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Quote (MiniMikeh @ 25 July 2014 04:58) *
air/water is a dps support build when it comes to pve.

Two completely different roles this build can both burst down monsters and fully heal your allies when they are dying. It's all about how you play the character and how you go about your fights
Exatly. I reply a bunch around and love this guide MiniMikeh made.

I do not do PvP. I absolutely hate PK's as they do nothing but bully another player. Challenges are fine as long as both parties accept.

Saying all that, I play a Water/Air Masq in PvE. Both solo and with groups and it's amazing and plays exatly as it would in PvP. Actually, almost every class plays the same in PvE as PvP, you just have to deal with a (hopefully) smarter AI when dealing with an actual player.

- Kat

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While some have moved in nations, I actually like 90% of the new places more and the mounts make up for the rest. So I'm quite positive about it. They also give you zaaps on level up (though I have them all) and even show unactivated drago's now (well before you could kind of see red spots on the map, but now they're actually marked) to make it easy to find. Many were also moved closer to dungeon entrances, which was nice.

- Kat

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Any: [Pet] Tamed Abomanation (obtainable only during the Halloween event)

1-10: None, but this should be expected.

- Lvl 15 = [2H Weapon] Pilgrim Staff (Craftable)

- Lvl 27 = [1H Weapon] Googoobuster (Craftable)
- Lvl 30 = [1H Weapon] Shepherd's Staff (Craftable)

- Lvl 32 = [Helmet] The Jouik Krampe (Craftable)
- Lvl 34 = [Helmet] Toadpee
- Lvl 35 = [2H Weapon] Royal Gobbhammer
- Lvl 37 = [Helmet] Coonskin Cap
- Lvl 37 = [Necklace] Guardian Amulet
- Lvl 40 = [Helmet] Arachnee Helmet
- Lvl 40 = [1H Weapon] Kanniball Staff (Craftable)

- Lvl 41 = [Helmet] Pinsurd Helmet
- Lvl 44 = [2H Weapon] Shark Hammer
- Lvl 44 = [Helmet] Whirligig Helmet
- Lvl 45 = [2H Weapon] Toh'lo Hammer (Craftable)
- Lvl 45 = [2H Weapon] Yamato's Rope (Craftable)
- Lvl 47 = [Cloak] Celestial Tofu Cloak
- Lvl 50 = [Breastplate] Burning Heart Breastplate (Craftable)
- Lvl 50 = [Breastplate] Koko Top (Craftable)



.......................Okay, this is getting silly and I'm tired of writing each item. I'll make it simpler.

1H Weapon: Control at Level 15+

Control at Level 32+

2H Weapon:
Control at Level 35+

Control at Level 50+

Epaulettes: Control at Level 59+

Control at Level 60+


Sets: Level 48 Celestial Tofu Set offers 1 Control for wearing 4 of the 5 items. It is the only set that has +Control in it's set bonus. Until you can wear a belt or epaulettes with control (being levels 60+ and 59+) you can wear this set without interfering with your other control items.

Everyone has a base of 1 Control.

For Osa's you also get +2 Control now from Osamoda's Blessing. Earliest you can get this is level 21 (if for what ever reason you decide to max this first.

Therefore max possible (this will be if maxing Osa Blessing when possible):
Lvl 10 = 1 [base (1)]
Lvl 20 = 3 [base (1) + weapon (1) + half osa blessing (1)]
Lvl 30 = 4 [base (1) + weapon (1) + max osa blessing (2))
Lvl 40 = 5 [base (1) + weapon (1) + max osa blessing (2) + helmet (1)]
Lvl 50 = 7 [base (1) + weapon (1) + max osa blessing (2) + helmet (1) + breastplate (1) + 4/5 Celestial Tofu Set (1)]
Lvl 60+ = 8 [base (1) + weapon (1) + max osa blessing (2) + helmet (1) + breastplate (1) + epaulettes (1) + belt (1)]

Oh, and if you have a Tamed Abomination, you can have +1 more Control at each of these levels. So level 50 is the absolute quickest you can get your 8 control, but since not everyone can obtain one of these (happy I have 2 =^.^=), I did not include pets in the list above.

