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posté Today - 05:46:03 | #1

Quote (carloscv @ 20 December 2014 05:33) *
Is this costume male- locked? If so, are there going to be female costumes coming?
There are no costumes in Wakfu that are locked to a gender, though there are two (or was it three) that change their looks because of a gender.

That being said, no matter what, anyone should be able to equip the Grinch costume. Though it most likely will look the same no matter who wears it (the male look no matter what), like how the Valkyrie costume has a permanent female look, breasts and all, but male characters can still wear it.

- Kat

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posté Today - 05:14:23 | #2

Quote (Chompers @ 20 December 2014 05:05) *

Quote (kurokat @ 20 December 2014 03:46) *

5. If you gift a 5000+ ogrine order to a friend (say as a present), would you still get the costume? Would your friend get it instead, even though you spent the ogrines? Or would neither receive the costume?

I doubt that would work as you are not spending them but simply transferring them.
Actually that was meant as spending that much on items for a friend. As I do not believe you can give Ogrines themselves to others.

Therefore, in that situation, you are buying, say that Holiday Drago-Steed pack for 8000 ogrines and gifting it to a friend. Does that get you the costume? Them the costume? No costume at all? That was my question on #5.

- Kat

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posté Today - 03:48:54 | #3
I also didn't think there ever was or is a cap on block. It was just before it was suuuper hard for any class to get close to that because of needing to get most of your block from gear. Making Feca's the only ones that could get close to that 100 block.

- Kat

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posté Today - 03:46:11 | #4
Or, once you get the ogrines through steam, you have them on your account and can just use those ogrines on the Wakfu main website.

- Kat

Normally when there is a special offer like this, it shows up in your basket when you meet the requirements, so you know that you are going to get it, in this case it isn't so.

1. So I would like to know if purchasing anything (in a single purchase) that is 5000 ogrines or more in total, would get you the costume?

2. Or is this a purchase 5000 or more ogrine pack thing, and not actually spending your ogrines?

3. Has this offer already begun? Or do we need to wait till tomorrow for it to be valid?

4. Has anyone tried and received the costume yet?

5. If you gift a 5000+ ogrine order to a friend (say as a present), would you still get the costume? Would your friend get it instead, even though you spent the ogrines? Or would neither receive the costume?

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posté Yesterday - 23:27:23 | #5
Would love that costume, especially if it had the Xelor mask as well on the character while wearing it.

And of course the Owl. It would force your arm to always be out with the owl sitting on it like that =^.^=

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 17:44:41 | #6

Quote (Seraeph @ 19 December 2014 14:05) *
Hm, guess they held back since 'Xelorium' was apparently suppose to go up to 175, based on the gear itself in the encyclopedia.
Not at all. With every new update, there is always gear that requires Kit Skill to use. Therefore the level cap will always be lower then the highest level equipment. In other words, the 165 cap is just right as you can get up to +10 kit skill (cap on kit skill) to be able to wear that level 175 gear.

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 16:55:07 | #7

Quote (Kwikacz @ 19 December 2014 15:27) *
Hey there !
I bought this harness, double clicked, learned and how do I active the outfit ??? My Drago-Steed is still normal ?? ?? Please help !!!
Like any costume you then need to equip it. Just like costumes for your character, pets have a costume interface. Click on your pet to open the pet window (same window you use to feed it). On the left side of the box (right side is where you would feed it), there is a square for costumes, click on that to open the pet costume window and equip your pet costume by clicking on the one that you want your pet to wear.

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 07:13:00 | #8
With max Portal allowing for no LoS castable portals, close combat little Elio's are using Unleashed Blade a bit more.

Unleashed Blade is still a powerful spell that if you make use of it every other turn it can turn. It does require a plan to have a secondary spell rotation for the off turns to keep the damage up. In general, this spell is a wonderful deterent for enemies (mainly other players) from camping on your portals. They try and stop you from using them, punish them away for extra burst.

