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posté August 01, 2015, 22:58:24 | #1

Quote (Lukinerx @ 01 August 2015 21:03) *
4 millions yesterday
100 millions

I bet that duper sellers are having fun with making every HW cost 100mk
Oh, you poor child. You cannot possibly rap your head around the fact that many guilds have multiple members that are willing to pool all their kama together to buy a Haven World. Some which may have been saving for months on end, in wait for a chance to buy one.

Remember, if the members are near the end game, many can get 10-30 mil simply by themselves. If there are 10 members with 10 mill, that's easily 100 mill just there. Only 4 members with 25 mill each can hit that as well.

With how limited HW's are, it's not surprising that they would run at this price range as no one knows when they may be available again. Thus some guilds are willing to spend everything they and all of their members have to get one.

If you are not willing to sacrifice as much, then possibly you should just ignore it and not ever think of getting a HW.

Instead all you seem to do here (and in the general forums) is post over and over again your conspiracy theories. I'm sure there are dupers and the like, but without proof, all you're doing is making baseless accusations and accusing Ankama of things on the basis that you are just a child throwing a tantrum when you cannot get what you want. Essentially becoming a broken record of the same baseless complaint.

I'm of course not asking for proof, that is for Ankama to deal with and if you have some, by all means send it to them (possibly in the form of a ticket or message directly to a GM, like Sabi). If not, you really should lay off a bit on the whining.

- Kat

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posté July 28, 2015, 10:43:46 | #2

Quote (joskevermeule @ 28 July 2015 10:26) *

Quote (Lukinerx @ 28 July 2015 10:09) *

Quote (Yunru @ 28 July 2015 10:02) *

Quote (steamedreijii @ 28 July 2015 09:32) *
About what amount of money do HW cost? Should I even participate or I need to dupe things for a year at first?


Current most expensive world is 17 milion kamas. I checked all .
I say people are dumb as hell...

17 million and it's not 24 hours yet till auction started? Welp people really got 999+ billion kamas from selling dupped shit so then don't care about such prices and we can see some retarded prices at last day... this is beyond stupid and Ankama should rethink this whole HW auction system
There is a guild and i think i'm not allowed to spoil any names, that is raising the prices for fun
You do know that a guild can only bid on one Haven World at a time, right? Until they are outbid, they cannot try to bid on a different Haven World. So in other words, if they are doing that:

One, they would need enough funds to do so in their guild bank (as you can only bid up to what you have in there).
Two, their guild cannot be in possession of a Haven World (as no guild can own two).
Three, they can only bid on a single Haven World at a time.
Four, only once they have been outbid, can they either make a new bid, or bid on a different world.

In other words, it is highly unlikely that they are bidding on worlds just to inflate the price. More than likely, they are trying to buy a world for their guild, but want to buy it the cheapest possible. So they are going around and bidding on which ever Haven World has the lowest bid. Once out bid, they check all the worlds to find the cheapest and bid again. If my guild did not have a Haven World, we would do the same as to try and save as much kama as possible.

However, if you think a guild is, as you say trying to inflate all the prices for no reason, then just don't outbid them. If you don't, they cannot bid on a different world (just outbid them on the last day, last hour, if you want to try and get the World).

If I remember right, you cannot cancel your bid once you've made it (cannot check, already have a Haven World as I said before), therefore if you decide you actually don't want a bid there, your only choice is to hope someone outbids you.

- Kat

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posté July 27, 2015, 11:02:28 | #3
Pretty sure the Leafy Leafery and many of those other items are no longer obtainable in the game. Thus you could only get them by buying them from another player who still has one.

- Kat

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posté July 27, 2015, 11:00:51 | #4

Quote (Yunru @ 27 July 2015 10:48) *

Quote (joskevermeule @ 27 July 2015 10:46) *
There are way more inactive haven worlds on remmington

True is more then 10. Can you double-check.

Quote (Lukinerx @ 27 July 2015 10:51) *

Quote (joskevermeule @ 27 July 2015 10:46) *
There are way more inactive haven worlds on remmington

sry we have no time to check every HW, we are busy with throwing nuke at Alamanx temple and adding RNG boxes to shop

I'm pretty sure the checking is something that is automatically logged.