So from level 60+ you can duo summon. Now weather this gear is best for your build or even the right element, has CMC damage and the like is another thing entirely, but we're just looking at control for now.

As simply shown by Asthis before:

Quote (Asthis @ 24 July 2014 03:31) *
Summoner level equal to:
2 control = 125% Osamodas' Level
4 control = 150% Osamodas' Level
6 control = 175% Osamodas' Level
8 control = 200% Osamodas' Level
Control essentially gives you a percent of your character's level based on how much control you have (added and fixed the Italic and Bold parts).

Nsuidara is also correct in that the formula has always been read that way. Multiplication and Division always happen before Addition and Subtraction. That part is basic math.

- Kat

And why not, lets list the number of items with Control between levels of 120 and 170.

1H Weapon: Two

Helmet: Six

2H Weapon:

Breastplate: Three (yay, Larduous =^.^=)

Epaulettes: Eight (aww, just out of Larduous range...)

Six (one of those being a Relic)

The above also does not have the new Shushu craftable items included, or a couple of those catagories could have more. Oh, and it's not like the Tamed Abomination loses any value, get a Control from that. By this high of a level, you should have been able to buy one at least if you didn't already have one.

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posté Yesterday - 14:32:45 | #4
PvE for this build works exactly like MiniMikeh shows for PvP. You are a single target damage dealer. With air, it's all up close and personal with pushing things around and smacking them into obsticles (walls, allies, double, other...). With water it's either Fugue set ups if your back is to something or giving yourself range with Spitfall. Spitfall not only gives you range with this build when you need it, but is also an amazing heal spell.

As far as the rest of the spell XP, this has been discussed a couple times already in this guides posts, but you normally spread out the rest of your spell xp between everything else evenly as possible. This is to give yourself more resistances.

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 14:16:54 | #5

Quote (TimeKami @ 24 July 2014 13:50) *
Idk if you are that old to call me kid Anyway I had already read thus, but thus dont say me the order and the guide you linked is not finished and is from 2013.

"This post has been edited by Brokonaut - June 03, 2014, 07:30:00."

It says this at the bottom of the guide.

Mango is one of the best in our Community.
- Often writing guides.
- Going on the beta and showing us new things to come.
- Finds a lot of the bugs in the game with his friends.
- Often is one of the first to beat any of the new content and shows strategies and mechanics for the fights.

This guide is also what you should be looking at for a Fire/Air Xelor build.

- Kat

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Quote (CoreSorrow @ 23 July 2014 17:00) *
Kuro, how about the attributes? Should i stat 10 kit skill, ap and mp?
Well, this all depends on the spells you want to use (your build/spell rotation).

Unless you manage to get a Relic with an exotic AP (meaning AP on an equipment slot it's not normally on) the highest AP you can reasonably get is 11ap (thanks to the addition of the Trool Eps Epic).

Most of the time you want to be able to use your spell rotation first before Kit Skill, but that also depends on the equipment you have access to, as if you have a high level set right away, you may want the Kit Skill earlier.

I personally always go for 1ap first (level 31), and then depending on the class, but normally, 1mp. After which, also depending on the class and play style preferance, get 1 range.

As a Cra, you don't really need more range, but it does help and allows you to hit more.

Since Cra's have the ability to boost their Crit Damage with their Active Specialty spell, stating Critical Hits is a great way to add some burst damage to your build. You can get 22% from stats and everyone has 3% base for 25% chance of a crit before gear.

As far as the AP goes, when I plan things, I look at what build I'm going for. 8, 9, 10 or 12 AP? 10 and 12 are the standard's, but there are some 8 and 9 builds out there (and rarely does a class other than dragon Osa's use 11ap). 12 again is only possible with a exotic AP relic.

My pure Fire Cra friend (who will later be switching to Fire/Earth) stated 1ap, 1mp, 1 range and is now stating Crits. He does not use Kit Skill.

Quote (CoreSorrow @ 23 July 2014 17:00) *
After that what? How about Specialties? Both for Fire/Air and Earth/Air.
Will get back to this one later tonight (actually on my lunch break, last week of 3rd shift, then back to 2nd).

