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- Kat

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Wakfu has been in full release for about 2 years. It did only just get released on Steam though, and that may be where your confusion may be.

It also went through some odd 5 years of beta or so before that.

- Kat

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Have two steam accounts, one each for a different Wakfu account and they both work for Nox for me.

If you really think steam is only for APAC, you might have some problems.

One was done during Steam Beta, the other after release, both times able to select the server I wanted.

- Kat

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Answer is kind of.

The way it works is the more XP you have distributed between elements, the less it takes to level up a spell.

The more XP you concentrate in a single element, the more experience it takes to then level it. Hence why Mono builds have only 4 spells compared to 5 for duo and 6 for tri.

Now that is of course even distribution. If you start skewing it in favor of one element over another, like your 3-1-1 suggestion, you may not reach it as you are then amassing alot in a single element. However I do not know the exact formula, best thing to do is use Wakfu-Elements set builder. You can distribute your spell xp in that and see what you can max out. Or of course test it out in game in the training room with a respec.

- Kat

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If it rolled the same thing you had before, then that is a bug and should be reported. The numbers I gave where listed by a dev in the update that they don't reroll what they currently have on them.

- Kat

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Sadly you are wrong Calamar-Chan and Anony is right. You are falling into the Gambler's Fallacy.

While in predictions that is how it goes, it is not how it actually works. As you mentioned yourself, each individual roll will be the same chance as the last. You could then look at extreme odds of things like hitting the jackpot. It's nice to believe that if you try more and more, you will eventually win, but such is not the case.

Also, your 1/6 chance is wrong.

On Mono and Tri gear first roll: 1/4 chance
2nd+ roll: 1/3 chance

On Duo gear first roll: 1/6 chance
2nd+ roll: 1/5 chance

This is because you can never roll what is currently on the gear. So any roll past the first is a slightly higher chance than the initial roll of getting what you want.

- Kat

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Books are tradable. You just need a library (one of the tree's you store books on). Any book/readable thing may be placed on it and then anyone can read or take them off (taking them off however requires permission).

- Kat

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There isn't a problem. Some people just find change hard, even when it's in their benefit.


1st: This isn't a problem as before you could only use maybe a 4th of the gear in game requiring everyone in the same elements to wear the same equips. There was little variation and you were often stuck with secondary stats you did not need, wasting said stat points in that slot.

The element fitting the look of the equip is just something you've conditioned yourself into. Now you can look at all the other stats other than damage and find gear that works for your build and play style and then role for the elements you need.

A much better system over all and makes it so that all gear is available for any player, when before you would often drop things you have absolutely no use for.

2nd: Transmutations are easy, especially with Lumberjack as you can get the resources for that in a few seconds (seriously, only 3sec to cut down a tree now). On top of that you are guaranteed at least one transmutation orb per dungeon run. With how simple it is to get the orbs, getting the elements you want is a simple task. Most of my guildies have gotten what then need either right away or in one to two rolls. Only one has taken up to 9 rolls to get what they need.

How are you cheated? Everyone has the same chance at the item and it isn't like you lost the item. Again, just get another (super easy to obtain) orb and roll again. While you're at it, if getting the orbs the dungeon way, you will also be earning more tokens for more items and possibly get some drops as well for non linked items.

3rd: Set boxes will be back. They have already said this. It however needed to be removed because of the way they worked. Set boxes before did not actually combine your items. It deleted them, then generated a box. When you "unboxed" said box set, it in turn deleted the box and generated new items. This is why you could not box runed items and with the new system, you cannot box rolled items. Since it did not save your items, it wouldn't know what runes you had or what elements you had.

Until they devise a new system to combine them and keep the stats (and label the boxes so you know the elements and runes), they cannot add it back in.


- Kat

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Used to be. Now not as much. Mono and Duo will get more damage, but the differences are not as high anymore.

It more comes down to Gear. Duo element gear is by far the most common and what you will normally find from any dungeon. Tri element gear and Mono element gear is far less so. So it is not as feasable to do a Tri build until you collect said gear. Mono can be done with any gear, so while there is not much of it, you can use Duo and Tri gear as well as long as you're getting the element you need.

Biggest difference is how many spells you can use in an individual spell tree. Mono can use 4-0-0 in each. Duo can use 3-2-0 in each and Tri can use 2-2-2 in each.

- Kat

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Water has self heals and can steal Lock, Dodge, MP and Damage from the enemy and either then debuff them, or buff yourself.

Air has map manipulation and easy backstabs.

Fire has hemorrhage for consistent damage.

All 3 branches do very high amounts of damage as that is what the Sram is for, assassination (burst damage).

That is at least the quick of it.

There are also traps now.
- Water trap is Cross1 AoE that removes AP
- Fire trap is Cross1 AoE that adds more hemorrahge
- Air trap is a single cell and needs two placed within 6 cells of each other and makes a portal.

All traps deal decent damage when the linked spell is leveled.

Invisibility and Scram work on allies.

Double is a lock tank with map manipulation. Must for all Srams.

- Kat

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Updating your tri-brid guide with said changes?

- Kat

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Bonus' won't reset if you don't use all 6.

That said each bonus really depends on the situation and Stabalization can really help. Or if you don't think you'll need it that fight or any time soon, click it anyway early so that it's not forced on you later.

- Kat

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You're looking at it, just click the tab.

- Kat

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They get 120%, not 150% of the XP you get. They also get XP from challenges too.

- Kat

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Why would they give you a refund?

The boosters stack, so if you buy the pack and get another 90 days, it will add to what you have.

- Kat

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posté September 18, 2014, 13:11:18 | #16
Not allowed to name shame. That includes complaining then including a picture with their names in it. It is against the forum rules.

- Kat

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posté September 18, 2014, 07:20:11 | #17
Oh, I didn't say it was a different artist. I said that the style in the artwork is different.

- Kat

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posté September 18, 2014, 05:06:43 | #18
Doesn't matter if it's been a month. They never said that boosters only get it for a month.

It was mentioned many times that the latest area is for booster players until the next patch. So you have to wait till a new area is added before you get Enurado.

So long as Enurado remains the latest area, it will be booster ONLY.

- Kat

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Quote (KHfan22 @ 18 September 2014 03:19) *

Quote (kurokat @ 18 September 2014 03:14) *

Sad there is no female Sadida one, but I love this Eca. =^.^=

Hi Kat, there is a Sadida Female one as shown in my screen shot above. ^^ It's next to the female Sram (old one) and the male sacrier
Oh, I know about that one. I was looking for another new one =^.^= , as this seems to me more like a new batch (style for most of them is different from the original batch in terms of the color pallet and general brushwork). I used that Sadida one for quite a while.

- Kat

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posté September 18, 2014, 03:19:49 | #20
If you read what the Boosters offer:

Exclusive to Booster
- Account Chest
- First access to the latest area (in this case Enurado)
- x2 and x3 xp for your second and third highest characters (same as subbed rates from before)
- +30% xp (same as subbed rates from before)
- +10% drop rates (same as subbed rates from before)
- +30% kama (same as subbed rates from before)

- Kat

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