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posté October 17, 2016, 17:24:20 | #1
The slums of Brakmar! That's exactly how the real cities should feel!

I have been wanting NPCs in cities ever since I started playing Wakfu years ago! The current big cities feel absolutely deserted. Like players are the only people. That's bull! These new locations are wonderful!

Please oh please find a way to add NPCs to the other locations.

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posté July 24, 2015, 07:55:29 | #2
A year onward, I find myself in the surprising position of acting guild master. The prolonged absence of our founding players and Ankama's automatic transfer system led to this new situation.

Snoofles are NOT an active guild anymore (and whenever Shaleigh finds the time, he can remove the "recruiting" from this topic's title). Rosa and myself will maintain our Haven World as a testament to our group's glory days. 2013 and 2014 were a wonderful time, but they won't return.

Rosa and I came in at the high point of the guild and met lots of lovely people. I fondly think back to running dungeons and endlessly sh*t-talking with Ama, Disc and Seniv. I remember Bloody and his army of alts, taking us on Luna runs, to grind levels. I remember the rush by the high-ranking players to gather mats and Kama to build up our HW to its current form. And I also remember the drama that finally broke up the team, the ousting of a few members that led to a split in leadership and the heartache that followed.

That is why we'll be conservators: Damn Snoofles was our home for a year and we loved playing with all of you.

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posté July 23, 2015, 12:27:27 | #3
What happened to this thread? I am sure I posted a few messages here after Coal left again.

SENIV / BRICKFACE: if you ever happen to read this, we miss you man. I wish I could hear from you again. I hope you're well.

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posté January 20, 2015, 12:39:38 | #4
that trailer just looks awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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posté January 20, 2015, 12:29:20 | #5

Quote (Raphael-Raven @ 12 January 2015 16:24) *
it's still not 100% protected because in the timeframe that you enable the login through the authenticator, someone with your password can log in your place.
You are correct. But at least it's a lot better than what we used to have!

Personally I would have liked it better if they did two-factor authentication with something like Google Authenticator. That's an app that generates one-time passwords every thirty seconds.

Still, I'm happy Ankama went through the trouble of setting this up!

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posté November 05, 2014, 21:55:42 | #6
You can install Java for OS X 2014-001, which includes the old/antique Java 6. That way Wakfu will run again.

Also, if GateKeeper complains about the game do NOT disable GateKeeper, but instead click the "open anyway" button for GateKeeper in System Preferences.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #793347  Replies : 3  Views : 959
posté November 05, 2014, 21:50:27 | #7
No. DO NOT disable GateKeeper, as it's one of the features that keep your Mac safer.


1. Start Wakfu
2. On the first run it gets blocked by GateKeeper
3. Open System Preferences and search for GateKeeper
4. Click the "Run anyway" button and confirm.

This will mark Wakfu as something that you want to run, despite the game not being signed using a proper certificate.

You'll need to do this only once.

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posté October 17, 2014, 12:26:04 | #8
The Krosmaster website will indeed need a normal Ankama account.

And yes, the Krosmaster Tables bug has been around for over two years now.

Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #788163  Replies : 6  Views : 2221
posté October 17, 2014, 12:22:51 | #9
Nice to see you hop in again Coal

I've stuck around the Snoofles, because I just love our HW too much. It really is grand and I'm happy it's still there in all its glory... Even if I had to spend an hour to clear out run-away cows that someone planted a few weeks ago  

Thread : Guilds  Preview message : #788161  Replies : 176  Views : 22337
posté September 01, 2014, 19:49:00 | #10

Quote (Sabi @ 30 August 2014 05:17) *
  • Coagulation is reduced by half (0.5% of HP per level compared to 1% before).

What the fuuu???

Quote (Sabi @ 30 August 2014 05:17) *
  • Removal of the set bonuses.

No really, what the fraaaaa?? O_o

Well, if I had any hopes that I could return to Wakfu and find it resembling the game I loved, that's now out of the window. I'm gonna have to completely relearn the game :/ If I still want to...

Thread : Server Status  Preview message : #768799  Replies : 22  Views : 5123
posté July 27, 2014, 21:12:39 | #11
Stryve, thank you so much for your hard work on all of this! I haven't played Wakfu for a while, but I really, really appreciate your work!

For the past months I've been having issues showing the graphs for prices of items. Could that be down to my browser? They cut off somewhere around May. On the default 3M view the graph comes halfway across the window. If I then switch to 6M it'll show properly.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #757780  Replies : 21  Views : 1856
posté July 27, 2014, 14:34:39 | #12

because I can't seem to find a guild I can fit into and yours seems to be calm and quiet, and with no with no drama.

Actually, drama is mostly what killed us a few months ago.

I do not believe that any of our guid leaders are currently active. So even if we were recruiting, we could not add you. For now, please consider this guild as "not recruiting"  

Ara or Coal Miner, if you ever read this: please elevate my rights again. There's a mess I need to fix  

Thread : Guilds  Preview message : #757697  Replies : 176  Views : 22337
posté July 25, 2014, 20:47:07 | #13
I'm sorry, but no not really. While our roster still consists of 160 players, most of these are inactive. Our active player base has moved on to other guilds, or other games. The guild and its haven world are being kept alive for those people who like to have access to these, or who have fond memories (like myself).

Maybe one day we will again become glorious. Who knows?

Thread : Guilds  Preview message : #757263  Replies : 176  Views : 22337
posté June 30, 2014, 14:43:37 | #14
There are two things I'd really like to see in Wakfu:
1. NPCs to flesh out the world and make it look lived-in
2. Your idea: more housing, to make the world look alive

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Dofus have both of these?

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #750459  Replies : 13  Views : 1880
posté June 25, 2014, 22:19:16 | #15
Server shuffles eh? Well, as long as we get to keep our HW.

Thread : News  Preview message : #749341  Replies : 303  Views : 33985
posté June 25, 2014, 10:19:05 | #16
We used to spam Lunar dungeon with groups of 3-4 newbies accompanied by 2-3 high players, simply to get the new guys up to speed.

By myself, I spammed the Bwork quest fights before Ankama lowered the XP you get from those. I got crazy amounts of XP from those runs, to level both myself and my MM. These days, Ankama fixed the XP and it's not worth anything at all anymore.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #749181  Replies : 26  Views : 1620
posté June 25, 2014, 09:11:30 | #17
One issue I can think of are guilds and Haven Worlds.

We've got an awesome HW to ourselves and we'd lose that if we transfered.

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #749153  Replies : 3  Views : 813
posté June 23, 2014, 19:40:05 | #18
A merger would be -very- welcome for the reasons you state. But I highly doubt it'll ever happen, as that would be too nice for us.

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #748593  Replies : 3  Views : 813
posté June 23, 2014, 19:34:45 | #19
Thanks AtDose, good work in sleuthing  

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #748589  Replies : 23  Views : 2373