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posté April 24, 2015, 20:03:50 | #1
Going to try to contact you or find you all. Though probably gonna tell some other higher up, busy right now XD. Be sure to contact us in game though

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posté April 12, 2015, 15:32:41 | #2
ahhah nice ones Yunru.
Helix dropped me a Wa Cwown though XD
Sorry for no screenshots  

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posté April 12, 2015, 09:40:10 | #3

Quote (CN-Tian @ 09 April 2015 16:32) *
hi i m pretty new to the game i m lvl 61 in Nox sevice and i really like to join a good guild.
i have tried to contect u guys but i didnt contect with anyone in game .

so my in game name is Pangzi, hope i can join u
Our Guild is on Remington. Anyway look in the Nox section of the Forum for a Guild on your Server. Good Luck!

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posté April 11, 2015, 20:05:28 | #4
Yeh, Golden keychain and whitered breastplate for me. But don't know where to send... Anyway 7,5m for golden keychain and 3.5 for whitered breastplate

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posté April 09, 2015, 17:34:45 | #5
Not much treasures were applied for the new Artifacts... Also removing this Thread from the Important ones... I guess that some servers can not take the Inflation. I still hope it is not true, have many 120ish characters with no treasure hunts done XD


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posté April 09, 2015, 17:26:04 | #6
Just get Pheno-stem+Nataraja Dagger or Breath of Life if you have money XD

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posté April 09, 2015, 17:23:23 | #7
It might seem like this, but in play. Earth deals the most damage. And Air/Earth would be one of the best. Cause of Reach on the Air Spells....It does 540 damage if Elusive with max Reach. And it is 720 with maxed destructive. In Single-Target damage this is the best.

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posté April 09, 2015, 17:12:21 | #8
Great news! Thank you ver much for this. Just discovered how good is Piercing Arrow

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posté April 07, 2015, 13:10:09 | #9
I guess this treasure hunts will be deleted. This thread is not in the important ones too anymore


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posté April 05, 2015, 15:49:22 | #10

Quote (Madd1 @ 05 April 2015 02:02) *
I have a special rank in my guild which I will move people into if they are inactive for too long. This rank has 0 rights other than to change the guild message (So they can let it be known that they've returned.)

It's my personal solution to this issue, but you could use something similar. Also, don't give anyone you don't trust rights you don't trust them with. That's my opinion, hope it's of use to you.

I've also had a key theft in the past. It sucked :\

Doesn't everyone has that thing? I thought it was pretty common :O, We mainly have it cause we kick inactives every Monday..... sometimes every second.... According to the situation.
We had a theft of Ugly Sets around 6-7 sets were stolen .


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posté April 04, 2015, 22:26:35 | #11
Check this thread: Click here
Ask around the guild if it is the same guy his name is Djsombria I hope I helped.


Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #847061  Replies : 41  Views : 3344
posté April 04, 2015, 22:20:07 | #12
a TriBuild Cra can easily beat any Iop now. Cause of the Focus nerf.... If you dodge judgement spell(not sure if that was the name)
you can easily beat it, I have personally done this with most Iops since the nerf

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #847058  Replies : 54  Views : 2983
posté April 04, 2015, 18:26:58 | #13
Going for those gems XD If I have the time. Good luck anyway

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posté April 04, 2015, 18:23:54 | #14
I don't know about everyone else but the Guild Leader is just UHHH. At first I just did business with him, dofus kamas>wakfu kamas.... After some time we started doing dungeons... It was all good then he changed his name, I was like i guess ok. After some time a friend told me that he is an old scammer. I started digging and I found 2 living examples of his nature. He was even psychotic enough to delete the characters on the accounts. After I found out some stuff about him on Dofus, he sold his kamas cause everyone knew him as a scammer, he probably scammed some people over there too. After that I was acting neutral, like nothing has happened. But every day he messages me and starts boosting himself, insulting me for nothing. For example he thought that nobody could reach 175 in 3 days . That day I got so mad, i just ignored him. After some time i found a living proof of it and messaged him just to let him know, he started insulting me and insulting me... I would say just don't join this guild, if you don't want someone insulting you and making you feel weak all the time.

Seriously empire?  

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posté April 04, 2015, 18:21:09 | #15
Yunru is a madman! and Why did nobody told me this! :@

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posté April 04, 2015, 18:19:29 | #16

Quote (Kirito-Asuna01 @ 04 April 2015 00:13) *
I want to take your attention on this topic for something really important.

