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You gain access to the quest at level 35 (Melmac in Astrub)

Just to warn you in advance, you'll need 50 thistle cuttings or 5 basic strings to complete the questline.

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posté Yesterday - 06:35:12 | #2
Here is some helpful information to determine where to level...

-The level of the character(s) you want to level will determine the average level of individual monsters you'll want to fight to get optimal experience (if you're level 30 you'll probably want to fight groups that contain monsters that are level 20-45).

-The group-level of your group will determine the level of the group you'll want to fight for optimal experience for the time it takes to kill them (if you're level 30, you'll want to fight groups that are level 30-40, if your group was level 140, you'd want to fight groups that are also around that level or slightly higher).

Keep in mind that you don't always have to follow these rules, they're fairly loose but the first one (average level of individual monsters) has higher precedence than the second one.

So for your level, if you're just planning to solo, I would guess that chain-killing Larva mobs (level 30-45, groups of 2-3) can be effective due to the fact that they fit within the rules above and also the amount of damage they do is fairly low.

Obviously that can get very boring very fast. You can fight other mob groups that fit within these rules (Tofurbies, Prespics, etc).

Running dungeons solo (Like Larva for example) can be good exp. Even though the group levels far exceed your level, I believe you get some leeway because the group outnumbers your group (of 1) by a large margin and there may be some bonus exp attached because of that. That, and the average level of the mobs isn't too far from your level yet, so clearing the dungeon can get you reasonable amounts of exp.

When you hit 40, consider following the same process for level 30-55 monsters that travel in level 60 groups (I guess groups of 1-2).

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posté August 18, 2014, 03:51:36 | #3
This game really needed 'Bind on Pickup' items for a long time. I don't really see it as a bad thing o.o

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posté August 15, 2014, 21:52:36 | #4
You hurt yourself when you use Fire Sacrier attacks o.o

Your ability points and specialty points will make certain elements easier to level. For example, going Kit Skill (then HP after Kit Skill is maxed) and Angrr then Blood Pact might be the most effective for the really early levels.

Fire Sacrier gameplay has a medium/high skill cap early on, because you really have to choose your fights carefully if you're trying to chain mob and you don't feel like healing very much between fights.

You could get the Multimen Lumino so you can heal your character, or make another account and level an Eniripsa to pair up with your Sacrier using 2 clients o.o

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posté August 15, 2014, 12:56:43 | #5
Sorry for wasting space in the General Discussion section XD

Please close this topic. Thanks everyone =)

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posté August 15, 2014, 12:25:00 | #6
Not getting the exp multiplier o.o I have 3 characters higher than an alt I'm leveling on an account.

I was doing Larva dungeon runs with a guildmate that is only 1 multiplier higher than me, and only has 10 more wisdom...

He is getting anywhere between 120000-150000 exp per fight whereas I'm getting only 30000-50000 (if we get challenges).

I thought maybe it was just wisdom gear he wasn't telling me about, but because wisdom and pp are capped out at 150 (or at least I think they are) I don't think that's the case.

I'm on Dathura and I'm unsubbed. Are you ineligible for the exp multiplier if you're not subscribed? Does it have something to do with how my characters were put onto a different account via the account migration? o.o

I don't know if this is a bug or not so I wanted to place the topic here to see if anyone else is not getting their account exp multiplier o.o

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posté August 14, 2014, 10:15:52 | #7
Let's talk about Cras! ;o


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posté August 14, 2014, 02:27:47 | #8

Quote (AnonymousXeroxGuy @ 14 August 2014 01:44) *
I thought this discussion was about iop / sac / panda and who is the fastest out of the 3. If you are trying to talk about the absolute fastest levelers out of all the classes then cra and sacs don't even come close to being the top 3 contenders.

also lvls 1-40 is a breeze you just pool 100% into hp no matter what class you play until 40. Then reset this can all be done in astrub.

I usually go Kit Skill then HP for certain melee class, or Kit Skill then whatever I feel is appropriate for Ranged. Even so, levels 1-40 can still be a grind for someone without the exp multipliers, a guild with +wisdom, equips that are equal to or higher than the person's level and of course lack of knowledge for where to go to get the most exp for your particular level.

I don't know about fastest-leveling solo, since I've only recently started soloing again during my break time, but I find it difficult to believe Cras aren't high up for fastest leveling. I understand Rogues are probably extremely fast compared to most classes due to Firewall and the AI of mobs, but if anyone understands some of the mechanics of Cras (and some of the remaining benefits/bugs residing in the class' passives) you can take advantage of them and level very quickly with 2-3 Cras.

