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Quote (Exelenore @ 31 August 2014 03:12) *
Could you discuss the possibility of making both non-linked and linked relics have the option to turn auras on or off? And also, for the option to show auras of others to be in the visual settings?

At its core, an aura is an aesthetic effect that is desirable and not desirable depending on the personal preference of the player which may not even always be consistent on a day to day basis.

People going for one or the other relic may or may not want an aura to show. I think trying to spin that off as a reason to choose which to go for leaves people disappointed since its an aesthetic preference in its own right that doesn't and shouldn't factor into which relic to go for. I also think both take enough work to warrant the player to be able to pick whether they have an aura or not.

I'll look into it. I agree that it should be a preference thing, The linked Relic is an entirely different item entity than the unlinked one. It's not just a special state on the item. One shows an aura, one does not. The decision to deactivate the aura was made by a sole individual on the team who I won't point out. Hence why we're revisiting the concept in discussions tomorrow, after seeing the numerous complaints.

Title and achievement are a technical problem that we don't have the time to fix right now.

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All of the feedback I give when it comes to subject matters like this comes directly from all of you, the playerbase. Except, the difference between you and I is that I can hit the push-to-talk button on Teamspeak and communicate it directly to the Game Designers.

It may be hard for you guys to notice, but a lot of incoming changes are either different or never were in the original intention to be changed for September. It's been done, for example the Sadida doll changes, because you guys provided feedback, and the designers were able to be made aware of that in a timely manner.

The kind of feedback I provide personally is along the lines of balancing and class performance, along with content testing (e.g. new characteristics system). I don't need to know your struggles as a live server player because I can just forward your gripes about it directly. I need only provide numbers. If I struggle with re-balanced mobs in endgame maxed out equipment, it's not hard for me to say "well I had an okay time with it, but someone in lesser gear will probably wipe".

Currently discussing the possibility of returning auras to the linked Relics. I'll have something more definitive to say on that subject matter tomorrow.

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I don't advocate ganging up on Major-Caligari as Nox16 pointed out. He has a right to his opinion about me, which I'm sure others share. I'll continue to collect feedback, stream, and privately answer questions. But just because I don't do it publicly now doesn't mean anyone is to blame.

I don't get paid enough (or at all) to have to deal with hateful people. Hence why the other topic was closed (per my request). But it's still a pleasure to get to work with the game designers and help shape a game into something better for you guys.

I don't play on live servers anymore. This is what I do because I think it's what's most healthy for the evolution of the game and this community.

@DeMetz88: No, because the achievement criteria can only be linked with one action. And for combining of fragments, that action is with the unlinked fragments. We can't have linked fragments unlock the achievement because unlinked ones already do that. And we don't know how to really... make them both do it.

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Quote (Major-Caligari @ 31 August 2014 01:33) *
Nobody cares about Mongo's opinion either, really, therefore I think it's fair. I would like to hear that I should be paid for doing stupid stuff from time to time too.

That's fine. I'll continue my work with feedback and balancing without being so vocal on the forums. I'm sorry you feel that way.

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Also I'm not sure of this was communicated, but all prospecting lock thresholds in the game have been removed so you no longer require a certain amount of PP to make an item droppable.

Prospecting only serves to increase drop rates now (and damage for Enutrof). The 150 cap is still in place for prospecting and wisdom however.

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posté August 28, 2014, 00:32:50 | #6
Oops. I meant 20.


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posté August 27, 2014, 17:09:22 | #7
At level one, it converts every 40 lock and 40 dodge into 1% critical hits. So if you have 80 lock and 40 dodge for example, a level one Sram to the Bone will add +3% critical hits. Every level up reduces the amount needed in both stats by one. At level nine 20, Sram to the Bone converts every 20 lock and 20 dodge into 1% critical hits. So having the same amount as the previous example offers +4% critical hits from lock and +2% critical hits from dodge.

My build uses 300 dodge and 100 lock, to gain +15% critical hits from the former and +5% from the latter.

The crossed out is out-dated. The specialty caps out at +10% for each, so you need at least 200 Dodge and at least 200 Lock to max out on Sram to the Bone. The rate of 20-for-1 remains the same. Build was updated to reflect this.

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Quote (Tsain @ 25 August 2014 07:48) *
Why so much close combat damage? I thought the only close-combat spell for osa's was gobgob's rain of stars.

Too lazy to research AoE & ranged damage equipment. The furthest I went with that, was using DV Epaulettes instead of Souleater since the former uses AoE damage and the latter uses melee damage.