However, again, with no LoS portals, the thought is to set up your portals yourself. This is actually something that I'd advise against.

Here is the math to back up why.

3ap (Portal directly behind the enemy) + 2ap (whirlwind to push them on to the portal) + 5ap (Unleashed Blade) = 10ap total

0 damage (Portal) + 54 damage (Whirlwind at level 200) + 225 damage (Unleashed Blade at level 200) = 279 damage total

This then comes to only 27.9 damage per AP/MP.

As such you are actually lowering the damage you could be doing a turn just to set up a portal. Whirlwind alone already deals 27 damage per AP/MP and Unleashed Blade without the enemy on a portal deals 35 damage per AP/MP. You're much better off in other words using just a high damage rotation to take full advantage of the high damage.

- Kat

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #811838  Replies : 9  Views : 382
posté Yesterday - 05:53:52 | #9
The AoE of the spell is only a Circle2. Many classes actually use this size AoE, including the new Elio's and their Tempest. Iop's and Fogger's use it all the time with their "Wrath AoE" spells (or so Circle2 AoE's are called on the forums as Iop's fire spell Wrath was the most commonly used spell with the same AoE).

It isn't usually a problem with friendly fire as long as your teammates know what spells you use (just as you should know theirs). Manifold Brambles can be quite useful as it has already great range and is boostable with a huge AoE. However like with most 6ap spells, they tend not to see much use until you have 12ap (relic and epic with exotic AP on both required for that). Once you do, it is wonderfully fun to double cast it each turn on groups of enemies.

- Kat

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #811815  Replies : 9  Views : 310
posté Yesterday - 03:01:01 | #10
Dimensional Shield from the new Xelorium content will be nice as it seems everyone will be getting one for free from I believe a quest. It does have of course the level 160 requirement on it.

More on the only needing 11ap and still hitting 12ap with Rage, you could get an exotic AP on only your relic and then use the new epic shield, Durable Shield:
+1 MP
+400 HP
+15 Block
+40 Resist.

With that, you have (again no lock) absolutly amazing HP with decent block and great resists. On top of that it has an exotic MP on it. This allows for a 11/7 build, bringing you to 12/8 while in Rage mode. Quite a nice choice actually. It is however a level 173 epic and the new level cap is 165 (mentioned by Sabi) with the release of Xelorium, so you'll need 8 kit skill while at the level cap to use it.

The Breath of Life dagger that Night mentioned in the last post, for those that do not know, is a new level 168 dagger being added with the Xelorium content and only one of three new daggers being added. The other two being duo-element daggers, while the Breath of Life being the only tri-elemental.

The other two daggers for completeness sake are:

New Ancients' Dagger (level 172)
+100 HP
+20 Dodge
+20 Initiative
+3% Critical Hits
+80% Damage to 2 random elements
+30% Heals

Intemporal Dagger (level 160)
+70 HP
+25 Dodge
+15 Initiative
+2% Critical Hits
+50% Damage to 2 random elements
+25% Backstab Damage

- Kat

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #811750  Replies : 20  Views : 699
posté Yesterday - 00:09:09 | #11
Ah, always forget about the wondrousness that is Block. With stating that I would also take a shield with high block/res/HP as well. That should alleviate a lot of the, as you say, fluffy part of the class. It's not terribly less damage as well for a whole lot more tankyness as well as more lock.

Such as a Wo Shield at level 150 for:
+198 HP
+40 Lock
+8 Block
+30% Resist (all elements)

Or at a lower level, a Khiel's Aegis at level 100 (relatively cheap to get one):
+120 HP
+20 Lock
+5 Block
+20% Resist (all elements)

With the Rage passive and keeping yourself below the 50% max HP threshold, you can still do a 12ap build without the help of an exotic AP on a relic. This would allow for an Asse Shield relic at level 145:
+1 Range
+371 HP
+15 Initiative
+19 Block
+50% Resist. (all elements)
+15% Resist. (CH)
+15% Resist. to attacks from behind

A great tanking shield no doubt, though you'd be wasting a stat point on it as Elio's don't benefit from +Range. Upside is that the aura is Bubbles and who can argue with that? Other than the wasted +Range, it also does not have any +lock, but the Res, Ini, HP and Block are all amazing. And again, Bubbles.

