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Quote (MiniMikeh @ 17 September 2014 01:55) *

Quote (TaobaSanjuro @ 17 September 2014 00:36) *

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 17 September 2014 00:26) *
It seems to me like we need another ultimate boss

We're due for one were all 160 right now and the last ultimate boss we had was 120

I know theyre hard to balance ankama but weve been waiting for a certain *coughs* big sandhill *coughs* for a long time now.

I need a real challenge
We really do need Big Sandhill or something. It'd be kind of cool to have it be an offshoot of Oh Why Me Ohwymi, maybe with some antlion monsters or something, but...

Alternately, fight an avatar of the Gods. :V

Or UB Hard Modes. *shudders uncontrollably*
I'd be all about HC mode on UBs but i'm afraid it would piss off the casuals even more than they already are.

HC black crow dear god I can't even begin to imagine
Well, I'm more or less a casual. I mean, I just hit level 126 yesterday, and I've been playing my Panda main since CB. :V And I'd presume HC BC would be lots of AoEs, more moving around, and less MP. In other words, frustrating mostly because the lack of MP.

Note: Generally, it's in bad taste to divide players between casuals and hardcores or whatever. We all want to enjoy this game, and enjoying this game involves playing it with minimal bugs.

Note 2, this time more generally to the topic at hand: Tokens provide a service that is invaluable in order to truly pinpoint the actual value of an item by stating the Minimum Viable Cost of obtaining the item. This cost allows players to actually price things more correctly over the time-honored but oft-useless tradition of ABSURD QUANTITIES OF KAMAS BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I THINK THE PRICE SHOULD BE. It also guarantees the time cost of obtaining an item, because you'll get it sooner or later. This plus a randomized drop rate is perfectly fine because the point is in what you do with gear, not in just getting gear.

Now go and play a game, damn it.

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Quote (MiniMikeh @ 17 September 2014 00:26) *
It seems to me like we need another ultimate boss

We're due for one were all 160 right now and the last ultimate boss we had was 120

I know theyre hard to balance ankama but weve been waiting for a certain *coughs* big sandhill *coughs* for a long time now.

I need a real challenge
We really do need Big Sandhill or something. It'd be kind of cool to have it be an offshoot of Oh Why Me Ohwymi, maybe with some antlion monsters or something, but...

Alternately, fight an avatar of the Gods. :V

Or UB Hard Modes. *shudders uncontrollably*

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Quote (Chompers @ 16 September 2014 18:10) *
I don't believe you can use the boats in astrub but you can use your nation boat to get there then make sure you remember the zaaps you need and you can use those from any nation as long as you are not a outlaw and such.
This is correct: You can use your nation's boats to reach locations in other nations, even if you're an outlaw of that other nation. Zaaps lock themselves if you're an outlaw or at war with that other nation.

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Quote (Ryuujikyon @ 16 September 2014 19:10) *
I have to agree, they are a bit high cost. They could reduce it by... idk half.
Actually, I'd love it if they were made in batches of 5 stones per craft with somewhat less resources per stone. I think at this point the 120 stones require 24 units of 4 different materials, and 160 stones require 48 units of 4 different materials? I'd be happy with 15-20 units for the 120 stones and 30-40 units for the 160 stones.

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Quote (Variar @ 16 September 2014 10:49) *
ITT: PvE players angry about Ankama making content, which they have already cleared, easier. Wait for new additions.

ITT: PvP players drunk on the recent changes, defend a system that is incredibly bad, abusable and flawed.

Ankama needs to introduce a separate gear progression for PvP and PvE, similar to every other MMO out there that has both scenes healthy and active. They cannot have a cake and eat it to, interweaving both play styles is impossible.

PvE players with easy content have nothing to do after a short while, having nothing to work for or reason to do so, because everybody else earns what they did with no challenge. This renders their game play focus moot.

PvP players on the other hand cannot be forced into PvE first to gain gear to be finally on an even ground with other competitors. This thread is an example of what happens - easy to acquire gear, ideas of limitations to further slow down people with time to spare and the notion that PvP is a new end game for everybody. Ridiculous.

Meanwhile, the PvP system that we received is nothing significant. I would even argue, that it has barely anything to do with PvP at all, since people get to high ranking spots by grinding low level alts, instead of actually player combat.

You people are like children, arguing about whose toy is better and more important. Neither is.
Saying that things are impossible is equally-shortsighted of you.

The point of this patch was to put people on the level playing field of how valuable statistics and gear currently is. The fact that they added PvP is a side-game that you can play, and you'll either win or lose based on who you ended up fighting with. Yes, you can fight against a level 153 Masqueraider that bursts your level 138 whatever because you didn't have the gear or didn't start far enough away to have at least a turn, but you could have also ended up fighting against a level 116 whatever and could have won equally well. Or lost. I saw that kind of thing happen. (Was pretty hilarious tbh.)

