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posté February 07, 2014, 21:06:39 | #1
As a guy who took the "Let's give it a shot" fork in your path, about a few weeks ago, I'd say maybe you should wait a bit.

Population on the NA server is ridiculously low, and there's hardly any influx in new players, which is making the community stagnant (New Characters, sure, but new players? No.) Grind is pretty bad, and bugs from Open Beta still persist in the game.

I'd really wait this one out. I've already committed, so I'm sticking it out, but as someone who was in your same position, I'd say it'd be in your better interest to play the "wait and see" approach.

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posté February 07, 2014, 20:04:05 | #2
While I don't think the two posts above me have the right idea about how to go about this, I agree that this post seems a bit entitled or whiny.

At the same time, however, the player populations on Nox are getting kind of bad. I can run around for hours in Bonta and see no-one, except for idle players, outside of the 5th Bond Avenue marketplace. It might be time for a server merge... And the pay to play model is already losing steam, what with Ankama experimenting with freemium models instead, such as with the Southern Asia server that everyone was going on about, recently. No word on how that reflects on the already existing servers, though.

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posté February 04, 2014, 11:15:08 | #3
So, reading the rest of these posts, I'm seeing that I'm not the only one getting shafted with a broken game, then.

It only makes it worse to hear that this happened on the Beta Server, too, and was never corrected.

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posté January 30, 2014, 23:22:27 | #4
Many thanks. I appreciate your assistance.

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posté January 30, 2014, 23:21:00 | #5

Quote (Hylian-Scientist @ 29 January 2014 03:47) *

Quote (Jwguy @ 29 January 2014 00:25) *
...the fact remains that in order to get the DVD set, Ankama is charging players.
First and foremost, I'd like to commend you on your simple summary of business practices. This is indeed how companies go about acquiring funds in return for goods.

And before you go saying that that's not what you meant, I don't think you know just how much it is actually what you implied. Ankama is a struggling company, and as such, needs the support of others to be able to continue producing quality materials before they can get back up on their feet again. This isn't seen as money-grabbing, or greed, in the business world, but rather as a form of being able to continue doing what we expect them to, at the rate we expect them to. Kickstarter exists so that these companies that have dreams can get funded *via donation* (Not extortion) to make those dreams a reality. I don't know if you read the update from Tot that deandip posted about, but it is a very heartfelt message from one of the creators of the Krosmoz, detailing his passion and vision for the animated series. Sure, there's always the possibility that he's lying through his teeth to gain sympathy, but if that's true, the man is a freaking Shakespearean wordsmith of emotions, which I find unlikely. More likely to me is that he genuinely does care about his series, and is asking us *if we feel so inclined* to help him make the series a possibility, and to see it grow. This is not milking, it is not duping. We, as backers, genuinely love and care for this series, and are more than willing to donate to help it come alive again. Heck, we even get some absolutely amazing rewards in return for it. Honestly, for anyone in the $40 tier, they are getting more than what they're paying for in merch, not to mention with free shipping.

Yes, you are probably right in your sentiment that Ankama could go under if they fail to get enough funding. However, I have a very strong feeling you're absolutely wrong in assuming that this Kickstarter does nothing to change that. If the Kickstarter gets fully funded, it will open up the opportunity to spread the community watching it from a potential ~74 million people to a combined total of just under 450 million people. Now, that is the number of English and French speaking people in the world, so you can obviously assume that it's only a small portion watching it, but think of how many multiples of the original target audience that new figure is. It could mean astronomical improvements in financial terms for Ankama, as well as gaining the exposure of debatably the most influential language-speakers in the world. This Kickstarter could get Ankama's foot in the door of a major audience, and could very, very easily turn their situation around entirely. This Kickstarter could be absolutely massive for them if they can get enough funding. Seeing the major support behind them could get major networks to notice Ankama, and from there, the company could explode out into the world of recognition.

In all, I'm going to put it at this: Ankama needs your help!!
If we can get anyone with even 5 spare bucks (Roughly the same as a freaking Happy Meal here in Canada) to donate, the sheer number of backers would catch the eye of a network that Ankama approached. Even better for your value, if you have $40 lying around, you can get all of the seasons and OAVs we back in Blu-Ray form, free of shipping costs, as well as a sweet t-shirt, and other small things. I honestly don't see where the whole "evil corporation stealing our money" sentiment comes from! They're struggling; they asked for help; we help them; they get major recognition; they pour back into the company. It's a basic spend-money-to-earn-money tactic, but Ankama needs help getting the money in the first place. But we're honestly just paying for a service the same way anyone pays anyone for services; we'll be able to reap what we sow in terms on Ankama giving back to us simply by becoming a bigger company!

