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Quote (Trolololo4 @ 29 July 2014 16:49) *

Quote (Wareen-Peace @ 29 July 2014 16:38) *

Quote (Trolololo4 @ 29 July 2014 16:13) *
Even if you get the hang of the glyphs, you still have no experience how to use them, the mathematical formula behind it, if it has localized damage, whether or not it's going to be useful at long-time terms, if it's worth the cost of the placement. There are some mechanicals that are useful end-game and some that aren't till midgame.

Honestly you should first fully experience the game with another, less complex character just to get the hang of it, but ok, just do a shot in the dark with your morals up and think you can hit the target, but trust me- You won't.
If I may be so bold as to make a recommendation, instead of telling an infant to stick to crawling before you think to walk, would it not be more constructive to aid the infant in the concept of standing?

My poorly made metaphor aside
Very poor.

According to your metaphor they should skip the basics of the game?
I see there has been some confusion.

My metaphor merely pursues the idea that telling one they will not succeed and to try another route entirely (telling an infant they have no hope of walking) instead of giving them guidance on how the class is managed properly (showing the infant how to stand) is both in bad taste and frankly rude.

What if I told you to stick to another more simple game because Wakfu itself is complicated? What If I told you to stick to elementary school because College is more difficult? Are you seeing a pattern?

I'm not ignoring the fact that they are new, I'm simply suggesting that before you criticize their decision, maybe you should give them some insight into how the class is played properly, as per the OP's request.

But, that need not matter, I'll simply ask someone knowledgeable and convey the ins and outs of the class later, you need not bother your time with this thread any longer .

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Quote (Brightus @ 29 July 2014 15:43) *
Thank you so much MereBytes, it just seem very confusing as to coming from dofus adding to the stats and now you have this expandable costumization, if anything i did like to be more offense-strategic as opposed to having a brute offense, less supportish kind of role
Yeah MereBytes pretty much nailed it, with the Artful Dodger Passive and loads of dodge, that's pretty much a Masq's go to. AP and MP are always my first two reserved stat points as well though. But some people have taken a liking to stat kit as well (I believe that's just most endgamers though since we pretty much start our builds knowing the content we need later or to have early access to leeching gear or more powerful gear).

Crit is going to be a necessity of yours as well though, proc'ing crit with your air masq is invaluable to both yourself for the AP bonus it grants and the damage it grants your allies.

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Quote (Trolololo4 @ 29 July 2014 16:13) *
Even if you get the hang of the glyphs, you still have no experience how to use them, the mathematical formula behind it, if it has localized damage, whether or not it's going to be useful at long-time terms, if it's worth the cost of the placement. There are some mechanicals that are useful end-game and some that aren't till midgame.

Honestly you should first fully experience the game with another, less complex character just to get the hang of it, but ok, just do a shot in the dark with your morals up and think you can hit the target, but trust me- You won't.
If I may be so bold as to make a recommendation, instead of telling an infant to stick to crawling before you think to walk, would it not be more constructive to aid the infant in the concept of standing?

My poorly made metaphor aside, my first serious class was foggernaut (early release), and I turned out alright. They are new, not stupid, I'm sure with an experienced player's well versed and properly explained guidance, they can make their own educated decisions on where to proceed.

But, that's just a thought

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NOTE: I'm a Fogger and a Xelor (both past 150) so my experience with Feca is only what I've seen, but I'm going to try to breath some life into the INFORMATION REQUESTED in the hopes that someone more experienced comes and either corrects me more helps steer this conversation in the right direction.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence by trying to describe the classes purpose (I'm sure your very adept at reading class descriptions and spell effects)

I will instead try to decode a guildmate of mines, build (as best as I can).

Ultramonte, arguably one of if not the best Feca (level 155) on Nox appears to run a hybrid of Earth and Water.

For spells, I believe he uses Drip, Crashing Wave, Feca Hammer and Feca Staff (those spells are the one's I primarily see him use)

He is the epitome of a tank and I think at this point is running with 100 Block and a large amount of Lock as well. Specialties I would be taking stabs in the dark but obviously Glyph/Armor, Peace Armor, Teleportation Flux, Inversion, Untouchable(?), Refection(?), Iron Clad(?), Stabilization Aura.

The specialties obviously are going to be a majority of them simply because he's at end game, the order and priority are well above my head seeing as I've never even played the class myself haha.

Stat Points, I'm assuming, would go something like AP, MP, Range, Lock? Maybe a little bit into something else? To be honest I'm not entirely sure. In my experience AP is never a problem for him since he can give himself AP through glyphs. He hardly ever spends WP unless he's teleporting something. Inversion is lovely since his defenses can get to godly proportions (I've seen him to upwards of 900 resistance).

Disregarding the downers, I say go for the class! I think the key is quite literally in just understanding the costs of the spells rather than the complexity of each spells secondary effects. Cast Armor on yourself and your opponent, then turn your opponents armor into Crashing Wave Armor and that'll give monster and player alike hell to break through.