The next steps for Ankama are to introduce new areas with increasingly-difficult PvE combat, now that ~150-160 is the balancing point for gear and stuff, and balance the pre-existing classes with regards to the new power level so as to make them equally relevant in dueling and group PvP.

The systems you know and love for PvP didn't pop out of nowhere in that state; they evolved through time. Ankama doesn't have a roadmap like WoW-like games because their game is pretty different. Therefore, you should expect there to be a period of adaptation where things aren't very balanced.

I'd like to ask a different question to segue into a slightly better conversation: Does Dofus use the Token system, and, if so, how are they similar or different to how Wakfu handles it?

PS: As an aside, despite the game being relatively unpopulated compared to other real-time combat MMOs, The Secret World has pretty well-balanced PvP and PvE tracks that allow you to take your gear into the other side and work equally well. In fact, it's probably one of the smoothest systems I've seen, and it's pretty fun to do your dungeons for the day and then go to some PvP.

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Trapper Harvest "Dark Skin" limited to 1 item per harvest. Hi. I've been having a problem with harvesting the Dark Skins off Black Wabbits. Here's the problem:

Character name: Mielle
Date and time: Since 14 September 2014
Map: Wabbit Island
Server: Nox

Bug description:
Whenever I try to harvest the "Dark Skin" item from Black Wabbits, whether alive or dead, I only receive one item, whereas all other harvests give a varying amount of resources. I presume this is a bug after Patch 1.36 Hotfix 2's mentioning of a similar problem with Radiant Skin.
Reproducibility process: Harvest a Dark Skin from a Black Wabbit. Should be all you need.

Screenshots: None; it should be self-explanatory. I can get a screenshot if needed.

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posté September 12, 2014, 18:15:07 | #7

Now you can be everyone's favorite person: Cash Money.

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I tested this on Beta @ 117 and 145, with respective gear, and it's worked pretty well for me:

Intelligence - %HP, Resistance, %HP Regeneration based on Missing HP, Life Leech +%
Strength - (Element) Resist and Damages. [Just balance your stats around all four and you'll have a good base.]
Agility - Initiative and dodge. [If you really want to play with fire, go for pure Initiative. You have Barrelhop and Karchamrak. Don't you ever forget about that. :v]
Chance - Critical Hit %, Critical Hit Damage %. [Lower your the Crit. Hit Damage for Backstab Damage % only if you go for the Dairy Springer close-range backstab combo thing.]
Major - AP, MP and Damage are pretty much mandatory of Pandawas. Other than that, you can probably make a case for anything.
  • Range and Damage opens up mid-long-range AoE kiting shenanigans.
  • Wakfu Points allows you to last longer in your Merry-making or teleporting ways.
  • Final Damage is a decent boost in actual damage. (There's a forum post in the General Discussion forums wherein the math is explained. Check it out!)
I don't recommend Kit Skill because it's a waste of gear-based and guild-based Kit Skill, but some people can definitely use it, especially later on in the levels, so long as you can get your hands on that gear.

Life Leech +% might sound small, but it adds up over the length of most fights that aren't burst-fests, and makes you really hilarious when dealing with groups. A bit of barrel positioning can help make this happen via Milk Fountain.

Element-wise, both Water/Fire and Earth/Fire are pretty strong and you can backstab with both of them. If anything would skew the match to the Earth side, it'd be Blisskrieg's absurdly-high base damage, but the amount of hits at range you can throw on Water/Fire can make it more reliable. I don't really think I've seen Water/Earth, but it doesn't have the synergy that I'd want out of a Pandawa. You can probably stat a Tribrid by now, with all the Tri-elemental gear, so you can abuse elemental resistances that way if you want, too.

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posté September 11, 2014, 17:23:32 | #9
Heal % is basically an addition to Elemental Damage whenever you heal. Master of Merriment, Remaining HP Healing, and Life Leech / Damage Drain / whatever are all healing abilities that don't have an elemental damage component. Therefore, Heal % does NOT influence their bonuses.

Heals Received, however, does. :v

PS: I'm decently sure about this from my minor testing during beta and in live servers, but someone may prove me wrong.

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posté September 11, 2014, 16:53:10 | #10

Quote (Uiasdnmb @ 11 September 2014 13:11) *
Personally i think weirdest combination goes for Pinhead
+1 Range
+101 HP
+20 Lock
+20 Dodge
+30% damage for 2 random elements
+15% Backstab Damage
+20% area Damage
+22% Resist.
+10% Resist. to attacks from behind
That actually sounds pretty solid for a Water / Fire Pandawa that focuses on Dairy Springers backstabbing! Or a Sram. Srams can always use some lock and dodge, and I think some of their abilities are areas.