I'm not going to ask anyone who can't help out to draw themselves thin for this cause. They can receive the benefits of those of us who are fortunate enough to scrape together our daily needs and have some left over afterwards. But if you're only holding back because "it's futile" or "Big Ankama" is trying to steal our money, I implore you to rethink your perspective, and see this project for what it is: a need for help, to make the awesome things that you seem to be demanding from them. Game has issues with being understaffed? Help pay for new staff. Game isn't feeling fully polished? Help pay for new software staff. This isn't a "Here, take my money for free" situation; we're paying for Ankama to reach a larger audience, and in turn, they're giving us loads of freaking awesome stuff, and they're going to pour back into the company when they get on their feet! It's the freaking stock exchange, but instead of getting physical money back, we're getting loads of awesome stuff, and improved products.

I'm sorry for turning this into a repetitive rant, but good grief, someone needs to set the record straight. Please get this bias out of your perspective, and help a company that we all can agree has made some things worth paying for! Even if it means donating a dollar, everything helps.

Two things:

One, I haven't said, once, that using a Kickstarter as a means for profit is a bad or immoral thing. All I ever said was that I felt it was disingenuous to approach it as if it were purely a "let's give the DVDs to NA!" type of situation, rather than being conscious of the situation regarding the game and it's state of affairs, and possibly could have been a maneuver meant to gain as much from the series before that happens. Kickstarter or milking a cash cow, I don't see either of those as immoral, as you seem to indicate here, I just find the approach to be a bit without the wherewithal appropriate for the situation.

Two, I haven't said that the Kickstarter will do nothing. I acknowledge possibility in regards to it. My point is that they are only possibilities at the juncture. Until you and I see significant changes, preaching about how much good the Kickstarter can do is just, and only, that. Preaching.

I'm a realist. I like ideal situations, and I have my own set of ideology, but I don't rely on them/it. I don't think for a moment that they are suddenly going to exist just because I want them to, or because enough people buy a set of DVDs. You want to know what happens, empirically-speaking, when a DVD set sells well, but a game from the same brand doesn't? The company selling both products start making more DVDs. I don't assume more than that, because that would not be rational. Rather than calling me biased because I'm willing to look at something we love with less enthusiasm or blind loyalty, perhaps you should consider your own perspective and how vulnerable it is, especially when one day, everything you hope doesn't happen to Wakfu eventually does.

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posté January 30, 2014, 23:06:42 | #6
Started playing after two years. Can't go to Astrub Basically as the title says. Was happy to have finally gotten the whole subscription bit settled after Support got around to it, but now I have a different problem. I want to head to Astrub to do some of the quests, but I logged out in Bonta around two years ago. Now, all my quests, locations, and some skills have been reset, and I've finding my way about, again.

However, the Zaap listing has been cleared, and I cannot go to Astrub through it. How else does one get to Astrub?

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posté January 29, 2014, 00:25:52 | #7

Quote (Drelkag @ 26 January 2014 16:35) *

Quote (Jwguy @ 26 January 2014 08:05) *

Since it appears that you're referring to myself, along with a collective of doomsayers, I'll refer you to my first few posts, where I explained my reasoning in entirety.

As expected, the enthusiasts have come, blinded by their love for the game, unable to see any argument that suggests it might soon be fading away, no matter what contemporary issues support it.

I've read your posts, but I'm having trouble making sense of them.

You admit yourself you feel like Ankama isn't throwing manpower and funding at the game that you feel isn't in the best shape, that maybe the company itself is going down. Why do you feel they should take the risk to fund the project themselves, that is even if they could, after pitching the idea beforehand trying to bring it out of France but heard nothing back? It'd be a bad move any way you look at it.

That and how you say they're charging the playerbase for the funding, it couldn't be further from the truth. A community manager on Twitter said social media like Tumblr is bringing far more traffic in than the games website. The show had a cult following in the animation scene for awhile now, and anime-themed sites are advertising the Kickstarter and there's where most of the funding comes from. Check the comments on the Kickstarter page, there's a few asking about the game. If anything the Kickstarter is bringing people to the game, not the other way around.

Again, I read your posts. But the impression it gives is someone taking out aggression on Ankama because of personal issues. I can't see it as anything more. True talk.

I can see how you're having trouble understanding, as you appear to be inserting more meaning into things than was originally present, which is reinforcing your desire to see the argument as absurd. We call that the Strawman Fallacy.