- Kat

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Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #811677  Replies : 20  Views : 699
posté December 18, 2014, 19:47:12 | #12

Quote (MrBeefy @ 18 December 2014 19:07) *
I'll just come out and say it, typically in a group normally playing, everyone is looking for an eni, and for good reason. The sustainability for sure, but mostly because it's the only class with a revive and in any case at any time, should something happen, its nice to be able to just res your toon instead of having him have to come back from phoenix. Furthermore, with an eni in your party you basically dont need to worry about bread except later dungeons. I would strongly suggest picking an eni as your support class. As for the rest of the composition, it seems balanced well, there is some good up front damage as well as a decent tank line, while still having good damage come in from behind. So long as you balance the elements you choose to use I'd say this is a great party.
Xelor's have a revive. Elio's have prevention (not as good as a revive as it requires planning ahead of time, but still worth noting). Lumino Sidekick has a revive. Of those, only Lumino has heals as well like an Eni.

Xelor's are a great choice for a revive and amazing damage, possibly AP support as well depending on the build. If you already have another class or two with heals, like a Water Sadi or Water Masq, a Xelor with Mummification may be all you need instead of an Eni.

Not to say that Eni's are not great to have around, but it's not the only option.

- Kat

Thread : General  Preview message : #811331  Replies : 6  Views : 314
posté December 18, 2014, 09:59:06 | #13
If for whatever reason you did want to switch to a mono Elio build. Water in my opinion would be the most viable. Mainly because of Wakmeha in its Exalted state. The additional damage it gains is non-reducible, so even if the enemy has suuuuper water res, that little bit of extra damage will always go through.

- Kat

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #811046  Replies : 7  Views : 282
posté December 18, 2014, 09:12:11 | #14
Against normal mobs: Yes, but will take some time.

Against bosses: While technically possible with the perfect gear, in general, no. Thankfully you should be in a party anyway, but you'll sadly be more dead weight in the damage department on the team. As an Elio, you'll still be able to offer portal support, but little else if you're not able to deal damage, which is a main role of the Elio's.

- Kat

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #811033  Replies : 7  Views : 282
posté December 18, 2014, 08:51:32 | #15
Any class can be technically played mono throughout the entirety of the game. It is just highly not recommended for any class to do so. This would in a big part be because enemies have different resistances and if they are resistant to the now singular element that you use, you're out of luck. On top of that, in terms of gear availability, it goes 2 > 3 > 4 > 1 in the number of elements that you find on gear. This is even more evident the higher level the gear is. Mono builds have not really been recommended since the end of the open beta.

This however in general is a good thing.

Normally, it is recommended to mono element until level 30, respec to a duo element until level 80, then decide if you want to stick with duo element afterward or respec to a tri build.

This is because at lower levels, gear doesn't offer much for damage, so mono builds offer a bit extra punch early on.

In the mid level ranges and then throughout the rest of the game duo element gear is the most common and allows for greater versatility in your build.

Tri element gear is the hardest to come by though is a bit easier the higher level you get. In the end, normally Tri builds are recommended as it allows for the greatest flexibility and the most amount of maxed (or near maxed) spells. Thus generally a more enjoyable time as you're now not casting the same two spells over and over (at least hopefully you are). Tri is however normally recommended to be held off on until you've collected the gear first before switching over and sticking with duo until then to make the most of your gear.

Again, the above is general for almost every class.

