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posté July 14, 2015, 07:38:42 | #1

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 14 July 2015 05:26) *

Quote (saphiLC @ 14 July 2015 04:35) *
About stalagmote... something is wrong if a low lvl dungeon like that takes 20 minutes to beat with a max level, geared, damage dealer character. that only confirms the time wasting tactics ankama are following, artificial dificulty made to waste our time even more. (what ankama fails to notice is, at this rate, they wont get any money from subs)
I beat Stalagmote by myself in less than 10 minutes. :|
im talking about beta, i dont play this game anymore so dunno about live, but i literally had the whole map full of mobs

Quote (FinroyThePuppeteer @ 14 July 2015 07:38) *
Maybe it's just me, but when Ankama releases new dungeons and we (with not appropriate skill and gear) travel there and die there and then start shit throwing at them it is just a sign that they want us to get better gear and to review our skills. Just an IMHO. I had no trouble at Mizerium, yet need to visit the Stalagmotel.
mizerium is easy, but mobs are OP for their lvl, stats and skills wise

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posté July 14, 2015, 04:35:36 | #2

Quote (Gelgy @ 14 July 2015 00:01) *
I don't think it helps anything that nobody seems to give much feedback on dungeons while they're in beta. Probably because 160 is the easiest level to test stuff at on beta, which kinda undermines attempts to test lower level dungeons.

Next time new dungeons go up on Beta I'm going to try a bit to test them. This past beta trial ended up slipping by me
i tested them in beta, and they feelt really hard and annoying, even at lvl 175, whats a lvl 70-80 mob doing with 50% resists on every element? or mobs stealing 3mp and 3ap every turn... and other mechanics... but this is not new, ankama is moving to the time wasting strategy, making us waste more and more and more and more time with every update (deck systems contributes to that, and it will even more when they re-re-re-re-revamps mobs to scale to the new damage we do, with the trap of having less resistance, ofc... in the end, ankama always uses that kind of tactics of "ok we give u more damage while we nerf everything else"). About stalagmote... something is wrong if a low lvl dungeon like that takes 20 minutes to beat with a max level, geared, damage dealer character. that only confirms the time wasting tactics ankama are following, artificial dificulty made to waste our time even more. (what ankama fails to notice is, at this rate, they wont get any money from subs)

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posté July 14, 2015, 04:19:53 | #3
dont bother trying, ankama staff says they pass the messages, maybe they do, when they run out of toilet paper... at least, as an ex-costumer, thats how i feel.

P.D. really hope they watch those vids, they are really good. Ankama is in diapers.

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posté July 14, 2015, 04:17:06 | #4

Quote (Neneko88 @ 13 July 2015 17:00) *
Thank you ankama, every class is great, finally!
It just makes so much difference and I just want them to use this to build on

Please please keep up the good work and don't sit back to rest
is nice to see time travelling exists... or portals to parallel universes

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posté July 14, 2015, 04:13:33 | #5

Quote (Rrae @ 14 July 2015 04:00) *

Quote (visitor888 @ 14 July 2015 02:00) *
Well, since you asked.

Pre-patch i could walk into a fight and sap AP and MP, build armor, build power, buff allies, and deal massive damage simply by managing my cooldowns and buffs properly. If anything went wrong or I got in a bad situation, I had jump in my back pocket for great mobility.

Now, instead of doing all that in a single fight, I have to pick one or two, and those one or 2 things will be about on par with what I was doing in those categories before. If I want tankiness and mobility, I can do that about as effectively as I used to, but I can't do any of those other things because they split everything into multiple passives and actives.

A great example is Jump. You need the passive to make it worth using but that's all the passive does, where it used to be combined with something else. Now if i want that mobility I have to sink both an active and a passive slot into a single ability that gives the EXACT SAME THING I HAD FOR FREE BEFORE.

Yes the abilities and passives do essentially the same things they did before, except now they come at the cost of other abilities and have nothing new to compensate you for the loss of the versatility and flexibility you enjoyed before.

I could go on but this more or less sums up my issue with the deck system. Instead expanding the Iop's role, they limited it and didn't do anything to make up for those limitations.

This is by design, the spell deck.

The issue you are experienceing is exactly what the spell deck was designed to do, limit versatility not through the 6 spell xp limit that confused most new players and left players skilled at taking advantage of it using level 1 spells the victors. The design decision here appears to be that level 1 spells have no place in the game and are therefore removed. Attempting to be tanky, with lots of mobility, and tons of damage...well thats just not on any class right now Iop by comparison is actually closest to the class you want.

At the end of the day players seem to forget iop was never designed with tankyness in mind, it started off as a very fragile melee and this made it a risk vs reward. The new iop reflects this much better forcing decisions of tank vs damage in terms of open battlefield combat and prevents one iop from doing both as well at the same time.

