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Quote (Aigees @ 26 November 2015 22:40) *

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 26 November 2015 21:55) *
I believe Eliotrope would work really nice in SB because of the high all-range damage and ease of movement via portals.
Nope, SB kills portals almost every turn during the first 2 phases, and during the other 2, its just a really bad idea to attack him with ranged attacks.
...wait, I've never taken my elio into SB, but are you trying to tell me that his mechanics can touch a portal?

Are you saying their effectiveness isn't good in later phases or that he literally destroys them? Cause, they kinda aren't targetable and I find it strange that you could...


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posté Yesterday - 17:09:30 | #2

Quote (Crimson-Cowboy @ 26 November 2015 08:18) *

Quote (Rrae @ 26 November 2015 07:50) *

you do understand that its a wip right? its a sketch, it's not lined or painted for real yet
If you refer to the letter to the community (19 Nov 2015)

It's said under the paragraph labeled "The Huppermage Class" and I quote, "The class is finished..."

That was in the very first line. I doubt concept art is a focus when they'd still need to work on class animations, spells, mechanics, and various other details that would take copious amounts of time.

It's done, that's probably what your going to get...

Just my opinion though...


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posté Yesterday - 05:27:09 | #3

Quote (eddoro @ 26 November 2015 04:58) *

I hope we get this much customization once its released. Also arms spaghetti.
I'm leaning towards those were several hair designs they tried before finally deciding to go with the finished product on the left...


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posté November 22, 2015, 02:08:05 | #4

Quote (SirArliden @ 21 November 2015 22:50) *
Ardent Aegis has a chance to reflect 500 damage. How does this work? Is this up to 500 base damage reflected or a flat 500 to the hp is reflected? How useful is it in an actual build?

Basically - trying to make a water/earth elio. Trying to work out some things.
So how it works is, it takes the damage your hit with, and reduces it by 50% and returns it in earth damage. Problem is, it caps out at 500 reduced damage and then gets filtered out by enemy resistance. If your using it for the reflect ability and not the lock, it's not worth it.

For a tank/berzerk elio it's good. It gives you a free 177 lock.


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posté November 21, 2015, 17:16:21 | #5
Well if we're basing this thought on lore then no. The eliatrope civilization trained strictly in the ways of wakfu. I'd need to go back and play Islands of Wakfu for more clarity but let's kindly leave the stasis to the foggers ^^;


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posté November 21, 2015, 17:13:48 | #6
Forgive me for not being more helpful in advance. My only suggestion would be to ride out what you have until your first restate and subsequently play around with more things until your second one. I'm sadly not very good at advice for lower levels.


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posté November 21, 2015, 17:08:15 | #7

Quote (ISoulKillerI @ 21 November 2015 16:35) *
Ahhh i just wanna know this becouse ahh i remember it was 14 december or 15 or 13 december but i cant remember which one can someone who remembers help?
December 9th they were released.


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posté November 21, 2015, 17:02:52 | #8

Quote (mersif2987 @ 20 November 2015 21:31) *
Hey guys!

I'm a Dofus player (played since release of Dofus 1) and my favourite class on Dofus is Eliotrope. I love the animation in wakfu, graphics and general theme but I just can't bring myself to enjoy eliotropes on wakfu... I find portals are almost useless on them... or so I think, I am probably wrong and am playing the class wrong. I don't understand the concept of decks in wakfu, and since I played Dofus I'm more used to having agi, int etc as builds. Is there a guide to learning how to wakfu in general and how to play an eliotrope? Is it mechanically like Dofus elio or are the portals just a means of porting from one area to another and shortning spell range? Also can enemies use your portals for their spells too? Or can they just use them to port?

Sorry for the questions, I love the wakfu series, the wakfu theme but I just can't bring myself to love the gameplay, maybe you can help!
Decks are simply pre-determined spells that you can change right before a fight. Doesn't get much simpler than that.

Eliotrope gameplay consists of creating portals to increase your effective range. Unlike dofus, enemies nor allies can cast their spells through portals, they can only travel through them.

The idea as an elio in wakfu is to get within max effective range of your enemy and yourself with respect to your portals which only you can fire your spells through.

Not all elio spells can be cast through portals, but if you look in the top right of the spell, there is an icon that tells you if it is passable through portal or not.

