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Quote (chenteramos @ 27 August 2014 03:36) *
You lose a control with trool eps so you can't have 8 control and have 11 so unless you get pdb or relic boots. Guys with the current system it isnt easy to have 8control and 11 ap. I think mango only player that knows what I'm talking about and also every other osa. I thank ya for trying to help but If you don't have a summon osa you probably don't know where we coming from.

P.S. I have looked at gear for hours so yea.....
It's cute how you seem to think you cannot have 8 control with 11ap. Did you read my last post?

From my own post:

You are given these choices for control:
- Belts
- Breastplates
- Epaulettes
- 1H & 2H Weapons
- Pets
You only need 3 control from any of these. So no, you don't need control on your Eps, and yes, you can even hit 12ap doing so, so 11 AP is even easier.

You have two choices of control pets now because they're being nice to the Wodent.

You then only need a control on two of the following:
- Belt
- Breastplate
- Weapon

You then do not need control on your Eps and can wear the easy to obtain Trool Eps Epic to get an easy 11ap.

Remember, you get your other 5 control from
- 1 base control
- 2 stated control
- 2 specialty control

Please read the posts others reply to you before you spout nonsense.

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 09:35:55 | #2
Oh, and since I only included the summon damage for Greedies and Inflatables, here is the Ultra-Powerful summon damage:

- Kat

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Quote (MidoElder @ 25 August 2014 16:25) *
Still victuses better then kamaracnids =D
Before I believe that, I'd have to see the base damages on the Kamaracnids spells for comparison.

Kamaracnids from the videos already have high damage, range and really great jumping around. They are pure damage dealers.

Victus are nice with decent damage, pulls, small AoE and a Damage and MP debuff. Sadly they cannot pull your allies. Damage with utility.

Why not keep some of each? When you don't need to utility of the Victus and just want to burst down the opponent, summon your Kamaracnids. You're allowed 5 summons, so take 2 of each and maybe a Wabbit Shawpshootew as your fifth for some heals with damage.

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 08:27:15 | #4
Sadida High Level Weapons (choices after Sept) Here are what I believe to be the best choices in weapons for a Sadida after the September Revamp.

2H Weapons

Of course in Mango's streams he used the Shovelone because of the high damage and the fact that he had a bug going that allowed him to still have 12ap with it, it is still an amazing weapon if you don't mind a 10ap build.

After looking over this all, I actually like the Arcus Shushu the best. If you don't need more Control, it offers Range with not only one of the highest Summon Damage, but since almost every Sadida Spell is both Ranged and Single Target, it is boosting those by 136%. For those spells, and for Summons, that is even higher than Mango's suggested Laughing Scythe (which is still an amazing weapon and doesn't need rerolling for elements).

I only included Eskarina's Hammer, even though it isn't as high of a level as the others to push my own little point in that I don't think it's that great, but a couple people seem to like bringing it up often because it has a WP on it. Because it has AP, WP and Control, it really lacks in the damage department. Which is just too important for boosting our little dolls. Even Fryou's Little Staff with a Djaul Dagger is better, you get 60% damage, 15% distance, 15% single target, AP, Control and WP, and your summons get 81%. To me, by far the better choice. In fact, in every way, other than the WP, is Martus Shushu better than Eskarina's Hammer. I actually think it's a fine upgrade with the amount of all the stats it gets. Either way though, both Eskarina's and Martus' are not my first choices for a Sadida with the way dolls get Damage.

