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posté July 19, 2014, 00:30:04 | #1
Favorite part of the article: the confusing language used to try to make the dungeon level restriction seem like a benefit.

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posté July 08, 2014, 03:03:25 | #2
Currently, 6.00 USD yields 3000 ogrines, so that's basically the same as the current sub assuming you're buying directly. (Which is good! I means that ogrines will be more in tune with what the sub prices currently yield via direct money!)

Extrapolating from the current values (Current being as of /7/2014), a 90-day Booster pack is approximately 16.20 USD. Note that this does not include the increasing benefits of purchasing more ogrines in a single purchase, nor any changes Ankama may make in the future to the ogrine cost.

Assuming the prices remain the same, it would be nice for players to have an option to only buy 8100 ogrines for ~ 16.00 USD or a bit less.

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posté December 24, 2013, 07:44:12 | #3
@nonopino: Do you know what exactly the FR community's against with respect to the Pandawa document? I see a number of possible points, but the biggest thing is lack of the "gigantic buff" that was Merry. Is that what they're not supportive of?

As for the document: I like a lot of the changes. A lot of them are creative fixes to things that I felt were too stupid to be handled normally. Naturally, I still have plenty of questions (What the heck is Milky Breath supposed to do? How are Incandescent Cocktail (Passive 1) or Bamboozle / Happy Hour supposed to work? Why is Worn Out -2 AP instead of something more creative like adding -Resists? Would Water spells damage at all, and, if so, would they damage when cast on a target or on a barrel? What does Euphoria do?

I mean, from what I've been able to understand, Milky Breath is supposed to synergize with Parched / Incandescence to deal more damage and/or heal the Pandawa as well, Incandescent Cocktail is supposed to increase Fire damage every turn you end next to your barrel, and Euphoria is supposed to increase Water Damage. I do like the potential debuffs that Pandas could toss out, especially in a game that rewards target control and damage mitigation.

The advent of Earth/Water sets would allow, assuming the changes included in this document were implemented directly, healing Pandas to also be able to substitute as tanky debuffer/damagers when needed, and Water/Fire would be able to do some heavy debuffing of themselves. Fire/Earth would be a bit more modal, but would be strong damagers with a fair amount of debuffing.

I still hate Merry and almost feel Pandas would be better off without that kind of "buff"; I want an actual buff that I can give to my allies, not a zero-sum buff that can actually ruin strategies by limiting potential actions! Furthermore, equal buff/debuff makes the bonus not really worth giving to allies unless you can defeat an enemy with it, making it a situationally-useful bonus when it's a bonus that can't be switched off. We've learned already that inability to control certain "always-on" passives is a giant detriment to certain classes (Ecaflips and their Tarots. Mostly before, but even still now.), so why continue with it?

I hope Ankama's game developers as a whole can fine-tune the details in this document; it has a lot of very promising mechanical changes, but some of them should be changed to more useful and beneficial / less situational tools in order to benefit the Pandawa and his/her team, instead of cause even more problems than the usual ball-and-chain model typically provides. Once that's set, numbers can come later.

Rating: 3/5. (Interesting, but flawed in a few places.)

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posté October 25, 2013, 05:46:32 | #4
Know what worries me hardcore? More than all the glaring problems that Wakfu has?

The fact that some Wakfu staff left the company, namely one game designer.

Wakfu devs and community managers, I'm worried about this game because it hasn't ever had good leadership that has been able to manage resources into the proper ideas. I'm worried because, for some questions we've asked for ages, we've gotten questions that border on making no sense. (Really? You're telling us that Tokens are bad because you don't want a metric ton of "useless" items cluttering up your DBs? Token Tiers never came to mind / didn't work? Token Tier exchanges either? Generic dungeon points?) We've gotten some good signs, but they either rarely pan out or only work for isolated cases. (I almost feel terrible for Fecas, since I expect something similar to the Eni thing to happen to them.)

I'll always give a company the benefit of the doubt with regards to bugs and to AI, since these are two huge and ridiculous time sinks; there's no doubt in my mind that the content they implement takes plenty of time to debug just for AI error, especially of the "It just stops doing things" variety. You've done an admirable job at this, Ankama, and I salute you.

