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posté August 22, 2014, 21:28:34 | #1
Petsmount / Dracos -.- I just saw that on the account of my eni were 29.000 ogrines and as it isn´t possible to buy ogrines atm because of ankamas payment issues i thought "great, just buy 4 dracos for my 4 accounts"... back on my eni found out that they are not tradeable... wow... WHY the...?! I can´t believe this because there is no hint in the shop that it isn´t possible to trade them.
So is it at least possible to give 3 of the 4 dracos back to get my ogrines back or will the dracos get tradeable soon?

I realy don´t know why they are not tradeable and for me it is not possible to buy petsmounts for every of my accounts/chars because of the payment issues and the fact that they are not tradeable.

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posté March 20, 2014, 21:16:34 | #2
yeah even in this thread the question for drop revamp is past exactly one month without ANY kind of an answer. Very nice communication between devs and community, huh?!

Category: Server
Question: What will happen to Amara in the future? As nobody cares about us, is it planned to close or merge this server or do we get a new community-manager or will there be effective advertisement in germany to make this game more populare?

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posté March 17, 2014, 19:18:19 | #3

Some items to win in battle will also be specific to the "hardcore" dungeon version.
oh common!
If you dont just speak about the reclics who can drop directly from the boss than don´t do it.
This is just another expand of an excessive bad and complicated drop-system.
If that will happen than we have

-drops from monsterfamilies
-drops just from single monsters of a family
-drops just in dungeons from families
-drops just from dungeon bosses
-drops just if you have a certain amount of PP in the group
-drops just from dungeon bosses in hardcore mode
-drops from monsterfamilies in hardcore mode?!
-drops just if you kill the (ultimative) Boss on your first try
-some cases i forgot?

and the most of this can not clearly be seen in the enzyclopedia

how ridiculous has this system to get until we get a nice, simple and "fair" dropsystem? It´s already as complicated as doing the annual tax declaration!

PLEASE REVAMP THIS DROPSYSTEM!!! Or at least give us some of what you are planning! We are asking for it nearly half a year!

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posté March 06, 2014, 00:07:05 | #4

Quote (aquabeauty @ 05 March 2014 19:14) *
My Tijeebon Mallet... :c

+1 AP
+1 Range
+77 HP
+10% Damage
+25% Heals
+10 Initiative

Reduce the 25% heals and

+75 HP
+10 Initiative
+20% Heals
+1 AP
+1 Range

Its a makawand with 10% dmg more.... Why are there no stats being added to this "LEGENDARY" item that took so much hard work and effort to craft. Such as 15% dmg instead of 10.

Or is there something I am not understanding here... because from my understanding.. the change is that the +heals would be removed. Which is THE ONLY thing that made this item worth crafting....





Tijeebon Mallet is way to weak after this "revamp" please give this LEGENDARY weapon a little buff.

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posté March 03, 2014, 17:11:38 | #5
I did the almanax yesterday (sunday) today none of my chars can do it and i also have the merkator not unlocked today as usually.... maybe the server thinks it is still sunday?

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posté February 26, 2014, 22:30:36 | #6
To say it in Ankamas words:
There will be Feedback soon.

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posté February 25, 2014, 21:06:13 | #7
Runes have no effect in my items As nothing happend on my last post of this bug i just put in the link here to my description.


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posté February 17, 2014, 19:41:10 | #8
same here and some guildies have the same prob.
We all bought something and noone get it (no gift interface).... as it is monday 7:39pm in central europe i think they don´t resolve the problem today so your report meant nothing to them sabi.
Pretty sad i thought they were just not listening to the communities... but they are also not listening to their community managers.

edit: don´t know if they may resolved it on other servers, but on amara the problem still exists

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posté February 03, 2014, 18:59:10 | #9

Quote (Sabi @ 03 February 2014 17:22) *
  • Alkatrool: After further discussions, the team doesn't think that the content provided by Alkatrool is of a sufficient quality, it was then decided that the access to the island would be closed, and the area removed from the game.

