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posté Yesterday - 19:29:59 | #1
as long as they made sure the item duping/disappearing from beta is fixed....

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posté Yesterday - 06:13:05 | #2

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 27 August 2016 09:09) *
Funny how Sabi still hasn't enabled receipt of ankaboxes, and the fact that people have to send CMs friend requests in order to actually mail them deters a ton of people from reading their messages.
that just proves they give a shit about the game and the players, the way, we are who pay them... they should think about that

Quote (ShadowFacts @ 29 August 2016 00:56) *
Interesting thread..

Personally, if you don't like being PK'd.. try going afk and make the experience as miserable for the PKers as possible.

Though I haven't experienced a PKer in years, if someone had attacked me, back then, while I was trying to do
something. I'd suicide and comeback to what I was doing.. and if that player came back for 2nds, I'd then proceed
to log into a bunch of my alt accounts, party up and afk, when they attacked me again.

Basically walking away from the PC and watching a movie or something.

IE: If they were going to waste my time, I was going to waste theirs. ;3

Some of my friends on Nox, that use to get attacked back then, when they were mining, would take it a
step further and toggle their internet connection, thus causing during each players turn, dragging out the
fight even more.

Just some food for thought ^-^
yah because the pkers usually dont do 6v1, so afking does nothing, is better to just drop the fight and dont let them have the sick pleasure of killing u

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posté August 25, 2016, 23:42:15 | #3
Use Fogger, is overall funnier to use and more useful that xelor, rails = love

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posté August 25, 2016, 20:57:29 | #4
So sad u had to create an alt account just to give yourself some attention (that have a name, but i think it's against the forum rules calling someone an attention whore, so i won't call you that)

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posté August 23, 2016, 17:16:26 | #5
check if your computer is overheating, in my case if i dont make my fans go faster, the computer overheats leading the game to slowly turn unplayable... yeah, gg ankama choosing java to make the game

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posté August 22, 2016, 19:38:22 | #6
they keys are also not craftable, there is no dragoturkey or phoenix and its quite a long walk to get there once you unlock it, add the unskippable, boring and stupid cutscenes, not soloable if you are 130, huge lag and the super low drop rates...and then you can start wondering WHAT THE HELL devs were thinking.

It feels as if the devs discovered how to program cutscenes and everything in that patch is full of cutscenes  

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posté August 22, 2016, 19:21:22 | #7

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 21 August 2016 07:26) *
Items should never have been changed to "linked on equip".

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posté August 19, 2016, 22:37:48 | #8

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 19 August 2016 02:33) *
Cape Rice is also an MP cape, while Crococape is an AP cape. AP weighs more than MP, and Cape Rice is also dual, therefore higher stats in everything else.

So sad that melee DPT sucks in comparison to ranged. This game should've followed the golden rule of "range does less damage than melee", but then Foggers appeared, and then later on they changed the final damage formula without compensating the classes that depended on it. Great balancing, 10/10

At least Sram has Rascalry for range and can buff allies. Amazing how a primary DPT/secondary positioner class got demoted to a mediocre ranged dpt/buffer.
cras have more range and can deal similar if not more damage than fogger

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posté August 17, 2016, 21:32:43 | #9

Quote (lucian100 @ 17 August 2016 20:28) *
IMO a new server or reset server its the only way to bring back this game.ppl cam say what they want to say but this is the only way...the hardest way.
reseting a server = suicide. I guess you have no idea how hard and time consuming is getting certain gear at end game

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posté August 17, 2016, 21:27:42 | #10

Quote (Flatops @ 17 August 2016 05:21) *

Quote (ShadowFacts @ 17 August 2016 03:03) *

Quote (Sabi @ 17 August 2016 02:39) *
Hi guys,

After discussing the subject with the team the main reason why the Mobile Arenas are not coming back at this time is because they simply do not match the current development of the game, which is why the team is now focusing on the the new Adjustable Level System, as we hope that it will also bring much fun to all of you once completed.

However we are always open for suggestions so do not hesitate to share any on this subject and we will continue to pass them on to the team.

Fair enough, I guess..

However, as Tommy pointed out above, at least give players a way to acquire the gear from the arena loot tables.
*If nothing else, it would give low levels something new to wear and of course, it also promote your Mimic (skin)
cash shop items.

IE: Since the Arenas aren't coming back.. maybe you could turn the items into rewards for the new mentor system?


Perhaps, toss them into the Trool fair token bins?
*This would be a good chance to update those bins, to take something other than Bronze tokens. ;3

Regardless how you do it, the gear already exists in game.. it's content that's pretty much just sitting there,
waiting to be used by players.

Hey everyone,

Thank you for the suggestions, we have shared them with the developers for discussion.
can you PLEASE ask the dev team if they are planning on revamping sidekicks? they damage is REALLY bad, they never got an update and after decks they are way behind, thanks

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posté August 17, 2016, 21:25:16 | #11
doubt it, ankama loves leaving EVERYTHING unfinished, they were going to release a dark knight with tri element, but lol, i doubt they are going to fulfill that promise (as always)... im still waiting for a sidekick revamp so they are not as crap as they are now, they need a damage boost...

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posté August 17, 2016, 06:13:33 | #12

Quote (BurningMasochist @ 15 August 2016 06:12) *
If it ain't BBC it ain't shiet!

Keep it up my people we are almost at 15k views.

Application process will close at the end of August, good luck to all applicants.
did u dupe the views too? :O naughty hustler ;o

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posté August 17, 2016, 02:45:24 | #13

Quote (Dy7 @ 11 August 2016 22:21) *

Please post in this thread your feedback about any Beta changes 1.48, except adjustable level system and Astrub.
could you please fix emotes so they can't be spammed while transformed in a cat/bunny/etc? some ppl uses that glitch to spam surf emote, wich creates a ton of lag, i have a fan booster installed to play wakfu (your java game overheats my CPU) and it tells the temperature, when more than 1 person spams that emote the temperature goes over 100ºC. Other ppl got disconnected because of this.

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posté August 16, 2016, 23:04:54 | #14
sure, i would, it was better

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posté August 16, 2016, 22:37:06 | #15

Quote (xmetx-zero-x @ 16 August 2016 21:38) *
I don't want anyone who uses the term "sexyda" on rem.
who said the server would be still called rem?

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posté August 15, 2016, 22:58:39 | #16
[Quote Removed]

looks like you are [Text Removed] name shaming in the forum (wich is against the forum rules by the way)

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posté August 13, 2016, 22:11:00 | #17
New UB set (Foul Moon) Enjoy (i want the ring D: )

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posté August 13, 2016, 21:38:00 | #18

Quote (Seguchi-sama @ 04 August 2016 07:27) *
No, it's Ankama who doesn't seem to understand business. You OP say yourself that they need to attract and KEEP new players. How on earth is that supposed to happen if they do nothing to actually keep players. Every single newcomer today is a bored and angry high level tomorrow. Don't even try to split the player population into categories of lowbies and whiners like me veterans, every person that falls in love with Wakfu and stays for long enough will start complaying eventually. And yes, these complaints do make sense. Ankama's been extremely unproductive and outright ignorant since 2014.
wisdom words, as always

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posté August 13, 2016, 21:18:04 | #19
its been reported many times, for a long time, just shows how little ankama cares about its players

Thread : 1.47 Bug Reports  Preview message : #975454  Replies : 4  Views : 388
posté August 13, 2016, 21:13:05 | #20

Quote (Markzs @ 13 August 2016 00:19) *
- It's beta server
- Complain about bugs, but don't report them
- ?????????
i did report them, in the correct section o_O

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