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Well, if anyone else gets the message from support to try again in 7+ days, I just waited 8 days and tried again today. The Paypal problem does not seem to be solved by this. Still does not work.

- Kat

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Couple more questions.

- Are the Trees affected by the Sadida's Masteries (i.e. do they get partial or all of the masteries) or does it have its own stats? If so, this would determine whether you could use any of the Trees or really only the Tree of your element (such as with Greedies and Ultra-Powerfuls). This as it looks though would only affect the Air and Earth Tree ideas you have as I'm not sure how Masteries would affect the boosts of the Water Tree.

- Are the Trees affected by the level of the Spells used to create them (such as it is with the new Sram in that the level of the spell is the level of the Trap) or do the Trees Levels match that of the Sadida like our Dolls? The later of which of course would make it easier for any elemental Sadida to use, but is normally weaker than if it was the former.

- Kat

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Quote (Neneko88 @ 31 July 2014 05:19) *
They work how I want them to work, go read the posts again.

Thank you for being ignorant and ignoring that every class shares many things (coney, inflatable) (manifold glyph, feca glyph) (sinistros, lethargic). Tree blocks LOS and has different effects.

Keep making your essays, your points don't make sense at all and I keep proving them wrong all the time.
If you don't like this tree idea then ignore it, other people here liked the idea.

Remember that spam is against the rules

What's really funny is that everything you say about this class is completely off. Specially the stuff about "wakfu not being dofus" just because of 1 spell idea. That already proves that you're trolling and not looking to contribute anything to this topic.
I have and just did read them again. You actually have made many changes to your old posts throughout this thread. If you'd like people to reread your entire thread again every time you make a change, that may be asking a bit much. Normally once someone has read each post thoroughly in a thread, they then read all the new posts as they come out, not even thinking that one is going to go and try and change what they've said. Or at least when they do, they add a post at the end mentioning that changes have been made.

I understand that spam is against the forum rules. Ankama's description of that is in general repeating the same thing over and over again. While I do ask you questions, it is always in response to something new from when you responded back to me. Many of the questions are different as well, thus not considered flooding by Ankama's description.

You on the other hand would be hitting catagory "c) Abuse" with many of your comments falling under the "belittling" nature. You have multiple times called me illiterate, ignorant, and even delusional. On your topic itself, the Trees, you say I don't like it when I specifically said the opposite, but asked for further details and I wasn't the only one who did.

I also as you may have noticed am one to respond to any post directed toward me. As at least to me, since we're not talking face to face, is a way of me saying, "Yes, I've read your latest post". To me that is just being courteous.

After rereading them all again, you know have some questions answered. Though in multiple points instead of consolidated to the OP post. It may help to place it all there in one spot. Some questions are left unanswered still.

- What is the range of the Aura's on the Trees? Do they have to be adjacent to it? Can they be 2/3/4 spaces away?
- Can the Trees stack their Auras (can they overlap)?
- Is the amount you listed on the Auras the level 200 effect?
- Are the efffects of the Auras lost upon leaving the Aura's range? Or do they stay?
- How long do the effects last?
- Can you walk out of the Aura and back on (either to the same one or a different Tree's) and get more of the effect?
- Are there any restrictions on placement of the Trees?
- Is WP the only limit on how many Trees you can have?
- Do the Trees follow an HP system like the Dolls or do they have Charges? For either, will there be new passives to boost this? Or will that just be tacked onto an existing one?

This is what I meant before on, "How does it work?".

- Kat

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posté Today - 03:10:53 | #4
Thank you again Kiku. Loving the details and I don't really have anything to add to your post.

Alright Neneko, lets just ignore the fact that you fell the need to continue to pile on insults (which is against the forum rules), like calling others dilusional and just focus on your last post.

Quote (Neneko88 @ 30 July 2014 20:14) *
Why have more dolls before the revamp?

What are you talking about? More dolls before the revamp? Did I miss something as I believe you said you've been playing a long time (which should be true unless you've just been lurking the forums all these years), but we have more dolls after the current revamp. Not more.

This of course could be you're not explaining yourself properly and if so, I apologize for jumping to conclusions.

Quote (Neneko88 @ 30 July 2014 20:14) *
Why have trees in dofus?

And your point? This is not Dofus. This is Wakfu. It may be made by the same company, but they are different games, which is why I play Wakfu. Not Dofus. Things like this have been brought up in other classes too. Check out the recent threads in the Cra Forum. There was one asking for a Water Tree because in Dofus there was one. This was shot down of course with the same reasoning. This is not Dofus.

Are you looking for a carbon copy of Dofus? Would you like it if every class was exactly the same? Would that not be boring when you could just play Dofus then?

