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posté June 30, 2015, 00:00:18 | #1
Blaze, Blaze..... It is not 1ap for a heal. It costs to make the doll first, then an additional 1ap to sac it for a partly heal that also reduces your; Attack (greedy), Healing (inflatable), Locking/Tanking (Block). That is all a huge sacrifice that no Sadida I've ever met in the years I've played Wakfu has ever thought was worth it.

Especially since on current live we have Mudoll.

Don't know what server you're running around on, but on Nox at least, I've never seen Dolly Sacrifice used because of the heal. It is really only used to remove a doll that is either in a bad place, or to reposition a doll because you need more control to summon another.

- Kat

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posté June 27, 2015, 08:41:34 | #2

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 27 June 2015 06:07) *
I have managed to get a toon up to snuff for testing, and I have to say, the damage feels a little low.

the problem is that one of our final damage mechanics is nested into one of our elements, which means if you want to max your final damage you need to pump fire. maybe after the next adjustments it wont feel so lackluster.

Quote (VoidSettler @ 27 June 2015 03:29) *

a passive that would actually make a whole rail structure deadlier for enemies to stand on would be nice too, or anything else that would enhance the rail-building concept. (As described above)

a passive that lets us stasify the rail system when we target a microbot with a stasis spell (does some damage related to ap or something and applies stasilized to anyone on the rails, that would be hot)

So think of it like a railroad track. Just that instead of electricity, the rails conduct stasis. They can make it so that normally touching or crossing the rails does nothing, but if they are on top of them, the Fogger only need fire a stasis spell at the rails and the rail would carry the current to everything on the rails, be it friend or foe.

- Kat

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posté June 27, 2015, 08:34:22 | #3

Quote (Gran-Bwa @ 27 June 2015 06:39) *
is distortion from xelor skill can also be defined as poison?
you forget about intoxication from poisoned wind skill

I don't believe distortion counts as it's not on that list. That's the whole thing.

As for intoxicated, I'm not sure if it is on that list or not as it is a poor google translate of what was posted on the french side by Dy7. Though if it is not there, then it is not included.

- Kat

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posté June 27, 2015, 05:00:40 | #4
This was also new:

Glyphs, bombs, traps and poisons
· The effects of glyphs, traps and poisons now pass through armor and Barrier
· Here are the relevant effects (please report if you think that there is an oversight)
Glyph: Trail of Wakfu
Glyph: Avalanche
Glyph: Fécalames
Glyph: Flames mats
Glyph: Microbot (area damage)
Glyph: Wall of Fire
Bomb: Blinding Bomb
Bomb: Bomb Immolante
Bomb: Mega-Bomb
Traps: Traps Mist
Traps: Traps of Laceration
Traps: Trap of Silence
Poison: Addict
Poison Cursed
Poison: Tétatoxine
Poison: Crârsenic
Poison: Negative Pupuces
Poison: Egide Ardente (the damage rebound effect)
Poison: Gangrene
Poison: cyanosis

(obviously important to know as Sadi's place armor as well as have Tetatoxine of their own)

- Kat

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posté June 27, 2015, 00:42:51 | #5

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 27 June 2015 00:23) *
Yeah my bad, it's like darkness. It doesnt harm you itself but it provides a good environment for those who do harm you.
On a note like that, instead of having the spells cause direct damage to you, you could just have a state that says "If the Fogger used a stasis spell in the last turn, it takes 5% (or 10%, which ever works) more final damage until its next turn".

Not say that's a good idea, but then you wouldn't per se, be hurting yourself and if you can kite well enough, you can avoid the down side.

That concept would be from having built up and firing stasis spells, the residual left over in your Fogger body would explode on contact from an external attack, thus increasing their damage.

- Kat

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #880022  Replies : 256  Views : 4896
posté March 12, 2015, 12:11:31 | #6
The stasis one is most likely the Sufokian look. Like with the Dragosteeds, there is a look for each nation. So in order of the pictures from left to right it's the Standard Look, Amaknan Harness and Bontan Harness on the top row, followed by the Riktus Harness, Sufokian Harness and the Brakmarian Harness. At least that's what I believe. So in other words you can only ever have the standard appearance along with one of the 5 nations looks at any given time (as you'll again, like with the Dragosteed, have to be part of that nation to have the particular look).

- Kat

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posté March 05, 2015, 12:53:52 | #7
Ah, sorry. Life got a bit busy for a bit. I shall get back to making these in a bit.

