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posté February 14, 2013, 13:58:28 | #1561
You might also want to type this: WAKFULOVE2013 there...

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posté February 13, 2013, 17:28:31 | #1562
Class Revamp: Sacrier & Osamodas Today, we are continuing our series of class revamp dev blogs coming with the February update with the Sacrier and the Osamodas.


How will these changes impact you?
Following the same logic as the other classes, we decided to apply small changes to the values and effects rather than big mechanisms modifications. The most notable changes such as the Sacrifice mechanism or Coagulation modifications were brought in the purpose to increase the tactical aspect and allow the Sacrier to specialize in specific roles, at the cost of a bit of his versatility.

Adjusting the positioning control

  • Cage of Blood: One of the most notable changes, Cage of Blood will see its effects modified. It will now allow you to teleport you to be in direct contact with an opponent every two turns. You will however have to have used a Fire spell before casting this one. This should offer more positioning options to Fire Sacriers.
  • Attraction: In similar range logic as for the Cra, Attraction will have its range reduced by one. It will now have a range of 2-3 (instead of 2-4) at first and 2-8 (instead of 2-9) at maximum level.
  • Transposition: For better balance, this spell will lose its capacity to be cast without line of sight at maximum level. This change was deemed necessary to limit the complete control a Sacrier could have over positioning.

Some of these changes, among others not mentioned here were necessary to balance the Sacrier and limit the ease with which he could move himself and his allies, while we also tried to offer interesting alternatives such as the new Cage of Blood mechanism.

Concerning Sacrifice and tanking

  • Coagulation: This is a significant change, when the Sacrier will be under the influence of Coagulation, the damage will be more evenly distributed between his own Health Points and shield. 30% damage will be applied to the Sacrier and the remaining 70% will be applied to the shield. This should significantly improve the tanking capabilities of the Earth Sacrier.
  • Sacrifice: The goal here was to bring back the mechanisms of Sacrifice to its foundations. The objective is to enable the Sacrier to protect its allies, but with a risk if he fails to protect them. In this sense, when the target loses the Sacrifice effect, it will receive the Scar effect, making the target immune to Sacrifice and Life Transfer during one turn. The level of Sacrifice assigned by this spell will also be reviewed, since it will give a level equal to the number of enemies present in the combat. Its effectiveness will therefore adapt to face the threat.
  • Life Transfer: The amount of Health Points transferred with this spell will no longer be based on the maximum total life of the Sacrier, but on his level. This should help to harmonize its effect. In addition, the spell will no longer give the Incurable effect but sacrifice instead. Life Transfer will thus complement Sacrifice in the range of option for the tanking Sacriers.

Generally these changes should make a Sacrier specialized in tanking more efficient, but also more tactical. Penalties in case of failure of tanking, and therefore the application of the Scar effect could indeed be fatal to its allies (and for him)...

More information
If you want to read all of the proposed modifications in more detail, you can visit the thread created for the Sacrier revamp here. Note, however, that the values may change before we implement them. The final values will be provided in the changelog.


How will these changes impact you?
With the revamp of the Osamodas, we wanted to give interest to each branch to offer three exciting gameplay possibilities. Your Osamoda will now have a support use and real choices to be made among his spells. This also allowed us to put its various specializations at the same power level than other classes of the same type (damage dealer, healer, etc.)...

An upgraded air branch for an improved Symbiosa
  • Scaraleaf Wing: The % chance to lose 1 MP is increased under the Dragon form and is changed to 30% (all levels). This was done in a search for coherence between all spells class with a MP loss mechanism.
  • Feather Tornado: To provide the Osamodas with the most effective possibility to disengage from close combat, the range of the spell will be changed from 0-4 to 2-4.
  • Phoenix Spirit: This will give a chance to the Osamodas to resurrect if in Dragon form (we also keep the same effect for summons, as was already the case). We wanted to make this change to implement the equivalent of Iop Virility and the Milky Instinct of the Pandawa.