Why not look at it this way. Say one enjoys the Final Fantasy VII materia system. They then play Final Fantasy VIII but dislike the juction system (which I personally love both). They then complain at why they couldn't just have the old materia system back. Come on, it was in the last game. The game is made by the same company. They're both called Final Fantasy. Summons and Magic have the same names (relatively depending on the translation team). So why not?

Because they are different games.

Quote (Neneko88 @ 30 July 2014 20:14) *
Why does a tree have to move?

Who said anything about trees needing to move? Did you? Did I? Did anyone else in this thread or are you attempting sarcasm over the internet (which doesn't work as sarcasm is conveid in tones which you cannot add to text, no matter how hard you try)?

Quote (Neneko88 @ 30 July 2014 20:14) *
By the way if you want to add numbers go ahead. The idea is not only mine, add numbers to trees if you like the tree idea. If you don't like the tree idea then there's need to ask for numbers.

I know the ideas not only yours. As you mentioned in the post with you tree ideas that you are just piggybacking off of Niddhoggy's suggestion. I also made several posts in that thread already about it and he has numbers of his own.

I could then ask you this:
- Why start a new thread that is just a continuation of anothers? You could have easily have bumped his thread with your suggestion of changing the trees he suggested to your own.
- Since normally threads on a public forum are to up for discussion, I'm guessing you wanted to talk about your ideas. So I think it only natural that you add numbers to your own idea. Or is that too much work

In the end you are just throwing out a quick concept with no substance.
No plans on how it will work.
No idea of the values of your own ideas.

You ask everyone else to do any legwork for your own ideas.

I could do the same, such as:
Sadida's with their Voodoo magic should have been one of the classes that had a revive, like the Xelors. I'm not going to talk about how it will all work, what it will replace or for what reason. Just that they should have it. If you want to know how it works, you can figure it out yourself.

See, does that not now sound silly? If I was to actually propose an idea, I would back it up with everything else that I asked you in my last post, which you so seemingly avoided each and every question.

Quote (Neneko88 @ 30 July 2014 20:14) *
By the way here's Dofus trees Click here

Yes, there are trees in Dofus. And?

I already went over this above. This game is not Dofus, no matter how much you seem to want it to be. In Dofus there are Dofus to collect. Should we be able to collect them in Wakfu as well? When even if that would conflict with the story? Dofus has it, so we should obviously have it too with that reasoning.

To be continued...

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posté Yesterday - 21:48:25 | #5
The lowest level Epic in the game is the Trool Warrior Spikes from the Trool dungeon and yes, you can wear both this and the Gelano at the same time, but the Trool Warrior Spikes has a condition that it caps your Max AP at 11, like how the Sat Ring caps your Max AP at 10. So wearing the Trool Warrior Spikes and the Gelano will still only net you a max of 11 AP.

The first Epic with an exotic AP and no restriction is the Bagus Shushu ring at level 125. Followed by the Lenald Walm Belt at level 135.

The Trool Warrior Spikes are really easy to obtain, with only a 5% drop rate (as long as you've gotten the achivements for the dungeon or it won't drop) if you want to check it out in game. Or else it is also on Wakfu-Elements.

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 12:10:47 | #6
Well, the numbers I posted for the Snoofle, Pick and Perfect Mine Helmet I've tested relatively thoroughly. Range is 1-6 with those three.

I know a couple people with the ring and the above and I don't believe any of them have ever gotten 10 with those 4 items. So a range of 1-9. I am at level 78 fisher and 100 for the other gathering, so I don't have the ring yet to give numbers tested by myself.

I've only known one person with all the items (3 bum sacks, the ring and rest) and they were getting 1-11 ore. At least I believe so. It may have been 1-12 ore. It has been over a year since that person has been online and I didn't make a note of it. Not sure I'll ever have even one Bum Sack to test with unless someone sells me one (or more).

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 09:19:00 | #7
Yes, it works, but they only boost your mining by +10%. Like with the Pick, just having one doesn't do anything.

This boost also if you didn't know only boosts the max you can get on a node. Not the minimum. So it is still possible to get a single Ore. Your average though of course should still be higher.

Base ore collection is 1-3.

With the three easiest items to get:
- Snoofle (+50%)
- Pickaxe (+10%)
- Miner Helmet (perfect crafted one, 25%)
Total of +85%, you can get 1-6 ore per node. (without the pick, you get 1-5)

The next easiest booster is the Companionship Ring. While time consuming to get, it is easier to get than a Bum Sack gives you another boost of +50%. With all 4 of those items, you get 1-9 ore per node.