I know because I've done this trick several times... I have 6 Cras (3 on Nox, 3 on Dathura) and Ankama doesn't seem to be aware of this interesting bug even though I've reported it several times o.o

Now I'm just going to assume Ankama wants these bugs to remain in the game and I wont speak of them again unless its via pms o.o

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posté August 14, 2014, 00:46:58 | #9

Quote (AnonymousXeroxGuy @ 14 August 2014 00:13) *

Quote (Intrade @ 13 August 2014 23:25) *
Sure Iops and Sacriers have convenient close combat abilities, but for saving time between fights its better to avoid damage by keeping your distance from enemies while also doing high damage to them o.o

You wont need nearly as much bread before taking on the next fight o.o

Your forgetting about blood pac / clinging to life / attraction

I haven't forgotten about any of those. There are still many cases where you will be low on HP and you can't simply rely on Cling, especially in the early levels.

Around 80+ maybe you can get away with chain-mobbing without breading much, but even so you still need decent equips to pull off chain-mobbing and relying on Cling.

Early on (1-40) you're only going to have 2 of those passives maxed. Assuming you did have Blood Pact maxed first, then Cling, you're going to need to bread up quite often between fights. Assuming Cling then Blood Pact, you're not really getting much out of your passives until you're near death and even then you're low on MP and pretty much have to finish your fight within the next cycle before you die. Attraction isn't bad to level, but compared to other things you could level in the early levels and gain a major benefit from (Angrr, Blood Pact) and the fact that enough mobs will get close to you anyways, it's probably not one of the support specialities you'd want to burn points on until 60-80+.

I always thought Angrr was the best 1st Passive to level for Sacrier in the early levels since your HP is guaranteed to get lower throughout the fight and having higher damage makes it easier to finish the fight before you die o.o

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posté August 13, 2014, 23:25:11 | #10
Actually, I think Cras are easier to level with o.o

Sure Iops and Sacriers have convenient close combat abilities, but for saving time between fights its better to avoid damage by keeping your distance from enemies while also doing high damage to them o.o

You wont need nearly as much bread before taking on the next fight o.o

You have high range and good AoE potential with spells like Explosive Arrow if you go fire, or Piercing Arrow if you go Earth. For high single-target damage Blazing Arrow is nice.

Not to mention you get access to Cras Precision which increases your damage by a lot very often. After leveling Precision, you can level Heightened Vision or Powerful Shooting for the next 20 levels. You'll end up leveling both eventually, but one may be preferable to the other early on depending on your gear (Cloudy Tofu would benefit more from HV early, but more often than not Powerful Shooting is better to level before HV).

As a Cra, you have to be slightly careful about the mobs you choose to take on. It is preferable to fight mobs that like to keep their distance versus ones that like to get close. You do have Disengage or Beacon Sneakin' to get out of lock, but you don't want to use those too often unless you absolutely need to because that's AP lost that you could have used for attacking during a turn.

Just my opinion anyways o.o

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posté August 13, 2014, 08:31:22 | #11
Doesn't this mean the Clawbot will be less useful than it was before? o.o

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posté August 11, 2014, 09:12:05 | #12
You may already know this since you're level 36, but at around 30+ soloing Larva dungeon can get you some good exp gains, though its not easy with nooby gear.

(You should be able to solo it as Fire Cra or Earth Cra at earlier levels than Air Cra. I strongly recommend being Fire for Explosive Arrow and Blazing Arrow since both spells work really well with 6 AP).

At early levels, in my honest opinion, its best to level Kit Skill to max. This way, while you're leveling up and getting kamas, you can get higher gear that has more HP and %Damage for your level.

Sell stuff on the Astrub market, especially gear like Gobball set, Zinit Stalagmote set, etc. New players that stat Kit Skill will be looking for stronger items to level with, and this is a good way to make some money off of them o.o

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posté August 05, 2014, 21:30:38 | #13

Quote (TruckPunchline @ 05 August 2014 21:10) *

Quote (Uiasdnmb @ 05 August 2014 21:04) *
I don't know if anyone pointed that out but there's no difference in nations.
All of them give +20% dmg bonus to each element.
I just tested that and found out, lol. But this boost occurs when exactly? Cause when I chose a nation, nothing got boosted. I'm assuming I need to be within my nation to see the boost?

You need CP in order to get the nation buffs o.o

I think you need at least 10 before you start seeing the buffs, unless they've changed that as well o.o

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posté August 03, 2014, 19:08:32 | #14

Quote (Neneko88 @ 03 August 2014 18:22) *
Why are we asking him to play on nox when he lives in you really want him to wake up to 0 people online? time zones are so far

Being in a different time-zone has its advantages o.o

For example, lots of harvesting areas are likely less populated. Doing stuff like mining is easier since its not as contested o.o

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posté August 03, 2014, 17:20:57 | #15
If you have an NA friend you can trust, have them make you an account? o.o

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posté August 01, 2014, 16:29:29 | #16
I guess I should consider myself lucky for having 6 o.o

I purchased (and borrowed) all of mine though. I'm extremely lucky for having great guildmates o.o

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posté July 30, 2014, 12:26:08 | #17

Quote (kurokat @ 30 July 2014 12:10) *
Well, the numbers I posted for the Snoofle, Pick and Perfect Mine Helmet I've tested relatively thoroughly. Range is 1-6 with those three.