Quote (CoreSorrow @ 23 July 2014 17:00) *
What could be a good class to duo with a cra?
Almost any class combination works well with any other class. That is the fun of Wakfu. Though if you're looking for balance, a class that can tank for your Cra, or at least be close to enemies would be good as to keep them away from the Cra so it can do what it does best. A healer is also a very good option. you mention below that you have a Masq. These are excellent healers and damage dealers and would make a good combo.

Quote (CoreSorrow @ 23 July 2014 17:00) *
Im currently leveling a water/air masq and fire/air eni, so not that two.
Both of these work very well with any class as they can damage and heal. Water/Air Masq's are more close combat, but have ranged water heals. Normally single target. Fire/Air Eni's are the same but a bit more support with the Air part. Eni's can revive.

With the Masq, you'll probably burst the enemies down faster. So not needing the revive.

The Eni is a safer choice as it offers a larger veriety of heals and has a revive.

I personally main a Water/Air Masq on my second account.

Quote (CoreSorrow @ 23 July 2014 17:00) *
Also, how about Fire/Earth?
Works well, but I find a bit more redundant. Since both Earth and Fire have AoE's. Earth does have Desctruction Arrow for a burst, which is different from Fire, but generally I would suggest mixing Fire or Earth with Air. Air provides a Non-LoS spell and has longer range spells then either of the other trees for when you cannot reach the enemies.

- Kat

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posté Yesterday - 03:10:58 | #7
As I don't know Iop's as well as I should, I cannot comment on their specific spells, but I will point out one thing in what you said.

You ask if a spell is affected by Destruction (AoE) or Close Combat (CC), but this isn't a correct comparison.

All spells will fall in to two of the categories. A spell will either be Ranged OR Close Combat and it will also be either Precision OR Destruction.

So technically a spell could be both Destruction and Close Combat.

Thank's to Mango figuring out things for us:

Quote (Brokonaut @ 12 July 2014 16:57) *
Die Alright is not an AoE skill. Some spells will fall into more than one category. Die Alright, despite hitting more than one target, only targets one cell in the initial cast. The Xelor spell Hand on Tock and Eniripsa's Invigorating Word do the same - they bounce. But you only target one cell with them initially, and that makes them precision.

You need to choose the Dragoturkey that best fits your playstyle. If I was a Fire Sacrier, I would pick melee. If Air Sacrier, I would pick precision. If air/fire Sacrier, again I would pick precision (since the only fire spell that wouldn't benefit from it is Burning Blood).

The Tests:

Iop's Wrath with AoE Emblem = success.
Iop's Wrath with Melee Emblem = success.
Iop's Wrath with Ranged Emblem = failed.
Iop's Wrath with Precision Emblem = failed.

Judgment with Ranged Emblem = failed. Target was 3 cells away.

Die Alright with Melee Emblem = failed. Target was 1 cell away.
Heads or Tails with Melee Emblem = failed. Target was 1 cell away.


- Melee constitutes spells that target 0-1 cells away from you at max. Spells like Shebang, Burning Blood, and Iop's Wrath count to this because they target the self, which is in melee range.

- [NEW] Ranged constitutes spells that can target 2 or more cells away from you. Just because it can be cast in melee range, does not mean it is a melee spell. Die Alright is an example of this. If it can hit further, it is a ranged spell and will not benefit from melee damage despite its ability to hit in melee range.

- The criteria for spell categorization occurs at the time the spell is cast. Because Judgment is cast in the 0-1 cell range I spoke about, it's considered a melee skill. So even though you can hit a cell 3 cells away from it, it benefits from melee because of the initial casting spot, and AoE obviously because it strikes in an AoE.

- [NEW] Ultimately, a spell will be affected by two out of four of these traits, always. I suspect the meta for builds will adjust slightly to cater to this, so that builds will be centralized so that all spells chosen by the user are affected by a single one of these stats.

- [IRRELEVANT] While I was testing I went ahead and confirmed that backstab multiplier is x1.25 (DA BS 100 --> 125) and sidestab multiplier is x1.10 (DA SS 100 --> 110). A lot of people already know this, but I thought I'd make more people aware.


