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posté August 25, 2015, 04:48:44 | #1
Just wished PAX didn't sell out so ridiculously fast. I'll be in the area, but I'm going to a show outside the pax-venue.

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posté August 13, 2015, 16:52:05 | #2
This is quite the compensation. On an off-topic note, is there any chance we can get an inkling of content to come? And I don't mean the hearsay from the forums; I want to see a front page teaser. This radio silence is hurting player interest.

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posté August 10, 2015, 19:03:15 | #3
While I get why you guys are upset, the number of people trying to cash in on this issue outweigh the honest players on the servers. I don't mean outweigh in terms of population, I mean in terms of impact made. Because of the former, any new, desirable gear will have to be overpriced to make up for the ridiculous amounts of kamas that they are stashing. The markets won't settle over night, or in a week. Heck, I'd be surprised if it's only a month when things are back to how they were.

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posté June 20, 2015, 01:29:11 | #4
[Die Alright] not affected by Single-Target or Area damage. I ran some test runs against the passive Mr. Punchy to solve the mystery of whether the Die Alright spell was considered single-target or Area-of-effect.
Here are my results

Control group (fresh restat, no points into any abilities)
1336; 1955 (crit); 1956 (crit); 1346; 1337; 1347

Single-Target (invested the full 20 points into single-target damage)
1347; 1336; 1956 (crit); 1956 (crit); 1346

Area (invested the full 20 points into area damage)
1955 (crit); 1336; 1345 (at this point I was convinced neither damage buffs helped that spell

Distance (20 points into distance damage just to see if *anything* buff that spell)
1585; 1574; (phew... I guess there's at least something helping it)

Conclusion: decide if that spell is considered single target or aoe and let us know.

Post-Conclusion: After trying a similar experiment on 3 Cards, and then on D6, I've come to the conclusion that Single-Target and Area Damage is not working at all. Any other classes confirm this?

with love and kittens forever

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posté June 19, 2015, 19:49:09 | #5
Does this let the male-ecaflip ears show? I know certain bandanas erase our ears from existence. It's quite weird.

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posté June 07, 2015, 04:18:08 | #6
They got it. Infact, with the fascination passive, I can heal myself (and others) with Heads or Tails. You can heal teammates with battle with that passive too. The bad news, you just burned a passive slot for it : x

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posté April 13, 2015, 18:32:52 | #7
I would be in agreement with this notion of basing the class on a support role, solely because we have seen many "support" classes have damage builds. When the damage is needed, it will be brought, no matter what class it is. That being said, Ankama, in the past, has expressed that Ecaflips were meant to be fighters on the front line; whether or not that should carry over into a new revamp is up for debate. I still feel like they are capable of such a role in combat, but with elements like Crit-damage going from the Ecaflip's toolkit to everyone's, it'll be tricky to preserve the theme we expect from the feline master race (without being lazy and just making them based on RNGs -- dieu Ecaflip forbid). Supersun has done a good of identifying the main flaws in the current ecaflip design, and we both, to this day, still wrack our brains trying further the lucky-cat agenda.
The new Ecaflip revamp will be a doozy on the development team, so let's all do our best to help steer this ship in the right direction.

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Thread : Ecaflip  Preview message : #850110  Replies : 12  Views : 1236
posté April 04, 2015, 04:33:14 | #8

Quote (SupersunZeratul @ 03 April 2015 23:53) *
A friend of mine, and probably the biggest Ecaflip fan on the planet, said that he believes that as an Ecaflip becomes stronger they should have more control over their luck.
It's because I'm a furry, isn't it?

You did mention "playing the ecaflip's game" and the old croupier active (never forget Q.Q), and I wanted to give any other viewer the benefit of additional context. Once upon a time, Ecaflips had an active that would give an ally the tarot card you drew. This was a phenomenal skill, but was sooner deemed too game-breaking to exist.
Why is this active way better than Double or Quits? From surface value, Double or Quits just spells the theme of Ecaflips, but this is a lazy assumption of game development. Before Ecaflips were revamped to their current state, developers were kicking around the idea of replacing it, and I was, frankly, very excited for that. DoQ was lackluster to from the get-go, and has since diminished in value to a gimmick of pure "yolo" nature. An Ecaflip should never wager recklessly; any cat worth his/her salt knows the true value of risk and reward before any wager. When it came to croupier, there was no reckless (or yolo) nature behind it. You knew what kind of luck was shining on you, and you could decide to give that to an ally (but I had always dreamed of cursing enemies just as much). It was a very calculated risk/reward decision.

Expanding the emphasis on the "ecaflip game", it is the same for any class. As Supersun has said, when you begin combat against any class (heck, even certain mobs have gimmicks you must adapt to), you must immediate start reading your opponent in the following order: by class, by personal style, by adaptations. There is no reason why the Ecaflip's game has to be intrapersonal; their game should involve everyone else on the field.

Another tricky issue I hope gets addressed is the inevitability of "optimal builds" that haunts mmos. One of my other more zealous doctrines of the Ecaflip race is one of freedom. From the surface that sounds absurd; how can a race bound to luck be free? The reason rests within two points. First, the base damage buff Ecaflips sported, due to their random nature, staved off the need for an optimal build (for a good long time too). You could get away with a variety of spell combos, and it would work, because your luck would make up for the rest. Second would be player adaptation to Tarot and Die passives. This may be more prevalent with tarot-cats, but an Ecaflip's turn as rarely as rinse-wash-repeat as other classes. You had to constantly adapt to your luck at the time, and that helped inspire builds with more combo variety. Now that an optimal build has been nailed down within Ecaflip community (being fire/water), there are only a handful of earth-cats, like me, searching for some holy-grail-esque build that could change the game. Synergy between the element trees needs to be emphasized as much as synergy with other players. Spells should be unique enough to warrant their ap/mp/wp costs, so people are less likely to focus on cost and base over effect.

