on your full team.

If you're going to focus on an end game in Wakfu, you should look for a balanced team if you are all always playing together.

Generally want at least one revive ability. Those come from either the Eni's or the Xelor's. Eni's deal damage, heal, revive and are the only class that can remove states. Overall good class that can be support and offense. Xelor's are complicated (in a sense of playing one well). They have one of the highest damage outputs in the game with map manipulation as well as a revive. Though no heals.

Of course you can take both as it's nice to have two revives and Eni's would cover most heals you'd need. If you take say the Xelor and no Eni, you'll need heals from another place. Masq's have one of the highest burst damage output in the game along with burst heals. Nice class to play, though restrictions on spells will need to be noted. Sadida's are another great healing support class. Sadly one of the lowest damage outputs, they however make up for it in utility. Heals, Shields, Poisons and their own personal army of dolls (that can damage, heal and poison things along with getting in both sides way). Eca's also can heal, though they have the lowest heals of the bunch, but make up for it in damage and crazy luck turns.

It's also nice to have at least one Tank character on your team. Normally filled by the Feca, with the highest tanking in the game. They can also make allies invulnerable and build shields like crazy. Mitigating damage is great. They also deal decent damage. Fogger's and Sac's can be tanks as well in their earth elemental trees. Sacks with pure tanking from themselves and high lock. Fogger's are a bit more interesting with blockade play. Which acts as a shield for nearby allies and can block enemy movement and line of sight. Sadida's are also a nice choice in their earth tree as well (as mentioned before) as they also have great shield, that stack. Gobgob Osa's have a decent shield as well, but while it is high, it cannot be stacked, so not sure how well it holds up now. Panda's are an oddball of a tank in that you use them more to just pick up your allies so they cannot be attacked while you take the damage. So more like temporarily removing them from play.

You'll want at least one map manipulator. Classes with pushes and pulls work well. Air Sac's with both, along with the ability to swap with ally and enemy from incredible distances. Sadida's again for a really nice cross push with no line of sight. Panda's as they can toss what they pick up (ally or enemy). Srams with the controllable push and teleport. Cra's to a small extent when using air beacons. Xelors with pushes and teleports.

After that, round out your team with anything else. Nice thing about wakfu is that almost any class combination can work (so long as you're not all the exact same single element, as that would be silly and you would be screwed if the enemy had high resist to it, this would be the problem if you took the above poster's suggestion of a pure rogue team, as you would have no water spells as well as I'm guessing they wanted you to be pure earth for piercing shot). DPT is great hear and pretty much anything but a Sadida can DPT well (but again, they're more support in so many other things and my favorite class).

In the end, it more matters if you enjoy playing that character, than what will work well as anything works. Ah, the joy of Wakfu.

Hope that helps.

- Kat

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posté September 21, 2014, 12:06:26 | #15

Quote (Recuva @ 21 September 2014 09:49) *
I'll see how my money back, until then I'll stay. But I think it is not gonna happen. Thats mean I will quit soon.

After I was back, I was expecting about new contents, but now, I think "Ankama never change their's mind, I knew it...", and I've been watching since few years ago...(dofus too).

I feel very disappoint. I don't say who's fault. It can be me or Ankama, I don't care. The thing is I am very disappointing how Ankama's act after mistaken.

Make shitty, small gift. Make new change, another bug. Keep going.

I was hoping different now. But It is same. Actually, it is my fault bcos I believed Ankama when I was back. Not it is gone...

I am not upset, very disappoint with Ankama again... And now I get my mind how Ankama is ....

No way. Just don't reply me about blame thing. I am feeling not good. Don't make me pushing plz...
You say they didn't read it, though I'm sure they did. If not, they wouldn't know how "incoherent" it is.

"I'll see how my money back, until then I'll stay." does not mean anything.

In the second line, you say you came back expecting new content. Though you fail to mention how long you've been away. If it's been a week, sure, there is no new content in the last week. If you've been gone for a month or two, then you're blind as many mechanics of the game, items, and more have been changed.

In your third line you say you don't know who's at fault, could be yourself or Ankama, but then in the very next sentence, you say you are "very disappointing how Ankama's act after mistaken". Well, that's clearly an contradiction. As you are clearly blaming Ankama, not yourself. And for what? You never say.

Line 4, your point? There will always be bugs. Such is to be expected. Shitty small gift? Which one? Or are you just making an arbitrary statement.

You believed in them long ago..... and you think nothing has changed.... wow... just wow.....

You're still disappointing, again, in the same post. Repeating oneself doesn't really help you get your point across. Especially if you don't explain yourself and with actual sentences. You get how they are? Care to explain or again, just being vague for no reason?

You post this and now ask for no replies. Not to push you? Well that's just silly. You're posting in a public forum. In incoherent, barely understandable English. You're asking for a lot, you know this?

- Kat

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posté September 21, 2014, 11:54:30 | #16
Possibly play in your region then. Steam I believe has always had it's regions each set up differently so this is something to be expected. Even the pricing of things on steam can be different depending on your region.

Also, game is free to play as mentioned. You don't need the booster. You'll just level a bit slower than if you had one.

And what is with your last post? "without what I wanted gears"? No gear or drops are limited to whether or not you're subbed. If you're talking about what is in the steam DLC, there is no gear in there. Just some cosmetic items, potions, a pet, and things along those lines (depending on the pack you wanted).

- Kat

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posté September 21, 2014, 11:49:25 | #17
Long and short of it, No.

Set bonus' have been removed from the game as the stats are now on all the equips. This is so that you're not shoehorned into wearing a full set just to get a bonus and feeling gimped for not having that last set piece. It also allows for a greater combination of gear as you can then focus on the secondary stats you want from your gear to fit your build and then get gear that matches and roll for your elements.

There are a few exceptions still. Gobball and Tofu (blibli too maybe....) still have a full set bonus of AP and MP respectively I believe. But that's about it.

- Kat

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posté September 21, 2014, 11:46:51 | #18
I believe it's more like 334 dodge as I don't think ankama rounds up, but that's barely important....

It is definitely worth it. This is twofold. One, more damage that helps all your elements is great and Two, the new Dodge and Lock system. If you have enough dodge, you can move without penalties. On top of that, with a Water Mask on, you get extra MP when moving around near enemies. On top of which, if two enemies are next to each other and you have high enough dodge, you can continuously rack up your +heals by gaining MP waking back and forth along them (very situational of course). That allows for even greater heals than the already amazing heals the Water Tree allows.

- Kat

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posté September 20, 2014, 12:48:15 | #19

- Kat

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posté September 20, 2014, 09:42:19 | #20
Wakfu has been in full release for about 2 years. It did only just get released on Steam though, and that may be where your confusion may be.

It also went through some odd 5 years of beta or so before that.

- Kat

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