Also, in general, Lock is really useful against mobs if you can get even close to equal their dodge; so long as they don't teleport, they should be paying the AP/MP costs! Nice way to debuff your enemies.  

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Reason for edit : Lock in melee-ish gear is acceptable!
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posté September 11, 2014, 00:39:05 | #11
I guess I'm just lucky that I haven't been randomly PKed by Riktus people in Castuc, despite being a Pandawa and having them just walk by me as if I weren't even there. *shrug*

Also, great! Excellent. That's about three sets and two single pieces you've mentioned. The Lumberjack Axe still works. The Golddigger's Pick still works. Snoofles still work. There's also a lot of very good pieces of gear that are around. Rampart's now level ~95. Milkar's a pretty great resist / damage set, despite the loss of Canine Dodge. (Using it for now; working decently well!) And there's still about 80+ levels worth of gear we haven't even mentioned, most of which are now balanced pretty well! Weapons are also even stronger now, so that's also a thing.

So what if your old go-to sets are now less useful than before for some situations? Adapt; find better things now, and use and abuse them. That's how I found myself with 100% more damage than I originally had and more resists than before- with a lower-levelled set of gear, no less!

PS: Also, the Sram revamp hit with this update...

PPS: Cras have always been the first-turn heavy-damage kings, but you can still beat one with a bunch of different builds. Survive them, throw a Sacrier at them, just out-initiative them... All you really need is one turn and the ability to close the gap. That's all you REALLY need. After that, you can do a ton of things to make them wither away.

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Quote (Pillbug @ 10 September 2014 22:58) *
As a 120-130 level character player, how would I go about getting transmutation stones for my 120+ gear? I can't access high enough level content to drop 160 stones yet (not that I can even complete content that drops 120 stones) and I don't really feel like paying 300kk per reroll when on test server some items took me 30+ attempts to get elements I wanted...

Am I missing something from this? Or am I just forced to either level to 150+ to access the content that drops high enough transmutation stones to reroll my... 120+ gear. Or level handyman and a harvesting profession to 100 to collect and make them?

Something about this system makes absolutely no sense to me, I hope I'm missing something obvious here.
Part of your problem lies in how little time you've let the market settle the value of a Transmutation; as more people gather the materials to make them, and they start throwing them into the market, the price per item will decrease. The materials really aren't very hard to get in most cases, so it's a matter of time.

As for the dungeon thing, you should expect to get a group to help you out for that. Dungeons drop Transmutation Stones for the level of gear they work with. (I.E. Enurado Dungeon drops Transmutation Stones for Level 160 gear.) No, you won't be able to solo dungeons, but that's not the point at high levels; the dungeons at those levels are pretty useful, so people run them. Join up a few runs in there, get some transmutation stones for those gear levels, and use them on your own gear!

Also, it's not really that hard to level Handyman or any of the harvesting professions; I did it on my spare time. Heck, while levelling, you can even sell the materials you don't want / need for some kamas. :V

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posté September 09, 2014, 20:19:54 | #13
I actually do want to see a couple of expansions to the individual nations wherein some of the native monster families are expanded on a bit more after you leave for a while. (I.E. at level 100 or just before Frigost levels or something.) I'd love to see a Sufokia with more variety in the types of Musslies. Kralas, and Kokokos later on in the levels.

To be honest, there should also be a miniature storyline that drives you to the individual areas and tells you to get your hands dirty in some of the areas, and ends with a signature boss of each region. I mean, who wouldn't want to fight a four-armed chafer, a giant kralaken, a giant wave of polters, or a spidery treechnid thing?

There's a lot of things that they can do with the four nations, and I really want to see what they end up doing.

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- My biggest complaint would be the level reorganization of a bunch of gear sets, like Rampart being bumped down 10 levels to 95. Means I'll be using Milkar for a bit, but HEY IT'S ACTUALLY DECENTLY STRONG apart from the loss of Canine Dodge.

+ But I love the entire stat system and wouldn't give it up for the world. The self-healing additions also make it so that Pandawas can solo a bit more effectively without having to rely on lining their entire stomach with bread all day every day.

+ Also it's the set of changes I was awaiting, so I came back to the game.

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Heals Received +% do affect Master of Merriment, +% Health Missing Regen, and Damage Leech +%.

I'm not sure that Heals % affects or does not affect any of those three. I should have done the tests, but never did.

Also yes, Dairy Springer is CC + AoE.

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posté August 26, 2014, 19:31:53 | #16
With regards to the Pandawa class: I've always felt it was really weirdly built. The elemental abilities make sense (for the most part; water's got one too many samey AoE patterns, weird spell costs, fire has the weird effects that are either ignored or kind of used, etc.), but the specialties don't synergize too well with the rest of it, save for Barrel, Incandescence, etc. I really feel it should get a change on a lot of its specialties just to make it more than just about Karchamrak, Dizzying, avoiding free hits, or backstabbing your enemy with fire.