Why the hell did you do that!?!?! ANKAMA WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!
This is just another stupid decision of yours!
Why don´t you let the community decide what is content of sufficient quality?

I realy can´t belive it... and i also can´t belive it that i write "i can´t belive" once again.

It´s just another example for the worst communication experienced ever in an mmorpg.

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posté February 02, 2014, 13:05:58 | #10
Runes don´t have effects in Items!!! Char: Miss-Shiva
Server: Amara
Bug: Runes dosen´t work in Necroforged Belt and Shoes

Picture 1: Stats without wearing Necroforged Belt and Boots (1373 LP)

Picture 2: Wearing the Belt and the Shoes (1606LP which is +133 and not the +169 it should be, because of the 3x +12LP Runes) with "Rune"-Info opened

Picture 3: First page of the item-info, it dosen´t show the rune-bonus either (all other runed items which get the effect do so)

Suggestion: I think it is a problem with support-runes and smith-hammers as i used them to get the LP-Bonus-Runes.

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posté January 31, 2014, 13:28:27 | #11
Thank you sabi for your reply!
And yes it is a little disappointing that you realy have that less information! But it again give us a look inside Ankama-politics. It seems that the CM´s are not to one who GET information it seems to be that CM´s are the ones who have to BRING information and if the communities cry loud enough they sometimes are allowed to ask a dev for something he does.

As it seems that you realy have that lless information i can only reply to one fact:

and regarding a complete drop system revamp I simply don't have that information

Troyle told us in this post that the PP-Cap is part of some big changes. I know that there are other posts from him where he told the same trying to explain something that he (like you) had no information about, probably.
Unfortunately Azael told us that there wont be any half done things in future (also some months ago in a letter to the community) and we still have no information what is the big thing that should come regarding better drops but we still have to suffer with the PP-Cap.
This is annoying and frustrating.
If you want i can also look for the Posts of the official Anakam-Staff (you, troyle, azael) and bring them together here in this text. But i think you already know what we know and can comprehend why this IS and WILL BE a realy big point of interest for us until we know more about WHAT and WHEN it will be done.

Last but not least i don´t want to criticize you personally but all communities who have to take their information out of this forum feel very uninformed regarding realy important facts. And as we are expecting some information on things we were spoiled with, it is pretty sad to got left with this excitement for months! Especially if the negative part of the bigger project is already influencing us in our game-experience.
We are reading all your posts very properly (at least some of us) maybe that is another fact why we feel that there are some information we need. For me i can say that it is not just a feeling that there are missing information because i can find all the posts which were made and bring them together to a big (and unfortunatly) incomplete picture of what is planed.

There have to be information regarding the drop-system somewhere inside the Ankama-offices. Otherwise Azael acted absolutly against his intent to never again do half done things. And this would be a pretty negligent customer care.

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posté January 29, 2014, 13:56:27 | #12
As i am one of very few people on Amara who have many jobs on High-lvl i want to say: This Profession is a whole new game and i don´t think the most people who cried for a revamp want such thing!
The problem just was that is ultra-NOT-profitable to do jobs right now just because of the recepies. I don´t like the Time-Based-Character of the new system.
I also want to give short statements to every point of this revamp:

Tasks and Workers: I like this part of the concept.

Tools: I hate this Part! We need to find ressources to build items we need to find ressources to recruit workers we need to find ressources to build tools and than we may lose the tools or even DON´T HAVE 100% success rate?! This is so annoying! 100% Success-rate for Recepies of the Crafters-Lvl is an absolute MUST-HAVE! Otherwise the whole Ressource-Farmenprocess is much more stupid than now!

Contract, Craftsman-Search and Craftsman-Rating-System: I like this very much!

Special-Recepies for Leader of Craft-Ledder: I HATE this absolutly! This just makes monopoles which are really annoying just right know (and we have some of them on Amara) and are really discouraging.