As you can see here, the Air branch has undergone slight changes in its elemental spells, but mainly benefits of a new pack of support spells for the Osamodas in Dragon form. Enough to restore a new interest to this branch!

A rebalanced fire branch for pampered summons

  • Magpie: to give more impact it will be in cross area, which has led us to revise down its damage so it remains balanced.
  • Gurgling: to increase the interest of this spell, it will not increase Lock and Dodge but their summons Block.
  • Croak: will not increase the summons MP but their Critical Hits. The damage will be revised upwards. The gain of MP is already managed by Animal Guard, so we decided to "liberate" Croak to enable it to boost critical hits and increase its damage.
  • Possession: to provide better control on the summons, its cost will be lowered, its range will be rebalanced and it will lose its line of sight at max level. The Osamodas will no longer lose resistance when using this spell.
  • Osamodas Blessings: replaces Animal Blessing. Increase the "Art of Summoning" of the Osamoda which will control more creatures on the ground than before. Each level of "Art of Summoning" will increase the total level of summons that the Osamoda can control by 1. And in his dragon form, also note that Osamodas Blessing will give a bonus to critical damage. We made this choice to upgrade Leadership, which was useless for the Osamodas, but also to offer them the possibility to summon multiple creatures at once to assist in combat.
  • Animal Guard: in addition to having a chance to offer additional MP when triggered, this passive specialty will also provide damage and summon resistance bonuses. This allows us to give a real interest to the spell.

With this adjustment, the Fire branch of the Osamodas should finally be able to compete with the best damage dealer in the game. In addition, with a few changes to the mechanisms of summons, it should allow this class to have a more fluid and pleasant gameplay which will be able to reveal itself in groups.

An earth branch bringing back the Gobgob at the center of gameplay
Until now, the Earth branch used to guide the summons behavior. She was often found less useful than the other two branches (especially Fire). In addition to this, the Gobgob gameplay was underused. Thus was born the desire to completely overhaul the Earth spells and turn them into a branch dedicated to the Gobgob. All spells of the Earth branch are replaced by the following five:

  • Armored Wish: if used on your Gobgob, he will able to cast Starry Armor one time (shield increased by his mastery of Water).
  • Fast Wish: if used on your Gobgob, he will able to cast Shooting Star one time (switching place with the target).
  • Motivating Wish: if used on your Gobgob, he will able to cast Motivating Wish one time (heals and gives a bonus of +2 AP).
  • Protecting Wish: if used on your Gobgob, he will able to cast Lucky Star one time (increase resistances).
  • Weakness Wish: if used on your Gobgob, he will able to cast Star Rain one time (penalty to resistances if cast on an enemy, heals if cast on an ally).

Regarding the new Gobgob mechanisms you'll also see two new Specialty spells:

  • Critical Synergy: Will replace Gobball Steak. This new specialty spell will give bonuses to Block and Critical Hits for your Gobgob. You will also have these bonuses while under the Dragon form. With this spell, we were able to provide an additional useful active specialty for Osamodas.
  • Animal Link: In addition to heal the Osamodas at the death of a summon, as it was already the case before, Animal Link will transfer up to 100% of the Osamodas Earth mastery to the Water mastery for the Gobgob. Enough to make the Armored Wish powerful and strengthen the Osamodas role of support in relation with his Gobgob...

Note: the "charged" spells on the Gobgob will be the same level as your own spell.

With this new Earth branch we wanted to bring a gameplay that maximizes the idea that the Gobgob is a symbiote, that is to say, an organism that lives in symbiosis with one another. It is for this reason that the life of the Gobgob and the Osamodas will be linked (if one takes damage, the other too). In return it gives the possibility to the Osamodas to use two elements (Earth and Water) and opposite game styles (second damage dealer and support second healer): the specialization you choose will start from a very versatile base ... but dangerous if improperly utilized!

Note, however, changes in creature inventory management will be implemented with the April update:
Meanwhile, the Osamodas will continue to manage their creatures the same way, with a stock of summons that is lost when they die.