For example, I never said the company should fund the project, at all, much less themselves; I don't really hate it, but it hasn't grown on me to the point of wanting a dvd set, either, to be honest. I just pointed out that while the game is struggling, funding and manpower are at what appears to be extremely low, and community has been losing steam, aside from the handful of enthusiasts, Ankama is offering to sell players a localized anime via Kickstarter, rather than proceed with the project based on their own initiative. If it were only the latter, it'd be just as you say. Practical business. The fact that all of these things seem to be happening at the same time, and the situation hasn't seemed to have had improvement despite measures taken, however, indicates that there may be much more terrible news on the way. Call it "Doomsaying" all you wish, but it is based in reason. Blind optimism will only leave us more disappointed when the end does eventually come... which it will. The truth of the matter is that it is foolish to think that any MMO will last forever, much less a game that, while fantastic, is relegated to a niche community, at best.

In regards to the later half of your post, I think you're just being optimistic, and attempting to use what you hope is the case as an argument against what is happening. We can hope all day that Ankama banks some hefty free advertising and a huge influx in the community after this, but the fact remains that in order to get the DVD set, Ankama is charging players. The difference between these things, aside from the obvious bit about them not being mutually exclusive cases is that one is actually happening. Ankama put a Kickstarter up, regardless of what you or I believe is their true intentions or financial situation, for the purposes of selling the anime. That's what they're doing, and that's what players are paying for. They even mention that they might attempt to use the Kickstarter in an attempt to sell the series over seas to networks, on the Kickstarter itself. So, yes, the players are footing the cost, and are serving as a marketing tool that Ankama can possibly use for leverage later, for their own profit. I won't argue morality (Though I will state that I don't think it's wrong; Just ominous) for it.

All the other things you're mentioning are possibilities, maybe even relatively plausible ones, but that's all they are. It appears you're making explanations for the actions rather than letting the actions speak for themselves. Beyond that, it also comes across that you're assigning negative intonation to arguments that contradict or oppose your own; I say that because while I can see, and accept, being called a doomsayer because I am commenting on the very possible, and to me, rather probable, reality that the game may be going under, soon. Going beyond that, however, you appear to be trying to assign personal issues, from a comment stating that I also had an issue that support has been unable to attend to, and trying to turn my argument into a "rage against the machine" archetype, in order to dismiss it much more easily. I've only ever had one issue with Ankama, that being trying to come back and being unable to pay for a subscription, and I'd like to think I've taken it in stride. Having seen the state of affairs on the support and the forums has given me cause to ponder just how long Wakfu will continue, however. I remain ever hopeful that the game will survive, as I truly do love and enjoy it.

I'm just not willing to be ignorant to the possibility, nor willing to be quiet because people dislike the notion being presented to them that, you know, their fun might end, soon.

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posté January 28, 2014, 23:53:54 | #8
Well, that's nice of you, if nothing else.

Mine is the following:


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posté January 28, 2014, 20:10:13 | #9
I'm still having issues, as well, and Support has yet to respond to any of my tickets.

My issue isn't quite the same. Basically, it says Paypal and Credit are blocked, for me, and I can't unblock them.

Good luck, though. My ticket was put in the thread Sabi designated, but even that didn't really help at all, as support seems to be ignoring that thread, too.

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posté January 26, 2014, 08:05:20 | #10

Quote (Drelkag @ 26 January 2014 01:11) *

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 26 January 2014 00:46) *

Quote (Drelkag @ 26 January 2014 00:41) *
Wait, people are thinking they are milking fans or leveraging there advertising costs with this project?

Dollar for dollar this is by far one of the better values for what you pledge I've seen on Kickstarter. Maybe some people here don't know what Kickstarter is for.

I've only been here a few weeks but a lot on these forums are by far the worst thing about the game.
you're still running on the wakfu high that we are all familiar with

let it run out and then youll understand

That's the thing, knowing that this Kickstarter is far from 'milking fans' and 'leveraging advertising costs' has nothing to do with if I'm enjoying the game or not.

If those stereotypical forum-dwelling doomsayers would actually give reason on how this Kickstarter is doing just that it'd help change views.

Until then, I'll take them as just what I said.[Moderated Image Removed]

Since it appears that you're referring to myself, along with a collective of doomsayers, I'll refer you to my first few posts, where I explained my reasoning in entirety.

As expected, the enthusiasts have come, blinded by their love for the game, unable to see any argument that suggests it might soon be fading away, no matter what contemporary issues support it.

