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posté June 23, 2015, 12:20:18 | #1

Quote (iluvcheat @ 23 June 2015 10:44) *
Game files isn't server related, it's in the config.ini, which is on YOUR computer, it change NOTHING server side, Ankama won't even know if you touched it except if you give them your file.
Aim-bots and "wall-hack" in Counter-Strike etc. are also just client-side and very similiar to this. Yet they give an unfair advantage and are illegal.

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posté June 23, 2015, 12:14:16 | #2

Quote (iluvcheat @ 23 June 2015 03:39) *
No I just want the graphic overhaul, I don't care about the effects because I'm a statis player, not wakfu ahah, kidding, I just only have handyman & miner as professions.

I only want it to rain all the time because I find it better looking than the usual sunny setting, if anyone has the config file for when it's raining, give it to me !

I doubt that there's any config setting responsible for rain. Most likely it's implemented so that server sends your game client a message concerning change of weather, while you're playing. It could be forged fairly easily but I suppose it's against the game TOS.

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posté June 13, 2015, 01:54:58 | #3

Quote (lyricalglitchen @ 13 June 2015 01:49) *
I am not saying there is lack of options or choices for people. I am saying men typically do better in certain skills, such as body strength, math and sciences, are good examples. Women tend to have better aptitude for languages , writing, people&social skills, than math and science. Does this mean there arent women that excel in science and math? no of course not, does this mean all men are horrible at language skills? no. But nomatter how open our options are that is what each sex tends to excell at. Is it sexist towards both sexes? yes, but it is also how things are. When it comes to war you keep the less disposable population at home , this was women, elderly, and craftsmen, in most situations. I am not saying a womens duty is to bear children, i am saying a society would be in very poor shape if most of them sent just as many women into war. And this has to do with biology, between how humans breed, and body strenght it usually made more sense to have the women stay, men are more disposable
I totally agree with that. I've read some study once, and I liked the term they used, that is "men are more off". It means that women are more "average", while men have a very wide characteristics distribution. There's a lot of male geniuses but also a lot of morons.

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posté June 12, 2015, 19:50:22 | #4

Quote (Major-Caligari @ 12 June 2015 19:35) *

Quote (Gunnerwolfang @ 12 June 2015 19:31) *
Call it what you want, but to me, if I only have limited number of people in a colony that I am ruling, If I am to mechanize a portion of those limited people, I will definitely spare my women. Unless ofcourse I can find a way for my men to have a womb.

That for me is survival, I could care less if you call it sexism as long as my colony have a greater chance of growing.
pay attention, this is some gritty supervillain reboot shit right here
I think you're a little oversensitive. There are differences between females and males for advantage of one side or another. The same as in a, hockey team for example, a reactive team would put the biggest one on the goal and the small and agile one to dribble on the flank, the same way people organize their assets to put them to their best use. It's being rational, not sexist.

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posté June 05, 2015, 17:49:46 | #5

Quote (NotAnotherFlibble @ 05 June 2015 17:36) *
I'd not be surprised to find it related in some way to the missing-costume bug and the turning bug (you know the one, I'm sure – 50% of direction changes get dropped or are not received by other clients).

While cosmetic, these things shouldn't be happening…
Not transmitting change of direction, the given character faces is probably intentional, since it's insignificant (at least out of fight).

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posté June 05, 2015, 17:32:04 | #6
If it was intentional, it'd require some solid explanation from Ankama. I think we can put it in the bug bucket.

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posté June 05, 2015, 17:16:53 | #7
I've seen these a couple of times, it's probably just some minor server-client broadcast bug.

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posté June 04, 2015, 02:16:25 | #8
Well, that person's stubbornness gives reasons to believe that he was at least a little malicious and confident about what he's doing, whataver age he is. The OP's reaction was not proper, but the behaviour he encountered certainly wasn't in the spirit of the rule 'volenti non fit iniuria'.