1H Weapons + a Dagger

Djaul was chose because it is in my opinion the best 3 element dagger you can get. Amazingly easy to obtain. Has a WP on it and it has decent damage. The only other real choices are tri-element daggers are:

#The Bloodthirsty
#Lvl. 105 Legendary Dagger
+65 HP
+19 Initiative
+1% Critical Hits
+25% Damage to 3 elemenets
+10% Critical Hit Damage
+10% Berserker Damage

#Hagen Daggerz
Lvl: 115
+36 HP
+19 Initiative
+1% Critical Hits
+27% Damage to 3 elements
+10% Critical Hit Damage
+10% to single-target damage

The Bloodthirsty is decently easy to obtain, but doesn't offer much more damage to summons (32%). Hagen Daggers are not included either as they are just not wildly available, and also don't offer to much more summon damage (34%). They do however offer a bit more damage to the Sadida with the Single Target spells at 37%, but if we're really trying to boost the Sadida, that is what the Longblade is for.

While the Longblade Dagger is only duo-element, it offers the most damage out of any Dagger, which is why it was included. That and it is generally available. Nataraja Daggers have some nice Critical Hit Damage and Dodge, but offer less damage, and just chose the Longblade in the comparison above as it is cheaper to buy right now and has the higher damage.

Another option for your second had, at the cost of about 30% damage, you can put a Shield on instead. Because of the new Attributes (being able to stat +% Max HP), Shields are now a much more enticing and this still helps your dolls as while they get a bit less damage, they will have more HP along with the Sadida. Some nice options are:

#Wo Shield
#Lvl. 150 Mythical Shield
+196 HP
+40 Lock
+4 Block
+30% Resist.

#Armored Strong Shield
#Lvl. 160 Mythical Shield
+242 HP
+30 Dodge
+11 Block
+30% Resist.

Both offer a really nice boost to HP alone. At the moment, Attributes can boost it by +5%, bringing each to 205.8hp and 254.1hp each respectively. On top of that of course you get the 30% resists in exchange for that 30% damage from a dagger and some block on top of it. I only chose those two shields as examples as they are the highest level ones in the game so far and one is for lock, the other for dodge, depending on what you'd like.

With a 1H weapon, you can carry a Dagger and a Shield with you to suit the situation. Personally, if taking a 1H, I would take the Tigus for the range and that most of it's stats fit the Sadida (AoE not so much, but ah well). Frappus is nice for the control, but the combat is wasted. Picus is also a contender too as it has the highest damage (both in 3 elements and in distance, berserk too when you get desperate).

Thoughts? Or points you'd like to argue?

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 07:31:17 | #5
The set builder is by far my favorite part of Elements as I love to theory craft. Would love to see an improvement to this once the revamp comes out (with the new types of damage, mount slot, stasis damage calculation for foggers, sadida doll damage calculation, osamodas summon calculation, new atributes, ability to select the roll type damage to fully view the build).

Second most used thing (when it was working) is of course the Markets.

Mainly all of that to the Set Builder and fixing the Markets are the things I wish for in Elements (best Wakfu site ever).

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 03:36:05 | #6
While I'm not familiar with pure Fire Osa's, Air and Earth spells deal a very decent amount of damage as well as (like in Earth) some nice AoE's. If there wasn't, there wouldn't be many Osa's that don't play with summons.

- Kat

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posté August 25, 2014, 09:17:19 | #7
You do understand you can see the level of the pet before you buy it (if buying off of the market), right?

Of course pets you drop and buy from the cash shop directly are level 0 as they are new. Off the markets though, there are sold at all sorts of levels, from 0 to maxed out 50. Many only sell at 50 for the extra profit for putting the time into leveling it up for you. Others sell at level 0 as they'd rather not take time to level something they're not going to use. And of course some just put it up at a random level cause they need quick cash or got bored with leveling it.

- Kat

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posté August 25, 2014, 06:46:22 | #8

They've dropped a bit in level and lost the lock, but gained some PP (exclusive to belts now), more HP and more Res. All without dropping in damage. Other than that, they are relatively the same.