Edit: To point out, tanks are now more effective than ever at surviving, I wonder if the issue of people complaining iops do everything isn't on some level people rushing to iop in its moment of glory only to be depressed when the class is brought back down to be in line with every other class. The sudden influx of Iops and cras amazed me consistently.
Fecas totally take out you "theory" of "this class is supposed to do this and not that", fecas are masters of everything while they are supposed to be tanks/buffers only Game is still unbalanced as F, except we have less options now (and devs saids decks were made to give us more... but they failed, as always)

Thread : Iop  Preview message : #886630  Replies : 33  Views : 1596
posté July 13, 2015, 02:53:46 | #6
flame knight, secondary earth, best tank/resists/lock and insane damage

he can teleport to enemies for 1 ap every turn and gives massive damage and crit buffs too ;o

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posté July 11, 2015, 00:53:28 | #7

Quote (Flatops @ 10 July 2015 06:25) *
Thank you for the motivation Shia La Boufbowl, but it was necessary to move the PVP action at a separate instance so not to disturb (overload) the Astrub map (instance).

If you give the new PVP maps a chance, you might see that its fun as you strategise how to obliterate your opponent.
first of all... overload? really? ankama is into jokes now? but sure, lets make a game that looks empty 99% of the time even emptier by making players unable to duel in the only place you can see ppl around, im not going to walk to that retarded arena area, is a waste of time... but is not like im playing wakfu anymore so...  

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posté July 11, 2015, 00:45:21 | #8

Quote (Sheni @ 10 July 2015 11:38) *
Now that the deck system has been released, I have personally been enjoying the increase of versatility it offers by switching rapidly from one build to another - However, there are still some unpractical systems in place that prevent or hinder making good use of this new system:

1. - With the new deck system promoting rapid changes between specializations, and the new spell XP technically allowing us to be more adapt at more spells amongst all elements, why do we still have a restrictive unchangeable system in place for our Ability Points?

It's especially horrible on a class like a Sacrier, where his roles can be such polar opposites reflected very clearly by his choices made with the Ability Point system.

Without allowing us easy access to respec our ability points, the versatility offered through use of the deck system is incredibly penalizing on especially any class whose roles indeed differ dramatically per build, as its hardly practical to play an Earth Sacrier for instance when all your specialization has gone entirely in Damage and Ranged affinity (Air Sacrier).

So please Ankama, consider allowing removing these inconsistent restraints and simply let us rebuild when we want, so we can fully utilize our newly given direction.

2. - Wakfu's gear has always been an oddity to me. 'Sets' can be entirely different element wise and will often only consist of a few pieces, demanding a character to use wild combinations of pieces that have no visual correlation, nor can these multiple pieces/sets ALL be boxed together as one.
With what almost seems like a deliberate lack of tripple/allround damage sets, we are still stuck with often needing to use dual element sets to enhance our current specializion - Now that we have been offered the option to quickly swap our specialization, we have not been given a way to practically swap out our gear to suit along.

Its clumsy, and inventory hogging to keep multiple of multiple of sets in your inventory just to adapt to your new loadout, not to mention you might end up with similar looking gear in your inventory, rerolled to different elements. So while technically possible, it is so painful and unpractical to swap out gear that I feel more inclined to 'just use tripple element gear' whenever possible, purely for the sake to avoid the difficulty that is armour swapping.

Could we perhaps get multiple (3) pages for our character's gear slots, just like the decks, pretty please?
"increase of versatility" are you playing a different game? 

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posté July 10, 2015, 06:00:33 | #9

Quote (Xnub @ 09 July 2015 04:41) *
You basically summed it up in your own post. Certain spells are required for certain areas. If you know you're going into a hard area, or an area that you've never been, of course you would take revive as a precaution. Switching your spells around is one of the coolest things once you give it a go, and since you're a very low level, you obviously dont have all the spell slots unlocked.

What I suggest is to level up a bit more, keep working on your two characters, keep messing about with your spells until you have great combos for certain things, like for instance, a dungeon run? Oh i'll use this spell deck. A boss fight? Better switch up my spells to help the team!

People keep saying that we've lost a lot of diversity since we cant use all our spells, But we do have a lot more higher levelled spells than we used to, along with better passives with gives the game more of an edge. Of course this is only my opinion, but I do have 6 characters over level 170, so I'm fairly well knowledged in the game.

I recommend you stick to it, you'll find your groove eventually.
yah, because having almost everything maxed and not being able to use is better than having lvled up the important spells you use + non lvled support skills that you only use for the effect and being able to use anything u want, right? They just did with this patch what transformed RO into crap long time ago. And if you cant see that from being able to do almost anything to do this OR that is not what diversity means... well...

and having 6 characters over lvl 170 doesnt make you an expert, i know ppl who gets plvled and they are total noobs.

