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posté June 12, 2012, 09:45:12 | #1561
Just added a couple more bugs:

  • Invigorating Word
    • It is no longer possible to cast Invigorating Word on an empty cell.


  • A character leaving a fight and joining it again will no longer be invisible.

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posté June 11, 2012, 15:00:42 | #1562
Server Maintenance - 12.06.12, 6am - 9am GMT Greetings,

A maintenance will take place on Tuesday, June 12th from 6am to 9am GMT, to deploy a new update.

A complete changelog can be found here: Click here

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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posté June 07, 2012, 18:00:51 | #1563
I was lucky enough to actually meet the staff of Tofunation, and I have to say they’re a very nice bunch of people.

I’m glad you guys are getting more ‘international’!


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posté June 07, 2012, 16:01:48 | #1565
And here is a new batch:

Bugs that will be fixed in June 12th:


  • Rogue: The actual HP of the Boombot will equal the amount shown in its spell description (20 at level 0 instead of 40)
  • Rogue: Usage condition of the Boombot is made clearer
  • Sram: In case of success, targets of Diversion now have an animation
  • Sram: Maximum damage of the Critical Hit with Bloody Ripoff is now correct (58 instead of 57)
  • Sram: Maximum damage of the Critical Hit with Cold Blood is now correct (58 instead of 57)
  • Sram: When an invisible Sram leaves a fight, the arrow showing his position will no longer stay visible
  • Sram: Players will now be able to move correctly after walking on the position of an invisible Sram and succeeding a dodge test
  • Xelor and Pandawa: Sinistro can no longer be carried


  • The quantity popup will no longer appear when trying to trade a non-tradable item, or when deleting an item that cannot be deleted


  • The profession book of the Jeweler now displays all the recipes correctly

Bugs currently being corrected and under testing before they can be added to the update


  • Feca: If a character is in the area of effect of a glyph when it is cast, he gets the bonus during the Feca turn, and again during his own turn, doubling the effect of the glyph. This is not intended
  • Feca: Damage of the Volcanic Glyph doesn’t take fire damage bonus into account. It should however be the case
  • Sadida: When a doll is activated with the spell Vaporize, the created Greedy is not directly under the “controlled” state. This should however be the case
  • Sram: The Sram double should receive the base stats of his caster (equipment + characteristics). At the moment he receives infinitely all the bonuses applied to his caster when he is being summoned
  • Sram: Hemorrhage taking effect on the Sram when he is invisible allows the monsters to know his position
  • Sram: The “Stabber” state doesn’t apply when the target is killed with this spell
  • Sram: The effect of Torment doesn’t match to its description. The HP taken into account is the one of the Sram instead of the ones of his opponent. This should be the contrary.
  • Osamodas: Dealing a normal hit with the Whip and then a critical hit in the same turn doubles the bonus. This shouldn’t be the case
  • Osamodas: There is a possibility to infinitely reflect damage between a summon under the state Prespic Hair and a monster with Spell Rebound. This shouldn’t happen


  • After casting his spell “You're Not Much of An Adventurer”, Black Crow should teleport in contact to a random opponent, whereas he just gets back to his previous position.


  • It can happen that two players use the same cell in combat


  • When a Kama is crafted and the inventory is full, a message is displayed saying that the inventory is full. This shouldn’t happen since kamas don’t use inventory space.
  • Wearing the Lunar Set affects the display of spell experience

Haven Bag

  • Some players stay stuck in their Haven Bag without any reason


  • It happens that some craft results disappear after being stored in the temporary inventory, when they were crafted with a full inventory

Quests and Challenges

  • The quest interface of Cavern Story displays 4 positions for only 3 rewards. It also shows experience received with the quest whereas it shouldn’t be the case
  • Ogrest Chaos challenges shouldn’t stop when another chaos appears in an area next


  • The Sram of Trouble has a male voice and the Sacrier of Trouble a female voice. This should be the contrary


  • When flooding clicks, it can happen that the pointer turns in “target” mode, preventing the player from moving
  • Using quotation marks in a private message ends this one. This shouldn’t be the case
  • Open and close a private chat window prevents from receiving private messages. This shouldn’t be the case

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posté June 06, 2012, 17:53:54 | #1566
Dev Talk Special Edition #3 For this special edition, the Playtesters went ingame to answer some of the questions of the community, regarding the new spell experience system.

For confirmation, a level 75 character’s spell cannot exceed level 75, right ?

Eskarina: Right.

What about classes using only one element? Looks like they’re going to be underpowered compared to others.