- Kat

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posté January 12, 2015, 01:15:23 | #8
Wow, this is an old thread and if you bothered to read it, we already talked about that Greedies (water) dolls can crit. It was more that Ultra-Powerfuls (air) dolls were not criting correctly.

Please read through all the posts before you necro an old thread with information that doesn't help.

- Kat

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #819213  Replies : 35  Views : 2893
posté January 07, 2015, 09:10:20 | #9
Or Lock into Close-Combat Damage. Because CC dmg is a secondary type, it could then give a higher amount than just giving general damage. It also would then put more focus on the Iop fighting things in its general vicinity, as they're to thick headed to notice enemies further away.

- Kat

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #818034  Replies : 1624  Views : 79461
posté January 04, 2015, 10:07:31 | #10
Taxes: That still isn't much. Nor does blaming the server population amount to much. Every server has the same taxes and that isn't something any company would do to change just based off of population. If you're having such a problem, use the Haven Bag system. You can place things on windows (for the same tax) and they will stay on your Haven Bag window forever till you take it down. Then it is just up to a player who wants to sell something to log out while in their bag (say at the Almanax like many do). So simple and you never lose out on the tax unless you yourself take your item off the window.

Still no problem here.

Trapper: Yes it is that simple. My biggest tip is to give yourself a goal of a set number of levels a day to level it. It doesn't have to be high. If I was talking hardcore, you'd have it maxed in roughly 2 days. Now that is crazy. Casual is simple 0-50 take no time at all for almost any of the professions, done in about 2 hours for that many levels.. After that do 10 levels a day, that's only generally 1 hour. Only once you hit 90 is when it really slows down and just do a level a day after that. That's still only 10 days more after that to max (hour a day). Remember, you can watch TV and chat with friends (via IM's, phone, in game, skype, TS and more of course) while doing it making the time fly by. Trapper itself is quite simple, just head to an area of the creature you want to level off of and just harvest away. With a ton of seeds, you can run to a less populated area and cue up a hole planting spree (just be careful of not pissing off clan members and loosing CP if that matters to you).

Again, Trapper is easy and you'll find every tends to agree.

Easies to Hardest: Lumberjack > Herbalist = Farmer > Trapper > Miner > > > Fisherman

If you want a challenge do Fisherman. A profession with little use and super slow to level (silly fish nodes and needing lures). Well, it's wrong to say challenge, it's just tedious. None of the professions are hard to do, it's more listed in how long it takes to level.

In other words, you might be one of the very few who complain about one of the easier professions to level.

Keys: Hunting mobs is never a problem as with your trapper, you can easily plant more. It also only takes one person in your party to have trapper at the right level to do this. I personally play normally with only one or two other people at a time, though of course we still go in with a party of 6 normally (yay sidekicks). So we still use 6 keys yet we hardly run out.

Let me ask this. Why are you so desperate to run the dungeon so many times? The items? The challenge (well some have a bit more of a challenge)? The experience? Of those, the items is the main reason people do dungeons, so that is understandable to do. If you're doing it for the challenge (maybe it's too hard and it's taking you a couple tries), then you shouldn't need so many runs. In that case it's more about doing one or two runs to figure it out, then come up with a plan before rushing head long and failing.

If it's for experience, as many players do them for, then you are sadly mistaken. In fact it is quicker to level outside of a dungeon on mobs as you can then fight things 10 levels higher than your level (for max exp, you need to fight things within +/- 10 levels of your current level, beyond that in either direction you get a penalty to exp, on top of which there is a bonus exp multiplier if the enemy mob outnumbers your party size, larger the mob to your party size, the better the exp). Dungeons were mainly used because people were to lazy to level their trapper and killed all the mobs in the world map. In a dungeon you don't need to worry about that, so it's for silly people who don't care about professions.

As for me, I'm the definition of a casual, if not lazy player. I used to jump on every day and have been playing since the beta days. It's been 3 years since the full release of Wakfu and my highest level character is Lvl 135 i believe. Had this Sadida since the release of the game, yet she's only that level because of my casual play. I've taken time to max my gathering professions (for that shiny shiny Seal of Companionship) but only did that this last year. Still it only took me 2 months to max all 6 (silly silly fishing took over 50% of that time.....). So with all that experience, I'd say I know what I'm talking about. Plus if they made it any easier, when they do the double craft xp weekend events, it would be just to easy. Many people max 1-2 of their professions in just a weekend because of those events. With it any easier, everyone would max out every professions in a single weekend when one of those come around again.

