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posté December 11, 2016, 23:42:39 | #1
The ship Wakfu set sail on its maiden voyage in already treacherous conditions, causing a breach in the hull instantly upon its departure. But due to surprising inexperience by the crew Ankama, given their experience with a previous ship, instead of choosing to go back to the harbor for repair, the crew continued on, thinking they could repair on the go. Even when a few guests started to question the crew if there was something wrong, Ankama denied such claims, saying this was how a ship runs, and claiming this was the best ship around. This made most of the worriers feel safe, even those with experience.

Yet, Ankama could not repair the hull, and the travel became rockier. Suddenly, a few guests began to vanish, and most of the remaining guests wondered where they went. Then one night, some of the guests saw a dim light in the fog. Upon further examination, they noticed it was some of the most popular guests in a lifeboat rowing away.

This made many of the guests ponder why they would risk their lives on a lifeboat instead of on the security of a huge ship. This was the beginning of mass departure of guests. Even with Ankama's denials, many guests suddenly knew they were on a sinking ship, and that it was better to leave sooner rather than later so as to reach land more likely.

However, there were many that still could not be convinced. They stayed, choosing to turn a blind eye and be tricked my the crew. Yet, with time, many more became convinced that the crew Ankama was not being truthful, especially when much of the crew that were liked began to disappear as well, and they chose to leave while they still could. Yet, some guests still remained.

Even with flooding becoming impossible to deny, the crew still denied and guests still stayed. Soon they had to evacuate certain rooms, though most were expendable anyways since the ship felt empty. Lifeboats were impossible to reach now. Some of the guests even started to go insane and dream up companions out of loneliness.

Eventually, the atmosphere became so toxic, that instead of hoping for help to arrive, some guests chose to risk the ocean and swim to shore. Though some were said to have been robbed by the crew and forcefully thrown in the ocean. Ever since then, the ship has flooded more, leaving fewer and fewer rooms to stay in and be with others. Of course some still tried to venture into the less populous rooms, but they were never heard from again. This now brings us to the present....

All that remains above the waves is the bow, populated with people hoping that somehow this sinking ship will magically resurface and float.

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posté December 09, 2016, 22:28:04 | #2

Quote (AndersonMenezes @ 09 December 2016 13:21) *
If the classes was balanced, ppl should be happier and the game less empty
I doubt it. Remember, this game is run in Java, which has bad performance for games due to things like overhead and excessive memory use. And how about those errors with Java too. No one wants bad performance, particularly for mmos.

Also, Ankama just seems to hire anyone they can off the street to write code for them. At times, I feel that someone that has only played Human Resource Machine knows more about coding since Ankama's code is hysterically badly written, (possibly) long, and slow.

Oh, and with employees constantly coming and going, there is no stability. This means projects go unfinished and the programmers are so enthusiastic about making the game.

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posté December 01, 2016, 18:14:10 | #3
In my opinion, Wakfu has always been inconsistent with its graphics. One moment you are seeing something beautiful, the next you see a garbage pile.

Wakfu suffers from this because they sometimes are in a rush, so they end up sacrificing details.

So one thing Dofus 3 has over Wakfu is that it uses shading to bring its graphics to life compared to much of the detailed work you see in Wakfu. So when in a rush, Dofus 3 will always win out because it focuses more on shading than details, which is an easier, quicker method.

Of course the characters are a hit and miss right now, but Ankama said they are fixing the childishness, but the fact characters are much more customizable is promising.

So while Wakfu may look more beautiful in certain instances, Dofus 3 will be more seemless.

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posté November 28, 2016, 16:33:31 | #4
I haven't played in two years, minus casual check-ins to test the new features, and this is my opinion:

It's nice knowing they will aim to keep PvM and PvP separate, but knowing Ankama they are going to screw everything up.

Reading through everything, it seems like Ankama has been using Dofus and Wakfu as their test subjects for this game, which kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Ankama has claimed for years they wanted three games, but to see them for years adding buggy features half-assed just so see if they have potential for their third makes me feel like I was paid to be a Guinea pig, more so than ever.

But if Ankama truly aims to keep this third game more user friendly with features like level scaling, heroes, personal bots, separate PvM/PvP, then I'll at least give it a try at the beginning. I suspect they will add token machines as well, given their mindset for this game.

But one last thing is I don't like this self-cannibalism. 3 mmos by the same studio. Either Wakfu or Dofus is going to eventually get the boot since Dofus 3.0 is meant to be the end result of their experimentation of features. Plus, this third game looks to be more casual and forgiving than Wakfu and Dofus, though not too casual given Ankama's past.

