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posté August 31, 2014, 15:08:02 | #1

Quote (KiwiTang @ 30 August 2014 22:43) *
Not too long ago, Aacher got a screenshot of a piece of Pandora's house bearing Harebourg's emblem:

Curious. But we thought it was just a matter of resources being reused. But then Major happened across another instance of the emblem:

Now we're pretty certain there has to be something going on here. So is it indeed a simple reuse of resources? Or is there something a little more to the emblem being there?
Considering the fact that Pandora enlists your help to raid Harebourg's treasure trove, I'm assuming those are just materials she's "borrowed without permission".

As a matter of fact, it's known now that a Voyager's long distance teleport is aided with beacons that have to be manually placed.

I wouldn't be surprised if she just nabbed whatever she needed as she was setting up her beacons.

But, there is the strange circumstance of her having some form of amnesia, so it's also possible that she's working WITH Harebourg or USING him post amnesia (evidence from Enurado storyline).

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posté August 29, 2014, 03:48:58 | #2
We're a far cry from the best PvP class.

Actually the best Fogger's are generally the most well geared (but what class isn't successful in fancy clothes runed to the teeth).

As it's been suggested I'd wait until after this massive revamp coming in a few days. From what I've learned fogger's won't be getting nerfed {stasis} BUT, gear is changing which may pose a problem if your trying to project a build that ends up getting it's primary benefit from gear.

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posté August 23, 2014, 17:00:55 | #3

Quote (Mercurion8234 @ 23 August 2014 06:46) *
i've builded one without microbots, so 4 specialties became useless:
- Microbot
- Motherfogger
- Cybot
- Groove
at level 99 i had full build.

Microbot should be the same as Cybot, use microbot over an microbot to creates an cybot, making room for a new speciality.


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posté August 20, 2014, 19:26:39 | #4

Quote (Sabi @ 20 August 2014 18:33) *

Quote (Trolololo4 @ 20 August 2014 18:06) *
Some people say that the Fogger is changing at September.

Is it true?

Hi Trolololo4!

The only change that is being discussed is only related to Stasis but only very slightly to improve the Foggernaut's gameplay, no matter what it will not make the class less powerful or especially more powerful either.
Well this was inevitable with chromatic gear fading and stasis's current mechanics. Kat informed me that it's simply a changing of the formula from [(x/4)+(y/2)] to [(x/3)+(y/2)] and only using the 3 highest stats.

It's literally the only logical way of maintaining it's current mechanic and still being beneficial vs a colossal pain in the rear.

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posté August 19, 2014, 19:35:17 | #5
I have another theory on possible Voyager things and do-dads based on existing classes.

So far, all the subclasses have some form of controllable summon.

Fogger's have the Cybot
Masq's have their double
Rogue's have the Boombot

It may not be too far-fetched to assume that Voyager's, in some capacity, will have access to Krosmoglobs in combat.

If the newest Voyager is examined for a short period, he seems to have a Krosmoglob embedded in his necklace that he pulls out occasionally and warps about with his portals as he sits idle. He acts as the "engineer" of the class and may simply be unique amongst their people, only more updates to the story line will tell whether that is exclusive to him or not.

Although, the Krosmoglob sidekick lore does imply that it is a common item used among ALL Voyagers.

Finally, it has come to my attention that their may/may not be an accelerated timeline on Voyager's possible release. Pandora has been displayed to have either amnesia or is feigning ignorance of her people and the current state of affairs. (evidence from: Enurado story portion in which the she is stated to have been registered to Enurado previously)

If some revelation comes about this winter, Ankama may decide to reveal she knows more than she's letting on, which could bring the story to a climax and allow or the class to be dropped in December as the "Big things coming this year".

This is of course EXTREMELY unlikely, but if the Foggernaut invasion is any indication of possible outcomes, what we may see instead is more story, a WIP Beta Update with said class [still very unlikely with the current revamp plans] and maybe another magizine purchase that will include early gameplay access [the most unlikely of the bunch].

Now of course, as all my posts in this particular thread, this is all speculation and should not be taken seriously other than to spur on more speculation.


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posté August 19, 2014, 05:08:34 | #6
Literally how I figured out how to play, was by making friends with some astub players and we forged on together doing random things and exploring everywhere we were able. High level stuff will come in time, just make some friends about your level and just play around.

But if you are at Alma don't be afraid to ask questions to those who lurk there.

I myself (on NOX) sit at Alma after I've completed my goals for the day and am always willing to help new players

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posté August 15, 2014, 16:04:03 | #7
Looks like your trying to go tri-fogger based on your spells. A tiny bit difficult in early levels.

BUT, I would strongly advise you to save your restat until after the global revamp in September. Stasis is taking a very large hit with the way gear is going to be after the revamp and will be a lot more difficult to work with since chromatic gear is phasing out of existence.

Also, stat distributions usually go like this for me, [AP, MP, Crit (I plan gear ahead so I add however much crit I need to at least be at 40), Range, Then the rest goes into elements or a single element].