- Kat

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posté January 03, 2015, 00:51:10 | #11
Close combat and Distance is relative to where the enemy is to you. Not where you target.

Enemy 1-2 cells from your character: Close Combat
Enemy 3+ cells from your character: Distance

Area of Effect and Single-Target depend on the AoE of the spell.

If the spell can only hit one thing: Single-Target
If the spell can hit multiple things, doesn't matter if it only hits one thing: Area of Effect (rebounding spells are also Area of Effect, even if they only hit one thing)

- Kat

Thread : Foggernaut  Preview message : #816998  Replies : 1  Views : 649
posté January 02, 2015, 05:38:43 | #12

Not too much of a problem in my eyes at least Exelenore. The uneven resists that is. You want to use that helment that has no Fire Res, not a problem, you have stats that can even that out. Normally one would just rotate between the 4 resist stats with all damage, but now there is an actual reason to make these uneven. You can then bring out your gears potential and have even higher resists in those elements or even it out and boost that single type of resist bringing your resists back to even.

The only problem is with the tediousness of the respec quest (or spend money on a respec scroll). Though you don't want it to be too easy to respec or there really wouldn't be a point to having different builds... Ah, balance, such a fickle fool.

- Kat

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #816784  Replies : 35  Views : 2218
posté January 01, 2015, 00:32:13 | #13
I suppose because of the hugging of the bowmeow while sleeping?

Didn't really see much of an indication to Welsh's gender, other than the possibility brought up by being kissed on the nose and blushing. Though I suppose both a guy or girl could blush like that depending on the way they swing.

- Kat

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #816551  Replies : 35  Views : 1346
posté January 01, 2015, 00:27:57 | #14
Hmm, not sure what class Welsh is. There is a Welsh Rarebeak food that can be cooked in Wakfu though.

Love the little brown Osa. She's adorable, though curious where her Gobgob is.

Watched again, and yes, the brown cute friend does look more like an Ecaflip on the second viewing.

- Kat

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Thread : News  Preview message : #816549  Replies : 17  Views : 1408
posté January 01, 2015, 00:27:24 | #15
Hmm, not sure what class Welsh is. There is a Welsh Rarebeak food that can be cooked in Wakfu though.

Love the little brown Osa. She's adorable, though curious where her Gobgob is.

Watched again, and yes, the brown cute friend does look more like an Ecaflip on the second viewing.

- Kat

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #816548  Replies : 35  Views : 1346
posté December 31, 2014, 21:02:19 | #16

Was around when it was added and created a new character to join it's nation.

Only nation with bloody baby Sharkies.

Nice to feel like on vacation with all the sandy white beaches. (I'm from a relatively cold state)

Helped when it later had a water bonus as 80% of my characters used water as their main or only element back then.

Fiercely loyal, therefore can never see myself ever changing a nation.

Bought a Haven World back when they were first added in Sufokia as it was/still is my home nation. So home is literally there now.

While one of the smallest guilds, mine was one of the first guilds created on Nox when Wakfu was first switched over from Beta to Live (though sadly am the only remaining original member).

Before Sufokia was added, was part of Bonta as Sadida is the best class and the Sadida Nation was originally part of Bonta. Made me feel not so bad being part of Bonta when the Sadida Nation became its own island (hope it gets a revamp for even more Sadida glory).

- Kat

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #816514  Replies : 10  Views : 812
posté December 31, 2014, 05:34:40 | #17
Taxes: You do know that this is set by the Gov you vote for your nation. The taxes can be as low as 5%, which isn't much. So there really isn't anything that needs to be changed there.

Trapper: Is quite simple to level. While power leveling, you can skyrocket in a couple of days to the cap, professions take a bit longer. I still managed to max my trapper in under a week, only working at it 1-2 hours a day. In the end, it's more that professions are mindless/simple, so there isn't as much fulfillment in leveling them other than just to finally get them all maxed. I personally either chat with other's who are playing wakfu, or watch shows on my TV (or second computer screen) while I did professions. Trapper is one of the easiest professions to level (Herbalist and Lumberjack being the easiest).

Keys: Honestly, myself, those I've played with and the like haven't had much of a problem with this since they allowed Handyman to make keys. Really, before, it was keys only from drops and keys did (still don't) drop from dungeons. So all those mats were only for making equipment, no key crafting. Running out of keys shouldn't really ever be a problem unless people are tossing mats. If you run out, kill 2-3 mobs and you have enough keys to run again (especially with a full team to collect mats, sidekicks work too to help collect items if you don't have enough friends).