So I'm intrigued, but not as interested in it as I was when Wakfu was announced in 2007. Hope for the best for this game, but keeping my expectations low.

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posté July 13, 2016, 03:30:10 | #5
They actually put some thought into this event! .....Oh wait, they just recycled the incomplete Sandcastle UB from three years ago.

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posté June 23, 2016, 01:05:41 | #6
Circa late June to early July 2013:

"Frigost is so lame with it's recycled looking mobs and harsh mechanics"

"We need more gear because everyone is picking fire/earth since it has the best gear, from magmog, unless you got some air/earth gear from doing dragon pig before it got pulled"

"Why is the best gear only from UBs?"

"Crafting is useless since there are no good recipes!"

"Give us back dragon pig! It's your stupid fault that we found a way to defeat it easily!"

"They need to delete all dragon pig gear. Everyone abused the mechanics!"

"Why are they rewarding people that do Almanax a relic?....They were initially going to give a mount and I did not care to do it because of that. I am being punished!"

"Why are they releasing relics? That is so elitist since only someone very lucky will get one....they should instead give us pieces towards making one".

"Why did they get rid of the token machines? I hate running a dungeon 300 times and not getting a legendary".

"All you need to do is damage since tanks are worthless".

"Why are they giving us a low dungeon for jellies. It should be higher than Frigost!"

"It has been a year and a half and they only raised the level cap to 120. More levels!"

"We need more content besides Frigost!"

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posté June 19, 2016, 17:26:42 | #7
IGN: Ash Ketchum

Level: 168

Who are you?: Old player looking to get back after being gone one and a half years that is dedicated, and can make immature pokemon based jokes like "Your momma is so fat, when she gets in the pool, her splash attacks actually deal damage", as well as more sarcastic non-Pokemon ones like "There might be a light at the end of the tunnel...but that's the headlights of a train coming your way".

What will you offer to our family: I have all gathering at 100, as well as AoE, CC, and armorer at 100, and I don't have an eyesore of a name like "Omega Taco Dance Fish". As well as I have a yearn to be Ankama's prime b*tch when it comes to grinding.

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posté February 24, 2015, 21:53:21 | #8
WTB Robowl Feathers and Present Sandglass Sand I am looking to buy Robowl Feathers and Present Sandglass Sand.

IGN: Ash Ketchum

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posté December 25, 2014, 02:27:52 | #9

Quote (Rokugatsu @ 24 December 2014 23:32) *
Omg, I hope it will stay like this so I can feel special ;_;
I'm more than special then. Square Enix gave me the title as a special surprise for reporting the most bugs in Open Beta while everyone else got a normal Eradicator title. So some are special, but I'm one of a kind .

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posté December 22, 2014, 20:22:54 | #10
Trading + 3 Air Shushu Emblem for +3 Earth Trading + 3 Air Shushu Emblem for +3 Earth.

IGN: Ash Ketchum

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posté December 17, 2014, 18:35:54 | #11
I hope the sneak peeks will not take forever to be revealed, like preferably during the holiday season or very early January.  

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posté September 04, 2014, 07:04:49 | #12
I personally am not worried about adding shields to Masq crouching on Osa territory since the ball-and-chain mechanic is what keeps Osa's having good heal and shield bases and seeing Ankama's history with adding two strong abilities together in one class, in this case shields and heals, I know they would be adding a strange mechanic to Masqueraiders if it happened to them. Plus, as the beta notes have shown, they want to keep shields diverse, thus I can trust Ankama would not put spammable 1 use per person shields that block all incoming damage that have great team shielding potential on a Masqueraider. 3xcited and Dy7 are smarter than Grou and will find a way to make Masqs have a different shield if necessary. What I am worried about is how Masqs will be different from Sadidas, and saying Sadidas can summon is not a very justifiable difference and could actually be seen as a reason to make Sadidas extinct. The new team wants classes to not have a monopoly while at the same time having distinctions, and they would be smart enough to realize that shields on Masqs is too much dipping into Sadida territory without other modifications. There could be ways to implement shields on Masqs but it needs to be in such a way to keep things fair and classes unique because just by implementing shields it adds another jack-of-all-trades class when one already exists, Sadida. I hope you are understanding what I am getting at. I am not against shields for Masqs if it means taking away other aspects of the class so it does not feel like a Sadida without the dolls, as well as adding other different features to the Masq.

