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posté December 03, 2016, 21:29:25 | #1

Quote (FelixGrimm @ 03 December 2016 20:40) *
Hi everyone! A friend of mine and i are curious to know, are there gonna be any mobs in the future, that the osa can catch? And i'm talking about mobs at level 200 or so. The level cap is 200 but the highest level mobs an osa can catch are level 170, and since mobs are the greatest asset to an osa, this is quite a problem for our class. So i'm curious to know if there are gonna be mobs at around level cap (not how they're gonna be, no details, i'm fine with not knowing that, i like surprises) and if somebody already answered to this question could you please post a link to the discussion?
there are no lvl 200 mobs, so for now... no

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posté December 03, 2016, 21:27:48 | #2

Quote (Drueric @ 03 December 2016 07:47) *
Isnt it already dead?
it is, but ankama is in the denial phase

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posté December 03, 2016, 21:13:50 | #3
bought nothing from the wakfunding, ankama does not deserve my money, they dont give a f about their pay player base and they dare to beg for money...

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posté November 27, 2016, 01:09:30 | #4
heroes needs to be allowed regardless the guild you are in, guilds have limited user slots and you need you alts to be in the same guild... thanks for the free heroes that most ppl wont be able to use

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posté November 06, 2016, 04:47:22 | #5
Mount imposible to feed If you equip the same mount in 2 different equipment builds and the mount "runs out" of hp, it stays at 1hp but you cant use the mount or move it to the inventory, you cant feed it from the equipement slot either and if you double click it, then dissapears inside the arrow inventory next to the mount slot, you cant feed it there either or move it to the inventory since its linked to another equipement build... making it 100% imposible to feed unless you remove it from the other equipment build.... how can this even happen!?? the amount of clicks and shit we need to do after the last 2 patches increased by a lot, its REALLY annoying having to click 1 million times to achieve something we had before in 1-2 clicks. We cant even use transmutation items on equiped items, and as i said MANY times, INVENTORY SPACE IS EXTREMELLY LIMITED ALREADY!!!!!

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posté November 06, 2016, 04:30:48 | #6
question about subscription So if you get a subscription, you get this:
  • Earn 30% more EXP points in combat and quests
  • Get 10% more chance to drop items at the end of combats
  • Earn 30% more Kamas at the end of the combat
  • Access the Account Chest directly from your inventory
  • Get exclusive early access to latest areas and content
  • Your secondary characters will receive an EXP bonus according to your main character level
  • You will get 1 Mystery Box bonus item (see description in the Composition area below)
  • You can fill your health with one click (using Bread)
  • And vote for governor’s elections
  • Get twice more tokens at the end of main dungeons
Just ran croc dungeon as unsubbed with the dayly kill a boss quest on, had 100 moon tokens before the run and after the run i had 110 so im missing 5 tokens, did the quest gave me 5 instead of 10? checked the green text and the quest gave me 5 tokens instead of 10 as the quest says so ...why? i understand we get 30% exp from quests but there is nothing about quests giving half the tokens anywhere and the quest says 10 tokens as reward... seems pretty unfair and stupid. Ankama, you are so shady.
Also "Access the Account Chest directly from your inventory"... why did they add the "directly from your inventory" part? is there a way to access it from somewhere else? or is yet another tricky wording to make it sound better than it is?

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posté November 06, 2016, 00:59:28 | #7

Quote (Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm @ 06 November 2016 00:19) *
Or have a super tactical mode that cancels all animations....or just make animation super fast.
animation time is part of the balance of the classes

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posté November 04, 2016, 02:56:50 | #8

Quote (PinkyFox @ 03 November 2016 19:19) *
May we have wakfunding for fixing bugs?
unless they start fixing everything that is broken (wich is like 90% of the game) no more money for this greedy as dildydoo company.

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posté November 03, 2016, 04:57:57 | #9

Quote (Kynaran @ 03 November 2016 01:21) *

Quote (enuexo97412 @ 02 November 2016 20:50) *
why do we need to lower our level just to help newbies on the game... i mean we can help alot if i will be on my level 200 running with them..... rapid build system is good... coz we can do different builds..... but mentoring i guess can do all levels without changing the levels......

You don't have to use it. You can still bulldoze your way through weak mobs while you friend watches anime and skips turns if you want to. Adjusting your level is entirely optional.

It's also not just for helping newbies. You can actually play with lower level guild members now without turning the entire dungeon run into a snoozefest for everyone involved except the high level party member. Again, if you want to powerlevel your friend you can still do so - the adjustable level feature is entirely optional.

