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Devblog: The Stasis Dungeons Did you like the new Astrub island? This time, we'll let you rediscover the dungeons! In the coming update, we offer you the chance to enter the Stasis Dungeons, the monsters inside are soaked with Stasis making them more powerful! 

Modulating the difficulty for a varied game experience

With Stasis Dungeons, you can now adjust the dungeons' difficulty as you like. Stuck on a difficult part? Switch to Rapid mode, and wipe out the weaker monsters straight away. Come back later to finish the dungeon on higher settings - Difficult or Expert levels, where the monsters are much more powerful!

Overall we're offering you 50 difficulty levels divided into 5 level brackets :

  • Rapid (1-10) ;
  • Normal (11-20) ;
  • Difficult (21-30) ;
  • Expert (31-40) ;
  • Master (41-50).

Unlock Stasis difficulty bit by bit

As soon as you first enter the dungeon, you can select whether to face the Stasified monsters in Rapid or Normal (difficulty levels 1 to 20) mode, with your real or adjusted level.
You'll then need to complete the dungeon at difficulty level 20 and at that character level to unlock difficulty levels 21 to 30. Then complete difficulty level 30 at that character level to unlock difficulty levels 31 to 40…
To be in line with this new system, we have decided to modify the dungeon access levels: all dungeons for a level bracket will now be unlocked at the same time when you reach the minimum level for that bracket, for example, dungeons for levels 126 to 140 will all be unlocked starting at level 126.

Enjoy great rewards

Of course, we weren't going to leave you disappointed. The more you increase the difficulty, the better the rewards are. More experience, a better chance of receiving rare items, more transmutations, boss resources…

The interface is getting a new look


When you click on a dungeon's door, a new interface will be offered. There, you can choose the difficulty, as well as choose to switch to the adjusted level or not.


Once you enter the dungeon, you can still make adjustments using the micro-interface on the top right of the screen, where the Clan Master is usually.

You can therefore see the level of Stasis chosen for this dungeon: An icon symbolizes whether you are playing this dungeon in "adjusted" mode or not, a button takes you to the previous interface to change the difficulty level.

Only the party leader can change the dungeon’s difficulty and only under certain conditions: you cannot change it during a fight and you cannot increase the difficulty after an encounter with the first group of monsters. On the other hand, you can reduce the difficulty at any time, outside of fights.

The mechanics are improving

Changes always come in twos. In order to optimize this functionality, the dungeons have been adjusted, and offer new mechanics.

Simplified access to the dungeons

You will no longer need dungeon keys to enter dungeons. We made this choice in order to simplify the system and reduce punishments suffered in the event of a defeat. This will allow you to test the most complicated dungeons without regret, or to make dungeons easier during short game sessions. Keys currently present in inventories will be transformed into an object to be used which will give 10 Glossy Powders of the same level.
In order to preserve the balance of the game, and in particular to preserve the fluidity of the Handyman profession, we have carried out a number of additional adjustments. Among them is the establishment of crafting low-quality runes (Handyman) from resources found on monsters in non-dungeon areas. Therefore, 7 resources from that area give 10 Glossy Powders of the same level. Subsequent adjustments are also planned to continue to add value to the non-dungeon ecosystem.

The Mimics are coming to life



A new mechanic for Mimics has been rolled out across all dungeons. Mimics are no longer simple boxes to stuff with Mimikibble, but monsters in their own right, who randomly appear in your fights. So, you need to kill them to get their reward… before they run off with your loot! Make sure you eliminate them in less than three turns, of before they reach the edge of the bubble…
There are different types of Mimics, and we'll let you guess their treasures: Domestic Mimic, Fragmented Mimic, Runic Mimic, and Sweet Mimic. They all sometimes drop treasure to each of the fighters when they are defeated.


And more to come...