Note: using portals also does not deactivate them like in dofus, nor can you disable them for a turn. You can stop enemies from using them by taking them away or by casting a particular spell on them. (They are also untargetable but are blockable)

You also have an additional mechanic in the form of exhaltation. This gives you a damage boost at the cost of resistance. This makes all your spells cost WP. Upon returning to normal (you can toggle the effect every turn cycle) you gain resistances at the cost of damage and every hit inflicted on you returns WP.

Finally, an important note about portals themselves. In order to prevent them from being op, a negative state is cast on you or people that travel through the portal physically outsideof a certain range. This range is over 5; any portals traveled through 6 or more spaces will lower your damage for the next turn cycle and the conclusion of that current turn. Perfect portals are 5 spaces apart and will not give you a debuff but increases your range significantly.

Also, for you to cast spells through portals, just make sure your spell is within range of portal "a" and the map will highlight paths for your attack to comd out of portal "b".

I suggest playing around with the class since this only scratches the surface.


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posté November 16, 2015, 22:37:58 | #9
Yes elio does exceptional damage.

With their current state, they do the most damage with long distance portal play and can pull off argueably the most powerful first turn burst of any class.

It plays completly different from xelor so comparing the two you'd have to nit pick at what is actually similar.

They both have a mechanic that centralizes their playstyle and contributes to team buffing, self buffing, increasing effective range, and movement.

Xelors will aquire damage over time whereas Eliotropes must carefully decide when its appropriate to burst and when to be more conservative and defensive.

But yes, long story short, Elios do awesome damage.


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posté November 03, 2015, 02:33:09 | #10

Quote (HealingHotness @ 02 November 2015 22:22) *

Quote (quicksilver1 @ 02 November 2015 02:57) *
I see that your highest level is an 83 Eliotrope. Elios have enough good spells in air and water as far as damage dealing goes that they don't need spells from other elements to round out their damage. You can go water/earth with ranged, but you're sacrificing the burst of Unleashed Blade for the sustain of Hiding. IMO Earth/Air is the best combo for CC Elios, and there is no reason to ever go tri-elemental, mostly since tri-gear is 1) limited in options and 2) difficult to obtain. For example, DP set is tri but has a lot of backstab, making it almost useless since doing "portal backstabs" doesn't actually give backstab damage (yet, knock on wood). Also, you don't need to have a variety of damages just to target "weakest resists" since in high level you'll usually have a team that even though most if not all are dual element, will cover all the elements pretty well.
I'd have to disagree in that tri elio is far more useful in most situations (as far as I can see).

Regardless of whether your CC or LD, all 3 trees' provide elio with something he/she needs to fulfill there jobs to the best of their ability.

If you want to maximize damage output, it's required that you have 3 spells in "Pulsation, Hiding & Unleashed Blade". Hiding is almost a staple in every elio's build, Pulsation is free WP and Damage, and Unleashed Blade is the strongest attack in our kit. No matter how you spin it, tri elio is the best elio.

Just look at an endgame elio (200) who finally gets (useful) access to Elemental Disciple. Then you get Exaltation, Celestial Gift, Sublimation, (Situational) Rage, Carnage, Effervescence & Elemental Disciple. Assuming you had 12 AP the turn would go a little like...

TURN 1: Portal x 2, Pulsation Self, Hiding (Target), Unleashed Blade (Target)

At 200, this is THE most devastating thing an Elio can do turn one, and if you start the fight with rage, that will do an additional 240% berzerk damage.

But you know... that's just my method I suppose...


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posté October 31, 2015, 00:11:09 | #11

Quote (Oldskittles @ 29 October 2015 18:43) *
Thanks a ton for all your help guys! I feel like I have a much better direction to go with the character. One last thing I'm curious about, how does our damage stack up against other dedicated damage dealers when it comes to groups? I'm also curious how we are in pvp.
We have argueably one of the BEST first turn bursts that dish out a ton of damage. In PvP CC elio is still probably preferred simply because small maps instantly give ranged elio issues to deal with. PvE has never been an issue for elio as they can solo things with the best of them. They're a well rounded class for someone who takes the time to master portal play if you ask me...


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posté October 28, 2015, 00:45:45 | #12
Shushu Class Shushus' pretty much speak for themselves. You can essentially give them a template based on Anathar and introduce an ability steal mechanic. Put it on a timer and you have one of the most unique classes in the game. and who doesn't love this face?

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posté October 23, 2015, 22:29:44 | #13
Know what would be great? A shushu class... just gunna let that idea simmer and catch heat from other people (^-^)


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posté September 15, 2015, 05:11:32 | #14
So, in regards to something Madd suggested earlier (which is akin to an idea I've had long ago) the band-aid fix would be at least to increase Sandglass from 2 to 3 per target.