That's my personal method but I'm able to power level myself which may not be the most advised method for someone who's soloing and learning the game 1 level at a time.

As far as equipment goes, the infernal set should probably be your next goal since it gives damages in every element, an AP for having the set, as well as a nice chunk of wisdom.

In terms of mastery, pure fire or pure earth are really good at solo play. Hell, fire/earth is no slouch at early levels either. I would abandon stasis until after you restat though. Stasis needs so much TLC to be effective it's not even funny xD.

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posté August 11, 2014, 17:31:22 | #8
You nearly had the stasis formula, (Water+Fire+Air+Earth/4)+(Stasis/2)= "x"

I personally would pump as much fire damage as I deem necessary (in my case, at least until I hit roughly 600 fire damage outside of combat if not more). I then force feed some points into earth (I'm tri but this will work with anything with stasis) and use the remaining points evenly in chance and agility.

Now this is just my method but I've done all my points into intel to get the most out of my fire damage and try to reach that magic number of 1800-2000 total regular element damage so that I ensure that I have at least 450-500 stasis damage at the expensive of my resistances.

Or you can do the "evenly distribute points between you elements for a higher stasis damage/resistance" method. I personally dislike this method but to each his/her own.

When you say items do you mean gear? If so, honestly it really depends on your methods. I always shot for fire/earth gear. But, Fire/Air gear would work just the same with your build. Or anything with fire really. If your talking endgame then that REALLY depends on your future plan. Do you want to be 12ap double Fire Thrower? Or do you want to be 10ap Steampalm nuke? A lot of different routes really  

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posté August 08, 2014, 02:23:57 | #9

Quote (Cyten @ 08 August 2014 02:01) *
Most of that is not possible without heavy investment in groove, plating and microbot.
Why wouldn't you want those three?

By end game you'll have a majority of your Specialties maxed, having more dodge, range on microbots, and more res is useful for any build really.

May I ask why you hesitate to take cybot if your considering it?

I mean if we're talking in terms of progression, I'd personally take microbot first just so I get to supplement it with my passives later. But I'm curious as to why you think it's poor.

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posté August 08, 2014, 01:56:13 | #10
I'll try and give you a good comparison between the two


  • Tanking/Locking
  • Burst Damage
  • Close Combat
  • Mid Ranged Combat
  • Single Target DPT (mostly)
  • Shielding Teammates
  1. High Burst Damage Capability
  2. Great Team Cohesion
  1. Easily Kited
  2. Blockades can be taken from teammates due to Fogger being the primary target for blockades hp
  3. WP Thirsty when dependent upon Shebang


  • AoE
  • Alternating Damage Over Time
  • Alternating Shield Over Time
  • Multiple Target Focused
  • Long ranged
  1. Great Range
  2. Great for leveling against groups of enemies
  3. Guaranteed damage and resistance buffs every other turn (pending spell usage and distance target is hit from in combination with Fire & Oil)
  1. Your retreat spell costs WP
  2. Only two spells hit in close combat (very likely to happen)
  3. AoE, impressive as they may be, tend to be obstructed by teammates


Pros and cons are very subjective due to the fluidity of combat. Spells that "I" have deemed unnecessary in the past have become quite useful as of late. So anything you see labeled here is both, based off of experience, opinion, as well as current game (base un-boosted spell) mechanics. I would highly recommend that you fiddle with the class a bit before you deem something bad, you may surprise yourself as well as us older players! 

Quote (Cydaquil @ 04 August 2014 19:50) *
Also if anybody could help me I'm a bit confused, someone in another threat mentioned that a pure fire foggernaut should max microbot, but I thought that microbot was only useful for foggers with a stasis build.
Oh yeah microbots. No they're for all builds, any build can use rails!

Teammates love hitching rides on them as well  

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posté August 08, 2014, 01:31:59 | #11

Quote (Cyten @ 07 August 2014 23:21) *
Cybot is pretty useless then.
Not at all.

List of cybot uses:
  1. Swap places with user
  2. Manage microbots
  3. Aid in rail creation
  4. Independent rail creation (two turns on its own)
  5. Maintain/Increase the stasified state on a chosen target (two max with no AP buffs)
  6. Can act as a meat shield
  7. Turns HoS, RoS, SShot, SStrike all into long ranged linear AoE
  8. As stated in "7" relays stasis spells [but will not memorize them]
There is a multitude of uses for the cybot, it certainly isn't useless...

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posté August 07, 2014, 01:42:54 | #12
Few things I've evaluated:
  • Pandora currently has 4 spells of a single type
  • Every class has 5 spells per element branch
  • There is currently 10 remaining Divine Dimensions left
If she were to obtain her remaining spells it would require 11 more Dimensions or major updates following the current trend.

Conversely, the next Dimension sized update will complete a single element tree for a beloved Voyager companion.

If one were to guess, due to Ankama's speed and priorities, is that the class (if it even drops for public usage) will only release at the conclusion of the Voyager Saga. This could mean any moment and instance in the storyline, but I'm willing to bet it will only be on the tail end of the story.