Craft-Access from web: I don´t like this... This is what i think will lead this Craft-System of the Wakfu-Game to a Point what Krozmaster is right now. A whole different game than Wakfu just with a small link to Wakfu! I want a WAKFU-Craftsystem to have fun Crafting things besides playing mainly Wakfu the MMORPG. I dont want a whole new game.
The biggest problem of Crafting is just PROFITABILATY! I don´t really know why it is so hard to just fix that to get the crafting system more linked to Wakfu-Game-Reality?! I am realy frightend that the new craft-system is getting a full-time Job and not a nice side-part of Wakfu.

Craft-Marketplace: It reads nice, but as there is no real market on Amara right know i don´t like the idea of a new market on Amara which also will not work.

There is a lot of potential in the new system, but please please please let this new system be a part VERY VERY close to the core of Wakfu! Don´t let it get a sidegame such like Krozmaster where you can get items for Wakfu but is not played very much outside of France.
And again the biggest problem of craftmanship is the time/ressource to output (value of equipment) profitabilaty! To solve this problem the new system is not necessary!

Best Regards

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posté January 28, 2014, 21:35:47 | #13

Quote (IYesWayI @ 28 January 2014 21:00) *
I recommend you post this to the French forum if you want a chance of something to actually happen. Here is the issue. Troyle never never never goes on this forum anymore except to make big posts. Basically the same with Sabi. She occasionally comes on to moderate threads maybe once a day. Otherwise she leaves it to the player mods.

NONE of these people actually have any power to change the game. They are COMMUNITY managers. They are basically nothing. If they want something they message the French Devs and ask nicely for info. Thats it. This was the issue with SE and this is the issue now.

Get a French friend or use google translate on your well written post and put it on the French forum and maybe a real dev with real power will actually see this. If not its a complete waste of time. Make sure to apologize for your bad French/ use of translator.

It would be great if someone here who has some french-skills would translate my initial-post and stick it in the french-board. For us in germany we first adressed our concerns to [Mascha-Chan] nothing happend, than she quit, than we did the same with troyle, nothing happend, than in this forum (as far as our english is good enough) and now here is the wide lonly dessert of Ankama where our voices count as much as a hand full of sand.

Edit: Sabi if you may read this feel free to translate my opening post as a letter to the devs (why only having letters to the community?)
And you others, i am happy with your replies, becaus you there seems to be no hate speeches (which could happen in such a thread) on ankama, go on with writing your concerns objectivly.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #671133  Replies : 37  Views : 3029
posté January 28, 2014, 18:54:55 | #14
I think it is absolutly an impudence [sabi], [troyle], [azael] I think it is time to be straight because Ankama and die CM´s aren´t.

I can´t believe how all of you, Sabi, Troyle and Azael ignore what you are reading here!

  • We ask for the drop-revamp for weeks now, but all we got is as an answer is:

We will update the community on the exact list of changes to test: Here.

you totally ignore what the community wants to know!

  • We wrote a lot regarding the lag-issue
you totally ignored that and didn´t gave any answer

  • We want to know who (and how) will take care of the german community
all we got is sabis presumption:

As far as Amara and the care of the DE community, that is something I am sure that Troyle is looking into.

  • Azael promised us things to change especially in communication and how things changes since september.
All we got was unfinished things and things the community didn´t ask for?

  • There are still HUGE amounts of Bugs in the game and the number is increasing with ever single update!
I think i can say without lying that i was the most active bug-reporter on Amara. I just don´t report Bugs anymore because the whole Bug-Reporting-System seems to be as inefficient as possible! Nothing changes if i post 100 bugs or none!

  • You CM´s and DEV´s always shout for feedback but you just can´t handle it!
Yes espacially sabi is writing a lot but that is just like a little drop of water on a burning house!

The community (international and german) is not getting half the feedback it needs! We just get the information:

With our recent expansion to new territories (Ankama Canada, Sao Paulo, and Singapore) it has become more and more clear that a new and more international structure was needed.