I've toyed around with a fan revamp of the class, but I see why they've taken so long. It's a pretty blank slate, with all those filler specialties. Hopefully the revamp they give Panderps ends up being worthwhile!

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posté July 19, 2014, 00:30:04 | #17
Favorite part of the article: the confusing language used to try to make the dungeon level restriction seem like a benefit.

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posté July 08, 2014, 03:03:25 | #18
Currently, 6.00 USD yields 3000 ogrines, so that's basically the same as the current sub assuming you're buying directly. (Which is good! I means that ogrines will be more in tune with what the sub prices currently yield via direct money!)

Extrapolating from the current values (Current being as of /7/2014), a 90-day Booster pack is approximately 16.20 USD. Note that this does not include the increasing benefits of purchasing more ogrines in a single purchase, nor any changes Ankama may make in the future to the ogrine cost.

Assuming the prices remain the same, it would be nice for players to have an option to only buy 8100 ogrines for ~ 16.00 USD or a bit less.

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posté December 24, 2013, 07:44:12 | #19
@nonopino: Do you know what exactly the FR community's against with respect to the Pandawa document? I see a number of possible points, but the biggest thing is lack of the "gigantic buff" that was Merry. Is that what they're not supportive of?

As for the document: I like a lot of the changes. A lot of them are creative fixes to things that I felt were too stupid to be handled normally. Naturally, I still have plenty of questions (What the heck is Milky Breath supposed to do? How are Incandescent Cocktail (Passive 1) or Bamboozle / Happy Hour supposed to work? Why is Worn Out -2 AP instead of something more creative like adding -Resists? Would Water spells damage at all, and, if so, would they damage when cast on a target or on a barrel? What does Euphoria do?

I mean, from what I've been able to understand, Milky Breath is supposed to synergize with Parched / Incandescence to deal more damage and/or heal the Pandawa as well, Incandescent Cocktail is supposed to increase Fire damage every turn you end next to your barrel, and Euphoria is supposed to increase Water Damage. I do like the potential debuffs that Pandas could toss out, especially in a game that rewards target control and damage mitigation.

The advent of Earth/Water sets would allow, assuming the changes included in this document were implemented directly, healing Pandas to also be able to substitute as tanky debuffer/damagers when needed, and Water/Fire would be able to do some heavy debuffing of themselves. Fire/Earth would be a bit more modal, but would be strong damagers with a fair amount of debuffing.

I still hate Merry and almost feel Pandas would be better off without that kind of "buff"; I want an actual buff that I can give to my allies, not a zero-sum buff that can actually ruin strategies by limiting potential actions! Furthermore, equal buff/debuff makes the bonus not really worth giving to allies unless you can defeat an enemy with it, making it a situationally-useful bonus when it's a bonus that can't be switched off. We've learned already that inability to control certain "always-on" passives is a giant detriment to certain classes (Ecaflips and their Tarots. Mostly before, but even still now.), so why continue with it?

I hope Ankama's game developers as a whole can fine-tune the details in this document; it has a lot of very promising mechanical changes, but some of them should be changed to more useful and beneficial / less situational tools in order to benefit the Pandawa and his/her team, instead of cause even more problems than the usual ball-and-chain model typically provides. Once that's set, numbers can come later.

Rating: 3/5. (Interesting, but flawed in a few places.)

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posté October 25, 2013, 05:46:32 | #20
Know what worries me hardcore? More than all the glaring problems that Wakfu has?

The fact that some Wakfu staff left the company, namely one game designer.

Wakfu devs and community managers, I'm worried about this game because it hasn't ever had good leadership that has been able to manage resources into the proper ideas. I'm worried because, for some questions we've asked for ages, we've gotten questions that border on making no sense. (Really? You're telling us that Tokens are bad because you don't want a metric ton of "useless" items cluttering up your DBs? Token Tiers never came to mind / didn't work? Token Tier exchanges either? Generic dungeon points?) We've gotten some good signs, but they either rarely pan out or only work for isolated cases. (I almost feel terrible for Fecas, since I expect something similar to the Eni thing to happen to them.)

I'll always give a company the benefit of the doubt with regards to bugs and to AI, since these are two huge and ridiculous time sinks; there's no doubt in my mind that the content they implement takes plenty of time to debug just for AI error, especially of the "It just stops doing things" variety. You've done an admirable job at this, Ankama, and I salute you.

I'm just really worried. I haven't played this game in months, and I'd love to play this as my main game. Always have loved it, but there's just something wrong when you hear all of these things at once.

(As a side note, I kinda wish I'd be able to apply for Ankama, esp. since I'm going to graduate soon; sadly, I know no french. :c )

I guess... good luck? And good hunting, Azael. I think you'll need it.

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