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posté February 04, 2014, 04:41:47 | #1
Just saying that it happened to me before the patch and it still happens. It is extremely annoying since I control two characters and have to be alt-tabbing all the time, but it already happened before the patch, ever since I downloaded the game.

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posté February 03, 2014, 14:36:47 | #2

Quote (jgtf @ 03 February 2014 11:07) *
I'm also building a Stasis Fogger but I have no idea what set to get that a Stasis build would benefit from.
If anyone knows what to seek in sets and items, please tell me.
You're a damage dealer. Stasis damage benefits from the damage you have on ALL the elements, so you need general damage sets. Other things to look for in a set are obvious things such as HP, Initiative, resists, etc...

A good set to start is the Imperial Shin Larva Set, it gives -15 initiative, but the rest of its stats are great.

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posté February 01, 2014, 22:23:23 | #3

For Stasis spells, I would say Heart of Steam, Ray of Stasis and Stasis Shot are priority.

For Earth you can choose between Pummel and Bombardment, the definitive choices are Shebang and Stomp.

For Fire depends what's your build, if you're not fire you can have Flame Fervor for the escape utility, but don't level it, if you want to go fire, Flame Thrower, Blazing Fire and Steampalm are the best ones.

About the support spells, no, you don't need to rush Microbots to 9, it depends on your build. If you're fire you will most likely want to level microbots to 5 and then max Fire and Oil and proceed from there. It'll be like this for most builds, have microbots to 5 for reduced cost, Groove on 5 for +rail size and your build spells(for earth you can rush Armor Plating, can't go wrong there, Fire you NEED max Fire and Oil, so you can rush that too, for Stasis I would say a mix between Motherfogger and Microbots, possibly following with Critical Turbo)

I am a mono fire fogger(currently) and I have 1 AP and 1 MP, this allows me to throw my combos every turn(2x blazing fire and 1x Flambé, or 1x Steampalm and 1x Blazing fire), I also do things with my Xelor alt, that can give me AP, for flame thrower combo goodness, and you can't go wrong with the extra mobility from having 4 MP.

From what you said, you'll be pure stasis... The only set that comes to mind that can be really good for that build is the Imperial Shin Larva set, which gives lots of general damage, along with spell levels, 1 AP and good resist.

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posté January 30, 2014, 15:35:30 | #4

Quote (Toasty4 @ 30 January 2014 11:22) *
Those items are pretty out-dated, my friend. Check this out: Click here

You're losing some Hp, trading the Initiative for quite a bit of Lock plus smidge of Block, and losing 2% Damage along with 1% Res. Not bad at all.

Long story short, they were good(goodish if you take a look at the time of how long it took to craft them) and are simply out-performed by easier-to-drop gear. I'm sure they'll get a revamp/be easier to craft with this nifty little system that Ankama is imposing in the upcoming patch.
Can I have a link to this new "nifty little system"?

Also, it's not just about "outdated" gear. ALL the items I've seen are like that, as I've said, Royal Gobball Helmet(still relevant and useful) - 3x Gobball Helmet and a bunch of other really hard to get stuff, just so you can wear it for 10 levels and forget about it through the rest of your experience. And if it was just about the requirements, you require profession level, which you gain by crafting really hard stuff to make, so you can't just make 100 twiggy daggers and level a bunch. You have to craft every single time one of those GRIND AS HELL items to level it, so you understand why I'm so stunned this even exists the way it is.

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posté January 30, 2014, 08:19:58 | #5
Is this a joke? So, I saw a recipe a few days ago and I was just too shocked or stunned to do anything about it, now I'm better, so let's check it out.

The recipe we're looking at is the Legendary helmet called Imperial Commander Helmet.

What does it requires?(All drop information from the official encyclopedia on the wakfu website)

20 x Crazy Sheperdess Helmet - 0.3% from Wild Gobbette and Impetuous Gobbette, 200PP lock
5 x French Maid Helmet - 0.3% from the Monk family of mobs, 3% from the boss Nun, 200PP lock
50 x Paratrich - 2~2.5% from Strich family of mobs, no lock.
10 x Crobak Hat - 1% from Crobak family of mobs, no lock.
1 x Master Tailor's Seal - Requires level 100 on the Tailor profession.
30 x Kokocap - 1% from Kokoko mob family, no lock.
99 x Helmetofu - 0.3% from Tofu mob family, 200PP lock.