What you described about Osas is true that they can do all that but they cannot do that all in one build. To be what you described requires the player to be able to max more spells than what is possible. To be a good buffer you will need to only focus on the Earth branch. If you want dpt, meaning dragon, you will have to sacrifice some of the good skills in the Earth branch. If you want to be support, dpt, and a summoner all-in-one you will be so watered down. So you can be a dpt as an Osa, but if you want to also do support you will be very watered down in that category. I honestly do not see why people say to go air/earth to be a dpt dragon or use gobgob since you will be watered down. Also, you cannot get out of dragon or desummon a summon. Of course they said they will change this, but my previous statements remain the same about each style being extremely watered down, and I expect there will be some harsh penalties for swapping between playstyles. On the other hand, Masq won't have this watered down effect since something like water/air can level a healing spell, a shield spell, and either another shield or water spell, and have two map manipulation spells. A Gobgob Osa needs to be pure mono to be what it is meant to be, jack-of-all-trades support/buffer. That is where the difference is. A Masq will be able to do a ton of stuff within the allotted spell pool, the Osa cannot.

Of course, like you said, they could take away some of the dpt, but it still needs something more to separate it from a Sadida. I would like to listen to what you think can allow a Masq to seperate itself from a Sadida .

As for them taking from Dofus, they took some ideas but not so much as many try to believe. The beta Sram's map manipulation is vastly superior to it's Dofus counterpart. There is so many map manipulation combos in Wakfu that it would make Dofus players salivate. Wakfu is much more about map manipulation, Dofus is more about the traps. Also, Wakfu has a disabler/buffer tree. So they do want some similarities but also differences.

Though if they do follow Dofus, it pretty much solidifies that Osas would stay as the jack-of-all-trades buffer in Wakfu since that is what they are in Dofus. So that won't vanish according to that logic . I won't mind some available buffing such as +MP through regular earth spells rather than t just hough Gobgob, but I know that won't happen.

Also, if they were going to make classes similar to Dofus everyone will want a class transformation position since some like Foggernaut will be so different. Even Sadidas would be extremely different since they are AoE based in terms of spells and their dolls are really nothing much but annoying disablers in Dofus. The new class revamps after Panda will more than likely be refining the already available concepts for most, though some like Ecaflip will get a huge overall by changing the gambling aspect from pure luck to one based on gambling on what will occur in the next few turns such as a spell that will heal the target when they get hit one turn by an enemy and the following turn receive double damage when hit. Thus, whoever has that state will want to get in a safe location by the time the double damage turn roles around.

Along with a reduction in dpt, what strange mechanic would you propose to balance out the shields and healing ability on Masqueraiders, and what other features do you think will be good to make it different from Sadida? Also, how would you see Masq shields function? What do you also think about Masqs having HP stealing abilities since we don't really have that type of class in Wakfu?

I don't know if you would like this but this might be a way to make Masq shields unique:

It will of course us the HP shield idea I mentioned earlier where it will add something like 1000 HP or whatever to max health. The shield will of course receive all incoming damage and stay there until it is all used up rather than lasting 1 turn. But there is a twist. The player will receive some permanent damage that cannot be healed, meaning the max HP of the player will go down. Furthermore, the various shields can only work in certain scenarios such as against CC or ranged damage, but the player will receive a minor buff as well when hit with the shield up in these scenarios.

Masqs could also have spells that provide some minor permanent damage. Just some ideas. Heck, you could have the whole class be based on various shields, HP stealing, and permanent damage. I would find that interesting. Of course there might be like 1 healing spell, et cetera as well. You more than likely will disagree, but it does not hurt to throw ideas out .

Thread : Masqueraiders  Preview message : #770122  Replies : 12  Views : 1691
posté September 04, 2014, 03:39:23 | #13
There is many, many more ways to make different map manipulation abilities different than shields. Map manipulation abilities are nearly limitless on a chessboard. On the other hand, there are only so few ways to create different shields. So no, they would not be doing harm to Sacrier or Pandawa appeal if they had more map manipulation, just like beta Srams don't harm it.

There is a difference between 6 being able to heal and 3 being able to heal and shield. The former is one similarity, the latter is 2 similarities. Also, like I mentioned, two classes will be way too similar if it happened, the Sadida and Masq. Ankama wants to make more classes do things, but they do not want to make them so similar. That is where the line is drawn, when too much overlap occurs.