- Kat

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posté August 25, 2014, 06:36:05 | #9
1 - Pets need to be alive to give you stats (feed Osa Powder if it dies)
2 - Pets no longer gain XP from fights, nor can you feed them once every 6 hours for XP
3 - Pets no longer take over 3 months to level to max
4 - Pets are feed up to once a day and always gain a full level per feeding
5 - Pet feeding time is the same as the Almanax time (resets at server midnight), just feed your pet when you do the Almanax
6 - Now only takes 50 days exactly to max out a pet

System got simpler and easier to do. Pets also no longer lose 5hp when you die in battle, but just 1hp. They also only lose 1hp every 3 days of not feeding it instead of 1hp each day of not feeding it.

- Kat

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posté August 25, 2014, 06:07:28 | #10
After the update, the highest kit skill on gear is +2. Many more items have Kit Skill now (mainly +1's) to facilitate, but there will be no "Kit Skill" items like the Whispery Ring or Amuleto.

Even the Arachnee is droping a bit of Kit Skill from +5 to +4. So it will be the highest Kit Skill item in the game, but it does require you to use half a years worth of Almokens to get, which also cuts you short of getting a Meridia on that specific character (well, a half a year set back).

At the moment, where gear is more important than levels, it isn't necessarily abusable, but part of the game. After the September Revamp they are making leveling up a larger part of the game and gear at each level can be used by anyone with the new element rolling system. So people won't be needing Kit Skill because of the only gear with your element combinations being available every 15-20 levels.

- Kat

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posté August 25, 2014, 05:55:17 | #11
I would like to know what nerf you believe is coming to the Foggers. If anything they are getting an insanely nice buff.

Not only is it changing from the average of all 4 Elements + half of Stasis Spell Mastery to create the Stasis Mastery (as it is current) to only needing the average of the 3 highest Elemental Masteries of the Fogger + half of Stasis Spell Mastery (after update in september), but all gear is getting buffed as well.

To finish it off, secondary specialties (Ranged, Melee, Single-Target, Area of Effect and Berserk) all get directly applied to the Stasis Spells without being divvied up like the elemental spells. That is an insane buff.

Again, if you know of some incoming nerf, let us know. As it is currently, all Stasis Foggers will be getting a really high boost in damage (and still always get to attack the lowest Resist on the enemy).

- Kat

Continuing on on Foggers, for ranged with AoE, you would need Fire. Fire is currently really nice with a back and forth play of Glass Cannon to Tanky every other turn play. With really nice AoE and Range (almost every Fire Fogger Spell) and a high damage output and survivability (nice escape spell with Flame Fervor) and good map control with Rails that help yourself and allies for both Solo and Party play, Fire Foggers seem like a good fit for you.

In fact, no class seems to really be getting a nerf at all with this update which is a good thing.

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posté August 25, 2014, 02:05:42 | #12
You don't need general damage (it helps) but just high damage in a single element. Your highest element will translate to 50% of that and all of your secondary added together translated to 35% of that. So even with secondary damage, you will be boosting your summons.

With pets, you could get say a tofu for 25% gen damage, giving your summons 12.5% more damage or you could get say a control pet, which nets you control and 20% secondary damage for 7% damage to your summons. That's only a 5.5% difference in damage to summons and you get a control out of it.

So take a control pet if you understand what I just said above. That will also give you flexibility in gear as you only need 2 control from two of the 4 other slot choices.

Again, I also don't know how much you're going to be getting yourself from stats (how you allocate them, by doing mono element damage you can get even more in a single element, though I don't like mono builds normally as a personal thing). Also we don't know how spell levels (how many we'll get and such) and how much mastery we will gain from that yet.