Ankama ran out of ideas long ago and they change everything over and over... most classes are a copy paste fest of other classes ...

bye wakfu

Quote (Danchoou @ 09 July 2015 17:11) *

Quote (fallintosanity @ 09 July 2015 16:49) *
[...] Not everyone can get to level 100 quickly, and furthermore, low levels are new players' introduction to the game. They should be just as much fun as high levels, because otherwise new players aren't going to stick around long enough to get to high levels. "Fun" doesn't necessarily mean "powerful" - just that the experience of playing low levels shouldn't be a grind you have to suffer through in order to get to the "fun stuff" of high levels.

If anything the new system is much better for new players, since it's more streamlined and isn't overwhelming with a massive amount of spells the person needs to read through before making their choices. And your second argument doesn't make much sense either, since in pretty much any mmo low level characters are normally less developed than high level characters so in that sense are "less fun". Btw if level 30 feels like a grind to you, this game probably isn't for you.

It feels like you see only the negative sides of the new spell system and completely ignore the positive ones.
are we playing the same game? they added a lot of new passives (well, they are almost the same, but ankama split em to take more slots), so now we have to read ALL the descriptions/effects and check wich skill goes with wich one, select the ones that may work for you or not, think of strategies with the skills you got, if they dont work out you need to buy a reset and repeat, they totally fked it up, is harder to use now...and ppl will stick to 1 deck in the end, decks are going to be another failure, like that nasty arena area, they even removed duels from temple to force us to use their crap....

Quote (skatercodyme @ 09 July 2015 07:42) *
I agree, each class is more limited now in that before you could use ALL your spells, mostly for utility; adding versatility to each class... now that has been taken away and forced into a system of only a few utility spells, if any; or miss out on damage
yay, more ppl that gets it

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posté July 10, 2015, 05:51:49 | #10

Quote (Wessolf @ 10 July 2015 01:49) *
It's not really that bad. Summon damage if anything is much higher than it's ever been as your summon gets all your Osa's Damage and you can control it without needing possession at all. You can summon while you're in dragon form too and in this case your Osa gets a huge damage buff as well.

The fifth spells of each branch also serve as various means to switch and tele with your summon, or act as remote bombs

If anything, the Osa's new buff mechanic has made things a lot more fun than it previously was.
unless u only summoned one monster before the crap...i mean... deck system patch... summons do less damage, it feels like they do more because single summons do infact more damage, but we cant summon more than one anymore, so comparing to what we had.... they do less damage.

In dragon form the osa gets buff, the summon gets damage debuff.

this patch is so perfect that phoenix spirit does nothing at all, ankama never ceases of amazing me... but w/e, this patch was their last chance for me to come back, and they failed, as always :\

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posté July 08, 2015, 00:38:13 | #11

Quote (SupersunZeratul @ 08 July 2015 00:27) *

Quote (-Santshes- @ 07 July 2015 21:24) *

Quote (Fadedscourge @ 07 July 2015 21:21) *

Quote (-Santshes- @ 07 July 2015 20:39) *

Quote (Xeds @ 07 July 2015 17:26) *

You clapping, im litterally CRYING PRICKS that ecaflips made so TERRIBLE now.
Noob, Ecaflips are stupid op now.

10/10 Ankama
I think you are not ecaflip as i can see that. Now we just are weak suicidal "cra's".
That's your problem.

Stop playing a "Cra" and pull out your Claws.
thats exactly the problem with decks, the "we have more choices" ankama is trying to sell us is bull, yes, we can change spells before a battle, but from being able to use every spell to them being limited... thats less options, and unless they allow us the tweak stats aswell... is even more limited, why choose long range spells when you got close combat? they need to remove secondary stats and decks would be ok

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posté July 08, 2015, 00:20:46 | #12

Quote (Syfrid @ 08 July 2015 00:07) *
they def should have given us multiple restats. now i am stuck with a bad build and no money to buy the scroll...bad bad...
dont worry, they will give another respect for sure

Thread : 1.43 Bug Reports  Preview message : #883574  Replies : 45  Views : 1825
posté July 07, 2015, 23:56:08 | #13

Quote (Flatops @ 07 July 2015 12:00) *

Quote (watthehell @ 07 July 2015 10:43) *
the change log is probably in french.