I'll refine this later, and perhaps even write a guide on it (the haste in making it is why I just tossed it in an thread in this sub-forum). This was created in less than an hour versus the Sram build I made, which I spent a few hours testing and researching.

I just wanted to provide insight on a plausible build that was a bit unique.

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Edit: At a glance a change you can make is to swap the Beltinterest with Lenald Walm Pelt and boots with Tormented Boots. This let's you achieve the same thing with slightly better personal specialization stats, but you lose two miscellaneous rune slots and quite a bit of general damages (which ultimately results in less summon damage). They are considerably cheaper to obtain though, especially with HC Enurado not even out yet. Mushmantle is also a cheaper alternative to The Apothecloakery with its general damage and both distance/AoE specializations.

I'd also take earth damage on every single piece of equipment, so that the Gobgob benefits more from the direct earth to water damage translation and summons get slightly more damage as well from the 50% of highest mastery bonus.

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posté August 25, 2014, 07:37:05 | #9
If you're an endgame Osamodas and are looking for a new build and have the means to pursue somewhat expensive equipment, consider a do-it-all build.

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posté August 25, 2014, 07:36:06 | #10
Post-Revamp Endgame "Does-It-All" Osamodas I was going to stream tomorrow but I'm going to be away from my computer for two days. As such, I'm going to post an Osamodas build that I had briefly worked on that will be viable come September:

This is a "does-it-all" build with the option to play Gobgob Osamodas, Dragon Osamodas, or Summoner Osamodas all in one build. The only thing it lacks is a leveled Critical Synergy and Clan Member bonuses. Otherwise it has all the basic components for every single build, including the eight control needed to put out two creatures your level. I haven't worked out an optimal specialization build for equipment yet. The Amuleto is needed for level 165 equipment with three passive kit skill from guild.

I have avoided using characteristic points as they won't be available after the revamp (so it's kinda cheating to use them now if you're build theorycrafting) and I've also omitted one Capital Aptitude point, since the fourth one is gained at level 175 in September.

From top left to bottom right: (Non-crit Boohowl), (Unbuffed), (Non-crit Boohowl + Non-crit Whip), (Non-crit Whip), (Crit Whip), (Crit Boohowl + Crit Whip)

Capital: [+1 AP], [+1 MP & +20% Damage], [+2 Control, +40% General Damage]
Offensive: [+160% General Damage]
Defensive: [+100% General Resistance], [+30% Max HP]
Miscellaneous: [+60 Dodge], [+60 Initiative]
Specialty: [+20% Critical Hit], [+40% Critical Hit Damage], [+40% Backstab Damage]

Cape: The Apothecloakery
Helmet: Tormented Helmet (Air/Fire/Earth)
Epaulettes: Dark Vlad's Epaulettes (Air/Fire/Earth)
Amulet: Amuleto
Ring One: The Wa's Seal (Earth/Fire)
Ring Two: Expire Ring (Air/Fire/Earth)
Weapon: Martus Shushu (Air/Fire/Earth)
Off-Hand: N/A
Belt: Beltinterest [+Dodge/+Dodge]
Breastplate: Cledus'Tight (Air/Fire)
Boots: Woboots (Air/Fire/Water) [+HP/+Initiative/+Initiative]
Emblem: Shushu Emblem (Water; only one I had on-hand, get any other element)
Pet: Tamed Abomination

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posté August 24, 2014, 21:25:27 | #11
Specialization as in category five.

Things like critical hits, CH damage, backstab damage, non-CH damage (maybe), and things like that. Not your specialty points.

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posté August 24, 2014, 21:20:19 | #12

Quote (Nox16 @ 24 August 2014 21:13) *
I know that they will be fine i just think its cheap is all. Also i had a question about the stat system. Isnt it you get 1 point in one of those pools every four levels and not 1 point in each area every 4 levels? if so then isnt this a massive nerf to us as players? I say this because didnt you say that currently its bugged to give a point every time you get 4 levels... so really instead of the 38ish i have in each pool ill have more like 9... which when you compare it to the current system seems like they are taking away choices.

I never said such a thing. You get one point every level in a different category.

1 Offensive Apt @ Lv. 2
1 Defensve Apt @ Lv. 3
1 Misc. Apt @ Lv. 4
1 Speciliazation Apt @ Lv. 5
1 Offensive Apt @ Lv. 6

Your options are far greater and varied in this system. The old system was absurdly limited.