I'm just really worried. I haven't played this game in months, and I'd love to play this as my main game. Always have loved it, but there's just something wrong when you hear all of these things at once.

(As a side note, I kinda wish I'd be able to apply for Ankama, esp. since I'm going to graduate soon; sadly, I know no french. :c )

I guess... good luck? And good hunting, Azael. I think you'll need it.

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posté September 03, 2013, 06:19:10 | #5
If there's nothing there, then it shouldn't be automatic. Just don't subscribe next time.

It's like that on my other account, and that one's not automatic; I verified the payments.

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posté September 03, 2013, 06:07:13 | #6
Automatic subscriptions? You can cancel them in your Account Management interface, under Wakfu.

Now, unsubscribing immediately? Gotta call Support, so yeah. That's them crazies right there.

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posté September 03, 2013, 05:35:52 | #7
Information Request: News on any Possible Pre-100 Levelling Revamps Hi. I'm the player of Mielle, a Nox-based Water Panda ever since Closed Beta for version 3.0 opened up the Pandawas, back when the water branch was force-casts on the barrel, and Eclair was pretty much the de-facto governor of Sufokia. (Still miss the guild and her!) I remember levelling up my character almost solo from 1-55, and how terrible I felt being so useless. (By the way, HI SABI. SO NICE TO HAVE YOU AROUND AGAIN. :3)

I'm not happy with the levelling experience pre-80. Heck, I'm not very pleased with it post-80, but at least at 80, I can feel like I'm useful at some things.

Now, I'm trying to level a Water/Air Xelor, and I feel the exact same way without a party. Granted, in this case, the situation's pretty different: Water/Air can actually deal damage at most stages of the game, and it's pretty flexible. They get great damage bonuses, as does any other kind of Xelor, and they're generally just fun.

However, I can't play a game with this kind of absurd levelling curve anymore. At low levels, I feel that the grind is not only superfluous, but unnecessary. If the level gap from 1-80 is designed to force players to waste time, it's not enticing enough for new ones to actually want to persist in the game. If it's designed to force the player to learn how the game / their class works intimately, it fails because of multiple reasons:
  • There's nothing that's legitimately worthwhile before you get sizable amounts of your specialties, whether they may be active or passive.
  • None of the gear motivates players to experiment with combos they'll be using later. The AP/MP bonuses pre-70 are sparse, and you'll probably be at 8 AP only if you stat the points or if you actually bother to use/buy/somehow get a Dragolyre or whatever other obsolete AP equipment there may be. This means that players won't be ready to speed up their turns when they really need to later on; a new Pandawa won't be ready to do massive multi-throw and attack turns at 80+ when they've only had 7-8AP or so for the majority of their gaming experience up to that point, for example.
  • Power-levelling exists, however much of an absurd waste of time it may or may not be for the other players.
(Naturally, these points ignore the idea of multiple accounts. I'm ignoring them for the sake of a workable conversation. Multi-boxing doesn't detract from these points however; it actually magnifies them, as it exemplifies the lengths players need to go to in order to enjoy the game, and artificially inflates the actual number of players in the game.)

I'd like to make the argument that either the gap from 1-80 consumes too much time for the desired benefit, but, naturally, this game needs a time sink. I'd probably suggest a combination of multiple tools designed so that new players are given the chance to experiment at a faster rate (through better, more accessible gear that still ends up paling in comparison to the damage/resists you'll get with higher-level gear and through a bit faster levelling curve) and for old players to make new characters faster to enjoy them with their old ones (suggestions regarding a wisdom bonus or some sort of accelerated progression have been made on the forums already).

However, what I really want to know is if the developers actually have any plans on making this game more enjoyable for people that actually want to give a go to new classes without having to dump a month levelling the old way (actually saying "the old way" makes me groan- why is there an old way?), or force a group of friends to grind a character to level 100 in a few weeks, wasting time that could be spent enjoying the new content that we haven't done yet (Jellies, Wabbit dungeon, fight with the higher-tier Zwombbits, etc).

Any potential news, Troyle and/or Sabi?

