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Quote (Boorin @ 29 July 2014 18:06) *

Quote (Rokugatsu @ 29 July 2014 10:16) *
I love how you say it's not worth our time yet most (or all) of you are playing it.

Lot of ppls play wakfu because they have no better choice atm, so they must "allow wakfu play em"

Soon™ this will rule the world, wakfu must change to face it

What game is this? o.o

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Quote (Neneko88 @ 27 July 2014 20:13) *
... I agree that wakfu isn't worth our time...

That's all you needed to say right there o.o

Wakfu Team Rankings:

Web Content Specialists: 2/10 (Due to ogrine/subscription/booster barring)

Sales Team: 6/10 (They're likely in cahoots with the Web Content Specialists so they're getting marked down for that)

Artists: 12/10 (This is being modest)

Developers: 3/10 (Except a select couple of individuals such as Dy7 and another I wont name who deserve a much higher score)

Community Managers: 9/10 (Sabi does a good job at communicating with the community. Dy7 also stepped up to the plate for the En community even though he's a dev and not necessarily a CM. I haven't been around to see others though I do know that because of Troyle's promotion he isn't around anymore and is the only reason why this didn't get a 10/10. Mods and Forum Admins are also getting ranked in this slot in case you're curious o.o)

Support Team: 0/10 (And this is being generous)

Networking Team: 7/10 (In the past they would have gotten a much lower rating due to all of the disconnect bugs that existed, but I think... or I guess I hope that this isn't as much of a problem now)

Wakfu's Overall Grade: 56%

...And that's after rounding up the grade o.o

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Quote (Kokonaut @ 25 July 2014 05:33) *

We can't cover everything. You can pop most the bubbles in bubble wrap by just twisting the sheet, but there will always be a few bubbles that remain unpopped.

• Mango

Quote of the day XD

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Quote (xCATZILAx @ 25 July 2014 05:33) *

Quote (Fadedscourge @ 25 July 2014 05:18) *
Moral of the story: Mac sucks, learn2pc
pc's are for poor people

So you'd rather spend more money on a name-brand name [Apple] and on lower-end specs than a PC with the same amount of money put into it? o.o

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posté July 24, 2014, 20:40:49 | #5
I think it would be much more motivating to you if you are getting something out of harvesting.

For example, check the market board for items you can get around your harvesting level for a particular harvesting profession and see if you can make some decent coin by selling your harvests o.o

Either that, or plan ahead on what crafting profession you want to level and simply gather harvests to level certain crafting professions. Or you can help a friend/guildmate level their crafting profession with excess harvests o.o

These kind of things helped me accomplish the following:

I did this on two different accounts to dual-client mine efficiently whenever I need materials for something, or if I just need kamas o.o

If you do it in small strides (level 10-15 times per day) then it's not so bad o.o

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o.o ?

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I think it has more to do with the influence of TRPGs in the past and how people expect an online TRPG to be.

Hell, if Square simply released an online FFT where you could still manage units on your own and the only interaction between other players was through battles or trades/missions at pubs (and global chat or whispers when not in a pub) I'm pretty sure people would be content with that o.o

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posté July 23, 2014, 03:13:06 | #8
I can't seem to find the subscription page o.o

Every time I click the Subscribe link at the bottom of the home page, it gives me an error 404 o.o

Click here

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Quote (Seguchi-sama @ 21 July 2014 03:38) *

..When quest scrolls "kill xx mobs" were dropping straightly into your inventory, you had to double click them to activate.
..When snoofles in Kabrok's shop were stealing real kamas instead of AP.
..When Pappy Pal was in Incarnam, he taught you to mint your very first kamas, but instantly grabbed it back. Meanie.
..Cra's and eca's precision dealing insane damage + stunning at the same time. Homing arrow stun ahh yis.
..When enviromental quests/challenges had a countdown, if you entered the area "too late", you couldn't take part in the challenge because you didn't sign up for it.
..When those challenges offered physical rewards, such as crafting materials. Maybe even equipment, please correct me because my memory is something.
..When World Bosses' spawn in wild prairies was maybe the most important event and entire guilds were fighting vs each other, for the chance to attack those bosses first..

There's no way I could forget these things, especially the bolded part XD

I remember being one of the few Earth Cras because every other Cra was rolling Air for the 6AP/6MP triple Storm Arrow abuse with Precision and Riddling. Still, being Earth wasn't so bad.. Crit Piercing Arrow with Riddling had some insane snaring capabilities. Enemies practically couldn't get close to me most of the time XP

Don't forget that Riddling could also proc precision and therefore could also proc Brain Dramage... BD Riddling was ridiculous XD

One last thing that made Cra's really strong was the fact that Precision was Final Damage based for a long time, and since BD was a 500% increase of damage and since they stacked, Cras could do 1000-1500 damage with one cast.