Just going off of gear, since you only need 2 control (with a control pet). I would suggest getting any two of these:
- Wobotic Back-up Undewweaw. This is a high level belt (150) with control. I chose this over the Wa Wabbit's Corset of the same level as it has a secondary damage on it. Yes it's Combat/Melee damage, but it will still boost your summons even more as all secondary damage boosts the summons (it also has more res which is nice).
- Since you want 50% or more, on epaulettes, you have Eurado Sholder Pads and The Veiled Souls's Shadows (especially the latter). Both amazing belts, though of course the Veiled Soul's is better as it's not only a higher level (150 vs 155) but a rarity higher too. Wa Wabbit's Awmbands are much easier to obtain and have second highest damage with control, no secondary though, and Srambad Shoulder Pads are nothing to laugh at too. If you can craft it, Victus Epaulettes are very nice as well (and 3 elements instead of 2). I would personally go for the Wa Wabbit's Awmbands, followed by Veiled Soul's when available.
- Skip Breastplates as there is no decent high level one with control, but that's fine, you only need 2 control after the pet.
- If you want one of the control from a weapon, get the Frappus Shushu (1h Staff) or Martus Shushu (2h Hammer). I suggest the Frappus Shushu with the Nataraja Dagger. This is because the Martus will offer 53.9% damage to summons, while the Frappus with Nataraja gives your summons 59% damage.

Again, only take 2 of the above and take a control pet. Which ever slot you forgo the control on (eps, belt or weapon) you can then take an even higher damaging item in its place.

- Kat

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posté August 25, 2014, 00:12:18 | #13

Quote (Kokonaut @ 24 August 2014 20:47) *
@Shinzyy asks: So Vlad's Epa's now gives AOE damage instead of Single Target. That feels like a huge kick in the balls that I saved up 70 fragments for a relic which now gives a crappy stat for my characters. Do you know if this change from Single Target to AOE is permanent now Mango, or are the staff still playing around with it?

It's a fickle situation because it's a little too difficult to please everyone with these specialization stats. Hopefully the item is still useful to you (with a minor un-optimization of a loss in 20% spec. damage). AoE classes lacked an exotic AP Relic with their spec. damage on it. Of course everything's always subject to change before September.
I for one really hope that Harry Boots and Dark Vlad get the AoE and Single-Target swapped. That way AoE users still have an exotic AP relic.

This is just more personal preference as I, while like the look of the Harry Boots themselves, quite dislike the swirling tornado of sand aura that Harry Boots gives. Giving you the "Pigpen" look from Peanuts. Dark Vlad also has my favorite aura of the night sky with fireflies.

Come on Mango, make it happen (or at least pass it on as you're not a Dev, but just an incredibly helpful person and we love you much).

- Kat

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Quote (chenteramos @ 01 January 1970 01:00) *
Kat, if you can find me a high lvl belt that has control with more than 55-60 damage and has secondary effects link one. All best i could find with control had cap of 55-60% on belt. it is hard to get 800-1000 damage and still have 8 control to summon 2 high lvl summons. If you go 800-1000 you will only be able to summon 1 summon and 1 low lvl summons. Any high damage equip with secondary effects dont have control. the highest i could come up with that still has 8 control would be about 600ish% damage(give or take 50% damage). So sure you can go ahead and get 800-1000 damage but you will only have 1 high summon and 1 low lvl summon. P.S. we dont all have relic/epic gear and maxed out rune slots in our gear so having a sramva and shushu that has lower damage than before will hinder our osa class.
Well, I do think it matters what all your equipment is, not just your Belt.

With your base (1), specialties (+2) and capital points (+2), you only need 3 control from gear to reach that magical 8.

You are given these choices for control:
- Belts
- Breastplates
- Epaulettes
- 1H & 2H Weapons
- Pets

Without knowing your whole build, or just making you something from scratch, I wouldn't know a good belt to pick out.

- Kat

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posté August 24, 2014, 16:18:31 | #15

Quote (Shinzyy @ 24 August 2014 15:11) *
So Vlad's Epa's now gives AOE damage instead of Single Target. That feels like a huge kick in the balls that I saved up 70 fragments for a relic which now gives a crappy stat for my characters. Do you know if this change from Single Target to AOE is permanent now Mango, or are the staff still playing around with it?
I would like to know how this is a kick in the balls when you should know that all beta data is subject to change and there is still around a month (or a bit less) for many many more changes to come. While it's good and all to collect gear you may want early (and I'm guilty of doing the same), you really cannot be angry if those stats change.