Unfortunately this means that I have to leave the care of the International Community entirely to Sabi.In other words, I will no longer be acting as your Community Manager, Sabi will.Also, as one of our experts of the North American territory, Sabi is also helping us with many side responsibilities that leave her only little time to really focus on you guys.

You guys of Ankama are WAAAYYY to few people to handle all of that! I realy can´t believe what you wrote the last weeks.

Please do less colonization or hire people to care about the bugs and hopes and wishes of already EXISTING communities!

You are losing very very loyal players who believed in the potential of Ankama and WAKFU. I know everyone posts "you are losing players" and you may or may not can count that. Of course we don´t know how much new players subscribe and how much old players leave. Everyone who writes the "you are losing players!" argument has this strong feeling of losing hope and fun and have no one to adress their fears. That is what they mean.

Please be more straight! Don´t give us evasive answers all the time! Don´t tell us to be patienced! Don´t give us global drop-nerfs like the pp-cap and tell us the drop-system will be revamped and than never again lose a single word on this revamp although everyone is asking for answers right after you promised to never implement half-done things!

We are straight! We don´t lie! We are forgiving mistakes! Some of us are maybe a little bit impatient! But we are the most precious thing you have! Take care of us!

Although i doubt that i/we (of course i spoke to a lot of people before writing this wall of text) get satisfying and non-evasive answers on the points above, i hope some of you CM´s and DEV´s will read this properly.

Best regards from the most know German Sadida "Mistral" (in other words: please forgive if there are grammer and writing mistakes, i just hope you understand things!)

[Text Removed]

Other points who mentioned from players below who get ignored constantly:

  • Multimen leaving fight (group-symbol) and pp-lock for relics etc.
  • Advertising to bring new players to EXISTANT communities (we from germany brought this to speach weekly when we had a CM but never happend anything)

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posté January 26, 2014, 15:38:24 | #15

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #669875  Replies : 23  Views : 3785
posté January 12, 2014, 11:37:07 | #16

Quote (androgyous @ 12 January 2014 09:35) *

Quote (arthuriko1 @ 11 January 2014 16:53) *
Zhao, come to remington.
I have a feeling he would fit in better in Nox.

Where he will go isn´t the matter i am just happy about that he will go (as well as a lot of other german players) at least on another server you can pay the prices for his equipment. Because he uses Wakfu-Elements to figure out his prices they are waaaaaay over everything the most people can afford on Amara.

In my opinion Amara don´t need a merge, it just needs a new Community Manager and ADVERTISING!
I love to play on amara because of very less problemes in doing jobs and farming etc. And realy this game is a pure farming-game.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #663341  Replies : 23  Views : 2245
posté December 19, 2013, 17:46:19 | #17
what a weak publicity action again -.-
do you think you get viral with that? Common!
Advertise this game! Do not force your players to share such stupid things or let them go on their friends nerfs with friend-invite-games and such things!
Is your publicity-team really that much idealess?

Thread : News  Preview message : #654207  Replies : 25  Views : 3587
posté December 05, 2013, 15:23:00 | #18

Quote (Troyle @ 05 December 2013 10:33) *
Important note about the second roll offered by a Sidekick: It has finally been decided that the second roll will not use the PP of the player. The PP used will be the basic PP of the Multiman.

In other words, if you have a PP of 200 (100 base + 100 bonus) and try to drop an item with 2.5% drop rate, you’ll have 5% chance of getting it. If you fail this roll, your Multiman will grant you a second roll with his basic PP (100 base), giving you 2.5% chance to obtain it. Increasing the PP of the Multiman will not influence this roll..

LOL... just lol.... lol... i am sorry... lol!!!

HAHA you are so damn ridiculous!

I realy can´t believe how you shock me again and again with your just damn stupid decisions!

How Elithril says... you now nerfed them down to hell... i will also just use the knight and the "rotational" sidekick

That is so weird.... lol....

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posté December 04, 2013, 21:25:12 | #19
as they said you will have the choice between wis-equip and hard fights or no wis and challanges... this means.... more wisdom on nerfed sets and no good battle-abilities

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