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posté March 21, 2014, 21:58:25 | #1
love how people who play this game are just as frustrated as ever. im glad people are leaving this game because the french dev's dont give two fucks about the input that the NA server is making. there are far better games out there where you dont have to ditch a character just because the dev's felt like making your build completely unviable due to equipment or abilities or better yet killing off an element that your class specialized in now you cannot do anything. because now you have to go out and spend ~6 million kamas for equipment just because the french developers are a shit stain. dofus and wakfu are massive failures simply because of the development team. GREAT games on paper, LOTS OF FUN, and tons of replay value...however once again the lack of attention that is shown to NA is completely disrespectful, and overall this is why dofus and wakfu should begin to finally die in the next year or two. fire all of your developers who think their new patch will make everything more fun while causing the player base to rip their own fingernails out despite expressing incredible opposition to an idea. and this support site...what is it run by a blind monkey? support? do the french even know what customer support is? or is that their "bitch here and keep giving us your money" box? at any rate the faster the players of this game give up on this piece of shit and go play games like GW2 or LoL or anything else for that matter. because guess what? because those are VERY popular f2p/pay to play ONCE games they are listen EXTREMELY closely to their fan/player base. honestly id I wouldnt mind playing this game if it werent so goddamn erratic. "ahem we decided to remove the ecaflips' utility spells and replace them with 10 summon bow meow spells, each bow meow has 1 hp and reduces your damage by 25% for each one summoned. Additionally each bow meow has a 5% chance to be summoned per turn, and if there are multiple bow meows on the field enemies gain +5% dmg/ +5% resist and +1ap/mp per additional bow meow on the field with a cap of 10. we feel like this will diversify the ecaflips' ability to be cats and make you continue throwing money at our stupid fucking dev team because you have nothing else to do with your money and free time have a great month, until next month where we will reduce the damage of all of your spells to 10 dmg at lvl 200 *LOL*"

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