Adjustable Levels and Stasis Dungeons are only the first step towards a more advanced functionality that we are developing for next year - Dungeon Ranking. For those of you who are nostalgic for the Mobile Arenas, you'll no doubt be happy to rediscover a Players versus Monsters competition experience, which is why we are getting on with creating a suitable environment for this mechanic, so that characters of all levels may take part.
Moreover, we're creating achievements associated with the Stasis Dungeons, as well as corresponding rewards.

Finally, we're currently considering implementing teleportation directly to dungeons… watch this space!
Of course, this will still require some balancing work, and we'll let you make the most of the Stasis Dungeons first!
I hope you enjoy the Stasis Dungeons, and keep you occupied over the Kwismas period!


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posté Yesterday - 16:00:00 | #2
Quest of Nations: Chapter 5 The main WAKFU adventure continues with the arrival of the fifth and final chapter in the Quest of Nations. The epic final takes us back to Sufokia to explore its forgotten depths... Find out more about the new quest in Update 1.50: Lairs and Lizards in this devblog!

[...] Blinded by grief and anger, the Monster didn’t realize it had been imprisoned in an invisible cage, designed for one purpose only: to prevent it from roaming the world and wreaking havoc.
Only its magical tears could flow freely through the invisible bars erected by the gods[...]

Extract from “Ogrest’s Gesture - Volume 6”

[...] And the dragons – ancient and powerful creatures, perhaps even more so than the gods themselves – could not be held by the same ties that bind earthly creatures. No cage, either Twelvian or divine, was capable of containing them or stopping their passage[...]

Extract from “Dragons and Gods”

[...]and despite their efforts to prevent the increasing, destructive power of the young ogre, the gods were powerless in the face of this invincible titan, named Ogrest. Powerless to destroy the uncontrollable monster, the gods devised a plan to limit his destruction. It was in these cataclysmic circumstances, that the order of the Guardians of Osamodas was established.
They were given the task of protecting a divine artifact made by Osamodas himself, which was to help the hero strong enough to take on the monster. This was not designed to give power in itself, but instead, to unlock a power capable of opening some of the divine barriers on Mount Dragons erected to contain the Monster.
Originally from the Sufokian coast, the family of guardians migrated deeper into the heart of the country, further north, where they settled in Amakna. There, from one generation to the next, the members of the family transmitted the divine instrument, a divine key to unlock a buried and forgotten power[...]

Extract of “Forgotten Legends and Ancient Artifacts - Book III”



The Quest of Nations - Chapter 5 (the final chapter)

Inhabitants of the World of Twelve, courageous and daring adventurers, hardened and valiant warriors, the time has come to end your journey through the four nations by opening Oktapodas' Sunken Temple using the three orichalcums now in your possession.

What you will find there will help you to continue onwards in your exploration and ascent of Mount Zinit, and although you are nearing your destination, we know that the waiting seems longer than ever.

You are not the only ones bursting with impatience. Many people are impatient to discover, or take possession of, the mysteries and treasures filling the halls of the temple, which is sinking gradually into the ocean’s abyss.

There are the Arkaeologists of course, who have followed you on your adventures in the nations:

  • There is the beautiful and discerning, Laura Craft, representative of the Amakna intellectuals, as sensual as she is intelligent.
  • The sometimes humorless, Jenry Hones Jr, representative of Bonta, who strives in the shadow of his father to reveal the secrets of pre-Ogrest’s Chaos to the wider public.
  • The devious but very useful, Eminerell Lebbocq, a well-educated character from Brakmar, who is in direct competition with Jenry, and who considers every new discovery as a source of personal profit.
  • Shy and studious, Milo Tchatch, the youngest Sufokian arkaeologist, but also one of the most knowledgeable, who is in charge of research and international cooperation on the Sunken Temple.
  • The clever and quick-witted, Amelia Hartlyss, a scholar working for Riktus, as silent as she is deadly.