Not having Bum Sacks myself, I do recall an oooooold post that having all 4 above items and 3 Bum Sacks will get you 1-11 ore per node. But again, you will be gymping how much you can carry. Even if you carry around your larger backs, you can only swap the bags if empty, so you'll not be able to carry much anyway, negating the whole point of carrying extra larger bags.

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 09:11:47 | #8
Actually most Fire/Water gear is more than likely made with Summoner's in mind. Sadida's and Osamodas' that is. They each benefit from just one of those elements, but both use the CMC damage and Control.

Gear mores specifically made for Water Xelors in mind normally has an increase in removing AP.

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 09:03:12 | #9
I have been enjoying many of your ideas and posts as of late Kiku. The HP was quite passable and I do remember some complaining they died to easily during the beta. I forgot to even mention the craziness that Explodoll used to be back then. But of course this is all just looking at the past through rose colored glass.

Quote (Neneko88 @ 29 July 2014 22:12) *
You bring no discussion to this topic

All you do is talk about how smallz this and smallz that. If you like the idea so much you would focus on the topic and nothing else. Who cares if someone in the topic said they hated Grou

You two have really bad reading comprehension o.o wow

About beta sadida, all you say is a lie

- Totem that could be place anywhere and without a push, couldn't be destroyed was game breaking
It could be killed by push damage. It could've gotten the same nerf beacons and barrels got about placing

- Dolls had insane HP
And? They were never overpowered because of this, a lot of times we ran out of WP, specially in pvp.

- Statting HP got exponentially better that it was the best stat and really the only stat Sadida's focused (along with other stats), Since Dolls had an ever higher base HP to work off the Sadida's, you had an unkillable army.
Unkillable? Were we playing the same beta? Can you bring up an archived topic about how overpowered sadidas/dolls were? If you believe we were overpowered then everyone else did too. Besides explodoll (not the fault of the dolls, it was just this spell), everything else about sadidas was balanced. I can find many topics about overpowered xelors, enis, cras, iops, and srams in beta. Can you find one about sadida and their dolls?

- Madolls had use with their -2mp, but because of no states such as resist to MP loss, it was easily abusable in that you could remove MP 100% of the time and make anything, boss or other player immovable.
It wasn't a sadida problem, every class had to be nerfed (hyper action and movement)

it's like you play in a different server where sadidas were the best class

PS Grou's revamp ruined the class, go ahead and defend him it won't change that
Aww, Neneko88, is what I wrote such to your dislike that you changed your OP post (though it's been quoted already not just by myself? I'm not sure how discussing spells that you proposed removing isn't contributing.

And then of course you not only go and insult both smallz117 and myself on our reading comprehension, you even bold it.

If you to question my reading comprehension, you are welcome to ask about myself and my education and I will go into detail on what I know so that you can make a comment about someone with some actual base to it.

The reason I mention smallz117 a handful of times is that he's said what I was thinking, and I was agreeing with him to show that it isn't just one person that is thinking that way. Or is it wrong for me to agree with someone else, but disagree with some of your thoughts?

You say my comments about the Beta Sadi's was all a lie, but then right away agreed that the Totem couldn't be destroyed without a push. You then mention that what could have happened, but something that didn't happen doesn't seem to mean anything. Most classes don't have a push spell to destroy the totem for PvP and more than not, most enemies in PvE don't have a push as well. You could even place the Totem in places that completely block movement. Find a map or corner and use it to block yourself in. Enemies could attack it, but just hurt themselves in full and you could completely avoid damage. If that wasn't game breaking, I'm not sure how you'd argue that one.

I never said the Beta Sadi was balanced and yes, I will agree that I over embeleshed on saying unkillable army, but even without Explodoll, you could create a handful of dolls that dealt decent damage and lasted a couple hits. Had a Tree that allowed you to be invincible too. You could then create dolls and make yourself immune for a turn. Dolls could be ignored by the enemy, but that would have been a waste of their turn as they couldn't hurt you. Now if you add Explodoll on top of that (and all it's glorious unbalancedness), Sadi's were quite broken and tanky with that HP. Because the Dolls got all their stats on their own as well, it didn't matter if you had damage on your gear as well if you didn't want. You could get full resist and HP gear while your little doll army got it's damage and levels on it's own.

You are right, all classes didn't have to deal with hyperaction/movement and it had to be nerfed, but level 100 Sadida's had it the easiest. Madolls were not that expensive and while with just -1mp (they were not used even much back then) at -2mp, with 2, you could get rid of most if not all of many mobs/players MP while then still being able to cast spells yourself.