I don't use AoE much at all in my builds and Single Target would have been better for me, but Vlad has the best aura and is one of my favorite relics that I'm still, and going, to be aiming for.

- Kat

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posté August 24, 2014, 16:14:11 | #16
Oh, I know it changes often, but I believe when that was posted that change hadn't happened yet. It is beta after all and all numbers are subject to change. There were even a couple items that had PP on it that were not belts but had their other stats changed to the element roll system, which will of course be changed (couple of those items show up in my excel doc I posted above, but where put in it as there were changes to the items).

- Kat

Even in the 3 days since I made my list, they've added all the lower level items (mine covered around lvl 90+ items as the lower ones had not been done yet). Even the higher level ones have been tweaked (Tormented dropping almost 10% in damage because of it's OP-ness and things like the Dark Vlad Eps getting AoE damage instead of Single-Target). Other than some items, most of it remains the same though.

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posté August 24, 2014, 16:11:26 | #17
This guide, as mentioned in it, is for the Sram after its September update. Therefore it is completely different than what you see currently in the live servers and can only be done on the Beta server with a Booster account.

- Kat

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posté August 24, 2014, 13:50:43 | #18

Quote (LowWide @ 24 August 2014 12:58) *
In Wakfu ranged chars will be the best: Cra, Xelor, Rogue, Enu, and everything that must get in their range will suffer: Iop
You do understand that Iops have some decent gap closers, high damage and do have some ranged spells, right? Range is nice, but if you think Range is the only thing that matters, you will find some hurt when a Punishment Sac comes to kill you (the current king in damage).

Osa will be OP with high level Pets like this Wabbit thing that damages you and heals the Osa.
Really depends on how the Osa builds, currently this isn't the case as Osa's that build for summons are quite weak themselves. After the revamp, they will finally have damage and resists themselves, but so will the other classes have more. So this you couldn't possibly know.

Enis will suffer, because they don't do the damage like other classes, and if you play a healer, you're screwed.
Ahahahahahahahahahahaha....... hahahaha..... haha.... ha....... ha...... Oh that was a good laugh. You don't really know much about Eni's and the insane damage that they can do, do you?

I hope they will add a system for Pvp, so you can't aggro random people, like the wings in Dofus, otherwise many will leave because they will get perma aggro by higher players at Almanax.
They have already said there will be a PvP icon. If it is on, you are worth points (to people of similar level and PvP rank). If it is off, it will be like it is now, pointless other than to be an dick to another player. Either way you can be attacked, but there will be no incentive to attack a player with no PvP icon. There will also be no benefit to attack someone of a lower level. Both of which will net you nothing to your PvP rank.

In other words, there will be just as much if not less aggro than there currently is in game (less again because they are most likely attacking for more rank, so they will attack PvP players and possibly ignore the non-PvP players). Which is fine.

- Kat

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posté August 24, 2014, 13:39:50 | #19

Quote (Nsuidara @ 24 August 2014 12:54) *

Quote (chenteramos @ 23 August 2014 20:55) *
i think... will we broken this system, because IF @damage summons only from character... is not good...

Click here

so IF this summon have 333% Fire Damage now will 277% from Nox... ?
Not in the least, the person in your quote has quite low damage for their level compared to the new gear stats.

Most seem to be much closer to 800% and upwards to 1000% elemental mastery. This isn't even looking at how much secondary masteries they have (ranged, melee, etc....).

With 800%, the summon will have (50% of that) 400% and at 1000% it will have 500%. Add what ever secondary mastery (at a rate of 35%) and it will be boosted even further. I think you will find both of those numbers are higher than the current 333% of the Sramva you linked.

- Kat

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posté August 24, 2014, 13:27:33 | #20
Well, it always was 90% in the database, and it looks like in Mango's 3hr video of equipment it is so as well, it might just be you.

- Kat

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