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posté September 12, 2014, 22:03:42 | #1
Hi i tried summoner Sadida in some ways and he is totally viable now imo;

Try air Summoner with 1. and 3. air spell.
Go 9 Control and 8 Wakfu points
You will be able to summon 9 puppets with speed bonus.
Each puppet did about 600 dmg on the dummy
With 10AP you are able to summon 2 each round.
With the new HP System you can get easily 3k+ HP, so your puppets have about 500 HP each (air puppets), which is also kinda good. Especially, because they only get 50% area dmg.
New Resist system works well with puppets, too.
And Puppets benefit from Lone Sadida as well
(they get stronger as well, while you buff up + puppets run away after you summon them)
But be careful, because you get -30 Lone Sadida for each puppet.
Have Fun,

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posté February 12, 2014, 16:11:24 | #2
Feca is meant for 2 ways only from the beginning:
Support / Tank
I mean its Feca's Shield
Guess what, that sounds not so offensive to me.
Also you don't need damage to be good for your group, i wonder where you picked that up..
Imagine you do mid-core dmg, well thats nice for you,
but i can double the dmg on my whole group - i think thats even better.

And for Tank there is provoke, you just have to test it out properly and adapt to it .

Feca Revamp is best ever, dont let you get fooled by the outer appeariance!

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posté January 31, 2014, 16:49:50 | #3
Looking for German speaking Players on Remington Hello Wakfu Community,

I'm looking for german speaking players on Remington.

Details here:

Click here


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posté June 04, 2013, 19:57:31 | #4
Very well, got the feeling that i can't achieve much here. Wasted time~
No offence kiku, but i ned a lot of time to write all this and i got the feeling that nothing of it or merely 5% is good in your eyes. If you really want to change something and i only say this because my feeling says me this, then you shouldn't be so focused about your own opinion.

I play Sadi, too & actually i feel pretty OK atm. I deal not most dmg, but not least and also heal not most but still enough. I am air/water btw.

Some examples:

With your suggestion dolls would have even more resists than the sadi has,
dolls would be able to have 200% all resists or even more. They take 50% less aoe dmg. That is just too much for being able to have 6 dolls like that.

About dolls, they are ignored anyways if no other target is in range for the enemy. That should be another proof, that dolls aren't supposed to take all attacks from enemies. You also have to take in account, that osa can't resummon his dead pets. We can. Even if it costs us one round to summon 2 (3) dolls, we can like forever resummon them.
That is why in my opinion dolls should be able to take some hits, but they should also be able to die.(see Explodoll passive, how can that be usefull, if dolls don't die anymore?)

Icons of spells can be changed, easily. Like names can. The heart doesn't really have to be hp actually, it can be any kind of positive effect for the sadida.

Also for sacri+earth abuse, why would that be an abuse? they have to summon 3 puppets with 7AP (1,1,1,weapon 4) they won't have much AP left to do anything else. They won't do more damage than other branches.

About Lone Sadida, yeah you're right. I didn't see that one.

About crit: dolls already have the crit effects in their spells. I think it is actually intended that dolls can crit. But making nettle state give crit is kind of wrong in my opinion.
Crit should be a base stat given to dolls, like dmg is.
I didn't say to nerf it. I suggested to remove it completly.
The extra spells that I suggested would make up for that totally even for the remove of the ap buff.

Regarding that:
Sadi's turn already take longer than others atm. You wan't that dolls like Greedy or Super Powerful attack 2 times by default (2AP spells). Then you want Nettle State to give 6AP. Our turn would take more than doubled its time as now.
You want dolls to act according to their angry look in nettled state. Giving them the possibility to deal more than triple as much dmg as they do now may be an possibility to show this anger, but this is too strong and makes sadi's turn take much longer. That is why I am totally against it, even playing Sadida myself.
Giving dolls special spells for nettled state is not only a cooler solution, because it shows their anger even better, it is also a more balanced one and it includes your tactical thingy.

About summon dmg+dmg boost, see these sets:

Click here
Click here
Click here

1. None of those have air/earth damage on them.
2. Celest Strich set actually gives more SummonDMG+DMGBoost (even if you take 4pieces vs. 4pieces)than Dragon Pig craft set. This can't be intented!

Example(1v1 PVP, 10AP water Sadi, 500% damage boost):

Your new Sadi summons 3 Greedys in Round 1 (1AP+1AP+1AP+4AP) =7AP
Your new Sadi casts Sic em more:
All of your dolls get +3AP +50% crit and so on.
They run to enemy, deal 3(3 dolls)*20(Greedy spell)*3(has 7AP, casts 3times)*1.25(1,5*0,5 crit) damage. That would add up to 225 basedmg(WTF!)
Nettle state ends.

