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posté Yesterday - 23:45:18 | #1
Dear god that gear looks amazing. I'll wanna farm it just for the looks! Monkey god action a GO GO baby~


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posté Yesterday - 20:38:52 | #2
I agree with Portal being bound to Pulsation being silly. I also agree that the cost is at first exciting but immediately annoying after you discover your first turn options for massive damage at range have been slightly gutted. However, first turn portal x2, celestial, blade, inca is at the very least decent. I find that my first turn dps has only shrunk slightly utilizing this. Seemingly, ranged elio is better suited for setting up allies and for long range pokes (still capable of good ranged damage) while CC elio has received some interesting quirks to support frequent backstabs.

You also don't need to invest anything into pulsation to retain it's functionality as a portal mover. You just unfortunately have to deal with it taking a spell slot. Having 4 portals out also doesn't restrict your ability to move portals "without" pulsation, it just changes how many and how you can move them. You can remove one and replace it where you want it; same cost with a different methodology. I'm not naive enough to not see the limitations of this (can't move more than one portal without pulsation in one turn), but it's still doable.

Meh, the changes were kind of good and then bad and then noteworthy and then lackluster for me. Elio roller-coaster never ends.


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posté Yesterday - 16:19:39 | #3

Quote (waterincup @ 28 April 2016 16:11) *
there is a feedback section on the forums made for that specific reason.

even if you don't see devs responding alot,it's because they are frensh,sabi and fatflaps usually tell us that they do take our suggestions to the devs.
The "feedback" section? As in the one that's sub to the Beta section?


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posté Yesterday - 15:12:47 | #4
Oh I like some of these ideas! Very intriguing spin on a sub class to Xelor.


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posté Yesterday - 14:43:52 | #5
Feedback is cool.

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posté April 27, 2016, 15:36:07 | #6

Quote (Hearttyace @ 27 April 2016 15:14) *
To your question they sort of are. PvP and PvE are seperate entities there are some features like Ecosystems that depend on PvP but there are also seperate PvE features such as Dungeons, the new archmonster minigames, and Havenworlds which have nothing to do with pvp, just how there are duels that have nothing to do with PvE(Yes that's the only example I could think of, PvP is underdeveloped)

To your real question, No. Classes, gear and all the whats it not doesn't need to have separate function. For the amount of Dev time that will take, it's a waste of time, it'd be far easier to just design a functioning components that work around the systems, then to fix all the technical constraints just to fix some constaints. Not to mention as I said before, as this is a Sandbox game some PvP is tied to PvE features.

IF they mean to nerf resist in PvP, they could easily just reduce amount of HP in PvP fights like how they used to increase HP in PvP. For example.
Yes, PvP and PvE are in essence two separate aspects of the game. The thing I find is that when a developer changes an aspect of a class based upon one of these to aspects, the other is impacted in some way and not always for the better. I wasn't trying to imply a massive overhaul of gear or massively different changes in abilities.

What I was trying to convey was that you essentially create a script that runs one way for PvE and another way for PvP (yeah easier said then done). That way, if something isn't working as intended in one of them, it's not a blow to both indirectly. What that entails could be whatever the developers deem the defining characteristic of PvP which could either be resist or hp or w/e.

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 27 April 2016 15:12) *
A good game should be balanced for both PVP and PVE. Ankama has proven they can do it with Dofus, it will be doable in Wakfu too.

Not to mention that team PVP is pretty much the same balance as PVE already e_e
Not really, boss and monster mechanics are vastly different then player to player mechanics resulting in totally different balancing.

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posté April 27, 2016, 14:58:02 | #7

Quote (Yunru @ 27 April 2016 14:43) *
Only posible when you have fire, earth, water, wind and light in a bar. And with current gear that is not posible. (unless you run some weird backstab build with a new backstab damage only gear)

And one more thing. Solar stronghold doesnt work well with a Ap/Mp poisions. Every time you move you will lose QB. (a lot of it)
True, you do in fact need at least on of each elemental spell in your bar to do this. I wouldn't say you need gear to support it so much as you need the spell in your bar though. I'm not advocating that or anything, just making a mechanic clear.