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posté August 07, 2013, 20:21:52 | #8
The biggest problem I have on soloing these with my Pandawa is that I forget about MP costs sometimes. Milk Fountain reduces 6 levels, Bubble Trouble reduces 3 levels, Dairy Springer reduces 5 levels. That kind of stuff sometimes gets to me... but mostly when I'm talking to guild members.

To be honest, the bigger problem I see is just how much MP they have. Like, for real: those idiots have ridiculous amounts of MP for a Water Panda to balance out levels sometimes. They book it from one side of the map to the other like it was nothing. D:

Apart from their amazing kiting skills, I'm really okay with them. Most people find them hella hard. In the case of large groups, I usually suggest focusing on one at a time, so that people don't get side-tracked and miss their rhythm. Obviously, having a healer is very useful to have in order to ameliorate errors or just kill a 50 HP Bilbiboy when at 1 level.

If anything, it sometimes makes the fights a bit too slow for large groups? That's something you kind of get used to as time goes on. Just gotta focus, for once! Stop being so scatterbrained.

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posté August 05, 2013, 06:11:17 | #9
To be honest, if I'd have to say the biggest things that Sadidas kind of are lacking in, I'd probably say:

  • Ultrapowerful Dolls with a 3 AP method to summon them, at least. -OR- Reduced cost (Half? 1AP?) of priming Air spells on Ultrapowerful Dolls.
  • All of the pathing hiccups on Doll AI.
  • The doll inaction bugs on Doll AI.
  • Being able to use Doll Link with Dolls as well as Voodoll, but not both at once. (Voodoll effect would probably take precedence over Dolls.)
  • Less power on Lone Sadida per doll on field. (From 150% w/ 0 Dolls on the field to 0% w/ 5 Dolls on the field.)
  • A spell that's not as hella derp as Earthquake. (I want to hit things, not chance myself like an Ecaflip.)
Pretty sure there's one other thing that I'm missing, but, whatevs. Those are the biggest gripes I have with my Earth/Air Sadida right now. I like Summoning in general (I used to throw Water Dolls around and stuff), but the AI really kind of kills my fun sometimes. Granted, there are other things that ruin my fun with my current set-up. (Hello, Earthquake. Thank you for your uselessness apart from luck and edge cases.)

I love this Sadi, especially as a reprieve from playing Water Panda 24/7, but there are SOME THINGS.

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posté August 02, 2013, 08:34:28 | #10

Quote (Hudski @ 02 August 2013 06:25) *
Yes, it's valid

It's also valid when there's no barrel in play, to my knowledge, and also activates Aggressive Barrel.

Really, now? Milky Instincts has never triggered on me when my Barrel hasn't been out on the field or in my hands.

With regards to the next question: Assuming your attacker has no stacks of Dizzy when it attacks you, no. Your barrel isn't counted as attacked while you're carrying it; therefore, it doesn't reflect damage when you take a hit and your enemy isn't Dizzied. It (The Barrel) only reflects damage (I.E. Aggressive Barrel triggers) in the following situations:

1. The Barrel is on the ground, and an enemy attacks it (directly or indirectly - AoEs that include it in its range count to trigger Aggressive Barrel!). In this situation, the barrel loses 1 charge, and the enemy takes 20% of the damage it inflicted / would have inflicted.

2. The Barrel is either in your hands or on the ground, and a DIZZIED enemy attacks you. In this situation, if you have Milky Instincts, you have a 20% chance of not taking any damage, and the barrel taking the hit, therefore losing 1 charge. Since it takes an attack, if you have Aggressive Barrel, the attacking enemy takes 20% of the damage it would have inflicted.

No monster willingly attacks the barrel without having the attack be targeting a randomly-selected entity on the field. Therefore, AoEs that manage to hit the barrel are usually the best way to get case 1 to work. This happens pretty often with Lunar Princesses; these monsters have Cross1 AoE attacks, and they always center the attack on you. Therefore, place your barrel behind you or to your sides (without blocking her LoS), and she'll accidentally hit the Barrel as well!

Hope it helps!

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posté July 19, 2013, 16:51:35 | #11
Kinda wish I could favorite the entire island.