I've always played on Nox and to me, Sadida's have been, and always will be the best class. But that is personal opinion and has nothing to do if they are balanced or need fixes.

You also go on how it was Grou's Revamp as it he single handedly did all the work on it. Since you seem to know for a fact that he was the only dev to work on it with having to answer to no one else. What I've said before and will say again is that I agree that the Sadida Revamp went poorly, but just the Sadida one. I don't think his later work was bad at all. As Kiku mentioned in the last post, Grou had some good ideas, they just didn't pan out right. Kiku actually explained what I was thinking quicker than I could find words for it in that last post. So I'll leave it at that.


Now back on topic.

Again, I like the "idea" of being able to summon a forest or plants with a Sadida. It's quite romantic sounding. I mention this in the same thread you linked by Niddhoggy.

The problem is not only implementation, but balancing. To do so, you need to go into greater detail on how it will work.

Niddhoggy's trees were essentially Cra Beacons in similarity how they worked. Now you are asking for Feca Glyphs, that just happen to block line of sight and movement with a big tree in the middle.

What size of Area of Effect do these trees have?

Can they be placed close enough or even next to each other, or is there placement restrictions?

Can the Aura's overlap and/or stack?

From the look of effects, they seem like they'd last till then end or so of the effected character/enemy's turn, but it would be nice for clarification of effects. Or do they disappear as soon as one leaves the Aura's AoE? If they do last, does re-entering another Aura (either from the same tree or another) stack on top of the other (if so, would you worry about abuse from someone stepping in and out of an Aura to keep stacking the effect?)?

What are the exact levels of the States you listed? Is there a limit or max level to the states?

You say you don't know the numbers or possibly don't want to think of some, but it makes it difficult to have a discussion on how all this will work and in the end just is a "nice idea", but no substance to talk about.

I could quote many of Kiku's posts throughout this thread as Kiku covers it all quite well. Though in the third post by Kiku covers this point nicely:

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 20 July 2014 22:35) *
Idea: nice
The need for it: close to none. A comsetic change to fit some taste.
What would it improve for sadida: hard to tell: either nothing will change or sadida would just use trees as the "reliable" summons who doesnt derp with ai.
Conclusion: Its just idea for more summons that do different stuff then current ones. Do we need more type of summons or should we modify current ones? A dolls with walking auras might be better, especially if they give us full control over them.

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 07:48:04 | #10
1. Not just the Scythes, but the Tombola's as well. Both of which not only spawn on the nation bridges, but in the first major area of each nation as well (not the tofu/gob areas). Drop rate of 2.5%.
2. As khackt said, the Ore Mining mini game. One ticket per try. Be warned, many have spent thousands of tickets, never to see a single one. No one knows the drop rate on them, but you can assume it is abysmally low. Bum Sacks also take up one of your bag slots and only have 10 slots on them. This can make them a hassle to use as of course you can only remove a bag (such as larger ones you may want to be using) if they are empty. Therefore if you get 1-3 Bum Sacks and decide to use them, you decide never to take them off, though you will be stuck with an much much smaller inventory.

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 05:08:29 | #11
Depends on the server what time is midnight. For Nox, it is PST (so the west coast).

A level 0 to max 50, takes 50 days to level. It's nice and simple now. Mounts follow the same rules.

It is also nice that if you die, they only lose 1 HP. They also only lose 1 HP when hungery every 3 days. So it takes a while for a pet to die and Osa Powders to heal and revive them are easy to make.

As Trolo said, only way to level them is by feeding them.

If you want to know what time it is in game, just type /time and it will show it to you.

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 03:08:38 | #12
Only free sidekick ever will be Astrub Knight to my understanding. You can, if not able to purchase Ogrines (like most at the moment) or just don't want to purchase Ogrines, buy one off the market.

Most sidekicks go for 100-150kk on Nox if they are new level one sidekicks. Though with the recent troubles with Ogrine purchases, some are trying to take advantage of that by putting up things like Krosmoglob for 500kk or so. A bit outrageous I know, but they shall do what they want.

- Kat

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posté July 29, 2014, 21:12:30 | #13
It's wonderful how you say I "wasted my time", assume what I've read or not read, and just generally lash at anything that doesn't agree with you from either smallz117 or myself as just being ignorant to the rest of the posts.

Like smallz117 said two posts ago, someone mentions something and another responds. If you didn't want it added to the discussion (such as the subject on Grou), you didn't need to continue it. Personally it doesn't matter either way, but when something is said, due responses normally come.