I know a couple people with the ring and the above and I don't believe any of them have ever gotten 10 with those 4 items. So a range of 1-9. I am at level 78 fisher and 100 for the other gathering, so I don't have the ring yet to give numbers tested by myself.

I've only known one person with all the items (3 bum sacks, the ring and rest) and they were getting 1-11 ore. At least I believe so. It may have been 1-12 ore. It has been over a year since that person has been online and I didn't make a note of it. Not sure I'll ever have even one Bum Sack to test with unless someone sells me one (or more).

- Kat

If I was subbed, I'd go mine right now and take a screenshot of my harvests.

I can't justify subbing just for verification of this on the forums. I'm very frugal after spending a bunch of money on hardware and software for work-related stuff o.o

It's really too bad that no matter how much +harvests you have, I don't think astrub ore is affected by it at all XD

Last time I checked it wasn't, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try again now o.o

Edit: Just tried. And yeah, Astrub veins aren't affected at all by +harvests X_X

Edit2: Well actually, they might be. I'm assuming that Astrub veins are a base of 1 at all times and I'm only hitting for 2-3.

Since I have 165% increased harvests, that would make sense.

Click here if you want to view the full-size image

Hit count for Astrub ores

hits of 2 = 21
hits of 3 = 23

21/44 = around .48
23/44 = around .52

Which is pretty close to 2.65 considering the low number of hits performed o.o
Also notice I never hit for 1, because my +harvests are over 100% so I can never hit for 1 o.o

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posté July 30, 2014, 10:53:06 | #18

Quote (kurokat @ 30 July 2014 09:19) *
Yes, it works, but they only boost your mining by +10%. Like with the Pick, just having one doesn't do anything.

This boost also if you didn't know only boosts the max you can get on a node. Not the minimum. So it is still possible to get a single Ore. Your average though of course should still be higher.

Base ore collection is 1-3.

With the three easiest items to get:
- Snoofle (+50%)
- Pickaxe (+10%)
- Miner Helmet (perfect crafted one, 25%)
Total of +85%, you can get 1-6 ore per node. (without the pick, you get 1-5)

The next easiest booster is the Companionship Ring. While time consuming to get, it is easier to get than a Bum Sack gives you another boost of +50%. With all 4 of those items, you get 1-9 ore per node.

Not having Bum Sacks myself, I do recall an oooooold post that having all 4 above items and 3 Bum Sacks will get you 1-11 ore per node. But again, you will be gymping how much you can carry. Even if you carry around your larger backs, you can only swap the bags if empty, so you'll not be able to carry much anyway, negating the whole point of carrying extra larger bags.

- Kat

I thought the formula was

3 + (3*(percent/100)) = new maximum

So if you have +75% ore harvests, that's 3 + 2.25 = 5.25 in which you will hit for 5's most of the time, but you will very rarely see a 6 when you should have gotten a 5.

With all of the +ore harvest items you should be at +165% (Seal + Max Snoofle is 100%, Pick + 3 Bum Sacks + P Mining Helm is 65%)

3 + (3*(165/100)) = 3 + 4.95 = 7.95 max, so you'll see 8's very often when you should have gotten a 7

This should apply for the other base values as well. 1 + (1*1.65) = 2.65 meaning you'll see 3's a bit more often than 2's for the minimum hits.

2 + (2*1.65) = 5.3 so you'll see 5's fairly often and occasionally 6's.

I don't know if this means you'll never ever see a 4, but I don't remember seeing a 4 when I mine on either of my Cras.

My guess is that the probability to see the numbers depends on the probability of the base and then divide that based on how close you are to a number. For example if the probability of getting any of the base ores (without modifiers) is 33% then...

Chance to hit for 2 ores = .35 * .33 = 11.55%
Chance to hit for 3 ores = .65 * .33 = 21.45%
Chance to hit for 5 ores = .7 * .34 = 23.8%
Chance to hit for 6 ores = .3 * .34 = 10.2%
Chance to hit for 7 ores = .05 * .33 = 1.65%
Chance to hit for 8 ores = .95 * .33 = 31.35%

(2*.1155) + (3*.2145) + (5*.238) + (6*.102) + (7*.0165) + (8*.3135) = 5.3 ores per node on average

On average, you should be getting about 5-6 ores per mining node (basing this off of personal experience, not the guesstimations above!). It's pretty nice especially when you're dual-box mining o.o

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