- Did you click on a spot to cast the spell that was either on yourself or right next to you? Then it is melee.
- Can the spell be used at two or more cells away? Then it is ranged.
- Is there only one red box in the targeting when you cast the spell? Then it is precision.
- Is there more than one red box in the targeting when you cast the spell? Then it is AoE.

• Mango

Quote (Kokonaut @ 16 July 2014 05:19) *
Hi everyone, here with some new information.

Turns out, rebounding spells do become zone (AoE) skills. And when this does happen they do no longer benefit from precision damage. What does this mean?

Die Alright is precision damage on a non-crit and zone damage on a critical hit.

Hand is precision damage on a Tick turn and AoE damage on a Tock turn.

Invigorating Word is always an AoE healing spell.

Before you guys fret about some of these, remember to think of these stats as an additive bonus like critical hit damage or backstab damage. You can optimize around them, but they aren't crucial or necessary. Just a little bonus to make your damage higher in the right scenarios.

To answer previous questions, Temporal Burn is precision on Tick and zone on Tock.

And to shed some light on some specific skills, spells like Super Iop Punch and Charge are melee-based since you end up on melee range, and it fits better with skill synergy in the Iop kit. Spells like Impact and Rocknoceros remain ranged, however.

• Mango

- Kat

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posté July 23, 2014, 14:09:38 | #8
This happened I believe over half a year ago as well.

- Kat

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posté July 23, 2014, 14:08:58 | #9

Quote (aquabeauty @ 23 July 2014 12:05) *
Yeah and its BS

They need enable trading on those.


LIKE WHAT IF I switch from air osa to fire osa [single target v. aoe] or respec?

Oh right then I'm screwed and that's exactly what ankama wants me to be. Its that unethical B.S. -again-

I bet they expect us to buy all of the mounts for reach account we own,
Except in this case, baring it's on the same account, Drago's can be placed in the Account Chest and exchanged between your five characters. So as long as 4 of your characters get one of each of the mounts, you can have one of each easily and any of your characters will be able to use them.

- Kat

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Quote (Jerberry @ 23 July 2014 08:45) *
It says you cannot trade the Steeds and the Obsidian Harness in the shop. This is probably so that you have to purchase it yourself instead of buying one for kama's on the markets.

If you didn't' notice though, even though they are linked to your account (non-tradable), you can put them in your Account Chest that was added to the game and swap them between the 5 characters on your account. This works for both the free and the shop Drago's.

- Kat

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posté July 23, 2014, 03:24:33 | #11
While I still cannot buy ogrines, I can look in the shop.

There are both an option to buy 3000 ogrines for $6 and the 30 day booster pack is 3000 ogrines in price.

Obviously if you go for 90 days, it's 8100, so you save 900 ogrines as well as buying larger amounts of ogrines at one time get you more ogrines for less $.

- Kat

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posté July 23, 2014, 03:15:04 | #12

Quote (Neneko88 @ 23 July 2014 02:42) *
It has to be a can't have everything
I'm fine with it being a Relic since it was traded for a Relic, but the weight of that MP seems off a bit much to all the other stats.

Also, the Movement Speed shouldn't not be counted in the weighted stats since it isn't used in combat.

+1 MP
+125 HP
+25 Initiative
+1% Critical Hits
+20% Damage ( )
+10% Resist. ( )
+75% Movement Speed

Meridia Insignia
+175 HP
+30 Initiative
+4% Critical Hits
+50% Damage ( )
+20% Resist. ( )
+7 Block

So they're saying that 1mp is worth 50hp, 3% crits, 30% dmg, 10% res, 5 ini and 7 block. That is a huge difference.

On top of that, do we know if the Ferox Mount will or will not provide the 40% to melee/range/precicion/destruction that the current mounts do? Yes, with the Ferox Mount we could use the much higher level Shushu Emblem, but we can use the Meridia's with the current mounts.

I hope these values are looked over again as even for a level 100 relic, they seem low.