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posté July 18, 2013, 22:39:27 | #12
To be honest, I'm probably going to turn my long-standing Water Panda into a hybrid Water / Fire with this next patch. I love Water to death and all, but it makes me really sad to see just how awkwardly sad it is for a lot of things.

Alternately, I'll do terrible things with Water / Earth. TERRIBLE, I SAY. :U

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posté July 17, 2013, 20:51:39 | #13
I guess I'll put in my Closed Beta cents into this.

Amusingly enough, they might be trying to do this with the Incarnam changes. For the people that don't know, Incarnam was improved a while back with a better combat tutorial, but little else. It lost the crafting tutorial in which you learned how to mint Kamas, and how to use the crafting system. (Although even that was pretty lackluster.)

Fortunately, the current Incarnam is at least a fair bit better in the combat training phase than it was originally, but it can stand to do much better! (How Mechanics / Leadership works, Trap / Summons Damages, Backstab, etc.) It can also stand to do better in teaching how gathering and crafting work, as players learn how gathering works in a non-obligatory non-guided tutorial, but don't learn how Wakfu / Stasis figures into it. Players don't learn about the nuances of their class, what they're designed to do, how CP works into your status as a player, how the government system works, or much of anything!

In other words, new players are exemplified by their own characters once they jump out of Incarnam: They're tossed into the footstep of the impossible boss Ogrest and are left mystified as to how things work and why they work that way.

Now, why would a new player put the effort into learning this game? Well, they'd want some sort of reward, naturally! However, this game puts in one big problem ahead of the player: The impossible grind to get gear to keep levelling. As Madd mentioned, if you don't have a higher-levelled character or aren't playing with others (especially without an Enutrof), you won't get the drops you want. You will most certainly not get the important pieces for the Gobball or Tofu sets, so why would you think you'd get your second set of gear. (At around, let's say, 35-45? Or probably earlier, tbh!) If you're a low--levelled character, you have nothing, and you will probably get nothing. You won't really need to get points into Kit Skill / Art of Barda because you will almost never get that gear within your level!

Fortunately, the fix for this is relatively easy! It involves making a gradient of percentage drop chances for gear based on level. Early on, prospecting drops shouldn't exist for the basic sets, but they should for the special ones; Gobball, Tofu, Scara, Prespic, Stritch, Kapow, Krala, Mussly, Tree, and the like shouldn't be incredibly difficult to find! However, as you get past the 50s and head further up, it should become a bit more difficult. The game should have introduced the idea of PP Locks by now via a pop-up tutorial quest or the like, and should incentivise going into a dungeon with a party to teach how grouping up with people increases your group's prospecting points, and how it allows you access to better equipment. By then, new players should have found a group to play with in some way, shape, or form, allowing them to break PP locks with ease. From there, the game can gradually move to its current form by level 80 or so, a level in which it should inform new players of UBs and how you "can get incredibly powerful sets" from it. I believe that would make things much more amenable to newer players.

Apart from that, I naturally support the Token system for early dungeons, at the very least, probably in the same way that it is used for UBs at the moment. It allows players one additional way to get their early equipment. Imperial drops should probably be kept outside of the realm of Dungeon Tokens to incentivise team play, and should be probably made better than regular drops for those levels due to the difficulty of getting them.

There should also be a written explanation on how dungeons can provide you with Wisdom Bonuses, and Challenges that provide players free access to a number of important dungeons to players within that area. These two changes would emphasize the utility of grouping up and doing dungeons in order to level up and get items.

Generally, Wakfu has many of the tools that it needs in order to attract players. However, it's either not using them correctly or isn't explaining them. Elucidating obscure facts about the game to players that need to know, and incentivising group play in an aggressive and Nation-wide manner are just some of the best ways to help gain new players and maintain them in the game.

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posté July 17, 2013, 14:25:01 | #14
There's a Water / Fire set with the first mob that drops that BP. At least has some MP-giving item, probably boots, which means that it may be a 2 MP set, assuming it's just those items?

Also, there's a 30% heals... ring? : | For reals? It's like they want to give it away now.