The long term fix would be to get rid of the AP steal "chance" entirely and replace it with a definitive state that's stack-able on a target and proc-able by the caster. (Madd has made this suggestion here and I've had a similar idea long ago as well).

There's a laundry list of things I'd like to see changed myself (one of which is dial which I personally think should be revamped since it once again is an anchor and no longer a mobility tool IMHO) but the one mechanic that needs to be solidified and remain in tact is a reliable AP manipulation method that has nothing to do with a %chance.

Xelor's should accel at their supposed skill, no matter how much another person would complain, Xelor's should be able to in some way shape or form have a reliable and consistent (not to be confused with PERSISTENT) method of AP acquisition, removal, and distribution. That is their supposed niche, point, blank, period.

For the longest time I've always thought that Ice Chafer's (archer) had the great basis of a proposed water Xelor mechanic. For every water spell you use some percentage or value of freezing is applied to your target. It could, after a certain threshold remove "X" amount of AP and have to be reapplied for the same effect. Or, it could be triggered with another spell branch which would consume the stacks and apply the effect.

Hell, you could even empower the air branch by making the air branch stack a state on the target and depending on whether or not you consume the stack with water or fire, you could produce a set value of AP removal = number of stacks or an additional amount of damage to your target (similar to the current aging + fire mechanic).

But of course those are just an old Xelor's thoughts...

I've also had an additional thought in regards to Fire and it's interaction with air and the old "initiative" burn mechanic. As it stands, that's just verbage and it randomly procs additional damage (Originally that initiative burn was suppose to be for the speed bonus if I'm not mistaken but has been completely removed which is why I say this). My suggestion is to give it a new mechanic entirely. I like the idea behind busy/rushed being applied for utilizing fire skills and based upon the AP your opponent does not spend does a set value of damage. Or something along the lines increasing the cost value of your opponents spells by 1 for the next turn cycle. These are just random thoughts but I'd much rather a definitive skill for fire then this initiative burn nonsense that doesn't actually mean anything. Again, just an old Xelor's random thoughts...


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posté September 11, 2015, 20:44:07 | #15

Quote (rayz93 @ 11 September 2015 14:10) *
Chance of Xelor's Distortion spell Range being boostable?
There is currently no way to modify distort's range. Hopefully at some point they increase the range to at least 6...


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posté September 08, 2015, 21:57:14 | #16

Hey bro, before I step into beta to witness the colossal turd (from what I've skimmed) has been dropped on us, could you give me the down and dirty of what's been changed?

I see blaz is poking around here so I just want your unbiased facts and figures on stuff before I conduct my own extensive testing.

I pray that I want have to hang up my Xelor's bandages due to ridiculousness...


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posté August 23, 2015, 22:52:18 | #17
If you wanna do big numbers you need to be using celestial gift and fighting at range. I did 6k on a non crit to HC Vertox with blade just because I use celestial gift before I attack from a distance through portals.

The only crappy elios are inexperienced or stubborn elios who either are't up to date or continue to try and play like they used to.


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posté August 18, 2015, 02:47:38 | #18

Quote (HealingHotness @ 17 August 2015 06:17) *
A straw also creates a path, but I can still pour water into it if there's a finger on the other side and it will hit the finger. Conversely, if there's a finger on MY side then no I can't pour water into it from there.

Also, the Incandescence chromatic damage is based on character's current level.
If that was the case all spells would have to have a range of 0-x when used through portals if the condition (2 or more portals on the field) is met.

Not saying I'm opposed to this, just saying it would require tweaking. I suppose you could make it so that you can ONLY target the thing on the portal while it's being stood on.


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posté August 17, 2015, 03:48:39 | #19

Quote (HealingHotness @ 16 August 2015 23:51) *
Also what's this nonsense about not being able to cast Unleashed Blade onto a portal with an enemy on it using a separate portal! ITS COMPLETE NONSENSE.
Two portals creates a path, if one of the two is covered you have no path.

You have to place a 3rd portal in order to do what your trying to do...


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posté August 16, 2015, 00:45:51 | #20

Quote (Syfrid @ 15 August 2015 20:12) *
They suck...they are not fun. Just low damage attacks and portals. Nothing special like the other classes.
Not sure if your being sarcastic or not...

Regardless, if you both are serious, you both also do not know how to play the class effectively or conversely should instead of ranting about your personal opinion, find some changes that you would like to propose...

My opinion is that elios are still good and are just different...


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