Remember, as long as someone from that guild logged into wakfu WITHIN A 90 DAY PERIOD, then the guild is still considered active enough to keep their Haven World. Thus if you want to call them out, you would have to prove that no one in the same guild logged in in 90 days (no matter the length of time).

And you Lukinerx, no need to be sassy, with something as simple as this, I'm sure it has been checked. Just be happy you have a chance at buying one anyway (if your guild doesn't already have them. And on your comment before those buying one on dupped kama sales, well, they will have to deal with owning only one, as you can only have ONE Haven World per guild.

- Kat

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posté July 27, 2015, 02:58:12 | #5
Hmm, things to consider then. Thank you for the responses.

- Kat

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posté July 27, 2015, 02:33:21 | #6
Question MiniMikeh,

You have two decks in your guide, but as the number of spells you can max out don't seem possible if trying to make both decks (at least with the XP you get when respecing your character).

From What I can see, you can max about 8.5 spells spells or so when doing 3 elements. When doing 2 elements, it seems you can max out aaaaalmost 8 spells (I was one level short on the 8th spell to maxing out 8).

If trying to do your two spell decks, you would need to max 4 water spells and 5 air spells (again to be able to do both decks, the 1 fire spell you have in the second one you do say to leave at 0, so that's not a problem).

Thus the question:
Which spells do you max out yourself?

- Kat

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posté July 23, 2015, 09:18:12 | #7

Quote (Jezebelle @ 23 July 2015 06:40) *

Also control allows you to use the inflatables shield ability. Haven't tested it yet though.
It does not. The Puffle spell of the Inflatables that grants Armor instead of Healing was removed in the beta and when it was brought to live, it seems that it was accidentally left in the description. So sadly, all the Inflatable can do is Heal.

- Kat

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posté July 22, 2015, 02:46:16 | #8

Quote (Gran-Bwa @ 21 July 2015 03:34) *
are you sure nerida?that -damage performed debuff on sadida will not affect dolls?is it also applies on +heal buff or -heal debuff on sadida?it wont affect on inflatable's healing rate?
At the moment, Secondary Damage and Final Damage/Heal does not affect the dolls in any way. So when you get Final Damage bonus' or debuffs, neither affect the dolls.

The only thing that affects dolls damage and heals is the exact number you see on the elemental mastery, directly copied from the Sadida.

- Kat

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posté July 22, 2015, 01:08:28 | #9
To sum it all up

Pet and Mount Feeding:

Lowering your Pet's/Mount's HP:
  • You being dead at the end of the battle lowers the pet's HP by -1.
  • Every third day you do not feed your pet, the pet's HP lowers by -1.
  • Feeding your pet something other than its preferred food lowers the pet's HP by -1.
  • Feeding the pet more than once in a day (day resets at midnight server time) will lower the pet's HP by -1.
Everything else:
  • Feeding your pet its preferred food will not heal your pet.
  • Feeding your pet its preferred food will give it EXP to level up (max level 50).
  • Feeding your pet Osamoda's Powder (easily craftable item) will heal your pet +1 HP.
  • Feeding your pet Osamoda's Powder will not grant any EXP to your pet.
  • You may feed your dead pet (0 HP) an Osamoda's Powder to revive it with 1 HP.
All in all, once a pet/mount is at the max level 50, most players stop feeding it. If it dies, you just feed it an Osa Powder to revive it so that you can use its stats or just show it off. That way you don't have to bring around its fav food anymore (a hassle and takes up space when having multiple pets) and just carry around a large stack of Osa Powders. If you're away for a while and it starves to death or you just happen to die a lot, you don't have to worry either as you can just pop an Osa Powder when needed (oh the humanity!).

- Kat

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posté July 22, 2015, 00:24:44 | #10
Well you did get one thing wrong right away. I thought it was funny when you said that the Block would get the Sadida's "Block" stat +100 as that would mean that a Block Doll, even with the Sadida having 0 in the "Block" stat, would have 100 block, causing the effect to happen 100% of the time.

The actual translation to that is Lock, not Block. So it is saying that the Block Doll will be changed from having it's Lock based off of its current HP to having the Sadida's Lock +100. (Which would be a sad, but kind of understandable change, forcing the Sadida to have Lock stat to utilize the ability to lock things and at least the Block won't become less effective for having less HP, locking for full worth no matter its health.)