Even after Ankama nerfed Precision to be elemental damage, there was a bug that allowed Precision damage to stack up over time on some occasions or for one shot, so Cras (specifically Air Cras that had this happen more often due to Tornado proc) still had a high chance of doing some ridiculous damage o.o

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Quote (Cabran @ 17 July 2014 04:00) *
Looks like we also need a new section 'Complaints about complaints', these are starting to crop up a lot too..

A while ago I made a thread about what I think of Haven worlds, I started it in general discussions because I knew what would happen if I put it in 'Haven world discussion'

Soon after a mod moved it into 'Haven world discussion' and it pretty much died straight after, that sub-forum is pretty dead.

The fact of the matter is that most forum-goers will spend most of the time looking in 'general discussions'

There's no way they'd make a complaints section. It would have about 97% of the total forum's posts in there XD

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posté July 17, 2014, 01:41:21 | #11
It's been awhile since I've actually played this game, but from what I remember...

Iron: Starting areas

Salt: Sorry, I don't remember the ideal Salt route(s). I wasn't much into cooking so I never bothered with them XD

Coal (?): Just outside of the Outposts. Brakmar and Bonta's seem like good choices.

Copper, Bronze Nuggets, Shadowy Cobalt: I can't remember what the name of the mine is, but if you go to Mourning Wood there should be a mine there that has a huge Copper section, and deeper in it has Shadowy Cobalt and Bronze Nuggets.

Flint, Grainy Manganese... etc [level 35-95 ores]: Sidimote Moors mines in Brakmar, or the Not mines in Bonta if mining traffic in Sidimote Moors is high. You could also try Amakna's mines. Don't bother with Sufokia's terrible mines o.o

Level 60-75 ores (Silver, S Silver, Bauxite, I Bauxite): The wilds of any nation, especially Brakmar or Bonta wilds.

Level 90+ ores: High level areas such as Frigost, Wa Wabbit, etc.

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posté July 17, 2014, 01:27:40 | #12
The sad thing is that Ragnarok (the first one) is a really good game ruined only by having a small [NA] community and a weird boss-player system (the MvP system was really odd to me... its basically the World Boss concept Wakfu had, but worse). The fighting mechanics in the game are pretty good.

What you fail to understand is that a lot of fights in RO are extremely fast, so the low drop-rate of items is warranted. I was one-shotting high mobs with a Gunner and taking down mobs in specific zones with my SG and neither of them are Rebirth classes. Chain-fighting mobs for cards/etc is EXTREMELY easy.

In comparison, Wakfu has many delays per battle...

-Combat initiation time and Character placement
-Turn duration of every character in a fight
-Animation times
-Server delay (can add anywhere from 3 seconds to several minutes depending on how bad it is)
-Combat-ending time

Even at low levels, I expect each combat encounter against lowby creatures to be around 30 seconds or longer. High level fights with multiple mobs require more than just 1 character in order to kill them effectively, so I expect each encounter to take 3-5 minutes or much longer.

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posté July 11, 2014, 07:16:56 | #13
What'cha doin' there Hackwork? Making a game? o.o

Make me a game! o.o

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posté May 05, 2014, 08:14:34 | #14

Quote (Kouromaro @ 04 May 2014 19:14) *
I would seriously doubt that Ankama is at fault for loss of items, when they do not touch the server in anyway, aka no maintenance or updates. (Tbh, I have never heard maintenance causing any loss of items)...

This is the most ignorant post I've seen in a very, very long time.

Ankama IS at fault for items missing due to trade transactions, malformed backup data during the recovery period of a rollback and all other bugs existing in the game.

Who developed the game?

Who manages the network?

If an item is lost in the game due to an unintended game mechanic, it's Ankama's fault.

Even though you've never heard of maintenances and rollbacks causing the loss of items doesn't mean it hasn't happened. I remember when players lost their entire Haven bag inventory after an update which, yes, implies that they lost the items after a maintenance period.

Let's not forget how people used to lose their items by accidentally "using" them from the action bar tab (Maka items were lost this way). Let's also not forget the bug where MM's were responsible for items getting deleted.

I could go on, but I'll just get more depressed that this game isn't rid of such bugs by now.

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posté May 05, 2014, 07:55:15 | #15
Disinterest in a particular server wont go away as easily as you want it to. In my opinion, everyone is frustrated with Ankama's game and the fact that there aren't many others like it to migrate to. We're left with nothing but bad/bitter feelings and subconsciously take it out on other things and people we don't have a strong opinion of.

I don't have a strong opinion of the Nox server, but that's because I played there and no matter what I did to try to make my experience playing Wakfu fun it just wasn't fun anymore. It wasn't just particular players that made the experience uninteresting, it was the lack of a community outside of my guild that made me disinterested, along with a multitude of bugs and the fact that Nox a NA server is treated as a minority while servers such as Aerefal and Remington get more attention from CMs and Devs.