- Kat

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #811027  Replies : 7  Views : 282
posté December 18, 2014, 07:25:16 | #16
Well, yes, but like with any class, you can change that a bit with equipment. Focusing more on equips with high Res and HP than damage (lock too). This means use a shield, which not many do because of wanting higher damage. It also means to not focus or rely on the berserk mechanic of the Elio's. Using the berserk mechanic only as a last resort when the enemy doesn't leave you alone.

For close range, you don't just have to rely on the Earth spells either. They have Barrier in the water branch and the famous Unleashed Blade in the earth branch. Torrential Flux can also can also be argued that it is meant for a close combat use (because of the boost it gets for locking down an opponent on it).

That's 1 water, 2 air and 3 earth spells. 6 close combat spells.

Elio's also are not any more of a glass cannon than than any other class that doesn't have a shield mechanic. They just seem that way when trying to keep them at low health.

They actually work quite well as Iops in doing close combat and jumping around.

- Kat

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #811007  Replies : 20  Views : 699
posté December 18, 2014, 06:44:44 | #17
Well, look at it this way:

Mono Earth: Make use of high damage close combat. Along with locking (-MP helps that concept). Your close range berserker.

Mono Water: Ranged attacker with a bit of support.

Mono Air: Mid range with highest damage with a bit of support.

Water/Air: High Damage and mid to high range.

Water/Earth: Can be either close combat or ranged combat depending on the choice of spells.

Earth/Air: Versitile AoE set up. High damage.

Tri Close Combat: Mix of close combat spells from all 3 branches.

Tri Long Ranged: Use of mainly portal compatible spells.

They seem to have all sorts of combinations that you can work with for a build that fits your play style. Each element has a main focus, but one or two spells that exactly fit. However they fit when doing more than one element with each other. Clash to me is for a Duo or Tri build that is making use of ranged portal attacks. For mono Earth, I believe one should more focus on the other spells that fit with each other.

- Kat

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #810992  Replies : 20  Views : 699
posté December 18, 2014, 02:46:21 | #18
(still at work so not updated the spell ref sheet)

On the thank you for making it, it was my pleasure and thankfully not a lot of work. Just a little time adjusting one of the one's I had made previously to go with the Eliotrope spells (did one for the Sadida and the Fogger as I like to look at what all my spells do and easily compare them, yay for planning ahead).

If anyone wanted one done for another class, I'm more than happy to stop and make another, or else I tend to do them for classes that I'm currently playing (not sure why I never made one for the Masq or Sram since I play those a bunch too... possibly because their spells are easier to compare at a quick glance than the Sadida and Foggers.....).

- Kat

Spell page updated to explain spells going through portals as well as pointing out the exception, Whirlwind.

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Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #810939  Replies : 9  Views : 382
posté December 18, 2014, 00:55:32 | #19

Quote (Merriden @ 17 December 2014 23:58) *
Ask not what a guild can do for you, but what you can do for a guild.
^ quite this. It really isn't about what they can do for you, but why would they even want to let you join if you're just looking to use them? Guilds to me at least are a place to find like minded people to have a good time with and help each other out here and there (that's a two way thing).

Quote (saphiLC2 @ 18 December 2014 00:40) *
i wouldnt recommend you coming back just yet, ankama have no idea of what direction to take the game, they keep changing everything constantly so, unless u love raging, dont come back.
Yay for negative nancy.

MMO's have bugs. MMO's change. This has been true always with Wakfu as well, yet you are still here as well (at least on the forums). Plenty know how to play without raging including myself (though many of my RL friends speculate whether it is possible for me to ever get angry... I'm a lazy person and I find getting angry a waste of energy).

Personally I still love this game, bugs and all. Of course things could be better, but anything could always be better if you look around. Wakfu is still a unique game and you'll have a hard time finding another MMO like it.

It's quite easy to jump back into and even has a much better and quicker tutorial area to go through now for those that are new or just need a quick refresher.

I'm still always recommending people to play Wakfu for something different, fun and love turn based tactical games.

- Kat

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