The new dolls:
  • The new dolls will share all the base characteristics of the Sadida (HP, Elemental Mastery, Resists, Critical Hit, Initiative, Secondary Damages, Dodge, etc).
  • As before, no doll can lock with the exception of The Block (whose lock will take the Sadida's base Lock + 100 Lock).
  • The dolls can obtain AP & MP freely. This also means that they can use their spells more than once if their AP lets them to.
Essentially you had it all correctly translated except the whole Block Stat issue. As far as the Block Stat goes, I believe that is covered in the first line in that the Dolls will have the same Block stat as the Sadida.

- Kat

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posté July 15, 2015, 23:56:27 | #11

Quote (Kellicious @ 15 July 2015 11:52) *
Since dolls do not gain damage from secondary damages like before, do you think it would be a wise choice, for the strength ability, to only put points into damage so dolls get boosted damage as well, considering a build with a huge army of dolls? Also, do dolls get our critical hits?
Yes, sadly dolls do not seem to benefit from Sadida Secondary Masteries anymore. So if you plan on using lots of dolls, General Damage would be the way to go (I feel like there's a lot of lost damage from gear because of that as most have some secondary damage on them and dolls already have a generally low base damage).
If not caring about dolls as much and focusing on what the Sadida can do, Single-Target and Ranged are what seem to benefit the Sadida the most. So for at least things like your mount, you may want one of those two.
Remember, Ranged is adaptable in that any spell can be ranged or close-combat. If the target is 0-2 cells from the caster, Close-Combat Damage will take effect, while if the target is 3 or more cells away, Long-Range Damage will take effect. This can lead to inconsistencies in damage if say you have ranged and the enemy keeps comming into contact with you.
Single-Target and Area of Effect damage is much simpler in that each spell falls in to one of those categories only. Therefore you can just look at the Spell Ref (or on the spell in game will show a circle with a dot in it for Single-Target or an XX (shaped thing) for Area of Effect). Sadida's Poisons and most of their spells are Single-Target and these type of damages work no matter the range. Remember it does not matter if an AoE spell only hits 1 target, it's still an AoE and gets AoE damage.
On crits, I'm not entirely sure. Before this current revamp, yes they did get the Sadida's Crit Rate. I feel like they still do or else the Dolls would each have a set Crit Rate that would never change (which before they got the Sadida's Crit Rate, they had 0% and it was sad times all around, only being able to crit when being buffed). But again, I'm not sure. Either way, Crit's are something you'd want to stat for anyway as it helps the Sadida very much at least (as it does any class).

Quote (Ristty @ 15 July 2015 16:50) *
Kurokat, marry me !

That's sweet of you =^.^=

- Kat

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posté July 15, 2015, 08:45:27 | #12
This will take a couple posts as you can only do so many quotes a post. Give me a moment before making any posts please.


Hi Cap'n Yuri. Thanks for the long post, which I shall now go over a bit with my own thoughts.

Some notes: I think puffle is gone since I have never seen it after beta.
I do also believe Puffle to be gone, however I felt I should leave it on the Spell Ref with it's notes as it is still in the description of the Doll. Thus to help clear up any confusion for new players who see it and wonder why they cannot use it.

The Block has a 2 turn cooldown upon summoning. UPs have a 3 turn cooldown.
I shall check these again. Though I do already have The Block listed as a 2/turn cooldown.

The first UP doll does not count towards your control, but the following ones do.
Already covered with the mentioning of the invisible control you have (like the invisible 100pp base).

You can only have 4 dolls per UP, this is true.
This is not true. This is the current in game description of the Ultra-Powerful, but I have tested multiple times to make sure I'm right and I am able to summon 5 dolls per Ultra-Powerful (granted having enough control).

Greedies can only be summoned twice a turn.
It already says that on the list.

Comprehensive breakdown on Sadida spells:
I do believe what I'm reading in the following is a copy and paste of what you have posted previously on the Beta Sadida Deck thread as some of it is off now and I remember reading this before, but I shall go over it.