In April, you will have to forget this mechanism. Each Gobgob slot will contain only one creature (but you will be able to occupy several slots with several identical creatures). If your creature dies in combat, it will no longer be used for the remainder of the battle, but you will not lose it anymore as it is the case now. This will save you having to recapture all the time the same creatures without disempowering you about your summons management!

More information
If you want to read all of the proposed modifications in more detail, you can visit the thread created for the Osamoda revamp here. Note, however, that the values may change before we implement them. The final values will be provided in the changelog.

That covers in outline the main changes to these two classes. We will continue to gather all your feedback and answer your questions as much as possible with the help of and Grou and Zeorus who worked on these revamps.

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posté February 13, 2013, 16:57:52 | #1563
[Transcript]AFK #6 Watch the video here (in French): Click here


  • Roadmap 2013:
    • Frigost: new area in WAKFU, Count Harebourg will come back as the enemy
    • PvP and GvG features will be implemented, revolving around the Haven Worlds
    • Wabbit island: brand new island on WAKFU
    • PvP: conquest islands and pvp ladder
    • Vigilantes at the end of the year, no more information yet
    • More additional changes not yet communicated in the roadmap

Players question

When will you release the Masqueraider?
We can finally talk about it! It will be released in the February update. The Masqueraiders will still have their masks as specialties spells. Each mask matches one of the three element branches and will give it bonuses once it’s equipped. To be more precise, as for every other class you will have 5 spells for each branch, but 3 will be linked to a mask. To tease a bit more on specialties spells, there will be a Double (not the same as the Sram), and a support spell for allies, linked to the masks.

Can we hope to see more customization choices when creating a character?
Yes, in the year we will implement appearance and gender chances services. With these new services the team wants to add more hair styles and appearances. It’s not sure yet, but they will try to make it happen.

When will we know exactly what you plan for the Sadida?
Class revamps are underway. The first part will arrive in February. It will include Enutrofs, Osamodas and Sacrier among others. Sadida is planned, the design has just been validated, but the technical aspect has not yet been completed. We’re working on it and will try to have it in the February update. If we can’t make it, it will be for the second wave of revamps, in April.

Could we have official explanation on the Invisibility mechanic of the Srams?
We’ll try to stay as clear as possible: when a Sram turns invisible, as soon as an enemy steps in a cell in an area of 7 cells or less, this enemy will pass a Perception test at the beginning of his turn to try to break the Invisibility. The closer a Sram gets to an enemy, the more chances he has to be revealed, except if he stays in the back of the enemy.

Here are some rules that should help understand the mechanic:
  • An invisible Sram turns visible immediately if he is targeted by damage or heal spells.
  • An invisible Sram loses 6 Perception points per AP used during his turn, and 20 Perception points at the beginning of each of his turns.
  • As long as he stays invisible, his damage is halved, except when using Srambush-type spells. However he gains +10% damage per enemy after the first one (until his penalty is completely canceled).
  • All spells can reveal a Sram, even the passive Shadow Master.

To summarize: the longer you stay invisible, the higher the chances to be detected.
Also, don’t forget that the chance to be revealed is displayed when you move your character.
The team wants to improve this percentage display since it can be very confusing for players.

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posté February 12, 2013, 11:01:06 | #1564
Mask 'n' Raid A rumor spreads from tavern to tavern, harbor to harbor, nation to nation: Masqueraiders are about to set foot on the World of Twelve, in the next WAKFU Update deployed on February 26th!

While enjoying your usual Pina Kokokolada lying on the beach of Sufokia, a lame Hullcatz, all hat and pipe, limps toward you…

“Heard the news? – His breath a mix of saltwater and Mollusky seed – they say a weird island was discovered. ‘ctually, rediscovered. ‘Tis been known for ages that an island could be seen there. All green, as if someone just put a cover over it! T’was like a wall, nobody could see through it, and landin’ was just impossible!

He stops for a brief moment, time to light his pipe. It has an unusual look, as if sculpted from the sea, in shape of a Zordfish.