But these are not the only people interested in the temple and its contents: There is also the Foot Clan, a branch of Ogrest's Cult, led by the mysterious Gankr. This group always seems to be in getting in the way between you and the object of your quest. Gankr’s hired henchmen keep coming at you in waves, in pairs – or even, in threes – in the shape of Team Missile. It is clear that Ogrest’s Cult are determined to foil your plan to discover the secret of the Sunken Temple. Could the tunnels they are digging under Mount Zinit be connected somehow? You can count on it. But what could the Ogrest's Cult possibly get out of carving up Mount Dragons?
Finally, there is Michelène Tordsabots, better known as Mimi the Marvelous, the charismatic and clumsy Osamodas that either chance or destiny – although she has never shown any interest in the temple – has constantly put on your path. And what is it about her ocarina that is so interesting to Team Missile? Can all of this be just a coincidence?
In the fifth and final chapter you will discover the answers to some of these questions... but perhaps not all of them.
Chapter 5 in the Quest of Nations includes the following content:

  • A 4-part quest for level 45 (or above) players, continuing on from Chapter 4 in the Quest of Nations (a pre-requisite)
  • A visit to sandy Sufokia and Oktapodas’ Sunken Temple for a whole ton of surprises
  • An epic dungeon adventure
  • A new 9-piece hero set: the Tenacious Hero Set
  • Haven Bag decorations, titles and tons of rewards to unlock or purchase from the dungeon croupier
  • Last but not least, a new artifact, that will open up many new horizons in your exploration of the World of Twelve
  • Not to mention, some extra surprises and twists!

Meet you at Steamulating Shore in Sufokia to start the adventure when Update 1.50: Lairs and Lizards is released!
Find out more about the Nation Quest finale with [Kme] and [RyF]




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posté December 02, 2016, 14:52:54 | #3
Beta server Update 02.12.16 Hello everyone,

The Beta Server was updated today at 8:30 AM UTC to implement changes on the followings:

  • Chapter 5 of the Quest of Nations
  • Stasis Dungeons
  • Dungeon Keys & Handyman
  • Build Management
  • And more: French Changelog

Thank you for your patience during the update!

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posté November 29, 2016, 12:45:00 | #4
Hotfix 1.49.3 – 29.11.16

Adjustable Level System

  • Providing you’re at your real level, it is now possible to switch builds in a dungeon (as long as those builds don’t decrease from your real level.)
  • The window displayed upon opening the Characteristics page will now be the one of your current build.


  • It is now once again possible to display an item, currently equipped to your character, in the chat.


  • Some items are now visible in the ingame Shop.

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posté November 29, 2016, 11:24:31 | #5

The servers are now back online, thank you for your patience!

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posté November 24, 2016, 10:42:56 | #6

The servers are now back online.

Thank you for your patience!

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posté November 23, 2016, 18:20:36 | #7
Server Maintenance - 24.11.16 Hello everyone,

We will temporarily be bringing down the servers at 8:30 AM (UTC) on the 24th of November for a maintenance.

This maintenance will not be making any changes to the game.

We will come back to you as soon as the servers are back online.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!

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posté November 18, 2016, 22:50:10 | #8

Quote (Chloe-la-guerisseuse @ 17 November 2016 18:18) *
No worries ! Instead of keys, you'll be able to craft low quality runes ! We translated the whole french changelog here if you want to check : Click here

Good job ! Thanks you.

Quote (RoboTrigger @ 17 November 2016 18:21) *
Please update the characters on beta, I don't feel like doing the Brakmar part of the nation quest again.

We couldn't update them this week. We will do it next week.

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 18 November 2016 08:23) *
From what I understood, HC as we know it will disappear. Instead, the only way to access HC dungeons will be by us deleveling ourselves.

Without reducing your level, you will access to Stasis 1 ('easy' mode) to 20 (approximatively 'hardcore' mode).

And it's applied to all dungeon of the game, instead of only few ones.

Quote (cody5 @ 18 November 2016 22:19) *
Wait, so what will happen to dungeon key bags, that we get as a reward for doing part 1 of the nation quests?

Probably revamped to another useful bag. We haven't decided yet.

Thanks for your feedback. I will do a more detailed answer about your enquiries later in the weekend.