Xelor in my opinion is "complicated" simply because things change for the class every turn. Learning things like the tick tock state, what your spells will be doing every turn cycle, and how to manage your AP is essential. Which at the end of the day isn't necessarily that hard as much as it is a learning experience. The only class I would never recommend to a first time player is Stasis Foggernaut at that's not even complicated, it's just a pain in the ass to gear for lol.

Well I'm ranting now, I HOPE this spurs some helpful advice (seeing as I'm not the best source of Feca help lol).

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I'd say run fire/stasis just to make your life easier in terms of gearing haha.

As far as spells go that's really entirely up to you.

Flambe'/Steampalm/Flame Fervor -or- Blazing Fire
Heart of Steam -or- Stasis Shot/Ray of Stasis

Those spells are really good and combo with each other well.

Fogginator and Fire and Oil will be musts for you as well as Armor Plating. The rest is up to your imagination and preference really.

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A stasis fogger is indeed useful late game!

Troublesome as it may be to gear, stasis fogger is viable at things with high res and especially so with even res.

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Quote (Green-Stripe @ 28 July 2014 15:12) *
Thank you both for replying, your posts have been really informative and helpful and i hope you guys would entertain some more questions i have.

Right now I'm afraid of messing up a restat so any advice and opinion would be helpful.
Originally I thought of making a 3 Stasis 2 Earth fogger, the skills being:

Heart of Steam
Ray of Stasis
Stasis Shot

Hammer Claw
Pummel or Stomp

I've also done some digging and found Tremors 8 month old Dragon pig video and I saw he's kinda "Earth fogger that uses Stasis shot sometimes" but that is as i said 8 months old so a lot has probably changed.

I played around with the set builder as well, and it seemed that Sage set has the most balanced Earth to Stasis damage ratio, rather than just raising my earth damage by mixing dragon pig with other stuff which gave great earth damage but lackluster stasis damage.

So is the build i came up with ok or really bad? Can i use it for dragon pig or I should just go Earth that sometimes uses stasis shot? Should I switch Heart of Steam for Shebang instead?

I'd like to say thanks in advance to those who will reply to this post.
No your build is fine~

Because you want t be mostly stasis with a side of earth, Sage gear would definitely benefit you more so than something like dragon pig.

Hammer Claw really fell from grace when they turned it into a pull and not an escape in the fogger revamp for me. BUT, needless to say, its base damage isn't too bad so I don't see why you wouldn't want to use it. I like Pummel more than Hammer Claw. It has a slightly smaller base damage (minuscule) but, it combos with RoS and Stomp for a higher base damage than HC and Stomp.

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Quote (Green-Stripe @ 26 July 2014 20:02) *
Currently running a fire/earth fogger atm, but i plan on restating it to stasis/earth so i can tank, do damage, and make use of rails (with my current set up i don't have enough points to make use of rails so i plan to dump points from fire and oil to rail related stuff).

for my questions:
1. I think i've read somewhere that precision mounts boost iops wrath cause basically you target yourself and just click one cell, if thats true then is it the same for shebang, aynaloxide, and steam palm because they basically just target yourself or just one cell?

2. I plan on going stasis earth, so is sage set my best bet or is there a mix of armor pieces i can play with to get better earth and stasis damage?

3. How do i effectively use blockades? Like when do i use them, where do i use them so it will help rather than block ally LoS?

4. Since i want to tank, after stating ap, mp, i plan on stating lock, then maybe block? A good spread of points? yes or no?

5. Still not sure if I'm going 3 stasis 2 earth or vise versa on skills any suggestions? I'm going for the the standard 10 ap 6 mp build (5 mp if i'll be using milkar BP) hammer claw is a nice skill right?

6. Finally, would a stasis/earth fogger be viable for Dragon Pig? I don't know what kind of foggers go do DP but its something that I like to try someday, and it seems really fun

Thanks in advanced for answering my questions!
First, I'm not sure if that's accurate with the precision mounts and Iop's Wrath as well as the rest of those spells. Like any spell, there is an "origin point" were the actually spell is placed. Anything bigger than a single cell is considered an AoE, so you MAY want to get a destruction mount instead (but don't quote me).

As far as best sets go, get the HIGHEST Earth damage you can and you'll be fine. There's a misconception that in order to have viable stasis damage you need very high damage in all of your elements. While that may "work" it's not necessarily the only method. If you manage to get your hands on Sramva gear late game, you'll be raising your Earth damage to much higher levels which will in turn benefit your average elemental damage. Sage isn't a necessity.

Blockade usage really depends on the situation. Honestly your blockade will not hinder anyone unless your initiative has you going first. To be frank, expect them to be gone before your teammate even really notices them. I usually just pop one behind or next to as many teammates as I can if I can't do any damage to anything. But the second you get hit regardless of the distance, a blockade will protect you first. In summation, there is no wrong place to put them but when in doubt, through em behind your teammate so you don't obstruct the nearest enemy and them self.

Lock and block is fine I suppose. It isn't too often I see foggers taking advantage of their passive locking ability through AP usage (I'm a victim of not being very into lock tank fogger). Try it out and lemme know how that works out for ya. I'm partial to AP/MP/Range/Crit/Kit/Spare into elemental Mastery.