Okay, realistically, you don't really have to drop it all, you can buy, right? So let's take a look at the prices(according to wakfu-elements, average price calculated based on all servers).

20 x Crazy Sheperdess Helmet - Average about 3.000 Kamas. (x20 = 60.000)
5 x French Maid Helmet - Average about 5.000 Kamas. (x5 = 25.000)
50 x Paratrich - Average about 100 Kamas. (x50 = 5.000)
10 x Crobak Hat - Average about 1.000 Kamas. (x10 = 10.000)
30 x Kokocap - Average about 100 Kamas. (x30 = 3000)
99 x Helmetofu - Average 500 Kamas. (x99 = 49.500, lets round it up to 50.000)

153.000 Kamas.

Ok, so, it's a legendary item and it's so supposed to be difficult. I spent a retarded amount of time or money collecting all those items, what is the epic reward?

Now, all of this was based on the fact that you would have the time, the items would be available on the market for you to buy, you would have 200PP for the locks, you had grinded the Tailor profession to the 100 level. All assuming you would sacrifice a set bonus for this helmet, this helmet, that despites being legendary, is a re-color of the sufokian guard outfit.

What was the entire point of this? I don't know. This is just a big bummer, seeing how most recipes are like this. I could take even more examples, the Gobbalrog Helmet, that requires 20 x Royal Gobball Helmet, which is a 1% chance drop from the Royal Gobball, with a 400PP lock, that if you wanted to make it, it would require 3x Gobball Headgear, which is a 0.3% drop from gobballs with a 200PP lock. Said Gobbalrog Helmet, that requires 10 x Cloudy Cap, again, 1% drop from a boss, 400PP lock. What are the stats?

All of this just makes me wonder, and one day I would seriously like an answer, what were the developers thinking when they came up with this system? It isn't fun to craft these items, nor it is rewarding, it's just a grind, a MASSIVE grind, for a re-colored item. I would like to one day get in the mind of the person who tought about all of this, because it just doesn't make any sense to me.

I can easily find items that are way easier to acquire and WAY better for a lot of reasons than those that I used as an example of what is simply a broken crafting system.

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posté January 26, 2014, 14:16:26 | #6
I am very drunk right now and this will be a memory soon, so does it count?

As my south-east asian friends do, HUHUHUHUHUHUHU.

but no joke i'm actually drunk right now

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posté January 23, 2014, 19:47:13 | #7

Quote (Wareen-Peace @ 20 January 2014 16:20) *
In terms of passive abilities I would recommend, well, all of them really

If you use fire as your secondary I would trade critical turbo for fire and oil, and vice versa if stasis is your secondary. But support frogs and frogs in general should be using nearly all of their passive abilities.

Stasis Flux and Microbot should be at a minimum your specialties. Stasis Flux is excellent since it allow you to essentially sac your teammate without having to transpo yourself into a sticky situation.

But at your lowest lvls I would worry about your passive abilities first. Steamplam's range is so good and has so much crowd control the only thing you need to worry about is having enough hp should someone try to run into your comfort zone.

Armor Plating helps with this and would be the first passive I'd recommend maxing since you get a res increase to your lowest resistance. Next I would work towards things like Stasis Shield and Groove for increased hp, rails, dodge, and control.

Following that will be whatever your more geared towards, if stasis Critical Turbo, if Fire Fire and Oil. I would then strongly suggest working with Fogginator/or Motherfogger since that will gave you a massive power boost/or resistance boost every other turn and will be more useful to you than acquiring a strong cybot.

Your "job" will be comprised of either DPS with devastating earth attacks or built up fire/stasis damage, crowd control through Nuking hoards of enemies with Steampalm (best option)/Shebang/Aynaloxide. Or you will be the body guard or tank by fluxing your most damaging teammate or the healer in your group. When I hit 140 soon I can link you my build if you'd like.

Hey, sorry for taking so long to answer.