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posté July 17, 2013, 14:19:13 | #15
All I can really think about is how thoroughly impractical it would be to wear things made of jelly, and how weird it'd be to wear them on your skin. *shiver*

Well, that, and what characters would be able to use it and which would not. Dunno if everyone would sacrifice their belt bonuses for that stuff. Of course, the sets that don't use belts would be fine..!


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posté July 10, 2013, 04:39:00 | #16

Quote (aquabeauty @ 09 July 2013 07:59) *
Things, but not much content.

Agree: They are weaker than Eniripsas when it comes to straight healing without anything else.
Agree: Earth branch's MP drain isn't as powerful as AP drain in many cases.
Agree: Dolls are borked to hell with various unoptimized decisions.
Agree: Air damage is pitiful. Air effects are hilarious.
Agree: Dolls don't last enough to be much of an effect in low-numbers fights, unless you do some hilarious tricks.
Agree: Voodoll should stay one or two squares around you, preferably behind you.
Agree: Voodoll should transfer Bramble Armor onto allies if targeted by a spell that applies such.
Agree: etc etc etc.

You're still being extremely rude. We should be answering the person's question instead of fighting. Keep to your detailed threads regarding all the details as to why Sadidas are so bad.

I understand your frustration with how Sadidas feel so spread apart on every front that they're doing no one thing really right. My main since CB was a Water Panda. At first, we could only cast into barrels. I levelled for a few months on regular Gobball War Chiefs, cornering myself into one of the corners of a Sufokia map and letting it idle while I wailed on it for about 30 turns. I sometimes died because I made a mistake or because I got hit by a -40 HP and WHOOP there it goes. We're still kinda the red-headed Panda stepchild: Fire deals more damage, and Earth has neat status effects. Water has... range. And some of the passives and actives are either outdated or just feel a touch out of place at the moment. But it's okay enough to play.

Sadida is kind of in between these two phases: Not totally useless, but still pretty out of sync with its surroundings. Dolls are in that state where they should have buffs but if you put too much into them, the little runts will just wreak havok with any fight and Sadidas will dominate a lot of other options. Tree is pretty terrible. Doll Link would be neat, but it's too little for what it's supposed to do. Voodoll's (and some dolls') movement is really terrible.

But it has a lot of very neat things. It's one of the main classes with a shield-oriented branch, something which can make single-tank compositions much easier for healing, sometimes eliminating the need for healing for a good period of time. Water's doll healing can be wicked, and Inflatables actually have a passable amount of HP so as to not die from a passing breeze. (Plus, healing targets with a Drain targeted on a Seed and the doll that is summoned is a neat trick.) Air...

Well, I haven't touched Air much. Kinda feel that it's all over the place. I like the DPT that Intoxicated provides; Tetatoxin is a neat effect; Sudden Chill is like Dizzy except much faster in being applied, and can be applied by dolls; K'mir is, as always, a hilariously great trick for Controlled, Nettled Dolls to use. But it's all over the place. Out of all the branches, this is probably the most disorganized and the one that needs the most focus on making a cohesive idea.

And if you're going to complain about things, just think about how easy it is to apply a 80-damage Bramble Armor on a single person and have about 500%+ Earth Damage, and tell me that a 400 HP shield doesn't sound like a neat thing, even when it's on one person. (I still want Ankama to change that to allow us to place shields on more than one target.) Think about how useful it is to block line of sight on a target and heal them at the same time. Think about how useful it is to overwhelm a target with 8 AP and 2 dolls per turn, forcing them to either waste AP on your dolls, try to move around them, or risk a non-zero lock chance... or just force-feeding a single target 9 AP of 240-hp unmodified heals that also applies the Heal % of Lone Sadida.

Yes, yes. Dolls have a never-ending list of not-ideal decisions. Those things will be changed for the better. (although it does take time to program them to ACTUALLY DO WHAT THEY SHOULD DO.) Instead of focusing on the bugs that they have on a post that is about telling a new Sadi player, tell them about the branches first, and then mention the bugs and why some branches / ideas aren't as good as others. That way, you can actually show that you know things instead of acting like a conceited child.