Freyrr: Characters using only one element will stay as efficient as they ever were, especially since they will sum more experience in a tree than other characters.

If I have two spells level 100 in a tree, what will be the level of the other spells in the same tree?

Freyrr: At character level 100, you will only have two spells level 100. Once you get higher level, you will get more experience to allocate. Note that you don’t have to concentrate all your experience on two spells though.

Will you change some spells due to the modifications of the experience system?

Kwoac: Some will need to be changed in order to better fit to the new system, yes.

Will there be a tutorial explaining the spell experience reset system?

Freyrr: No tutorial is planed yet (we didn’t have time to make one), but the system should be easy enough to figure.
Eskarina: WarWeak will prepare some screenshots to explain how this works.

Does a spell get more experience if being used once during a fight and then only a weapon is used, or if the spell is spammed?

Kwoac: The spell will get the same experience in both cases.

Will it be possible to level with only one branch until level 100 and then use the respecialisation to distribute this experience in other branches?

Freyrr: Indeed, this is an intended tactic. It might actually be interesting in order to increase your resists.

Is it possible to block spell progression?

Grou: No, the only way to prevent a spell from receiving experience is to level it up to its level cap.

Should we assume that this new spell experience system will lead to the creation of elite spells?

Freyrr: Nothing is planned yet, but this idea might come back in a short future.

What about equipment offering a bonus to spell level?

Freyrr: Items offering spell levels will keep their use. For example with items +10 spell level, you can use a build with 3 spells level 85, and have them level 95 thanks to the bonus.

Does a spell level 100 thanks to a +5 levels bonus (95+5 then) still receive experience?

Eskarina: No.

If we use a spell that was already at maximum level, how do we get the “lost” experience back?

Freyrr: If you have spell experience missing compared to your character level, you will get an experience bonus during the next(s) fight(s).

Will you rebalance monsters for them to better fit the new system?

Freyrr: We don’t plan on rebalancing them yet. However, some bosses and world bosses will be modified.

What about elementary bonuses?

Freyrr : The new system should not make it any less efficient. In fact, at the same level you will have more spell experience, which means a higher bonus.

Will there be a stat reset with this update?

Freyrr: Yes, there will be a start AND spell reset.

Will there be a class rebalancing with this update?

Kwoac: No, this update only includes bug fixing, which will however have an impact on balance due to the bugged spells that will be fixed.

Will you add common spells shared between classes?

Kwoac: This is not planned.

Any changes on effects lasting more than one turn?

Kwoac: No changes.

Will there be any changes concerning attributes points and support spells beyond level 105?

Kwoac: We have no information on this point yet.

Will you work on balancing soon? Which classes will be worked on?

Kwoac: Yes, we will get back to it soon. Sadidas are being worked on, and then will come Osamodas and Feca.

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posté June 06, 2012, 16:57:59 | #1567
I just checked and this fishing issue has already been reported and forwarded to the developers.

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posté June 06, 2012, 09:24:44 | #1569
Concerning Dodge scrolls: I forwarded this issue to the devs and they’re looking into it. However I cannot guarantee that a solution will be found, and when it will be.

Powerful shooting: I didn’t find any bugs registered in our lists. If you think it’s bugged, could you please fill in a bug report?

Ecaflip Precision: Precision will only work when direct damages are being dealt (spells that are targeted at the enemy and inflict damages). This way, it will not interfere with indirect damages, such as Fleabag.

Relog: I know that the devs have been discussing about this issue already, and are thinking about an alternative.

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posté June 05, 2012, 09:11:07 | #1571
Please keep in mind that the bugs we communicated are not the only ones that are being worked on.

We have many more that are registered and under investigation.

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posté June 04, 2012, 17:12:28 | #1572
I just updated the bug list. Here is the latest version:

Bugs that will be fixed on June 12th:


  • Sadida: totems appear correctly during fights.
  • Sadida: The bug allowing to place a totem on a cell blocking the way but not the sight will be fixed
  • Rogue: will no longer be able to move with Runaway when KO’d
  • Rogue: The bug allowing targeting and spending APs while casting Pyrotechnics without the spell having any effect will be fixed
  • Rogue: A rogue carrying a bomb will now play the animations correctly when hit
  • The Spear Shark summoned by the Osamodas won’t summon Sharkies.
  • The Osamodas’ Knockout animation in Symbiosa will play correctly.


  • Kokokos and Kraloves won’t hit each other during fights.
  • When the Bernardo will be jumping, he will no longer receive damages if another monster is pushed against him
  • Tofurby will no longer go under cells of some specific combat ground when casting his Roly-Poly spell
  • Striches will now leave a body after death
  • Cracklers will now display their rolling animation correctly
  • The Crobaks Feather Tornado spell will now have a description and a visual effect.