But now they say the wall is fallin’ apart and holes are appearin’ everywhere. A crew already tried to land there. But they didn’t stick around for long! At least that’s what the survivors say.

They say there were weirdoes runnin’ around with wooden masks on them heads. One of the boys even says they were just jumpin’ everywhere, like a dance, but the kickin’ and puchin’ type! They changed masks, and then t’was complete different chaps!
They looked like savages, like they weren’t in control of their bodies. T’was them masks controlling them.

His voice shatters on this last sentence.

I hope they won’t land on our nations’ shores!”

You can see terror in his eyes. You know what he’s talking about. These people collecting masks, they have a name: Masqueraiders.

Join the game on February 26th for the return of the psychopath class! 

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posté February 11, 2013, 14:27:53 | #1565
Here's a translation of the posts linked in this thread:

Step 1: Divide the loot

Each monster can loot a specific amount of items.

At the end of the fight, a list is created, cumulating all items from all the monsters in the fight.

These items are then divided equally between each member of the group, no matter their level, class or Prospecting.

Note: Some rare items require a Prospecting value to be looted.

The Prospecting of the entire group is added to determine if the item can be looted.

If the item is unlocked, it will join the item list. In other words, the character with the highest PP value will not necessarily get the item.

Step 2: Get the items

Each player is now going to have a Prospecting test for each item that was assigned to him.

Here the Prospecting bonus of the player is added.

If the test is successful, the item is won, otherwise it’s lost.

A lost item is not redistributed. If the player doesn’t get it, nobody will.

Note: Items looted during the fight are automatically added to the list of successful tests.

Specific case: Bosses

Some items are only looted by bosses. To be as fair as possible, it is distributed to all players.

Each player must then pass a test with his own PP bonus.

Specific case: Resources

Resources are distributed to all players. If a single player can loot 2 wools, he will still loot 2 wools when playing in a group.

Specific case: 1 drop for 2 players

It can happen; in this case the item is distributed randomly between them.

Hope this helps.

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posté February 11, 2013, 11:24:31 | #1566
Contest: Declare your love on Saint Ballotwine In a relationship in WAKFU? Or just about to be? Always wanted to declare your undying love for the one that took your heart?From February 11th to 24th, send us your declaration of love in video! The winner will get a bunch of gifts… And maybe even win the heart of the beloved one?

How does it work?

Create a video staging your declaration of love in game.
Upload it on Youtube under the title: WAKFU Saint Ballotwine 2013 – (character 1) & (character 2). Please make sure that the description of the video points to the URL.
Send us a link to this video to Make sure to use the following template for the title of your email “Saint Ballotwine 2013 – (your forum name)”.
In order to participate, you must have an Ankama account, subscribed or not.
Your video should not last more than 2 minutes.
This video must stage a declaration of love in WAKFU. You must therefore include your ingame characters, and not yourself. The basic footage must be taken from WAKFU, but you are free to edit the video as you will, as long as you only use copyright free material.

The categories

The Ozkar ceremony approaching, we will divide the contest in several categories:
  • Best video
  • Best actor
  • Best actress
  • Best costumes
  • Best scenery
  • Best sound


The winner of each category will receive:
  • 10x Chocolate Heart
  • 1x Bouquet of Roses
  • 1x Sentiment Ring
  • 50x White Ballotwine's Fairy
  • 50x Red Ballotwine's Fairy
  • 50x Pink Ballotwine's Fairy
  • 1x Excluvie ingame title: Ballotwine Winner 970

Reminder of the rules
  • To participate, you must have an Ankama account
  • Your video must use ingame characters, and stage them in a declaration of love
  • The video must have a length of 2 minutes maximum
  • The video must be uploaded on Youtube with the title: WAKFU Saint Ballotwine 2013 – “Character name 1” & “Character name 2”
  • The description of the video must include the URL
  • Once the video is uploaded, the participant must send the link to us via email, at the address: The title of the email will be “Saint Ballotwine 2013 – Forum name”
  • Any entry that does not match these criteria, of a too low quality, or containing inappropriate content will be discarded
  • The video must not include copyrighted material, exception to Ankama footage.
  • Only one entry per participant

You have until February 24th, 11:59pm GMT to submit your entry.
The results will be announced in the following week.