After playing on a different server (one that is international, but still primarily French) I was having fun again. I saw first hand the CMs and even some Devs getting involved with the community (PvP events during the start of Dathura if any Dathurians remember). Even though there was a language barrier, it made certain engagements in the mines or at 5th bond interesting. I actually felt like the CMs cared about the server as opposed to Nox's Square-Enix crew. Even before they left, Nox was not getting a lot of attention. Most of the attention from SE was given to the forums. I didn't mind starting over on a new server because a lot of my friends were with me and though we had our own priorities, we worked together to achieve similar goals.

I now have a general disinterest in playing the game because of the bugs that have existed since beta, the bugs that appear with each update due to lack of testing, the potential for people to dupe due to a bad networking infrastructure on Ankama's end, lack of item tracking for item restoration, lack of customer support, etc. I thought I could deal with these problems so long as my friends were around, but I am so tired of seeing my friends get screwed over due to a glitch that shouldn't exist in a release-version of the game (item lost through trade or some other stupid mechanic). Nobody should have to deal with these kind of problems at this point of the game's life, no matter what server they're on.

Even if I started over on Wakfu Asia and didn't pay monthly payments, I wouldn't be able to continue playing for long strictly because of the bugs and lack of support.

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posté May 02, 2014, 03:26:50 | #16
Oh wow Gantze, I didn't realize you made a post on these forums until just now XD

Just an fyi, you can play across some servers. For example, if you sub to play on Nox you should be able to play on Dathura as well. I don't know if this applies with Remington or not, and I have no clue about Aerefal either o.o

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The true value of your block stat depends greatly on your HP, the number of attacks the enemy is doing to you, your resist vs the enemy's damage and the base damage the enemy is doing per attack.

It's significantly harder to compare the true value of block compared to an average value.

The number of attacks is important because between two enemies (let's say Enemy C and Enemy D) if both do 1000 base damage, but Enemy C only has one attack with 1000 base and Enemy D has 10 attacks with 100 base each, you'll likely get more value out of block versus Enemy D (unless your block is insanely high or 100, then it doesn't matter). Your HP is also a factor, because if you only have say 800 HP left and Enemy C attacks, you must block the 1 attack to survive. Enemy D has to attack 10 times to do 1000 damage, and you'll have more chances to block each hit and potentially survive.

Resist and Damage factor into block as well, but in the obvious way.

Unfortunately, I'm not very good with statistics and probability so I can't scale the exact value of block with HP, target's attacks and base damage per attack. Averaging out the base damage per attack to a set amount of base damage would simplify this math, but it isn't something I want to do o.o

There's one last thing to note. Block can reduce damage from static-damage mechanics such as the red tiles from Hushed Dungeon, Overheat damage in the Magmog encounter... etc. These damages bypass resist, so block is helpful against such mechanics o.o

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posté April 28, 2014, 12:17:09 | #18
Block vs Resist depends greatly on the enemy's base damages.

To simplify things... suppose you have 2 enemies.

Enemy A has high Elemental% damage and low base damage.

Enemy B has low/average Elemetnal% damage and mid/high base damage.

Both enemy A and B do the same damage to a 0% resist target.

Chances are increasing your resist will be more effective against Enemy B while increasing your resist against enemy A won't be nearly as effective. Increasing block will be effective in both cases.

Here's an example.

Suppose Enemy A has 1150% elemental damage and 80 base damage. Enemy B has 400% elemental damage and 200 base damage.

Both enemies do the same damage against a 0% resist target. Here's why...

Enemy A: Guaranteed to do 80 damage even at 0% increased elemental damage. With every 100% increased damage, Enemy A does 80 more damage. 11.5*80 + 80 = 1000 damage.

Enemy B: Guaranteed to do 200 damage even at 0% increased elemental damage. With every 100% increased damage, Enemy B does 200 more damage. 4*200 + 200 = 1000 damage.

If you increase your resist by say 50% (using 50% for easier math), Enemy A is doing 1100% increased elemental damage, Enemy B is doing 350% increased elemental damage.

Enemy A vs 50% resist target: 11*80 + 80 = 960
Enemy B vs 50% resist target: 3.5*200 + 200 = 900

Enemy A's damage didn't change much. Enemy B however took a significant dip in damage against its target after the target's resist changed by only 50%.

Instead of resist, let's assume 50 block (again for simplicity) and further simplify 50 block to be a 100% chance to reduce damage by 15% (final).

Enemy A vs 50 block target (no +resist): (11.5*80 + 80) * 0.85 = 850
Enemy B vs 50 block target (no +resist): (4*200 + 200) * 0.85 = 850

Obviously the comparison of 50 block vs 50% resist isn't exactly fair, but we can see that both enemies face the same reduction in damage on their target due to block mechanics.

Enemies in the current end-game likely have higher base damages, or high percent damages with moderate base damages. In the end, having a combination of both resist and block is recommended.

Edit: There's one other thing to consider. If the enemy's %damage is equal to or less than your %resist (in the element of attack they are performing) then they will only do their base damage in damage in which yes +block would be better than +resist... but it is incredibly rare to match or have higher %resist than the enemy's %damage for all of the enemy's elemental attacks in end-game (especially UB's).

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Nice artwork o.o

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