Vaporize: It has the highest damage/AP ratio for a Sadida, but aside from that it's nothing special. It does not need to be leveled for it's secondary effect, which is not much to begin with. +10 to Nettled means you need 6 casts to max Nettled out on one target, which makes it not worth doing on anything but an UP doll. In the case of the UP doll, the 12 AP spent is a very, very hefty investment. Rarely will the UP doll ever need 9 AP, 7 MP, or the damage boost.
Well, already we can see that the start of this is off. Vaporize has a 25 damage per AP/MP ratio. Vaporize, Sadida's Tear, Drain, Bramble, Fertilizer, Wild Grass, Woodland Stench and K'mir ALL have the same damage ratio.

The benefit of Vaporize is it is the lowest costing spell for this damage ratio (costing only 2ap) allowing it to fit easy in combination with other spells (say you have 2 extra AP).

Beyond that it does give +10 nettle to a doll regardless of its level, meaning you don't have to level it to use it in conjunction with dolls. However as many will agree, this is not worth it as much. As seen in the Spell Ref Nettle gives:
- Permanent Buff (till that doll dies)
- +1% Final Damage per Level (max 60%)
- +1% Increased Healing (max 60%)
- +1 AP (at levels 10, 20 and 30)
- +1 MP (at levels 40, 50 and 60)

The Final Damage and the AP are what help the most. HOWEVER the AP only helps the dolls (other than the UP) if they have the full +3 AP as their spells cost 3 AP (the ones that have spells). With just 40 levels of nettled combined with the evolved Knowledge of Dolls passive, the dolls are now dealing double the damage they normally would.

Again though, you'd have to use 9 of your AP just to get to the 30 levels buff. This sadly means if you want to take advantage of Nettled now, the only real way is to play a (preferably tanky) in your face Sadida so that you are taking hits to buff your dolls.

Tear: It's no LoS and has the highest damage/AP and heal/AP ratio in the water tree. BUT it's linear cast only and we have this wonderful spell called Stench. With Stench around and careful planning/positioning, the only reason to take Tear is in the case of the silly Sram, who may decide to wily all the way to the back of the enemy lines only to realize that the healers can't follow him there.
You cannot use the word highest again if something else is the highest (both of which neither are as there are more powerful spells, but more on that later).

Tear has the highest heal ratio of the water tree, but only 0.2 more heals than Mudoll. It cannot self heal, but it's range was increased greatly and still retains its No Line of Sight. It's still a line, but that isn't really a problem. Damage reduction on a single doll is not really worth it though, unless you're using to heal the doll as well. Same damage as Vaporize (among others mentioned above).

Biggest benefit of this spell is the no LoS healing and the fact that it cannot be blinded. So you will always be able to heal and attack from a distance.

Mudoll: One of the Sadida's only two spell self heals, the other being Rust. It's almost as good a heal as Tear and is not limited to linear casting. It also has a nice secondary effect that can actually be used. +3 AP to a doll. What really comes to mind here are The Blocks. With Kmir and their pull, good planning can lead to the Block locking an enemy away from you by quite a bit. You could also use it to position allies fairly well.
As mentioned, non linear healing that can be boosted (and blinded). A decent self heal spell as well. With doll use, it far outweighs Sadida's Tear in that the heal is almost the same, yet the boost to a doll is greater. As you mentioned, Blocks work wonders with this allowing both spells to be used (as long as it is controlled) and it also, while healing the Block, gives it back some lock (as it's lock is based off of its current HP). The second main benefit is to the Greedy allowing for a second attack right away, essentially making this a (relatively non controllable) 12.3 (to 19.7 with upgraded KoD's passive) damage per AP/MP spell. You can also use it with Madolls to give them another -MP -Range attack, though that is not as reliable I'd think (without control again). All and all a decent spell.

Rust: AoE damage and heal, but it damages allies and heals enemies. Too awkward to use to self heal properly.
The self heal and healing in general with it isn't really awkward at all. The awkward part is when you want to use it as a damage spell. This is because it requires an Enemy to be in the center of the AoE to turn it into a damaging spell. Because of the large Cross2 shape, this will often hit teammates or dolls as they're probably at the enemy attacking or trying to lock it. Because of the large AoE, it also has the third lowest ratio for its heal (only beating Drain by 0.1 and the only greatly lower one is the Inflatable's heal).

