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posté July 02, 2015, 22:14:24 | #1
Ultramon, i bet not even 1/4 of ppl knows about the party finder, and if they do, they dont know how to use it xD

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posté June 27, 2015, 04:20:42 | #2

Quote (Fruitybat @ 26 June 2015 22:25) *
Since Heroes is just to make it easier for multiboxer (who buy a booster for all the account they multibox with) to play with several characters, then why don't you make sidekicks cheaper/make some of them free :3

Quote (skatercodyme @ 25 June 2015 17:32) *
"Why we think someone paying a little cash is valid for them to get x3 drops?"
You can already get x3 drops free with sidekicks/multiaccount
except sidekicks dont get(or give) PP bonus

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posté June 26, 2015, 07:28:37 | #3
stoped reading after "while the Heroes feature will be available for a limited time and will be renewable"... say hi to the first official P2W feature in wakfu. RIP

Quote (jubeli @ 25 June 2015 17:53) *
It looks like people can only see their own situations.

Of course they'll have to charge for this, after all they spend ONE YEAR of dev salaries just to hero system. But, this is a change that will affect the wakfu gameplay entirely. Its is no longer a single character mmo. Its a team, they're even planing tomake 9 ppl groups. So, if you stop thinking only about yourself you'll se that the game will kill those that cant afford the new system. Some people struggle to pay one booster pack, some cant even pay. They're planning to lose players just to make a quick money? If right now a lot of people are laving because they cant find groups to play, imagine how they'll be after the number of ppl with various characters being triplicated.

It looks like they think that players that dont waste money in the game are useless. But they're crucial to keep the game active
they spent months developing alkatrool and they removed it after 1 month, ankama loves wasting their "precious" dev's time, instead of fixing the game or listening to us they waste the time on the worst ideas you can imagine (deck system is going to be suuuuuuuuch fail.....)

Quote (Lukinerx @ 25 June 2015 19:36) *

Quote (nsiccaa @ 25 June 2015 19:30) *
rental? rental on top of subscription? this will cost me so much in a long run. I guess, i rather spend my money on 2 or 3 new monitors, ram, cpu etc. (which i can own forever) and start multiclient rather than spending on the rental heroes. meyh.. so much for the wait.

imba Ankama will hide in game client some program/virus that will make your ram/cpu burn if you try to use more than 1 account.

"buy heroes slots and booster or we gonna destroy your hardware muhahahaha! le evil genius!"
they already do that.... java ~

Quote (Gelgy @ 26 June 2015 01:24) *
Not to play apologist or anything, but I'm pretty sure Ankama does listen to the community plenty. The issues with Mimisymbics seem to have a lot to do with technical limitations. A version of mimisymbics that doesn't perma-link the original item would be nice (and I hope they can implement that as a change in the future), but I can understand why it doesn't work that way. Anyone with the slightest idea of how tricky coding can be should have an idea of the problems it could cause. The original pricing (and taking down costumes for however short a span of time) were huge mistakes, and I'm glad they backed off from that. Still not a fan of their current mechanics & price.

For Hero slots.. I wish it was a one-time purchase like most people. Until we know more about the pricing though, I think it's jumping the gun to get mad. Besides, plenty of people are concerned about the heroes system having a negative impact on community interaction or the value of other items.

Just because things don't come out as we'd like doesn't mean Ankama's not listening. They're not robots who just implement the customer's ideas, they have their own opinions, and have perspective on things that aren't immediately obvious to every player. Like things that might make better implementations more difficult than we think. Not going to say they don't make mistakes though.
im a programmer wannabe and i know how EASY is to code a version of mimisymbics that doesn't perma-link the original item... but i bet ankama's code is a mess... (add a new field to the gear's table, that fields stores the id of the image to display, if that field is empty, use the default's gear image, end. so DAMN hard )

Quote (Bocheii @ 26 June 2015 06:13) *
Bye Bye MM on MMORPG ;D
wakfu never had 2 Ms to begin with ;O

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posté June 23, 2015, 00:11:02 | #4
they barely care about mass duping... do you really think they would care at all about this? :p