Enemy round:
Enemy procs 2 times Green Guard, your current dolls have lvl 10 nettled.(Enemy didn't attack dolls, because they have like mega resists and can't die anymore)
Your round:
You summon 1 more greedy (3AP) and 1 Inflatable(4AP), cast sic em more 3AP 1WP
Your 4 Greedys are at the enemy and attack, 3 of them have +6AP, +100% crit, so:
3*20*5*1.5=450 basedmg(!)
+ one greedy dealing 20*3*1.25=75 basedmg.
Your healing puppet has +3AP, too, so it heals you for 2*30*1.25 baseheal = 75baseheal.
Add this up: You deal 575 basedamage and heal yourself for 75.
Take Damage boost into account:
You deal 2875 damage (without taking resists into account) and heal yourself for 375.

Enemy round:
Enemy gives up saying. WTF TOO OP
You are smiling, enemy writes to Ankama
Ankama doesn't read it
Enemy gets upset
Enemy quits Wakfu

Do you understand now what I mean?

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #554423  Replies : 149  Views : 6548
posté June 04, 2013, 16:16:56 | #5
Ok here I am again, now I got some time:

I'll go through it from up to down.

Doll Seed:
Since this contributes to the fact that sadida is a summoner of many, yes making doll seed 3/turns is a good idea. You reduce spell costs of many spells, too so it should be possible to summon 3 puppets with each element. Making Doll Seed no need of LoS is a good idea, but because of your changes to vaporize and spell costs & range of many spells, that seems kind of useless to me. Also even if you are surrounded by 4 enemies you can still summon puppets diagonally.
About the max 6 dolls, OK - no WP cost anymore but another limitation.
Anyways: +1

About puppets:

First I want to add that puppets getting normal dmg boost from sadida AND summon dmg is not good. There is no summon dmg on other elements like air equip for example as it is on fire/water equip.
Therefore my suggestion: Make puppets no longer get summon dmg from equip.
They get damage boost from sadida, which is more than enough(they are like little Sadidas, added up they could make up for at least 3 party members if you only take their base damage in account)
This would make all elemental builds viable even more.

sacri: A good idea, but it is possible to summon 3 sacrificial, make them nettled before its their turn. That would add up to 300 fire (aoe!) basedmg that doesn't even hurt allies. That is too much. Make it either 200 dmg(so ~70 each puppet) and hurting allies like before(no risk no fun, its a suicidebomber puppet, dont forget that) or nerf the dmg even more (150dmg, 50each puppet).
Also in my opinion this puppet should be viaable to all elemental trees and to make that as much possible my suggestion: Make strongest element turning into fire damage for sacrificial.
Therefore: -1

The Maddoll/The Lethartic:
I like your ideas on that, though i might still priotorize damage puppets over those two.
Removing AP or MP is actually a thing that should have Xelor and Enutrof and only those two(in my opinion). Still I think Ankama wouldn't just give up on all their hard hard work, so your ideas on those two make them more viable and
Therefore: +2

The Greedy:

Buffing its damage ... no, no no no
Don't understand me wrong, but those puppets already have 100% of sadidas dmg. (+ they get 100% crit, 6AP, 6MP, have all of sadidas resists, 25% of his HP, 4MP by default, ETC.)
Since my suggestion to your nettled state would already nerf this a bit:
2AP, 2~15 damage seems fine.
Therefore: -1

The Ultra Powerful:

Seems fine to me.
Therefore: +1

The Inflatable:

Good ideas, make it heal more, seems good to me.
Therefore: +1
Little addition:
Make its AI stay close to nearest ally and maybe walk to lowest HP ally.

The Block:

Making it do a little damage is a good idea, because atm you don't think about using puppets as earth sadi, because they are kind of useless. But make the damage earth and not cromatic. Block is a earth elemental puppet. It should not be as viable to earth as to other elemental builds.
Anyways: +1


dolly sacrifice:

About this spell... well...
You would buff the heal for being viable, which seems good at first view, it's also good for min 5AP 50 heal seems legid, but:
You already changed Drain to be possible to heal Sadi and Healing overall is a thing only water sadidas should be able to do. This spell would be so good, you could even heal yourself with earth very well. That should not be possible.
Therefore: -1
Anyways removing the heal on that spell would make it kind of useless if you leave it like that.
So my suggestion:
Remove the heal,
Reduce its cost to 1AP
Make it give the Sadida 2AP for desummoning any puppet. (And maybe max 3/turn or something like that to prevent spamming this spell)
(You could make it give back summon costs for each different puppet, but that might be hard to realize, so lets keep it like that.