Drain: 5 AP is a terrible thing, I would push for this spell to be 4 AP, 1 WP. As it is, Sadidas don't have much to spend WP on. I for one only use tree for the free heal and +50 res. Aside from that little peeve of mine, Drain is an AoE heal that heals all allies around the target. It's also no LoS AND range modifiable.
5 AP isn't so terrible anymore with the change to the other spells AP costs as well as the new 14ap cap. With 13 or 14 AP, you can cast 2 Drains and still cast another standard spell, or do 2 Drains with one of the Sadida's three 2ap costing spells at 12ap. Many lower players area also only at 10ap before they get a relic/epic, making it a great choice. It has a

Biggest strenghts is it is a non modiviable, no LoS spell with 4 range. It requires a enemy target, but now heals any Ally or Doll in a Square1 radius around the targeted enemy. The heal may be the weakest the Sadida personally has, but it is attacking a target for the sweet 25 dmg per AP/MP ratio while healing at the same time. With the no LoS, you can easily do this over Allies and Dolls, keeping the team alive while helping kill things.

Only real downside of Drain is that it cannot self heal. But unlike Rust, it cannot heal enemies and that is another plus.

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posté July 15, 2015, 03:24:39 | #13

Quote (Aquallia @ 15 July 2015 03:19) *
I don't understand point of tier list. Can't people just choose a class they like because they like the design?
It's the same thing as any Min/Max-ing you find. People in general like to know what is best. Or just like to prove that what they are using is better than everyone else (self-esteem issues?).

It's also a way to check balance of a game. If one class is clearly beating everything else and another class cannot win a single fight, there are some obvious problems that should be addressed.

I play the classes I love, like Sadida (and have been ever since the beta, through all the changes no matter what happened), but I still like numbers. Which is why I make things like my Spell Refs (new Sadida Spell Ref WIP is up in it's section of the forums). Thus why I asked my previous question about what a claimed OP Sadida's build is as I am curios. Personally I've always just been a pretty decent Sadida, but would never claim to be the best and always like tips and help when available.

- kat

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posté July 15, 2015, 03:15:21 | #14

Quote (jubxBR @ 14 July 2015 20:32) *

Quote (TomeeLeeRola @ 14 July 2015 20:13) *
Have a immortal Sadida on my server (Rem) -.- the guy play without dolls and kill every single class his name is Hardcor, i think with dolls he can defeat 3x1. No one lose 238x0 on passaport Tier: Hc Players xD
This sadida is famous for being immortal before the revamp , but when he defeated me without dolls now, i just say " wow" . I felt like a nb with goobal set.
Before fighting it had won a 2 Sadidas 175 with several dolls, im a very nice geared fogger 175 . So Sadidas arent op , nerf Hardcor !
I would very much be interested in what this Sadida is using (spells, actives and passives) for both his/her doll-less and doll using decks. As I'm on Nox, I cannot ask in person. If someone could ask (and this person be kind enough to share) I would be very grateful.

- Kat

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #886953  Replies : 251  Views : 24091
posté July 15, 2015, 03:03:52 | #15
And that is what WIP's are for =^.^=

I shall be posting an update to this later in the week with corrected mistakes. Anything else, let me know.

- Kat

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posté July 15, 2015, 01:46:54 | #16
Level depending. Yes. At level 175, you should be able to max out 9 spells. At my level 133, I have about enough spell XP to max out 8 and almost a 9th.

They also removed the spell XP cap. So essentially, even when you max out your level, you can keep getting spell XP until all 15 of your elemental spells are maxed. But that's not something someone's going to be able to do for a long while as I think you get spell XP a bit slower now because of that.

- Kat

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posté July 15, 2015, 01:22:06 | #17

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 14 July 2015 19:08) *
You forgot to mention dolls have 100% of Sadida's Dodge.
That I did. I shall make a note of that.