Also, it is not random for Osamodas. Osamodas were the jack-of-all-trades support class in Dofus (heals/resurrection/AP/MP/Damage/et cetera) and Gobgob has been an important aspect in terms of lore in Wakfu since beta, though poorly executed in game until last year, and since there was no jack-of-all-trades buffer and Gobgob needed a buff, as well as the Earth branch need a buff, they decided to put Gobgob with the Earth branch and make the Gobgob a jack-of-all-trades buffer with heals, minor shields, minor AP buffing, and minor swapping. So you would be wrong to think they would be getting rid of Gobgob and or shielding for Osa. Gobgob fits with the Wakfu lore (plus all builds need the Gobgob is some way since summoners need it to summon creatures and dragons need it to transform, thus it is the backbone of the class and it would be silly to diminish the core element of the class, the Gobgob.) and the niche of jack-of-all-trades buffer since no other class can heal, shield, AP buff, and do minor swapping. It is more wishful thinking on your part that they would get rid of Gobgob and or shielding for Osa, or more than likely you just said it because I have an Osa avatar and you want to make a valid argument about my class because I made one against yours. So Gobgob Osas was able to fit a role that was not already taken, and if you get rid of them you will need to add another jack-of-all-trades support build. On the other hand, Masq will just be taking up roles already provided, primarily becoming a Sadida clone with minor differences.

Something else for thought: Masq also have high damage capabilities, especially burst. Tell me how something is balanced when it can shield, map manipulate, heal, and provide burst damage? Not even Sadida has burst damage and people scream that they do too much. Imagine what people will say about Masq if they can deal high damage, heal, map manipulate, and shield, all at an effective rate.

On a final note, Gobgob Osas and Sadidas have mechanics in place to balance their healing and shielding combo. Osas have a ball-and-chain mechanic that make them easy victims to LoS and map manipulation, and Sadidas need to replenish their dolls to be effective, thus they will at times be using their AP on dolls rather than on shields or whatever. So if Masqs were to also get both heals and shields, Ankama will also make some weird mechanic, and don't say spending 1 AP to change masks would be a restriction since that is so low compared to Osa and Sadida. Do you really want some awkward mechanic on your class to balance out being able to heal and shield?

Just some things for you to think about. Seems more like you want shields because they seem interesting to you now because of final resistance than anything. There are many things to take into account when it comes to adding shields to Masqs since it means lowering other aspects in the class and adding some weird mechanic that will need maintenance, as well as that it will make it too close to Sadida.

But here is one idea, since the Masq shields in Dofus were more like added HP and thus the players are still affected by Erosion, Masqs could have a similar mechanic. So a Masq could add like 10% more HP to a player, thus still being affected by heal resistance with ever hit. That would be the Masq shield if they ever got one.

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posté September 04, 2014, 02:19:07 | #14

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 03 September 2014 19:16) *
It should be removed completely and replaced with shields
I don't see shields happening, particularly for a variety of reasons. Firstly, there are 4 classes (Feca, Osamodas, Sadida, Foggernaut) that can already provide shielding. Secondly, Osamodases and Sadidas heal and shield, and Masqs would be able to do the same if they got shields. (Thankfully with the September update there will be differences in their shielding, with Sadida being better to defend a single person and Osa's shielding being better in terms of group shielding.) Thirdly, and most importantly, if Masqs got shields, they would pretty much be seen as a Sadida clone without the need for dolls since like Sadidas, Masqueraiders will have various map placement skills, heals, and shielding.

So even if they find a way to make Masq shields differentiate from the others, like they have found ways to make the other classes have different shield functionalities with the September update, it would still be too much double and triple dipping.

The only real argument for Masqs having shields is that they had them in Dofus, but many classes do not have some functions that they had in Dofus. Plus, the Masq's main capabilities were its map manipulation and crowd control capabilities through its variety of pushes and pulls, increasing and decreasing lock, and MP raping. The shields were its secondary capability, though they became more famous for them.

So I believe it would be better suited if Masqs got better map control skills, and maybe even HP steal capabilities since they had more HP steal capabilities than any other class in Dofus. Plus, with better map control skills, it would solidify the Masq as the go to healer/map manipulation hybrid-support class.

Another possible idea would be to change heals into shields since a shielder/map manipulator hybrid-support would be interesting.

Either way, Ankama would not allow three classes to heal and shield, and two classes to heal, shield, and have map manipulation capabilities. So either Masq should shield or heal.

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posté September 03, 2014, 23:08:03 | #15
And the description for Thyme should read:

People assume that thyme is a strict progression from seed to plant, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... Wakfu.

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