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posté January 20, 2017, 22:44:36 | #1

Quote (Tragrim @ 20 January 2017 22:16) *

Quote (EarthyMadness @ 20 January 2017 22:14) *

Quote (Sabi @ 20 January 2017 21:48) *

Quote (Enceladon @ 20 January 2017 21:33) *
In the actual GAMAKNA text about Wakfu, there was a server merge announced for april, if I understand it correctly. Which servers merges?

There is a serve merge announced in Gamakna.

This server merge concerns Nox and Phaeris to be merged into Remington, we will confirm all the details as soon as possible to make sure that everything is communicated and prepared with the Community, so stay tuned.

Seems plans have changed XD

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posté January 14, 2017, 03:36:28 | #2
I think i saw in news, a diferent price would be give to who have sub on 2016 or something like that

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posté January 14, 2017, 03:33:39 | #3

Quote (TheRogueCat @ 14 January 2017 01:39) *
Because Pandora is already in the list of available sidekicks, I keep Chad in the stash (he will spend a very long life there ). The thing is, I see a bit pointless to deny having both of them at the same time.

If you play with a second char, you can bring Pandora as your sidekick during the missions past level 140, and meet her other alt at the same time, and also meet the other other alt too. (You know, like Marty McFly and Doc.) If they can co-exist in the same space-time, why can't both sidekicks do the same? Weirder things have happened with time travels and such.

I agree, is like u can do and re-do the mount quest, both, in dif characters, and use both in same character...

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posté January 13, 2017, 19:45:14 | #4

Quote (SenseiRyuLee @ 13 January 2017 19:06) *
Good day community

How's the current "Seal of Companionship/Item loss" - situation?
I am close to unlock my seal and I would like to know whether Ankama has fix the item loss bug. Or is it better to keep on waiting?
I appreciate the new opportunity to buy the ring (btw is it meanwhile implemented?) - very good for all those established gamer who have lost it. But to be honest I am not keen on paying 1million in my current situation (still buying end game gear for heroes and runeing main char). So I am 24/7 broke and would prefer to wait and get the ring when it's save. Is it? :S

Thanks for more details.
U will not ever been safe, bugs happening, what Ankama can provide is support. BTW i have the ring (2 characters in dif accs) and they didn't dissapear, 3 years ago i lost a lot of items, Ankama can't gimme all, but gave me my pets back, was enough to me that time, (would be better get a woddent costume), the price of Seal did going to 100.000 kamas, but will be in the next minor patch, remmeber, hot fix isn't a minor patch, minor patch is a patch that comes before a major one. Major one meens new area, ub, class, etc...

Good luck to you, i hope they can bring better answers, and may Enutrof be with u.

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posté January 13, 2017, 18:34:26 | #5

Quote (-Celio- @ 13 January 2017 17:42) *
do the quest with another character, you now have the other, but one must be in your inventory.
I'm with pandora, i try to get it out but can't. did already with another characters from same account, got Chad, but can't add, or even take off Pandora and put Chad on place =/.

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posté January 13, 2017, 17:12:07 | #6

Quote (malefica-pt @ 13 January 2017 16:47) *
the sram god warned you
maybe if you remove chad from the sidekick interface, you can add pandora
Tryed already

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posté January 13, 2017, 16:33:46 | #7
Chad & Pandora Is any way to have both of sides on Xelorium quest? If u do and choose Chad on first time, and do with another char and choose Pandora, can't add both? Why if u have both can't add to sidekick window? And why can't take off one to change to other? Is it a bug, or a bad thing? =/ I want to have all sides and i can't use both, even doing quest with other character on the same account...

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posté January 11, 2017, 16:14:04 | #8
Again and one more time, yay

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posté January 05, 2017, 16:26:08 | #9

Quote (Dy7 @ 03 January 2017 22:29) *

Sorry, it was a bit late and I forgot to say that it's for the next patch. (There will be a small patch before the max major patch.)

Also, we have implemented this option as a quick gameplay improvement (several seals on different characters, a possibility to get it back when deleted or when you account was robbed, etc..) that can also solves this specific problem.

It is NOT a substitute to a possible action from the support and there is no diabolic reason behind.

(Btw, you can buy the Seal only if you have all harvesting professions at max level.)

Have a good evening,
Can u guys think about to give the option to get the Seals linked to other profession buying kamas? Like talor, armorer. I don't care if the price is too high, they are only usefull for ppl who have 100 profession, and the items crafted aren't OP like was in the time it comes to game. Now the new crafted UB items are better and rarer. U guys should have the chance to ppl who collect and save want to have all the items, without the need to lvl up the same profession on other chars, and make the economy more active, cause low lvl players can sell items to high players who prefer farm high lvl dungeons... Just think about. Could be a machine selling seals, linked, for 1mk each. 500k, i dunno.