It's still buggy but I love the premise of this new system. So often going through the content as a newbie I would have guild members try to power level me. I didn't want to be powerleveled or watch a guildmate kill everything in seconds. I just wanted someone to play with me. Adjustable levels now allows that.

My main concerns at the moment are:

* The limited number of free pages. Given how many level divisions there are 3 pages is simply not enough.
* Poor automatic spell/passive allocation for some levels. A level 35 Eni with 4 water spells but no unnatural remedies sums it up perfectly.
* Emblem stats. At lower levels they are fine. It's the 100+ content that starts to rely more and more on proper gearing that may see the emblems become inadequate. Will have to keep an eye on that.
and not being able to change your build/deck inside a dungeon does not concern you? ._. that was the point of this system, being able to adapt to any situation....

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posté October 28, 2016, 19:17:21 | #10
nice system, too bad is not going to be used unless u explain how gear is going to work, right now i have to struggle with my inventory since you keep adding more and more stuff but bags and bag slots remain the same....

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posté June 05, 2016, 02:21:05 | #11

Quote (Rakakiki @ 03 June 2016 13:42) *
Hey Everyone,

We see many threads complaints about the Wakfu bugs, but actually they kind of make you laugh at times. So this thread is just to post some screenshots or stories of your 'Bug Laughs' in game. I'll start with a beautiful one while in Blackspore HC - Stabilize didn't seem enough for the boss' pushback!

most bosses and some mobs ignore the fact that players/summons are stabilized, is not a bug, is just the devs not being able to think a way of making fair and balanced mechanics for everyone (players/enemies)

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posté April 09, 2016, 02:29:03 | #12
unless you revamp sidekicks... no one is going to buy those underpowered meat shields...

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posté April 09, 2016, 02:28:21 | #13

Quote (Fleisch @ 09 April 2016 00:20) *
It's the opposite for me, i played feca ages before it got abused for fast dungeon runs and when i mained Foggernaut there weren't many high lvl ones around.

God i hope Eca doesnt become too mainstream and overused with the buffs

I'm not a hipster, i swear.
feca abused? how can you abuse a class that follows its role perfectly? by using it? makes no sense... it wasnt required for any dungeon before moon, and now that the game requires a tank and ppl wants to mix tank+support in one class ppl wanted it nerfed? ... i still dont get it...but thanks to those nerds, after patch, we will take even more time to complete any dungeon for no drops at all, yey...

And yes, eca will be the new mainstream, ppl will use elio again for a while then decide they still dont like em and go back to broken classes like eca, masq and sadi

Thread : News  Preview message : #953968  Replies : 52  Views : 3981
posté March 29, 2016, 20:39:21 | #14
Enn, wait until the new patch is out... the amount of nerfs is huge... also REVAMP SIDEKICKS ALREADY

Thread : News  Preview message : #952291  Replies : 32  Views : 2371
posté March 29, 2016, 00:29:49 | #15
and as always, no mods, no CMs... no one to solve this problem, best community managers ever.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #952194  Replies : 60  Views : 2805
posté March 19, 2016, 01:15:54 | #16
omg this game is garbage... is unplayable, server time outs every single turn, slow ui, gets stuck at the loading screens... like wth....

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posté March 18, 2016, 20:32:38 | #17

Quote (shankissimo @ 18 March 2016 12:10) *

Quote (Akiraiz @ 18 March 2016 11:45) *
They were all probably blinded by the huge numbers the huppermage did to like... the test dummy.
Nah, Huppers got nerf already. That's why people don't complain much anymore.
what nerf? they fixed 1 ap problem with visio, thats allm unless they changed secretly something? if u mean shiver, thats gear, is not huppermage related

Thread : Huppermages  Preview message : #950017  Replies : 9  Views : 1031
posté March 18, 2016, 04:58:02 | #18

Quote (Jferg @ 18 March 2016 04:30) *

Fight start and you freeze up, shows mob going before you even though you go first in init order and timer sticks to 0. Then you relog and get stabbed with the lovely 6/3 ap/mp cap... why is this still a thing? Please actually finish our revamp and fix the bugs, been how many months since deck system broke us?

*Wishes dy7 had done our vamp*
at least your revamp is finished, osas are incomplete... :S

Thread : 1.46 Bug Reports  Preview message : #949811  Replies : 3  Views : 409
posté March 18, 2016, 04:57:09 | #19
server down in 2 minutes... thanks ankama for giving us so much time to finish the current stuff we are doing again, last time was 1 minute, we dont deserve 2 minutes. Ankama loves us.... not

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