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posté January 26, 2014, 02:32:42 | #11
Kind of seems like this thread only directly assisted the people who posted within a few days of it being created. Otherwise, it seems to do little to speed up the process.

I guess we're out of luck. =\

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posté January 26, 2014, 02:20:25 | #12
I'd like to be able to play, and for support to answer my tickets.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #669723  Replies : 290  Views : 23926
posté January 25, 2014, 08:38:26 | #13
I still kind of feel that this kickstarter seems to be a get-the-money-and-get-out maneuver, really, but I'm sure there is a population that will enjoy this, so good for them.

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posté January 25, 2014, 08:34:21 | #14
Heh. You people say it was bad in the SE days, but back then, at least the SE mods seemed to care. I remember when SE-Derek personally replied to my support and suggestions threads with seemingly sincere interest.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #669381  Replies : 12  Views : 1858
posté January 25, 2014, 08:32:12 | #15
Same thing, here.

Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #669375  Replies : 8  Views : 1009
posté January 25, 2014, 00:32:10 | #16
They'll profit from surpassing the goal, as well. They've also said they might be interested in using the Kickstarter as a way to sell the series in North-American markets, on their Kickstarter, which would be a separate profit from the DVD sales.

And, SaphilC2, that is because no business operates for the purposes of 'getting even'. It exists to profit. If it doesn't, well, that's why things like non-profit organizations exist.

And as Merriden even said, the issue I have isn't that there's a cost involved for translating and shipping the DVDs. I can accept that, and if the Kickstarter was all there was to the issue, I'd be fine with accepting it on the basis that it is being generous. That would be the equivalent of saying "We're french, but we know you really want this series, and that costs money, so let's compromise and give you the chance to fund that".

The difference here, unfortunately contradicting Hylian-Scientist, in some ways, is that that's not all there is to it. Wakfu, the source content, is struggling. Yes, there will always be a loyal fanbase (Of which I consider myself a part of; I just don't think being loyal means being blind), but if the developers cannot stabilize the source content, with the most likely issue being funding, since most of those issues seem to stem from lack of support, lack of developers, or lack of motivation, then this Kickstarter begins to look a whole lot less than generous and a whole lot more like disingenuous and even more like a last stand maneuver to get as much as possible out of the series before it bombs.

And the worst part is that I don't want that to happen. I just want to play the game, but I can't, as I'm being directly affected by those very issues. Wakfu was fresh and cool, and I played since Closed Beta. But that's what I'm saying: All the fan support in the world will not cause the game to succeed, profitably, and the strain is starting to show, and now, the company, Ankama, seems to be acting on a similar understanding of the situation.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #669141  Replies : 75  Views : 7364
posté January 24, 2014, 23:43:38 | #17
Personally, I'd rather hope that they were neither attempting to milk us or pay for their advertising, but again, they've done nothing to show me that this is not the case, either.

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posté January 24, 2014, 23:28:25 | #18
This Kickstarter kind of makes me suspicious, honestly, which is why I feel reluctant to contribute.

I can't even play Wakfu, since I can't subscribe and support hasn't answered my ticket, which supposedly has something to do with corporate reshuffling. Bugs have persisted since release, nearly two years ago. Players are referring to "Glory Days" as if the golden time of the game as long since passed.

If the game itself is having so many problems, and yet funds and manpower have not grown to help correct that, then that makes me think the game is starting to go under. Add in that the corporate side of Ankama is willing to abandon the subscription model they have in newer servers, and the fact that they've chosen to do a Kickstarter to port the Anime, instead of using their own funding, helps reinforce that seemingly very probable possibility.

It's basically seems to be a way to charge money directly from the playerbase in order to port the series, then redistribute the series in the same manner in English, instead of being genuinely interested in sharing the content to begin with. And I'd be willing to say, "Hey, maybe it really is just a matter of getting the funds to hire a professional localization team", too, if all the other stuff with the game wasn't also going wrong or otherwise indicating lack of funding, motivation, or staff.

I'm sure I'll get quite the tongue-lashing from enthusiasts, but be honest: They're asking you to pay for it. It's not being given to you. It was given to the original audience. Clearly, the goal with this has changed, drastically.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #669067  Replies : 75  Views : 7364
posté January 24, 2014, 23:09:06 | #19

Quote (MODItsade @ 23 January 2014 05:36) *

In regards to ticket wait times, a thread is open for you to report your tickets to [Sabi] in order to speed up the process in getting your tickets responded to. That thread can be found here!

Meanwhile, this thread will be moved to the Technical Issues subforum.


I can't say that's made much difference for myself and quite a few others. That thread is starting to look alot like this one.

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