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posté January 04, 2017, 19:57:57 | #10

Quote (InnocentSin @ 04 January 2017 17:16) *

Quote (AndersonMenezes @ 04 January 2017 04:22) *

Do anyone knows how much crafts do u do in each recipe? i'm gathering materials to do 250 of each, to lvl up in the next 2x craft xp, are u think enough or is too much? Or maybe isn't enough?
1x Sip of Sulfur. (Trapper: Harvest from Scaras.)
4x Kokosap. (Trapper: Harvest from killed Kokokos.)
1x Kokonut. (Trapper: Harvest from Kokoko.)

3x Reed (Herbalist)
3x Palmito Heart (Lumberjack)

1x Tofu Gizzards (Trapper: Harvest from killed Tofus)
2x Rye Fiber (Farmer)

Liquid Smoke:
3x Punge (Drop from Monks)

2x Ice Zing (Drop from Monks)
7x Liquid Smoke (Chef)

10x Icy Eye (Trapper: Harvest from Boohemoths)
10x Bucket of Water (Gather from Wells)
4x Borbat Skin (Drop from Borbats)

Fwesh Drink:
20x Bucket of Water (...)
15x Twisted Rump Chilli (Farmer)
20x Kawwot (Farmer)

Golden Liquor:
3x Kamasandre (Fisherman)
3x Kamamille Flower (Herbalist)
I wanted to know how many times u should craft to lvl up. I'm gathering items enough to 250x each recipe u all described. I want to know if is enough, to lvlup in next 2x craf exp on next weekend

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posté January 04, 2017, 04:22:05 | #11

Quote (DaveedS @ 29 February 2016 15:14) *

Quote (HunterRabbitt @ 29 February 2016 06:24) *
Here's the path I did, if this helps. (starting from your current level)
Hazelnut Oil to 30, Kokosoda to 40, Kokomilk to 50, Tortikuri to 60, Liquid Smoke to 75, Camonkbert + Meatyballs (if you prefer to also do Mamaliga or Mortadella, you can) until 85, then I spammed Fwesh Drink to 95 or around there, I had some jelly mats and made those, then because I like Armored Potion so much I decided to just spam gold liquor to 100, it was a win-win right there.

Get used to the grind, chef is by far the worst profession there is in wakfu, the grindiest profession.

^ As someone who recently hit 100 with chef I can confirm this is the best, if not only, way to go with chef. It was quite hard with exp weekend, without any boost it's even more unforgiving. I was also making a few recipes with salt in it. Lots of grind..
Do anyone knows how much crafts do u do in each recipe? i'm gathering materials to do 250 of each, to lvl up in the next 2x craft xp, are u think enough or is too much? Or maybe isn't enough?

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posté January 01, 2017, 06:46:43 | #12
This bugs seems happens when a mimic spawn on the last mob. So u get the items cause it dies right after appears

Thread : 1.50 Bug Reports  Preview message : #994029  Replies : 2  Views : 120
posté December 30, 2016, 16:13:16 | #13
Remington Dissapears.... I was doing a dungeon, and just did go to login window, now when i try log in, just don't shows remington... i was killing the boss =/

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posté December 23, 2016, 13:58:22 | #14

Quote (ShadowFacts @ 23 December 2016 03:12) *

Quote (ValvatorezSr @ 23 December 2016 02:33) *
Also, why did Osamoda get nerfs to all of its Pre-moon summon that were actually good. Krobak full team heal no longer scaled with stats, standard bearing whisper buff nerfed into uselessness,and over stats given to summons were lowerd by like 20%. Meanwhile moon mobs are left unchanged making retards think Osa is broken because moon mobs are op, could you PLEASE give me insight on all those changes MA man? It's been eating at me for a year+ now!
This happened almost every level expansion and/or when new island content is added.

Back when the highest summons were Whispers, the Osa was considered BS OP, despite rare few of
the lower level summons being even remotely useful.

IE: People only seen "late game" Osa and thought, OMG they're overpowered!?
*Nerfs would then ensue, ususally to the mobs resulting in Dragon Osa being the "go to" build, until new
content was added and/or the level cap increased.

Sidenote: The old Smithmagic runes also played a big part into why the "Osa Whisperer" was so powerful.


One thing that many Non-Osa players have seen and suggested, is that Wakfu's Osa be brought in-line with
the changes to Dofus.