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posté June 23, 2015, 00:09:51 | #5
i have news for you ankama, i dont want those things even if they are free ^_~ they are that bad
(not just because they link ur stuff, but you cant see the gear if you use a class insignia, poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooointles)

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posté June 19, 2015, 22:53:47 | #6

Quote (DJKac @ 19 June 2015 22:52) *

Quote (saphiLC @ 19 June 2015 22:51) *
so eniraise is just for reviving, linear range and 2 turns cooldown? lel ty but no ty
Nah, it still removes (some) statuses.
But still, ty no ty
yah, for some reason i didnt read that xD edited ma post :p but linear? i bet it also requires los... so not useable :S

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posté June 19, 2015, 22:51:04 | #7
so eniraise is for reviving, linear range and 2 turns cooldown? lel ty but no ty that wont revive shet...

are the "remove all effects" as it is now? removes only 1 or 2 effects or finally works as intended? i mean, im sure it will remove good effects too

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posté June 19, 2015, 22:39:45 | #8
and how the hell im supposed to charge ogrines if i cant select a payment method? i only get credit card and is disabled.... is not like i was going to buy anything, but i was testing if it is still imposible to purchase ogrines..... its been what... 6 months? gg ankama

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posté June 17, 2015, 05:11:07 | #9

Quote (Lemean @ 17 June 2015 02:18) *

Quote (Aquallia @ 17 June 2015 00:54) *
Ok, I think need deal with this before I get any more annoying.

I'm confused, and am worried about all the changes the revamp will bring to the different classes (mostly the ones I play, I'm not concerned about classes I'm unlikely to ever want to try).

The problem I noticed myself having is;

Am I too concerned about what has yet to effect the game for me or is thinking ahead about what yet to come a good idea?
Don't worry everything will be ok.
I can guarantee you that you will be happy once changes are live.
dont lie to her, if thats her only account... she dont have any lvl 100 character, and this new system is hell for ppl under lvl 100, so unless she finds someone to power level her... shes going to hate it for sure

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posté June 16, 2015, 01:40:17 | #10

Quote (Lukinerx @ 14 June 2015 23:32) *

Quote (DemonicWind @ 14 June 2015 23:28) *
for example start with a gobbly, at lvl 200 you have a battle worn war chief by your side.

or teen/adult magmog (not the giant UB version of course)

but all this evolving system would be another troublesome, balancing and time consuming issue for Ankama so we can forget about such thing... so prepare to use small gobbly/gobbal at level 175-200. So "badass" hue
pfff is the easiest thing to do
something like

if osaLVL > 0 and osa LVL < 49 then summonEvo = 1 summonDeck = 2
if osaLVL > 50 and osa LVL < 99 then summonEvo = 2 summonDeck = 2
if osaLVL > 100 and osa LVL < 149 then summonEvo = 3 summonDeck = 3

etc ... then bind the summon graphics to summonEvo and the spells are balanced because they are deck like
super haaaard...right? i dont think so

if they fk up osa as they did with every single other class i play... then is bye bye forever... i wouldnt play even if it is "freemium" now

(and still dont get why ppl thinks decks are going to give us more options, when infact, is nerfing every single class, but since ankama always gives more damage so ppl dumb out .... oh well )

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posté June 15, 2015, 23:56:57 | #11

Quote (Seraeph @ 15 June 2015 16:27) *

Quote (Eettt @ 15 June 2015 16:05) *
Well, no matter how I look at it, my main class is nerfed and limited. With all new stuff deck system adds. And high specializing characters suck for the game that used to give us freedom. Please, dont turn it to another boring RPG, you can't compete with what other developers can offer. Wakfu power is in been very special game.

I swear its always one person who wants to be negative, ignorant and especially "IGNORANT" of what the Update/Letter/News/etc. was about.

The key feature to the new spell deck system is to allow "Adaptability" against all types of enemies (including PVP opponents) while making players who pull "do it all builds" that are only abusively overpowered because they can make use of more then 12 spells/actives over all that do not require levels to meet most of their uses at all, be sufficiently put in check. You either play as a Arsenal, Tactics player or a mixture of both, In any Tactical game you're always going to want a character(units) who can fill each necessary role to handle fights that can't be blitzkrieg'd to death. Which alot of Wakfu seems to turn into regardless of any gimmicks enemies have, especially when you include people level blazing past over half the content in the game itself.