  • The health bar won’t display on top of characters floating during fights (Eniripsa and Xelor, for example)
  • All the players will now see the Queen Schnek during the fight start cutscene.


  • The Mount Zinit quest items such as the Piece of Moze's Pendant or the Piece of Dowsing Rod will be placed in the quest items inventory.
  • Some players could not see Will-o-the-Wisp fly await and therefore couldn’t access to the next part of Mount Zinit’s Chapter one. The issue has been fixed.


  • It will no longer be possible to perform a trade while another action is underway (breaking runes, placing items in a guild chest, etc.)
  • You will be able to place non tradable items in a chest
  • It will be possible to plant Ghouls seeds in Forfut in order to renew the ecosystem.
  • Capes that were cut in fights will now display correctly
  • “Heads or Tails” and “Feel Ill” emotes will now have a description
  • Dodge scrolls will now have a description
  • Constellation Key will display correctly during fights.
  • Hammer type weapons won’t shake during fights.
  • Some weapons changed size during fights. The issue has been fixed.
  • Character hairs will display correctly when using the “Harp” emote.
  • The Crobak Monocle will display correctly on characters.
  • The Domacion shovel will have an icon.
  • The “Add a compass” button wasn’t available on some dungeon keys (Bow Meow and Vampyro, for example). The button will now be available for all keys apart from the hidden dungeons and the ones available on each Nation (Tofu, Piwi, etc.).


  • The chest opening sound will only play once and no longer twice

Bugs currently being corrected and under testing before they can be added to the update


  • Feca: Fire glyphs don’t take characters stats into account, nor Charges bonus
  • Feca: Water glyphs description shows a bonus per charges left of 3% whereas it actually is 1%
  • Feca: Staff glyph doesn’t provide the expected Critical Hit
  • Feca: A feca in Peace Armor placed on Vampyro’s Platform disappears
  • Sadida: When using the spell Sudden Chill on a doll, this one casts a spell and ends her turn instead of playing normally
  • Sadida: The Tree can receive indirect effects due to bouncing spells (like Piercing Arrow or Invigorating Word). This will no longer be the case
  • Ecaflip: Ecaflip Precision should only apply to direct damages. This should avoid bugs such as: when Precision triggers on Fleabag, the opponent doesn’t lose HP and nobody wins any
  • Ecaflip and Xelor: Fumble with the spells All In or Temporal Burn doesn’t consume the spell casting cost
  • Eniripsa: When Transcendent, the Eniripsa is not completely immune to everything which shouldn’t be the case
  • Eniripsa: When an Eniripsa reaches 100 Hygiene, gaining more Hygiene brings him back to 0
  • Eniripsa: It is possible to cast Invigorating Word on an empty cell
  • Eniripsa and Xelor: When an Eniripsa with Absorption receives a Temporal Burn, Absorption applies twice instead of once
  • Eniripsa and Sacrier: It happens that support spells Constitution and Blood Pact disappear during a fight, without any reason
  • Enutrof: It happens that the Pouch don’t give any item
  • Enutrof: It is impossible to loot a Pouch with a Drheller if this one is placed in the area of effect of a Cra beacon or a Xelor dial
  • Enutrof: If an Enutrof is teleported on a Mine (with Assault for example) the Mine bonus don’t apply
  • Enutrof: In Drhellzerker, the Enutrof doesn’t convert he AP bonus of the Xelor's Sandglass into MP bonus
  • Enutrof: An animation is missing during death under the Drhellzerker form
  • Sram: Shadow Trap is visible to other players: only the caster should be able to see it
  • Xelor: When a Xelor uses his spell Temporal Images while under the state Flea Love of the Ecaflip, only the real Xelor has the display effect of Flea Love. Other similar issues could betray the real Xelor, such as guild insignias and other spell visual effects
  • Xelor: When several allies are KO, the state Mummification brigns back all KO allies, wherever they are
  • Iop: Damages of the Critical Hit of Iop's Wrath are not right (x2 instead of x1.5)
  • Sacrier: Players in the same fight as a Sacrier don’t see his arms with the effect “Multi-Arm”