Today, someone of the Guild I'm part of, invited a player named Djsombria and for unkwown reason, he could access the Guild Chest 1 & 2, doing that he took ALL or 98% of the keys that were store in it.

So I say to you, Guild Masters and Recruiters, do not invite him for your Guild Chest safety !
Thank you for the warning!

Quote (Yooji @ 04 April 2015 05:54) *
that's the same person that robbed Falling Slowly lol
Don't you think that he has some connections to change his rank? I don't suspect to do that any other way

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posté April 04, 2015, 18:11:08 | #17

Quote (RedNinjaOP @ 04 April 2015 15:57) *
Yeah, thats what i thought when i saw the recent changes. Ill probably restat soon and change that and a few other things.

BTW, aside from beacon/beacon sniping and roll, the other actives are worth the invest? they seem somehow underpowered for me under most circumstances
Air/Fire is great! You can check my guide here Anyway about equipment I have some things in mind i used them....
Amulet: Mechamulet 120 lvl. (cause of range you must have range respect this)Collective Pensivant 135lvl Wa Wamulet 150lvl
Hat: Solomonk(cause of Range, Distance Damage, Initiative and Dodge those are all best stats for a Cra), or Wa Cwown 150lvl an Epic that is similar to Solomonk, and it works awesome with Harry Boots
Cloak: Necroforged Cloak until 140 when you change to Gwand Viziew's Cloak.
Boots: Woboots 150 Epic, Harry Boots Relic or Gwand Viziew's Sandals
Ring: Tortured Soul is pretty good until those 150 rings....
Belt: Sylargh Belt 120lvl, most 150 belts are good
Breastplate: Gwand viziew breastplate 140lvl
Eppaulettes: Sylargh 120 ones are good, Gauwd 140 are pretty good, as well as Wa Wabbit's Awmbands 150. If you have kamas get the The Veiled soul's Shadows are greatest ones, better then Thoughts even for a Cra.
I hope this helped. Also 12 AP for Fire/Air Cra is a must, Espeacilly for the build i showed you.

Thread : Cra  Preview message : #847026  Replies : 5  Views : 1220
posté April 03, 2015, 15:37:43 | #18
oh fk i still do not see a post for Yunru

Thread : News  Preview message : #846719  Replies : 37  Views : 2898
posté April 01, 2015, 22:19:13 | #19
Going to try to message you in-game!
We are The Mehs a rather new guild (created in 2015) but we are level 8, with 200 members(that is max we kick like 5-10 inactives or alts every day to make space XD) and very active!
You can also message the following: Amp, Archer-Master, Yunru, Mazked, Vaynas or almost any member of our Guild you see around. We have a community from 50-100 members as well which will probably suit you

Thread : Guilds  Preview message : #846035  Replies : 1  Views : 219
posté April 01, 2015, 12:42:16 | #20

Quote (Pokiehls @ 01 April 2015 07:09) *
Hey guys, what has been your actual EXPERIENCE destructive arrow so far?

In theory the spell is great, huge burst of damage every couple turns, I picked it in a fire/earth build but over the time I realize that it isn't such a great spell after all.

On most mob fights (which let's be honest, consist of 80% of the game), you barely use it, because normal mobs will be dead by the time you have time to stack the riddling, and I'm talking about end game stuff, like hc enurado/sram/xelor.

So the only time you'll really use the spell is on bosses, even then, the riddling buff is such a nice addition to the team (-50% negative res for the boss is huge for your teammates damage) that I even feel bad to consume it in order to deal the extra damage, I think if you put together all the extra damage the team can deal because of this 50 res, it's way higher than what you would deal with the extra buff from Destructive.
This brings another problem, the spell itself levels way much slower than other spells because of lack of use, that isn't really an issue at lvl 170, but I can see it as a sign, just for comparison my Cra got 4 levels since the rework and Destructive has got only one level, while all my other spells are on par with my actual level.

For the sake of information, my Cra is 167 actually, working with 12ap and I picked Piercing + Destructive as my earth spells (no complains about Piercing, it is wonderful and the buff they are giving to the rebound range only makes it better).
So there was this revamp today and I'm thinking entirely about skipping this spell and choosing a more practical one, such as Riddling Arrow, which offers very nice single target choice and now that they are removing the 3/turn limitation I have no complaints about it.

This is the point of this thread, share your experience about Destructive Arrow in an endgame build and how do you see it, compared to other spells.
Honestly the old one was better. I never thought I would say this but it was way more damage...over 700 and you get 48 in 2 turns which is still more than the current one, by using other elements and spells you could still get to this point :/ Still it is the highest Direct damage of the current Arsenal.

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