Market: It being dead is solely up to the players on that server. As mentioned before on the taxes, that is up to the players. People have to play on the server to want to put things up for sale. If no one is playing on said server, no one will sell things.

You cannot sell things because there are no offers? That makes no sense. Selling something has nothing to do with what other things are being sold in terms of actually putting something up other than for comparing prices. In fact, it should be heaven for those that want to sell something if they have no one to compete to sell against. They can then place an item at a price they want as you either have to then get the item yourself or buy it at what it is listed for, no matter the price. It's just the way any marketplace works.

In the end, I'm going to have to disagree with everything you've listed here (that and it's really odd that you're posting this in the Beta Server Feedback forum, which is odd in and of itself, instead of in a proper place where a normal person may notice it). None of these things are really problems at all and there are far more pressing matters that Ankama should be focusing on, such as bugs and further balancing of classes (the upcoming revamps and the like).

- Kat

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #816382  Replies : 3  Views : 630
posté December 31, 2014, 05:13:55 | #18
That is so. You would normally think that with less elements the damage would go up.

- Kat

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #816378  Replies : 55  Views : 2667
posté December 31, 2014, 05:02:16 | #19

Quote (BlackMagus @ 31 December 2014 04:07) *
wow... the boots just got worse.... just for more hp and 10 res and 1 block? ehhh

Well, while you only pointed out a little, it's only worse in that the damage is 10% less and one less element, you also missed that it gained an additional 8 lock.

To top it off, I think you're putting to little into that 10% more res. It is general res, while the norm is moving to res in only 3 elements on equipment. So this is quite substantial for a tank item (that also has an exotic MP on it).

Lucloak [Relic] (changes from Beta to Live)

+100 HP
+25% Single Target Damage
+10% Resist to 3 Elements
+50% Resist to the missing Element (from Beta)
+40 Lock
+11 Block

-8% Critical Hits
-30% Damage in 3 Elements
-30% Area of Effect Damage

Indestructible Boots [Epic] (changes from Beta to Live)

+54 HP
+1 Block
+10% Resist to 4 Elements

-8 Lock
-10% Damage to 2 Elements
-70% Damage to 1 Element
-10% Single Target Damage

I do agree that the Indestructible Boots are not as appealing (though it's not horrid, still a nice item, could be better), but with all the benefits that were given to the Lucloak, Lucloak is still a really good relic.

- Kat

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #816374  Replies : 55  Views : 2667
posté December 30, 2014, 03:13:33 | #20
Sorry MightyKrang, but Kiku has it right here.

Meat Shield =/= Tank

You can toss anything out there to take a hit, does not mean it is tanking the object. Especially if the tank isn't attacked.

Earth Elio's in general are set up to be close range Berserk Attackers. Trying to hold the enemy in place to deal extra damage.

Ardent's reflect does not reduce any damage done to the Elio and Hiding is a very modest self heal.

Tanks in general require High lock of which Ardent only gives a bit, also shield does not stack from multiple castings.

Tanks generally need reliable heals. Hiding only heals if you can have spare WP points while Exalted. Which will not happen as you will most likely be casting things like Ardent and Cataclysm as you mentioned in the same turn. Therefore if Exalted, you would be using up WP here as well, burning it even quicker. Of which, you can only earn WP back if Calm. Since you can only switch states once a turn, you cannot Exalt, attack and switch back to Calm in the same turn to get some WP back. Meaning you don't have a reliable heal. You could get life steal, but that may bump you out of your berserk state, losing out on your bonus AP/MP from Rage and the Berserk stats. They can try to heal with their Portals, but this heals only a little and requires you to teleport around. You won't exactly be tanking things while jumping away from your target.

Tanks require HP to actually take the hit and "tank" something. Elio's have no shields or anything to boost their resists (be it in passives or spells), which is why they are considered a bit more frail among the other classes. This again emphasized by the fact that a good Elio keeps themselves below 50% max HP to make full use of their bonus'. This means you can think of their max HP to be the 50% point of their actual max HP. Just like with having no shield or resists boots, they also don't have any HP boosts. So you'll only have the base that any other class will have with gear and stats.

ABSOLUTLY NOTHING about the Elio shows that it is meant or can tank anything.

(Hidings damage is also sub par, look at the Spell Ref thread if you're actually curios about the actual numbers of the spells).

- Kat

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #816070  Replies : 37  Views : 4483