I've also mentioned twice in my posts that I like the idea of Sadida's having trees and that I would get to them in more detail, I just didn't have time in my recent posts. I also mentioned that I've read every post. I saw your posts that "oh if people really like these spells, we can think of what else to change" you posted after, but that doesn't say much. You offer no alternative thoughts on the matter and we are back to square one. Even if trees are added, what would have to be replaced or changed?

As far as going over your first three removal suggestions, this was a bit for me, as well as a way of showing my thought process. Sure, I could have done a more childish approach and just gone "derr, this is stupid, tees spells are great" without any explination what so ever. Leaving all in the dark as to why and it just becoming a silly comment/response than an actual discussion. But something like that to me are what I call posts that are a waste of time. Like your last couple of exchanges with smallz117, he even says he never mentions anything about trees and I looked it over again, he didn't, yet you keep going on how he (and myself) flat out doesn't like the idea. The you have a simple post just insulting him for being a jerk when I saw no such thing. He's done no name calling even after your said comment and his previous posts are simple responses.

Even if you feel like I've wasted my time with a post, there is no need for that. I spend my time the way I feel, and again, I like going over things in detail, be it at work or play.

I am actually most impressed with Kiku's posts in this thread so far, but like with the trees, I will get to that in due order (as I like going in order).

Quote (rmw1 @ 29 July 2014 11:22) *
Taking classes that play horribly, and making is slightly less horrible will make anyone happy. There are probably just a handful of people who believe Grou was "good" at his job.

The problem is that Sadi were good in beta. Then they were continually nerfed down, and then we were given an absolutely horrible revamp.

Go look at one of the "farewell Grou" threads. Funny enough, I am not sure any of them are still up because people just slammed him the entire time resulting in Sabi having to lock/delete them.

So much for your "Grou did good on a lot of classes".

Also, Grou was removed from the revamping and completely from the game/put onto another game. The Sram revamp was done by a completely different team. Grou released his "revamp preview" of the Sram, and there is not really anything that carried over that I saw into the new revamp done by the new team. EVERYONE seems pretty happy about the new revamp.
I remember these threads and read the posts in those to. 90% of which were just from Sadida players. Most were locked because of flaming, though most are still in the forums and not deleted.

On the Srams, if you compare the original pdf to the new one (of which I've commented extensively on both, watched all of Mango's streams too), you can see many of the ideas Grou did are still in use. From the water branch, to the double and to a lesser extent, how invisible works. There have been some amazing changes and the fun traps added back in, but Grou definitely had an influence on it all. Not everyone is happy about the revamp (specifically Lorechief/Felfire, who doesn't like the new invisibility, and I only single him out as he's an old guildy that quit than started up again on wakfu-asia without a how do you do), but both the early pdf and the current version were met with mainly positive votes. Only real complaint on the early Grou one was really the lack of traps. I do find it funny though how you specifically chose to use the words "removed" when while yes, he's no longer directly involved, you have no idea if they still talk with him for ideas or what the circumstances of what more important projects he is now working on.

Grou did good on a lot of classes works quite well. Other than the Sadida, which have ended up in such failure? I'm not hearing any. Eca, Feca, Eni and Xelor each ended very well and are so good many recommend them.

Sadida's were broken in the beta. They were a lot of fun to say the least, but with things like:
- Totem that could be place anywhere and without a push, couldn't be destroyed was game breaking
- Dolls had insane HP
- Statting HP got exponentially better that it was the best stat and really the only stat Sadida's focused (along with other stats), Since Dolls had an ever higher base HP to work off the Sadida's, you had an unkillable army.
- Madolls had use with their -2mp, but because of no states such as resist to MP loss, it was easily abusable in that you could remove MP 100% of the time and make anything, boss or other player immovable.

They really needed a nerf from that point. Though preferably not to that extent. The revamp went horribly, and we all agreed on that for Sadida's.

As I talked about other things, I'll get to Trees later again.

- Kat

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posté July 29, 2014, 14:15:20 | #14
Lvl 140:
- Wabbit Shawpshootew;
Ranged, AoE, Heals, two No LoS spells, can heal and damage at same time

- Kat

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posté July 29, 2014, 14:04:24 | #15
Sadly, I will correct myself. I earlier found a MOD post that stated inactivity is 3 months, not 45 days as I thought. 45 days as guild leader removes said leader and places the next highest rank member in the guild leader position.

As for a threshold on keeping the world, there would be a lot of arguments from those that already have them on what would be acceptable, if any. I personally bought my HW when they went for auction during that frenzy (90% of the money to buy it was from me, just like 90% of the buildings have been funded by me). It is still the guilds and my whole guild is free to mess around in it, even if they only really help with resources (which is almost only being done by one other). With just us two mainly focusing on the HW, and we play daily, adding a "rent" so to say on it would really hurt. To add something like that at this point would be very difficult (may have worked if it was something originally implemented).