Good luck!

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posté February 11, 2013, 09:46:03 | #1567
Did you get the gifts since then?

Thread : News  Preview message : #247507  Replies : 22  Views : 3731
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posté February 11, 2013, 09:45:00 | #1568
AlaHeart, Anubituf, you should now have the complete mag.

Nomdew, did you still not get the ingame gifts?

Thread : Bug Archives  Preview message : #247505  Replies : 11  Views : 1272
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posté February 08, 2013, 17:20:01 | #1570

Quote (Calleen @ 08 February 2013 17:15) *
I have question... all classes will have revamp, or only this few that got pdf already?

Yes, all classes will have changes, but not all of them will be implemented in February.

Thread : Devblogs  Preview message : #247007  Replies : 74  Views : 18646
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posté February 08, 2013, 16:01:37 | #1571
Class revamp: Iop and Cra As you already know, over the last months the Game Designers have been working on revamping the character classes. Their goals are simple: more fun, more clarity, and above all: more balance. We expect these modifications to enhance the tactical aspect of the game, and improve coherency. Starting today, we will publish devblogs listing the main changes for the classes revamped in the February update. Of course, keep in mind that each individual revamp as to be taken as part of a bigger picture. Let’s start with the Iop and the Cra.

Harmonization of Critical Hits and a more linear evolution of the spells was the main focus of the class revamps. This can be noticed particularly on the Iop and Cra, whose changes are mostly focused on values of spells effects.


How will these changes impact you?
Our goal with the Iop was to harmonize it with the other classes. How? By removing double increments for example, or by limiting support spells that have the same use at level 1 and max level, or also by balancing the critical hit effects. Similarly, the effects of Power and Preparation have been modified to improve synergy between the two. All in all, this revamp should give you more gameplay alternatives, allowing you to build character for damage dealing, support or tanking.

Harmonization of spells effects
  • Super Iop Punch (FIRE): Currently, Explosion has 4% chances to trigger at level 0 and 40% at level 100. After the revamp, you will always have 30% chances to apply Explosion (for all levels).
  • Iop Wrath (FIRE): Same idea here. Explosion has 7% chances to trigger at level 0 and 72% at level 100. After the revamp, you will always have 66% chances to apply Explosion (for all levels).
  • Impact (EARTH): Chances to apply a loss of 1 MP are currently of 1% at level 0 and 10% at level 100. After the revamp, you will always have 10% chances.

The chances to apply the effects of these spells have been modified in an effort to bring more balance in the game. We want to have as many spells as possible with linear progression and avoid exponential progression and its tendency to generate unbalance.

Power and Preparation states
  • Jump (Specialty): In order to allow the Iop not to lose the “Power” state, this spell will no longer give the “Preparation” state, but the “Power” state.
  • Show Off (Specialty): To limit the similarity with Authority, this spell will no longer grant the “Power” state but “Preparation” instead.
  • Locking Pro: Instead of applying “Power” if the Iop locks, the Iop will now apply hinder if an enemy starts his turn in front of him. This should give make this spell more interesting and provide the Iop with an additional way to fulfill a tank role in PvP.

Other significant modifications
  • Defensive Stance (Specialty): This spell will no longer give chances to counter a spell in contact but grant Block points instead. We decided to make this change because the old mechanic was too confusing and too powerful in high level PvE.
  • Flatten (Specialty): We want to remove all “neutral” damage; therefore this spell will no longer inflict damages.
  • Bravery Standard: It currently only boosts allies. The revamp will allow it to also grant a buff to the allies for the following turn. Here again we hope to make this spell more interesting with its group mechanic.

More information
If you want to read all these modifications and more in details, you can visit the thread created for the Iop revamp, here. Note however that the values might change until we implement them. The final values will be provided in the changelog.