Oui monsieur! We are in the process of translating the changelogs. We will post them shortly.
i know ur secret o _o

Spoiler: (highlight to show)

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #883558  Replies : 138  Views : 3680
posté July 02, 2015, 22:14:24 | #14
Ultramon, i bet not even 1/4 of ppl knows about the party finder, and if they do, they dont know how to use it xD

Thread : Devblogs  Preview message : #881632  Replies : 282  Views : 7800
posté June 27, 2015, 04:20:42 | #15

Quote (Fruitybat @ 26 June 2015 22:25) *
Since Heroes is just to make it easier for multiboxer (who buy a booster for all the account they multibox with) to play with several characters, then why don't you make sidekicks cheaper/make some of them free :3

Quote (skatercodyme @ 25 June 2015 17:32) *
"Why we think someone paying a little cash is valid for them to get x3 drops?"
You can already get x3 drops free with sidekicks/multiaccount
except sidekicks dont get(or give) PP bonus

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Thread : Devblogs  Preview message : #880100  Replies : 282  Views : 7800
posté June 26, 2015, 07:28:37 | #16
stoped reading after "while the Heroes feature will be available for a limited time and will be renewable"... say hi to the first official P2W feature in wakfu. RIP

Quote (jubeli @ 25 June 2015 17:53) *
It looks like people can only see their own situations.

Of course they'll have to charge for this, after all they spend ONE YEAR of dev salaries just to hero system. But, this is a change that will affect the wakfu gameplay entirely. Its is no longer a single character mmo. Its a team, they're even planing tomake 9 ppl groups. So, if you stop thinking only about yourself you'll se that the game will kill those that cant afford the new system. Some people struggle to pay one booster pack, some cant even pay. They're planning to lose players just to make a quick money? If right now a lot of people are laving because they cant find groups to play, imagine how they'll be after the number of ppl with various characters being triplicated.

It looks like they think that players that dont waste money in the game are useless. But they're crucial to keep the game active
they spent months developing alkatrool and they removed it after 1 month, ankama loves wasting their "precious" dev's time, instead of fixing the game or listening to us they waste the time on the worst ideas you can imagine (deck system is going to be suuuuuuuuch fail.....)

Quote (Lukinerx @ 25 June 2015 19:36) *

Quote (nsiccaa @ 25 June 2015 19:30) *
rental? rental on top of subscription? this will cost me so much in a long run. I guess, i rather spend my money on 2 or 3 new monitors, ram, cpu etc. (which i can own forever) and start multiclient rather than spending on the rental heroes. meyh.. so much for the wait.

imba Ankama will hide in game client some program/virus that will make your ram/cpu burn if you try to use more than 1 account.

"buy heroes slots and booster or we gonna destroy your hardware muhahahaha! le evil genius!"
they already do that.... java ~

Quote (Gelgy @ 26 June 2015 01:24) *
Not to play apologist or anything, but I'm pretty sure Ankama does listen to the community plenty. The issues with Mimisymbics seem to have a lot to do with technical limitations. A version of mimisymbics that doesn't perma-link the original item would be nice (and I hope they can implement that as a change in the future), but I can understand why it doesn't work that way. Anyone with the slightest idea of how tricky coding can be should have an idea of the problems it could cause. The original pricing (and taking down costumes for however short a span of time) were huge mistakes, and I'm glad they backed off from that. Still not a fan of their current mechanics & price.

For Hero slots.. I wish it was a one-time purchase like most people. Until we know more about the pricing though, I think it's jumping the gun to get mad. Besides, plenty of people are concerned about the heroes system having a negative impact on community interaction or the value of other items.

Just because things don't come out as we'd like doesn't mean Ankama's not listening. They're not robots who just implement the customer's ideas, they have their own opinions, and have perspective on things that aren't immediately obvious to every player. Like things that might make better implementations more difficult than we think. Not going to say they don't make mistakes though.
im a programmer wannabe and i know how EASY is to code a version of mimisymbics that doesn't perma-link the original item... but i bet ankama's code is a mess... (add a new field to the gear's table, that fields stores the id of the image to display, if that field is empty, use the default's gear image, end. so DAMN hard )

Quote (Bocheii @ 26 June 2015 06:13) *
Bye Bye MM on MMORPG ;D
wakfu never had 2 Ms to begin with ;O

Thread : Devblogs  Preview message : #879647  Replies : 282  Views : 7800
posté June 23, 2015, 00:11:02 | #17
they barely care about mass duping... do you really think they would care at all about this? :p

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #878637  Replies : 61  Views : 2204
posté June 23, 2015, 00:09:51 | #18
i have news for you ankama, i dont want those things even if they are free ^_~ they are that bad
(not just because they link ur stuff, but you cant see the gear if you use a class insignia, poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooointles)

Thread : News  Preview message : #878636  Replies : 18  Views : 812
posté June 19, 2015, 22:53:47 | #19

Quote (DJKac @ 19 June 2015 22:52) *

Quote (saphiLC @ 19 June 2015 22:51) *
so eniraise is just for reviving, linear range and 2 turns cooldown? lel ty but no ty
Nah, it still removes (some) statuses.
But still, ty no ty
yah, for some reason i didnt read that xD edited ma post :p but linear? i bet it also requires los... so not useable :S

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #877699  Replies : 191  Views : 6750