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posté April 27, 2016, 14:31:38 | #8

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 27 April 2016 14:10) *
Surprisingly short answer to such a long post. No.
A why usually helps conversation. Actually, that's fine I didn't expect people to agree and I certainly didn't expect very much constructive feedback.

Quote (Deviched @ 27 April 2016 14:31) *
It reminds me of how Dragon's Nest does PvP to some extent. I don't think that gear and such should be normalized for balance between both parties, but spells would be better off having different values in PvP rather then PvE being adjusted for PvP usage.
My frame of reference was Destiny (which yes apples and oranges but does this quite well). Gear is always important even in PvP, but the advantages aren't as colossal as here which lends to a more enjoyable experience.

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posté April 27, 2016, 14:15:07 | #9

Quote (Yunru @ 26 April 2016 16:08) *
Since there is now a new patch and monsters here is a survability build i am using on hupper:

Sadly runes gained via Solar strong dont work with Universality (only runes you cast..even rune switching to another element wont give you final).

But since you may use this spell only maybe once or 2 times a turn it is better to run with a beam. (fire and forget till its full)

I use this build mostly to survive a croc teleport, since its imposible to selfstab in turn.
As stated above, Universality does not give final damage for runes but instead for casting elemental spells. Meaning you can gain five stacks maximum for casting all your elements (including light).


Thread : Huppermages  Preview message : #960229  Replies : 39  Views : 3666
posté April 27, 2016, 13:58:16 | #10
Should PvP be separated from PvE? This is just as the title states. There has been a massive influx of unrest due to the strain of PvP. I'm wondering if PvP and PvE needs to be completely segregated from one another. In some games, due to the nature of how PvP is and how PvE is, developers will alter how the players abilities impact the fight.

If I'm not being clear, I mean: "What do people think about your stat points being different when you fight monsters versus when you fight people?"

One way this has been done is that gear levels/character levels/abilities/spells are normalized and put on an even playing field for PvP whereas in PvE all restrictions are lifted. If there were a way to impact how classes operate in PvP situations that tailored the PvP experience to being one that highlights player skill level, would that fix the issues people have with PvP if only slightly?

I know that's not a total fix by any means, there is no incentive to PvP right now, and people who are bored are running rampant (at least on Nox) with the whole PK anyone in sight thing. So I propose this question to the greater community.

Lets try to be civil.


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posté April 26, 2016, 17:34:02 | #11

Quote (Hearttyace @ 26 April 2016 15:21) *
Ok, floating numbers that's cool and all. I mean Sacrier gets 275 distance and 150 beserker while Cra gets 200% Crit damage(PRobably more, I dunno haven't mitigated my Cra from old phaeris) and 30% crit. Far more consistent FD as well, around the same amount of Base damage.

Actually, Those titles are very vague and heavily outdated. A matter a fact, you could click those videos under it and see 90% of the spells in that from beta times. The title doesn't mean much other than playstyle. Lets see if I can find Zeorus post that says they're supposed to be tanks. Edit: Here

They can fill Positioners, Tanks, and Damage dealers. End of discussion. It's been confirmed no argument to be had. There's no such thing as a berserk role or Protector. There is Support/Healer/Tank/Damage dealer/positioner. Just as the group search states. It is how classes are balanced. Any arguments otherwise is a self opinion/conclusion that you've drawn for yourself.
Hmm I wonder about that. Would we not just state that "berzerker" falls as a sub-category to damage dealer? Coincidentally, does any spell that redirects damage from one character to another not fall as a sub-category to tanking? I'm not trying to say anything negative in asking. But the roles of damage dealer | support | tank (to a lesser extent) have subcategories within them to fulfill the method in which those tasks are conducted. To dismiss Sacrier as a berzerker class even though they naturally gain damage boosts the lower their hp gets (pretty defining trait of a berzerker) would be unwise would it not? Idk, just a thought...