One other thing. Does the Ferox need to be fed like a normal mount? If so (which I'm guessing it does), does it gain any additional stats, or are the stats listed the ones it will eventually have at level 50?

- Kat

If it is an Epic like MiniMikeh mentioned, then I actually think the stats are fine since we could wear another Relic with it. Ferox either way, being an Epic or Relic will only work for 10 or 11ap builds since it doesn't have AP on it. Which is a shame as I'd like my Sadi to be a 12ap build at some point (in the far far future when I get a relic and epic....). So I wouldn't be able to use the mount without switching it out before fights when that time comes.

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posté July 23, 2014, 02:36:58 | #13
No words to how happy all this looks [3xited].

Of course a bit sad on the "cannot be locked" on invisibility being removed, but it was a bit over powered and thanks for the +30% final dodge to at least make up for that.

- Kat

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posté July 22, 2014, 15:59:37 | #14
This needs to be posted in the Bug section or you can send in a ticket.

- Kat

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posté July 22, 2014, 15:54:37 | #15

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 22 July 2014 15:52) *
if you are in line with him he will run. so stay 4 squares away running him back and forth and calming him when you can. eventually he is very tired. as soon as his tired is over 10 and greater than his panic you can saddle him.

his tired was above 40 and panic just under 30 when i captured mine.
Actually had about the same. Took less than 5 min and only one try for me.

I would also like the Drago-Steed from the cash shop, but still cannot buy ogrines.....

- Kat

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posté July 22, 2014, 15:45:54 | #16
From the beta, it Air all worked with Precision, including the knockback. So hopefully that's the same as live.

It should since precision is a single target cell. Even an Iop's wrath, which is single target on self, but actually hits in a circle2 AoE around it, works with Precision, not Destruction, since the selected cell only shows one space.

- Kat

Thread : Masqueraiders  Preview message : #756051  Replies : 36  Views : 1621
posté July 22, 2014, 14:13:12 | #17


As far as how many spells you can max, it goes as follows:

Mono Element
- Able to max 4 spells in a single element. (Total of 4 maxed spells.)

Duo Element
- Able to max 3 spells in one element and 2 spells in a second element. (Total of 5 maxed spells.)

Tri Element
- Able to max 2 spells in all 3 elemental trees. (Total of 6 maxed spells.)

The above only works on maxing that many if you have EXACTLY zero levels in all other spells. This is not something, at least that I know of, that any one will do as it is nice to have access to your other spells in case of need of one that say, helps with movement or positioning (thus not needing to be maxed but a level needed to use). Therefore, normally one of those total maxed spells will be a level short to be able to put a level in everything else.


- Kat

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posté July 22, 2014, 14:11:28 | #18
Or you can do a search in the shop for "Drago" and they will show up.

- Kat

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posté July 22, 2014, 14:10:24 | #19

Quote (Ayakumi @ 22 July 2014 13:40) *
Ankama has hinted that there will be three versions (and not variations) of Petmounts; each with +25%, +50%, and +75% speed bonuses respectively.

For instance,

Version 1: +25% speed bonus
Version 2: +50% speed bonus
Version 3: +75% speed bonus

whereas variations:

Precision: +40% single target damage
Melee: +40% melee damage
Range: +40% ranged damage

So I have a reason to suspect the Obsidian Harness might be more than a mere cosmetic item. But then again, this is Ankama we're dealing with so anything goes...
Forgot one variation:

Destruction: +40% AoE damage

Version 1's speed is from the free Dragoturkey from the quest.

Version 2's speed is from the cash shops Drago-Steed.

Version 3's speed isn't in the game yet and as everyone before is saying, will most likely be for the mount (Ferox most likely) traded for the Meridia's Insignia (almanax relic).

Drago-Steeds are not tradable. So we won't be seeing any on the market and the Obsidian Harness that is sold in the cash shop as well is only equipable on Drago-Steeds and is also not tradable. So if you want either, you have to buy them yourself.

- Kat

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posté July 22, 2014, 13:59:31 | #20
The market section on wakfu-elements for Nox isn't working as well (hasn't been for months), so the prices you see at least for Nox are quite inaccurate.

- Kat

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