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posté November 18, 2016, 00:21:31 | #9
Beta server Update 18.11.16 Hello everyone,

The Beta Server will be updated for the 1.50 version starting at 9 AM UTC to implement:

  • The Stasis Dungeons
  • The 5th chapter of the Quest of Nations.
  • And more: Click here

Please note that the new interface for the Stasis Dungeons will be only added during a hotfix done during the day to make it available.

Thank you for your patience during the update!

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posté November 17, 2016, 17:00:00 | #10
Update 1.50: Test the Beta now!

Finally, the Beta of the new Update 1.50 is coming! The highly anticipated final chapter of the Quest of Nations is now officially accessible. Don't give up now, the divine artefact is within arm's reach!  

How about a good end to the week? By testing the Beta of Update 1.50, for example! There are a lot of hot new features on the menu for this update, and you get can get warmed up with Chapter 5 of the Quest of Nations!

Oh yes, all good things come to end... This final chapter will bring the Quest of Nations to a close. This time, you're headed to Sufokia, where you can finally explore Oktapodas' Sunken Temple, located in the Steamulating Shore region. The divine artefact will soon be yours!

The latest chapter will have some big surprises in store, so you know the conclusion won't disappoint...


  • Adventure, with a whole temple to explore.
  • Emotional reunions with old allies... as well as old enemies who haven't forgotten you!
  • Guaranteed thrills with new monsters who'll make you wet yourself.
  • Originality with a mode of transport that's rather... unusual!*
  • Suspense, with enigmas that will have you racking your brains...

And, we hope, a happy ending with a well deserved artefact!*

But that isn't all...

The Stasis Dungeons

We also wanted to present, in a few lines, a new concept/feature for the dungeons that we are going to implement in the Beta too.

This new concept is still in its beginning , but we wanted to start making you aware of this feature as you will get to start testing it!
The goal being to allow you to adjust the difficulty of your dungeons according to your needs. Adaptable difficulty monsters, rewards and even associated achievements, which will also earn you more rewards.
A few more perks:


  • Dungeon Keys will no longer be necessary to enter dungeons
  • A new consumable will allow you to revive yourself (only for dungeon use)
More details will come in English soon, but those who can't wait, you can read all about it on the French announcement: Here.


How can I access the beta version?


  • Download the beta client: Here.
  • Connect using your usual sign-in information and test the new content.
  • Tell us about any problems you encounter: Here.

But take note that actions performed here will not have any repercussions on the standard server. In addition, since this is a beta server, its content is still under development and we may need to restart it or update it without warning.
Also, keep in mind that the content on this server is subject to change and doesn't necessarily reflect the final quality of content present in the game.
*For information, these elements might not be available in the Beta version.
**Please note that the content of the Beta version hasn't been translated yet, so it's still entirely in French. Your feedback is always welcome on our forums!

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posté November 16, 2016, 11:35:50 | #11

The servers are now back online, thank you for your patience!

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posté November 16, 2016, 10:18:08 | #12
Technical Maintenance - 16.11.16 Hello everyone,

We will temporarily be bringing down the servers at 9:20 AM (UTC) today for an emergency maintenance.

This maintenance will allows us to correct certain technical issues.

We will come back to you as soon as the servers are online. and when we have a time for the re-opening of servers.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!

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posté November 15, 2016, 17:15:27 | #13
[FAQ] Mentoring System

Welcome to Update 1.49: The Adjustable Level System! With the update comes as well the Mentoring System. This new system allows you to help new players by adjusting your level the same as theirs and finish quests and do achievements together. For your good deed and effort, you will be receiving Mentor tokens that you can exchange at Brutas' Tavern in Astrub.


Q: How can I be a Mentor?
A: To be a Mentor, you must have 1 level 51 or higher character in your account. You can be a Mentor at level 20 if you have other high leveled characters in your account.

Q: How can I be mentored?
A: To be mentored, all of your characters in your account has to be level 50 or lower.

Q: How will I know who I can mentor?
A: The icon located at the right of the character name indicates that the player is new and can be mentored.