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posté August 24, 2014, 20:47:02 | #13
@Agosta asks: Can we get some crits on Gwand Viziew Amulet since it has no range

We'll review that item. It's definitely possible to reduce some of the damage weight to add some critical hits (as the amulet is very specialized strong for its level).

@Kikuihimonji asks: SO i understand the legendary weapons lvl 100 craft will be reviewed before release? In that case i will wait for the new updated item list from beta server.

I have my doubts about level 100 weapon crafts being buffed. It's much more likely that attention will only be directed towards the level 150 weapon crafts.

@Seguchi-Sama asks: As about number of elements in builds in general, we've been told somewhere that single-ele builds will receive quite a good support, but I don't see it yet?

As far as I can really tell at the moment, a mono-elemental build's greatest advantage is the Aptitude stat dedicated to them. If I recall correct, it's something like [+7% damage in highest element] or something like that. In the future with additional content releases, we'll be able to release more mono-elemental and tribrid gear to deviate from the norm of hybrid equipment.

@Shinzyy asks: So Vlad's Epa's now gives AOE damage instead of Single Target. That feels like a huge kick in the balls that I saved up 70 fragments for a relic which now gives a crappy stat for my characters. Do you know if this change from Single Target to AOE is permanent now Mango, or are the staff still playing around with it?

It's a fickle situation because it's a little too difficult to please everyone with these specialization stats. Hopefully the item is still useful to you (with a minor un-optimization of a loss in 20% spec. damage). AoE classes lacked an exotic AP Relic with their spec. damage on it. Of course everything's always subject to change before September.

@Nox16 asks: I would like to know why helmets dont have control anymore? you can say "oh well 2 control you can get bleh bleh" but isnt really like 1 control? for a full capital point what a huge investment for so little. I dont understand why control was taken away from what seems every high level helmet in the game.

There's already 4 control on normal equipment which should be plenty. It's actually pointless for an Osamodas to have more than eight control, due to the fact that the maximum amount of summon levels that can be summoned on the field at once is [Osamodas Lv. * 2]. After you reach eight control as an Osamodas, you should be devoting the remainder of your equipment and stats to beefing up both your own and your summon stats simultaneously. +40% general damage comes attached with the +2 Control Aptitude anyways, which is the equivalent of 10 Offensive Aptitude points.

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Whoever you are, you have a special place in my heart for this laugh. 

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posté August 23, 2014, 09:19:34 | #14
It would not have been possible to create this more clear-cut progression of the player without a global increase to all stats. Previously the difference from one level to the next was too close together, and it was too difficult to create new content or tweak content for certain levels without it spilling into other level tiers. By making each level have so much bigger of a significance, we're creating breathing room so that every level up holds importance. This will make balancing for specific focused content for any level category substantially easier and prevent the issue in the past where old content wasn't up to par with new content of the same level group.

The modifications to equipment further augment this ideology. By putting all equipment in the same planar (useful to everyone, with specific pieces branching off from this dimension for more specialized and unique builds) you create a more broad perception of progression.

But the major point of this revamp besides for better systems in combat with less randomness (we are slowly moving away from the concept of randomness in combat), is to create a system in which a player feels rewarded for leveling up; they feel rewarded for dropping items that is likely an upgrade to what they're using now, since item strength is mostly related to item level now; they feel rewarded for completing a dungeon, gaining tokens, and seeing what item they can eventually redeem from the token machine.

Every single thing that you do and achieve should have a sense of progression towards it. By awarding value to things that were negligible before in a small scale (characteristic points) and completions of dungeons (to award tokens) the player should feel like they're always moving towards their goal of the endgame more than ever before in Wakfu's history.

When the monsters are scaled up on the beta build, initially they'll probably look scary and their values will likely be too high. But we'll tweak it, so players will either be in the same standing or in a slightly better position than they are on the live server, in regards to survivability and TTK against mobs.

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It's no rumor. +2 Control & +40% general damage (they come together as a package for 1 capital point investment) is something you can stat.

The max amount of Control for Sadida is (4 natural gear slots + 1 Tamed Abomination + 1 Emiwlet Amulet) + 2 Knowledge of Dolls + 1 base + 2 from one point of capital investment = 11.

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Quote (GodIsWithUs @ 23 August 2014 01:01) *
My theory is that they will get rid of the resistance or at least decrease it, but keep the damage. Part of the system is to make mono have an advantage in terms of damage and getting rid of the mastery would decrease a mono's power compared to dual and tri. So either they will get rid of resistance or make the distribution less for the highest two leveled spells in each branch. Either way, I see don't Ankama getting rid of spell mastery.