This will mean that it will be quite some time (projected time is will over a year) before this class finds itself into gamer's hands.

Of course, this is just speculation..

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posté August 07, 2014, 00:47:14 | #13
I didn't take photos this time around, but I'd like to bring our attention back to my current Wakfu passion.

So Pandora has yet another spell.

A "Swap/Heal"

It is also another custom spell appearance and not a re-skin.

We also have more lore and another lovely Voyager to boot.

No new evidence of the class becoming playable in the possible future has been unveiled, but a continual and gradual addition of spells every update [major] points to there possibly futures at the end of the Voyager Saga.

New Voyager things makes me a happy gamer  

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posté August 06, 2014, 16:58:42 | #14
Memorizing spells is something the old cybot use to do, it no longer does that.

Stasis Strike is an AoE spell because it's a cross shapped attack.

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posté August 05, 2014, 14:32:20 | #15

Quote (Troyle @ 05 August 2014 14:13) *
Are you playing on Nox?

If yes, Enurado is not open for you yet.

It's supposed to open at 10 AM server time, in a bit less than 5 hours for Nox.
Ah yes!

I initially assumed it was a time difference thing (release times and such).

Thanks for the speedy reply Troyle  

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posté August 05, 2014, 14:07:24 | #16
I hear that the Asia server is working swimmingly with this new content. Wonder what the issue is?

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posté August 04, 2014, 23:08:40 | #17

Quote (Cyten @ 04 August 2014 19:38) *
Is it better to deploy Motherfogger or Fogginator?
And I don't understand, does it just explode or does your character die with the Fogginator?
It depends on what your trying to do really.

Getting on your Motherfogger is (in my honest opinion) if you see an opportunity to attack a fleeing or far off target with stasis but cannot do so on foot.

Fogginator on the other hand is for situations like, I want a second turn of Overheat, or I want to blast this person/thing with a cheap stasis combo, or I want a quick burst of damage in earth.

Dying upon Fogginator usage no longer happens. It simply deactivates after your usage. You can use it the very next turn, but, that would deplete you of your remaining WP.

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posté August 04, 2014, 23:05:35 | #18
You cannot Fogginator and subsequently hope on your Motherfogger, it's one or the other.

Fogginator is very much so viable end-game, with Motherfogger being more situational.

You receive 2 opportunities to respec in game free of charge, first at level 10, the next at level 30. After that you have two options, buy a respec scroll, or craft one in game (requires a bunch of mats)


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posté August 03, 2014, 14:56:58 | #19
Trying to optimize Stasis Damage through distributing in things like chance and agility is so counter productive to me.

Crit is where a Fogger makes its money in damage especially so for stasis. With the overheat mechanic you can bypass some of your damage concerns and just steampalm for 160+ under pressure, then abuse your turn of more stasis damage.

Resist isn't going to mean a thing if you can't hurt your target quickly enough. I personally would stick to my motto of 40 crit is the sweat spot and anymore more is just for fun. I crit frequently and only ever stat to 40 crit as of late (going to 50 once I get all this gear I need). Otherwise the rest I pump into Fire and Earth. It's almost a necessity because those are your are secondary and tertiary means of attack (in a tri of course). as long as your "regular elemental spells" all total to 1800 and you have at least 100 stasis mastery, your sitting at 500 stasis damage. that's perfectly ok. It's better to have more but honestly I find nothing wrong with ignoring things like chance and agility.

But for pure stasis, I'd still say pump into crit over chance and agility. But I'm basing that on a turn of Fogginator with 12ap and a max level HoS and RoS to pop in someone(thing)s face lol.

Of course those are my opinions

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posté August 01, 2014, 16:22:26 | #20
Well it looks like you have a solid plan, but if I may make a suggestion, here are some things I would change:

1. I would substitute Shebang with pummel (your build is 10ap and pummel would provide more synergy and base damage with stomp and RoS)

2. I would take Flambé over Blazing Fire due to more synergy and base damage with stomp and RoS as well as being able to stack more overheat than Blazing Fire can.

3. Fire Thrower, at its BEST, is most suited in 12AP builds (if you ask me). Steampalm is a much better tool in a 10ap build especially with the added bonus of its range being unmodifiable (meaning blind won't effect it whatsoever).

As far as stat points go, I personally go AP, MP, Range, Crit (to 40 or to 50 depending on gear), the rest I dump into intelligence and strength. 40 crit and critical turbo makes any fogged a crit monster. 50 crit is for builds that gain a lot of crit from gear already and gives you the extra oomph you want in terms of damage.

As always, these are just suggestions based on quite some time and experience with the class so you can take all this with a grain of salt if you'd like .

I do hope something here helps you.


Oh by the way, as far as positioning goes, just start as far back as you can from your opponent with respect to your range while in fogginator. First turn fogginator and abuse your opponent with possibly x3 Flambé + x2 RoS to do major damage, generate some adequate overheat/stasified, and proc critical turbo.

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