Q: What do I need to do to acquire Mentorship Tokens?
A: Once you've found your "pupil", you would need to group up, adjust your level same as theirs, and do various activities together such as questing and running dungeons.

Being a mentor, you will acquire 1 Mentor token when your pupil
  • Levels up
  • Unlocks an Achievement
  • Completes a quest

Here are the instances where you can gain tokens while grouped:
  • If your pupil levels up and unlocks an achievement, you will get 2 Mentor tokens.
  • If your pupil levels up and completes a quest, you will get 2 Mentor tokens.
  • If your pupil unlocks an achievement and completes a quest, you will get 1 Mentor token.
  • If your pupil levels up, unlocks and achievement, and completes a quest, you will get 2 Mentor tokens.

A note, Mentors can only receive tokens every 15 minutes, so time your activity wisely.

Q: What kind of quests are valid so I can gain tokens?

A: All quests (collect, environmental etc.) are valid to gain tokens.

Q: What kind of achievements are valid so I can gain tokens?
A: All achievements are valid to gain tokens.

Q: What's the level range needed to acquire tokens?
A: The maximum level difference is 14 levels. For example your pupil is level 25, you can adjust your level to either level 20 (if you like the challenge!) and level 35.

Q: How will I know if I received a Mentor token?
A: You will be notified in chat that you have received a Mentor token.

Q: Where can I exchange my token for cool rewards?
A: Visit Brutas' Tavern in Astrub (position x=7, y=0), and interact with the Mentor Machine to get your hands on rewards such as emotes, decors, equipments, titles, and exclusive Mentor costume and harness!

Q: Will there be situations where I can receive both Modulox and Mentorship tokens?
  • If you finish a dungeon of the correct level range with your adjusted level plus the associated quest active, you will gain a Modulox token
  • If you group up with a new player and he gains a level of acquired a dungeon achievement, you will also gain a Mentor token.

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posté November 15, 2016, 15:04:13 | #14
WAKFU Client Update - 15.11.16 Hello everyone,

A client patch has been deployed today.

This client-side patch has fixed a bug which allowed players to enter a level adjusted dungeon below level 50, and after completing the dungeon, resulted in players being unable to change their level back.

Following the fix, players who were unable to re-adjust their level will now find their characters with their actual non-adjusted level.

A restart of your updater is necessary in order to apply this fix.

Thank you for your understanding!

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posté November 10, 2016, 10:30:00 | #15
Hotfix 1.49.2 – 10.11.16

Adjustable Level System

  • Revaluation of experience gained in combat at an adjusted level.
  • Default builds with a different level from the real level have been returned to their real level.
  • The active build at login is the same as the active build at the last logout.
  • "Real level" builds are no longer deleted when an adjustable level is changed.
  • Copying and pasting a spell deck no longer causes problems.
  • Spell pages no longer disappear between two logins.

Automatic builds

  • Creatures summoned by an Osamodas have the level shown in the Gobgob.
  • Automatic pages' spells are displayed in the shortcut bar.


  • It is once again possible to group/ungroup Heroes without receiving the error message "The Hero is in an instance which they cannot leave".
  • Reconnecting during a fight no longer make the spells and inventories of Heroes disappear.

Ultimate Boss, Sham Moon

  • New! The fight with Sham Moon will now end properly when using the Foggernaut class. 

Nations – Chapter 4

  • Mechamummy Palace: the achievements now given bonus tokens.



  • The active door displays a small bluish teleportation area on the ground.


  • It is once again possible to interact with the chest in the Contract Rank 2 Mercenary quest: "Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff".

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posté November 09, 2016, 16:18:16 | #16
WAKFU Update 1.49.2 Hotfix - 10.11.16 Hello,

The servers will shutdown on November 10th, starting at 9:00 AM UTC to deploy a hotfix.

We will update the community on the reopening time of the servers.

The changelog can be read here.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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posté November 08, 2016, 22:23:38 | #17
Hello there,

Thanks for your feedback.

