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posté November 27, 2014, 16:59:23 | #1
This is just for Remington or also for Amara? (no CM, no Bonus-Weekend?)

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posté January 29, 2014, 13:56:27 | #2
For me it doesn´t make sense to make the professions not a ressource-based thing.
On Amara there is no market with ressources right know becaus there are just very few (rare) ressources everyone needs for professions and others who everyone can have in huge lots but nobody needs.
I also hate to hear that my lvl 100 professions already can do lvl 150 equip but in future can only do lvl 100 equip. And with this time-based professions it will take years to get to the point where i am a the moment in my high-lvl jobs.
I don´t think you should raise job-level to 200 this is just unfair for those who put so much work in their professions. Also in Dofus there is just lvl 100 jobs to build up to lvl 200 equip.
Please do not nerf the guys who did jobs for months if not for years to get them to the max and than just have it on 50% this is just a freakout-factor for them!
If the lvl 200 profession is a MUST than make give the guys who have maxed their professions the max-possible level than! It just makes no sense just to be able to do lower lvl equip as you are used to before the revamp!

And by the way this topic i couldn´t find in the forums und also just very hard on the homepage. There is no thread marked as dev or anka (for the devtracker and ankatracker in the forums) so that anyone can find this one easily. Or do you want it to be this kind of "invisible" because there will be some drastic negative feedback from anyone who did professions now and read this post properly?

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