Making it not moving anymore and overall all changes seem good to me.
Therefore: +1


Yep, good ideas.

Sic em bla:
This is one of my favorites. I really hated osas single mob posession and making the spell work like that is a good idea. Since you removed WP costs on puppets, the WP cost on that is totally legid.
Therefore: +1

Ok now to your nettled state:
Like I already said, your current nettled is kind of OP.
Your idea to let them look more angry when they attack more.. well i think they already look angry enough when they are nettled XD. Anyways this is also a double sided blade: Your turn durates even longer (remember many ppl hated sadidas before revamp because their turns took so long).
Buffing AP is actually a very risky thing to do, because different puppets have different AP costs and so some puppets might take more out of this change than others. But nettle state is something that should buff all puppets in a way that increases their capability (but not more than other puppets).
Also you give them crit chance, which already buffs their damage for 50% enddmg / chance to remove something / heal. They already get MP, which is nearly the only thing that is useful about nettle atm.
All in all: -1

My suggestion for that would be:
Remove the AP buff, it makes everything unbalanced.
Remove Crit chance,
Make puppets get 50% of the crit chance of the Sadida by default(always round it up by one when not a real number)

Make more use of that being angry thing by giving each puppet a spell they only use when they are angry and this spell some angry super violent (heal, dmg, etc.) spell. (Costs nothing to be used, but must be in nettled state (maybe even a restriction about that, for example level 15 or higher))
For example:

Sacri has one from you, good.
Super Powerful: punch the enemy in its face for 2~20 extra air damage!
Greedy: Suck the enemies HP!(greed) 1~15 water dmg and heal for the Greedy
Inflatable: Make the air around the healed enemy harder to pierce through, 2~20 shield for ally
Lethargic: Confuse the enemy(linear spell), turns the enemies back to the next person that deals damage to the enemy(after damage is dealt).
Maddoll: Make the enemy mad, apply crazy state(similar to air eni's crazy thingy, making enemy attack enemy, skipping his round or something like that - i'll leave values to you kiku)
Block: Protect your allies from those evil enemies: cast spell sacrifice on nearest ally (1 charge, no LoS, maybe 1-5 range)
Those are just some fast ideas, but still good in my opinion. You may be able to think of even more kiku.

Good, but make it not casting if doll is a sacrificial, would be a little OP.
Anyways: +1

Doll Link:
Nice idea, but puppets already get 50% less aoe dmg and 40% of knowledge of dolls, so maybe reduce the resists they get to 50% of sadis resists to not make them as powerful as any tank.
Overall: +1

Knowledge of dolls: Seems legid. Maybe add the crit chance puppets get from sadida % here.

Green Guard:
Yep i like those. Still I don't get why you differenciate between backstab and normal melee attack. Just make it 20% for all melee :p
Anyways: +1

Lone Sadida:
Maybe a little too OP, since 11leadership build will be possible soon(+3 from sadi skill). Maybe nerfing it a little bit? 10-15 at max should be enough ( wtf 14lead would be 280% dmg boost xD )
Therefore: -1

Phew guys.. sitting here for 2 hours now - gonna play some wakfu now and talk about elemental spells later~

Btw you got +8 points already kiku, good job! xD

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #554335  Replies : 149  Views : 6548
posté June 04, 2013, 01:21:15 | #6

i like your suggestions, they would buff sadida really well, or well to say it a better way those suggestions don't make him dealing (much) more dmg or anything like that, but making him flexible and that's what I like about it.

But I only like your suggestions if ankama would implement ALL of them, because:
for example they change the super powerful doll to 4AP, but leave first air spell at 3AP, our damage would drop desperately.

I also like your suggestions for dolls hp, but there is a little fault in my opionion:
healer dolls should be more squishy than dd's because they run away anyways, while superpowerful/greedy walk to enemy.
The change of doll link supports the tankyness of puppets, so 25% is actually OK. But 100% resists is too much, because dolls already get 50% less aoe dmg, dolls would be more tanky than normal characters - 50% resist should be enough.

Oh right if I think about it a little: Nettle state might be kind of useless atm, but making it give 6AP is too much, that would triple our dmg, that would be OP.
And it is possible to keep nettle at lvl 20 if you go melee (think about heal puppet having +6AP, those puppets would just heal all the dmg away you get while you risk going melee)
My suggestion for that would be 2AP max, if AP is actually needed. CH, MP and this swap places thingy are actually enough in my opionion.

I just read your post roughly, i am going to study it again tomorrow or so and make a finer post, these are just some first thoughs -
Also i wouldn't be so sure about Ankama listening to you. I have my own experience with that. Just don't expect anything, then you can't be disappointed.


Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #553857  Replies : 149  Views : 6548