IE: Your summons replaced with 3 different "core summons" that are easier to balance and can be used
in conjunction with Dragon mode.

Many Osa-mains however, see the Osa or at least "want" to see it as the Pokemon Class, where you capture
monsters out in the wild to use in combat.

Personally, I've got mixed feelings about this suggestion as I too, like capturing mobs..

So I'm curious, what do you and other Osa players think?
*Is this a good direction (have static summons to avoid constant nerfs) or would you take the redesign another route?
I don't play the dofus, but the symbiotic osa is pretty beautifull =x and yes noone talks about this, i just wanted to say it =x

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posté December 23, 2016, 13:42:39 | #15

Quote (Fapsha @ 23 December 2016 03:34) *
Character name: Fapsha
Date and time: 23.12.2016
Map: none
Server: Remington

Bug description:
In Voluminous Miner Box can't put such resources as:
- Diamond Stone
- Ruby Stone
- Lalovely Stone
- Emerald Stone
- Agate Stone
- Crystal Stone
- Pearl
- Moonstone
- Rubble

Is this a bug or they are no more related to miner resources?
To be clarify, the changes with this boxes is related with the resources gathered or crafted by it. This stones are drops from monsters or obtained exploding stones inside mines, so can't be storaged on the miner's boxes. If u craft the polished versions, u can storage on it. Good Luck.

Thread : 1.50 Bug Reports  Preview message : #992956  Replies : 2  Views : 103
posté December 21, 2016, 15:49:13 | #16
Can u check if any items u can't add is on this follow list? If yes, they can't be putted on trapper/miner box anymore. Now only items that u can colect using the trapper/miner profession, or the items crafted with trapper/miner professions, can be storaged on the respective boxes. Good luck.

[ADD] For exemple, Ruby Stone can't be putted on miner box, but Ruby (the crafted with 3x Ruby Stones) can...

List of the concerned resources:
  • Blackspore Poison
  • Tsu Tsu Horn
  • Gobball Horn
  • Bewitched Bark
  • Tofu Blood
  • Royal Tofu Feather
  • Bow Meow Tooth
  • Morfor Horn
  • Larva Skin
  • Humus
  • Lucky Tuft
  • Piwi Beak
  • Arachnid Leg
  • Googoo Feather
  • Branchileg
  • Treechnee Sap
  • Bone Powder
  • Tofire Skin
  • Shark Tooth
  • Singing Stone
  • Crobak Blood
  • Crow Claws
  • Tofu Pheromones
  • Royal Feather
  • Enraged Tofu Feather
  • Rat Droppings
  • Widow Rump
  • Blackspore Strip
  • Luminous Mucus
  • Royal Mycelium
  • Exotic Mother-of-Pearl
  • Kiki Hair
  • Boowolf Paw
  • Brrrbli Leather
  • Sharp Tooth
  • Kanniball Staff
  • Royal Blibli Tusk
  • Pearl
  • Rubble
  • Dorsal Fin
  • Wild Skin
  • Agate Stone
  • Wabbit Fuw
  • Taur Hairs
  • Worn Horn
  • Scara Heart
  • Castuc Spine
  • Shamanic Ossicle
  • Tropikoko Bark
  • Rat Moustache
  • Fluorescent Venom
  • Chaos Strap
  • Blibli Skin
  • Snow Hair-Feathers
  • Boowolf Skin
  • Scaly Skin
  • Lobstery Crab Claw
  • TsarTsar Horn
  • Fins
  • Putribits
  • Strich Leg
  • Black Wabbit Fuw
  • Shark Skin
  • Borbat Skin
  • Lenald Tail
  • Starry-Eyed
  • Matted Wool
  • Ruby Stone
  • Cloudy Strich Feather
  • Reinette Hairs
  • Bwork Fabric
  • Luxulious Ful
  • Dark Root
  • Albatrocious Leg
  • Gobball Skin
  • Golden Wing
  • Shark Fin
  • Whirly Fin
  • Royal Pincer
  • Albatrocious Beak
  • Kiki Fur
  • Vampiric Gene
  • Castuc Cloth
  • Aged Shell
  • Gobball Wool
  • Raskaw Talons
  • Oafish Toad Thigh
  • Blibli Tooth
  • Blibli Tusk
  • Cloudy Tofu Beak
  • Orrok's Ossicle
  • Shin Larva Leg
  • Larva Mucus
  • Black Rostrum
  • Moowolf Fang
  • Whirligig Shell
  • Scara Horn
  • Mucky Mucus
  • Crobak Beak
  • Celestial Strich Beak
  • Celestial Dropping
  • Royal Wool
  • Wounded Fin
  • Moonstone
  • Wild Pigment
  • Zorstrum
  • Larva Brain
  • Arachnoshima Slobber
  • Cloudy Piwi Beak
  • Cloudy Strich Claw
  • Rascal Fang
  • Brrrbley Spears Leather
  • Candy Horn
  • Blue Star
  • Lenald Ful
  • Crystal Stone
  • Crab Claw
  • Emerald Stone
  • Lalovely Stone
  • Ponk-tius
  • Moskito Wings
  • Fishbones
  • Kraw Bandage
  • Kyrvod Bandage
  • Strich Beak
  • Clammy Beak
  • Dung
  • Zinit Crab Meat
  • Marine Creature Flesh
  • Kralove Heart
  • Excarnus Horn
  • Thork's Gobball Horn
  • Deadly Horn
  • Crabshell
  • Boowolf Scalp
  • Prespic Scalp
  • YeCh'Ti'Wawa Fang
  • Cloudy Tofu Rump
  • Drheller Leather
  • Drheller Tusk
  • White Bow Meow Hide
  • Water of Life
  • Sandy Scale
  • Taroudium Shard
  • Ancestral Treechnid Bark
  • Infected Fuw
  • Celestial Guano
  • Wild Wool
  • Toad Tongue
  • Mushd Hand
  • Ninth Leg
  • Strich Eye
  • Arachnee Leg
  • Diamond Stone
  • Spikemet
  • Meshed Feather
  • Exotic Feather
  • Prespic Tail
  • Pompom Tail
  • Crab Soup
  • Wild Totem
  • Enraged Tofu Talon
  • Crocodyl Leather
  • Kannivore Root
  • Wild Tofu Beak
  • Wild Tofu Feather
  • Nutellarva Skin
  • Tatters
  • Wild Talisman
  • Moskito Paws
  • Crab Eye
  • Golden Brown Dung
  • Royal Blibli Leather
  • Chaos Loop
  • Emulsified Slobber
  • Drheller Heart
  • Moogrrudder
  • Borbat Wings
  • Scarecrow Heart
  • Ginger Beard
  • Whirlisphere
  • Royal Moogrr Mimilk