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posté March 06, 2015, 15:51:35 | #9
I'm seeing more and more "basic concepts of Wakfu" being compromised as time goes on. Why not make PvP not-open? Why not reserve it for the conquest islands that you wanted to implement so badly? PvE and PvP would be their own separate gigs, separate areas of play, and lead to a more satisfying experience. No one should be forced into a play experience they didn't ask for.

Thread : News  Preview message : #836110  Replies : 63  Views : 4664
posté March 02, 2015, 19:38:31 | #10
I like how they are working on their North American reach, but thy really got to work on their timing of announcement. I would go to pax if I had known before tickets sold out. C'mon now, Ankama :/ As a game design major, and fantasy lore chaser, I'd love to pick your brains.

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posté December 19, 2014, 17:30:03 | #11
Or wait for the new cap. It's all the same to them.

Thread : News  Preview message : #812051  Replies : 22  Views : 2249
posté December 15, 2014, 03:30:49 | #12
I guess I'm the only one worried about the Ecaflip change. Is cat tree really warranting a nerf when we have so little gimmicks anyways? If the class-based binding (fecas, Iops, whatever) is still circumvented by cat tree porting, then I'm fine with this change.

Thread : Server Status  Preview message : #809315  Replies : 37  Views : 5145
posté November 29, 2014, 09:42:38 | #13
The "creation" of another plane of existence doesn't sound too far fetched when you consider Wakfu being the energy of creation... and that Nox had sent a temporal shockwave from his efforts. But enough of that, here's my question.

Are they capable of real, fluctuating emotions, or are they heartless as mirror-shadows tend to be?

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posté November 24, 2014, 19:24:58 | #14
Yes! Finally, I can have my Ecaflip army! Joking aside this is a good fix for those stuck with a class they later on dont like.

Thread : News  Preview message : #800508  Replies : 73  Views : 5645
posté November 24, 2014, 15:34:56 | #15
A weapon-based pushback would be lovely for those classes that don't easily push (or not at all). Maybe some shields will push and some will buff lock or remove enemy dodge?? I'm getting ahead of myself at this point, but I would love to see items helping classes make up for a lack in ability.

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #800434  Replies : 6  Views : 433
posté November 19, 2014, 17:36:31 | #16
Ush Galesh costume Those who read the Remington comics know that Ush is a bit of a prick. Those who watched the Wakfu OVA episodes can't help but appreciate everything that went into making him: his looks, voice actor, and outfit. I hate Ush, but that outfit is something I need on my Ecaflip's body right meow.
Here's a standing reference:

And a more defined reference

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #798398  Replies : 0  Views : 933
posté November 19, 2014, 17:15:51 | #17
Sounds like a last minute lore band-aid, but still acceptable. Players have to remember that Dofus/Wakfu the MMO are entertainment platforms. Lore will be bent or entirely broken so things stay fresh and interesting. Regardless of Voyager, Eliatrope, or Eliotrope, I was gonna play the hell out of this new class.

edit: I would like to take the time to suggest more "hat-free" costumes in-game, b/c I would NOT want to lose that look of Eliotrope default head-ware. pretty please?

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Thread : News  Preview message : #798381  Replies : 417  Views : 17391
posté November 10, 2014, 17:13:35 | #18
That leaves people who either can't multibox or don't want to very vulnerable. The bullies will use their alts b/c god forbid they lose any merit in the case someone jump in defense to punish his/her trolling. The only defense against this is splitting up the group, which Ankama now sees as abuse or using "mules". When you actually get enough players to take out one six-boxing troll, you start seeing drama wars happen with the troll bringing his friends along. If Ankama would take this issue more seriously, then maybe we could expect reporting such harassment to be a more productive solution in the end.

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #795182  Replies : 3  Views : 334
posté November 10, 2014, 04:59:52 | #19
Same IPs in PvP I'll have to dig up the devblog that mentioned this, but I'm fairly certain alt-characters under the same IP were not allowed in PvP matches...period. What I mean is, you can not aggro or team up with alts under the same IP. The first was a given as it prevents farming merit and orbs, but the latter is just as hurtful as the first. With the dev blog mentioning the system working like that, I have to wonder, why isn't it that way? Having a system that prevents IP-alts in PvP fosters players teaming up, learning to communication effectively in combat, and good sportsmanship (sorta). It would also prevent trolls from aggro'ing individuals with a full team of one-player-six-characters. There are instances where someone would join with all his/her alts if someone jumped in to defend the victim. Defending a victim should be commended, and gang-killing of individuals should not be permitted.

Edit: Devblog found: They only mention attacking alts, which makes my post more a suggestion (meaning it's right where it should be forum-wise)

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Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #794993  Replies : 3  Views : 334
posté August 19, 2014, 18:09:19 | #20
I always wanted a nice costume that went with my character's personality, bilbi-party-animal, and showed my oh so charming Eca-ears. I want this costume so bad. It's got both, so please, let me have my ears.

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