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posté April 26, 2016, 17:16:47 | #12
I'm never mentioned for my PvM elio


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posté April 26, 2016, 14:46:10 | #13

Quote (Fluffenstein @ 26 April 2016 14:10) *
Wholly molly! 14 rune slots is suppose to be the equivalent of a single AP? That seems like alot.


Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #959975  Replies : 8  Views : 327
posté April 26, 2016, 14:07:31 | #14

Quote (Kruzy99 @ 26 April 2016 12:58) *
Moon 1:

• Destruction : +2 to +20% area damage (Attack rune slot).
• Precision : +2 to +20% single target damage (Attack rune slot).
• Distance: +2% to +20% distance damage (Attack rune slot).
• Fury: +3% to +30% berserk damage (Attack rune slot).
• Melee: +2% to +20% melee damage (Attack rune slot).
• Altruisme: +3% to +30% heals (Attack rune slot).
• Influence: +1 to +10 Influence (Attack rune slot - 10 Influence = 1% Critical Hit).
• Robustness: +1 to +10 Robustness (Attack rune slot - 10 Robustness = 1 Block).
• Acuity: +1 to +10 Acuity (Any rune slot - 60 Acuity = 1 Range).
• Velocity: +1 to +10 Velocity (Any rune slot - 90 Velocity = 1 MP).
• Vivacity: +1 to +10 Vivacity (Any rune slot - 140 Vivacity = 1 AP).

Moon 2:

• Atrophy = 10 AP/MP Removal (Support rune slot).
• Audacity = 20 critical damage (Attack rune slot).
• Determination = 10 AP/MP Removal Resist (Support rune slot).
• Life = 50 HP (Defensive rune slot).
• Sneakiness = 20 Backstab damage (Offensive rune slot)
So, you need to use up 14 rune slots in order to get a single AP?


Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #959960  Replies : 8  Views : 327
posté April 23, 2016, 01:09:51 | #15
Yeah so I was just telling you were your post would be more widely excepted, but I'll leave you to your own devices since you know what you're doing.


Thread : General  Preview message : #957804  Replies : 9  Views : 207
posté April 22, 2016, 17:22:31 | #16
So, trying to recreate this thread under a different name for the third time... in the same incorrect place... even after I linked you where this thread should be... even after I said it would be closed for violating the rules in which said thing happened...


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posté April 22, 2016, 14:37:32 | #17

Quote (DeriusDenarius @ 22 April 2016 05:11) *
@Wareen-Peace This is exactly the kind of info I was looking for! The unique traits you listed are really useful. Of the 6 possible tanks, which ones would you classify as off tanks rather than 'pure tanks' and why?

I'm looking forward to read your project once it's finished!

(By the way, is your name a reference to Sky High? If so that's pretty cool! )
Yes actually, my name is from sky high!

I mostly agree with Hearttyace's assessments. I don't play any tanks prefering mostly positioners, buffer/debuffer, LD DD classes; so my perception of them is slightly skewed. However what I can say is that Feca is still the preferred tank in most groups. Panda is better for the ability to position things to be killed via throwing them as well as the secondary trait (all classes have at least two traits; I only mentioned the primary for each) of lowering a targets resistance.

Sadida is like the swiss army knife of classes and would tank via dolls and not physically themselves but dolls don't have much HP and are like a fine wine in that they're better after several turn cycles. Sacrier is a solid tank apparently (I haven't played with a Sac in a really long time) but usually seems better suited at clearing mobs with his/her high damage potential or positioning allies/enemies via his extremely high amounts of displacement spells.

Anything other than a Feca and Sacrier are more "off-tank" than true tank. Tanking in this game is the combination of holding something in place while mitigating its damage to the lowest he/she possibly can. That being said, Feca can outright ignore damage with some spells while forcing their opponent to be trapped next to him/her which is invaluable in most endgame content.