Stasis Fogger is indeed viable at Dragon Pig. I've done it. Tremor's done it. Loads of people have. So no worries there  

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Quote (Melonmochi @ 27 July 2014 06:01) *
This is my current build / set up. It's more then likely out of your price range / accessibility. I stat'ed crits until 50 (51 since Shushu Emblem). Missing some stats from not finishing runes.

I like your build!

I'm surprised with those Woboots you don't switch out the cape and grab another exotic ap item like Vlad and roll with 12ap.

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FINALLY the reconnect system is HERE!!

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Hmm, I haven't been on my fogger enough at UB's lately but Zygarde is correct that stasis would just be a water attack at Magmog.

I don't think they have any passive resistance to stasis still, but I can never get an accurate reading of it's damage on things like dragon pig simply because I keep being reset due to WP steal lol.

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The best solo foggernaut (assuming your starting from level 1) is fire.

Fire has a ton of long ranged AoE and allows you to take on multiple foes safely.

Stasis at lower levels is truly bothersome since stasis is handicapped by requiring average elemental damage to even be noteworthy.

Earth is the secondary option to fire for single element and has great single target damage capabilities (excluding shebang). With the ability to create blockades, Earth Fogger has more sustainability if your being ganged up on.

I'm partial to hybrid builds and would recommend going fire/earth or fire/stasis. Earth/stasis is viable but is more useful if you have the gear to support it and is best at later levels to truly shine.

NOTE: stasis, in general, is not a "new player" friendly element. It's quite confusing to first timers and even worse, is horribly annoying to gear for. My advice would be to try and get your hands on an Infernal set (60-70 level gear) which gives spell levels and damage to all elements as well as an AP and an MP. From there try and get yourself a Vampyro set and work your way up to a craftable set such as Apprentice, Initiate, and Sage.

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ap, mp, range, crit.

Imo, those are a full stasis foggers bread and butter. Crit is a must especially if you wanna be doing more damage to your opponent rather than yourself in foggernator mode.

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Perdoe-me por meus horríveis Português, estou usando o Google Translate.
Agora, se eu entendi, você quer saber como fazer uma boa terra / estase Foggernaut.
No nível 20, é difícil realmente dizer o que você precisa. Por que você não me diga o que explicita o seu uso e quais especialidades você planeja usar e vou aconselhá-lo de lá?

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On one hand, yeah more levels, on the other hand, my god I can't catch up lol.

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Quote (BrainInAJar @ 05 July 2014 20:33) *

Quote (Major-Caligari @ 17 June 2014 00:04) *
You've just called the Voyagers "deus ex machina" and the said that making them "family of the Eliatropes" would make them better...? Seriously? Dude, do you know how much of a deus ex machina - a really lame one, to be honest - Eliatropes are? The less Eliatropes in the game, the better. They just got rid of the only plot-relevant one dude to a copyright debate, it'd be better if this wasn't changed. Leave voyagers as their own thing.

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I feel like aging is only as good as your temporal wave and crit is. Because the mechanic that Xelor has encourages multiple element usage, even for a water/air xelor (which is mostly a support build in my eyes) having it can be very useful.

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Quote (GodIsWithUs @ 03 July 2014 19:00) *
Since Pandora won't be a sidekick since she is an actual character and sidekicks are meant to be generic characters from a larger group of people, such as the Toxine on Dofus, or replicable, such as the Multimen, as well as the Krosmoglob would pretty much have watered-down Divine Voyager abilities, I find it weird that Pandora keeps getting new abilities in every new part of the quest unlike Chad, who will be with us at least through the third dimension and most likely until the end given how he seems eager to stay with you. Also, it is weird that Pandora gets unique spell icons and animations, lengthy spell descriptions, and a passive that is thought out, whereas Chad gets generic spell icons and animations, and no passives. Since she won't be a sidekick, why is Pandora getting special treatment while Chad is not? Is she meant to function like a sneak peak for a Divine Voyager class, and they will just replace the name Pandora in the spells with Divine Voyagers and make her healing spells water? Plus, players have been asking for an Eliatrope class and Divine Voyagers pretty much are them in terms of abilities.

It will be interesting to see what spell or spells, and maybe another passive, she gets in the third dimension.
^ This.

These have pretty much been my thoughts on the subject.

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Quote (mapleshifter @ 01 July 2014 06:34) *
aww expected it to get better
I think "better" is relative but there HAS been a ton of changes in the past 3 years.

I believe that the previous poster was being sarcastic?

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Quote (GodIsWithUs @ 30 June 2014 21:32) *
People assume that Wakfu's development is a strict progression from start to finish, but actually.... it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... timey wimey... stuff.

You won't get a concrete answer about anything related to Wakfu until right when it its beta it appears nowadays. Apparantly, drops/character progression/character specialties/class spell changes/UI/characteristic changes/HP/crafting/Sram should be on beta in mid-July, early August.
First, lol to that analogy.

Second, yeah I've been kind of feeling like the beta has been the primary means of trying to show us the way forward. Me personally though, I like reading what the "plan" is. Knowing the big picture helps me feel reassured about what I'm doing right now.

Regardless I'll most likely accept whatever happens but gosh what I wouldn't give for some top level reassurance .

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