Only thing I can think of other way to get a HW is to find a relatively inactive guild, or a guild that is quitting (as sadly people do leave games), work your way up the ranks and either get the leader to pass their title to you, or steal the title when they go inactive for 45 days and reshape the guild and haven world to your liking (though that does sound underhanded...).

- Kat

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posté July 29, 2014, 13:35:14 | #16
Not sure what's wrong with your Haven Bag, but I just checked mine again. No matter the tree cuttings, crop seeds or herb seeds, it's a 60% plant rate. While in general you will plant more than not with that much, the Haven Bag is best used for seed harvesting. This way, once you get your crops, you can just get more and more without planting again. This is one of the best ways to get Recourse Points for a Haven World as you can just fill it with Garden Gems (you really only need 6 sets of 2 if the weather is good). The plants in the Haven Bag are affected by the weather in which ever area you are in, so head when the weather changes, just move and you have crops growing in good weather again. To top it off, it travels with you and no one can steal your crops. I'd say this is good enough.

In haven worlds, it starts out at 30%. With the Laboratory level 1, you have a 50% and level 2 gets you to 75% planting rate for everything. You also get experience as well in a Haven World, unlike the Haven Bag (which again is portable and your personal use). This is also quite good. Work with a guild that is willing to have you and you'll have an amazing Haven World in no time. Or mooch off of another guild that already has a "complete" Haven World.

- Kat

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Quote (Bocheii @ 29 July 2014 10:01) *
Ush Cards are legendary

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With the introduction of Epics only one major patch ago, the last patch added more Epics, balanced a few others and Ush's Cards, because it had an exotic MP, became an Epic. It is listed in the Changelog as well as updated on Elements.

12ap with 6mp and 11ap with 7mp are the current maxes you can get before battle.

- Kat

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Lard as in Larduous Set (level 118-121 items). It is the crafted set from Dragon Pig Blood (from said U. It is one of the highest level Fire/Water sets in the game and has the highest level Fire/Water eps in the game (until Enurado is added, then there will finally be something higher level, but that item is 154 to the 119 of the Larduous Eps, so you're still better off getting the Lard Eps in the mean time).

- Kat

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I did read your posts carefully. I always read every post in a thread before I post in it (even the threads with 5+ pages prior as I hate to be one who asks a question someone already answered previously). You misunderstand when I said,

Can talk about this more after work in greater length.
I meant I was at work (on my lunch break) and couldn't really get into a longer chat at the time. Going into greater length would be what I'm going to do (and did just below).

I only mention the other classes as you seem to, quite often, focus on only what Grou did in the Sadida class, as if that is all he's ever done and if I was in his shoes, while I'd feel bad at first, even I'd become quite stubborn with continuous flamming and start to ignore it all. But again, enough on that.

I like constructive discussions well over name calling/ blaming/ flaming.

Now this is going to get text heavy as I like thorough explanations of thoughts (be them mine or others).

Please remove

Vaporize (we need to get control by leveling doll link to max)
While I do believe Vaporize shouldn't be a spell, as it is only used to control dolls and leveling it does not benefit anyone, I do not agree with a permanent control with Doll Link. As mentioned before in multiple other threads where you bring this up, while controlling dolls will fix the derpyness of the AI problems, it can cause others to happen as well.
- If a Sadida lags and has multiple dolls on the field, each one will wait out its 30 seconds (plus the pauses between turns while the chat says "Waiting on said Sadida"). With 6 dolls, that's three and a half minutes.
- What do you do if you do not want to control your dolls in a fight. I personally like manipulating the dolls at times, but other times it is fun to watch your little army run rampant. Once you've maxed Doll Link, you'd be locked out for good (which wouldn't bode well as even before level 200, we will be able to max all 10 specialties with some wasted points). You then are forcing the player to decide to always control dolls or never control dolls.

If anything, control should be added to an active specialty, not a passive. While this wouldn't be a perfect solution, but why not have something like Sic'm More self cast cause control over your dolls for a turn? Then you could get your control when you wanted and no control when not needed. Again though, a simple thought.

Please remove

poisoned wind (this will never matter, the damage will never be worth it compared to woodland stench)
This one I cannot agree with. Sure, Woodland Stench is a straight up damage dealing spell for the Air branch. However I find Intoxicated a poor mans Hemorrhage. It builds only to 100, dealing -30 air damage at max and then disappears after dealing damage. Needing to be completely reapplied each and every turn. Making for a quite redundant build. You are not able to change your spell rotation if you want to keep max stacks each turn without dolls and even with dolls themselves, they are quite fragile. To top that off while making the dolls, you cannot stack your Woodland Stench yourself. But that is a whole other thing on the cost of an Ultra-Powerful and Dolls in general.