Heck let's do a neat little reference to a particular Death Battle Video i remember watching back, "Link Vs Cloud". Link won in the end because his own equipment and 'adventures' required him to use innovative thinking and a variety of items. Though of course Cloud from FF7 has materia, summons and what not, most typically players will skip alot of things and just skip straight to making the characters pull damage nukes thanks to Stat up Materia, High level Magic Materia and powerful Summon Materia. If the 'best' materia obtainable in FF7 was included in the death battle, then likely Cloud would of just practically won by default because of instant kill damage spells/summons, course probably if that happens and Link gets his own end game equipment too, then it would probably end up with Link dodging and avoiding the onslaught with ingenuity and maybe end up with him using his mirror shield to bounce a energy blast right at Cloud, causing him to win the match still.

The point is, when a game just purely focuses on mowing down enemies, even while including 'options' to take other approaches, pretty much the latter gets skipped out in favor of just blowing everything up. Tactical RPGs tend to work by actually "Thinking" and using Skill, not Spam X spell/attack/skill to win all the time, that's for games like poor shooters that make enemies practically run at you while you shoot them to death with a practically endless supply of ammo.
you are not very smart, right? if you cant see the nerf hammer disguissed as decks... thats your problem, once its live you will notice it. Just a little hint, you can max everything... but you cant change your secondary stats, get it? so that "Adaptability" you are talking about is imposible.

Anyways im glad this is going to happen, ill be finally able to stop playing this "game" (at least i wont pay a dime anymore) 

Thread : Devblogs  Preview message : #875874  Replies : 107  Views : 2712
posté June 14, 2015, 02:04:03 | #12
is barely alive, only multiaccounters play, and once they release the beta content, i have a feeling wakfu is going to die in the blink of an eye, so i wouldnt recommend you coming back, at least until whats in beta comes out, is not wakfu anymore...

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #875109  Replies : 20  Views : 1183
posté June 11, 2015, 05:18:42 | #13

Quote (ForbiddenMonsters @ 10 June 2015 05:11) *
It's true we gotta wait for the passives and more actives to be released too.

Personally, first opinion would be, I love the decrease of 2 AP and 1 WP on classerole, and now we got 2 attacks we can use constantly (Whipkick + Classerole).

We might lose 50 resist but I guess its only to keep the fact that we are a masochist. Hopefully in passives we will have spells that raise our resist or something like that or even in actives for armors.

Fracture: I really like it. It's a good improvement considering that it was amongst my 2 fire spells that I used.
Psykotik: DEFINITELY gonna use it now specially that its such a useful tool, not only for damage but also for attracting targets around for close combat.

Now we get 20% CH, that is mindblowing. and the fact that we heal allies in close combat is just awesome. Could put it on an ally if you want heals for yourself, could put it on yourself for the buff and healing allies.

I think that -50 resist is still a worthy price because you can always put points in +50 resist. Kinda like how eliotropes do it with exhalt ya know?

Personally I do hope that the passive would perhaps allow us to reduce the mask cost to 0 ap even? Maybe at level 1 or something, cause this way we could change it more often than not.
-50% from mask + around -50% from ninja nerf to every class thanks to strength stats.... is going to be risky

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #873850  Replies : 366  Views : 9066
posté June 07, 2015, 03:57:53 | #14