How will these changes impact you?
Two things will improve with this revamp. First, the Earth tree will become more interesting and revolve around a better Riddling mechanic. This state will lose part of its random aspect, which was often source of complaints. This will also allow you to manage the MP loss inflicted to your opponent. Second thing: some obsolete or too powerful support spells have been modified, for better balance. You will now have to make real decisions when building your character. And we made sure that each possible build has a real interest! This should help you develop new strategies and bring more tactics to the class.

Range reduction
To do so, we decided to reduce the range of some of his spells. Although a Cra is meant to be master in ranged combat, it’s not uncommon to find them able to reach a target at the complete opposite of the combat area, making him almost invincible in some cases. We decided to reduce this advantage to emphasize the tactical aspect of the class.

The following spells have been adapted:
  • Windy Beacon, Incandescent Beacon, Seismic Beacon, Unbeacon and Beacon Sneakin': their range will be reduced.
  • Incandescent Beacon & Seismic Beacon: they will no longer have their “chain reaction” and “rebound” effects. The first one was deemed too powerful, and the second created too many issues in combat.
  • Heightened Vision: Here the range bonus will be reduced from +3 to +2 at max level.
  • Powerful Shooting: Damage bonus will no longer apply with a range of 5 and 8 cells, but a range of 4 and 7 cells.
  • Bat's Eye: Too powerful in PvP, this spell will be rebalanced and give a penalty of -2 Range instead of -3. It will only be usable every second turn.

Improving the Riddling mechanic
Other important change, in order to buff the Earth branch, the Riddling mechanic will be significantly improved:
  • Riddling: Will now guarantee +2 levels of Riddled per AP/MP/WP spent at max level (instead of +1 level and 60% chances to have a second level). Note also that upon triggering of Riddling, Riddled will be consumed and the state “Pinned Down” (of the same level) will be applied. This state will remove MP from the opponent. Another important change: it will now be up to you to trigger the Riddling state on a target of your choice with the spell Unbeacon. Game Designers made this choice to give you more flexibility in your strategy and limit random effects.
  • Riddling Arrow: Many players were unhappy with the Arrow Blow. To address this we gave it more flexible conditions of use, adapted its values and made it the first spell of the branch.
  • Destructive Arrow: Will be the last spell of the branch. It will consume the Riddled state and receive a damage boost based on the level of the consumed state. This should create a real mechanic around the Riddling state for this branch.

New precise shots mechanic
Finally, last significant change is the modification of precise shots. Our goal is to reduce its random aspect, but keep the same average damage bonus. This led to the following modification:
  • Cra Precision: Damage bonus will no longer range from +30% to +500% but +30% to +80%. However, chances to get a +50% or +80% bonus will be increased.

More information
You will find the thread and documents with the complete modifications here. Once again, please note that the values might change until we implement them. The final values will be provided in the changelog.

This should cover the main modifications brought to these two classes. If you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to share them with us on the forums.

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posté February 08, 2013, 11:43:58 | #1572
Oh wait, I forgot to mention something.

The order of the spells is determined by their level.

When I talk about "spell 1", I mean the highest level spell, not necessarily the first one in the list.

UPDATE: I tried the solution of LioVamp, and here's what I got.
Keep in mind that spell are ranked in order from highest level to lowest level.

spell 1 * 0.1 + spell 2 * 0.4 + spell 3 * 0.6 + spell 4 * 0.6 + spell 5 * 0.3


60 90 100 50 40

100 * 0.1 + 90 * 0.4 + 60 * 0.6 + 50 * 0.6 + 40 * 0.3 = 10 + 36 + 36 + 30 + 12 = 124

You'll get 124% damage and 62% resist.

Thread : Other Features  Preview message : #246921  Replies : 10  Views : 4015
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posté February 08, 2013, 10:16:36 | #1573
I asked Grou, and while he couldn't give me the exact values, here is how it works.

In one branch, the level of each spell is multiplied by a specific coefficient. The results are then added and become your mastery.