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posté June 03, 2015, 14:42:24 | #9

Quote (LeLover @ 03 June 2015 04:05) *

Quote (solluxander @ 02 June 2015 21:14) *
I'd expect them to not to use SQL but rather something home-brewed as reinventing wheels is customary practice for gamedev.

but but.... sql is secure.... its just every database has their vulnerability :/

its just people use sql more than any other that its a common target for hacking

wait which sql? mysql is one of the most secured database (internet says atleast)
I guess he means that they don't use any DB from the SQL family, but rather a custom made one.
It's true that SQL is very secure, but most popular DB's are 'secure enough'. In the end it's generally up to the developer using the database to ensure safety.
Often companies write their own database (they do that for various reasons starting from use-case optimization, but generally it doesn't end well unless you're Google or Facebook).
I don't know much about implementations of the popular MMO's, but i'm aware of a couple of SQL game databases in existance and they work very well (Guild Wars, Eve), but there's a high diveristy in this area, document databases and even filesystem storage are in use as well.

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posté May 22, 2015, 21:01:46 | #10
New stuff...

Costume de Vampyre

Costume de PeeVeePee

Rain emote

Ecaflipus (PvP arena?)

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posté April 16, 2015, 18:10:45 | #11

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 10 April 2015 22:31) *
Seems to be loading but this is what I see

I've just fixed it, sorry that so late but I've had no time :X
Same link  

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posté April 10, 2015, 22:29:02 | #12
Well, that's strange...
A small sneak peek in case you can't access website:


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posté April 10, 2015, 22:17:15 | #13
New items were updated with stats, you can lookup here.

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posté April 03, 2015, 12:50:27 | #14

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 03 April 2015 12:38) *
The problem is that the lockers have so many ways to catch the dodger that it kind of makes the entire cat and mouse game pointless
Well, that aspect on the other hand is not balanced at all (at least in PvP). I think it's where the problem lies, not in the Lock/Dodge mechanic.

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posté April 03, 2015, 12:31:55 | #15

Quote (Hudski @ 03 April 2015 11:59) *
PVP Lock and Dodge is weighed toward the locker because you can expect to get roughly the same amount as your opponent, therefore the locking character wins because "equal lock and dodge" is a success for lock. PVE Lock and Dodge is weighed toward the monsters because they just have ten fucking thousand of it anyway and are allowed to freely fuck you up and run circles around you while completely incapacitating you just by standing there.
Well, it's not that simple, the task of locker is to catch the opponent, while the task of dodger is to run. Obviously Lock will be better than Dodge when locker and dodger are standing against each other, but the locker has to come with initiative of reaching the opponent, which might be very costful and the dodger (if he's good) shouldn't let the locker catch him. Characters who dodge close combat are naturally ranged characters. When in distance, they're the hunter and their enemy is the prey, but in close combat it's the other way around. In my opinion it's not very unfair.

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posté April 02, 2015, 20:58:21 | #16

Quote (kuwaz @ 02 April 2015 15:40) *

Quote (Lukinerx @ 02 April 2015 09:02) *
1 word: JAVA

until we get new client not made in Java (nor in Flash, etc) ... it may be even worse

This has nothing to do with Java. In fact Java is actually very good at garbage collection if you know how to code properly. You dont directly allocate memory in Java like you do in C, so "memory leaks" arent really a thing. What is a thing however, is developers who dont understand how to optimize their code, not removing unused objects and leaving them around doing nothing. I write a lot of code for enterprise apps in Java, these are apps that handle way more data and over a far longer periods of uptime that dont have nearly as many problems as this silly client.
Memory leaks actually are a thing in Java... There's plenty of situations where Java GC can't reclaim memory because of lasting reference assignments like String's privately maintained memory pool, final static field assignments, unclosed file and connection streams etc.
Also, while Java VM is a one of the best in the world, it's not the best fit for running a game engine due to it's non-determistic garbage collection, lack of POD types, no ability to control memory layout or make full use of hardware acceleration.
Still, a game like Wakfu should run much more smoothly and we should rather be looking at Ankama devs than these at Oracle.

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posté March 25, 2015, 02:15:09 | #17

Quote (Taku- @ 25 March 2015 02:06) *
You know he max level stats for the crow?
I fixed it on the site literally 5 minutes ago (it's still up) :p

Note that the stats might be a placeholder!

This post has been edited by FajneCycki - March 25, 2015, 02:16:21.
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posté March 24, 2015, 21:27:34 | #18
RAM Usage Score Ranking Post screenshots from your OS's task manager.
I'll start with mine!

Game crashed at that point :X

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posté March 22, 2015, 21:30:24 | #19

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 22 March 2015 21:24) *
this sounds like the problem but at the same time sucks butts?

Does this mean we need to equip all heroes and mm with ugly set?
That might work, otherwise... no clue.

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