Thread : General  Preview message : #957678  Replies : 11  Views : 301
posté April 22, 2016, 13:18:34 | #18

Quote (marotomau @ 22 April 2016 12:16) *

problem, sir? i post anything if i want and what i want.
no problem at all. In case you get lost, it's filed under "Disruption".

Also, character class ideas would probably fall under game suggestions or fan classes. By all means do what you want, but if your stuff gets moved or closed don't complain ok?

I like class ideas just as much as the next person, but you necro'ing a bunch of ancient posts to pitch a class idea isn't the correct way to give your idea visibility. Please try again~


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posté April 21, 2016, 20:14:26 | #19

Quote (khackt @ 21 April 2016 19:28) *
i want to apologize for the offtopic, but i see a lot of misspelling "items" as "itens" lately, and i wonder where does that come from, because it seems to be a rather specific typo.
The "n" and "m" keys are right next to each other, so I assume that's why.


Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #957508  Replies : 7  Views : 151
posté April 21, 2016, 19:56:34 | #20

Quote (DeriusDenarius @ 21 April 2016 04:29) *
Hello guys! After reading a lot of threads here and on the Wakfu sub reddit about each class and their abilities (and I mean a whole lot of them), I've realized that I need your insight to know which class does what and why. I'm planning to use 4 accounts with at least 1 of each class (17 total characters), but first I need to know which class is capable of being healer, off healer, tank, off tank, long/middle range dps, melee dps, support. This way I can decide which combinations are more useful for me and my friends. I know that some classes are capable of fullfilling several roles at once (For example Pandawa), yet I would like to hear the opinion of more experienced players. I will be grateful for any help you can provide.
- Cra : (u) Ranged DD | Debuffer --> (unique trait) longest range

- (u) Ecaflip : Ranged DD | CC DD | Buffer | Healer | Summoner --> (unique trait) luck/rng based attacks/heals

- Eniripsa : (u) Healer | Buffer | Ranged DD --> (unique trait) best healer

- Enutrof : (u) Looter | Debuffer | DD --> (unique trait) increased loot drop chances

- Feca : (u) Tank | Buffer | Positioner --> (unique trait) total immunity/shields

- Iop : CC DD | Tank | Buffer --> (unique trait) high burst CC

- Osamodas : Ranged DD | (u) Summoner | Healer | Tank | Positioner --> (unique trait) can capture/summon certain monsters

- Pandawa : Ranged DD | (u) Positioner | Debuffer | Healer --> (unique trait) can pick up and throw allies/enemies

- Sacrier : CC DD | Ranged DD | Positioner | Tank | (u) Berzerker --> (unique trait) losing HP increases damage

- Sadida : (u) Summoner | Debuffer | Buffer | Healer | Tank | Poisoner --> (unique trait) can summon multiple dolls with different traits

- Sram : CC DD | (u) LD DD | Positioner --> (unique trait) can turn self invisible and set invisible traps about the map

- Xelor : Ranged DD | Buffer | Debuffer --> (unique trait) can manipulate self and opponents AP

- Rogue : Ranged DD | CC DD | Debuffer --> (unique trait) converts initiative into damage

- Masqueraiders : Ranged DD | CC DD | Buffer --> (unique trait) converts dodge into damage/heals

- Foggernaut : Ranged DD | Tank --> (unique trait) has unique element that always hits opponents weakest resistance

- Eliotropes : Ranged DD | CC DD | Positioner --> (unique trait) can create portals to extend range and movement

- Huppermages : Ranged DD | CC DD | Debuffer | Buffer --> (unique trait) has unique element that attacks using your highest elements damage


So this is a very brief look at what all the classes can do. And when I say brief I mean super brief. I may have some things here that people would debate but this is about what you can expect. I'm going to work on a project outlining class roles with someone when I get the chance but please take this as at least a first glance.


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