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Thread : 1.50 Bug Reports  Preview message : #992613  Replies : 5  Views : 190
posté December 21, 2016, 00:26:54 | #17

Quote (Loocat @ 21 December 2016 00:14) *
character name:littler luie
date and time:12/20/2016
map:brakmar slums

when loged on to my osamodas all my equipment was gone and i had a new item equiped called the emblem 50 witch seemed ridiculously good. in addition all of my captured creatures were replaced new ones. i am unable to take off the emblem and my character can no longer summon monsters. my health seems to jump between 1,560 when im walking or standing or 1,010 whenever i do an acton or when im in combat.
U probably did choose to use the system to adjust your lvl, try press "O" and change ur build to ur real level, good luck.

Thread : 1.50 Bug Reports  Preview message : #992523  Replies : 2  Views : 133
posté December 15, 2016, 16:41:26 | #18
My items didn't come back, so what now? Where's my materials?

[EDIT] Sabi told the last created character did received the items, in my account it didn't happen, i logged in all 6 characters and didn't receibed my materials...

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posté December 14, 2016, 02:52:06 | #19

Quote (Dy7 @ 13 December 2016 20:54) *

Quote (Gimonfu @ 13 December 2016 16:43) *
"We strongly recommend that you do not store resources in the Trapper/Miner bags until more information has been provided."

WELL TOO LATE, cause i used them for their intended purpose before your faulty update. And now?????
My inventory is FULL

The message has been sent after we noticed the loss. It was NOT a prevention like "if you put item in your bags, you will lose them".

We recommend that you don't place any object instead of the ones you lost in the boxes, in case we send the lost items directly back to your inventory — which would be the best solution if technically possible.

Hoping to have clarified the misunderstanding.
Can we have an alert before the att with the injection of items come? Cause i don't want to lose my mats just cause i log in a character with no space in the bags... The Idea is to not lose anything... ofc.

If someone lose everything in 2 boxes, are almost 36 dif slots, some ppl - like me, will not have a FULL-empty bag (u know, the bigger bag have 30 slots at max), so i think i will lose everything i had cause i will not have slots or an empty bag to receive the injection of items =/ and most items are untradeable, and who can't even use the account chest to store some slots? =/ help us please

Thread : 1.50 Bug Reports  Preview message : #991499  Replies : 20  Views : 1129