Also, monsters will be revamped as well.

Your theories and comments are pretty accurate!

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posté August 23, 2014, 01:10:25 | #17
Iop and Osamodas are not next. I'm not quite sure how this news gets spread around.

Only Pandawa is definitely next. Everything after that is absolutely tentative on a basis of class-is-broken (poorly designed, too weak) --> class-is-broken (too overpowered, needs to be tweaked) --> class-is-okay (things that work well now, despite their current design). Exi and I are here scratching our heads right now.

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posté August 23, 2014, 00:54:24 | #18

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 23 August 2014 00:46) *
The gameplay without dolls remains the same. People should stop saying its overpowered as they are looking at it and compare it to current Sadida, without taking into account new resist mechanic, new spell system formula that will make everybody stronger and the top geared Sadi at lvl 160 cap. I dare you to make sac with equally good gear and i bet it will win vs the new sadida anyway. Why? Because it can use dolls to reach Sadida and fire dmg gonna hurt Sadida hard with punishment.

So shush to those who think its overpowered. It isn't. All they did was brining dolls dmg to reasonable amount and make them 1AP cheaper to make (some dolls still cost 5AP 1WP, cheapest one 3AP 1WP, so Sadida still does less in first turn, then for example Osamodas with its own summons, but also less then Masq with its Spirit or Ecaflip with Die alright and those ridiculous DoQ).

The class that can use dolls for its own adventage to reach Sadida will easily deal with it.

You should fear Sram with its 2 turn invisibility more then few fragile dolls.

Well there's another issue regarding that. Because players are attuned to be so much stronger and tankier, that invariably makes the earth shields that much more powerful. Two critical hits with Wild Grass prevented me from entire turns of damages against enemies of equal footing in equipment. Since the shield is affected by resistance and the resistance formula has changed to hugely buff player resistances (I'm 70% final res in three elements) it makes it an incredibly powerful shield.

Ultimately, 100% shields need to be weaker (or entirely changed) as a byproduct of the changes regarding the tankiness of players. This means the insanely overpowered earth Feca's shields, and potentially earth Sadida's shields.

Other than that, the rest of the class is very balanced with the buffs that they just had in tow. I think players will really enjoy the new doll buffs.

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posté August 22, 2014, 23:32:11 | #19
This is not even their revamp. Just a temporary fix to make them viable in the short term.

There's no need to "ignore my videos", Neneko. I work closely with them, and they are present during the streamings as well.

A relic and runes is not a far-stretched reach anymore. If you look at servers like Aerafal, most people are partially runed and many are full runed. Same applies to Dathura a server that is smaller than Nox, and even many players in other servers including your own. I would say at this point, a majority of players in Wakfu's overall endgame population is at least partially runed.

Their damage is competitive. The damage I was doing could easily be surpassed by other classes. But no other classes had the utility I had to compete. Feca had shields too, but no heals or poisons. Other classes don't have shields.

1'000% damage after this revamp in multiple elements is not a difficult goal anymore for the player who has most of their endgame items. No runeing necessary. And with the tremendously increased accessibility of Relics this too, shouldn't be too awful of a reach for the casual player.

They're in a good spot right now, and I don't think they're overpowered. I think now that the viability of doing everything that they can do in one build is achievable with potency, it highlights their good attributes.

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Edit: To those arguing that Sadida requires 3-5 turns to get going. No, it really does not. In that time, a Sadida has more than enough damage to kill another player, or whittle down an enemy while keeping themself safe via very powerful earth shields, or summon dolls that do plenty damage or enough heals to keep an entire team healthy. 150% damage isn't going to make as huge a difference as you all think when players are easily starting off at 1'000%+ damages already anyways.

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posté August 22, 2014, 23:23:41 | #20
The dolls are still very fragile. Excarnus had no problem disposing of them and he's a fairly low level instance. Their AI is a little messy too and sometimes they won't target certain enemies (for example the boss).

But en masse they are a bit ridiculous, and they do the job of an Eniripsa better than an Eniripsa once a few are out. It's pretty crazy.

With how high stats you can get in multiple branches (including tribrid) it actually really highlights the strengths of the class. When you ignore the dolls, Sadida stand-alone is still incredibly powerful with all of their heals, shields, and damage (without talking about the bugged Poisoned Wind).

Truthfully, you get what you put in with the dolls now, easily.

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