At spell level 100, you need 5 casts of Woodland Stench to get the full effect (20 levels per cast).
For 4 casts to max it, you need spell level 127 (25 levels per cast).
And 3 casts, which is the minimum, you'll need to wait till spell level 174 (34 levels per cast).

Without dolls, the average person will need to wait till they hit Level 174 to get the full effect as for 4 casts, you would not only need a relic and epic, but they would each need to have an exotic AP as well (plan ahead). This of course because most will be stuck with a 10 AP build.

With dolls, you will need at least one ultra-powerful charged with a Woodland Stench. This takes an entire turn as it costs 6ap just to make the doll, and another 3ap and 1mp just to allow it to memorize the spell. This is a lot of set up of course for a doll with only 17% of the Sadida's max HP that also only gets to use 60% of its Air Mastery. It can at least cast 6ap worth of spells. So for Woodland Stench, that is two.

On the other hand Poisoned Wind has quite lackluster damage, but it makes up for it with a quite unique poison, Tetatoxin. This wonderful little thing can damage up to -12 air damage at max (level 100 like Intoxicated) per AP and MP used by the enemy as well as -12 air damage per cell when dragged (to give synergy with K'mir fun) and it ends at the end of the enemies turn. Mango already showed how this is all kinds of buggy fun in PvP, as the Tetatoxin poison hits the enemies HP directly, ignoring the PvP bonus HP. With K'mir to drag them around and them desperately trying to kill you before you do it again, but in the process hurting themselves even more by the Tetatoxin, grants a little smile to the Sadida.

Poisoned Wind also has a lower cost (though applies less levels of its poison because of that) allowing even a 10ap build to cast it 5 times and the Ultra-Powerfuls to cast 3 times.

Comparing spell levels gained per AP at level 200, Poisoned Wind gains 12.5 Tetatoxin per AP and Woodland Stench gains 13 Intoxicated per AP,but in actuallity 9.75 levels per AP/MP. I believe that the higher base damage on Woodland Stench over Poisoned Wind is because of the not only the greater gain in levels of the poison of Poisoned Wind over Woodland Stench, but because of the damage the poison itself can do.

With Tetatoxin, the enemy only need use 3 AP/MP or be dragged to already surpass Intoxicated's damage, but let us look at over all damage as well from the spell.

Let us go with the minimum. I shall use 10ap builds or lower as not everyone has an Epic and Relic (much less ones with exotic AP).

9ap and 3mp is required (at level 174+) to cast enough Woodland Stench to build max Intoxicated.
Base (-77) * Casts (3) + Intoxicated (-30) = -261 Air Damage

10ap only (at 166 minimum level, but lets go to 174 like with Woodland Stench to keep the damage levels the same) to cast enough Poisoned Wind to build max Tetatoxin.
Base (-16) * Casts (5) + Tetatoxin (?) = -80 + ? Air Damage

Now if the enemy does nothing because of being afraid of triggering Tetatoxin, you did a free -80 Air damage. Not a lot, but free with no retaliation. However this isn't normally the case. Let's see now much the damage gets to as they decide to move and or use spells.

Per AP/MP used (? in formula above):
1 = -92 Air Damage
2 = -104 Air Damage
3 = -116 Air Damage
4 = -128 Air Damage
5 = -140 Air Damage
6 = -152 Air Damage
7 = -164 Air Damage
8 = -176 Air Damage
9 = -188 Air Damage
10 = -200 Air Damage
11 = -212 Air Damage
12 = -224 Air Damage
13 = -236 Air Damage
14 = -248 Air Damage
15 = -260 Air Damage (about the same as the above Woodland Stench/Intoxicated)
16 = -272 Air Damage (the average total of a player, 10ap 6mp)
17 = -284 Air Damage
18 = -296 Air Damage
19 = -308 Air Damage (maxed out player, 12ap 7mp)
20 = -320 Air Damage
21 = -332 Air Damage
22 = -344 Air Damage (crazy Xelors and their 15ap 7mp)

We can go on, but as long as the bosses and other enemies get more and more AP and MP (and I honestly don't know, but how many are immune to Tetatoxin, if any?), the poison just grows and grows in damage. Even in PvP (lets pretend it damages PvP health too), if the enemy ignores the poison and does their full spell rotations, they'll most likely be taking as much if not more damage than from the Poisoned Wind/Intoxicated combo, as those max out and cannot be greater (though their benefit is not needing to rely on the enemy to do things). And even if they chose to be frugal about how they spend their points, that means they're doing less to you.