  • In the Boowolf dungeon it is not possible to destroy the Moon at the beginning of the fight since it cannot be targeted. This prevents the accomplishment of the step “kill the boss first”
  • The Aspiration spell of the Gobby Bulga doesn’t allow send you back to your starting cell
  • IA bug of the Gobby Bulga: it doesn’t use Gobbit as intended to regenerate, and casts Aspiration although no characters is in range
  • It happens that Aguabrial blocks himself with the geysers during a fight
  • Bosses and World bosses are not immuned to the Ethereal state fo the Pandawa
  • Boowolfines Moon and Hairy Moon can lock
  • Boowolfines Moon isn’t stabilized and can suffer transpositions / attractions / push
  • The spell Borbrawl of the Borbat should remove 2 MP
  • Vampyro doesn’t regain his AP/MP with the spell Vamping It
  • Vampyro casts his spell Vampyrokylose on a character already stabilized
  • With Burner, Vampyro removes WP from his Ghouls. This shouldn’t happen
  • Vampyro can cast Vampyrokylose on his summons. This shouldn’t be the case
  • In the group interface outside of fights, the Royal Tofu doesn’t have his own boss icon


  • When deleting an item from a chest, an inventory item can be deleted
  • Mummifying Candies don’t work correctly: pets lose their HP anyway
  • When equipping a Green Googoo Set, the xp progression doesn’t display after the fight


  • In the Guild shop, the Insignia is placed under the Standard whereas it should be Insignia/Symbole/Standard


  • Notes on the world map cannot be removed

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posté May 30, 2012, 15:00:16 | #1573
It's just an interface prototype. Don't pay attention to the numbers.  

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posté May 30, 2012, 14:46:54 | #1574
We just received an updated version of the Spell XP reset screen:


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posté May 30, 2012, 14:00:39 | #1575

Quote (moonbladexxx @ 30 May 2012 12:56) *
what about used spell levels scrolls? U should return them to us or?

You will receive tokens based on how many scrolls were used or still in your inventory.

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posté May 30, 2012, 12:29:33 | #1576
What should be noted is that, the spell xp you don’t get due to the 1/3 limitation, is not lost. It stays stored as “unassigned” xp.

This unassigned xp will be taken into account when respecializing.

All in all, at level 105 all characters have the same amount of spell experience, but depending on how you used your spells, some of it may be unassigned.

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posté May 30, 2012, 11:50:47 | #1577

Quote (archylus @ 30 May 2012 11:40) *
Troyle please answer this please!!! I am an air IOP and as you know air IOP is based on combos and for the combos I NEED my spells so if I have only lets say my jabs and gust as max level and will my other spells stay at lvl zero because if so THAN obviously as one can see easily with two skills only I an incomplete DUMB character I am begging you to answer me about this issue?

When we talk about having spells level 100 at character level 100, this is to give you an idea of the amount of spell experience that your character will have at level 100.

The total spell experience received when reaching character level 100, and if you used only spells from one branch, equals the amount of experience required to level two spells to 100.

Now, at level 100 in mono-element, you could still have something like 1 spell level 100 and two spells level 80 (I'm giving random numbers here).

You will still receive spell experience when the cap level is increased, so even though you leveled more than two spells, you will still be able to level some of them to level 100 along your way to level 200.

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posté May 30, 2012, 11:24:32 | #1578

Quote (-BlaK @ 30 May 2012 10:53) *
"We added a simple limitation to the complete system: an element tree with more than 1/3 of the total spell experience (your most powerful tree) will earn twice less experience than the tree(s) that received less than 1/3 of your spell experience."

Wait.. it doesn't make sense we won't get from 20% to 30% xp but from 10% to 15%???

The way the system works is that when more than 1/3 of the spell xp of a fight goes into a same element, the first 1/3 is given at 100%, whereas the rest is divided by two.

here is an example:
  • I get 100000 XP in the fight, with only fire spells used.
  • 30% of the XP is given as spell XP: 30% of 100000 = 30000
  • Since more than a 1/3 is given to fire (as I only used fire spells), 1/3 is given at 100%: 1/3 of 30000 = 10000
  • The 2/3 left are divided by two, so 20000/2 = 10000
  • In the end, I receive 20000 XP in my fire branch divided between the spells I used, which equals 20% of the combat XP.

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posté May 30, 2012, 11:04:23 | #1579
Concerning World bosses, it was said that we’re not happy with this system and that it will be changed.

However, this specific World boss was designed and developed some time ago, and planned to be released yesterday for some time already.

Although the system will change, we don’t know yet when it will be implemented and therefore decided to still give you what was already developed, instead of freezing everything until we give you a new system that may not come out before some month.

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posté May 30, 2012, 10:33:24 | #1580
Here it is!

You can find all the details about the new spell experience system here:
Click here

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