I'm currently level 48 pure fire, but I'm waiting until I try microbots for the respec, to see how good they are. Got microbots lv 3 and grove 5, but missing 1 control to make a rail, so I can't really test right now.

I'm decided to go the earth/stasis way, maxing armor plating and the groove, then going lv 3 microbots for extra rail and next probably look to max motherfogger.

Spells I will use on a constant base will be:

Heart of Steam
Ray of Steam
Stasis Shot

Now the question is, what should I stat? 1 PA? 1 PM? Strenght? Health? Not sure. I'll wait and see until I actually use the build to see what is better.

Thanks for all the help and I would love to see your build once you hit 140 .

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posté January 20, 2014, 14:47:54 | #8

Quote (Wareen-Peace @ 19 January 2014 18:48) *
Welcome to Wakfu and the coveted foggernaut class!!

To start, what do you prefer in terms of hybird frog?

You can run specially tanky with earth basis covered by secondary stasis or secondary fire.

You can run a pesky style and use stasis as your base covered by earth blockades for a secondary.

You can run a nuke AoE style with continuously using fire at great distances and then following it up with an exceptional res buff due to cooling and the occasional blockade to buffer damage.

Do you want to be team oriented, solo dps, or Jack-Of-All trades master of none?

I'll let you know now, anything with earth in it will have people loving your support. Earth frogs are exceptional at all UBs currently and are wonderful tanks.
I have about 10 people to play with and most of them are damage dealers, that's why I want a tanky/support dual build that can also assist with some damage if they fail. I'll always be playing with someone, so definitely team oriented.

Currently with my fire build I run max Fogginator and Fire and Oil, never used microbots or rails. I have some money to buy earth/lock whatever equipment I will need to make the transition, just need some guidelines so I figure out what to do. Do I max Stasis Shield on this hybrid build? Do I do it before Armor Plating? Do I level both a little bit and invest on microbots as well? Is Stasis Flux any good?

Those kinds of things is what I need more, I already have an idea on what spells to invest for either builds(earth/stasis, earth/fire), which ones are better than the others, etc... just really need some help with the passives, what I should be focusing on, what should I be doing on the battles, what will be my REAL role... anyways, thanks for the help.

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posté January 19, 2014, 11:47:13 | #9
Need help with builds Hello. I just started playing wakfu about 4 days ago and I currently have a lv 40 Foggernaut using a pure fire build. I want to build either a dual fire/earth or stasis/earth. I've read some topics and I know fire/stasis isn't a good idea so I won't do that, but the more I read about the game the more I know the advantages of having a dual build instead of a mono, so I really wanna make this work. I'm just asking for some ideas here, maybe a tanker with stasis for damage, or fire which uses earth when gets close to enemies, I don't know, I started 4 days ago, so I need your help .

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posté August 30, 2012, 09:43:10 | #10
Wakfu Experience Hello people, I was listening to some music I didn't listened for a long time and it reminded me of Wakfu, so I want to share how awesome my experience was about 1 year ago, when the game was in beta and it was "f2p".

When I started the game for the first time, it surprised me. The environment, the music, the animation, everything .... so good! I started with a Cra and stopped at lv 42. Between this, I had some amazing battles with random people, discovered a sadida doll exploit with someone and felt bad xD, mined a lot and got 100 gold(was it gold? I can't remember :/) and I was so happy that I had money, but so sad when I had to buy stuff , I went on adventures after secret dungeons and achievements, some failed, some not, got into a guild and we would sit at some place and talk for hours, leveled my farmer profession and I was so proud xD, anyway, I had some great moments, and then ... Wakfu was released. I tought I was going to pay for the game, I really did, but I couldn't since I live in Brazil, so I stopped. I played a little after release but it was never the same... I didn't had my Cra and it lost some of its magic...

Well, I just wanted to share this, and say that Wakfu has a high nostalgic value for me, I had some great moments, I think it has one of the best soundtracks ever on a MMO, it was an epic adventure!

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posté March 02, 2012, 16:16:24 | #11
I want to ask the same question but I don't want to create another thread so ... I was thinking about subscribe, I've played Wakfu before, I know it's a great game, but now, with the new cash shop and Ankama making some bad choices, do I really should subscribe or not? I'm talking about a month btw... thanks.

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