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posté November 02, 2014, 13:59:51 | #1

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posté May 15, 2014, 08:19:58 | #2
Bringing up my post. BUMP

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posté March 22, 2014, 16:30:42 | #3

Depending on their element of course. Water armor scales with water etc.

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posté January 29, 2014, 07:55:43 | #4

Quote (GodIsWithUs @ 28 January 2014 22:24) *

Quote (Gynrei @ 28 January 2014 20:32) *
Does anyone know the exact formula Ankama uses when making gear? I'm curious what weight value, if any, these new states have.
I have never found such a table on the FR Forums, so I doubt one exists. Only HP is really known which is worth .8 points per HP on equipment. Though you can come to a close approximation with player stat cost and math involving pets, which of course you have to remember they based their value on old costs. As for the weight of states, if you compare it with something very similar, such as the Apprentice Cape with the Cape d'Ocushus you will notice that the Cape d'Ocushus is somewhat lower, even with point cost error taken into account. So yes they do take away from the cost. The best example though would be the Sage Breastplate vs. Tortured (Tormented, et cetera) Breastplate. Despite the Tortured Breastplate being 15 levels higher, the Sage Breastplate has a drastically bigger pool of points that even human error cannot be the cause of. That automatically can tell you that states have a worth, given that a breastplate 15 levels lower has a much larger pool of stat points. Earth Conversion is a very good passive, and is directed towards pure Earth characters. So that is how it evens out since Tortured (sounds better than Tormented) Breastplate makes Earth very tank-ish, and when calculating the potential of the ability the cost of it is balanced. The ability might seem a little overpowering for an Earth character at first, since 20% of the opponent's final damage will be hitting earth resistance, but when you do all the calculations it is very balanced. I hope to see even more powerful states similar to Earth Conversion that cost a lot to put on equipment.
Much appreciated. Thanks !

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posté January 28, 2014, 20:33:34 | #5

Quote (GodIsWithUs @ 28 January 2014 18:52) *
The best content, in terms of potential and thoughtfulness, that Ankama has created to date without a doubt in my opinion. This is what Frigost and such should have been doing. Very good way to start the year. It will be expanded, no more having to waste time going through rooms to get to the boss, all equipment craftable, and should give a challenge every time with better rewards for being a higher level, and the return of unique states. Plus, states like earth conversion are best for mono builds. so no build seems to be forgotten. I applaud you Ankama. It is the first big idea that is worthy of making Wakfu a successor.

If all the gear will have general damage Stasis Foggernaut could have excellent potential with these. Btw, if I'm not mistaken, Eskarina or Hush stated that they will make general damage work with heals. They will try to do it this patch, but might be delayed until the next patch.
And where might you have read this ? Got any evidence or link supporting your claim ?

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posté December 23, 2013, 00:42:47 | #6

Quote (krowakot @ 23 December 2013 00:36) *

Quote (everat @ 23 December 2013 00:20) *
And our team is controlled by three separate players.
So you're multiaccounting. Try to farm high level content with 6 separate players (like mmo should be played) and come back.
I don't see any difference in 3 players using 2 accounts each or 6 players using 1 account each.

Stop holding multiaccounting accountable for your own failures.

Who are you to decide how MMO's should be played ?

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posté December 17, 2013, 07:48:36 | #7

Quote (axemangx @ 17 December 2013 07:25) *
Honest to god -- The only thing Ecaflips need are extremely slight base damage increases and Croquette healing less on bosses.

Maybe make Cat less useless. Otherwise, they're fine.

Oh, and overhall the entirety of the water branch because it's horrendous
Ecaflips, especially earth, do not need a slight base damage increase :/

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posté August 31, 2013, 12:17:49 | #8

Quote (luckles @ 30 August 2013 20:43) *

Quote (Smaakpapil @ 29 August 2013 09:11) *

Quote (couponfork @ 28 August 2013 03:33) *

Quote (Synnic @ 26 August 2013 22:03) *
GobGob Sucks Tho.
Uh.. what kind of build were you using because my Gobgob build is pretty solid?
Don't listen to scrubs.


Earth dragon with a 12ap build centered around backstab hits like a truck. (Over 1100 on mobs with 50% earth resist)

Air is simply less versatile because it can not target more than 1 mob at a time and cracklerpunch's AoE is quite massive.


There's also the added benefit of being able to use the gobgob (Which can heal around 1K a turn.) Many rocky battles have i started in summonerform and saved people from dying until an Eni could reach them. Turning the tide in many battles. Going dragon and dealing sweet damage.

If you ever want a demonstration. Just pm me ingame on Odahviing.
Are you in nox?
I am not .

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posté July 29, 2013, 13:49:11 | #9

Quote (Dedlaw @ 29 July 2013 13:14) *
Simple enough a suggestion - allow re-casting of Symbiosa to split you and Gobgob apart again

I was thinking about being able to cast gobgob in dragonform.

Doing so, would drop dragonform and summon your gobgob in the target cell.

It would cost 1WP making it somewhat balanced.

They could even add a cool animation such as vomiting your gobgob out of your body.

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posté July 25, 2013, 16:24:44 | #10
Got 2 out of my 4 characters on 120. Mostly by leeching new alts and other players.

Only had 10 wisdom from the zonebuff.

Now my 3rd character is level 114 already and my 4th is 110.

It all depends on how efficient you are at leveling.

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posté July 25, 2013, 16:04:41 | #11

Quote (HateSpawn @ 24 July 2013 16:44) *

Quote (Smaakpapil @ 24 July 2013 16:37) *
1v1, it's disgustingly broken and no one sane in their mind can deny that.

It's especially fun if you AoE both rats and kill them, only to have them both resurrect. What's the point in killing them then.

Sure, in 2v2 a lot of the advantages fall away but that's not what we seem to be discussing here.

if you can't 2v2 an osa at LEAST (osa/eca might be a problem, but KOing just the osa in this scenario) then you're either undergeared or r e a l l y b a d . Literally just blast it in the turn gg.

I didn't say they could not be killed. I stated that a lot of their advantages fall away.

Which means that they are less strong in 2v2.

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posté July 25, 2013, 15:19:07 | #12
If only it gave me 100% extra earth damage  

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posté July 25, 2013, 14:15:17 | #13
Bring a good tank  

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posté July 25, 2013, 11:17:38 | #14
The dungeon is pretty hard now. You won't get the Mekeynism for 6kk. No one sells them anyway.

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