Looking at bosses, Black Crow and Excarnus are the only ones that are under that 15 AP/MP mark. All other UB's have more and spend more. Most standard bosses have a minimum of 10ap 5mp, even at early levels. High level enemies also tend to exceed this amount (and I've never seen a normal mob with a resistance to Tetatoxin). With the encyclopedia the way it is now and elements never having spells or states listed though, I again don't know if there are any bosses that are immune to Tetatoxin.

Of course it all comes down to personal preference. The consistancy (and less ability to move around) from Woodland Stench, or the ability to deal more damage (or if dealing less, taking less) all the while laughing as they hurt themselves from Poisoned Wind.

Oh, and of course you can do everything that Woodland Stench does, but at a range of 1 with K'mir. It's base damage is almost the same (if you include the MP with the AP in Woodland Stench, it's a base of 22 per, while K'mir is a base of 21 per). This means you can do the above with just 12ap instead of 10ap 3mp (though you'd need to be next to the target). If you are and still have all your MP (6 or 7), you also get to drag the silly enemy around. With another Sadi to stack the Poison Wind, you're then forcing them to the 7 mark on the list above already. Or by yourself, you could do something like cast K'mir once and Poisoned Wind 3 times (at 12ap and level 174 to match the above) for:
K'mir Base (-74) + Intoxicated level 34 (-10) + Poisoned Wind (-16) * Casts (3) + Dragged (lets say 6) * Tetatoxin level 61 (-7) = -204 Air Damage
This is of course before the enemy even spends any AP or MP. The enemy only need spend 8 AP and/or MP and it will already increase that damage to -260, rivaling both the Pure Woodland Stench and Pure Poisoned Wind casts listed before. And from there it just keeps going up and up (though of course at -7 instead of -12, so at a slower rate per AP and MP, as the Tetatoxin's level isn't maxed).

Personally all that from above I feel makes Poisoned Wind have much more personality and fun to it (and potential higher damage to the enemy or less received damage to oneself).

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Please remove

earthquake (no one likes this spell except a few people. In the French forum no one likes it)

I'll agree with you on this one. It is really only used as a Green Guard trigger. That being said, it is the best Green Guard trigger and doesn't use any of your AP. With 5mp (if you don't move), you are (almost) guaranteed to trigger it every turn. I would miss that. This, along with my +2 range gives my Sadi unprecedented map coverage. Without this as a Green Guard trigger, would you suggest something in its place?

Also, while it is thee trolliest spell in the game if you do build around it, it does deal -78 Earth damage for 1mp. With 5 casts, that's -390 Earth Damage and you still have all your AP to cast more spells. This will make you a greater gambler than an Ecaflip, but the payoff when it works will shock others. And when it doesn't, it will still shock them as you just killed yourself.

To be continued (getting sleepy and still haven't gotten to the trees part),

- Kat

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Quote (Neneko88 @ 28 July 2014 21:58) *
ok what's your point then?

He didn't listen to the players. It might not be his fault but he was the one revamping them. The point we're all trying to make is that with him gone they can consider more things now.

Sadidas used to have a tree spell (v2 beta) btw, just like sram had a trap spell. What we're asking is for that tree spell to be brough back (it's the only nature spell that the class had and a lot of us like the idea). But not just the Englsh forum, the French players asked for it as well.

If you don't like the topic you can ignore it. Please make a topic about Grou somewhere else. Let Azael and Dy7 consider these ideas without you trying to cause conflict.
Since when did I say I didn't like the topic?

All I commented was that your view on Grou that is completely skewed to how the Sadida revamp went and seemingly nothing else. As smallz117 says in the post above, he listened during the Eni and Xelor revamps and those turned out quite well. So did the Feca revamp (though on Feca, I don't know how much he was involved).

Remember, he has to answer to his employers before the community. That is his job. Possibly he was (of course this is all conjecture) to do the Sadida revamp one way and Ankama liked it and said to go through with it no matter what they read online. After it was taken so badly, he was told to look at the forums more and follow feed back. Of course this means they never got back to the Sadida's to fix the problems of before.

Also starting a new thread to respond to a comment in another seems a bit redundant, no? I'm also not trying to cause a conflict. To me it seems to be more on you as you are being quite negative on someone you don't really know over a singular situation. But enough on that.

As far as this topic goes, I do like the idea of having plants or trees. Though I would like to see a more thorough plan on how it would all work. Can talk about this more after work in greater length.

- Kat

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