Quote (Neneko88 @ 06 June 2015 18:40) *
For me what will save wakfu is spell deck combined with something else (THL?). Spell deck is basically the changes classes needed (revamps can come later).
yah, because we needed even less skills to use to make the fights less boring... in beta, right now, fecas are using the same 3 spells over and over, fire floor glyph + ap removing (that for some reason always removes 2ap, always, even having the ap/mp resists at max), then next turn they become inmune to damage, next turn they shield, next turn they become inmune to damage again, and repeat.... i dont want to play this game anymore, this isnt wakfu, at some point ankama killed wakfu but i didnt want to believe it, but after seeing beta today.... all classes having shields/hp steal is not the way to balance the game, ankama you SUCKS at balancing so much, you killed the game.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #872553  Replies : 29  Views : 1980
posté June 05, 2015, 16:33:39 | #15
im going to guess the problem, crafted items and dropped items are "different", so the game is not recognizing the crafted ones as relics/epics, a way of testing this is trying to equip 2 crafted epics/relics, i bet you cant... is not the first time the lack of testing and programming skills caused similar bugs... like bugs that they already fixed appearing again on new stuff... but im SO tired of reporting bugs and ankama doing nothing

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #871894  Replies : 13  Views : 977
posté June 05, 2015, 15:46:37 | #16
brainajar, that "we need moneys to develop our game in different platforms cuz it takes time to code it all again for every platform" is a pile of bullshit to raise even more money from dummy ppl who dont know about how this game-making world works. There are a lot of languages that allows you to export/compile your code to almost every gaming platform. And this sadly doesnt apply only to gaming... check how ankama kickstarted the translation to english of their cartoon, that was already developed and finished, but looks like they needed "millions" to hire the cheapest voice actors to dub it, i dont really wanna get started on how wrong kickstarting certain projects is... but meh... ankama simply hired a company with a "good" name, but it seems their game engine is programed only for android and ios(if u thought they programmed it from scratch, think again). Im wondering what comes next... Dofus Crush Saga by King?

What i find funny is ankama is wasting efforts and time with side projects instead of fixing wakfu, ppl are leaving at a really fast pace, but they go and develop mobile """"""""games""""""""

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Thread : News  Preview message : #871870  Replies : 56  Views : 1961
posté June 05, 2015, 15:35:21 | #17
oh hey, another 0% fun ""game"" that uses microtransactions to progress, just what mobiles needed..... NOT

Thread : News  Preview message : #871861  Replies : 56  Views : 1961
posté June 04, 2015, 08:48:26 | #18

Quote (Gelgy @ 04 June 2015 07:25) *
Honestly, I think I agree with you too. Your stance is pretty reasonable and allows for wiggle room and variation based on the specifics, so. Hey, 'm cool with it.

I'm with you. As long as we're not being jerks about things, it's all good.

@Potato / SaphiLC
Dude, Baked Potato is awesome. I've seen you and him in action. I once suggested you for a Wa run specifically because I know what a good locker your Flame Knight is. I personally would have preferred if you'd been willing to stick around when an actual player-locker showed up since it was a pick-up group.. but it's not a big deal anyway. You weren't a jerk about it.

Though it helps that with or without Baked Potato, you're actually a team player.
thats what potatoes are for  

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #871321  Replies : 99  Views : 2786
posté June 04, 2015, 07:08:42 | #19

some ppl just use non geared sidekicks... but i love my 10 sidekicks :U

(pasted my sidekick's stats over a screen of him giving some flaming love, vs fire or earth weak enemies he deals around 3000 damage per turn + flaming of what u see in the screenshoot... if ppl dont know how to use them...thats not ma problem )

Quote (Gelgy @ 04 June 2015 06:43) *

No. Tumblr isn't the only place where Feminism exists in a positive light. There's a whole complex story around the ways feminism has been used and misused for good and ill, and issues with intersectionality and.. it's complicated.

But most of the people who hate on feminism as a broad concept are being willful troglodytes or are just ignorant. So whatever. Not even entirely sure why we're arguing about feminism.

Regarding the use of sidekicks.. Sidekicks are great for filling empty slots. They're great for private groups. They're great for solo-ing. But in a pick-up group, sidekicks and alts take a backseat to real people. Refusing to boot a sidekick for another player when asked is kinda rude.

Also, I've seen way too many pick-up groups fail dungeon runs because non-communicative players thought they were good enough to fill half a team with what on-balance was one and a half players. So I agree with the censored individual more than Stval on many counts, though I'm too old and too tired to get all philosophical about it.
weird, i use mine as wa locker all the time and no one complains (check his lock, res and hp :3)

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