I want to let you know that we have increased the experience gained for the next corrective patch.

Basically, the "c" in the previous posts is now equal to 2 instead of 1.5, which considerably increase the experience gained.

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posté November 04, 2016, 14:34:35 | #18
@Kikuihimonji : It seems you confuse different informations.

You don't need to create anything if you want to lower your level to help a beginner with Mentoring System. Let's just open your character sheet and change your level there. And... It's pretty much it. Do you have skipped that part of the tutorial ?

The spells you will have in this automatic mode are not random. They are based on the spell you have chosen on your main build. It only removes the spell you can't use and complete with other spell if you have not enough spell in your deck.

If automatic "pages" are not available for you (red title), there is a reason. Maybe you are trying to add automatic page in a real level build ? Automatic page are designed to be use only in reduced level builds.

If you want a specific and customised build for your real level or any other level, you can also create a build with customised pages. You can also mix an automatic aptitude page with a customised equipment page, which save you to acquire new aptitude pages. The automatic aptitude page is enough to play with a reduced level.

You don't need to store equipment in your inventory. If you want to use them in a build, just put them into equipment pages, which are virtually increasing the space you have, up to 13 inventory pages.

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posté November 04, 2016, 12:24:37 | #19
Hotfix 1.49.1 – 04.11.16

Adjustable Level System

  • The "Buy a page" button now sends you to the right page in the shop.
  • The level required to use consumables that restore HP is now based on the real level instead of the adjusted level.
  • The spells of the Masqueraider Masked Spirit will now be at the right level when the Masqueraider adjusts their level.
  • Adjustable Level Repeatable Quests (Scoreboard) are correctly restarted each day/week.
  • We've slightly modified the emblems that made up the equipment of automatic pages, to make them more viable. We've increased Mastery by about 20%, reduced HP by 10%, and reduced resistance by a small amount. This should better match an average character of this level. You will now be given +4 AP at level 125 (instead of at level 140) and +5 AP at level 140 (instead of at level 155), which is more realistic.
  • Equipping a sidekick with an item from a stack will no longer make the stack of items disappear visually.
  • Creating a build without having changed the default build will no longer make the default build disappear.
  • Default builds with a different level from the real level have been returned to their real level.


  • A situation where the client would freeze has been fixed.
  • Resources not visible in players' Haven Bags have been returned to their first stage of development.
  • Targeting the Toxic Cloud attack of the Osamodas's Aggressive Blibli has been fixed: it will no longer hit all players and monsters.

Click here 

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posté November 04, 2016, 12:18:29 | #20
Advisory on loss or replicated items bug Hello everyone,

We thank you for all the feedback. The team is aware about the issues with the new update, especially the bug about items being lost or replaced. Our investigation for this bug is still on-going.

With today's hotfix, we activated more monitoring tools to the servers to find the root of the issue as soon as possible.

Due to those changes, we would like to request the following information when a lost/replaced bug occurs, to be posted at this thread.

Please use the following template:

[list][*][b]Ankama Forum Nickname:[/b]
[*][b]Character Name:[/b]
[*][b]Date and time when the bug occured:[/b]
[*][b]Ingame location where the bug appeared (ideally, use the ID given by the /pos command):[/b]
[*][b]Previous ingame locations you passed through before the bug occurred (ideally, use the IDs given by the /pos command):[/b]
[*][b]Name of item(s) lost (ideally, exact name of the item separated by a comma):[/b]
[*][b]Name of duplicated item(s) (ideally, exact name of the item separated by a comma):[/b]
[*][b]Actions made before the bug occurred (for example, equipping an item, un-equipping an item, reconnecting to the game, etc.):[/b]
[*][b]Other details (which you think might help us identify the cause):[/b][/list]

If you have experienced this bug in two or more instances, please make a separate report per instance.

Thank you for your utmost understanding and patience regarding this matter.

Thread : 1.49 Bug Reports  Preview message : #986595  Replies : 81  Views : 2602