Then again, I'm only a relatively new Sadida player. Obviously, that means I don't know anything about anything, right? :u

Edit: Might as well also mention that this is a team game. 1v1 PvP exists, but it's not like Ankama's ever made any hint that you're supposed to fight alone. I, as a Water Pandawa, can pull some impressive tricks, but, at the end of the day, I'm not a 1v1 bruiser or a DPT machine or a terrifying tank or an attrition fighter. I'm an enabler, and that's what position I play in my guild and my group of friends. I view the Sadida I'm building likewise: She will not solo everything. She will not be an individual force of nature. She will be, instead, an enabler.

That's not to say that I'd like to see a bit more damage on Greedies and Ultra-Powerfuls, though, among other things. ;o

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posté July 09, 2013, 19:01:35 | #17
[Nox] WTB> Copper, Screws Server: Nox
Character Name: Mielle

  • Copper: Stacks of 100 copper @ 1,500 kama.
  • Screws: Stacks of 100 screws @ 4,500 kama.
c: Please and thank you for fueling my crafting addictions~

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posté July 08, 2013, 15:22:15 | #18
I'd also like to note a few things that aren't really mentioned much:

1) Lone Sadida isn't removed if you summon a Voodoll, as it isn't a Doll.
2) Various spells do even more damage (Or, in the case of Mudoll, Heal much more) when cast on the Voodoll.
3) Lone Sadida's Damage increase is rainbow damage, so it doesn't help heals directly. (It does provide 150% Heal Bonus as well, though.)

In fact, my ideal Water / Earth build would have a high Mudoll (and a few other Earth spells) just to be able to heal for pretty high amounts for low AP. (3 AP for a 80-potency heal at level 100 is pretty good. )

I do play a Earth / Water Sadida (Emphasis on the Earth, but I do love Water dearly), and I've maxed, Doll, Dolly Sacrifice, Voodoll, and Knowledge of Dolls, and am pretty close to maxing Lone Sadida. (Currently level 91) I don't use dolls as much as summoners would, but I consider them incredibly useful in a variety of situations, sometimes moreso than a 150% damage / heals increase.

Furthermore, the ability to force mobs to hit seeds, and therefore waste hits on disposable targets, is a very valuable ability, especially for certain dungeon bosses. For more information, check out some FR dungeon / UB run vids. :p

Naturally, I'm not a typical summoner build; my build's going for as high a Bramble Armor I can without relying on crits. (10 AP gives me 1x Bramble, 2x Wild Grass which is pretty flexible) However, as a support, I feel the need to provide as many ways to help my team as possible.

Hope this helps anyone that needs it!

~ Mielle / Noreli @ Nox

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posté July 08, 2013, 03:39:22 | #19



Seriously, though. Ankama, c'mon. Voodoll's a legitimate strategy on Ultimate Bosses. Why do you make it so that it actually can rebound SELECTED TARGETS. Furthermore, even if you did this, why couldn't you make the chat box actually say something about the spell being rebounded?

C'mon, thirty seconds is a really short time, and you're making this hella hard for unique strategies. Give proper responses to this stuff.

PS: We all found this amazingly hilarious, but it's still kinda frustrating.
PPS: Yes, I know we could just do Dolly Sacrifice OVER AND OVER AND OVER again until it hits BC correctly. Still incredibly rude.

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posté July 07, 2013, 08:32:50 | #20
Water deals a fair amount of damage, but not enough to be a primary DD (damage dealer). The utility of Water Pandas lies in how their debuffing also deals some notable damage, and they can also do their typical throws and stuff while doing so.

If you want a pretty good amount of damage from a water branch, Enutrofs deal pretty good Water damage. Water Srams are also pretty good, as are Water Masqs, apparently.

Of course, you could always go with the fool-proof damage monster, patented at early Closed Beta: WATER CRA.

Edit: I realize that it may not be clear why I say this, so I might as well say it in this way. I'm currently helping my various new characters level with my level 111 Water Panda, but it's actually pretty tough. My Water Panda, at about 330%+ Water damage or so, deals about 500 or so damage around the barrel per turn (slightly less if not on the barrel)... but it takes 9 AP and 5 MP to do.

So, yeah. Save yourself the trouble? :x

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