For example, here are the former coefficients. Note that this is no longer accurate since the values have changed, but the logic stays the same.

(Spell 1 * 0.1) + (Spell 2 * 0.6) + (Spell 3 * 0.7) + (Spell 4 * 0.3) + (Spell 5 * 0.3)

With this example, having spells like this:

100 50 50 50 50

Would give you:

100 * 0.1 + 50 * 0.6 + 50 * 0.7 + 50 * 0.3 + 50 * 0.3 = 10 + 30 + 35 + 15 + 15 = 105%

I'll try to get you the correct coefficients.

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posté February 07, 2013, 17:22:04 | #1574
Information about the forums situation.

What will happen to the old North American forum and its content?

In the next weeks, all of the content from the North American forum will be moved to the International forum.

Threads will be moved from the NA forum to a corresponding International EN section that best matches their topic.

One exception to this rule will be the “Official Announcements” posted by the members of the NA staff. In order to keep the forums clear of duplicates and to avoid confusion, all official announcements from the NA forums will be moved to the Archive section of the EN forums. This way, members will still be able to find their old posts, and their post count should not be affected.

After this merge, members of the NA community will then be invited to resume their discussions of announcements in the existing EN announcement threads.

Will both communities share a common forum, too?

The North American and International communities will both share the International forums for game-related discussions. A specific Nox section will be created similarly to the Remington and Dathura server sub-sections within this forum.

Each server has its own category in the International forums. These categories are here to help coordinate actions on the server, such as events or politics, help guilds with recruitment, and provide a board allowing trade offers.

Therefore, a similar category will be created for Nox.

Please note that this section should not be considered as a “hang out” place for Nox players. All discussions that do not directly concern the daily life of Nox should take place in the appropriate section of the “General” forums.

Will post-counts from the North American forum carry over to the International forum?

With the move of the entire content of the North American forums, the post count of affected community members should remain unchanged. Please note that post-counts may require a few new posts in the internal forum from each affected account in order to update with their full values.

Members who have previously posted on both the NA and EN forums should see their post count combined together.

Will forum titles carry over, as well?

Titles acquired on the North American forums through post count milestones will not directly carry over. Instead, all accounts will adopt a similar system already in place within the International forum.

As stated above, due to the merge, it’s possible that your title won’t reflect the correct rank at first – this can be easily corrected by making a few new posts in the EN forum and the system will automatically adjust the title appropriately.

Titles that were acquired as event rewards will have to be reassigned manually. Please contact Troyle, the International Community Manager, after the forum merger in order to receive your title again.

Will the International forum structure change?

The forums structure will remain the same, with two exceptions.

First, as mentioned above, a “Nox” section will be created, identical to the existing “Remington” and “Dathura” sections.

Second, an “Introduction” section will be created in the “Community” category, in order to match the existing “Introduction” section of the North American forum, and allow International and North American players to get to know each other.

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Poll: Which 2013 feature are you the most looking forward to? Now that you know our plans for WAKFU in 2013, we’d like to ask you which one of these features are you the most excited about?

Please note however: some of you were confused by the similar poll we published last year, so please allow us to add a small precision: this poll is only for information purpose. The result will allow us to have a clear idea of the content that is the most expected, but it will not influence the order in which each features will be released.

Now, time to vote!

Just follow this link.

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Quote (Catoonist @ 06 February 2013 13:26) *
The release was on 29th Feb 2012, so possibly on 1st March?
I'm curious what is planned for that day ^^

We have no plans for February 29th, 2013.

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Yes, it's an error in the text, you have to kill a Lilpiwi to complete the quest.

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UPDATE: Maintenance is now over.

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We will deploy a fix today: Click here

Please let me know after the maintenance, should you still experience this issue.

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Server maintenance - 05.02.2013, 1pm to 2pm GMT Greetings,

Remington and Aerafal will be taken down for maintenance this Tuesday, February 5th from 1:00pm to 2:00pm GMT to deploy a fix that should solve the latest connection issues.

Thank you for your understanding.

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