Also Explodoll with Sacrificial doll add chromatic dmg but Explodoll count as dmg done by Sadida (so it break challanges sadly), so the decreased final dmg on Sadida will decrease the dmg of Explodoll. Explodoll is not considered as indirect dmg for some reason (the passive that boost indirect dmg doesnt boost it).
Yup, this I knew but I shall add it to the list as it is not common knowledge it seems. Was about 99% certain that Explodoll wouldn't count as indirect damage and then did some testing to confirm it. The Venomous passive only works with Intoxicated and Texatoxine as stated in the spell ref. You can think of when Explodoll as a spell cast by the Sadida on the space of a dying doll.

The final dmg reduction doesnt count for armors, poisons and dolls, so we can actually choose The Rock passive if we are fighting indirectly and armoring self for defense instead of healing. (correct me if i am wrong).
This I'm not sure of. Not tested that.

The Doll Link exact numbers are +50 Resist to dolls and +10 Resist per doll to Sadida (and appearently to the dolls previously summoned only, not to all (bug i belive)). Max 100 resist to sadida from doll link. When lvl 2 Doll Link the bonus changes to +100 Resist to dolls and +15 Resist per doll to Sadida (max becomes 150).
Thanks for the numbers. I knew roughly what they were, but hadn't a chance to quickly test it yet and since mine is evolved, I didn't know what the numbers would be for the earlier set (not something you can exactly test).

I will say that even though you keep summoning more dolls, the resists shown on the state are lower with each subsequent doll. BUT, the resists shown on the stats of each doll, while the state is less, show the same resists. So this needs further testing. On top of which as more dolls are in play, while the state is lower for each new doll, the original dolls state does not lower.

p.s. Wild Grass Rooted effect seems pointless if the Blocked doll created after our turn will not have the enemy next to it during our 2nd turn (unless we can push it closer to the blocker doll and then add Rooted). I wish casting Wild Grass would make Ultrapowerful summon Rooted blocker doll right away.
Mmm... Not sure about that. Will need to think on it.


Questions to fellow Sadida's:

Sadly my Sadida is only level 133 at the moment as I have been away from Wakfu for 5 months or so. That means I've got the 12 spell slots and 4 actives.

With the spell ref above and what you've tested out, what 8-9 spells did you max out?

And (depending on the play style of Dolls, No Dolls, Healing, Armor/-MP Support) what passives (when limited to only 4) do you use?

- Kat

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posté July 14, 2015, 12:56:50 | #18
Spell Ref (Sadida - After Deck Update) Here is my WIP Spell Ref for the Sadida. It has a couple of things missing (such as the exact numbers for the Doll Link passive as the in game spell description is not working properly and I would like the official numbers, among other things).

It's a little long because it contains:
- All Elemental Spells
- All Active Specialties
- All Passive Specialties
- All Doll Stats
- All Doll Spells

Here is a direct link to the image (to open it in another window if you'd like): Sadida Spell Ref

Hope it helps,
- Kat


Aaaand I already see a mistake. Block should have 20% of the Sadida's HP. Actually not sure how I got 32%.... Ah well, will fix later.

I'm actually still sitting in the Training room as I'm not sure what spells I want... So indecisive...

- Kat

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posté July 13, 2015, 04:32:11 | #19
They always have them in the list early. You still have to wait until it's released.

Cloud Knight I do believe is on the Beta to try out.

- Kat

Thread : Sidekicks  Preview message : #886288  Replies : 3  Views : 1293
posté July 13, 2015, 03:43:15 | #20

The Block
- Max HP = 20% of the Sadida's max HP.- Lock = 40% of The Block's current HP (not max HP).
- Lock is capped at 1000.

Sadida's max HP = 10,000 HP
The Block's HP = 2,000 HP
The Block's Lock = 800 Lock

Sadida's max HP = 8,000 HP
The Block's HP = 1,600 HP
The Block's Lock = 640 Lock

Remember, as The Block loses HP, it loses Lock.

1000hp = 400 lock
750hp = 300 lock
500hp = 200 lock
250hp = 100 lock

As you can see, for every 250hp that your The Block has, it has another 100 Lock.

With a 1000 Lock cap, you reach that by having a Block with 2,400 HP.
Your Sadida would then need 12,000 max HP to achieve.

The benefit beyond that then would be that it will take longer for the 1000 lock to drop as the Block would not be losing any lock until it drops below 2,400 HP.

- Kat

Quoting myself from the question's on dolls thread.

- Kat

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